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Monday, April 19, 2004

Emily is comforted by Jason and Lucky, as the rest of the Quartermaines join Lulu, Luke, Lesley, and Helena to remember Nikolas. Alexis gives a touching speech about Nikolas, and then hands the floor over to Emily for his eulogy. Emily speaks lovingly of Nikolas, but is interrupted by a venom-spitting Helena. Helena seeks revenge on everyone in the room for the loss of her grandson, and she begins to pick out people individually. Luke jumps to his feet to stop her, and shows that he does in fact have a caring heart toward his stepson. Helena flees, but continues to vow revenge.

Mary prepares to attend Nikolas's memorial, in order to be there for Emily. Nikolas, thinking he is Connor, stops her and suggests that she not go to a stranger's memorial. Saying she's been there, Mary insists, and suddenly Nikolas decides to go with her. Mary panics, and demands that he stay in the cottage and away from prying police eyes. Once Mary heads to the service, Nikolas follows her and witnesses Emily's eulogy. He is moved by her speech, and leaves the church unseen. He returns to the cottage to find Mary already back, and he tells her he understands that she really didn't want him to see Emily's pain, because she herself suffered the same pain when she thought he was dead. Relieved that Nikolas didn't discover her deception, Mary embraces him.

Ric continues on his hunt for information about Kristina's paternity. When his attempts to get close to Alexis fail at Nikolas's memorial service, he meets again with his investigator. The man tells Ric that there was a paternity test done on Kristina, and that it showed that Ned was the father without a doubt. Ric remains unconvinced, and orders the man to continue searching until he can prove that Sonny is Kristina's biological father.

As Sonny lies in the aftermath of sex with Sam, Carly grows anxious when she cannot find Michael. Having discovered Michael's fake ransom note, Carly assumes that he is in the house and angry, but her search proves futile and she grows worried. Meanwhile, Courtney refuses to accept Alcazar's thanks, and tells him he's ruined her family's life. He replies that she's decent and the only reason he is still alive. Their conversation is interrupted by a frantic call from Carly, which sends Courtney running to her house to help search for Michael. The two women continue to search, but finally give in and call Sonny and Jason when they come up empty handed. Jason and Sonny both snub Courtney, and Jason leaves to search for Michael in the woods. Courtney gives Sonny and Carly space to talk, and the two attempt to find a common ground for the sake of their son's. Sonny takes a few jabs at Carly, but she's able to remind him that they need to present a united front if they are going to help their children.

Meanwhile, Sam runs into Alcazar, and accuses him of kidnapping Michael. Having not been told of the boy's disappearance, Alcazar is shocked and immediately begins to make arrangements for a search party. Sam realizes that Alcazar didn't take Michael, but when she refuses to give him additional information, he asks her if she really even cares about the boy, or if she's simply interested in Sonny's attention.