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Monday, September 12, 2005

When Lucky tells Courtney what his opinion is of her, Nikolas gets upset and punches him. Lucky tells Nikolas and Courtney they ruined innocent lives, like those of Liz and the baby she's carrying. Courtney and Nikolas go back to Wyndemere and ice his sore cheek. Nikolas tells Courtney it doesn't matter what other people think about them. Courtney takes a phone call on her cell phone. The baby furniture is in, and the company needs to know when to deliver it. Courtney says she wanted the baby she could never have, but she believes Jax would be a good dad. She feels that if she backs off with the custody suit, maybe it's the best thing for the baby. Nikolas tells her he will stand by her if she wants to fight for the baby. He wants her in his life, because it feels right. Meanwhile, Liz is helping nurse Lucky's wounds. Lucky is concerned that Jax will ask for his money back, and Liz and Lucky don't have the money anymore. Liz admits maybe this wasn't her brightest idea. Lucky tells her not to regret the baby. While it may not be the life they had planned, they will make it work.

Sam comforts Carly when she wakes up. Sam tells her she wants her to get better because a lot of people care about her. Carly thinks to herself that Sam doesn't care about her, she only cares about Jason. When Sam leaves, Carly goes and starts to make plans for her and Sonny's wedding. She writes on a piece of paper, "You are invited to the wedding of Carly and Sonny Corinthos." She hides the note when Sonny comes in to talk to her. He tells her he wants to ask her something, but in her head she thinks he's going to ask her to marry him. All he's asking, though, is whether or not Carly wants to be there. Carly tells him there's no where else she wants to be. In her head, though, she's answering his marriage proposal.

Jason tells Sonny he's on his own. Sonny apologizes for now knowing until now how lost Jason really is. Sonny begins to understand the depth of Jason's amnesia through their conversation. Jason storms off and Sonny tells Sam that Jason's going to be killed. He tells her to take him to the island if Jason really wants to discover who he is. When Jason walks down to the pier, two men are waiting for him. He takes the gun away from one of them and tells them to leave him alone. He doesn't know them and he doesn't want to kill them. After he leaves, the two men are happy to learn that Jason isn't Sonny's enforcer anymore, which leaves Sonny vulnerable. Maybe they can use Jason against Sonny.

Back at the penthouse, Sam tells Jason about going to the island. It's somewhere he's been before, and he'll be safe there until the can figure out what he wants to do next. Jason tells her to forget it, because he's not going. He wants Sam to leave, because he doesn't want to put her in danger. Sam doesn't want to walk out on Jason, though. She needs him and he needs her. Jason tells her there's another way, and walks out of the penthouse, gun in hand.

Alan and Monica fight over the surgery Jason may have to have to prevent further brain damage. Alan is hopeful the surgery will bring back the son he once had. Monica doesn't want to take the risk of the surgery, though. Jason shows up at the hospital and asks Tony why the medicine isn't working. Tony tells him if his seizures and headaches are going away, then the medicine is working. Jason isn't happy that he's not regaining his memory, though. Alan interrupts and tells him about the surgery option. It's risky, but it could be the answer to all their prayers. Meanwhile, Monica makes a phone call and tells the person on the other side of the phone to meet her on the 10th floor.

Alexis remains by Ric's bedside, but questions why Reese shows up at the hospital. The nurse comes and explains that Ric is going to be ok, but he needs to stay in the hospital for observation. Alexis tells Reese she can go now. When Alexis walks back in Ric's room, he's just waking up. Alexis tells him maybe the bullet was a good thing, because now he can stop working for Sonny. Sonny walks in just as they are discussing Ric not working for Sonny any longer. Sonny says he understands if Ric wants to leave, but Ric just tells him they will talk when he gets out. Sonny leaves, and Alexis is upset, thinking Ric has no intention of quitting. Ric tells her Sonny has no one right now, and he wants to be there for him. He likens the situation to Alexis and Stefan. Alexis tells him the situation is different, because she wasn't a parent during the time her Cassadine history was unfolding. She tells him he needs to decide between Sonny and her and the baby.

Durant baits Reese, hoping she will tell him where Carly is. He tells her Carly and Sonny will end up back together, while Sonny tries to nurse Carly back to health. Sonny walks in as Reese is slapping Durant for asking her if she gave Ric CPR after he was shot. She leaves to go walk with Ric. She tells him she's glad he's ok. Alexis witnesses a brief kiss between the two. When Reese leaves, she asks Ric if his refusal to leave Sonny is due to his loyalty to Sonny or wanting to stay close to Reese.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Alan tries to convince Jason to have the brain surgery, but Monica interjects with the possible downside to the surgery. When Sam comes to the hospital, he asks her why she didn't tell him about the possible surgery. He's furious that she wasn't honest with him. She apologizes, but was worried about what the surgery might do to him. He tells her she's the only one he was left, and he needs her to be honest with him.

Emily walks down by the pier after shopping for things for Michael and his friends. Jax sees her there and chit chats with her. He then asks her if she could talk to Liz for him. He wants her to convince Liz that he will be a good parent. Emily tells him to stop scheming and try to compromise with Liz.

As Liz walks towards Kelly's, she spies Jax sitting outside. He asks her if she has time to talk to him. She doesn't, but stays to hear what he says anyway. He wants a truce. He suggests they act like normal divorced parents and share joint custody of the baby. Liz agrees to think about it, and seems almost relieve that Jax isn't trying to buy their baby anymore. When Lucky shows up at Kelly's, Liz explains what Jax talked to her about. Lucky is appalled she would even consider Jax's offer. He doesn't want anything to do with Jax and wants him out of their life completely.

Alexis walks into Ric's hospital room and asks him if his reluctance to quit working for Sonny has anything to do with wanting to remain close to Reese. She's seen the way they look at each other, and it appears to her there is more than a friendship going on. Ric denies that anything is going on between him and Reese. She's his law partner and friend. That's it. After Alexis leaves, Ruiz and Tito come into Ric's room and give him a message for Sonny. They want Sonny to give up all his territory. Ric asks what will happen if he doesn't give the message to Sonny. Luis shoots him in the leg. When they leave, Ric stumbles out in the hallway and finds Jason. He begs Jason to protect Sonny and his family. Jason tries to tell him he has no memory of Sonny or his family. Ric tells him that Sonny needs him more now than he will ever need Ric. As Jason starts to walk away, he suddenly remembers Sam's baby. He goes home and tells Sam he remembered holding the baby, and how devastating the event was to Sam. Through all this, he also remembered how much Sam meant to him. Sam is crying, but it's because she's happy Jason's finally remembering.

Back at the house, Sonny asks Reese to help him protect his family. He wants her to contact her friends in the FBI and find out as much information as possible about Ruiz. Reese agrees to help him and wants to know where he wants her to work. She can work upstairs or down in the living room, if he wants to see the information as it comes in. Sonny tells her it's ok for her to work at the penthouse. Reese is disappointed, but agrees to help him and leaves. Sonny goes to answer the phone. It's Ric giving him Ruiz's message. Sonny tells him he will handle it, but Ric's not so easily convinced. Meanwhile, Carly is calling a wedding planner. She tells her money is no object, but she does want the wedding quickly. She wants to be remarried to Sonny by next week. Carly hangs up and goes downstairs to look at pictures. When Sonny walks in, he realizes that Carly is fixated on something but he doesn't know what. He looks at the pictures of their past wedding.

Alexis goes to Reese's penthouse and asks her if she's having an affair with Ric. Reese denies it, but before Alexis leaves she tells her to stay away from Ric. As Alexis is leaving the penthouse, she runs into Sonny. She tells him her husband used to be obsessed with everything he said or did. Now he's even obsessing over his girlfriend. Sonny, bewildered, enters Reese's penthouse. He apologizes for the way he acted at his house. He doesn't want her to feel left out, but she just can't be around his house right now. Reese says she understands. Sonny goes on to explain that Ruiz paid a visit to Ric at the hospital. Reese flips out when she hears that Ric was threatened. Sonny tells her it's been taken care of, but it makes him wonder about Alexis' comments. Reese is upset and tells him he didn't come over to apologize, but instead came over to monitor her activities. Sonny apologizes, but he's got a lot on his mind right now. He's afraid Carly is getting sicker and sicker. He thinks she's created a whole new world to live in.

Jax finds Alexis out on the pier, and they discuss the issues they have and have had with previous relationships. They both agree that their marriage was the best they've had. They respected each other, and sex and jealousy didn't complicate things. Jax goes on to tell her about sharing custody of his baby with Liz. Alexis tells him there's one problem. Jax isn't committed to anyone right now, and Liz would be easy to fall in love with. It's no wonder Lucky senses problems.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nikolas offers to help Liz keep her baby. Jason is looking at some pictures when Sam arrives with coffee. Jason tells Sam he is not going to the island. Sam insists that Jason is not safe here. At the hospital Ric sneaks into Max's room and steals his gun. Alexis goes to Ric's room and finds it empty. Just as she is calling for help Ric comes back to the room, he hides the gun from Alexis.

At Port Charles University the teens are hanging out in the common area. Dillon and Lucas find a flyer for a frat party. After showing it to Maxie and Jesse the four decide it might be a place the stalker will make an appearance. Lucky comes in with a search warrant for Diego, who is busy taking pictures. Lucky searches through Diego's things and finds a nude picture of Brook. At Kelly's, Brook and Georgie are chatting when Brook gets a call from Lucky telling her the guy who drugged her and took the naked pictures of her has been arrested. Liz tells Nikolas that this baby is not his problem. He counters telling her that Jax is just reacting to the situation with Courtney. Liz wonders if Nikolas had just stayed away from Courtney; would she and Jax still be together. Nikolas just wants to help her pay for the legal bills since he didn't help Lucky back when he was dealing with all of the medical bills.

As Courtney enters the hospital, Jax is there and he wants to talk to her. Courtney tells him to call her secretary. Justus arrives and tells her he has her divorce papers. He says everything is in order, they will both take exactly what they brought coming into the marriage. Courtney notices that the papers include her giving up any legal rights to the baby. Jax thinks Courtney doesn't even want the baby. She says she doesn't know how she feels about the baby until she has a chance to talk things over with Liz. Jax says he offered Liz shared custody but she has not agreed yet. He says he just wants to make sure the child has a good mother which is Liz. Courtney is obviously hurt by his remarks. Alexis is very concerned about Ric. She doesn't know what she would have done if she lost him. All the while Ric is hiding the gun from Alexis. Sam wants Jason to know he is a target now that a mob war is starting. Jason doesn't care about the mob war. He believes that the only way to regain his memory is to stay in Port Charles. He wants to remember what it was like with the life that he and Sam had together.

When Brook and Georgie arrive at the police station, Lucky is bringing Diego in. Brook does not believe that Diego is the stalker. Jason decides to go to the hospital to try to regain his memory. He doesn't want Sam to come along in case he really is a target of the mob. Sam tells him she decided awhile ago that being with him was a risk she was willing to take so she is going with him to the hospital. Alexis recounts the lengths she went to for the Cassadine family. Ric tells her she got away from all that. She tells him it's different for him because he has her and Kristina and this baby. She doesn't understand why he will risk his life to be a part of Sonny's family when he has her and the kids as family. He doesn't want her to make him turn his back on Sonny. She says she wouldn't do that, she just doesn't want him to continue taking risks. Reese walks in angry that Alexis told Sonny, she and Ric were having an affair.

While Nikolas is trying to convince Liz to take his money to level the playing field between her and Jax. Jax overhears and tells Nikolas he can have Courtney but stay out of his child's life. Jax tells Liz not to hang around Nikolas anymore. Lucky has Diego in the interrogation room grilling him about his motive as the stalker. Diego vehemently denies the accusations and says he doesn't know how the picture ended up in his bag. Lorenzo shows up at the police station demanding to see his son. Maxie tells Lorenzo that they found a picture in Diego's bag. Lorenzo believes Diego is being set up. Brook tells Lorenzo that she tried to tell them Diego is not the stalker as Justus enters and announces he is Diego Alcazar's attorney and he wants to see the search warrant.

Alexis tells Reese not to come in Ric's hospital room like that. Reese says Alexis came into her home the same way and got Sonny's suspicions up about her and Ric's relationship. Alexis admits she said something inappropriate to Sonny but not that they were having an affair. When Alexis asks Reese if she can have a moment alone with her husband, Reese refuses to leave saying she has business with Ric. Ric asks Alexis to give them a few minutes. Alexis speaking directly to Ric wonders why he has not actually moved back in with her and yet he is in Florida with Reese, camping out at Sonny's with Reese, and now he has business with Reese if he thinks she is over reacting, maybe it is all that and seeing a bullet in his chest. She angrily leaves the room. When Reese sits down to talk to Ric he says the bad part about it is that Alexis is right.

Jason and Sam have found their way to the nursery at General Hospital. Sam immediately becomes emotional. Jason makes sure that she is ok, and then asks her to tell him everything about the day the baby died. She begins telling him the story as Jason is gazing into the nursery. When Sam notices Jason's head down she thinks he might be remembering something. He tells her no, but he remembers now why he would do anything for her. Liz tells Jax her friendships are none of his business. Jax says they have an agreement. Liz says yes that agreement included him and Courtney. Jax tells her he is not going to loose this child. Liz feels that Lucky was right he just wanted a trophy. She tells him he is not getting this child. Jax leaves telling her he will see her in court. Liz is visibly upset; she asks Nikolas to leave her alone so she can think.

Reese assures Ric that they are not having an affair. But Ric feels like a hypocrite because they did sleep together that one night. Reese wants to know if Ric wants to tell everyone about their one-night stand. After a pause Ric says no. Reese then begins telling Ric how dangerous Manny Ruiz and family are. Reese says she doesn't know what Sonny is going to do with Jason out of the picture. Ric says Sonny will find someone, someone he can trust. Reese realizes he is talking about himself and tells Ric not to go after Ruiz. Sam explains to Jason how he stood by her and got her through the days after she lost her baby. She mentions how they leaned on each other through the memorial service and that he was the one who planned the service.

Justus finds holes in the search warrant. He tells Lucky he knows it will not hold up in court. When Justus says they violated his clients rights, Lucas asks what about the right of his victims and Dillon adds that if it turns out Diego is the stalker he's going down. Ric assures Reese he is not going after Manny Ruiz. He claims that Ruiz is not going to use him as an example. Reese tells him to get some rest and she leaves.

At the church where the memorial service was held Sam continues filling Jason in on his past. She tells him that he does believe in God, but her beliefs are not as strong. She tells Jason that he has helped her believe that her daughter was going to a better place. Jason begins to have flashes of memory. Not about the memorial service but about a shootout he and Sonny had in a church. Nikolas and Courtney are talking at the hospital. Nikolas tells Courtney about Jax's threats to Liz earlier. Courtney wonders if Nikolas is offering the money because of Lucky and Liz or because of Emily. Liz explains everything to Lucky; she thinks maybe she should agree to share custody with Jax. Lucky says no, he is even willing to take money from Nikolas to fight Jax. He wants to get Jax out of their lives before Jax takes Liz away from him. At the polices station everyone is discussing Diego's release on a technicality Dillon is very angry feeling that it's not right to let Diego go when clearly he is the stalker. At this point Jesse makes an announcement: the fingerprint found on the picture of Brook is not Diego's; it is Dillon's.

Reese and Alexis run into each other in the hospital corridor. Reese tells Alexis to wise up about Ric. Alexis wants to know what she means so Reese tells her she had better do whatever she can to hang on to Ric or she (Reese) might be tempted to go after him herself. Ric makes a secret phone call to Manny Ruiz and explains that Sonny asked him to set up a meeting with him. Ruiz says he appreciates this gesture of good will; while Ric is staring at the gun he says to Ruiz the meeting should be very productive. Jason asks Sam if something terrible happened at the church they are in. Sam says she doesn't think so other than the baby's memorial. Jason continues to have flashbacks of a shooting in a church where he has a gun in each hand. He remembers hitting a woman (Faith) and he kept shooting until nobody else moved. He is visibly upset and says out loud "What kind of person does that?"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jesse informs Dillon that his fingerprint was lifted from the naked photo of Brook Lynn. Dillon claims he is innocent of doing anything like taking nude photos or drugging girls. Mac brings him into the interrogation room to question him. Georgie and Maxie defend Dillon but Mac wants to believe it was Dillon. Justus shows up in the interrogation room and tells Mac that he doesn't have enough evidence to arrest Dillon. Mac lets Dillon go but tells Georgie he isn't done talking to her yet. Maxie tells Jesse that she doesn't believe Dillon could be their guy. She worries when she sees that Georgie is still in the interrogation room with Mac still. Georgie storms out of the room and heads out of the police station. Meanwhile, Mac comes out and calls out to Georgie to wait a minute. Alcazar tells Diego that he hopes that he has nothing to do with what is going on at the college. Meanwhile, Lucas gets very upset when he returns to the dorm he shares with Dillon and finds the cops going through Dillon and his things and taking camera and video equipment belonging to both of them. Dillon shows up and tells him not to worry about what the cops did and assures him they will return his equipment. Jesse wonders why Lucas is so worried about the cops taking his camera equipment if he has nothing to hide. Diego shows up and accuses Dillon of setting him up to cover his own guilt. Brook Lynn comes into the dorm and tells them to stop fighting but the two guys start going after each other, spoiling for a fist fight. Maxie tells them that they should stop fighting since they probably were both set up by the real culprit. Seth is there to stop the fight as well. After the fight breaks up, Brook Lynn asks Seth to join her to listen to a new CD. in her room. Seth tells her he has to work on a school project and invites her to join him to see what he is doing. Brook Lynn accepts his invitation. After they leave together, Jesse tells Maxie that he is doing a background check on Seth as well. Maxie tells him she thinks she has just the plan to prove Dillon's innocence once and for all and show Mac that he was wrong about him. Later, Dillon persuades Mike to let him inside Kelly's after closing. Mike lets Georgie in from the back service entrance to be alone with Dillon. Georgie runs into Dillon's arms and tells him that her parents plan to send her away to private school out of state tomorrow to keep her away from him. Meanwhile, Mac watches a home-made video that Dillon made for his class where he goes into Georgie's room and touches her face gently while she is sleeping. Mac can't help wondering if he is wrong about Dillon or not.

Jason is disturbed by the flashback he just had where he shot up some people in a church and one of those people was a blonde woman. Sam tells him that what he is starting to remember is that he shot a woman named Faith Roscoe who kidnapped Sonny's children and he was doing what he did to protect Sonny and his family. Jason tells her that he has a hard time condoning that kind of killing without a second thought to killing others because he works for Sonny. Sam tells him that he was just protecting his family. Jason still doesn't like that about his past. Sam tells him she will show him the reason why he did what he did for Sonny and his family. Meanwhile, Emily brings Michael over to see Sonny at the mansion. Emily tells him Leticia is watching Morgan back at the guest house. Michael asks Sonny about when he can see Carly again and tells him he misses her. Carly comes downstairs and runs over and hugs Michael. He hugs her back. Michael tells her about the new swingset in the backyard that Sonny had installed. Carly asks Sonny if she can go outside with Michael. Sonny tells her that would be fine and tells them he has a bench out there for them to sit on as well. Carly goes outside with Michael. Emily comments that Carly seems much better lately but Sonny tells her there is something still off about Carly and that worries him. He tells Emily he thinks Carly is hiding something or burying how she really feels to make him think she is better. Carly goes back inside with Michael. Emily tells Sonny she is going to take Michael to Kelly's to have some ice cream. Sonny thanks her for all of her help. Emily tells him it is no problem for her since she loves the boys and they keep her mind occupied from thinking about her own personal problems. At Kelly's Emily and Michael share a big bowl of ice cream. Sam and Jason show up at Kelly's and Sam shows Jason through the window who Michael is. Jason notices Michael looks happy with his sister Emily and the other guy. Sam points out that Mike is Sonny's father. Sam asks him if he wants to go inside and see Michael in person. Jason tells her he doesn't want to see Michael because he doesn't remember him. Sam tells him she won't force him to remember Michael and believes he will get his memory back eventually. Emily comes out of Kelly's suddenly with Michael and he spots Jason with Sam and runs over to him and hugs him. Jason is frozen and doesn't know how to respond to him. Michael peppers him with a bunch of questions about where he has been lately. Sam speaks for Jason and explains to Michael that Jason just got back from a business trip and hasn't had time to see him. Michael asks Jason if he could take him to the zoo soon to see the giraffes. Jason says yes to it but doesn't know what else to say. Michael takes off with Emily. Sam hopes that something about Michael stirred his memory but Jason is frustrated he can't remember Michael even though he seems like a great kid to him. Sam tells him not to worry about his memory and that she believes he will get it back eventually. She tells him that she wants him to keep taking his medicine and if that doesn't help him get his memory back they will discuss their other options. Jason tells her that even though he doesn't remember Michael, he knows that he would do anything for her for some reason. Sam suggests that they just go for a walk without thinking about anything but the present and enjoying the park. Jason has the urge to hold her hand but Sam doesn't want to pressure him so she puts her hand back to her side. Later, Sonny fixes some nachos and cheese, one of Carly's favorite meals for dinner. Carly is looking at the note she made up that Sonny wants to marry her and asks her, which is all part of her fantasy world. She stuffs the note in her pocket when Sonny comes into the room. She thinks out loud that Sonny has an engagement ring under the dinner cover plate and is disappointed when it isn't anything but dinner. Sonny tells her he has another surprise for her. It is a picture Michael made for her to cheer her up. Carly loves the picture he made for her. She folds the picture and tries to stuff it in her pocket and the fake note she made up falls out of the same pocket onto the floor and lands on the floor near the couch. She tells Sonny that she is trying to work hard on distinguishing what is real and what's not. Sonny tells her that when he had his breakdown, he made up his own fantasy life to avoid dealing with reality and he understands why she would have a hard time. Emily shows up to tell Carly and Sonny that Michael is in the guest house and wanted her to tell Carly that he enjoyed spending time with her earlier. Carly acts nervous suddenly and leaves the room. Emily tells Sonny that Carly looks like she is getting better. Sonny tells her that he is afraid she is getting worse.

Ric is trying to get dressed to sneak out of the hospital. He hears voices outside his room suddenly. Reese is outside his room, which is shut. Reese asks the nurse why Ric's room is shut. The nurse tells her that Ric is sleeping and she didn't want the noise in the hallway to disturb him. Reese goes in to see him and finds him in his bed, sleeping. Reese asks him how he is feeling. Ric pretends he was just sleeping. Reese tells him that she doesn't think she can handle Ruiz on her own to protect Sonny and tells Ric he shouldn't think he can take him on all by himself either. Ric pretends that he is too weak to take on Sonny's enemy right now. Reese leaves him to rest. When she leaves, Ric gets out of bed and is pretty much half dressed with his hospital gown on over his jeans. Ric takes the gun and puts it in his jacket and sneaks out of the hospital. He goes to the park and sets up a place behind the park bench to conceal the gun he stole from Max, Sonny's bodyguard. He sees a couple getting ready to set up a picnic where he is planning to meet with Ruiz. He tells them they can't stay there to picnic because this part of the park is being closed off. The couple buys his story and leave. Ric puts his coat over the back of the park bench where the gun is hidden. He calls Ruiz on his cell-phone. Ruiz is at the hospital chapel where he is meeting with Alcazar. Alcazar tells Ruiz that he didn't do what they planned and attacked Sonny and his family instead. Ruiz tells him he does things his own way and tells Alcazar that he is close to reaching an agreement with Sonny and taking over his territory since Jason isn't available to help Sonny, which makes him very vulnerable. Alcazar wonders why Sonny would do business with Ruiz after what he did. Ruiz answers Ric's call. Ric tells him he wants him to meet him at the park where it meets with the entrance to the lake. Ruiz agrees to meet him. Alcazar wonders who he is talking to. Ruiz leaves the chapel and Reese shows up there. One of Alcazar's men detains her as she tries to go inside to talk to Alcazar. Alcazar asks her if she spying on Ruiz to help Sonny. Reese tells him she was hoping to find out more about what Ruiz was up to. Alcazar tells that Ric is probably the person who is meeting with Ruiz tonight. Reese goes to Ric's room to see if he is there. She turns on the lights to his room and finds that he padded the bed to make it look like he was sleeping. Reese realizes what Ric is planning to do and heads out to stop him. Ruiz and his men show up at the park. They realize Ric is by himself. Ruiz tells Ric that Sonny is in no position to call the shots anymore now that Jason isn't protecting him anymore. Ruiz tells Ric that the only deal with Sonny he will accept is if Sonny gives over his territory to him in exchange for his family's safety and long life. Ric gets weaker from being out the hospital too soon and starts to sweat profusely. Ric pretends he is going to take the deal to Sonny and that Sonny will agree to it. Ric goes to get his coat and takes the gun and points it at Ruiz and his men. Ruiz tells him to put the gun down and dares him to shoot him and survive. Ric cocks the gun to show he means business but he isn't able to pull trigger. One of Ruiz's men comes up and grabs Ric by the arms and pulls them behind him to hold him. Suddenly Reese shows up to help him. She shoots at Ruiz and his men. Ric grabs Reese and shoves her to the ground when the shootout begins. Ruiz is shot but sees a gun on the ground and goes for it to shoot and kill Ric. Jason shows up with Sam all of a sudden and instinctively reacts to the shootout by killing all of Ruiz's men. Ruiz is still alive and tries to shoot Ric and Jason but Ric gets hold of a gun and approaches Ruiz and shoots him. Jason, Reese, and Sam watch Ric shoot Ruiz and are shocked by what they see.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jax attempts to negotiate a compromise with Liz about the baby. Courtney and Nikolas wake up together. Emily and Sonny discuss Carly getting better but Sonny is worried about the Ruiz family causing more harm. At the park Jason wipes the gun, places it in Manny's hand and using Manny's hand pulls the trigger.

Jason grabs Sam and they make a quick get away. Ric feels bad about shooting Ruiz. Reese gives him a choice: go to the cops or run. Liz and Jax decide to let their anger go and work together for the baby. While Courtney and Nikolas are talking about Wyndemere, Nikolas has a flash back of him and Emily playing in the snow. Nikolas suggests they go out together. He doesn't want them to hide out. He wants Courtney to know he is not ashamed of her. They decide it's best to keep going out so people will get used to seeing them together. At Sonny's, Emily tells Sonny that Carly is fortunate to have him loving her. Sonny clarifies that it is not romantic love. Reese and Ric show up to tell Sonny that Manny Ruiz and his soldiers are dead. They tell Sonny that Jason shot them. Sonny mistakenly believes that Jason is back. At the penthouse Jason wants Sam to change her clothes and bring them to him so he can destroy any evidence they may have on them.

Jax describes to Emily how his own father raised him with patience and teaching by example. His father is gone now but Jax wants to pay it forward by giving the same love to his own child and that includes treating its mother with respect. The baby starts to move and Jax wants to feel her stomach, Lucky walks in on this tender moment and wants to know what is going on and why Jax is there. At the park the cops are gathering around the seen of the shooting. Durant is also there and he announces this is a professional hit by Sonny. Back at the penthouse Jason is burning their clothes but he is upset and doesn't understand how he can continue to kill. He notices a bruise on Sam's wrist he believes he hurt her when he grabbed her. Sonny sends Emily to get the kids and take them to Kelly's. He then questions Ric about being out of the hospital. Ric explains that he set up the meeting with Ruiz but he froze at the moment it was time to shoot. Sonny angrily tells him he is not a hit man, he's a lawyer what was he thinking. Ric says he wanted to protect his brother.

At the apartment Lucky wants Jax to sign over parental rights so everyone can get on with their lives. Jax asks Lucky if he would do that. He just wants them all to come to an agreement and then he leaves. At Kelly's, Courtney and Nikolas run into Emily and Michael. Courtney asks Michael if he wants her to take him to a baseball game. He replies that if he wants to go to a baseball game he'll have Emily take him. He is obviously angry with Aunt Courtney. Nikolas tries to get Michael to treat his Aunt with respect but Michael calls him a jerk for cheating on Emily and Courtney a jerk for dating him and he runs off. Emily tries to apologize to Nikolas for Michael's behavior but Nikolas says he is just saying what he hears at home and obviously Sonny is making it out that Courtney is a home wrecker and he wants it to stop. At Sonny's, Sonny tells Ric he can't take this kind of chance, he doesn't have the experience and he has a baby on the way. If Jason hadn't stepped in he'd be dead or the cops would have him. Sonny also say's he doesn't want to loose Ric. As the cops show up at Sonny's with a warrant he sends Reese to take Ric back to the hospital. The police take Sonny down to the station for questioning. Jason wants to know if it bothers Sam that he just shot three guys. Sam explains that he only acts to defend the people he cares about. Mac shows up and wants to take Jason down to the station for questioning.

Lucky believes that Jax is working Liz, that he just wants to lull her into a false sense of security so he can take the baby or even take her. Liz is upset and says that she loves Lucky doesn't that count for something. In front of Kelly's, Emily explains that Sonny is dealing with too many other things than to be worried about what is going on between Nikolas and Courtney. She promises to talk to Michael about his feelings toward his Aunt Courtney. At the police station, they put Jason and Sonny in the same room to interrogate them. Durant tries to get to Jason by talking about his accident ten years ago. He wants Jason to think that Sonny used him when he was mentally impaired. Jason refuses to talk without his lawyer garnering a nod of acceptance from Sonny.

Lucky tells Liz that he trusts her love and says he doesn't trust himself. Liz says there is plenty of blame to go around she was in a hurry to solve their money problems that she jumped in to the surrogacy without considering this scenario. But now that they are in this she thinks a shared custody arrangement is the best way to go. Lucky points out that the child will live in luxury with Jax and he/she will be barely scraping by with them, how long will it be before the child decides to live with Jax permanently? Giving Liz pause for thought. Courtney believes that Nikolas is still in love with Emily. Nikolas tells her she is wrong but she goes on about all of the mistakes they made that messed up his marriage. She tells him she doesn't want to feel obligated to be with him. Sam is explaining to Emily what happened in the park. Sam says as they were walking in the park a bullet went flying by her head and Jason sprang into action and killed all of Ruiz's guys. She tells Emily that she had never seen him work before. Emily wants to know if that changes how Sam feels about him. Sam says no, she just never really saw him work before and she can't explain to Jason why he does what he does. Ric shows up at the police station to defend Sonny and Jason. Sonny wants Ric to go back to the hospital but Ric refuses. Mac comes in saying that Jason's hands and clothes tested negative for gun residue. After setting Jason free Durant tells them that Ruiz is not actually dead and when he regains consciousness he will be happy to tell the police who the shooter was. With this news Ric becomes weak leans on a chair.

Ric is determined to stay on as Sonny's attorney Durant begins shouting at him; Ric tries to defend himself and Sonny but passes out. Reese shouts for Durant to call 911. Liz tells Lucky that even though she had material possessions as a child growing up she was miserable because she didn't feel love. She asks Lucky to be this baby's father, not to take Jax's place but to give this baby a home with a family something Jax can't provide. Lucky says the baby is a part of her and he already loves it. On the docks, Courtney explains that she is better off without Jax but it's not the same for him and Emily. Nikolas says that his marriage was bad before she came along. She wants to end things now because she is afraid he still loves Emily. He quiets her by kissing her. Emily tells Sam that her situation with Nikolas is not a matter of life and death like Sam and Jason have to deal with. Sam says that Jason hates the violence and doesn't want to remember the person he was. After being released Jason heads back to the penthouse where Sonny shows up. He starts giving Jason orders, but Jason angrily responds that he is done killing for Sonny. He doesn't want any part of his business or his life.

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