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Monday, August 9, 2004

Nikolas queried Emily's desire to help and she had to remind him she loves him, no matter what. He asked her to love him enough to let him go. Nikolas wished he was on the yacht and on his was to Caribbean, but Emily warned him to not trust Alcazar or Helena. He only got more frustrated and said he can't stand to see the pain in her eyes any more and not knowing if he'll ever get his memory back. He said he wants to leave town but promised to call if his memory does return. Monica came looking for Emily and urged her to forget Nikolas, reminding her that she wished she hadn't pushed Jason so hard after his accident. Nikolas listened as Emily told her she just can't give up. Monica reminded her the Nikolas she fell in love with would want her to move on. After she left, Nikolas came forward and asked Emily to please not let go and not to give up on him. Emily wept with joy as he said he wants to start over with her, right away.

Nikolas told her the night they made love at Wyndemere was the happiest he's been since the accident. It didn't make sense then, but now it does he said as he kissed her. Things got steamy in the boathouse as they closed the shades, got undressed and rolled on the blankets. Afterwards, they were surprised to hear Mary knocking on the door.

Jason was leaving the pier and was arrested by Lucky just as Alcazar's yacht blew up in the harbor. Jason said he wasn't guilty of anything and his weapons are registered, but Lucky charged him with murder of Faith Roscoe.

Carly warned Alexis to use whatever influence she has to get Ric to drop the charges or she'll tell Sonny about Kristina. Alexis was still fuming over Sonny lying to her and urged Carly to go ahead and tell the truth. She said she just wants Sonny behind bars. Carly reminded her that Kristina's safety would be at risk, the world would know, and Sonny could still get visitation from prison. Alexis promised to give the matter her due diligence. Carly then went to see Sam and warned her to keep Sonny and Jason out of her confession. Sam said she was going to prison alone and then they saw Jason come in, under arrest. Carly talked to him and he begged her to leave. Sam, Carly and Jason talked and wondered about Ric's motives. Jason said he was alright and Sam left to see Danny. Jason again asked Carly to leave.

At Kelly's, Alcazar got the call about his yacht blowing up and Courtney accused him of setting Jason up. Lois defended Alcazar, who denied blowing up his own boat. Courtney argued with Lois. Jax gave Courtney his phone to call Jason. She found out Jason was arrested and got defensive about him. Jax suggested they call off the bet and he offered to pay up anyway. She said she is over Jason, but she said she doesn't want to be with him and kissed Jax. Jax admitted to being a bit hasty but got dizzy and had to sit. He was anxious to go somewhere and be alone, but Courtney insisted she knew what he needs. She brought him inside Kelly's and served him a burger, fries, salad, and a banana split and warned him he'll have to try harder to get her to sleep with him. He just grinned and said he'd already won.

Ric was feeling good about Sonny telling him the truth about Sam and Danny when Mac called Ric to tell him about the yacht. Ric quickly turned on Sonny and accused him of setting him up. They argued and Sonny beseeched him to not use Faith as an excuse to sell out Sam and her brother. Ric agreed not to arrest Danny or go after Sam and to let the confession in Texas stand. He did, however, threaten to send Sonny to prison if he was the one who killed Faith.

Jason called Sonny to tell him they'd been set up.

Sonny confronted Alcazar on the pier and accused him of working with Ric to set him up. Lois rushed up to defend Alcazar and wonder why he would blow up his own boat. Lois and Sonny argued about Carly, Alcazar, and life. After Sonny left, she told Alcazar that Sonny is like a brother to her. He wondered why she hadn't told Sonny about the phone call she overheard and she said she was going on instinct and wanted to hear the truth from him. He claimed innocence and that Faith was unstable. She still refused to trust him and walked away while she still could.

Ric went to the police station and talked to Mac about Jason not getting bail tonight. He also told Sam she was free to go and promised to not go after Danny. Sam was curious, but he said he can't save his own brother so instead, he'll save hers.

Ric and Alexis argued about whether Sonny knew about the boat and used Ric as an alibi. She urged him to stop letting his personal issues with Sonny get in the way of his professional judgment. He accused her of the same just as Sonny came in, asking for a favor in getting her to help Jason. Alexis wondered how to play it and if PCPD was typically inept and if he was playing hero or just being his innocent self...and then commented on his nerve on asking for a favor after lying to her about the false confession. She pointed her finger at him and warned him she would not be doing him any favors again.

In walked Lucky, holding a very wet and whining Faith Roscoe by the arm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Emily is woken up by Nikolas, whose memory began to come back to him in his dreams. Before he can tell her about, Mary knocks on the door and interrupts their intimate time together. Nikolas hides as Emily tries to get rid of Mary, but Mary refuses to leave. Finally Nik emerges from a closet and Mary begs him to let her help him escape his grandmother. Emily is incredulous, and tries to again get rid of Mary, but Nikolas listens to her. Once she's gone, Emily begs Nikolas to not trust her. Nikolas tells Emily of his dream, and he realizes that she's all he ever wanted in life. Emily is thrilled at his change of heart, and the two continue to kiss. Meanwhile, Mary runs into Helena, and lies that Nikolas has left town. Helena is not swayed, and promises Mary that in exchange for her help in finding Nikolas, she will ensure that he loves her for as long as she lives. Later, Emily tells Nikolas that she won't run away with him, but rather will stay and get her family to help clear his mental status. She later gathers pillows and blankets from her house, and the two begin to make love. Mary chooses this time to return in order to speak to Nikolas, but she sees the two in the window and is devastated.

Ned walks in on his daughter and the rest of the "girl band" doing a lousy lip-synch to their new song. Lois follows him in, and he grows enraged with her the stupidity of the girl band idea. Lois defends it, as do Dillon and the girls, for various reasons. Ned continues to take Lois to task and asks her to speak with him privately at Kelly's. The two continue to disagree, chasing off Brooke.

Georgie allows Lucas to continue their charade with Dillon in drag, but Dillon is finally fed up with Lucas's come-ons. He punches Lucas and pulls of his wig. Lucas laughs and lets Dillon know that he always knew it was him, he just felt that Dillon needed a lesson in gender sensitivity. Dillon realizes that Georgie put Lucas up to the act, and grows angry. Georgie arrives at the studio later, and Dillon lets her know that he's had it with her. Georgie tries to explain, but the two begin to fight about the many ways they've wronged each other. Dillon finally throws in the towel and calls it quits, leaving Georgie in tears. Back at Kelly's, Brooke chastises Lucas for his role in faking out Dillon, but Lucas defends his actions. Brooke tells him that Dillon is family, but Lucas manages to calm her down when he flirts with her.

Sonny, Alexis, Ric, Jason, and Carly are all gathered in a heated discussion at the police station when a water-logged Faith is dragged in, very much alive. Ric questions her motives for running from the scene of the explosion, and Alcazar arrives in time to hear Faith say that she blew up the yacht in order to escape Sonny's death threats. Ric promptly arrests Faith for shooting Jax, and she begs Justus to help her. Justus lets her know it's a conflict of interest, and she warns him that Sonny or Alcazar will have her killed. Later on, Justus agrees to see Faith, and she uses her feminine wiles to pull him into a kiss, in hopes that he'll remember the woman he once cared about and help her out. Out in the lobby, Alexis lashes out at Ric for setting her up to think Sonny was guilty, but Ric lets her know that he simply received a tip. Alexis warns him to not let his vendetta against his brother drive away everyone he cares about, and later, as Ric helps Alexis pick her files up off the floor, the two kiss.

Back at the penthouses, Carly and Sonny bond over their continued efforts to put their marriage back in order; while across the hall, Sam and Jason begin to bond. Sam tells him that she wants to concentrate on the welfare of her daughter, and Jason plans to continue to help her do just that. It's obvious that a stronger connection is beginning between the two.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Nikolas and Emily don't take Mary's sincere off for help seriously and, instead, berate her for everything she's done to mess up their lives. Emily is determined to find a qualified psychiatrist to declare Nikolas both sane and competent, contrary to Helena's claims. But her efforts are short-lived when Helena and two orderlies with a straitjacket trap him, prepared to cart him off to Shadybrook.

While Brook Lynn pushes Dillon to make up with Georgie, Lucas urges Georgie to apologize to Dillon. But when Dillon takes the initiative to do just that, he instead finds Georgie in a platonic embrace with Lucas. Meanwhile, after concluding that Felicia is Lila's "judge," Ned tries to charm her to get on her good side.

Courtney surprises both men in her life when she asks Jax to stay in her loft but orders Jason to leave. She later confesses to Jason that she's falling hook, line and sinker for the Australian hunk. At the same time, Jason goes ballistic when he finds out that Justus has agreed to represent Faith.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Helena has Nikolas committed Shadybrook, where she vows to turn him into the Cassadine she has always hoped he would be.

Emily instantly assumes that Helena found Nikolas because Mary pointed her in his direction. When Emily arrives at Shadybrook to see Nikolas, she is unnerved by his drug-induced state.

Courtney confesses to Jason that she wishes they could work things out but knows it could never be. Trying to move on with her love life, she later asks Jax to go home with her. Meanwhile, Jax and Sam have their first civil conversation in quite some time, which turns into a truly poignant moment.

Felicia tells the Quartermaines that she is Lila's appointed judge. Citing Ned's attempt at manipulating her, she eliminated him from the competition for Lila's inheritance. Georgie's attempt to make Dillon jealous with Lucas's assistance blows up in her face.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Courtney had a dream that she and Jax had slept together, so she woke up quite frustrated. A little later, Jax showed up at her door and canceled the bet, stating that he needed to leave town on business in Singapore. Jax tried to write her a check to settle the bet, but she stopped him with a passionate kiss. They admitted they would miss each other while separated. Courtney then posed the question: "What if I asked you not to go?" She offered another kiss as incentive.

Jason announced to Sonny that Justus was representing Faith. Sonny worried that Ric would go easy on Faith, baiting Sonny and Jason to go after her. Sonny admitted that he often thought of ways to eliminate Ric but didn't know if he could ever go through with it because of the mother they shared. Sonny questioned Jason about the future with Sam and the baby, apparently concerned with the whole arrangement.

Carly ran into Sam at General Hospital. Carly was there for Morgan's checkup, and Sam was there for a checkup herself. Carly wanted to know if Sam was staying with Jason just to be near Sonny and was obviously jealous of the friendship between Sam and Jason. Dr. Meadows arrived on the scene and mentioned to Sam that she would need the baby's father's medical records, in order to have the proper information in place. When Sam mentioned she could ask Sonny, Carly interrupted and said she would take care of it. When Sam and the doctor walked away, Carly made a promise to Morgan that she was going to take care of all this somehow. Jason ran into Carly, and they had an uncomfortable meeting. Carly was still mad about Jason's lie, and he boldly asserted that he had done nothing to betray her. Carly snickered when Sam came back and suggested a childbirth seminar with Jason. Later, Carly and Morgan visited with Bobbie. Bobbie warned her daughter not to play the bad guy against Sam. Carly complained about Sam wanting Sonny's medical records, but Bobbie assured her it was for the best to have the complete records of both of the baby's parents. This prompted Carly to ask about her own father, since there were no records for him to use for Michael and Morgan. Carly then mentioned a freckled birthmark that she shared with her sons. Bobbie did not want to discuss it, nor did she want to think about her "customers" from back then.

At the police station, Justus voiced his concerns to Faith over conflict of interest, but Faith begged him to continue and then planted a kiss on him, witnessed by Ric. Ric then had Faith moved to a new cell, rather than solitary where Justus wanted her to be protected. Ric warned Justus that going against Sonny, by representing Faith, might get him killed. Ric was also concerned that the case might get thrown out because of the conflict. Sonny showed up and asked Ric to leave them alone. Sonny asked Justus why he would represent a woman who was Sonny's enemy, having tried to kill him. Sonny then ordered him to resign from Faith's case or never do work for him again. Justus refused, citing that nobody could tell him whom he could or could not represent. Later, Ric tried to get Justus to turn over evidence about Sonny so that Sonny could be put behind bars. Justus informed him that he and Ric were not on the same side. Overhearing part of the conversation, Alexis revealed herself and added that perhaps Sonny deserved anything that Ric might have against him.

Faith taunted Ric, saying that he would never beat Sonny. Soon, Faith had a cellmate, and both women warned the other to stay out of the way. When Sonny went to visit Faith, she muttered to him that he had won, and then she collapsed with a bloodstain across her shirt.

Helena visited Nikolas at the mental institution and said she was going to teach him about his true self. She reminded him of his lineage as a Cassadine prince dating back to Russian aristocracy. Drugged, Nikolas mumbled about Emily, and Helena said she had saved him from Emily. Alexis and Emily arrived to visit Nikolas, which Helena allowed. Emily went into Nikolas' room alone, and he was barely able to make any sense. She tried to remind him of their love and their trust in one another. Desperate, Emily visited Jason and Sam at the penthouse and begged Jason to help get Nikolas out of Shadybrook. Helena went into Nikolas' room one more time, and he told her that he was Prince Nikolas, prince of the Cassadines. She then believed she had eradicated what she considered to be his weaknesses.

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