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 Recaps for GH Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on General Hospital
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Skye takes Ross's body into the freezer on the Haunted Star. Unbeknownst to her, Tracy looks on as Skye covers up the body in clothing and blankets in order to hide it. As Skye arranges Ross, Tracy snaps photos with her cell phone.

Luke falls under questioning from Ric in the disappearance of Ross. Thinking that Faith was behind the murder, Luke is shocked to discover a message from her wondering where Ross has been hiding. Luke discusses the matter with Faith, and she begs him to help her if the police point the finger in her direction. Realizing that that Faith is innocent, Luke breaks the news to Skye. An unusually smug Tracy interrupts their discussion. Skye fears that Tracy knows something, and begins to panic. Meanwhile, Tracy decides to use her evidence as a bargaining chip with Jax.

Emily tries to get comfort from Lucky as they wait for word on Michael. Courtney comes upon them talking, and immediately assumes that Michael has gotten worse from their expressions. They assure her they are only waiting for news, and Courtney takes Lucky's place with Emily in the waiting room. Courtney is stung when Jason appears, but only addresses Emily. Emily assures Courtney that regardless of what Sonny feels, Michael will always love his aunt.

Mary and Nikolas grow close in a shower, and begin to make love. Mary again abruptly halts things, and runs from the bathroom. Exercising the utmost patience, Nikolas tries to get through to her to reassure her that he isn't leaving again. Mary cries, terrified that she'll lose him and afraid to get closer to him, but he insists that he would never leave her. He makes them dinner, and they finally head to the bedroom. As they begin to make love, they are interrupted by Emily knocking on the front door.

Sonny makes a deal with God, that if He spares Michael, Sonny will put their family back together. Michael briefly opens his eyes and says "Daddy," but then suddenly the alarms go off as his blood pressure plummets. Doctors rush in, and Carly nears a breakdown as they try to work on Michael. Sonny remains convinced that all will be ok, and is confident when the doctor tells them that Michael made a sudden turnaround and is stable. Sonny tells Carly about his deal with God, and how God saved Michael, but before he can tell her what he promised, Courtney interrupts them with balloons for Michael. Sonny takes that time to tell Jason to notify Sam that Sonny needs to speak to her, and then he returns to Michael's side. He again takes Carly aside and tells her that he made a deal with God, but finally confesses his part of the bargain is to put the family back together. He tells Carly that he wants her and the boys to move back into the penthouse. A stunned Carly tells him no.

Sam purchases a pregnancy test, and prepares to take it at the penthouse. Unable to face the possible consequences, she goes to the hospital to first find Sonny. When she spots him with Carly and Michael, she leaves and goes to her boat to finally uncover the truth. She takes the test, and cries when she gets the positive reading. Jason suddenly interrupts her, and she hides the test behind her as he tells her that Sonny wants to see her.