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Monday, September 5, 2005

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's episode of General Hospital was replaced by a professional golf tournament.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow where Friday's show concluded. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this pre-emption.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Jax runs into Lucky on the docks and warns him to stay away from Courtney. Lucky tells him he doesn't believe that he's forgiven Courtney and thinks it's all a scam to get full custody of the baby. Liz walks down to the docks and witnesses their argument. She tells Lucky to go home and then confronts Jax. She tells him she's going to choose to believe he really wants to work things out with Courtney and that Lucky is wrong. She warns him if he leaves Courtney, she will fight him to keep their baby and the courts generally favor the mother. She will make him out to be a heartless playboy who attempts to buy babies. Jax assures her that he and Courtney have reconciled and will not be divorcing. When Liz gets home and explains what happened to Lucky, he's stunned she actually told him about taking him to court over the baby. Liz refuses to believe Jax could be doing this just to gain custody of the baby. Lucky hopes that maybe love has prevailed after all.

Nikolas carries Courtney into the bedroom and they make love. In between love sessions, Courtney sorrowfully removes her wedding rings. She tells Nikolas she doesn't want anymore secrets and plans on telling Jax exactly where she was tonight. She's upset that her marriage was all a sham. Meanwhile, Jax meets Justus at the apartment and tells him to get as much dirt as possible on Courtney to make the divorce easier. Justus mentions it may be possible to find a social worker who was upset with Courtney's prior work and take the foundation away from her. Jax doesn't want to hurt Courtney by taking away the foundation, though. She's worked very hard for that foundation. Justus takes this as a sign that Jax shouldn't be divorcing Courtney, but Jax tells him to stop being a marriage counselor and process the divorce.

Monica tells Sam there is an obstruction in Jason's brain, which is causing the headaches and seizures. Jason overhears the seriousness of the situation, but Sam and Monica move out of hearing distance before too much is revealed. Emily comes to check on Jason and gets him back in bed. She tells him how she needs him, how he's been her rock in the past. Jason asks her to be honest with him and tell him how bad his illness is. Back in the waiting room, Tony is giving Sam and Monica the treatment options available to Jason. He can try a new drug and see if that helps to reduce the seizures. If not, the only option is brain surgery and that's extremely risky. Monica says Jason would never go for brain surgery, so that's not an option. Sam tells her it won't be needed because the medicine will work. She's determined to remain optimistic. She goes back to Jason's room and he asks her why she's upset. She tells him he is sick, but everything will be alright. Tony comes in and gives him the medication. Jason is hesitant to take the medication, because he's not sure if he actually wants to remember his old life. He asks Sam what she will do if he never regains his memory. She tells him she will start over and make a new life with him if she has to.

Emily goes to Liz and Lucky's apartment to vent. She tells Liz about Jason's condition and how she needs him more than ever. She's starting to realize what her wedding vows were all about, for better or for worse. Lila loved Edward through all the horrible things he did, so she needs to stick it out with Nikolas. Divorcing him would be taking the easy way out. Liz tells her she needs to go tell Nikolas this immediately, before it's too late. Emily leaves and happens to find Nikoas alone on the docks. Courtney had just left to go see Jax. Nikolas was waiting around in case she was upset after confronting Jax. Emily, of course, doesn't know Nikolas has just been with Courtney and confesses her love to him. Is it too late? When Courtney arrives home, she tells Jax she's been at Wyndemere making love to Nikolas.

Reese fights Carly off, who is wielding a knife. Carly, in her insanity, thinks Reese is dangerous. She believes she is still an FBI agent and is trying to take Sonny and the kids away from Carly. When Reese lunges for the knife, Carly dodges her and knocks her out with a frying pan. Meanwhile, Ric fills Sonny in on finding Carly in Reese's old house, balled up on the bed. They are interrupted by a phone call with information about Reese and Carly's location. When they find Carly, she warns them about Reese trying to take away her family. She's managed to cut herself with the knife, but Reese has not been stabbed. Sonny and Ric help Reese regain consciousness. The police come and check on the four. When they see blood on Carly, they ask if she's alright. After hearing her shaky answer, they tell Ric and Sonny the two women need medical attention. They assure the police officers they will take the girls to a hospital and get out of the flood zone soon. When they leave, Sonny tries to get Carly to go with Ric, but she is hesitant. She doesn't trust Reese alone with Sonny, and she doesn't like Ric. Sonny tells her he can handle Reese and threatens Ric not to harm Carly. She reluctantly allows Ric to take her to the car. Reese tells Sonny that Carly needs help. Sonny still doesn't want to take Carly to a mental institution. He's thankful she didn't turn Carly into the police when she had the chance, though. He tells her once Carly is better they can start their lives together again.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Sam is giving Jason his medication at the hospital. She wants him to know that he is the love of her life and if he doesn't ever remember their love she will start all over with him. Lucky and Liz, sharing ice cream together, discuss Emily and Nikolas. Liz believes that they will reconcile. Courtney shows up at Jax apartment. He is still pretending everything is ok, when she drops the bomb that she has been at Wyndemere and she made love with Nikolas. Emily tells Nikolas that she has been wrong. She wants another chance. Nikolas tells her that it's too late. Ric and Reese take Carly back to Sonny's. Carly wants Sonny, Ric explains that Sonny is not there but he asked him to take care of her until he gets back. Apparently Sonny has very important business in Miami that could not wait. Durant shows up at Sonny's looking for Carly. Jason and Sam are making a hasty exit from General Hospital when they are caught by Monica. Monica warns that leaving the hospital is a bad idea.

Monica asks Jason to give them a chance at the hospital. He is taking new medication and needs to be observed. Jason and Sam convince Monica that he will be OK at home and Sam will take good care of him. At Kelly's, Alexis questions Mike about Sonny and Ric's whereabouts. She asks Mike for some shredded lettuce and chocolate. Alexis spills the beans to Mike that Carly is not at Shadybrook, she is actually at Sonny's. She feels that Sonny is up to something dangerous and Ric might be involved. Durant is in the entranceway at Sonny's giving Reese the third degree about Carly. Reese won't tell him where Carly is. He leaves but is determined to find his daughter and get her away from Sonny. Liz continues to be convinced the Nikolas and Emily will reconcile because they are soul mates. She compares the situation to her and Lucky finding there way back to each other. Lucky calls Liz a hopeless romantic. On the docks Emily tells Nikolas all the things she wished had never happened to tear them apart. In the process she guesses the truth about Nikolas and Courtney and ends by saying she wishes Nikolas never made love to Courtney, but he did. Nikolas tells her about Courtney finding out Jax planned to dump her after he got custody of the baby. Emily fills in the blanks. She guesses that Courtney went to Nikolas for comfort and that is when they made love. Courtney tells Jax she is done and starts to leave. Jax asks her if sleeping with Nikolas was worth it.

Courtney tells Jax that Nikolas was so worth it. She tells Jax that he needs the challenge of the chase and once he gets what he's after he moves on to the next conquest. She continues by telling him that Liz will never give her baby to him, "There are some things that money can't buy." Jax says "Perhaps, but your not one of them." He outlines all of her marriages and how she went from one millionaire to another. He calls her a cheap tramp and she counters with the fact that he slept with Brenda while on his honeymoon to Skye but that's OK because he's Jasper Jax. She tells him to enjoy his money because that's all he has left and then she leaves. Back on the docks, Nikolas tells Emily that he wants to be there for her when she needs him. He admits that he just broke her heart and he wants to comfort her. He has always been able to do that for her, ever since she was a kid. But the rape was the one thing he couldn't make alright for her. She thinks he did wonderfully, he did everything right. She understands what happened between Nikolas and Courtney and she feels that she had it coming because she slept with Nikolas when she was still with Zander. She wishes Nikolas happiness in his life with Courtney. She kisses his cheek and makes her exit. Durant is at the police station and he is upset that the cops haven't found Carly yet. He orders them to bring Jason in for questioning. At Sonny's, Reese is worried that Carly is cooking up a plan to slit their throats or strangle them with wire. Ric reassures Reese that that is not going to happen. Alexis is at Kelly's eating her lettuce with chocolate on it when Sam walks in. Alexis realizes that Jason must be close and goes outside where Jason is waiting for Sam. She demands to know where Ric is. When Jason says he doesn't know. Alexis doesn't believe him.

Emily goes to Liz and Lucky's for comfort. She explains that Nikolas is probably with Courtney right now. She tells Lucky that he was right about Jax's plan, just as Jax shows up. Courtney goes to the docks to see Nikolas. Nikolas tells her that Emily wishes them well. Courtney says that Jax doesn't. She tells him that Jax told her she was a gold digging slut. She says she is better off without him. She thinks Nikolas needs time alone but he stops her saying that he needs her. In front of Kelly's Sam explains Jason's health situation to Alexis. Alexis isn't buying it, she figures he's pulling the lost memory act so he can keep Sonny's secrets. Reese comes up and tells Alexis that Ric is at Sonny's. Alexis heads of to confront her husband. Reese asks Sam about Jason's health and she tries to introduce herself to Jason. Jason does not shake Rees's hand. As Reese leaves Jason asks Sam if he liked Reese before or not. Sam says that he didn't really trust Reese and that she lies a lot. As they are talking two cops show up to arrest Jason. Jason pushes them off, grabs Sam, and runs away.

Jason and Sam are on the docks. Sam is worried that Jason is going to be in a lot of trouble for assaulting those two cops. She tells him that since he has a medical condition he can explain his behavior. At Sonny's, Alexis finds Ric. Ric explains that he is watching Carly for Sonny. Alexis feels like Ric is shutting her out in favor of bonding with his brother, Sonny. At Liz and Lucky's, Emily makes a quick exit. Jax comes straight out with his proposition. He wants to offer Liz five million dollars for sole custody of the baby. At Wyndemere, Courtney asks if Nikolas feels strange having her there. He admits that it is strange. Courtney wants to know before they get any closer if he is really letting go of his marriage or does he want to try again with Emily.

Nikolas lets Courtney know that his marriage is over and it has been for months. It's just too late for them now. He feels their marriage was over the moment that Connor Bishop raped Emily. Liz tells Jax that she wants her baby to grow up in a loving home with honest people who can forgive and with two parents. Jax does his best to convince Liz that he is committed to this baby. Liz feels the deal she made was with two loving parents and that is not the way it has turned out. Alexis warns Ric that working for Sonny is harder than he thinks. He will have to live on call and he will end up doing things he never thought he would do. Ric says he is going to be there for her and Kristina first, but he will be there for Sonny right now because Sonny needs him with Jason being out of the picture. Jason turns himself in to the Port Charles Police Department. Durant doesn't buy Sam's story about Jason being ill. He has Jason placed in an interrogation room.

Lucky is upset he thinks Nikolas chose Courtney over Emily. Back at Wyndemere Nikolas and Courtney decide to find comfort in each other's arms. Emily is on the docks crying when Jax shows up. He has a plan for revenge. Emily slaps him then proceeds to tell him that it's entirely his fault that things have gone so badly for both of their marriages. She breaks down crying and Jax comforts her. Reese comes back to Sonny's to relieve Ric for awhile so Ric can go spend time with Alexis. Carly comes running down the stairs thinking she heard Sonny's car. Ric explains it was just Max. Carly is upset and she tells Ric and Reese both that she doesn't trust either of them. Jason wants to find a way out of the interrogation room. Monica shows up to explain Jason's medical situation to Durant. Durant doesn't believe her and decides to charge Jason with a felony for his assault on the cops, unless Sonny hands Carly over to him.

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Diego shows up at Alcazar's complaining about how boring college is compared to working for him. Alcazar tells him he wants him to finish school and get an education and that he isn't so sure he wants him involved in his business now. Meanwhile, Dillon worries about Georgie's test results after she nearly passed out at Kelly's. He brings up the possibility that she could be pregnant because she had dizzy spells. Georgie starts to wonder if she could be pregnant then thinks Mac is going to kill her if that is the case. Dillon tells her that Mac will kill him first. Bobbie approaches them and tells them that the lab found traces of the date-rape drug in her system. Bobbie is confused when Georgie and Dillon are elated with the news that it was a drug in her system. They tell her that the results could have been worse and are relieved Georgie isn't pregnant. Meanwhile, Maxie gets a call on her cell-phone from the mystery man. She tells the man to meet her at the Pizza Shack later that evening to meet and that she plans to show him that not all women are bad like he may think. The caller agrees to meet her there later. Jesse shows up at her room and notices she is acting nervous about something. He suggests they make love in her room since Brook Lynn isn't there right now. Maxie tells him she can't make love to him in her dorm because it isn't really home to her. Jesse notices she is even more nervous but she doesn't tell him what her plans are. She does admit that the mystery man called her. Dillon shows up to talk to Maxie. Jesse leaves them alone to talk. Dillon tells her about how Georgie is being targeted now and that they need to find this guy now. Georgie admits to him that she plans to meet him but won't tell him anymore. Dillon tells her he won't let her make herself a target and insists on going with her or she won't go at all. Georgie agrees to let him go but makes him promise to hide in the bushes. Dillon decides to take his camera gear with him and videotape the meeting at the Pizza Shack. Dillon brings his gear to Kelly's. Jesse finds him there and notices Dillon is very nervous around him. Dillon tells him about Maxie's plans to meet the mystery guy tonight at the Pizza Shack. Jesse warns Dillon that if he shows up at the Pizza Shack, he will arrest him on obstruction charges and goes to the place to protect Maxie. Georgie shows up in a panic outside Kelly's because her parents want to send her to a all girls' private school in Texas after hearing about the test results. Dillon tells her that he plans to help capture the mystery guy hopefully tonight. She tells him she wants to be there at the Pizza Shack with him to see what happens. Jesse shows up at the Pizza Shack with his gun drawn. He hears a noise and follows the sound. Jesse is knocked out by the mystery man. Maxie shows up for the meeting and hears a sound coming from the bushes. She calls out for the guy to show his face. Diego shows up with a camera around his neck. While this is going on at Kelly's, Brook Lynn studies at Kelly's and a cute guy approaches her table, showing interest in her. She lets him join her at her table. They sit and talk and share dinner. He offers to walk her back to her dorm and she lets him. When they get there he tells her he has some things to do and leaves.

The police show up at Alcazar's to find out if he is hiding Carly somewhere at his home. Alcazar tells them that he has nothing to do with Carly anymore and they are divorcing. The cops leave without really searching for her. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at the police station after Sam calls him. She tells him that Durant wants him to return Carly to him so he can have her treated or he will keep Jason under arrest until he does. Sonny tells her that he can't have Carly sent to Shadybrook because she will get worse if she is there since she was drugged and treated badly last time she was there. Sam tells him that Jason needs treatment as well or he could die because of what is going on with his brain right now. Sonny still refuses to give Carly up. Sam proposes to Durant that if she can convince Sonny to let Carly go, he promises to make sure Jason gets his medicine. Durant seems o.k with that idea. Sam warns him that if he plays games with her and doesn't do what he promises, she will make him pay. Meanwhile, Alcazar meets with some unsavory characters from Miami but tells them to go slowly with the plan against Sonny. After they leave, one of the Miami mobsters tells his bodyguard that he plans to strike against Sonny right now and not wait for Alcazar's approval. Meanwhile, Reese and Ric whisper about Carly while she is on the other side of the room. Reese thinks Carly needs some serious help and that Sonny isn't doing her any favors by keeping her there at the mansion. Ric thinks she should let Sonny take care of things. Carly accuses them both of holding her hostage and that they want the cops to come and take her away. They tell her that they are waiting for Sonny to come back and aren't going to let the cops take her away. The cops show up with a search warrant to find Carly. Lucky comes in the room with the warrant and uniformed officers to help him look for Carly. Carly watches them from out in the bushes and Lucky finds her. He becomes concerned for her when Carly tells him that he needs to save her from Reese and Ric. Lucky doesn't give her hideout away to the cops and tells Ric and Reese that Sonny better get her help or he will do it himself. Reese and Ric learn about Durant blackmailing Sam and Sonny and using Jason against them to do it. Alcazar shows up at Sonny's looking for Sonny. Ric and Reese tell him he is not home right now. Alcazar guesses that Sonny is out taking care of things while Ric and Reese are babysitting Carly. They tell him that Carly isn't there at the mansion and they don't know anything more about it. Alcazar doesn't believe them and warns Reese that she is becoming just like Carly, protecting Sonny and being the flavor of the month for Sonny. Ric slugs Alcazar across the mouth when Alcazar insults Reese. Sonny comes home and asks Alcazar what he wants. Alcazar tells him that he met with some men from Miami and came to warn him they were in town. Sonny blames Alcazar for what happened to Carly. Alcazar refuses to accept any responsibility and leaves. Sonny, Reese, and Ric talk. Ric and Reese tell Sonny that Carly is getting worse and needs treatment and suggests they bring her somewhere else for treatment. Lucky comes back to warn Sonny about getting Carly help or he will feel obligated to tell the police where she is hiding. Sonny understands Lucky is in a difficult spot because he is Carly's cousin. Sonny tells him he is doing everything he can to help Carly. Lucky leaves. Ric and Reese suggest he send Carly to some other mental hospital to get her treatment. Sonny says no to taking her anyplace. Carly sees Sonny and starts begging him to help her and accuses Ric and Reese of trying to get her arrested and sent away. Sonny calms her down and gets her to go upstairs to rest. He asks Reese to go upstairs and keep an eye on her. Reese reluctantly goes upstairs. Ric worries about Alcazar's plans and wonders if he would strike against Sonny with Carly in the house. Sonny feels something will probably go down soon. Meanwhile, Reese talks to Carly, who still accuses her of trying to get rid of her so she can take Sonny and her kids away from her forever because she slept with Reese's father when she was a teen. Reese tries to assure her that she doesn't hold that against Carly anymore but Carly thinks she is just pretending she cares so she can trick her. Sonny shows up in the room and tries to calm Carly down and get her to rest. Carly gets paranoid again and thinks Sonny is trying to get rid of her to by sending her away. Sonny tries to assure her he isn't sending her anyplace and that he owes her for taking care of him when he had his own breakdown years ago. Later, Sam shows up and tries to convince Sonny to bring Carly in so Durant will let Jason go. Sonny refuses to do what Durant wants and suggests that jail is probably the best place for Jason right now so he can't get into anymore trouble. Sam tells Sonny off for being willing to sacrifice Jason for Carly, who needs medical treatment. Sonny tells her he can't give Carly up and that he knows he can help her get better. Carly runs into the room suddenly and tells everyone that there are men outside with guns and they are out to get her. Sonny thinks she is hallucinating and tries to calm her down and assure her that he has guards all over the mansion and they can't get in. Suddenly there is gunfire and shots are fired through the windows of the living room where everyone is right then. Sonny grabs Reese and Carly and throws them to the floor and covers them with his own body.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Nikolas and Courtney, making their first public appearance as a couple, share a kiss in front of Kelly's. As they kiss Emily walks up with Michael. Maxie is at the Pizza Shack waiting for the stalker to show up. Jessie is knocked out in the bushes. As Maxie calls out for the stalker to show his face, Diego appears and he is holding a camera. In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Department, Durant fills Jason in on his police record in a condescending tone. Jason pushes Durant's head down on the table and holds him there. Carly has seen men in black with guns through her window, she tells Sonny about them thinking they are there to take her to Shadybrook. Sonny does not believe her. Just then, Max falls through the entryway doors with a gunshot wound and gunfire breaks out through all of the windows. Sam finds Ric on the floor, he has been shot.

Michael is upset with Courtney after witnessing her kiss Nikolas. He feels protective of Emily. Courtney reminds him that she is still his Aunt and Emily tells him that his Aunt Courtney is not to blame for the problems her and Nikolas have. Diego thinks Maxie is afraid. Maxie claims she is not afraid and explains she was there to meet a guy she hooked up with in a chat room. Jesse has recovered and nails Diego to the table, believing him to be the stalker. At Sonny's, Reese tries to comfort Ric but Ric wants her to get out of there for her own safety. Sonny asks Sam to take Carly upstairs and he then tells Reese he's going to get Ric and Max to the hospital, then get Jason out of jail so he can help get things back under control. Two cops rush into the interrogation room, Durant tells them it is ok, Jason had a momentary lapse in judgment. Jason lets Durant go. Durant is beginning to believe that Jason really has lost his memory. He then tells Jason that Sonny chose not to take him up on the deal to trade Carly for Jason. Durant wants Jason to know that Sonny is not here for him now when he needs him.

While Jesse is giving Diego the third degree he takes Diego's camera and finds that there are three pictures of Maxie already on the camera. Diego explains that he took them during orientation and Maxie admits that she knew he took the pictures. Georgie doesn't believe that Diego is the stalker. In Brook Lynn's dorm room, she is asleep when someone opens the door and comes in without knocking. Brook Lynn is frightened and sits up in bed. She calms down when she realizes that it is Seth. Carly tells Sam that they are trying to put her away. She knows that Charlotte hates her and even though she calls herself Reese, she knows that she is really Charlotte. She asks Sam where Jason is and she says that he abandoned her. Sam tells her that Jason is sick and right now Sonny is at the hospital with Ric and Max, who were both shot. Sam tells her to pull herself together because Jason needs her. Sonny meets Justus at the hospital and tells him to do whatever it takes to get Jason out of jail. Sonny believes that Jason will come through for him when he finds out what is happening to Sonny's family. Sonny jokes with Max that if he wanted time off he didn't have to get shot as Max is taken in for surgery. Ric on his way to surgery as well, asks Sonny to promise that he will take care of his child, as Alexis stands in the hall listening.

As Jesse is about to take Diego to the station for questioning, Lorenzo shows up and stops him. Georgie had called him. Lorenzo believes that Jesse is misusing his badge out of jealousy over Diego giving Maxie a ride in his Porsche. Diego tells his father to stop and he doesn't think Jesse is out of line for suspecting him. In the dorm room, Seth explains the door was open and that is why he didn't knock. He wanted to apologize for running out earlier. Brook understands. Seth tells Brook that he likes her and she takes note of that statement. He tells her that it wouldn't be right for them to get any closer because he is a student advisor. He tries to make an exit but Brook asks him to have some coffee with her. Sam tells Carly all she ever heard about her was that she was strong and a fighter. She talks about the bond that Carly and Jason have. Carly wants to help Jason. Sam wants Carly to go to her dad so he will set Jason free. Carly agrees to turn herself over for Jason's sake. At the station, Justus shows up and tells Durant that Jason is suffering from documented memory loss and the two cops he assaulted did not identify themselves so Jason can not be held accountable for attacking them. Durant leaves to check out the facts Justus has given him. Justus sits down and introduces himself to Jason as his cousin. Justus says this might seem strange to you and Jason says "we passed strange a long time ago." Justus goes on to tell Jason that Sonny's house has been shot up and Sonny is convinced that Jason will help. Jason asks Justus what Sonny wants him to do. After they take Ric away for his surgery Sonny and Alexis run into each other in the hallway, she says "What the hell have you done this time?" Sonny just wants her to calm down for the sake of the baby. Alexis wants Sonny to disappear to protect Ric and everyone else around him. Sonny convinces Alexis to stop being angry with him and be in there with Ric giving him a reason to live, just like Carly did for him after he had been shot. Carly and Sam come down the stairs into the living room at Sonny's house. They are about to head to the police station. Carly wants to help Jason, but she is just so tired. She wants to rest. Sam realizes how far gone Carly really is and she stops pushing her to rescue Jason. Carly asks what Jason would want and Sam says "Jason would want you to rest and get better." She takes Carly back upstairs to rest. Back at the pizza shack, Diego says no way that he drugged Maxie or his ex Brook, but he wants Jesse to find out who the real stalker is and that is why he is cooperating. Diego warns Jesse to catch the stalker before he does. Alexis is not happy to see Reese in the waiting room. She wants Reese to leave but Reese says she and Ric have been through a lot together and she has the right to be there.

When Reese claims that she is more than Ric's law partner Alexis says she is becoming aware of that. Alexis resents Reese for getting Ric involved in the whole mess with Carly in Florida. Sam puts Carly to bed as Carly continues to say she wants to help Jason. Downstairs Lorenzo is waiting for Sonny. He informs Sonny that this was not his doing; it was Ruiz. Sonny believes him, but he knows that Lorenzo's hands are not clean. Lucky gives Emily support, he knows that seeing Courtney and Nikolas together must be painful. After Emily leaves the table Michael sits down and tells Lucky that Emily is pretending to be ok and that he hears her crying. Mike tells Emily about the shooting and her and Michael need to head back to the hotel where it is safe. Outside Lucky grabs Nikolas's cell phone and throws it.

Nikolas doesn't want to fight with Lucky. Lucky wants Nikolas to stop acting like a fool. Lucky can't believe Nikolas would give up on his marriage so easily. As he's going off on Nikolas, Courtney shows up and tells him what he's saying isn't true. Even Emily knows it's nobody's fault. Lucky turns his focus to Courtney and tells her that her reputation must be true. She meets guys and sleeps with them and then dumps them when something better comes along. Nikolas kept warning Lucky to shut up and when he didn't Nikolas punched him, knocking him to the ground. Maxie is trying to get some sleep in her and Brook's dorm room. Someone tries to open the door. Reese tells Alexis to stop pushing Ric away. If she doesn't how long will it be before he...Alexis wants to know, "before he what?" Reese refuses to continue as the doctors bring Ric back from surgery, Alexis forgetting the conversation with Reese, goes to his side. Justus got the charges dropped against Jason and brings him to Sonny. Sonny tells Jason that his family is in danger and he needs Jason's help. Even when Sonny says that Michael and Morgan could have been shot Jason is non-responsive. Sonny becomes angry but continues explaining that Lorenzo met with Manny Ruiz and got this whole thing started. Sonny wants Jason to kill Ruiz. Jason tells Sonny "I'm not killing anyone for you."

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