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Monday, July 11, 2005

Maxie sees a strange man running away from the cabin and she thinks it's the dirty cop they're hiding from. Jenna comes in and accuses the two of stealing from her. Jesse takes the blame and tells her that when the key fell out of Jenna's pocket, he used it to get some food for his wife. Jenna tells him he can make it up to her by preparing the house for the storm. Although they protest, they go out in the storm. After they leave, Jenna starts going through their backpack but is interrupted by Murphy. She doesn't seem surprised to see him. Murphy tells Jenna who Jesse and Maxie really are. Jenna wants to know how they ended up at her place. Murphy thinks that Jesse found the cabin when he was staking out the drug busts. Jenna is disappointed that the drug run is over, because she was making a lot of money allowing Murphy to run the drugs through her property. When Maxie and Jesse come back to the cabin, Murphy pulls a gun on them as Jenna watches from outside.

Brook Lynn confronts Diego about his feelings for Maxie. As she goes off on him, Felicia interrupts. She is furious that Brook Lynn would talk bad about Maxie, considering she's missing. Brook Lynn apologizes and storms off. As Dillon and Georgie watch, they see it is apparent that Brook Lynn and Diego are splitting up. When Diego tries to explain to Brook Lynn how he feels, she blows him off. She just can't bear to hear anything that my break her heart even more than it already is. Diego admits to Dillon that he has feelings for Maxie and he can't hide how he's feeling.

Lucky takes out his frustration about his money problems on Jax. He tells Jax he knows nothing about suffering, because he can buy anything he wants. He finishes by punching Jax. Lucky admits that the only reason he agreed to Liz being Jax and Courtney's surrogate was for the money. Jax tells him that if Liz isn't pregnant, he and Courtney will find another surrogate but Liz and Lucky can keep the money. Lucky storms off after telling him he doesn't want his charity.

Reese slips up and tells Carly that she worked a case in Florida, a long way away from her trailer park. Carly is shocked to hear that Reese knows where Carly used to live, but Reese blows it off as a metaphor. Carly doesn't believe her. While Reese and Carly argue, Sonny and Alcazar also argue. Sonny tells Alcazar that if Carly comes to him to get rid of Alcazar, he will help. Alcazar tells Sonny he has never helped Carly. Now that Sonny has thrown Carly away, Alcazar won't give her back. The two walk in on Reese and Carly arguing, just as Reese attacks Carly. Sonny is furious that Reese would be fighting Carly again. Reese storms off towards the stables to get away from the group. When Carly goes to the stables looking for her, she finds Reese lying unconscious on the floor. She tries to wake her up and Reese starts mumbling. She tells Carly she destroyed everything. Before Carly can get anymore information, Reese slips back into unconsciousness.

Liz talks to Dr. Meadows on the phone, giving her Alexis' symptoms when the phone goes dead. Jax comes through and lends his cell phone to Liz when he's able to contact Dr. Meadows. Based on Liz's description of Alexis' condition, Dr. Meadows thinks that her contractions are due to stress and she may be leaking amniotic fluid. It doesn't appear that her water is broke, though. This is good news, as long as they can prevent an infection from setting in. They prepare to move Alexis to a bed. In the meantime, Liz asks Sonny, Carly, and Alcazar to stop fighting for Alexis' sake.

Nikolas confronts Lucky about his temper tantrum with Jax. Nikolas tells him that if he wasn't ok with Liz being a surrogate, he shouldn't have agreed to it. Lucky, on the defense, tells Nikolas that he's the last person who should be dishing out advice considering he and Emily can hardly stand to be in the same room together.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Alcazar is furious when Carly admits she broke into Reese's penthouse and knocked her unconscious. Reese lies to keep her secret from Sonny and Carly. Lucky and Liz argue when she tries to convince him that carrying Jax's child won't affect their relationship. Jax offers to call off the surrogacy deal but Liz wonders if she's already pregnant. Nikolas accuses Emily of just pretending that things are fine between them. Ric and Alexis grow closer during her medical scare. Jason refuses to have a session with Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas manipulates Jason into thinking he (Jason) might be doing Michael more harm than good. Michael asks Jodie why she lied to him. Jodie swears to Michael she will never tell anyone that he killed AJ and runs off. Jesse and Maxie get the upper hand on Murphy. Jenna "accidentally" allows Murphy to escape. Murphy plans on eliminating both Jesse and Maxie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sam tries to convince Jason that Dr. Thomas was wrong about Jason's inability to experience true emotions. Jason tries to make Sam understand that regardless how he pretends otherwise, he doesn't have the point of references he needs in order to truly to help Michael. He tells her what it was like for him after he emerged from his coma, brain damaged and how he built a life for himself. Sam listens but she refuses to believe that Jason is incapable of feeling love. She reminds him how the death of her daughter affected him, how deeply he feels for Michael and how tenderly he treats her. Jason has tears in his eyes as Sam convinces him that he is capable of emotions. They kiss and start to make love but Sam pulls away reminding him where they are and of the possibility that Michael and Dr. Thomas could walk in on them. She suggests going up to one of the six bedrooms but Jason doesn't want to. Not while Dr. Thomas is around and there's a chance that Michael may need them. They decide to play dominos. Looser has to do shots of tequila.

Jesse tries to convince Maxie to get some rest but she refuses to. She's too worried for him. He points out that the person in danger is Maxie. Officer Murphy framed Jesse so well that no one is going to believe Jesse if he tries to tell anyone that Officer Murphy is the bad cop. Maxie, on the other hand, would be easily believed if she were to tell the authorities what happened at the cabin. For that reason, Maxie is the one who is in true danger, not Jesse. Jesse then tries to get Maxie to return home at the first opportunity but Maxie stubbornly refuses to consider it. She tells Jesse that she believes he's a good person and she believes in his innocence. She wants to help him prove the allegations against him are false. They start to kiss but Jesse pulls away. He doesn't want to take advantage of the situation. Maxie assures him that she wants to be with him and promises him that there will be no regrets. They make love.

Jax offers Liz the chance to back out of their arrangement which prompts Liz to tell Jax that if she is pregnant she has absolutely no intention of terminating her pregnancy. Jax finds the declaration as a reminder of what a good choice he and Courtney made by picking Liz as the surrogate mother to carry their child. Jax and Liz then discuss the difficulties that Lucky is having with the arrangement. Jax is sympathetic and understanding toward Lucky's objection, pointing out to Liz that Lucky is having difficulty watching the woman he loves carry another man's child. Liz points out that Cameron is another man's child too. Jax explains that in Cameron's case, his father is dead.

Emily is disappointed when she walks into the living to find Lucky instead of Nik. She takes the opportunity to discuss Lucky's problems with Liz carrying Courtney and Jax's baby. She feels that he should count his blessings instead of allowing his pride to get in the way. She points out that unlike her and Nik who can't seem to get back what they have lost, he and Liz were fortunate enough to find it. After Emily leaves, Liz walks in. Liz apologizes for the things that she said earlier but Lucky stops her. He tells her that she has nothing to apologize for but he does. He goes on to apologize for his behavior. He now realizes that Jax was doing what Lucky himself should have been doing, giving her support. Lucky gets down on bended knee and proposes marriage to Liz. He then runs over to his jacket and pulls out a small black ring box which he opens and presents to Liz. Inside is a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Liz happily accepts his proposal and the ring.

Lorenzo is upset over Carly's obsession over Reese and the lie that she told him. He views it as confirmation that Carly is jealous that Reese is with Sonny. Carly denies the accusation. She tells Lorenzo that she's convinced that Reese is trying to live Carly's life better than Carly herself is. She points out that since coming to town Reese has systematically gotten closer to everyone in Carly's inner circle. Lorenzo continues to have doubts. He can't get past the lie she told him. He demands to know if she married him to get back at Sonny. Carly reminds Lorenzo that she married him despite her son's objections, the loss of her friendships with both Jason and Courtney. Lorenzo knows what Carly has sacrificed to marry him but points out that his question remains unanswered. Carly assures Lorenzo that she married Lorenzo because she loves him more every day and because she didn't want to be stuck in the destructive cycle her marriage to Sonny was. With Lorenzo she sees an opportunity for a healthy marriage. Lorenzo declares his love for her, telling her it's the driving force in his life but he needs her to be honest with him and how she feels about him. He refuses to compete with Sonny, to second guess her and for the second shoe to drop when she announces she's leaving him for Sonny. Carly vows to never lie to Lorenzo again. They make love.

Reese is upset by Sonny's questions and continued doubt. She suggests that maybe he wants Carly to be right about Reese so that they can get back together. Sonny denies it. He tells her that Carly is like a spoiled little girl who is mad because someone else wants to play with one of her dolls. He has no desire to reconcile with Carly. Reese is eventually convinced. Sonny suggests that the best way to get back at Carly is not to engage when she starts to argue. Reese and Sonny begin to kiss. After making love, Rees drifts off to sleep and once again dreams of her past. She wakes up calling out to Caroline. Sonny is curious why Reese is dreaming of a childhood friend. Reese explains that it's probably because she and Caroline were best friends, almost like sisters but that Caroline betrayed her utterly and completely. They discuss betrayals and forgiveness. Sonny admits that he has difficulty getting past betrayals and ultimately ends up shutting down. It's because of this that Sonny can't get close to Mike or make it work with Carly. He asks Reese to promise him never to betray him. Reese hesitates but eventually does swear never to betray him.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jen and Murphy, the cop, watch Jesse and Maxie inside the cabin. Murphy wants Jen to find a way to get them out of the cabin for awhile so he can do his thing. Meanwhile, Maxie wants to make love to Jesse but he is hesitant to do so, feeling it is not the right time for them. Maxie tells him it will be fine. Jen comes barging in to the cabin and accuses them of being freeloaders and not doing anything for her in return. Jesse tells her they have been doing things for her around her property but the storm has prevented them from doing more. Jen tells them she wants them to start boarding up the shed and other areas around the property right now or she will call the cops on him. They reluctantly agree to do it now. After they leave the cabin, Murphy comes inside and takes the lightbulb out of the ceiling lamp and injects some type of chemical inside it that will probably ignite something explosive when the light is turned on by either Maxie or Jesse. He leaves the cabin before they catch him inside. Maxie and Jesse return shortly after finishing their work. Jesse almost turns on the light but Maxie grabs his hand to stop him and kisses him instead in the dark. Later, Maxie complains about feeling cold in her wet clothing and wants to change her clothes. She almost turns on the light but Jesse yells at her not to turn the light on. Maxie looks up at him and asks why.

Lucky gets down on one knee and proposes to Liz while holding out a diamond engagement ring. Liz stops him from putting the ring on her and doesn't say yes yet. She asks him if he is only asking her because of what happened with his fight with Jax earlier. Lucky assures her that he already wanted to propose soon and that he felt it was the right time to propose to her. He tells her that he has always loved her and that he has wanted to marry her for awhile now. She accepts his proposal and he puts the ring on her finger. They kiss. Meanwhile, Nikolas finds Courtney in her car and carries her into the barn on Alcazar's property. She asks him where she is. He tells her he was driving and found her car stranded on the side of the road. He tells her where they are. Courtney tells him her meeting in New York City got finished early and so she decided to head to the party to surprise Jax. Nikolas tells Courtney about how the party didn't go well and that Jax and Lucky got into a fight earlier and about how Alexis had a complication in her pregnancy. Courtney asks him what he was doing driving in the storm. He tells her he had a disagreement with Emily and was going to leave the party but the storm got worse. He walks with her back to Alcazar's house. Jax is surprised to see Courtney show up with Nikolas. She tells him what happened. Jax thanks Nikolas for finding her and bringing her to safety. Emily is still upset with Nikolas for taking off after their argument earlier. They show up in the living room to find Lucky and Liz embracing. They figure they must have kissed and made up. Lucky announces to them that he and Liz are now engaged to be married. Nikolas is surprised by the proposal. Emily is very happy for them both and takes a look at Liz's engagement ring. Jax and Courtney come into the room and hear the news. However, Jax doesn't seem too happy for them but plants on a smile and congratulates them. Courtney notices the grim look on Jax's face before he covered it up with a big smile. They have a champagne toast for the happy couple. Courtney takes Jax aside and asks him why he isn't happy for Liz and Lucky. He tells her that he is happy for them but he finds the whole proposal thing came suddenly and right after his fight with Lucky. Courtney already knows about the fight and tells him that Nikolas told her about it earlier. He tells her that he understands why Lucky would feel uncomfortable but assures her everything is fine now. She tells him she knows he is bothered by the engagement for another reason and wants to know what it is. He tells her that if Liz and Lucky get married while she is pregnant with their child, Lucky can be considered the legal father in some courts of law if he is married to Liz when the baby is born. Courtney doesn't buy that explanation and accuses him of having possessive feelings toward Liz, because she could be carrying his child. Courtney takes off to the barn to be alone and takes a bottle of champagne to drink by herself. Meanwhile, Nikolas takes Lucky aside and asks him why he proposed to Liz tonight of all nights. Lucky tells him he has wanted to ask Liz for some time and decided to do it tonight. Nikolas thinks it is his way to make a statement to Jax that Liz belongs to him. Later, Nikolas comments that there is no rush for them to get married. Emily asks him what he means by that. Nikolas tells her that he thinks that Liz and Lucky should enjoy their engagement for awhile. Emily asks him if he thinks that they shouldn't get married right away because they are having some difficulties in their marriage. Nikolas tells her that is not what he meant but that he does think that Lucky and Liz should be aware of the challenges ahead when it comes to getting married. Emily asks Nikolas if they could speak somewhere more private. They show up at the barn, where Courtney is hanging out. Courtney hides behind a bale of hay. She overhears them argue about their marriage. Nikolas tells Emily that he wants her to be honest about how she feels about him and that she needs to stop pretending that she finds him still attractive when she doesn't. Emily tells him that she is attracted to him and thinks he is as handsome as when they first met. Nikolas tells her that he wants it to be like it was before when it was effortless to be together and be themselves. Emily tells him that she is worried because he ran off without finishing their discussion and was going to drive through the hurricane without dealing with their problem. Nikolas tells her he feels they are getting further apart each day. Emily leaves him in the barn and heads back to the house. Nikolas kicks at the bale of hay that Courtney is hiding behind and she makes a noise. He notices she is hiding behind it and asks what she is doing. She admits she heard the whole argument. She tells that she heard about the rape and that it explains a lot of what is going on with them. He tells her that he is just frustrated because Emily is faking how she feels with him and won't admit it. Later, Liz and Jax talk alone. Jax tells her that he is happy for her and Lucky but that there is something that is bothering him. He tells her about the legal complication if she marries Lucky before the baby is born and how in some courts, Lucky would be considered the legal father. Liz asks him if he thinks that she and Lucky will want to keep his baby for themselves. Jax assures her he doesn't think that about her but is still worried about it. Lucky walks in and asks what they are talking about when he overhears them talking about a legal complication.

Ric stays by Alexis' side while she stays in one of the beds at Alcazar's house. She tells him that she has some names picked out that she likes for their baby. They share a laugh about how Kristina wants to name the baby, Bunny. They also discuss when she plans to take a maternity leave and when she wants to return to work after the baby is born. She tells him it depends on how she feels by then. He plans to leave the room to let her rest but Alexis tells Ric she wants to stay by her bedside and not leave the room. He takes out a book to read to her. He checks her forehead and notices she is quite warm. He asks her how she feels. She tells him she doesn't feel so well right now. She worries that the baby may have gotten her infection.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Jesse tells Maxie not to turn on the light because he thinks he sees someone outside of the cabin. He goes to investigate, instructing Maxie to keep the lights off. While Jesse is gone, Maxie's cell phone begins to ring. She answers it and hears a worried Mac on the other line. The connection is bad but Maxie tries to tell Mac that Jesse isn't the bad cop, Officer Murphy is. The call is disconnected before Mac hears the part about Officer Murphy. Jesse returns to the cabin and tells Maxie that he didn't find anyone. He's still worried though and decides they should stay low to the ground, near the bed, and keep the lights off. Maxie tells Jesse about her phone call. She suggests that Jesse turn himself in but Jesse has doubts. He doesn't think anyone is going to believe his story. Jenna walks into the cabin, a short while later. She asks them if they happen to have a cell phone. Maxie says that she has one but warns Jenna that the signal is weak and intermittent. Fearing she won't find it in the dark cabin, Jenna goes to turn on the light. Just then Jesse happens to look up and notices that there is something in the lightbulb. He realizes what could happen and as Jenna flips the switch, Jesse rushes toward Maxie to get her to safety. Jesse and Maxie are thrown from the cabin as the light explodes. Both are knocked unconscious. Officer Murphy quickly checks on Jesse and then turns his attention to Maxie when he hears her moan. While Officer Murphy has his back turned, Jesse slowly wakes up and sees Murphy leaning over Maxie. Fearing the worst, Jesse jumps on Murphy. During the struggle, Jesse is able to overpower Murphy and wrestle the gun away from him. He quickly handcuffs Murphy to the porch and goes to check on Jenna who is still inside the cabin. Jesse emerges a few minutes later with the news that Jenna is dead. Murphy makes a callous comment about how she deserved it which enrages Maxie. Having been handed the gun which she kept pointed at Murphy while Jesse went into the cabin, Maxie used it to hit Murphy hard enough to knocked him out.

At the hospital Georgie is upset with Maxie for putting her family through all the worry that she has. Dillon tries to calm Georgie down. Mac and Felicia soon join them. Mac asks Dillon is he thinks Jesse is a bad cop of a good cop who is framed. Dillon looks up and tells Mac to ask Jesse himself. They turn around to find Maxie and Jesse walking off of the elevator. Felicia quickly hustles Maxie away to be checked out. She has a gash on her head. Meanwhile, Mac has Jesse taken into custody. He tells Jesse that he will hear him out but Mac doubts that there is anything that Jesse can say to convince him that he's innocent. An officer is dispatched to the cabin. He confirms that the cabin did burn and that there is a dead woman inside but says that there is no sign of Officer Murphy. Mac believes that it's proof that Jesse lied and starts to take him down to the police station. Maxie stops Mac from leaving with Jesse, insisting that Jesse is innocent.

Lucky is not happy to hear Liz and Jax discussing postponing the wedding. Jax explains that he has only made the suggestion to avoid legal complications, pointing out that if Lucky and Liz marry then Lucky will have a legal claim on Jax's baby when it's born. Lucky listens but decides that he needs to think about it before making a decision about postponing the wedding. Jax is not satisfied with the answer. He feels that Lucky's hesitation is an indication that Lucky is trying to stick it to Jax. Jax goes on to accuse Lucky of trying to get more money out of Jax. Lucky is offended. He tells Jax that his reluctance isn't about money. He wants to marry the woman that he loves and doesn't want to have to wait to do it. The men trade heated words until Liz is forced to step in and call a halt to things. She orders Jax to back off and turns to Lucky to give him a chance to speak without Jax throwing accusations at him. Lucky once again, explains that he doesn't want to have to wait to marry Liz. Liz is understanding but suggests that they hold off on things until they can work something out. Angry, Lucky calls off the wedding and then walks away. Jax tries to comfort Liz, telling her that it's for the best but Liz isn't happy with Jax. She defends Lucky to Jax and tells him that if she isn't pregnant then the contract between them will be null and void. She will not be their surrogate. Jax accepts Liz's decision and goes to find Courtney to tell her. Liz looks for Lucky. When she finds him a short time later, Liz apologizes to him and then proposes.

Courtney confides to Nik that she can feel Jax slipping away from her already. They decide to open a bottle of champagne and discuss their problems. Courtney tells Nik about her relationship with Jax and how it began. She also shares what led up to them deciding on choosing a surrogate to carry their child. Courtney admits to also feeling completely useless and worries that Liz has become the focus of their marriage. She thinks it's only a matter of time before Jax falls in love with Liz because she is carrying his child. Nik has empathy. He feels that the rape has become the focus of his marriage to Emily and that even though he has gotten past the rape, his marriage isn't going to survive. Sensing his frustration, Courtney suggests that they vent their anger on a heavy sack nearby. It's therapeutic as both take turns punching it. Soon they are laughing. When Courtney accidentally hits Nik, giving him a bloody nose, she goes to help him. Suggesting he lay down with his head on her lap, they laugh over their antics and continue to sip the champagne. Jax walks in and stops short when he takes in the scene.

Ric is worried about Alexis's fever. He steps out of the room and finds Sonny in the hallway. He shares his concerns about Alexis and the baby with Sonny. Sonny offers to go for help just as Lorenzo walks up. Lorenzo declares that if anyone goes for help, it will be he. Soon they are joined by Carly and Reese. Carly suggests that Sonny be the one to go for help and take Reese with him. Ric tells him that he doesn't care who goes as long as someone brings back help for Alexis. Lorenzo is determined to be the person who braves the hurricane for help. Carly tries to stop him but Lorenzo feels that he needs to in part to atone for his past mistakes with Alexis. Carly understands and makes him promise to come back to her safe and sound. In the hallway, Ric thanks Sonny for his offer. Ric returns to Alexis a short while later with a popsicle which he offers to Alexis. She doesn't have to be asked twice. She thanks him for the treat as well as staying by her side. She knows that he's doing it for the baby's sake but she's grateful none the less. Ric corrects her. He tells her that he misses her and that he would like to postpone their divorce and live as a family. Alexis is thrilled.

After Leticia finds Sonny to tell him that Morgan needs him, Sonny goes to check on Morgan. He is frightened by the bad weather and fussy. Reese walks in while Sonny is trying to settle Morgan down. When she offers to help, Sonny hands her Morgan. Reese settles down in a chair with Morgan and plays with him. Sonny watches and comments how well she is doing with Morgan. He goes on to tell her that as predicted, Reese only needed to spend some time with his children in order for them to feel comfortable around her. Carly overhears his comment as she walks in. She is not pleased. She makes it clear that Reese spending time with her children is not going to happen. Carly goes to take Morgan from Reese but Sonny beats her to it, offering to tuck Morgan into bed. When Sonny leaves the room with Morgan, Carly turns to Reese. She tells Reese that she is welcome to Sonny but her kids are off limits. Reese acknowledges her edict but rather flippantly. Carly grabs Reese's arm as she's leaving the room demanding that she agree to Carly's demand. Reese does and then jerks her arm free. Carly is knocked backwards, hitting her head on a heavy piece of furniture. Reese hesitates a moment and then goes to check on Carly, who is unconscious. Carly has a flashback to the accident in which her friend Charlotte presumably died. She slowly comes to as Reese is trying to wake her up. Carly in a sudden flash of insight, Carly realizes who Reese really is. She mumbles "How could you be Charlotte" just as Sonny walks into the room.

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