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Monday, March 29, 2004

Unaware that Nikolas is only a few feet away from her, Emily sits in the woods and worries for his safety. Lucky arrives at her side and breaks the news that the police have found no sign of Nikolas. Emily refuses to believe that he could be dead, but Lucky tells her that she has to prepare herself for the worst. She goes to the chapel, and prays for Nikolas's safety.

Nikolas returns from the woods, and encounters a frantic Mary in the cabin. He explains that he just went for a walk to try to jog his memory, and she anxiously asks him if it helped. He says no, and she begins to spin tales of their life together before he went to war, in order to help give him false explanations for the questions that he has. She manages to make him slightly more comfortable with her stories until she suggests they move. Nikolas refuses, saying he wants to stay where he is to try to regain his memory. Mary agrees, and the two grow close and kiss.

Faith is arrested for money laundering due to a police tip from Skye. Not knowing who is behind her arrest, Faith begs Justus to help her and tells him of the deal she had with Luke and Skye. Skye charges into the police station to feign anger over Faith's arrest and the problems that it will cause the casino, but settles down and offers Faith a deal to get the charges dropped if Faith promises to leave town for good. Faith realizes that Skye set her up, and then Ric joins them in the interrogation room as proof of Skye's actions. Realizing that Skye made a deal of immunity for her and Luke, Faith asks her what she thinks Luke will say about the situation. Luke picks this time to enter the room, and announce to Ric that he has no intention of making a deal to send Faith to prison. Skye is shocked, while Faith is pleased, and Luke grabs Skye and takes her out of the room to tell her to stop trying to control his life on the edge. She yells at him that she doesn't care about his borderline illegal activities, she only did it to keep Faith away from him.

The assassin meets with a partner as Sam eavesdrops on his conversation and discovers he was working for a man when he planted the bomb in Sonny's car. The assassin hears Sam stir, and goes to see who is there, but is first interrupted by Luke. Luke manages to save Sam from the man, and drags her out of her hiding spot once the assassin in gone. She confesses that she's trying to get the goods on him for Sonny, and Luke warns her that Sonny doesn't like his women to butt into his business. He says that she'll have to come clean with Sonny, or he'll tell him. Sam agrees to Luke's terms, and calls Sonny.

Angry to find her with Alcazar, Sonny lays into Carly about neglecting Morgan by not phoning Sonny immediately. Astonished, Carly rips back into him and tells him that she was too preoccupied being a mother to her sick son to track Sonny down with his new girlfriend. It's clear that each is angry about the other's involvement with their new partners, and they continue to trade insults and fight. Alcazar breaks in to warn Sonny to lay off Carly, only adding fuel to the fire. Sonny is interrupted by Sam's phone call, and leaves to meet her. Carly thanks Alcazar for sticking up for her, and he suggests to Carly that she withhold time with the boys from Sonny if he can't learn to speak to their mother with more respect. She tells him that she doesn't think she could use the boys as a weapon against Sonny, and an irritated Alcazar reminds her that Sonny did just that to her.

Sonny gently chastises Sam for her near-brush with trouble. He warns her to not do his dirty work for him, and she replies that she's not some helpless little woman. She promises to leave it alone, however, and Sonny forgives her. Not trusting her fully, he takes her back to wait at the hospital while he checks on Morgan, but she goes and finds Carly. She tells Carly that it was her fault that Sonny went to the island, but Carly knows better and makes Sam realize she has no idea who she's dealing with in Carly. As the two verbally joust, Sonny comes upon them and tells Sam she has no business being there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Nikolas pulls out of a kiss with Mary, unable to feign closeness toward her. She begins to cry, and he apologizes for his actions, but tells her again that he has no recollection of a life with her. Later, as he sleeps, the police stop by again. Mary lies and tells them she's not seen Nikolas. He overhears the police officer and emerges to help the search, but Mary manages to beg him off before he goes outside and is spotted. The two uncomfortably prepare to go to bed, and although she offers to stay on the couch, Nikolas tells her to sleep in the bed too.

Luke realizes that Skye had Faith arrested because of jealousy, and Skye admits to having feelings for Luke. She asks him if he can handle it, and while he enjoys the jealousy, he warns her that he can't ever do the domestic relationship again after Laura. Skye tells him she didn't ask for a long-term commitment, she just wanted to be able to count on him and keep Faith away, but he tells her to leave his business dealings with Faith alone. Skye angrily walks out of the station and returns to the casino, dejected, where she runs into Dillon.

Angry at her new legal difficulties, Faith rages at Ric over his ongoing vendetta against Sonny. Liz walks in just in time to hear the conversation, but pretends to disregard Faith. Justus gets both Faith and Luke out on bail, and the two head back to the casino. They encountered an enraged Skye, badmouthing them to Dillon. Realizing she has been caught, she continues her tirade at Luke directly. She asks him one last time to cut Faith loose, but he says he likes the business deal. In a huff, Skye quits and begins to leave, but Luke finally gives in and stops her, saying the only person leaving is Faith. Faith warns him that he's made the wrong decision, but Skye feels new hope. She again reiterates that she isn't asking for the house with the picket fence, but doesn't want to have to deal with Faith at all. Luke repeats that Faith is business, and Skye can't tell him how to run his business. She runs out again, but he catches up with her on the docks, and tells her he'd like to have a go at an actual relationship with her. Skye is surprised but happy, and the two begin to kiss.

Having already gone head to head with Helena over Nikolas's fate, Emily rushes to the station and approaches Lucky, Liz and Ric. Even though Ric promises he's doing everything to look for Nikolas, Emily demands more. Edward shows up and lends his support to his granddaughter. The police spot something in the river and Emily and Lucky go with them to look, but find that it was only camping equipment. Despite the time, and the fact that no one during the house search claims to have seen him, Emily refuses to give up hope for Nikolas.

Carly laughs at Sam for thinking her experience on the island was unique, and the two begin to argue. Sonny comes upon them, and tells Sam she has no business being there. Carly demands he get rid of Sam, and walks off. Sonny tells Sam he understands she's trying to help, but warns her to never approach Carly again. He has Jason take her back to the penthouse, and Sam proceeds to immediately being annoying Jason. In the car, Sam talks nonstop about her situation with Sonny, and tries to get a reaction out of Jason with her declaration of staying in Sonny's life as long as she possibly can, but Jason doesn't comply. Back at the penthouse, Sam asks him to leave, but he tells her that he's staying. She asks him what he wants, and Jason responds that he'd like her to shut up. Miffed, Sam decides to do exactly what he doesn't want, and declares that she will stay up and annoy him until he leaves.

Meanwhile, Sonny goes into Morgan's room and checks up on his condition. Carly tells him that the medicine is working, so Sonny decides to go and see Michael. Carly asks him to not visit Michael, and reminds him that she now has custody. When Sonny asks if she plans to keep him from their children, Carly responds by reminding him that Sam is a career con artist and prostitute, and Carly refuses to allow her around her children. Sonny retorts that she now knows how he feels. He leaves to visit Michael, but returns later and gazes lovingly at Carly as she rocks Morgan to sleep.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

When Skye discovers Dillon filling his pockets with food from the Quartermaine Mansion, Dillon explains that his mother has cut off all of his pocket money in an attempt to force Dillon to return home and do her bidding. Skye offers Dillon some money for a meal at Kelly's, but Tracy spots them and accuses Skye of trying to buy Dillon's vote. Meanwhile, Sage runs into Felicia, Maxie and Georgie at Kelly's. Sage eavesdrops as Georgie and Maxie plan to leave the next morning for a tour of colleges for Maxie. Back at the Mansion, Edward walks in while Skye and Tracy snipe at each other. As Edward joins the argument, Dillon slips away unnoticed. As Tracy warns Skye that she plans to contest Edward's will, Ned arrives. Edward reminds Ned that, as soon as the time runs out on the Power of Attorney that Tracy tricked Edward into signing, ELQ. will revert back to Edward -- and Edward plans to remember that Ned sided with Tracy this time around.

Later, Dillon meets Felicia, Georgie and Maxie at Kelly's and is disappointed to learn that they are planning to tour colleges for Maxie. After Dillon, Maxie, Georgie and Felicia leave, Tracy calls Sage and informs the young woman that they must move quickly with their plan to frame Georgie in order to influence Dillon's vote BEFORE the Power of Attorney runs out. When Tracy meets later with Sage, Sage admits that she is getting cold feet about framing Georgie, but Tracy threatens to send Dillon away to military school if Sage backs out of their plan. Meanwhile, Edward reminds Ned that no one cheats Edward and gets away with it -- including Ned and Tracy! However, Ned reminds Edward that it was Edward who decided to name Skye as his sole heir and declares that Ned plans to continue backing his mother. Ned guesses that Edward is already planning to double-cross Skye as soon as Edward is returned to power and Ned promises Edward that Ned has every intention of warning Skye about Ned's suspicions about Edward's intentions.

Later, Sage takes a cell phone equipped with a camera into the girls' locker room where the Hospital volunteers are changing and snaps pictures as an unsuspecting Georgie gets undressed and showers. Later, Sage spots Maxie at the Nurses' Station computer and volunteers to finish Maxie's job so Maxie can rush home and begin packing for her tour of colleges. When Felicia arrives to pick Maxie up, Tracy arrives and Felicia wonders out loud what Tracy would be doing at the Hospital. Tracy claims that she is there to represent Lila at a Hospital charity guild meeting. After Felicia and Maxie leave, Tracy and Sage conspire to upload the photos of Georgie showering onto the computer. Tracy warns Sage that they need to make sure that it is someone whom Dillon trusts who "discovers" the file of Georgie supposedly selling photos of herself in the altogether on the Internet. At the same time, Georgie meets Dillon outside Kelly's. Dillon asks Georgie what big secret she has been hiding from him, but Georgie just rushes away without answering. In the meantime, Ned meets inside Kelly's with Skye and warns Skye that Edward will double-cross her soon -- but Skye refuses to heed Ned's warning. At the same time, Edward meets at the Quartermaine Mansion with Justus and makes plans to draw up a new will. Edward informs Justus that Edward wants to wait until AFTER Edward has regained control of ELQ. before signing the new will.

At the Hospital, Carly informs Courtney that Morgan has improved so much that the doctor plans to release him today. Elsewhere in the Hospital, Lorenzo's hired gun shows up again and reminds Lorenzo that he does NOT plan to leave town until AFTER Samantha and Jason are dead. But Lorenzo tells the assassin that he doesn't care what happens to Jason, but wants Sam alive to keep Sonny busy so Lorenzo will be free to continue romancing Carly.

Meanwhile, outside Morgan's room, Carly complains to Courtney that Samantha showed up at the Hospital and let Carly know that Sonny took Sam to his island, bought her a designer dress and took her gambling. Courtney suggests that Carly should tell Sam to hit the road because Carly wants her husband back. At the Penthouse, Samantha is startled out of her sleep when Sonny arrives suddenly and discovers Sam and Jason sacked out together on the couch. When Sam frantically tries to explain the situation to Sonny, Sam is startled when Sonny merely assures Sam that he is just happy that she is safe and is not jumping to conclusions about Sam and Jason falling asleep on the couch. Sonny reports that Morgan is recovering, then heads upstairs to change. When Sonny leaves, Sam asks why Jason did NOT try to help her explain the situation to Sonny -- but Jason reminds Sam that Sonny should have no reason to misunderstand the situation. When Sonny returns, Sonny is surprised when Sam persists in trying to explain why she was asleep on the couch with Jason. Sonny reassures Sam that he could tell it was an innocent situation and declares that he plans to fix a gourmet meal for her -- then Sonny orders Sam to play it safe while Sonny goes shopping for groceries.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Courtney tries to convince Carly that Lorenzo's "concern" for Morgan is all an act, but Carly defends Lorenzo -- just as Lorenzo walks around the corner and hears the tail-end of their conversation. As Courtney informs Lorenzo that Carly wants Courtney to make an effort to make peace with Lorenzo, Jason arrives and orders Lorenzo to stay away from Courtney. Courtney declares that she doesn't want to get in the middle of another fight -- and storms away. Carly begs Jason to follow Courtney to apologize -- but Jason argues that he has no need to apologize because he hasn't done anything wrong -- and refuses to do as Carly asks. When Lorenzo steps in and reminds Jason that Carly has had a rough night, Sonny walks in on the argument and reminds Lorenzo that Alcazar is NOT a part of Morgan's family. Sonny orders Lorenzo to leave. But Lorenzo insists that he will ONLY leave if Carly asks him to go. In the meantime, as she prepares to leave the Hospital, Courtney runs into Sam and warns her brother's girlfriend NOT to try to score points with Sonny by pretending a lot of concern for a sick child. At the same time, Sonny and Lorenzo's argument is interrupted by a nurse, who arrives to get Morgan ready to leave the Hospital. Sonny offers to drive Carly and Morgan home, but Lorenzo reminds Carly that he has his limousine waiting downstairs to take Carly home. Carly thanks Lorenzo for being so supportive, but declares that, since Jason took Carly and Morgan to the Hospital, Carly will let Jason take her home.

In the meantime, downstairs, Sam protests to Courtney that she is NOT using any kind of manipulative ploy to make points with Sonny. Then Sam reminds Courtney that Sonny likes Sam even if Courtney doesn't approve. When Courtney accuses Sam of flaunting her affair with Sonny in Carly's face, Sam protests that it was Carly who made a big deal about Sonny's trip to the island with Sam. As Sam and Courtney argue, Sonny arrives and orders Courtney and Sam to end their argument. After Courtney storms away, Sam explains that she had only come to the Hospital to inquire at the desk about Morgan's condition and had no intention of going to Morgan's room. Sam is surprised when Sonny declares that he believes her and instructs her not to worry about it. When Jason, Carly and Morgan arrive at Carly's house, Michael asks why Sonny didn't come with them and Carly makes the excuse that Sonny was busy. After Michael goes with Leticia to put Morgan to bed, Jason blasts Carly for lying to Michael. However, Carly insists that Sonny DOES have other things to do -- mostly with his new girlfriend! As Jason accuses Carly of trying to pay Sonny back because of Sonny's relationship with Sam, Jason warns Carly that, once Alcazar realizes that Carly's relationship with Lorenzo is just Carly's way of paying Sonny back for hurting her, Alcazar is likely to come uncorked! Later, Jason stops by Kelly's to let Mike know that Morgan has recovered and returned home. Mike quizzes Jason about Sonny's trip to the island with Sam and then Mike urges Jason to try to get Sonny to realize that his actions are only pushing Carly farther away from him. However, Jason reminds Mike that most of the blame rests with Alcazar and Carly and complains that Jason didn't feel that Carly's excuse of being confused after she was shot in the head held much water.

At the same time, Alcazar arrives at Carly's place to check on Carly. Michael slips into the hallway and spots Carly and Lorenzo kissing as Carly tries to convince Lorenzo to stay for dinner. In the meantime, Sonny returns to the Penthouse and finds Samantha all dressed up in the dress that Sonny bought for her, waiting for Sonny's return. As Sonny and Sam kiss, the phone rings and Michael tells Sonny that his stomach hurts and he hears funny noises. Michael asks Sonny to come over. As Sonny tries to reassure Michael, the line suddenly goes dead! Meanwhile, as Carly and Lorenzo kiss downstairs, Carly suddenly spots someone lurking outside the window and whispers her discovery to Lorenzo. Lorenzo orders Carly to cut the power, lock herself in the bedroom with the children and dial 9-1-1. Carly hands Lorenzo the fireplace poker, then does as he instructed her. As Lorenzo waits in the darkened room with a fireplace poker in his hands, the hired assassin picks the lock and slips in at the front door, discovering that the lights don't work. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Samantha fumes at Jason because Sonny left Jason to babysit her while Sonny checked out Michael's report. As Sam admits that she cares for Sonny but is afraid that Sonny will never care as much for Sam as Sam cares for Sonny, Sam begins to cry, then suddenly spills her drink on her dress. As Sam insists that she has to get the dress that Sonny bought her off right away so it doesn't stain and asks Jason to help her, Courtney opens the door and catches Sam half undressed, with Jason helping Sam out of the rest of her dress! At the same time, at Carly's place, Carly and Leticia keep Michael and Morgan quiet in the bedroom. Alcazar warns the advancing assassin to leave now or he will be hunted down and killed. The assassin declares that he had decided that Lorenzo would obviously need to eliminate his hired gun or later because of what he knows, so the assassin has decided to eliminate Lorenzo first. As Lorenzo strikes the assassin from behind with the poker, Carly hears the struggle and decides to go back downstairs to help Lorenzo.

Downstairs, as the assassin throws Lorenzo against the wall and knocks him out, Carly arrives with a baseball bat in her hands. But, as Carly prepares to hit the assassin, Sonny arrives, flings open the door and shoots the assassin in the back. Sonny blasts Carly for trying to tackle an armed intruder with a baseball bat and Carly blasts Sonny for taking a shot in the dark, reminding Sonny that he could NOT have known WHO he was shooting at! As Lorenzo regains consciousness, Carly confirms that the intruder is dead, and Sonny declares that the intruder fits the description of the hit man who planted the bomb in Sonny's limousine. Sonny demands to know if the assassin was after Carly -- or after Lorenzo! Sonny asks Lorenzo if Lorenzo paid the guy to blow up the limousine and then the deal went wrong. Lorenzo makes no reply to Sonny's questions.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Nikolas wakes up to find Mary is not in bed. He goes out to the living room. Mary is looking at a picture of herself and her real husband that she had hidden in a book of hers. She is contemplating burning it in the fire when Nikolas comes out to the living room and asks her what she is looking at. She quickly places the picture back inside the book and puts it away. She tells him she was just looking at things. He goes over and notices a wooden handmade box on the mantel and picks it up. He notices it has unique carvings as a decoration and touches it. Mary tells him that he carved that himself. Nikolas looks at the box more closely and starts to feel frustrated and upset again that he can't remember being able to carve wood. Mary tries to comfort him and suggests going to the market to buy some more food that he likes. After she leaves, Nikolas looks around in one of the cabinets and finds a tool box. He opens the tool box and finds a partially finished wood carving of a duck. He takes a tool out and tries to carve it to see if he will start remembering how to carve the rest of it. He becomes upset when he can't carve the rest of the duck without marring it. Mary comes home later to catch him throwing the tool across the room in frustration and telling her that he can't remember that he could ever carve after she tells him that he has been wood carving since he was a young boy and learned from his father. Nikolas tells her that it doesn't feel like this could be his life and gets upset more. Mary takes the tools and puts them away and tries to comfort him and reassure him that she will be there for him and help him through things. Meanwhile, Emily goes back to Wyndemere to change her clothes that she has been wearing all day and night. Ric follows her home and tells her that after another 24 hours has passed, he will have no choice but to end the search for Nikolas since he can't invest anymore manpower since the other cases are suffering. Emily pleads with Ric not to give up on Nikolas yet and insists she is going to go back out to the search sight and keep looking for Nikolas. Edward comes home at the mansion and insists that Alan and Monica help Emily by being supportive of her decision to not give up on Nikolas and keep searching for him. They decide to go to Wyndemere after Ned returns home to tell them that Nikolas is still missing and Emily went to Wyndemere to change clothes. Liz arrives at Wyndemere to give Emily some emotional support. Emily refuses to let Liz coddle her and insists on going back out to search. Liz persuades her to sit and have some tea first since she has been outside in the cold for hours. Ric gets a call on his cell-phone concerning Sonny and tells Liz and Emily that he has to go take care of something concerning Sonny and leaves abruptly. Liz voices her concerns about Ric to Emily, fearing that Ric has a hard time letting go of his resentment of Sonny even though he has tried to reassure her that his hatred of Sonny is in the past. Edward, Alan, Monica, and Ned show up to help Emily and give their support. Emily thanks them but insists on going back out and finding Nikolas and that she doesn't believe he is dead.

Sam confronts Jason about how he must hate her for being with Sonny. Jason tells her he doesn't hate her at all. Sam spills her glass of wine all over the gown she is wearing that Sonny bought for her. Jason asks her what is wrong with her when she keeps spilling the glass of wine on her dress as she gets upset about her feelings for Sonny, that she doesn't feel are ever going to be reciprocated. Jason grabs the glass of wine and puts is down. Sam panics when she sees the wine staining her gown and pleads with him to help her get her dress off before the stains set in the gown. He tells her to calm down and helps her get out of her dress. Courtney walks in and sees Jason helping Sam out of her dress. Courtney tells Sam to keep away from her husband and walks into the room. Courtney accuses Sam of trying to seduce Jason by purposely spilling wine on her dress. Sam denies trying to seduce Jason and tries to persuade Courtney to listen to her side of the story. Courtney tells Jason to keep Sam away from the hospital and that is why she came over to the penthouse to warn her away. Sam accuses Courtney of being jealous of her because she is with Sonny and that she couldn't keep her marriage together with Jason herself. Courtney accuses Sam of being a manipulator and the two women get into a heated argument. Jason tells them to stop fighting. Courtney decides to leave the penthouse. Sam tells Jason to go after Courtney since it is obvious that his wife is still in love with him and is jealous of her. Justus goes to Kelly's and hands Mike an envelope. He explains to Mike that they are Courtney and Jason's divorce papers and suggests that it may be better if Mike gives them to her instead of him since it may be hard for her to sign them. They agree that Jason and Courtney are still very much in love and that the divorce shouldn't be happening to them. Courtney goes to Kelly's and talks with Mike at the counter. She tells him she had an argument with Sam at the penthouse and that Sam looked like she was trying to seduce Jason. Mike surprises Courtney by defending Sam to her. Courtney accuses Sam of being a manipulator and that she reminds her of that woman that Mike was seeing when he was suppose to be still with her mother. Mike hands her the divorce papers and tells her that sometimes you can love someone but can't be partners with them. Justus runs into Jason and hands him his copy of the divorce papers and reminds him that once Courtney signs her own copy, their marriage will be over and suggests he talk to her first.

After Sonny shoots and kills the assassin who broke into Carly's home, he questions Alcazar and accuses him of hiring the assassin to blow up his car and that the assassin probably came to kill him to keep him quiet. Alcazar accuses Sonny of hiring the assassin to come in and kill him instead. Sonny goes up to talk to Michael. Carly goes upstairs to join them. Alcazar gets up and goes over to the dead assassin and searches his pockets for any evidence that could link the assassin to him. Sonny tells Michael that Carly was a very brave woman and protected the family when the intruder came into the house. Michael worries about the police arresting Sonny but he assures Michael he won't be arrested. Sonny goes downstairs and catches Alcazar searching the assassin's pockets. He asks him if he found anything he needed to hide. Alcazar claims he was trying to look for any identification. The police show up along with Ric, who tells him he is in charge of the investigation. Carly, Alcazar, and Sonny tell the cops what happened. Ric questions Sonny's real motives for killing the assassin. Sonny predicts that Ric will use this as an excuse to arrest Sonny. Sonny tells Ric to go ahead and arrest him. Carly tells Ric that she will call the media on Ric and will make sure the public sees that he is arresting Sonny for personal reasons. The new cop backs Ric up which doesn't surprise anyone. Alcazar tells Ric it isn't necessary to arrest Sonny since there is no evidence that points to anything but self-defense since the assassin was an intruder in the home. Ric backs off but insists he will keep investigating the assassin's death. Carly thanks Alcazar for defending Sonny. Sonny refuses to thank Alcazar and still accuses him of hiring the assassin. Alcazar claims that when the assassin and he were fighting, the assassin told him he was looking for Jason to kill. Carly tells Sonny that could be what the assassin was trying to do since she remembers seeing the man spying on them at the hospital and may have overheard them when she asked Jason to take her home earlier with the baby. Michael comes downstairs and begs to go home with Sonny and wants Carly and the baby to come back home with Sonny. Carly tells him Sonny is going home to the penthouse alone. Michael gets upset and tells her that he wants Sonny to stay and for Alcazar to go away. Sonny goes home and tells Jason what happened. He brings up the theory that the assassin was at the house to kill him since Carly saw the assassin at the hospital. Jason tells him that it doesn't make sense since he dropped Carly and the baby home this afternoon hours before the assassin showed up. Sonny believes the assassin was there to kill Alcazar. Sonny tells Jason that if he hadn't decided to go see Michael to check on him, he may have lost his whole family and is glad he hadn't stayed with Sam like he had planned to do. Sam overhears what Sonny said. Carly sits with Alcazar. She suddenly comes to the realization that she remembers seeing Alcazar talking to the assassin earlier when he told him directions to get to the billing office. Alcazar tells her he couldn't see what the assassin looked like and claims that he doesn't know who he is. Carly wonders if Alcazar had anything to do with the assassin and if he is lying to her.

Friday, April 2, 2004

Lucky was upset that Ric was downgrading the search for Nikolas but could find the time to get a search warrant for Sonny's apartment, based on Sonny's shooting of the assassin. Emily was also angered to learn of the search's status. Amnesia-stricken Nikolas and Mary kissed, which led them into the bedroom. Mary halted things before they went too far. When Nik went for a walk, Mary gazed at a hidden photograph of her and the real Connor. She was interrupted by a knock at the door and found Emily, asking for her help! Searching in the woods, Lucky, in police uniform, spotted somebody in the shadows. He called out as Nik hid.

Jason learned that Courtney had refused alimony as part of the divorce agreement. He wanted to provide for her and ordered Justus to redo the papers. Courtney wondered to Mike how long it would take to be able to move on with her life. Jason found Courtney at Kelly's and tried to convince her to take alimony. Courtney behaved as though she did not really want to get divorced, and, before Jason could pursue this, his cell phone rang, and he had to leave. She later shared with Mike that she sometimes could not help thinking about her miscarriage and the possibility of having a baby with Jason's eyes.

Sonny told Sam that the assassin was dead, and she reasoned that she didn't need to stay at the penthouse anymore. However, Sonny let her know that it wasn't necessary for her to leave. Ric and Det. Duncan interrupted them at the penthouse. Ric baited Sam by insinuating she was there as a prostitute for Sonny. Sonny told her not to let Ric get to her and went to Ric's office. Jason met Sonny there and was told by Sonny to go to the penthouse and tell Sam to stay. Jason arrived at the penthouse, as Sam was packing and getting ready to leave. Sam wanted Jason's objective opinion about what she should do and whether she was good for Sonny in any way.

During Ric and Sonny's meeting, Ric questioned whether Sonny was actually trying to shoot Alcazar rather than the assassin. Sonny blamed the interrogation on Ric's vendetta, the fact that their mother had chosen Sonny. Ric blasted that Sonny was the worst of his two fathers, violent like Deke and selfish like Mike. He continued by exclaiming that he himself was trying to be better than his own father and was trying to do so by being with Liz and preparing for a baby that wasn't even his; he knew he would be a better man than Sonny. Liz overheard the loud argument from the corridor and charged into the office and asked if that was his reason for being with her!

Carly remembered seeing the assassin with Alcazar at the hospital. Alcazar said he obviously couldn't have recognized him because of the blindness, and Carly wondered why Alcazar wouldn't have recognized the killer's voice. Finally, Carly believed him when he said he was too focused on following the killer's voice rather than thinking about the tone of the voice. They went upstairs to her bedroom, and, as she was about to turn out the light, he told her not to do so. Both were surprised as Alcazar said he was able to see! At that point, he could only see images against light, but they took it as a good sign. Carly admitted that she finally believed that he loved her, and they proceeded to have sex. Both of them fell asleep, and, when Carly awoke during the night, she reached for Alcazar's jacket and discovered some papers. Alcazar woke up, too, and realized what Carly had and remembered taking papers from the pockets of the dead assassin. Carly was startled when Alcazar asked her what she was doing!

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