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Monday, January 20, 2003

At Summer's apartment, Lucky is stunned when he finds Summer badly beaten. Lucky guesses it was the Senator. But Summer refuses to let Lucky take her to the Hospital or call the Police. After Summer takes a shower, Lucky urges her to fight back, but Summer orders Lucky to let her take care of her own life. Lucky asks Summer if she was also raped, but Summer denies that she was. Lucky finally confides to Summer that his friend who was raped ALSO did NOT go to the police, but, when she decided to fight back, they found they had no evidence they could take to court. When Summer continues to refuse, Lucky urges Summer to call the Press then, and wreck Jordan's political career. But Summer maintains that she has only ONE option - to let it go! Summer insists that she only needs sleep and aspirin and Lucky leaves, but promises to call her. Summer falls asleep on her couch.

As Cameron begins to trash his office, Gia walks in on him. Gia announces that she KNOWS that Cameron is Zander's father. As Gia blasts Cameron for his unfeeling attitude toward his own son, Gia begins to fill Cameron in on some of the details of Zander's life, including Zander's love for Emily and that Alexis saved Zander from being convicted for killing an undercover cop. Cameron confides to Gia that Zander was always like a pinball, bouncing from person to person, from interest to interest. Cameron tells Gia that it sounds to him as if Zander still does NOT have any concern for the people he hurts and it is best for Zander if Cameron stays as far away from Zander as possible.

Meanwhile, suffering from an overdose, Zander revives, and finds that he has been laying in the snow. Zander suddenly becomes concerned about Emily and heads to the Quartermaine Mansion. Zander arrives as Alan, Monica and Edward are watching the news reports of the trial. As Zander demands to see Emily, the Quartermaines try to convince Zander that Emily is in California, starting a new life. Alan and Monica quickly realize that Zander has overdosed and, when Zander collapses, they rush him to the Hospital. After Zander is hospitalized, Gia stops by to see Zander. When Monica wonders WHY Zander suddenly came un-spooled when he seemed to be doing so well working with Ned, Gia admits that she knows why. Gia looks Cameron up at the Hospital and blasts the shrink because his own son overdosed after one session with Cameron! Gia persuades Cameron to return to Zander's room with her and Gia accuses Cameron of being the one responsible for Zander's condition.

In Brenda's Hospital room, Jax disables the court-ordered closed circuit TV camera and sends the cameraman away. When Brenda reminds Jax that the camera was court-ordered, Jax pleads with Brenda to realize that their only way out at this point is to give up Jason.

At the same time, in Court, Scott claims that losing the closed circuit TV feed is contempt of court, while Alexis argues that it is merely equipment failure. Alexis pleads for a continuance and moves for a mistrial, but the Judge refuses to listen to Alexis. Meanwhile, Sonny assures Courtney that, while the tape is a set-back, Sonny WILL be able to handle it. When the Judge declares a recess while they deal with the camera, AJ assures Skye that the tape proves their case for them and that Brenda and Jason are going down, big time. But Coleman throws cold water on the siblings' glee by announcing that Courtney has discovered that Coleman is working with AJ and Skye and that Sonny is also suspicious that it was Coleman who paid for Ida's false testimony. When they look around, they notice Sonny and Courtney watching them. Coleman lets AJ and Skye know that Sonny warned Coleman that, if Jason and Brenda ended up on the WRONG end of the jury's verdict, it will be 'Adios!' for Coleman. AJ and Skye inform Coleman that that is Coleman's problem, and move away from Sonny's gaze. When Courtney sees AJ, Skye and Coleman leave, she asks Sonny WHY he is letting them go. But Sonny assures his sister that Sonny IS taking care of it. In the meantime, Alexis informs Jason that she will NEED to put Brenda AND Jason on the stand. When Jason protests that he is no good when he takes the stand, Alexis assures Jason that Alexis KNOWS that Brenda and Jason are innocent, but she needs THEIR help to prove it.

Back at the Hospital, as Jax tries to convince Brenda that she should testify against Jason to guarantee HER freedom, Scott arrives. Jax asks Scott what would happen if Brenda changed her story and claimed that, although she DID stab Alcazar, Jason came in, threw Alcazar off the terrace on Sonny's orders, dragged Brenda out of the Hotel and threatened to kill her if she ever talked. Scott assures Jax that, IF Brenda testified to THAT story, Scott could work something out that would enable Brenda to walk. Brenda informs Scott and Jax that she would NEVER testify to that kind of story, since it is NOT true! Jax pleads with Brenda to take the deal and urges her NOT to throw her own life away just for Sonny's errand boy! When Brenda continues to refuse, Jax accuses Brenda of sacrificing her life for Sonny - AGAIN! Then Jax announces that he is through with Brenda and will be in Australia tomorrow. Then Jax storms out. Scott urges Brenda to take the deal, but she orders Scott out of her room. After Scott leaves, Jax secretly returns and tells Brenda that his harsh words were just an act for Scott's benefit. Jax tells Brenda that he will make arrangements for Brenda to leave the country and, IF Scott believes that Jax and Brenda are estranged, Scott will NOT suspect that Jax is planning to help Brenda vanish without a trace and hide out under new identities. When Brenda insists that she MUST tell Jason, Jax suggests that will be a good idea, so Jason can make plans to split as well. Jax hands Brenda a cell phone and tells her NEVER to be without it - that Jax will call her when the escape plan is in place. They kiss and Jax leaves.

Liz spots Ric at the Hospital, attempting to see Brenda, Ric confesses that he is trying to see Brenda to tell her that he will NOT testify against her. Liz quickly asks if Ric KNOWS something that could incriminate Brenda. Ric refuses to talk. Liz asks if Ric really wants to reassure Brenda because Ric likes Brenda - OR because Ric wants to impress Sonny. When Liz asks WHY Ric is so interested in Sonny, Ric admits that Ric believes that Ric could make Sonny's money and power all legitimate. Ric and Liz leave the Hospital together.

In the apartment she shares with Jason, Courtney writes in her journal, confessing that she loves Jason. Jason suddenly comes home, sees her with the journal and teasingly asks to see the journal.

At the same time, Scott returns to Brenda's room and announces that he just talked to the Judge and the Judge turned down all of Alexis's requests for delays. Scott tells Brenda that the Judge is eager to move ahead and, since Alexis has no witnesses to call and no evidence, the trial will be over in a couple of days. Scott announces to Brenda that he believes the jury will take no more than two or three hours of deliberation - in fact - it might only take 45 minutes - to convict Jason and Brenda of Alcazar's murder. Scott warns that IF Brenda plans to roll over on Jason, she needs to do it NOW, because, once the jury begins deliberation, Scott will no longer be able to help Brenda. After Scott leaves, Brenda calls Bobbie and asks if Bobbie would take her I.V. out. Bobbie agrees and reminds Brenda that there are many people who care about Brenda. But, when Bobbie leaves, Brenda gets dressed and slips, unnoticed, out of the Hospital.

As Jason teases Courtney about what she has written in her journal, Courtney comes close to declaring her love, but Jason receives a phone call, agrees to meet someone, and leaves. Jason promises to return as soon as he can.

As Lucky heads home, he spots Scott, buttering up Senator Jordan. Watching from hiding, Lucky listens as Jordan praises Scott for his work on the Alcazar case. Then, when the reporters leave, Lucky sees Jordan hand Scott an envelope. Jordan tells Scott that the woman is a career prostitute and is threatening blackmail. Scott assures Jordan that Scott will smooth things over for him.

Jason meets Brenda on the Docks and Brenda warns Jason that Scott believes the trial will be over in a few days. Jason insists that Alexis will be able to stall, but Brenda informs Jason that the Judge has already turned down all of Alexis' requests. Brenda declares that their only hope is to go to Lisbon - tonight!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Realizing she fears she'll end up in prison or worse, Jason tells Brenda that he will flee the country with her and makes the necessary arrangements for them to fly to Lisbon. Jason then gives Sonny and Carly the news about their decision. Carly pushes Sonny to say goodbye to Brenda. Courtney is devastated by Jason's decision and wants to go with him. He won't allow it but does claim he'll send for her in time. Hiding their true feelings, Sonny and Brenda say goodbye. At the airport Jason advises Brenda that while he has arranged for her to escape to Lisbon, he has decided that he can't leave town. Arguing at the hospital next to an unconscious Zander, Gia urges Cameron to help his son. Nikolas is upset to learn that Gia was with Zander instead of meeting him as planned. After accusing Scott of covering up Jordan's brutal beating of Summer, Lucky drags the top cop to see Summer's bruises himself. Shocked, Scott orders them to the docks and allows them to secretly watch as he blackmails Jordan into leaving Summer alone. Jordan warns Scott that he'll be sorry he threatened him. Summer thanks Scott for his efforts and when he takes her home, Lucky's upset that she was with him. While Sonny's upset that Alexis has dropped out of the trial at the last moment, Ned and Cameron are angry when they learn Alexis took the baby to Johns Hopkins for elective surgery without telling them.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Ric takes Liz down to the Speakeasy and shows her around. When Liz asks if Ric could put her at the head of the line when the Club opens, Ric admits that he is no longer high on Sonny's guest list. Meanwhile, upstairs, Lucky asks Bobbie if she has heard from Luke and, while Bobbie assures Lucky that she has NOT heard from her brother, Bobbie suggests that maybe it is because Laura is getting better. Lucky surprises his aunt when he asks her how she found the strength to quit hooking and make a life for herself as a nurse, but Lucky does NOT tell Bobbie about Summer's former profession. As Liz and Ric talk in the Speakeasy, Liz finds some music on the radio and they dance. The music is suddenly interrupted with a news bulletin that Alexis has dropped out as the defense attorney for Brenda and Jason Morgan. Liz is surprised when Ric calls Sonny and leaves a message for the mob-boss that Ric is willing to help in any way with Jason and Brenda's defense, and offers the opinion that it would be self-defeating to put Brenda on the stand. When Liz asks WHY Ric is working so hard to impress Sonny, Ric hints that maybe Sonny is NOT the one Ric is trying to impress. Then Ric kisses Liz. Ric asks Liz to have dinner with him and she agrees, on the condition that he walk her home.

At the Hospital, when Zander finds Cameron in his room, Zander demands that Cameron tell him what kind of relationship they are going to have - father and son - or nothing? Elsewhere in the Hospital, Nikolas asks Gia point blank if she is purposely trying to push him away. Gia reminds Nikolas that he became involved in the Dead Ted Affair because he was supporting his friend Emily. Gia tells Nikolas that she now wants a 'serious' career, but Nikolas reminds her that he has always stood beside her and been supportive of all of her career choices - and turned himself inside out when she wanted to be a super-model. Meanwhile, in Zander's room, after Cameron tells Zander that nothing can ever sever the bond between a parent and child, Cameron accuses Zander of systematically destroying his own life and adds that that is the ONE thing Zander has ever been good at! When Cameron leaves Zander's room, he passes Nikolas and Gia. As they argue, Nikolas tells Gia that he believes Zander is a loser who will NEVER amount to anything. But Cameron overhears Nikolas' remarks and blasts Nikolas for his attitude, throwing Nikolas' own dysfunctional family life out as the reason why Nikolas should NOT be so quick to judge Zander. Nikolas quietly informs Cameron that the majority of the funding for the Hospital comes from Nikolas and his dysfunctional family! Meanwhile, in his room, Zander flashes back to his brother's death. As Cameron blasts Nikolas for his attitude toward Zander, Nikolas gives Cameron a long list of Zander's wrong-doing, beginning with Zander threatening to kill Emily if she did NOT get Nikolas' car out of neutral in time when Zander was running away from the police. Nikolas concludes that Zander is NOT Hamlet - he is just a small town punk! Gia tries to persuade Nikolas to quit arguing with Cameron. After Cameron leaves, Nikolas declares that he will have Cameron fired from the Hospital staff. But Gia urges Nikolas to think before he makes such a rash decision. Nickolas angrily tells Gia to tell it to Zander and storms out of the Hospital. Gia returns to Zander's room. But Zander tells Gia that the only thing she can do for him is go away and leave him alone, so Gia leaves. Later, Cameron passes by Zander's room with Zander's case worker and asks her what the plan for Zander's case is. The case worker informs Cameron that Zander is scheduled for court-ordered rehabilitation. Cameron tells the case worker to keep Zander out of rehabilitation and give him intensive therapy at the Hospital instead. She dryly asks if that means that Cameron is volunteering for the job.

At the airport, Brenda informs Jason that she is NOT going to skip town and let Jason stand trial alone, but Jason assures her that Sonny will take care of everything. Brenda reminds Jason that Sonny has been singing that same old song for months and they are STILL in the middle of a mess up to their ears. Brenda insists that she will NOT leave without Jason and asks him if he plans to bodily put her on the plane and Jason grabs her and carries her toward the plane. Just at that moment, the Police arrive, looking for Brenda and Jason and the Morgans hide together in the shadows. From their hiding spot, Brenda and Jason overhear the police talking and learn that the police are searching for Jason and Brenda on Taggert's orders. Brenda finally agrees to board the plane if Jason will tell her why he can NOT leave - then guesses the reason is someone who is blond. Brenda suddenly asks if Sonny knows about this, but Jason evades the question. Brenda pretends to get on the plane, but gets off right away and returns to Jason's Penthouse. Jason returns to the apartment he shares with Courtney and is stunned when he finds that she is gone. The landlady tells Jason that - IF he REALLY loved Courtney - Jason would let her go. Jason pays the landlady for the next six months and the landlady leaves. Jason follows her out. Jason returns to his own Penthouse and, when he hears noises in the next room, he pulls out his gun. He is shocked when he finds that Brenda is there. As Jason and Brenda argue about Brenda's most recent failure to do what she promised to do, Taggert comes to the door and informs Brenda that she is under twenty-four hour surveillance, and she apparently left the Hospital before she was discharged. Brenda informs Taggert that she did NOT know that was against the law. After Taggert leaves, Jason reminds Brenda that, when she did NOT get on that plane, she probably blew all of her chances to run. When Brenda confides to Jason that there are people in town she does not want to leave either, her husband assumes that she is talking about Sonny. When Jason asks Brenda point-blank if it is about Sonny and she does NOT answer him, he presumes that he is correct.

When Scott takes Summer home, he points out to her that he COULD be a good friend. But Summer accuses Scott of being just like Jordan - expecting some kind of payoff. But Scott tells Summer that he believes Jordan should be horse-whipped. When Summer asks Scott point-blank what he wants, Scott suggests they go out for a couple of drinks. When Scott decides he is striking out and gets ready to leave, Summer suddenly asks him to stay for coffee. After Scott and Summer talk, Scott gives Summer his card and tells her that he has references from some ex-girlfriends and ex-wives in case she wants to check him out. Later, Scott stops off at Kelly's and runs in to Lucky. When Scott tries to talk to Bobbie, she tells him that she doesn't have time, and rushes off to the hospital. After Bobbie leaves, Scott reminds Lucky that Scott is NOT his enemy and that Laura has NOT ruled Scott out. But Lucky reminds Scott that, sooner or later, Laura WILL rule Scott out, because she is a smart girl. Meanwhile, at Summer's apartment, Laura looks at Scott's card for a long time - then calls Lucky. Lucky picks the phone up in the midst of his argument with Scott and makes sure that Scott realizes that it is Laura who is calling Lucky.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Cameron checks up on Zander who resents his sudden interest in his welfare. Cameron informs him that he was in charge of his care when he was admitted into the hospital and that he has a choice between outpatient care with Gail Baldwin or some residential rehab place instead. Zander tells him that he blames himself for his actions not his father and that he can stop worrying about what other people will think of him. He kicks Cameron out of his room. Bobbie comes by to talk to him and Cameron shows up. Zander gives him an attitude but doesn't reveal to Bobbie that Cameron is his father. Ned stops by to see him and to bring him lunch. He asks him why he overdosed on drugs for and wonders if he was putting too much stress on him by asking to help him bring down Sonny. Zander tells him it had to do with a family problem not a work problem. Ned isn't too pleased when Zander tells him that he made a pass at Faith while he was high but tells him that none of this will happen again. Ned decides to give him a second chance working for him but if he ends up doing drugs again or misses any therapy appointments he'll fire him. As Ned is leaving his room, Zander confesses that Faith asked him to smash up Carly's club and that she told him not to tell him about it. Ned is furious and shows up at the courthouse to confront Faith who meets him there. He tells her that there deal is off for going behind his back and pulling a stunt again with Zander without telling him first. Faith agrees not to do it again and asks him why he isn't happier about Jason and Brenda going to prison. Ned tells her that Jason is his cousin and Brenda is a close friend of his and that they wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for Sonny's involvement. Edward spots them talking outside the courtroom. Faith goes inside to wait for him and Edward questions Ned's wisdom in getting involved with a mobster's widow to get to Sonny and risk losing ELQ in the process. Ned tells him that he knows what he is doing and he will bring down Sonny once and for all. Edward tells him he will do everything he can to stop him from risking ELQ to do it but Ned tells him that he will do what he has to even mow him down if he gets in his way. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly that Jason and Brenda decided not to run off and are back in Port Charles to face the trial. Carly is thankful for that. Later, Carly goes over across the hall to see Brenda. She thanks her for staying backing up Jason in court. Brenda tells her that she is going to stay and fight the charge since she is innocent and that she can't go anywhere until that is done.

At Kelly's Courtney tries to communicate with Liz, who gives her the silent treatment. AJ walks into Kelly's and approaches her at the counter. He tells her he had to tell the truth in court about seeing Jason in the limo. Alan and Monica come in after AJ Courtney tells A.J that he didn't testify against Jason to do the right thing but to get revenge because he is a coward. Monica tells AJ that Courtney has a point about testifying and Alan questions his motives as well. AJ gets upset that the family is sticking up for Jason again and reminds them that Jason is a cold blooded killer who needs to finally be held accountable for his actions. Courtney goes onto the docks. She prays to God that Jason stays safe from harm. Jason overhears her and tells her he is right there and to pray for something else instead. Courtney runs into his arms. Jason tells her he couldn't run away and not be close to her and he decided to stay and face the trial as well as Brenda. Courtney goes to the courthouse. Sonny tells her that she doesn't need to be there. Courtney insists on staying and sitting with him to show her support. Carly knows it's really about seeing Jason but doesn't say anything. Brenda and Jason show up with the press fast on their heels. Earlier, Felicia had approached Scott and told him that she is almost certain that Ida's testimony is false and that she was paid off. Scott doesn't change his plans to use her taped testimony as his last piece of evidence. Felicia argues with him that she was most likely paid off but has no proof to give him. Scott dismisses her theory and she storms off. She ends up going to Kelly's and talks to a potential witness who she thinks is tied to Coleman and was used by him to send messages to Ida to meet him. The woman refuses to testify to anything and storms off. Cameron comes by and sits with her and asks her about what happened. Felicia tells him that she knows Ida was paid off by Coleman but doesn't have the evidence to prove it. Dara Jensen surprises Sonny when she agrees to defend Brenda and Jason since Alexis bailed out on them. She is no longer in the D.A.'s office and tells Sonny that she is surprised that she is agreeing to defend Jason but that she feels he is innocent and that Brenda is going to be harder to defend with the evidence Scott has against her. The trial resumes. Scott introduces new evidence against Jason that Dara just barely heard about and didn't have time to review it in court. The judge allows Scott to enter it into evidence. It is a hair follicle belonging to Jason that was found on the balcony of Alcazar's room. Dara objects to the evidence since it could have been planted but then asks Jason why he didn't tell her he was on the balcony. Jason tells her that he went and checked out Alcazar's room a few days before his murder but he couldn't admit to that in his testimony for obvious reasons as Sonny explains to Courtney and Carly. Ric got a surprise of his own when he came out of the shower and saw writing on his mirror in red lipstick that said "They are innocent, and I can prove it." Ric goes to the courthouse and tells Sonny what he saw on his mirror. Sonny doesn't trust Ric's account and either does Carly. Ric gets a call on his cell phone and he goes out and answers it. It is a mysterious woman who asks him to meet her on the docks and that it concerns Alcazar's murder. Dara calls Taggert to the stand to question him about whether Scott presented all his evidence to the defense before the trial or if he omitted anything important from them. Taggert tells her his job is to gather evidence not prepare it for trial. Scott objects and tells the judge it isn't his fault that the defendants have another new attorney who isn't prepared for trial and that she has no right to pit the jurors against him in court. The judge agrees with Scott. Brenda gets out of her seat and approaches the bench. The judge asks Dara to keep her client in line or he will hold her in contempt of court. The bailiffs try to push Brenda away from the bench and back to her seat. Brenda asks the judge to allow her to take the stand and testify. Jason isn't to happy about her decision. Dara asks her to explain what happened that night. Brenda explains about the knife incident and that she had no intention of killing Alcazar but to just scare him. She tells them that Jason was outside the room and stopped her from going back into the room to confront Alcazar again. Scott cross-examines her and rips her testimony apart effectively. He tells her she couldn't have known where Jason was before he was in the hallway with her and could have killed Alcazar before he stopped her. Brenda tells him he couldn't have had time to kill Alcazar since she just ran out of his room and no one was there. Scott talks over her and tries to get her to admit that Jason killed Alcazar and she is helping him cover it up.

Friday, January 24, 2003

On the Docks, Ned blasts Faith for getting Zander involved in trashing Carly's new club without alerting Ned first. Ned asks if Faith has an agenda BEYOND just wanting to shut Sonny down, but Faith stonewalls. Ned warns Faith that their mutual agreement requires that there be NO secrets between partners, and rakes Faith over the coals for jeopardizing their set up. But Faith angrily reminds Ned that Ned could get nowhere with his plans to defeat Sonny without Faith's underworld contacts - and she storms away. Ned follows Faith to her hotel room and breaks down the door. But, when Ned sweeps Faith into his arms and kisses her, she pulls a knife and orders Ned to keep his distance. Ned takes the knife away from Faith and warns her that he is NOT just a rich kid who wandered in to a tough neighborhood. Ned declares: "I am a man who does NOT give a damn any more. And that makes me TRULY dangerous!' They hit the sheets. Afterward, Faith warns Ned that - IF he makes an enemy of her - she WILL destroy him. Ned confirms that the feeling is mutual. After Ned leaves, Edward arrives and congratulates Faith for a job well done! Faith assures Edward that everything went exactly as they had planned it!

As Coleman tries to rush out of his office to get to Court, Felicia shows up and informs Coleman that Ida sent Felicia an email, confessing that she had been paid to lie about what she saw on Alcazar's balcony. Felicia tells Coleman that Ida told Felicia that Ida saw NOTHING when she was sewing and that Coleman had sent his former stripper - Wynona - to see Ida. Felicia asks Coleman what he had to gain from accusing Jason and Brenda of Alcazar's murder when Coleman points out that he would have NO reason to help a private investigator he never met before. But Felicia begs Coleman to give her something to make these charges go away - just to save two innocent lives. But, when Coleman continues to plead ignorance, Felicia threatens to take what she knows to her ex-husband, who is the Police Commissioner! Before Coleman can answer, AJ arrives. Felicia claims that Ida sent Felicia an email, implicating AJ as well as Coleman, as the two who paid Ida to attest to seeing Brenda struggle with Alcazar on the balcony. Coleman continues to deny Felicia's charges and AJ threatens to sue if Felicia continues to make her unfounded charges. After Felicia leaves, AJ demands to know what Coleman was thinking by talking to Felicia. But Coleman assures AJ that Coleman believed Felicia 'knew' something - Coleman was just hoping to pump her enough to figure out what. AJ reminds Coleman that, if anyone discovers who was responsible for bribing Ida for her testimony, it would only be a hop and a skip before the police leaped to the conclusion that it was Coleman or AJ who killed Ida. As Coleman assures AJ that he understands all of that, AJ worries that their biggest concern is Skye, who appears to be just one drink away from blabbing everything!

Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Lucky notices that Liz is glowing and coaxes Liz to fill him in on her budding relationship with Ric. Lucky then fills Liz in on the way that Lucky met a girl named Laura at Port Charles University. Just then, Summer arrives. After assuring Lucky that Scott only did some mild flirting the night before, Summer invites Lucky to have dinner at her place. Lucky accepts. Later, after dinner in Summer's apartment, Lucky and Summer share a tender kiss. However, as it begins to look like things will go further, Summer suddenly puts on the brakes!

At the Court House, Ric receives a call from a woman who asks him to meet her on the Docks and informs him that she KNOWS that Brenda and Jason are innocent. When Ric asks if the caller killed Alcazar, she hangs up. Much later, when Ric meets his mysterious caller on the Docks, the caller wears a dark coat with a hood and stays in the shadows. When Ric asks WHY the mystery woman is talking to him, the woman admits that she has found she needs to speak to someone about this - then she announces that she KNOWS that Brenda and Jason are innocent because SHE is the killer!

In the Court Room, Scott tries to pin Brenda down on the events of the night of Alcazar's death, although Dara keeps objecting that Scott is badgering the witness. As Scott accuses Brenda of covering for a cold-blooded killer for hire, Courtney suddenly passes out and creates a stir in the Court Room. As Sonny gets Courtney out of the Court Room, he insists that she go home - but she refuses! Scott tells Brenda that he believes that Brenda confronted Alcazar and Alcazar attacked Brenda and threatened Jax. Brenda suddenly admits that she DID want to kill Alcazar! As Scott indulges in a self-satisfied grin, Jason quietly begs Dara to get Brenda off the stand. When Dara gets her chance to cross-examine Brenda, Dara only asks Brenda if she killed Alcazar and Brenda denies it. Dara asks if Alcazar was alive when Brenda left the room. When Brenda says yes, Dara announces that her Defense rests. As Scott sums up, he supposes that Alcazar suspected that one day Brenda would try to kill him and that was why Alcazar kept the tape of Brenda attacking him with scissors and marked it 'Murder!' When Dara sums up, Dara claims that Scott's only motive in the trial has been convicting Jason - and all of Scott's case is based on circumstantial evidence. After Dara's summation, the Judge instructs the Jury, and they leave to deliberate. After the Jury leaves, Dara apologizes to Brenda for leaving her on the stand, but Dara admits that it was a tactic - Dara just wanted the Jury to see Scott badgering Brenda. Jason assures Brenda that she did fine on the stand. When Sonny, Carly and Courtney leave the Court Room, Brenda urges Jason to go spend a few minutes with Courtney. Scott catches Sonny in the hall and gloats that the Jury is about to convict Sonny's No. 1 Stooge - and Sonny is going to be next! Sonny returns to the Court Room and assures Brenda that everything will be OK. Carly spots Sonny and Brenda together and walks away. Felicia finds Sonny with Brenda and tells the mob boss that she is positive that AJ and Coleman paid Ida for false testimony. Sonny tells Felicia that, IF she can prove it, they would be able to get a mistrial. Felicia hurries off to see what she can do.

Courtney is thrilled when Jason suddenly arrives at the apartment they share. When Jason asks Courtney what made her pass out in court, Courtney puts it off with being too nervous about the trial to eat. Jason tries to prepare Courtney for what will happen next if he is convicted, but Courtney refuses to fear the worst. Jason suddenly gets a cell phone call.

At the same time, Dara informs Brenda, Carly and Sonny that the verdict is in. When the Jury returns with the verdict, they pronounce Brenda and Jason guilty. Everyone else in the Court Room are shocked by the Jury's quick verdict - but AJ and Scott look pleased!

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