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Monday, April 26, 2004

Skye takes Ross's body into the freezer on the Haunted Star. Unbeknownst to her, Tracy looks on as Skye covers up the body in clothing and blankets in order to hide it. As Skye arranges Ross, Tracy snaps photos with her cell phone.

Luke falls under questioning from Ric in the disappearance of Ross. Thinking that Faith was behind the murder, Luke is shocked to discover a message from her wondering where Ross has been hiding. Luke discusses the matter with Faith, and she begs him to help her if the police point the finger in her direction. Realizing that that Faith is innocent, Luke breaks the news to Skye. An unusually smug Tracy interrupts their discussion. Skye fears that Tracy knows something, and begins to panic. Meanwhile, Tracy decides to use her evidence as a bargaining chip with Jax.

Emily tries to get comfort from Lucky as they wait for word on Michael. Courtney comes upon them talking, and immediately assumes that Michael has gotten worse from their expressions. They assure her they are only waiting for news, and Courtney takes Lucky's place with Emily in the waiting room. Courtney is stung when Jason appears, but only addresses Emily. Emily assures Courtney that regardless of what Sonny feels, Michael will always love his aunt.

Mary and Nikolas grow close in a shower, and begin to make love. Mary again abruptly halts things, and runs from the bathroom. Exercising the utmost patience, Nikolas tries to get through to her to reassure her that he isn't leaving again. Mary cries, terrified that she'll lose him and afraid to get closer to him, but he insists that he would never leave her. He makes them dinner, and they finally head to the bedroom. As they begin to make love, they are interrupted by Emily knocking on the front door.

Sonny makes a deal with God, that if He spares Michael, Sonny will put their family back together. Michael briefly opens his eyes and says "Daddy," but then suddenly the alarms go off as his blood pressure plummets. Doctors rush in, and Carly nears a breakdown as they try to work on Michael. Sonny remains convinced that all will be ok, and is confident when the doctor tells them that Michael made a sudden turnaround and is stable. Sonny tells Carly about his deal with God, and how God saved Michael, but before he can tell her what he promised, Courtney interrupts them with balloons for Michael. Sonny takes that time to tell Jason to notify Sam that Sonny needs to speak to her, and then he returns to Michael's side. He again takes Carly aside and tells her that he made a deal with God, but finally confesses his part of the bargain is to put the family back together. He tells Carly that he wants her and the boys to move back into the penthouse. A stunned Carly tells him no.

Sam purchases a pregnancy test, and prepares to take it at the penthouse. Unable to face the possible consequences, she goes to the hospital to first find Sonny. When she spots him with Carly and Michael, she leaves and goes to her boat to finally uncover the truth. She takes the test, and cries when she gets the positive reading. Jason suddenly interrupts her, and she hides the test behind her as he tells her that Sonny wants to see her.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Emily interrupts an intimate moment between Mary and Nikolas. Despite Mary's efforts to get rid of her, Emily goes into the cabin and begins to discuss a job opportunity for Mary. Mary tries to sympathize with Emily's situation, and it isn't until Nikolas makes a noise in the bedroom that Emily realizes Mary isn't alone. Emily rushes out, and Nikolas enters the living room and asks why Mary was lying. Mary covers, saying she only wanted to help Emily along, and the couple soon picks up where they left off in the bedroom.

Tracy makes Jax an offer to be her partner is the boardroom and the bedroom, but he refuses. She shows him the evidence that she has on Skye, and he hesitates but decides Tracy doctored the photos. Tracy walks over to where Lucky is question Luke and Skye about the disappearance of Ross, and begins to ask questions. Skye grows nervous, but Jax rescues her by dragging Tracy away and giving in to hear her case. Realizing that Skye is likely innocent, but Tracy doesn't care, Jax understands that he has to help his ex.

Sam is devastated by the results of her pregnancy test, and even more upset when Jason shows up at her boat informing her that Sonny wants to see her. Assuming the worst, she tells him that Sonny will have to find her to end things, and she leaves. She heads to a clinic for a follow up to the test, and the doctor confirms that she is 10 weeks pregnant. She imagines both happy and hateful feelings from Sonny as she breaks the news, but she finally calls him to meet.

Carly is stunned to hear Sonny say that he wants her and the boys to move back in. She refuses and tells him that Michael is too smart to not realize they are only playing the part for him. Sonny insists that he made a deal with God, but Carly tells him no. Later, Courtney attempts to get through to Carly, and tell her that maybe she would be doing herself good by moving home. Carly replies that she's finally broken free of Sonny and is able to stand on her own feet, but Courtney reminds her that she has two children to think of as well. They are interrupted by a call from Alcazar, and Carly rushes off to meet him. He tells her that he loves her and will do anything for her, and the two grow close. As he is about to kiss her, Carly pushes him away, saying that she isn't ready. Alcazar decides she's simply using him to keep Sonny at arm's length. Sadly, Carly leaves and heads to the penthouse. Sonny comes home, waiting to meet with Sam, and finds Carly instead. Carly tells him that she has decided she will move back home, just as Sam comes up in the hall and overhears.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Emily meets Dillon at the Hospital and is cheered when Dillon reports that he has reconciled with Georgie. Meanwhile, at Mary's Cottage, Nikolas wakes up in bed next to Mary, but is surprised when Mary suddenly insists that they need to rush if they want to get to work on time. At the same time, Dillon confides to Emily that Ned has asked Dillon to work with Ned at L&B Recording. When Georgie answers Dillon's page, Dillon explains that he needs Georgie to help him with a video project for L&B and that Emily has volunteered to finish out Georgie's shift. Meanwhile, as Nikolas and Mary have breakfast together, Mary confides that she is excited about an interview at General Hospital. But Nikolas demands to know WHY Mary is talking her way around their night of passion, and acting like it was a one-night stand Mary assures Nikolas that she does NOT have any reservations about their night together and covers by saying that she might have been just a bit disappointed, because the had believe that, perhaps, resuming marital relations with "Connor" would reawaken her husband's memories of their life together. When Nikolas begins to kiss Mary again, she pulls away suddenly, reminding Nikolas about her job interview. Mary confides that she will list herself as a widow, observing that IF she wants to keep Nikolas safe, she has to continue to pretend that he is gone! After Mary leaves, Nikolas returns to the church and resumes his painting. When the pastor informs Nikolas that he will need to travel out of town for a few days to officiate at a wedding, Nikolas reminds the pastor that they are running low on painting supplies. After Nikolas assures the priest that no one in the local town would recognize him, the priest gives Nikolas permission to take the caretaker's truck in to town to pick up more supplies. At the same time, Jason meets with Emily at the Hospital and Emily updates Jason on Michael's progress. Later, Mary bumps into Jason and Emily on her way to her job interview. Mary is shocked when Emily gives Mary a frosty reception and curtly points Mary in the direction of Audrey's office. After Mary leaves, Jason quizzes Emily about her frosty manner with Mary. Emily confesses that, although Mary was also recently bereaved, the young widow already has a new man in her bed! Jason urges Emily to give Mary the benefit of the doubt and understand that Mary is just processing her grief in a way that is different from Emily's way of handling her loss. Emily decides to track Mary down to apologize to her. Emily locates Mary in the park. However, as Emily catches up to Mary and begins her apology, Nikolas happens to be passing through the park with his painting supplies and hides behind some bushes when he hears their voices. Nikolas listens appreciatively as Mary tries to comfort Emily. Nikolas slips away unnoticed as Mary apologizes if Emily finds it hard to understand Mary's decisions about a new man in her life. Mary confides that she believes that the new men who has come in to her life may be there because "Connor" is still looking after her and that she KNOWS that "Connor" would NOT want Mary to grieve forever. Mary declares that she believes there IS a purpose for the new man in her life arriving in her life just at that particular moment. Emily is puzzled, however, when Mary implies that the new man in Mary's life might be turn out to be providential for BOTH of them!

Courtney is surprised when she runs in to Lorenzo in the Park on her way to finish the paperwork to complete transferring Courtney's waterfront property to Lorenzo. Courtney questions Lorenzo about his sudden decision to put down roots in Port Charles. Lorenzo is obviously shaken when Courtney smugly informs Alcazar that the ONLY reason that Carly is suddenly interested -- again -- in Lorenzo is because Carly is now trying to push Sonny away. Then Courtney informs Lorenzo that Sonny has asked Carly to move back into the Penthouse with him. Lorenzo informs Courtney that Carly DID come to Alcazar the previous night -- but, when Lorenzo asked Carly to reconsider her relationship with Lorenzo, Carly just bolted out of Alcazar's apartment. When Courtney smugly comments that that was a good decision by Carly, Lorenzo challenges Courtney to make a FAIR assessment of Alcazar's relationship with Carly. Lorenzo admits that it WAS foolish of him to begin his relationship with Carly by kidnapping her. HOWEVER, since then, Alcazar argues that he has treated Carly far better than Sonny ever has! Lorenzo reminds Courtney that Sonny has repeatedly cheated on Carly, has used Carly's children against her, verbally abused Carly, and flaunted Sonny's affair with Samantha in front of BOTH Carly AND her children! Lorenzo warns Courtney that IF Carly returns to live with Sonny at the Penthouse, Carly will be returning to a husband who is both a bully AND a tyrant! Lorenzo reminds Courtney that the ONLY person who is thinking about what CARLY needs is LORENZO! Then Lorenzo storms away.

Sonny finds Carly sitting beside Michael's Hospital bed and tells her that he needs to speak to her. At the same time, Samantha reads a brochure about pregnancy. Sam is surprised when Jason suddenly arrives on her boat and Sam hastily tries to hide her brochure, then demands to know what Jason is doing aboard her boat again! Jason demands to know WHY Sam failed to meet Sonny at the Penthouse the previous evening, as they had agreed. Samantha declares that, when she arrived at the Penthouse, she found Sonny with Carly, making plans for Carly to move back to the Penthouse. After trading insults with Jason, Samantha declares that she has changed her mind again and she WILL go to Sonny's Penthouse after all, so that she can have a chance to pack the belongings she left at the Penthouse. At the same time, at the Hospital, Carly tells Sonny that the decision to live under the same roof is NOT going to be as easy as Sonny believes it will be. But Sonny continues to insist that he believes he MUST keep the promise he made to God when Michael's life was in danger. Later, Sonny returns to the Penthouse and finds Samantha waiting for him with tears in her eyes. When Sonny demands to know WHY Sam is crying, Sam orders Sonny to just go ahead and say his piece and get it all over with. Sam is stunned when Sonny tells her that he does NOT plan to end their relationship. Sonny explains that, although Carly, Michael and Morgan ARE returning to live at the Penthouse because of a promise that Sonny made to God, Sonny wants to keep Sam nearby. Sonny assures Sam that, in Sonny's opinion, it would NEVER be possible for Sonny to reconcile with Carly! Samantha agrees to go along with Sonny's plan! After Sonny leaves and Jason arrives to escort Samantha back to her boat, Jason is stunned when Sam calmly announces that she has agreed to remain as Sonny's mistress. However, before Sam leaves the Penthouse, she comes close to fainting and Jason demands to know what is wrong with her!

Later, Lorenzo returns to the Hospital to check on Michael and Carly tries to apologize for her abrupt departure the previous evening. However, Lorenzo confides that he KNOWS that Carly only turned to Alcazar in an attempt to drive Sonny away. Lorenzo urges Carly to stand up to Sonny for once in her life and just say "No!" to Sonny's latest request for Carly to move back in to the Penthouse. However, Carly protests that she is going along with Sonny's plan for the children's sake. Lorenzo warns Carly that silent anger and unspoken suffering can be just as devastating to children as separated parents! Lorenzo again warns Carly that she is merely sacrificing herself on Sonny's altar and reminds Carly that, in the past, Sonny has abused Carly emotionally. Lorenzo urges Carly to open up her eyes and realize that Sonny will surely use Carly's time with Lorenzo to continue to punish and control Carly. Lorenzo confides that it bothers him that Carly is so used to being mistreated by Sonny that it does NOT even seem to bother her! Lorenzo declares that he can no longer handle standing by while Carly returns to a life that he can see will be destructive to her. After Lorenzo storms away, Carly returns to visit with Michael. While Carly is cheering Michael up with some Knock - Knock Jokes, Sonny arrives and announces to Michael that, when Michael is released from the Hospital, Michael, Morgan and Carly will be returning home to the Penthouse to live with Sonny. Michael leaps to the conclusion that Sonny and Carly plan a full reconciliation. Later, Sonny informs Carly that he will be sleeping in the guest room and Carly guesses that Sonny plans to make arrangements to keep Samantha hanging around as well. Later, Nikolas returns to the church and tells a man waiting in the sanctuary that the church is closed for renovation. But, when the visitor lifts his head, it is Alcazar -- and he immediately recognizes Nikolas!

Georgie and Dillon arrive at the studio which Ned plans to use for L&B's re-opening and find the building in a dilapidated state of disrepair. As Georgie and Dillon get busy trying to organize the office, they fantasize about the way their future together MIGHT be as they continue to work for L&B. They are suddenly interrupted by a newcomer who introduces herself as Ashley B -- the hot, new singing sensation who has just been signed by L&B -- by Ned -- personally!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Dillon is not impressed with Ashley B., the new singer signed with L&B Records. She treats Dillon as if he is an assistant. He informs her that he is the music director. Ashley plays the diva role and bosses him around. Georgie tries to calm the waters by placating to Ashley to keep Dillon from getting himself in trouble. Ashley tells Dillon what her idea is for her music video. Dillon loses his temper and informs Ashley that he will not be making a music video with aliens and other weird concepts. Ashley calls to her mother for help. Her mother comes in and tries to please Ashley and give in to her demands. She leaves to go out and get her outfit. Dillon thinks that his mother Tracy is playing a joke on him after Ashley sings for him and he doesn't like her singing voice or her dance moves. He accuses her of being a "Brittany reject" and stomps off in a temper. Georgie tries to make Ashley change her ideas for the music video by planting suggestions in her head about having an old-fashioned view in the video and use costumes like in Moulin Rouge. Ashley tells Dillon that she has changed her mind and tells him her ideas. Dillon gets upset with Georgie for making Ashley steal his ideas and pretend they are her own. Later, after Ashley leaves, Georgie apologizes to Dillon for manipulating Ashley but explains to him that she did it because she didn't want him to get in trouble and that she figured that it wouldn't hurt anything if Ashley thought it was her idea since no one will believe she came up with the idea herself. They kiss and make up.

Nikolas comes into the church with the paint he bought from the hardware store to finish painting the inside of the church. Lorenzo Alcazar happens to be inside the church praying and sees Nikolas, which shocks him when he recognizes who he is. Nikolas asks him if he knows him. Alcazar is surprised that Nikolas doesn't recognize him but doesn't let on how he knows him. Nikolas tells him that he suffered a head injury and doesn't remember who he is. Alcazar tells him that may be a blessing since that means he can't remember his past and so can't feel guilt about what he may have done in his life and can start with a clean slate. Nikolas introduces himself as Connor Bishop, which surprises Alcazar since he wouldn't think Nikolas would go by a specific name if he had amnesia. Alcazar is further bewildered when Nikolas tells him that his wife Mary has been a big help to him. Alcazar goes along with what Nikolas says and doesn't clue him in on who he really is. Alcazar does give him his business card and tells him to call him if he needs anything and that he may be able to hook him up with a job working for him someday. Nikolas thanks him. Mary shows up at the church. She panics when Nikolas tells her that he met a man today who was sitting in the church. She finds his business card and tells Nikolas that the name Alcazar is familiar but she doesn't know why. Nikolas tells her that Alcazar is a big businessman in town and is well known. Mary hides her panic and tells Nikolas that she is afraid the man may have recognized him as a deserter and called the police. Nikolas assures her the man didn't know him. Mary is further worried when Nikolas tells her he went to the hardware store to buy more paint since the priest is out of town. She tells him he should have waited and let her go to the store for him since she worries someone will recognized him and call the cops on him. Nikolas tells her he only went to the hardware store and that no one there seemed to recognize him. He gives her a wind chime as a gift. Mary is touched. Nikolas also catches her off guard when he mentions that he overheard her talking to the woman Emily and telling her more lies about grieving for him when she wasn't. He tells her that she shouldn't keep lying to Emily, since she is her friend and may meet him someday. Mary tells him he can't ever meet Emily since it is too risky for him to meet anymore people. She also makes a comment about how lies can bring people more comfort than the truth sometimes. Nikolas tells her that the man he met said some things that got him thinking that he should just live in the present and future and start over with a clean slate. Mary thinks that is a great idea and hopes that they can fall in love again as the people they are now.

Emily runs into Courtney at the hospital. She tells Courtney that Michael is doing much better and that he may be released as soon as tomorrow or the day after. Emily tells Courtney that she thinks she is the best thing that ever happened to Jason and asks if there is any hope they could reconcile sometime in the future. Courtney tells her that she wishes that it wasn't like this way but that she and Jason seem to hit a wall when it comes to their lifestyles and whether they can live together. Meanwhile, Jason finds Sam in the penthouse waiting for Sonny. Sam is packing her bags she left at Sonny's and tells Jason that she and Sonny are going to keep seeing each other away from the penthouse despite the fact that Carly is moving back in with the boys. Jason is surprised by this but acts like it is there business. However, Sam tries to hide how upset she really is about this new arrangement. She starts to stumble and has a weak spell as she tries to avoid Jason's questions and almost looks like she is going to pass out. Jason notices she is light headed and asks her what is wrong with her. She lies and tells him she hasn't ate in 24 hours or slept well lately. Jason tells her that Sonny didn't dump her like she thought he was going to do so she should be happy. Sam tries to avoid answering his questions and tells Jason that she can handle it if Sonny and Carly work things out and fall in love with each other again and that she will leave town and move on. Jason accuses her of lying and asks her why she feels the need to lie to him. She tells him that she is fine and is going to go back to her boat now. Jason tells her that Carly and Sonny share a bond because of their children that she doesn't have with Sonny. Sam goes back to her boat and looks at the brochures she got from the clinic on pregnancy. She starts to cry and worry. She ends up going to the clinic to meet with a female counselor. The counselor tells her there are options and asks her about the baby's father. Sam tells her that the father of her baby was in the process of getting a divorce when they met and that he has two sons that he loves very much. She tells her that the father of her baby doesn't know she is pregnant and doesn't wish him to know since he recently got back with his wife and that she doesn't want to complicate his life any further. The counselor tells her that there is always adoption to consider. Sam tells her she could never give her baby up for adoption since her own mother ran out on her as a child and she couldn't do that to her own child. She also explains that the kind of work she does doesn't fit well with a child. Sam tells the counselor that she wants to have an abortion as soon as possible. The counselor respects her decision and tells her to wait for a doctor to come in and get things rolling. Sam waits in the examining room with the door opened. Emily walks past the room at the clinic and sees Sam. She approaches Sam, who asks her what she is doing there at the clinic. Emily explains that she volunteers at the clinic a few times a week. She notices that Sam is crying and asks her what is wrong. Back at the hospital, Sonny and Carly discuss their living arrangements.

Carly can't believe it when Sonny tells her he intends to keep seeing Sam even though she is moving back in with the boys. Carly tells him that she won't be sleeping in his bed, after he slept with Sam there at the penthouse. Sonny agrees with her that he will be seeing Sam outside of the penthouse. Carly agrees she will see Alcazar outside of the penthouse if she wants to. Sonny tells her he will do whatever it takes to make Michael happy. Carly tells him she refuses to follow his rules anymore and then notices that Michael can overhear them and thinks they are fighting. They stop arguing and agree not to interfere in each other's personal lives for Michael's sake. Carly questions whether they are making the right decision to live together again since Michael will pick up on any tension that is bound to be around them. Sonny tells her they are doing the right thing for Michael and walks in to see Michael. Michael asks them if they are fighting again. They deny they were arguing and get Michael to rest. Sonny leaves to go back to the penthouse. Courtney shows up after Sonny leaves on purpose to avoid an argument with Michael around. Carly tells her that Sonny plans to keep Sam as his mistress on the side. Courtney is surprised by Sonny's behavior. Carly tells her that she will move in with Sonny again for her children and that she must do what is best for them. Carly leaves Courtney to hang out with Michael. Sonny returns home and gets the cold shoulder from Jason. Jason tells him that Sam is probably at her boat. Sonny asks him to tell him what is bothering him. Jason tells him that he doesn't like it that Sonny is lying to Michael. Sonny doesn't understand how he is lying to him. Jason explains to Sonny that Michael is going to figure out that Sonny and Carly are faking it and that he really wants his parents to be like they were before, in love with each other. Sonny tells Jason that he needs Sam to stay in his life to protect him from his feelings for Carly. He tells Jason that he is afraid to let Carly get close to him again because she has the capacity to hurt him deeply like she did when she hooked up with Alcazar before. Sonny ends up going to Sam's boat and waiting for her in her room, unaware that there are pregnancy brochures laying on the table just a few feet away. Jason goes to the hospital and sees Courtney sitting with Michael. Michael asks Courtney to stay when she makes an excuse to leave when she sees Jason. Michael is happy and tells them that his parents are getting back together and asks them if they are going to get back together so they can all be one big happy family again. Jason and Courtney don't know what to tell him.

Friday, April 30, 2004

The Quartermaines were summoned to the Haunted Star by Tracy. When she arrived, she announced her engagement and introduced Jax as her fiancé. Skye and Luke were sitting at a nearby table and heard the announcement. Skye almost choked! Jax took Tracy aside and stated that marriage was not part of the deal. Tracy reminded Jax of the pictures she had in her possession of Skye with the dead body of Det. Ross Duncan. The Q's assumed Jax was planning to raid the company. Jax let Skye and Luke know about Tracy's blackmail. To fool Tracy, Skye slapped Jax and staged a fight. Tracy also announced to the family that Jax would be moving into the mansion with her. Luke and Skye returned to the Quartermaines' freezer, but Det. Duncan's body was missing! Coleman, hired to do dirty work by Tracy, caught up with her at the casino and congratulated her for deciding to remove the body, but she was surprised to hear that it was gone.

Michael had Jason and Courtney as visitors at the hospital, and he expressed his desire for their reconciliation. After running into Alcazar on the docks, Carly found Courtney and mentioned knowing about the sale of the waterfront property. Carly also said she wished she could hate Alcazar. Courtney returned to her office and was visited by Ric. Ric threatened that she would be arrested if Alcazar was caught moving drugs through her former property. Alcazar stated to an associate that drugs would not be part of his business in town. Courtney called a meeting with her buyer and announced she would not be selling to him. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the two were attacked by cloaked figures wielding machine guns! Alcazar threw his body over Courtney as protection.

At the hospital, Sam decided to terminate her pregnancy. Emily, there as a volunteer, saw Sam. Sam bolted, but Emily learned of Sam's plans from a staff member. Sam returned to her boat, where Sonny was waiting. Sonny offered to provide her with somewhere else to live, but she refused. During a heart to heart, they were interrupted by Emily. After Sonny left, Emily tried to help Sam and reminded her of her options. Sam returned to the hospital to follow through with her plans of an abortion. Jason found Emily, upset, on the waterfront. She said she was thinking about the baby she could never have with Nikolas and wondered how anyone could decide to purposely get rid of a baby. Jason wanted to know why she was thinking about the topic, and she told him that Sam was pregnant and planning to terminate the pregnancy.

Sonny and Carly let Michael know that he could leave the hospital the next day. Pretending to read a story, Michael tried to engineer a kiss between Sonny and Carly.

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