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Monday, January 26, 2004

Emily and Nikolas are shocked to find out that Helena has the treasure. Helena tells Nikolas that she stole it to save him from bankruptcy, but they don't buy it. When Nikolas informs her that the treasure is also the Quartermaines and that he plans to share it with Emily, Helena withholds it from him and demands that he let Emily go. Nikolas refuses, but Emily bursts out that she's willing to give Nikolas up in order to save him from his dangerous creditors. The two continue to pretend that they will separate for the treasure, but Helena doesn't buy Emily's act. Emily declares that she's willing to do anything for Nikolas, so Helena tells her that she'll keep an eye on the situation, and then she leaves. Nikolas and Emily laugh at their ruse, but Nikolas knows that Helena didn't believe it. They discuss how to steal the treasure from her, and take off to find it. As they leave, someone is seen watching them from the eyes of a painting of a Cassadine ancestor. They return and come to the decision that Helena likely has the treasure out of the country. They continue to plot how to steal it from her, and after they leave Helena emerges with a smile. As she toasts the Cassadine painting on the wall, she is suddenly grabbed from behind.

Courtney watches the raid of the coffee shipment unfold and is shocked at the shoot-out. Suddenly she sees Brian come up behind Jason and point a gun at his back. Before Brian can shoot Jason, Courtney pulls the trigger and shoots Brian instead. As Brian falls to the ground, Jason sees Courtney, realizes what she's done, and drags her away before anyone can catch her. He takes her back to the penthouse, where a frantic Carly is searching for Sonny. Jason brushes Carly's questions off and tells her to give Courtney an alibi and stay with her.

At the hospital, Ric angrily lashes out at Lucky and Capelli when they tell him the shipment was legit. He sees that Brian has regained consciousness and begins to question him on who shot him. Although Brian sees the image of Courtney, he doesn't give her up to Ric. Ric presses him to name a shooter, and asks if it could have been Jason. Knowing that Jason was in front of him when he was shot from behind, Brian tells Ric that it couldn't have been Jason, but that's the only thing he knows.

After Jason leaves, Courtney tells Carly what happened on the docks. Carly feels for Courtney, but tells her that she had no choice. She tries to reassure Courtney that she saved her husband's life, and that Brian was in the wrong. Courtney is unconvinced however, and she's devastated that she shot an innocent man who was only doing his job. Ric shows up to question Sonny and Jason, but they aren't there and Carly demands that he leave. He tells Courtney that Brian was shot, but is going to be ok. Once he's gone, she ignores Carly's protests and goes to see Brian at the hospital.

Sonny and Sam have sex at the hotel. Afterward, although Sam is chattering and unsure of her feelings on the situation, Sonny makes it clear that it was merely physical and a means for escape from his life. The two share a brandy and continue to take refuge in the hotel room until someone knocks at the door. Sonny opens it to find Jason, who sees Sam in the bed. The men go into the hallway to discuss the raid, and decide what actions to take. Jason doesn't tell Sonny that Courtney is the one who shot the cop. Sonny tells him what to do next, and although he says nothing, its clear that Jason is shocked and disgusted that Sonny has slept with Sam. Sonny returns to the room, and he and Sam have sex again. Later he gets up to leave and offers to make her a kept woman. Sam responds by angrily throwing a bottle at him and telling him she's not his whore.

Zander goes to Ferncliff to report the events of the shoot-out to Faith. He tells her that the cops were tipped off, and everything fell apart. She angrily demands that he be her eyes and ears, as she plans to stay in the hospital, safely away from Jason and the police. Justus arrives to see Faith, and she's shocked and upset to learn that Jason has ordered Justus to file Faith's release papers. Faith pretends to be insane and delusional, but Justus laughs at her and has her released from Ferncliff. She begs him to help keep her safe from Sonny and Jason, but he refuses. She leaves the hospital and meets Ric on the docks to ask for his protection against her enemies. He tells her he might help her if she can help him find out who shot Brian. In exchange for Ric's help, Faith names Zander Smith.