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Monday, September 16, 2002

The guy Brenda was getting to call Sonny wasn't having much success. Sonny insisted he talk with her, this 'stranger' that wanted him to meet at St. Timothy's church. Brenda took the phone but didn't say anything. Sonny did agree to go to the church.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny had agreed to meet with this woman. Carly was scared for him but didn't say anything. They were kissing when Jason walked in. They left and later Liz came to see Carly. Liz asked Carly how she did it, lived with Sonny and try not to be afraid. Carly said she doesn't talk about it. She asked Liz if she knew anything about peppers. Liz came and helped cut up peppers. They actually talked civilly for awhile.
After Liz left, Carly lit some candles and opened a bottle of red wine. She was drinking this wine as the whole scene at the church played out.

Brenda got to the church and was sitting there when the priest came out. She was talking to him, telling him she had a terminal illness. She might not make a lot of sense. She asked how long he had been at that church and he said 3 years. She told him she almost got married there 5 years ago. He told her she could stay until he finished checking everything out and locking up. He had to go downstairs and work his way up. Brenda had given up on Sonny and was heading towards the front door of the church. In slow motion, Sonny was shown coming towards the church. Roy was watching and waiting to take his shot at Sonny. Sonny walked up the steps toward the church and as he got there, Brenda came out and they locked eyes for a moment before a shot rang out.

Elsewhere, Alcazar was still looking for Brenda.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

St. Timothy's Church

Roy shoots Sonny, and Sonny collapses to the ground in the pouring rain. Brenda rushes to a blood-soaked Sonny. Jason calls Carly and notifies her to go to the church while Sonny lies in the rain. Brenda wants to stay with Sonny, but Jason prevents this and whisks her away in Sonny's car. An ambulance is called. The ambulance arrives while the priest is saying prayers over Sonny. The paramedics declare Sonny dead after unsuccessfully attempting to revive him while a hysterical Carly cries over Sonny's body. The paramedics try to remove the body, but Carly is too distraught proclaiming her unending love for Sonny, and clings to Sonny. While the priest restrains Carly, the paramedics remove Sonny's body. Taggert arrives at the scene, and Carly tells Taggert that Sonny is dead. Taggert is furious that the paramedics removed Sonny's body without his permission. Taggert question Carly as to what happened, and the priest responds that Carly arrived as Sonny was dying. The priest says he was the only witness. The priest mentions a dark-haired mystery woman, who was in the church, but she isn't a parishioner and he doesn't know her name. Taggert tries to console Carly for the way she had to see Sonny die. Carly cries that Sonny was lying in the street like a piece of trash. Carly screams at Taggert that Taggert hated Sonny. He doesn't deny it, but says he wants to find Sonny's killer nonetheless. Taggert tries to convince Carly that, for once, they both want the same thing. Carly tells Taggert that all she knows is that she received a call from Jason that Sonny needed her at the church, and she thinks the man who murdered Sonny is named Alcazar.

Roy's Apartment

Roy advises Alcazar telephonically that Sonny is dead, and Roy wants Felicia released immediately. Alcazar tells Roy he wants independent conformation of the death. Roy hangs up and starts to trash his own apartment. Felicia appears at Roy's apartment and they hug. She tells him she's fine and that she's already spoken with the girls and they're fine. Felicia is concerned that Jason will come after Roy for killing Sonny. After escorting Felicia home, Roy returns to his apartment to find Alcazar waiting for him. He tells Alcazar to get out. Alcazar says he needs one more thing, and gives Roy a picture of Brenda so Roy can prevent Brenda from getting to Jax. Roy isn't off the hook yet.

Jax's Apartment

Jax awakes in bed looking for Skye, who is standing by an open window looking out at the rain. She questions why Jax's body language lately seems to indicate fear. Skye tells Jax she is honored and grateful that he loves her. Jax asks Skye, again, to marry him. Skye says "yes", she can't wait to be Jax's wife.

Alcazar's Hideout

Felicia mouths off to Alcazar pontificating about Sonny's impending murder and about Michael will now be fatherless. Alcazar tells Felicia she's a schoolteacher impersonating a private investigator. Alcazar says he has to kill to Sonny to ensure the safety of the woman he loves, a greater good in his eyes than the evil of Sonny's death. He claims to be protecting what's his. He espouses on Brenda's strong points, in his mind, and says he never had a life before Brenda. Alcazar tells Felicia that the police will assume Roy killed Sonny, and arrest him. He speculates that Roy should have covered his tracks. Alcazar says that Roy's animosity towards Sonny was common knowledge, and a motive. Alcazar receives a phone call, then tells Felicia that she's free to go, and she should be grateful that she and her daughters are safe. Felicia threatens Alcazar with Jason coming after him.

Sonny's Car

Brenda fumes at Jason for taking her away from Sonny. Jason explains that he'd rather be with Sonny himself, but Sonny's orders were for Jason to protect Brenda, who is the cause of all of this.

Undisclosed Safehouse

Jason physically carries Brenda into a room. Jason starts to question Brenda about Alcazar. Brenda reveals to Jason that she his her mother's insanity. Jason questions why Brenda didn't ask Alcazar what he did for a living. Brenda admits she wasted Sonny's time by not calling him because she wanted to see him herself. Jason wants to know the first time Alcazar mentioned Sonny's name. Brenda claims that her disease makes her memory and cognizance unreliable and confusing. Brenda confirms to Jason that Roy DiLucca was supposed to kill Sonny. Jason reiterates that Alcazar told Sonny he had something that Sonny wanted more than anything in the world, and apparently that was supposed to be Brenda, but that Sonny's family is the most important thing to him. Jason advises Brenda that Sonny is married to Carly, and that Sonny loves Carly. Brenda wants to know about Jax, and how Jax is going to be protected. Jason tells Brenda not to presume she understands the relationship Sonny and he have. Jason receives a phone call that appears to require further cooperation to get Carly home safely. Jason hangs up and tells Brenda that Sonny is being taken to the morgue. Brenda laments the evening's happenings, and we see a close-up of a wall vent. She says she's always loved Sonny. On the other side of the vent, Sonny (wearing a bulletproof vest) hears Brenda's confession.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Alexis' penthouse-
Ned comes to tell Alexis about Sonny's death then hears it again on a news bulletin

At the safe house-
Brenda sleeps dreaming that she wakes to find Sonny standing in the doorway but then wakes to find Jason there instead.

At Roy's penthouse-
The PCPD comes into Roy's pointing there gun's and Taggert telling Roy to put his hands up and tells him that he wanted to know where he was when Sonny was killed.

At Sonny's penthouse-
Liz goes into the penthouse to see Carly coming down the stairs telling her that Sonny had been shot and killed.

At the safe house-
Brenda tells Jason about her dream that Sonny was still alive then says that Sonny was dead because of her. Sonny hears her from the next room. Jason tells Brenda that she didn't kill Sonny and everything had been set to go way before they knew that she was involved. Brenda regrets not telling Sonny on the phone then says that Sonny would never have to see her sick Sonny is outside watching Brenda through the window. Jason comes out and Sonny thanks him for sitting up with Brenda all night. Jason asked Sonny if he was going to tell Brenda that he was alive?

At Sonny's penthouse-
Carly explained to Liz what had happened when she got to Sonny at the church. Liz asks about Jason and Bobbie told her that he wasn't there at the scene. Carly assures Liz that Jason was all right and that it was Jason that called her and told her that Sonny needed her. Liz was in a panic and wanting to go and find Jason but Carly told her that she would only be making things worse by going after him. Bobbie agrees with Carly and that they need to stay out of it. Carly tells Liz to go over to Jason's and wait for him to come home. Liz agreed and told Carly that if she needed anything that she would be across the hall at Jason's then she leaves.

At Alexis' penthouse-
Alexis wants to think that Sonny's death was just a mistake but Ned confirmed that it was all-true and that Sonny was shot 5 times in the chest and back. Alexis is in shock. Ned worries about Alexis and the baby and how it will affect them

At Courtney and AJ's-
Courtney gets a visit from Coleman who tells her that her brother had been shot to death the night before. Courtney goes into shock

At Roy's penthouse-
Taggert tells Roy that Sonny had been shot 5 times at close range then tries to get a confession from Roy for Sonny's murder. Felicia comes in and tells Taggert that Roy had been with her all night so Roy had nothing to do with it.

At Courtney and AJ's-
Courtney can't understand how Sonny can be killed when he has bodyguards Coleman tells her that he heard that Sonny was alone at the time of the shooting. Mike comes to see Courtney then had to tell Mike that Sonny was dead.

At Roy's penthouse-
Taggert asks Felicia when Roy brought her home she tells him that it had been a few hours since her and Roy were together. Felicia tells Taggert to find Alcazar for Sonny's murder and that he was the one who blew up Sonny's warehouse and killed Christine. Felicia told Taggert that Sonny must have blown up Alcazar's boat then Alcazar killed Sonny. Taggert gets a call and has to leave but tells Roy not to leave town. Felicia tells Roy that they should have known better than to except a million dollars and not to have to do something illegal. Then says that Sonny would still be alive if Roy didn't have to kill him to save her life. Roy tells Felicia that it will turn out all right but Felicia tells Roy that she was going to leave him. Roy told her to trust him but Felicia doesn't listen and leaves.

At Sonny's-
Carly gets a visit from Alexis and said that she was going to let everyone know that her baby was Sonny's, which makes Carly mad.

At the safe house-
Sonny asks Jason about Alcazar and Brenda and Jason told him that because of her disease she stayed Alcazar and that Sonny and Jax wouldn't have to watch her go insane. Jason says that Brenda was at the church to warn Sonny about Alcazar. Sonny says that it was best that they let Brenda to go on thinking that he was dead and Jason agrees. In the house Sonny could hear Brenda crying. Roy comes in and Sonny said that he had done a great job then Roy told him that Alcazar gave him orders to find Brenda and take her to him and to keep surveillance on Jax so that Brenda wouldn't be able to warn him. Roy told Sonny that Alcazar had gone underground and that he wouldn't re-surface until he has Brenda. Sonny told Roy that he had Brenda and that she would be staying there under guard until dealt with Alcazar. Brenda tells Jason that she was going to find Jax but Jason told her that Alcazar would be waiting for her to show up and then kill Jax Jason told Brenda to let him handle everything. Brenda doesn't like it but Jason locked her in the room.

At Sonny's penthouse-
Carly told Alexis that if she went public about Sonny being the father of her baby that she would be putting her and the baby in danger. Alexis leaves when Jason comes in and Carly asks him who the woman was that Sonny was going to meet at the church and Jason said that it didn't matter. Bobbie offered to make funeral arrangements for Sonny but Jason told her he had taken care of everything. Jason tells Carly not to leave without a bodyguard.

At the safe house-
Sonny tells Roy that they will wait for Alcazar to re-surface then says that the only way to stop Alcazar was to force him to make a mistake. Sonny told Roy to continue to go along with Alcazar and to make him think that he was looking for Brenda then Jax would be safe. Sonny assures Roy that Brenda wouldn't get away from him.

At Courtney and AJ's-
AJ talks to his Attorney about his parental rights to Michael now that Sonny were dead.

At the safe house-
Sonny hides from Brenda's view when she tries to open the window.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Taggert is livid when he arrives at the morgue to find that Sonny's body was sent to the church without proper clearance from the PCPD. He finds out that Jason managed to sign out the body. Meanwhile, Brenda tries to persuade Jason to let her go and warn Jax about Alcazar so he doesn't get killed. Jason refuses to allow her to leave the safe house and agrees to do what he can concerning Jax's safety. Jason leaves Benny to watch over Brenda while he's gone. Sonny overhears Brenda through the vent. He feels bad about hearing her blame herself for his "death." AJ drops Courtney off at the penthouse so she can attend Sonny's funeral with Carly and Mike. He goes off to the Quartermaine Mansion to ask Monica to loan him a large sum of money so he can fight for custody of Michael again now that Sonny has "died." Monica refuses to come between A.J and Jason, who she knows is going to fight him to protect Carly and Michaeal regardless of whether Sonny is dead or not. Monica heads over to the funeral home to offer her condolences to Jason for Sonny's death. Jason questions her actions at first but is touched when she tells him she came for him since she is his mother. Bobbie, Lucas, Courtney, Mike, and Carly show up for the funeral service as well. Courtney blames herself for not seeing until it was too late that Sonny was only trying to protect her and that he loved her. Carly tells her that she can't blame herself and that Sonny wouldn't want her to feel bitter about it and that he loved her. Alexis shows up to pay her respects but Carly refuses to allow her to stay for the service after the way she treated Sonny at Kristina's funeral. Alexis leaves quietly. At the end of the service, Taggert shows up and insists on seeing Sonny's body in the casket. Carly gets upset with him and tells him to leave her and Sonny alone now. Taggert refuses to leave without seeing the body. He opens the casket to find Sonny lying there peacefully. Jason tells him to leave right now. He leaves. Jason thanks everyone for coming while he comforts Carly. Everyone leaves them alone. Carly comments to Jason that Taggert will not stop hounding them. Jason leaves her alone in the room. She opens the casket and talks to Sonny about how much she loves him and will never stop loving him ever. Sonny wakes up from a drugged state and gets out of the casket to embrace her. Carly tells him it was really hard to pretend he was dead and go through the motions of a funeral. Meanwhile, Brenda distracts Benny by faking a migraine and asks Benny to turn the lights down. While he turns his back on her to turn the lights down, Brenda hits him hard on the head with a glass vase and knocks him out cold. She escapes out the window and heads to the church to observe Sonny's funeral. She gets there and goes over to the room where the service took place and approaches the door to open it. AJ makes a deal with Edward regarding Michael's future in order to get the financing he needs to fight Carly in court.

Luke visits with Lucky one last time before he is to be transferred to prison. He tells Lucky to meet Roy on the dock and to follow his instructions since he is the #1 point man for the job. Luke is dismayed when Scott joins him in the prison van to escort him personally to prison. Luke refuses to take the blame for what happened to Laura and points his finger at Scott for what happened to Laura. Luke questions Scott's real motives for putting Luke away in prison and accuses him of not being able to accept the fact that Laura chose him to marry and have children with all these years and not him and that Scott can't take the fact that he will always be 2nd best as far as Laura is concerned. Scott orders the driver to pull over and park out near the woods. The driver is reluctant to follow his orders until Scott takes full responsibility for Luke. They pull over and Scott takes the handcuffs and ankle locks off of Luke so they can have a fair fist fight once and for all. Luke eggs Scott on and the two come to blows. Scott suddenly falls to the ground unconscious. Luke looks up and says "Well, it's about time." Looking on is Nikolas with a piece of wood in his hands. Nikolas tells Luke that he rented a car and he can take Luke to see Laura right now before the van returns. Luke tells Nikolas that it is too risky and he will take it from here without him. He thanks Nikolas for his help and asks him to talk to Lucky and tell him he is sorry for lying to him. Nikolas tells him that he knows that Luke is the only one who can help his mother now. Meanwhile, Lucky shows up at the docks to meet Roy. When Roy doesn't show up, Lucky calls him and leaves him a message to meet him on the docks. Lucky ends up showing up at the PCPD to find out if Luke has already left for prison. Taggert won't tell him anything useful and a call comes in that Luke escaped from the prison van and that Scott was knocked out. Taggert looks at Lucky accusingly and asks him what he knows about Luke's escape. Lucky realizes his father escaped without him.

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Friday, September 20, 2002

Carly and Sonny are startled by a noise outside the room they are in and Carly wants to make sure that everything is okay, but Sonny convinces her that Jason will take care of it. They talk for a while and Carly explains that the reason that she was so convincing to the police is because she thought something had gone wrong and that he was really dead. Unfortunately, Carly realizes that she isn't going to be able to spend time with or even talk to Sonny until Alcazar comes back from the underground and can be caught. This means that she is going to have to spend an even longer time playing the grieving widow. Later, after Sonny had left, Bobbie comes into the room and finds Carly crying over Sonny's coffin.

Brenda tries to get into the room where Sonny's funeral was, but at the last minute, Jason is able to stop her. On the limo ride back to the safe house, they cut through the hotel parking lot to get by traffic and as they are stopped there, Brenda sees Jax giving Skye a rose and kissing her. She then screams for him and tries to get out of the limo, but Jason holds her back. He then takes her back to the safe house where the window has now been nailed shut.

Liz and Zander talk in Sonny and Carly's penthouse and Zander says that it isn't safe for them to stay with Jason any longer after Sonny has been killed. He wants to leave, but Liz changes his mind and he stays because she wants him to.

Taggert questions Lucky about his father's sudden disappearance, but the questioning is put on hold by Scott, who wants to do it himself. When he shows up, Alexis and Nikolas have arrived as well. They have created an alibi for Lucky, saying that he was at a meeting with them about Deception. Later, when talking to Alexis and Nikolas in private, Alexis lays into Lucky about getting in trouble so that she had to lie for him. At this time, Nikolas steps in and informs her that he was the one that she was really lying for; he was the one that helped Luke escape.

Courtney and AJ go to Skye's family gathering at the Port Charles hotel where they find that Skye and Jax have a very big announcement that they are delaying the sharing of. AJ decides to make his own announcement and confesses to Courtney about how he had called a lawyer after he heard that Sonny was "dead" and began the process of trying to get custody of Michael. He also admits that he went to Monica for money, which she refused and that he then turned to Edward who wanted to make a nasty deal with him. Edward then announces that Courtney had covered up for her husband by becoming a stripper.

Roy sits in the background watching Skye and Jax's get together and receives a phone call from Alcazar checking in about how everything is going with watching Jax. Later, he meets up with Lucky and Nikolas and Lucky discovers that Nikolas was the one that helped Luke escape.

Carly and Bobbie return to the pent house to find Liz there, cleaning up for when Carly arrived home. Carly says that it doesn't feel like a home without Sonny there. Later, after she's alone, Carly calls Jason and leaves a message saying that she really needs to finish her conversation with "Benny." After that, there is a guest at the door. It happens to be two people from other branches of the mob, offering their condolences and giving her flowers. They then inform her that they wish to talk business and offer her a check for $2 million from the "families" for Sonny's territory. Carly then takes the check and rips it up, saying that Sonny would never "settle for the likes of them" and says that she won't either.

Taggert tries to convince that he would be better off going after Sonny's murderer than chasing Luke.

At the safe house, Jason comes into Brenda's room as she begins to scream as if she had just woken up from a nightmare. He then comforts her as Sonny watches from outside the window.

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