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Monday, April 14, 2003

Luke paid a hospital visit to Nikolas and demanded that Nikolas sign papers transferring control of Laura's care over to Luke. To Luke's surprise Nikolas agreed, and on the one condition that Luke would first visit her at the new facility less than 100 miles aware from Port Charles to where he had transferred her. Luke left to go see her. On his way out, he ran into Lucky and Summer who were debating how to get the information about her brother from Nikolas. Lucky vowed to help Summer find her brother. Summer carried a spray of flowers into Nikolas's room and tried to pamper him, but Nikolas quickly reminded her that he had servants who would bring him whatever he desired. He told her that he had no idea where her brother was and never did, but Summer called him a liar and stormed out. Lucky agreed to take her to Spoon Island to search Wyndemere for documents about her brother. Nikolas, anticipating their move, called his staff and warned them to look out for Lucky and Summer and not to let them leave the island.

Jason tried to reassure Sonny that his family was safe, but Sonny could not shake his feeling of impending doom. Jason asked Sonny to let him take over for him like he did last time, until Sonny was well enough to take it back. Sonny agreed to let Jason take charge for a while.

While Jason was out, Courtney wrote him a letter explaining why she was leaving. She packed her bags and went to their loft. Jason returned and, upset after reading her letter, went to the loft. Courtney told him she wrote the letter because she wouldn't have had the strength to tell him in person, but Jason insisted that she would have to tell him face to face. Courtney explained that she loved him but couldn't be with him at Sonny's expense. Jason tried to convince Courtney that Sonny's state had nothing to do with her and had happened before, but Courtney's mind was made up. She affirmed that she wanted to stay apart until Sonny was better. He painfully respected her wishes and told her he would make it easier by staying away. They shared a passionate, tearful goodbye.

Carly told Sonny she had heard from the guards that Courtney had broken up with Jason and moved out. Sonny had no reaction. Carly tried to get Sonny to rest a bit, but Ric knocked at the door and Sonny agreed to see him. Carly went to the loft to check on Courtney. Rather than try to talk her out of it, Carly just told Courtney that she was there for her always.

Ric met Faith on the docks and told her she'd better come up with a plan before they were both killed or he'd have to kill her himself. Faith told Ric she knew what she was doing. She told him to drop the Jax thing with Sonny. Ric grabbed her and threatened to shoot her in the heart next time if she double-crossed him. Liz walked up and mistook their tense moment for intimacy. Ric convinced her that it was only business for Sonny.

Ric told Sonny he had new information on the pictures of Faith and Jax that shed some doubt on their authenticity. Ric clumsily tried to explain how he now longer thought Jax was Faith's silent partner, and Jason was shocked to hear Sonny congratulate Ric for his loyalty and good work. After Ric left, though, Sonny revealed to Jason that Ric was Faith's silent partner.

Cameron told Zander that Pete had committed suicide, that Zander had not killed him. He explained how they had found a suicide note in Pete's room months later, how Pete had intended it to look like a hunting accident, just not with Zander pulling the trigger. Zander angrily asked why Cameron had never tracked him down and told him that; Cameron answered that his pressured had destroyed one child, that he felt Zander would be better off so angry he would stay away from him.

Ned blasted Alexis for kidnapping Kristina. Alexis corrected him, telling him that Skye and AJ had taken her. She unapologetically declared that no sane mother would bring her child back to such a house. Ned was unsympathetic and vowed to call the police no matter what consequences Alexis would face. Emily interrupted their fighting and offered to bring Kristina back herself. Despite their protests, Emily insisted that she was the only one with nothing to lose, and that the family would stand behind her even if she wouldn't reveal the details. Zander promised to help her bring the baby home. Later, Ned apologized to Alexis for the harsh things he said when he was mad, and they shared a tender hug as Cameron looked on.