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Monday, May 31, 2004

Dillon was unable to shake his memory of the girl who had been singing, and he refused to give up on her returning to the studio. Georgie tried to get through to him, but he told her that he had to discover a great talent for Ned in order to make up for the Sage debacle. As he said that, Sage arrived and let them know her voice was better, and she planned to sing, after all. Georgie and Dillon were both apprehensive because of Sage's threats to break them up again, but Sage told them that they needed her uncle's money for the company.

Dillon warned Sage that he was tired of her games, and she replied that he'd better start being nice to her, or her uncle would pull his funding. She left in a huff, and Georgie reminded Dillon that, unfortunately, Sage was right. Dillon refused to let Sage control them, though, and stayed at the studio in hopes of the mystery girl's appearance. He fell asleep but later was woken up by a beautiful voice. He was overjoyed to look into the studio and see the mystery girl singing.

Ric placed Skye under arrest for Ross's murder and later eavesdropped on her conversation with Alexis. Alexis clearly said that she did not like Skye but was willing to help her because she knew that Skye was innocent and that Ric was railroading her. Ric continued to enjoy his flirtatious game with Alexis and later asked her for a drink. She refused and demanded he get a hearing for Skye immediately.

After the hearing proved successful for her, Alexis prepared to have Skye released on bail. Skye shocked Alexis by stating she was staying in prison because she was safer there than at home. Alexis enlisted Jax's help with Skye but couldn't escape Ric's pestering. Ric challenged Alexis again to a social drink in order to help their work relationship, and finally Alexis agreed.

Mary and "Connor" enjoyed their time at the beach as they prepared to renew their wedding vows. Nikolas, thinking he was Connor, told Mary that the beach seemed very familiar to him, but she replied that they had no ties there. The two said their vows in a candlelit ceremony, and professed their love for each other. Later, back at their suite, they reveled in their happiness.

Meanwhile, Emily and Lucky unknowingly shared the room next to Nikolas and Mary. The two attempted to have fun, and Lucky was determined to keep Emily's mind off of her sorrow over Nikolas. They played in the water all day, and that night, they stumbled upon Mary and "Connor's" wedding. Emily wanted to peek at the bride and groom, but Lucky got her to realize how it would upset her.

Back at Emily's room, Emily and Lucky laughed and fell onto the bed together, where Lucky kissed Emily. Both were stunned by the moment, and Lucky quickly apologized. Emily assured him that she was okay, and he left for his own room to turn in for the night. Emily walked onto her patio and was stunned when she looked over to the patio next door and saw Nikolas.

Sonny interrupted Sam and Jason and informed them that he did not want them to marry. Jason left to take care of business while Sam and Sonny argued over the arrangements. Sam reiterated her desire to leave and put the baby up for adoption, but Sonny would not consider it. He told her that marriage, however, was not part of the deal for her and Jason, and she reminded him that he needed to trust them to do what was best for the baby.

Jax listened as Courtney and Tracy went at it. Tracy insulted Courtney one last time before Courtney shoved her onto the ground. Before Tracy could attack back, Jax grabbed her and kept her from Courtney. Tracy promised to press charges and left. Jax assured Courtney that he wouldn't let Tracy bother her. Courtney thanked him, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Jason witnessed Jax and Courtney from a distance, and when Jax saw Jason, Jax informed Courtney of Jason and Sam's wedding plans. Jason tried to explain, but Jax continued to add fuel to the fire. Courtney wasn't interested in Jax's two cents, however, and told him to leave it alone. After Jason left, Jax was stunned that Courtney continued to defend him, but she pressed that Jason was only doing what was right.

Jax left Courtney sitting in the park, thinking about what could have been with Jason, when Sam suddenly approached. Courtney told Sam that she'd better take care of herself, since she was pregnant. When Sam got nasty about the advice, Courtney said that she had lost her own child and that Jason deserved better from Sam.