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Monday, March 28, 2005

At the park where the dedication ceremony for Michael's playground is underway, Sonny sits surrounded by his friends and family as various members of the Sandoval crime family are executed by Sonny's henchmen. At the same time, Carly suddenly gets up and walks toward the swings while she has a vision of Michael in a swing. Within moments of the shooting at Metro Court, John Durant, Ric and Reese receive news of the retaliation. Once the ceremony is concluded, John Durant wastes no time approaching Sonny and accusing him of organizing the hit against the Sandovals. He goes on to tell him that it wasn't just the Sandovals who were hit, but innocent bystanders including Sonny's sister Courtney.

Maria witnesses Jason racing up the stairwell to get to Metro Court before the shooting begins. He's too late to stop anything as Sonny's men open fire. He is able to stop them from carrying out Sonny's order to leave no eye witnesses just as they are about to shoot and kill Jax and Courtney. He tells them to leave while a concerned Jax tries to rouse an unconscious Courtney. When Courtney comes too, moments later, it soon becomes apparent that she is not shot. However, Rachel isn't so lucky. As the paramedics take a critically injured Rachel to the hospital, Officer Murphy questions Jax, Courtney and Jason about what happened. He suspects Jason of being behind the shooting, but Jason tells him that he was there to pick Courtney up for the dedication ceremony. Courtney meanwhile, worried about Rachel, insists on riding in the ambulance with her and is given permission to leave. Jax too leaves for the hospital. Left alone with Jason, Officer Murphy begins questioning him but Jason says nothing beyond that he was there to pick Courtney up for the playground dedication ceremony.

Back at the park, Ric corrects John Durant, informing him that Courtney was not shot. He does confirm though that Rachel was hit during the shooting. John Durant isn't pleased with Ric. He views the action as a show of loyalty to Sonny and questions' Ric's ability to successfully prosecute Sonny. Ric is quick to point out that he's in search of facts and not erroneous conclusions made by John.

Lorenzo seeks Carly out after the ceremony, asking her why she approached the swing set during the speeches. She tells him of her vision of Michael. As they discuss it, Reese approaches Carly and asks to speak to her alone. The moment Lorenzo steps away Reese begins to berate Carly for doing nothing to intercede with Sonny when Reese told her what was about to transpire. Carly says nothing as Reese continues to accuse Carly of allowing Sonny to dishonor Michael's memory by using the dedication ceremony as an alibi. Later, Carly goes to talk to Sonny only to have to deal with her father first. Carly is a bit shaken when John tells her about Courtney being at Metro Court during the shooting. After Carly makes it clear that she doesn't appreciate John's constant attempts to turn her against Sonny, John leaves. Carly then turns her attention on Sonny and lets him know just how upset she is with him for endangering more people whom she cares about. Lorenzo once again seeks Carly out when she is alone and they again talk about Michael. Carly also tells him that she can't keep worrying about Sonny when she needs to be focused on rebuilding her life and taking care of Morgan. Their conversation is cut short though when Lorenzo receives a call on his cell phone that requires him to leave immediately.

In another area of the park, Alexis confronts Ric. She's upset that he insisted on being at the dedication ceremony because she believes he suspected all along that Sonny was about to move against his enemies. She accuses Ric of endangering Kristina for the sake of pleasing Sonny. Ric is quick to point out that he had no idea about the shooting and that the only reason he insisted that they attend was to keep things civil between their family and Sonny so that Alexis could retain primary custody of Kristina. Still too upset with events, Alexis storms off but first promises that given the events of the day, primary custody is no longer enough for her.

AJ is worried about Michael. Fearing the worst, he makes a call on his cell phone informing the person on the other end that he is in a deserted fishing cabin off the coast of Georgia on Windgate Island. He instructs the person to send help and have a doctor waiting for Michael in his home when they arrive. As Michael lays unconscious, AJ talks to him, revealing that Michael was never in any danger with Faith. A short time later, Michael wakes up. He tells AJ that he wants to see his real dad and go home.

At General Hospital, Liz is upset that Steven plans to work on a critically injured Rachel given their history. Steven is offended by her insistence that he does not go near her. Just then Monica approaches and asks what the problem is. Steven, realizing he has little choice, tells Monica that he has a history with Rachel and given the circumstances can't oversee her care. Monica understands and goes into the ER to treat Rachel. Steven is not pleased with Liz. He feels as if he's been humiliated in front of his boss. Just then he receives a page to go to the scene of the shooting to collect forensic evidence.

Sam finds Courtney at the hospital. Once she ascertains that Courtney is uninjured, they exchange words. Courtney is distraught and disgusted to have witnessed Jason's job up close and personal. Sam, defending Jason, points out to her that Jason went to Metro Court at great risk to himself just to save her. That as a result of doing so, he no longer has an air tight alibi and therefore might end up in jail. Courtney is shaken as she watches Sam leave. Later, Courtney covers for Jason by claiming that she had called Jason and asked him to pick her up at Metro Court in order to make Jax jealous because of her feelings of insecurity over Rachel. Jax seems to sense she is just protecting Jason.

Alan is determined to come clean about the DUI with Monica. He goes to the hospital to talk to her but Tracy is hot on his heels and is able to convince him not to say anything to Monica about the car accident which injured Alexis and Ric. When Monica joins them, she senses they are arguing. Ever quick thinking, Tracy tells Monica that they were discussing the possibility of contributing money to the playground that is being dedicated in Michael's honor. Monica doesn't believe a word of it. She tells Alan as much, the moment they are alone but Alan doesn't confirm her suspicions. Instead he tells her of the mob war and Jason's involvement.

At Metro Court, Steven has a heated confrontation with Jason. He pushes Jason's buttons by bringing up Michael which has Jason warning him to never utter Michael's name to him again. Later, Reese arrives at the crime scene. Steven tells her what transpired during the shoot out according to eye witness testimony. Initial powder residue tests confirm that Jason did not fire a weapon. Reese reluctantly lets Jason leave when they receive word that Courtney confirmed Jason's story of being at Metro Court to pick her up for the dedication ceremony.

Ric pays Sonny a visit at his home. He warns Sonny that if and when there is evidence to prove he's behind the massacre, he will prosecute Sonny to the fullest extent of the law. Sonny isn't surprised by Ric's vow. When he asks Ric why else he's there, Ric asks Sonny to ease up on his visitation with Kristina for a few months for the sake of not only Alexis but his unborn niece or nephew. Sonny refuses to, claiming that there is no amount of time in the world that would help Alexis feel more comfortable leaving Kristina with him. He goes on to promise Ric that what had happened that day will make things safer for Kristina. Reese overhears the vow and observes that his promise is pretty much a confirmation that he ordered the hit against the Sandovals.