GH Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on General Hospital
After overhearing Sonny and Courtney, Emily confronted Courtney about the pregnancy. She threatened to tell Nikolas about the baby if Courtney didn't. Nikolas told Courtney that he cared for her and would love the baby whether he was the father or Jax was. Diego was revealed as the stalker who had been terrorizing the campus girls. Lucas told Georgie that he was gay. More of Jesse's past was revealed when he talked about his abused sister. Dr. Robin Scorpio left the hospital in Paris and called her Uncle Mac. Manny Ruiz woke up from his coma, bent on revenge. He tracked Jason down and stopped just short of killing him, feeling honor-bound, since Jason had spared his brother Javier's life. The police quickly arrested Manny, who vowed to return for Sam. Jason returned to Port Charles just as Javier made his move against Sonny. Durant agreed to look away while Javier eliminated Sonny. Gunfire erupted as Javier's men stormed Sonny's hideout. Sonny and Reese returned fire, but they were woefully outnumbered.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Sonny and Emily take Michael to school the night before classes start for orientation. When they get home, they share a laugh as Reese looks on about Emily freaking out when a moth attacked her. Emily takes Michael upstairs to go to bed, while Reese and Sonny talk. Reese feels left out but understands Michael's need for Sonny to be with him right now. Sonny tells her to stay until he's done saying goodnight to Michael, but Reese tells him she will go home tonight but come back tomorrow. Once Michael is asleep, Sonny and Emily talk about their love lives.

Courtney packs things up to get ready for the baby, but is interrupted by Jax. He wants to know if she will help him write thank you notes to return their wedding gifts with. He's curious as to why she's packing things up, and she dismisses his curiosity by telling him it's just time to get rid of some things. Mike knocks on the door and Jax enters. He seems happy the two of them are talking and tells Jax that he and his daughter have a lot to talk about. Jax questions what he's talking about and why his sudden change of heart. Mike replies that he's simply trying to back off of Courtney's love life. When Mike and Jax leaves, Nikolas comes to talk to Courtney. She tells him that their relationship is over. He's upset and wants to know why she's ready to give up on them. He thinks it's because of him spending all that time with Emily in the hospital. She admits that seeing the two of them at the hospital together made her realize they are meant to be together. She asks for some time to think about everything. He agrees and leaves. She then decides to go visit Sonny. She thinks it's time for her to take over Emily's duties as babysitter. Sonny is confused by this, until she admits that she is pregnant.

Lucky surprises Liz with dinner in a closed Kelly's. He holds back ribs from her until she agrees to settle on a wedding date, October 28. They see Emily outside and invite her in. As the three of them laugh together, Nikolas walks in. Liz and Lucky share their news, and Nikolas and Emily ask if there's anything they can do to help. No, just be at the wedding, is Liz's response. As they make a toast with their brownies, Nikolas and Emily share a bittersweet smile.

Luke, Skye, and Alcazar argue in Luke's hotel room over where he obtained the large amount of cash he has. He tells them it's from laundering money, but Alcazar doesn't buy it. Just then, the phone rings and Skye answers it. It's Vinny Blue Eyes asking for a million dollars ransom for Tracy. Luke denies the request and hangs up. Tracy is furious, but offers two million dollars for her release and kidnapping of Luke. After much arguing, Vinny agrees to let Tracy go free of charge. Tracy decides the two of them are going to be business partners. Back in the hotel room, Skye is unaware that Tracy is out of danger and pleads with Luke to rescue Tracy. Luke refuses, but Alcazar steps in to help. Luke believes he's just doing this to get with Skye.

Sam and Jason take Danny back to the home and then go to their newly acquired bar. When they get there, they discover it has been vandalized. The thug that beat up Jason apparently came back and tore up their bar. As they straighten up, Sam fears they will be forced to return to their former lifestyle. Jason assures her they will settle into this life just fine and not have to return to Port Charles. The thug comes back just as Jason comes back into the main room of the bar. He tells the man to step away from Sam. The thug just came back to apologize and offer money to repay the damages. Jason and Sam don't take the money, but do accept the apology. When he leaves, Jason questions why his apology was so easy. Sam tells him since they're leaving their old life behind them, he needs to take more things at face value. Jason's instincts are correct, though. The thug leaves the bar and calls Ruiz to tell him where Jason and Sam are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Emily comes home to Sonny's house and finds Courtney waiting for her. Courtney tells her that she saw her and Nikolas together at the hospital and she believes Nikolas would be happiest with Emily. Courtney tells her she's hiding from Nikolas by staying at Sonny's. Emily says she and Nikolas are over and they are getting divorced. If Sonny wants her to leave, she will leave. Emily goes to the hospital and Courtney waits around for Sonny and the boys to come home. Sonny comes home and asks where Emily was and Courtney tells him about their conversation. He tells her she's trying to use his kids to get Emily and Nikolas back together so she can hide her pregnancy from Nikolas. Emily walks in and overhears their conversation. Courtney has no idea she is there and continues to talk about her baby and the fact that Nikolas doesn't want to be a parent. Before she leaves, Sonny tells her she needs to ultimately tell Nikolas because it's his right to know he's a father. She's waiting until the first trimester is over, since she miscarried her last child. He tells her she's making a bet with God. She will give Nikolas back to Emily if her baby lives. Sonny does tell her that he thinks she will be a good mother, though. When she leaves, Emily comes in and is visibly upset after hearing the news that Courtney is pregnant and Nikolas may be the father. Sonny tells her that being upset is normal since she obviously still has feelings for him. His concern is that Courtney won't tell Nikolas about the baby, and he tells Emily that someone has to tell him.

Georgie and Dillon talk to Lucas and notice he's very edgy. Dillon is joking around with him about being a suspect in the stalker case. Lucas is not amused. When Dillon leaves the two of them alone, Georgie tells Lucas he can tell her anything. Lucas admits that she's his best friend and he's never able to get close to anyone else. Lucas tells her he's gay and Georgie seems relieved. She hugs him as a confused Dillon looks on. Meanwhile, Jesse and Maxie talk with Lainey about what the stalker's profile is. All signs point to Dillon, but Maxie does her best to convince Jesse that Dillon is innocent. Both Lainey and Maxie notice how much Jesse is the victim's advocate.

Brook Lynn invites Diego to a party this weekend, but he turns her down. She goes to Kelly's to distribute more fliers and sees Diego there with another girl. She tells the girl about Diego being a suspect in the stalker case and the girl flees. Diego is upset and yells at Brook Lynn. He grabs her arms just as Jesse and Maxie walk in. Jesse runs over and punches Diego to the ground. When he's pulled off of Diego, Maxie asks Jesse why he punched Diego for no reason. Brook Lynn sees something about Diego's watch that makes her wonder about his innocence.

Lucky asks Nikolas to be his best man at the wedding. Nikolas agrees wholeheartedly. Lucky then drops a bombshell and asks him not to bring Courtney. Nikolas agrees not to bring her, especially since she probably wouldn't want to go anyway. Lucky suggests the wedding would be a perfect time for a reunion. When Nikolas tells Lucky about Courtney trying to get him to go back to Emily, Lucky is happy that she's finally come to her senses. Nikolas questions what she's hiding, though.

Sonny sees Javier Ruiz outside of Kelly's while he's having breakfast with Michael before school. Michael is busy addressing the envelope of a letter to Carly. Sonny promises to mail it when he gets to the warehouse and goes outside to deal with business. Ruiz threatens Sonny, but Sonny tells him if he doesn't leave town soon he'll be leaving in a body bag.

Ruiz goes to the hospital and sees Alexis. He stops her and tells her he's a business associate of Ric's and asks about the prenatal services at the hospital because his family would be expanding soon. Alexis buys into his story and starts to talk about how great the hospital is, but Ric stops them and tells Ruiz to leave his family alone. Ruiz tells him he should have paid attention to his own advice before Manny got hurt. Alexis isn't all that surprised by Ruiz and tells Ric he needs to get used to these kinds of threats if he's going to continue working for Sonny. Ric goes back to Sonny's house and tells him about the conversation he had with Ruiz. Sonny tells him that everyone will have extra bodyguards and he will take care of Ruiz.

Courtney finds Alexis at the hospital and sits down to talk to her. Alexis talks to her about Lamaze and how she'll be bringing her own epidural in case they run out. She then starts talking about falling in love. Alexis tells Courtney that the two of them and Emily were all in a bad situation because they couldn't stop themselves from falling in love. She ends by saying that love is never easy or simple, and Courtney agrees.

Luke finds Tracy instead of Skye in his bed at the hotel. They have breakfast together and Tracy tells him that Skye is now being held hostage and it's his job to convince Alcazar to sign over his ELQ shares. Tracy goes to deliver the news to Skye, while Luke attempts to get Alcazar's shares. Lorenzo is not willing to rescue anyone anymore after Carly. He tells Luke that he enjoys Skye's company, but she's replaceable.

Alcazar goes to visit Manny in the hospital and talks to the unconscious man. After he leaves, Manny awakens from his coma. When one of his goons is summoned, Manny tells him he's going after Sonny, Ric, and Jason.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Emily is tempted to reveal Courtney's secret to Nikolas but decides in the end to keep mum. When Maxie expresses her concern that he's over-invested in the stalker case, Jesse painfully discloses how his older sister was victimized by a brutal boyfriend years ago. Meanwhile, Diego explains to a wary Brooke why he bought one pill off a local dealer. Emily suggests to Nikolas that they team up to throw his brother and Liz the wedding of their dreams. Manny prepares to ruin Sam and Jason's blissful existence in their Hawaiian paradise. Diego secretly slips a rufie into Brook Lynn's soda. Dr. Meadows cautions Courtney that she'll put her baby at risk if she undergoes a paternity test too early in the pregnancy. Jason is cornered by Manny and his henchmen. Alexis nags both Jax and Nikolas to mend the rifts in their respective marriages instead of filing for divorce. Across town, Emily warns Courtney that she'll spill the beans to Nikolas if the mother-to-be fails to do so soon. Mac removes Jesse from the campus stalker case. Diego takes a woozy Brook to the Quartermaines' cellar, where he reveals how he's been exacting revenge for Sage's unhappy life and untimely death. Jax asks Alexis to misplace his divorce papers for a while. Robin spends a lonely birthday in Paris.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Luke shows up at his hotel room to show Tracy that he broke into Alcazar's office and forged his signature to show that he has given his ELQ shares to Tracy. Tracy gets a call from Vince, who is holding Skye hostage still. Tracy tells Luke that she is disappointed in his abilities as a con man. She tells him that the forged document won't hold up to any kind of scrutiny. Luke tells Tracy that if she doesn't cooperate with him and have Vince release Skye soon, he is going to make sure that the cops arrest her on kidnapping charges. Tracy tells him that there is no evidence linking her to Vince or Skye's kidnapping. The phone rings again and Luke answers it before she gets a chance to pick up the phone. He demands that Vince tell him where he is keeping Skye. Vince gives him the address and Luke hangs up. Tracy asks him what Vince told him. Luke tells her that he knows where Skye is being held and that she is going to be so grateful to him for rescuing her that she will have open arms for him when he gets there. He opens up the door to leave and is shocked to find Skye making out with Lorenzo Alcazar against the door frame. Skye tells Luke that Lorenzo rescued her and she is showing her appreciation. Luke tells her that Lorenzo didn't do anything at all and that he did all the work in finding her. Lorenzo suggests that Luke go to the Dominican Republic, which is not too far away from there and get a divorce from Tracy. Luke tells him that he isn't going to divorce Tracy until she gives him the $15 million she owes him. Tracy refuses to give him anything. Skye tells Luke she is returning to Port Charles with Lorenzo on his private jet and refuses to let him go with them. Skye leaves. Luke cozies up to Tracy and asks to return home with her. Tracy kisses him on the lips and tells him to take a bus home.

Courtney shows up at Kelly's to see Mike. He warns her that Nikolas is inside Kelly's with Emily. Courtney thinks that Emily is planning to tell Nikolas about her pregnancy. She goes inside Kelly's and accuses Emily of telling Nikolas something important about her before she has a chance. Emily realizes that Courtney thinks she told him already about her pregnancy. Emily keeps her secret and lies to Nikolas and tells him that Courtney told her that she was using Michael and Morgan as an excuse to hide from him and their marriage problems. Emily tells him that she realized Courtney was right to believe that. She apologizes to Courtney for blaming her for how she feels about things. Courtney leaves them to talk. Nikolas senses something else is going on with the two of them and asks her what else she is hiding. Emily doesn't have an answer. Courtney leaves and heads to the park where she runs into Liz, Lucky, and Cameron. Lucky takes Cameron out of his stroller and tells Liz to meet them at Kelly's afterwards so the two women can talk alone. Courtney tells Liz that she took her advice and broke up with Nikolas so he has a chance to patch things up with Emily. Liz apologizes to Courtney for making her think her feelings toward Nikolas don't count at all and tells her that she needs to forget what she said. Liz tells her that she wants Nikolas and Emily to reunite but that she had no right to make Courtney get caught in the middle and suggests that everyone should just be honest about how they feel and that dishonesty is what caused everyone's problems to begin with. Courtney realizes that she should be honest with Nikolas. Liz goes back to Kelly's and shares with Lucky how she feels about being with him and that her dream will have come true after their wedding when she wakes up with him as her husband. Courtney meets with Nikolas at the park. She tells him that she doesn't want him to be with her out of obligation and that if he still loves Emily he should be with her and she would understand. Nikolas notices how nervous she is and asks her what is really going on with her. Courtney tells him that she is pregnant.

Jason is still tied up to the chair in his cottage while Manny Ruiz holds a gun on him with his goons hanging around. Sam returns home to find them beating Jason up. She goes in through the back bedroom window and knocks over a lamp which crashes on the floor. Ruiz and his men hear the noise from the other room and one of his goons goes to investigate. The room is pitch dark inside and Sam hits the goon in the back of the head and knocks him out. She takes his gun. Another man goes to investigate and Sam shoots him as he tries to enter the bedroom. She keeps the gun pointed at Manny Ruiz and orders him to drop the gun he has pointed at Jason. Ruiz orders her to drop her gun or he will kill Jason. Sam lets go of the gun and asks him what he wants from them. Manny surprises her by shooting Jason in the leg. She goes over to Jason and tries to treat his gunshot wound. Manny orders her to come over to him and kiss him or he will shoot Jason in the other leg. Sam follows his orders but insists on taking her shirt off to use to wrap Jason's leg with first. She does it quickly. She notices a screwdriver laying on the floor nearby. Jason sees what she is looking at and motions slightly with his head that she should try to get a hold of it to use as a weapon. She manages to go near her purse and Manny tells her not to go any further. She grabs the screwdriver while he isn't looking and hides behind herself. She goes over to Ruiz and sits partly on his lap as if she is going to comply with his wishes and kiss him. Jason is getting more angry and upset over the thought of her having to give in to Ruiz's demands. Sam takes the screwdriver and points it close to his temple and tells him to drop the gun or she will use it. Ruiz's goons come to and one of them comes up behind Jason and tells her to let go of the screwdriver or he will kill Jason. Sam lets go of the screwdriver and Ruiz tells her to be good now and kiss him like he asked already. Jason tries to get loose from the ties around his hands on the chair. Meanwhile, Sonny makes arrangements to stay at the hotel and use himself as bait to draw in Javier Ruiz when he tries to kill him. He asks Ric to come by and hands him a signed will belonging to him in case he is killed in his war with Javier Ruiz. Ric suggests that he act as his lawyer and try to set a negotiation between Ruiz and him. Sonny tells him he wants him out of danger and he will deal with Ruiz on his own terms. He asks Ric to make sure the will is kept safe in case he doesn't make it out of this alive. Sonny hugs Ric before he leaves. Sonny then talks to Michael to explain that he is going to be gone overnight to do business and will be back soon and to help Emily take care of Morgan. Michael pleads with him not to go but Sonny explains to him that everything will be alright. Emily returns to Sonny's place. Sonny tells her that he wants her to be the boys' legal guardian in case something happens to him. Emily isn't sure she wants that responsibility but finally agrees to take care of the boys just in case something happens to him. Sonny makes her promise not to involve her parents in taking care of Michael since Alan can't be trusted around Michael or he will try to confuse Michael more about AJ Emily agrees not to let Michael near her parents. Sonny leaves to go to the hotel. Meanwhile, Ric goes to Kelly's and Reese shows up. He tells her about the will and what Sonny plans to do. Reese insists on knowing where Sonny is and what the plan is. Ric tells her to stay out of it and let Sonny handle his own business and not make herself a target, which Sonny wouldn't want. Reese refuses to let Sonny do this alone. She goes to the hotel and shows up at his room. Sonny orders his men to be on alert and to try to keep innocent bystanders at the hotel from getting hurt in this. Sonny plans to hole himself up in his hotel room and wait for Javier Ruiz to make a move first. Sonny isn't happy to see Reese there and doesn't want her involved. Reese tells him that she can help him and refuses to leave him alone. She shuts all the window blinds down and makes sure the room is secure. She cuts off Sonny's protests with a kiss and refuses to budge. Ric goes to the hospital for another Lamaze class with Alexis, who is waiting for him. She senses he is agitated by something and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Sonny is putting himself in a position where he could be killed and that he feels helpless to stop him. Alexis tells him that she rather that he survive and that she doesn't want Kristina and the baby to lose two fathers. Meanwhile, Javier Ruiz hangs out at the hotel and gives his men orders to target Sonny at the hotel when he learns he is in a room there right now.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Stunned by Courtney's announcement, Nikolas contemplates the possibility of impending fatherhood. Alan urges his daughter to forgive her straying husband and take him back. Handcuffed to a chair and bleeding profusely, Jason watches helplessly as Manny begins pawing Sam. Alexis begs Ric to follow his brother's instructions and steer clear of the trouble which is about to surround Sonny. Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Sonny gets nowhere trying to convince Reese to hurry out of harm's way while she still can. Jason wrenches free of his restraints and grabs a gun, then forces Manny to release his grip on Sam. Though Alan appeals to her to leave the Corinthos compound and come home, Emily reminds him how she owes it to Sonny to stay and care for his sons. After the police take Manny into custody, Jason tells Sam why he has to go back to his old way of life. Durant arrives for his meeting with Javier, who reveals how he plans to rub Sonny out that very night. Nikolas confides to Emily how conflicted he is about Courtney's pregnancy. Ric decides to have a face-to-face with the head of the Ruiz family. As they part, Sam tearfully assures Jason she understands his decision. A massive gun battle erupts outside Sonny's hotel suite.

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