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Monday, November 8, 2004

Emily warns Connor that he's about to be caught by the military police, and she convinces him to get out of bed and escape the hospital with her. While trying to get out the back stairway, they run into Alan, but Emily manages to cover by pretending Connor is Nikolas. Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas are joined by two military officers when they find Connor's empty hospital room. Nikolas immediately assumes that Connor grabbed Emily and ran with her, but Alan's surprise to see him back in the hospital helps him realize that Connor and Emily might still be in the hospital after all. Minutes later, Emily arrives and tries to tell Lucky and Nikolas what she did. The military police walk up behind her, however, so she covers and says only that Connor is gone and they won't find him. The police leave to follow up on his possible escape to Canada, and Emily blasts Lucky for calling them in to get Connor. Lucky defends his actions and takes off. Emily takes Nikolas back to Wyndemere, where he's stunned to see Connor in his living room. Emily explains that she set the whole thing up and will explain, but Nikolas goes off on her for protecting Connor. Connor immediately jumps to Emily's defense, and shouts out that she wasn't protecting him, she was really protecting Nikolas.

Suspicious of Heather's actions, Dillon breaks into the locked Quartermaine attic to figure out what she's up to. He's stunned to find a catatonic woman in a rocking chair, sitting all alone in the attic. He's unable to get her to respond and tell him who she is, but he then notices her bracelet and realizes that she's Laura Spencer. Dillon rushes to the Haunted Star where, against Skye's warning, Luke is making a deal with Heather to pay off Alcazar out of ownership of the casino. Dillon bursts into the room, but is able to quickly cover when he sees Heather. He makes up a story, and Heather leaves to secure the funding for Luke. Dillon then drops the bomb on him that he found Laura. Luke is stunned to hear Dillon describe how she was in the Quartermaine attic, and the three of them set out to rescue her. They arrive back at the mansion to find her gone, however, and Skye questions whether or not Laura is really catatonic or behind the plan herself. Luke assures her that Laura is innocent, and he begins to realize who might be behind it all. Meanwhile, having somehow figured out that Dillon got into the attic, Heather arranges to have Laura flown out of Port Charles to a "safe place."

Carly hugs Sonny as he fears for Kristina's life, and he apologizes for bringing her into the situation. They are interrupted by Sam being wheeled into the operating room, followed by Jason and Alexis. As an unconscious Sam goes into surgery, Jason unleashes his anger at Alexis for causing Sam to collapse. Sonny is shocked when he hears the news, and he immediately blasts Alexis as well. Steven emerges from the OR and assures them all that no one is to blame for the situation, but warns that Sam has a ruptured placenta and is in serious danger. Sonny and Jason immediately ask about the baby, and Steven tells them that the baby is at risk and an emergency caesarian will have to be performed immediately. Carly tries to comfort both Jason, but he's inconsolable at the idea of Sam's baby dying. He tells Carly how Sam was so excited to be a mom, and that he promised he'd be there for her when the baby was born.

Alexis is fearful that her actions caused Sam's collapse, and she tells Ric what happened. Ric immediately asks Steven about the situation, and Steven reiterates that Alexis had nothing to do with Sam's situation. Ric then inquires as to whether the stem cells will be viable for Kristina if the baby dies, and Steven assures him that they will. Sonny walks up behind Ric and prepares to start a fight, but Carly interrupts them to tell Sonny that Sam's baby has died. Sonny shouts out in grief, and both Ric and Carly clearly feel pain for him. Ric leaves to return to Alexis and tell her that the baby has died. He tries to ease her panic by letting her know it had nothing to do with her, but he prepares her that she is going to have to now ask Sonny for the stem cell donation.

Jason tearfully spends a quiet moment with Sam's baby, and Liz witnesses his grief and feels pain for him. She's unable to approach him because Sonny walks up and demands to see his dead daughter. Jason emerges and refuses to allow Sonny in the room, telling him it's for the best that he not see the baby, and both men collapse against each other in tears. A short while later, Jason returns to the operating room to sit with Sam, and Alexis and Ric approach Sonny and Carly outside in the waiting area. Realizing she has no more time to waste, Alexis tries to carefully deal with the situation of the stem cells. She apologizes profusely for Sonny's loss, but he rips into her and tells her that she's selfish and cold. Alexis begs him to think about the fact that Kristina is also his daughter, and that she, too, will die if he doesn't act soon. Steven enters the lobby with them all, and warns Sonny and Alexis that the stem cells from the baby's cord need to be processed immediately if they are to remain viable for Kristina. Back in the OR, Jason tries to quietly explain that the baby died to an unconscious Sam. He begs her to get better, saying her daughter would want that, but the machine begins to beep and he realizes that Sam has taken a turn for the worse.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Brook Lynn is stunned when she arrives to see Kristina, and Liz tells her that she can't see the little girl because only family are allowed to see her now that she's so sick. Brook protests that she's Kristina's sister, and Liz takes it upon herself to inform Brook that Ned isn't really the father of Alexis's daughter, and therefore not related to Brook. Devastated at the lie her father told her, Brook immediately tracks Ned down and blasts him for his behavior. Ned tries to explain the situation to his daughter, but Brook is upset and irrational and decides that he never really wanted her either, and that's why he allowed her mother to take her away. Ned again tries to explain, but Brook refuses to listen and runs off.

Alexis begs Sonny to sign over his dead daughter's stem cells in order to save Kristina. Sonny in turn blasts Alexis for her selfishness, and tells her he wants to be left alone to grieve. Alexis reminds Sonny that Kristina is also his daughter, and that she will die if he doesn't act soon. Ric tries to comfort Alexis, but once Steven emerges to discuss the situation, Alexis is relieved to hear Sonny give his permission to use the stem cells that are needed. Steven immediately begins processing the tests, and plans to have Kristina's infusion the next day. Sonny then demands to see Kristina, and although Alexis tentatively tries to get him to stay out of her room, he warns her that he'll see as much of his daughter as he likes. He sits with Kristina for awhile, and tells her that he doesn't know if he can forgive the people who want to keep him away from her, but he promises he'll see her every day from now on.

Meanwhile, Jason grows alarmed when Sam's blood pressure begins to plummet. The doctors rush into the OR and are able to stabilize her, and they move her to her room for recovery. Steven warns them, however, that she came very close to dying and he has no idea when she'll wake up. With Sam unconscious and Sonny focused on Kristina, the task of making burial arrangements for the baby falls upon Jason. He briefly discusses it with Sonny, and then takes it upon himself to have a memorial service planned for the baby girl. He tells an unconscious Sam that people will pray for her baby, and he again begs her to stay with him and wake up.

Unsure of what to do for Sonny and Jason, Carly calls on Courtney to come to the hospital. Courtney arrives and is devastated to hear that Sam's baby has died, and that Jason is suffering. She lends a sympathetic ear to Carly, but she realizes that she won't help matters, so she returns to Jax's penthouse and the evening the two have planned in Manhattan. Jax realizes something is wrong when she gets back, and is equally devastated when he hears the news of the baby. He tells Courtney that although it wasn't his child, because he briefly thought it might be, he feels a connection to her. Courtney remembers that it was the baby that brought her and Jax together initially, and the two try to find strength in each other. Later, Carly walks up to Steven in the hospital lobby, and she asks him to be honest with her about Kristina's chances after the stem cell infusion. Steven tells her that he's hopeful it will work out, and she thanks him for being such a good person. Steven tells Carly that he thinks she, too, is a good person-far better than she gives herself credit for being.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

At Wyndemere, Emily makes arrangements with Liz to stop by and see Kristina, while continuing to hide Connor from the Military Police. As Connor asks if he would be able to help with Nikolas's ailing relative, Nikolas arrives. When Emily explains the plan to use stem cells from Samantha's baby to save Kristina, Nikolas makes plans to go to the Hospital, but worries about leaving Connor alone at Wyndemere. Emily volunteers to stay with Connor, and Nikolas reluctantly agrees to go to the Hospital without Emily. Afterward, as Emily changes Connor's bandages, Connor thanks Emily for all of her help in eluding the military police. Connor confides that he believes that some of his friends may have perished in combat because Connor left his post to be with Mary. Connor later emotionally admits that he was sick of the war and believes that he might have used Mary's inability to cope with being alone as an excuse to leave a war zone.

At Kelly's, as Courtney and Mike worry about Sonny's reaction to the death of Samantha's baby, Lois arrives and expresses her sorrow about Sonny's loss. When Lois inquires about Carly, Mike and Courtney inform Lois that Sonny and Carly have split up because Carly covered up the secret about Kristina's birth for so long. Lorenzo arrives in time to hear the tail end of their conversation. Realizing that Lorenzo overheard her remarks, Courtney warns Alcazar to stay away from Sonny and Carly and allow Sonny and Carly to work out their own problems on their own. After Courtney leaves, Lois demands to know if Lorenzo plans to pursue Carly now that Lorenzo knows that Sonny and Carly's marriage is probably ending. Lorenzo attempts to reassure Lois that he has NO intention of trying to pursue Carly. However, Lorenzo quickly jumps to Carly's defense when Lois criticizes Carly for keeping Sonny from learning the secret of Kristina's paternity. As Lorenzo explains that Sonny and Carly seem to routinely split up and then reunite, Lois counters that Sonny is probably giving up on Carly because the one thing Sonny is NOT able to tolerate is anyone lying about family. When Lorenzo questions Lois about her motives for trying to convince Alcazar that he SHOULD offer Carly his support, Lois admits that perhaps Lorenzo has not yet gotten over Carly -- and that Lois believes that Lorenzo SHOULD settle the matter for himself, once and for all. Lorenzo leaves shortly afterward.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Carly informs Michael about the death of Samantha's baby and Michael suggests that they should all go to the Hospital to let Sonny know about their support. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Jason urges Steven to do something to help Sam, who is still unconscious. Steven informs Jason that there is nothing that the doctors can do to bring Sam around any sooner. However, Steven admits that the longer that Sam is unconscious, the harder it will be for Sam to recover from the trauma of losing her baby. As Jason blasts Steven for not being able to do more to help Sam, Liz arrives and tells Steven that he is needed at the nurses' station. After Steven leaves, Liz reminds Jason that Liz had lost a baby BEFPRE Cameron was born and offers Jason some advice for helping Sam through her ordeal. Liz reminds Jason that Sam probably has a ton of baby things that will need to be packed away and urges Jason to be with Sam when she does the job. When Jason suggests that Jason could just pack everything up BEFORE Sam returns home from the Hospital, Liz warns that, if Jason took care of the packing job all alone, it would make Sam feel as if her baby had never existed. As Liz warns Jason that Sam might end up blaming herself for her baby's death, Courtney arrives and overhears the tail end of the conversation. After Liz leaves, Courtney offers Jason her sympathy and learns that Sam does not yet know that her baby is gone. Courtney reminds Jason of the way that Jason was able to help Courtney through her own ordeal when Courtney miscarried her own baby and assures Jason that she wants to help Samantha and Jason in any way that she can. Courtney reminds Jason that the experience that Jason and Sam are going through will change both of them. Courtney assures Jason again that she loves him and, before leaving, Courtney again assures Jason that she is ready to help in any way that Jason would need.

In Kristina's Hospital room, as Alexis gets Kristina prepared for surgery, Sonny arrives. As Alexis begins to fill Sonny in on Kristina's condition, Ric arrives and asks Sonny to leave Alexis and Kristina alone until the surgery is over. When Sonny stubbornly refuses to leave, Ric produces a restraining order, which orders Sonny to stay away from Kristina. Storming out of Kristina's room, Sonny angrily rips up the restraining order, but Ric warns Sonny that tearing up the document will NOT do anything to change the fact that the law has ordered Sonny to stay away from Kristina. Sonny angrily warns Ric that Sonny plans to wreck anyone who stands between Sonny and Sonny's daughter. Alexis leaves Kristina's room and begs Sonny and Ric to stop threatening each other, but Sonny coldly informs Alexis that he is stating a FACT - not merely making a threat. After Sonny leaves, Alexis demands to know why Ric produced the restraining order at just that moment. Ric explains that he just did NOT want Sonny to show up as they were ready to take Kristina into surgery and cause an emotionally draining scene - which is precisely what Sonny did. As Alexis agrees that she appreciates Ric's concern, they are interrupted by Nikolas, who assures Alexis of his support. Steven arrives shortly afterward to take Kristina to surgery.

Meanwhile, Carly and Michael find Sonny in the Hospital Chapel and assure Sonny of their support. Later, Bobbie takes Michael to the cafeteria and Sonny fills Carly in on Samantha's condition. Carly reminds Sonny that she plans to support him whether they are married or not. Sonny and Carly are interrupted when Durant arrives to express his support and Liz arrives to informs Sonny that Kristina is on her way to the Operating Room. After Sonny leaves for the O.R., John urges Carly to go with him so John can show Carly a surprise. Later, John takes Carly and Michael to Carly's old home and announces that John just bought the place and has installed a skate board ramp outside for Michael. But Michael declares that he is NOT impressed and goes back to the car. After Michael leaves, John announces to Carly that he bought the house for Carly and her children. Carly sadly informs John that she can NOT accept his gift, but John urges Carly to begin taking care of herself. John leaves, after giving the keys to Carly. When Michael returns and finds Carly uncovering the furniture, Carly tries to explain that Carly, Michael and Morgan may be moving back to their old cottage, but Michael insists that MICHAEL plans to stay with Sonny. As Michael and Carly argue, Lorenzo suddenly shows up on Carly's doorstep.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Sonny catches up with Ric and Alexis as Steven wheels Kristina into surgery. Even as Ric assures Alexis that Kristina will be OK, Alexis breaks down in tears and cries on SONNY'S shoulder. After Kristina goes into surgery, Sonny stops by Samantha's room and asks Jason about Sam's condition. When Sonny worries about being able to break the bad news to Sam about her lost baby, Sonny is surprised when Jason insists that JASON wants to be the one to tell Sam about the death of her daughter. Sonny observes that Jason has come to truly care about Sam, and Jason admits that Sonny is right.

Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Connor has a nightmare and wakes to confide to Emily that he believes that he is responsible for the death of his best friend. As Emily tries to comfort Connor, Nikolas suddenly arrives home and is upset when he observes the closeness of Emily and Connor.

As Ric waits outside Kristina's room for news, Ric is surprised when Liz brings Ric a cup of his favorite coffee and assures Ric that everything will be fine. When Ric suggests that maybe Kristina and Cameron could play together some day, Liz agrees that she would like for that to happen. Ric confides that he has been thinking a lot about what Liz said earlier in the chapel -- about Ric's marriage to Alexis being all about Sonny. Ric admits that Ric still hates Sonny, even though Sonny's daughter is now Ric's legal stepdaughter. And that the whole situation probably DOES look suspicious. Liz replies that she believes that Ric has an awful lot of love to give to Kristina and that, whatever Ric's motivations were in the past, Liz can see that, right now, today, the concern that Ric has for Kristina is sincere and has nothing to do with Ric hating Sonny or wanting to hurt Sonny but, rather, is a genuine interest in helping a little girl. Liz assures Ric that Liz does NOT believe that Ric is using Kristina to get back at Sonny, because Ric is better than that. When Liz realizes that Ric is having difficulty replying to her, Liz assures Ric that she will let him know when the procedure is over -- and leaves. Later, when Ric and Alexis arrive at Kristina's room, following Kristina's surgery, Alexis is stunned to find that Sonny is not only already with Kristina -- but that Sonny is telling Kristina that, when the little girl leaves the Hospital, Kristina will be going home with SONNY.

As Samantha regains consciousness in the Intensive Care Unit, Sam hears a baby crying and assumes that it is her baby. When Jason sadly informs Sam that her baby is gone, Sam becomes hysterical and cries on Jason's shoulder.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and witnesses Emily comforting Connor after he has a nightmare about Iraq. Nikolas wants Connor to take off for Canada as soon as possible. Connor angers Nikolas when he questions why Emily would choose someone like Nikolas to marry. Emily plays referee and asks Nikolas to leave her to deal with Connor on her own. Nikolas is hesitant to leave Emily alone with Connor but she assures him she can handle Connor and knows a way to get Connor to accept the truth about Mary. Nikolas heads to Kelly's where he sits and has coffee with Lucky. Lucky tells Nikolas that the military police are trying to track down Connor right now and that they know that Connor hasn't left Port Charles. Nikolas pretends not to know where Connor is. Lucky doesn't really believe him. Mac shows up at Kelly's to question Nikolas again. Mac asks Nikolas if Emily has remembered anything more about when Connor used her as a hostage to get out of the hospital. Nikolas tells Mac that Emily was traumatized enough probably not to remember too many details about the car Connor stole. Mac tells Nikolas that they have received no reports of a missing or stolen car. Nikolas points out that maybe the person whose car was stolen was out of town and didn't realize it had been stolen. Mac makes Nikolas tell him when he first came to the conclusion that Mary's husband was alive after all. Nikolas tells him about how someone on the docks was surprised when he showed up saying he just saw him take the launch a little while ago when he couldn't have. Mac suggests to Nikolas that Connor may not want to leave Port Charles until he avenges Emily's death and that he hates Nikolas enough. Nikolas still pretends not to know anything. Mac warns Nikolas that if all is said and done and he finds out that Nikolas or Emily knew something more about Connor and didn't tell him or the police he will be arrested again. Mac also warns Lucky that the warning extends to him too. After Mac leaves, Lucky tells Nikolas that he is willing to risk his career for Emily and him but not for Connor, who isn't grateful for anything right now. Meanwhile, Emily takes out Mary's diary and hands it to Connor to read. Connor asks Emily to read the diary for him. Emily reads Mary's account of what happened when Nikolas showed up at her door with amnesia and looked so much like Connor that she wanted to believe God sent him to help keep her from dying of a broken heart. Connor begins to cry and asks Emily to stop reading the diary. Connor tells her that he is to blame for what happened with Mary and that Mary isn't to blame for what she did. Emily tries to stop him from blaming himself. Nikolas asks her to read the diary some more. Emily reads about Mary's account of when Nikolas found out that she had lied about his identity and how he had left her. Connor takes the diary to read for himself. Inside the diary, Mary had written the word "alone" repeatedly for several pages. Emily goes to make something for them to eat and drink. When she returns to the living room she finds Connor has disappeared. She drops the tray of food and drink on the floor and goes out to find him. She finds him at Mary's gravesite. Connor tells Emily that Mary's biggest fear was to be left alone and that her worst fear came true.

Alcazar shows up at the house John bought for Carly to talk to her. Michael tells him to go away and leave his mother alone. Michael runs upstairs. Alcazar tells her he heard that her marriage to Sonny is over again and suggests they become friends again since Sonny won't seem to mind. Carly tells him that there has been no decision reached concerning her marriage to Sonny and even if she was getting a divorce doesn't mean she wants to have anything to do with him. Alcazar leaves. Michael lashes out at Carly about the possibility of moving to the new house again. Carly grabs Michael and makes it clear to him that he will treat her with respect and that he will not tell her what to do. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Kristina in her room. Alexis and Ric overhear Sonny telling Kristina that when she gets better she will live with him someday. Alexis approaches him and tells him that he will not be taking their daughter away from her. Sonny steps out of the room to talk to Alexis and Ric. Alexis asks Sonny to not say things to Kristina because it will scare her right now. She tells Sonny that she doesn't doubt he loves his children and wants to protect them but she feels he can't ever protect them with his lifestyle and pleads with him to stay out of her life for good. Sonny tells Alexis and Ric he will not be kept away from his child. Alexis asks Ric to help protect her daughter and fight Sonny but do it with grace and not out of revenge against Sonny. Ric tells her that he is going to fight Sonny for the right reasons this time, to protect her and Kristina and he promises to make sure Sonny doesn't get custody of Kristina. Sonny goes home. Michael comes home afterwards and makes it clear to Sonny that he will not be moving into a new house and that he wants to keep living with Sonny. Sonny asks him what he is talking about. Michael tells him that Carly's father bought back their old home as a gift to Carly. Sonny sits down with Michael and assures him that no matter what happens to him and Carly they will still love him. Meanwhile, John talks to Bobbie about Carly's marriage to Sonny. John hopes Carly does get a divorce from Sonny in the end. Bobbie isn't so sure that is what she wants for Carly since Carly truly loves Sonny. John tells Bobbie that he finds himself wanting to protect Carly now. Carly returns home. Sonny tells Michael that he has to go back to the hospital to see Kristina. Michael asks him to tell her that he hopes she feels better soon. Carly sits with Michael, who is still upset with her. Her father shows up and surprises her when he forbids her to stay with Sonny in the marriage.

Jason hears Sam wake up from her coma. She calls to him. He goes over to her side. Sam hears a baby cry and then sees a nurse walking by the room with a newborn in her arms. Sam asks Jason if that is her baby. Jason tells her it isn't her baby. Sam looks at him in confusion since his back was to the nurse. Jason tells her that her baby died at birth. Sam doesn't want to believe it and hits at Jason in anger. He grabs her and hugs her. She accuses Jason of lying to her about the baby and asks him if Sonny stole her baby. Jason tries to get through to her that the baby died at birth while she was unconscious. Sam gets so upset that she has to be sedated. Jason ends up leaving the room and feeling helpless on how to help Sam. Sam wakes up to find she is alone in her room. She climbs out of bed and walks to the nursery. She sees a nurse walk by and asks her if she could bring her baby out to her and tells her her last name. The nurse looks to Jason for help. Jason nods to the nurse to leave them alone. Sam accuses Jason of keeping her baby from her on purpose. Jason tells her that the baby isn't in the nursery but is at the funeral home now. Sam reacts irrationally and accuses Jason of being cruel. Jason tells her he is telling the truth. He cradles Sam in his arms and comforts her. He brings her back to her room. Sam realizes that Jason is telling her the truth about her baby. He explains what happened with her baby but doesn't tell her that the baby's stem cells were used to help save Kristina's life. He tells Sam that he got to see the baby and hold it after she died. Sam tells him that maybe her spirit was still in the room and knew he was holding her. Jason leaves her alone to rest and promises to call the funeral home and ask them to treat her daughter with respect when handling her. Alexis shows up to visit Sam. She thanks Sam for helping to save her daughter's life. Sam asks her what she is talking about. Alexis realizes her mistake and doesn't know what to say. She ends up telling Sam that they took her baby's stem-cells to help save Kristina. Sam looks accusingly at her and asks her if her baby had to die to save Kristina's life. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up to see Kristina but Ric tells him he can't go in to see Kristina because he is enforcing the restraining order he has against him to be near Kristina. Sonny ignores Ric and tries to enter her room. A cop is guarding her room. Ric informs Sonny that if he tries to step into Kristina's room he will have him arrested.

Friday, November 12, 2004

After Emily reads happy passages from Mary's diary to Connor, he impulsively kisses her. Meanwhile, Sonny hires Jordan Baines to act as his attorney in his fight for full custody of Kristina.

As Jordan wages a war of words with Alexis and Ric, Kristina's condition takes a turn for the worse.

Sam blames Alexis for forcing the surgery that caused her baby's death. Jason sets the record straight, telling Sam that it was Sonny who authorized the removal of stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord. Sam is shaken by the news and accuses Sonny of being glad that their baby didn't make it.

Carly decides to move herself, Michael and Morgan into the house in the country. While packing up their stuff at the penthouse, Michael inadvertently packs one of Sonny's files. Unfortunately, the file could be Sonny's ticket to prison!

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