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Monday, February 25, 2002

Luke and Laura were still being held by Jennifer and her men and Luke and her were set to get married. Roy and Felicia got there, pretending to be the minister and his wife. Roy told Jennifer that it was a rule of his that nobody should wear handcuffs at the wedding and she was forced to have Luke and Laura's handcuffs removed. They started the wedding and Jennifer said her vows but Luke was saved from saying his. All heck broke loose and Laura and Luke managed to get away. Roy and Felicia managed to knock some of them out but Jennifer managed to get away and stopped Luke and Laura again, holding them at gunpoint. They got the better of her again and got away. Luke and Laura managed to find some cave and Jennifer and her goons got arrested but she also managed to convince the sheriff that Roy and Felicia were to blame so they were taken too. Later Luke and Laura were arguing in the cave and there was a slide. Are they trapped?

Liz was drawing what she remembered of the accident but still can't remember everything. Lucky and her were talking and Sarah came in and told Liz to rest. She then told Lucky not to force things with Liz if he didn't love her. She said their relationship could be like her and Nikolas. They were kids and things are not the same anymore. Lucky didn't agree with her.
Elsewhere in the hospital Ned was wheeling Edward out to the lounge while they waited for the paperwork so Edward could be released. He asked Ned about Kristina and told him to go after her.

Nikolas kept dreaming of his dad and was afraid he was going to turn out to be like him. He admitted this to Alexis and she didn't think he would. She advised why didn't he tear Wyndemere down and build something new. Kristina came by to see Nikolas and ask his advice about where Alexis and her could move to. He suggested they move into Wyndemere as there was more than enough room for everyone. They could have their own wing. Alexis said Kristina could move in but she hadn't made up her mind to move.

Carly's club:
Jax came by to see her and they talked about Sonny and her. He admired her standing up for herself and knew she would make a success of the club. Kristina came by and asked her about Zander. Carly asked what business it was of hers. She said there was nothing between Zander and her and Kristina said she wished she would tell Zander that. She met Zander on the docks and he was really bummed out. Carly rushed out to find Zander, afraid he might tell Sonny it was him that kissed Carly.

Sonny's office:
Zander was going to tell Sonny it was him but changed his mind. He just said it was some other man and Carly got there and was glad to hear Zander didn't say anything.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis got home and was fiddling with trying to get her key in her lock when Sonny showed up. He offered to help but Alexis refused him.
He told her that things were over between him and Carly.

Police station:
Bobbie went to see Melissa and offered her help but Melissa refused. She still insisted she was just helping her patients and did nothing wrong. Scott showed up and he was ready to help too but she refused him to. She said she was going to Chicago and knew she could get a fair trial. Mac came to get her and escorted her out to the police car. He asked if she had a message for Roy and she said no.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2002
by QT

Edward visited Skye to manipulate her into giving him the CEO job at ELQ. Skye was not having any part of Edward's plan. Jax arrived to overhear Edward threatening to reveal information on Skye. Jax was interested to know this information. Edward asked Skye if he was to divulge this secret, and Skye gave him the go ahead. Edward revealed to Jax that all this time and all the threats against Skye were her own doing. Skye has never been threatened by Sonny Corinthos; she made the entire scheme up so you would rescue her. Skye was trying to get next to you Jax. All was quiet and Skye looked at Jax quickly to see his expression. He was surprised, but not very, because Skye had been preparing him for just this moment. Jax was disappointed in Skye he told her that he thought that they were friends. Jax also squashed Edward too because he told him that he and Skye had came to an understanding. Jax gave Edward and Skye a little quiz to determine who would be the CEO of ELQ. Jax asked a very easy question and Skye knew the answer immediately. Edward left in a huff and wished the two good riddance. Jax asked Skye again for the truth and Skye was evasive again stating that she had a company to run and not time for confessions. Jax asked Skye the question, that if she wanted him how come she didn't just ask? Skye looked up with her pouty face and said, what if I did just ask what would your answer be?

Zander ran into Kristina at the dock. He immediately asked her why she did it? Why did you go to Carly when you said you wouldn't? Kristina told him that she had to because she was looking out for Alexis. Alexis was becoming more involved with Sonny everyday. Zander stated that Carly and Sonny are still in love and no matter what happens he did not want to be the reason why Sonny would not take Carly back. Zander told Kristina to mind her own business and keep away for him. The two started to yell and argue when Zander interjected by saying that Kristina just could not understand loyalty. Zander explained everything that Sonny has done for him. Kristina appeared to understand and apologized to Zander. Zander touched Kristina's face as a kind gesture but Ned walked onto the docks and noticed them. Zander said good-bye and Ned walked up to Kristina. He gave her a quick synopsis on Zander and told her he was trouble. Ned proceeded by offering to sweep Kristina away. Kristina remembering her conversation about loyalty with Zander declined. Ned was shocked and tried to regroup. He told her that he knew that their relationship maybe weird for a while. I know that Alexis and I are not going back together. We both have moved on and want different things. Kristina still was not in agreement. Ned told Kristina that maybe Alexis was not the problem, maybe Kristina is the problem. Kristina became upset and yelled at Ned. Then he interjected that no one knows right off if you are right for one another. You have to take the chance and see what happens. What if you and I are just two people who need a little time together with no friends and no family? What if we need to spend some time alone together to figure things out? Kristina looked as though she was leaning towards Ned's view.

AJ was working Courtney. After their romantic dinner with Courtney in her new clothes, AJ gave her some beautiful earrings. Courtney refused to accept them. AJ countered with the fact that she did not have to keep them just wear them at the apartment or during dinner, whatever Courtney wanted. Like clockwork, Annie the private investigator arrived and Courtney hide. Annie proclaimed how frightened she was of Sonny's thugs who told her that if she found Courtney to bring her to Sonny. Annie refused the case and departed; she did asked AJ never to call her again. Courtney was so scared for AJ. AJ had another idea he called Janine to come over. He told he that he had heard from Courtney and all was okay. AJ wanted Janine to go tell Sonny that Courtney was okay and to stop looking for her. Janine started to berate AJ and Courtney could not stand it. She came out of hiding and started yelling at her mom. AJ tried to get them to stop but unsuccessfully, then he asked Janine to step outside with him. AJ gave her two choices: go tell Sonny that she heard from Courtney and to stop looking for her or go tell Sonny that Courtney is with him and lose your daughter forever.

Sonny found Alexis struggling with the lock on her door. He offered to open it for her but Alexis declined. Sonny asked to talk to Alexis but she told him that she was busy. He told her it would only take a few moments. Alexis agreed and also let Sonny open her door. Alexis informed Sonny that she would be moving shortly. At first she gave the excuse about a tax right off then Sonny countered with the fact that he would raise the rent. Then Alexis told him that Courtney would want it when she returned. Sonny saw straight through Alexis and asked he why she was really moving. Alexis said she was moving to Wyndemere to be close to family. Sonny was not biting that either. Sonny asked Alexis if the problem was him? It has nothing to do with you? You will probably miss having me available 24/7. No that is not it Sonny stated. Sonny went on to say that he was concerned because his father had told him about how he pushed people away first Carly, then Courtney, and now you Alexis. Alexis stated that she really needed a new place and new spaces. Sonny said that he used to thing that being alone was best for him and living alone was the price I paid for my live. "I don't believe that anymore," he said. "You are all I have left Alexis." Alexis turned to him and told him that she was no one's consolation prize. Alexis just tell me what you want and I will do that, Sonny exclaimed. I trust you and that cost me, are you aware of that Sonny? "Maybe it costs you too much," Sonny said. " If I lose you, then what? If I push you away then it costs me too and more than I thought." There was a strong knock on the door and then Janine just opened the door and blurted out that she had found Courtney. Sonny and Alexis looked at her in shock.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

At the hospital, Nikolas and Gia worry that Sarah might tell someone that Gia had more than a sip of champagne at the party. While Gia hovers close to Liz's bedside to make sure she does NOT remember something that she tells to the wrong person, Lucky arrives and announces that he has put down a deposit on a loft and that, when Liz is sprung from the hospital, she will be able to go home with him. However, Lucky is stunned when Liz says she will NOT be going home with him.

At Skye's Hotel Suite, Skye asks Jax: "How would you respond if I said I wanted you?' As the two fence back and forth, Skye does kinda-sorta admit that she MAY have fabricated SOME of the supposed incidents of harassment from Sonny in order to get Jax to play white knight to her damsel in distress.

At Sonny's, Janine tells Sonny and Alexis that she HAS heard from Courtney but, at this point, Courtney PREFERS to stay far away from Sonny. When Alexis asks if Courtney is safe, Janine says that her daughter is safe and staying with a friend who DOES have her best interests at heart.

Meanwhile, at AJ's hotel suite, AJ admits to Courtney that he maybe should have waited for a better time to let her know the depth of his feelings for her, but it's out now. "I've fallen in love with you,' he tells her. 'The feelings I have for you are real.'

Courtney quickly points out that AJ barely knows her and that she does NOT know what to say to AJ's sudden declaration.

AJ: Just say I haven't wrecked our friendship...Have I ruined something for us before it's even started?

At the Hospital, Sarah draws Nikolas aside to remind him that they BOTH know Gia was drinking when she got behind the wheel of the car later involved in the accident which injured Liz. However, Nikolas reminds Sarah that, while Liz was struggling with a lot of deep and serious emotional issues, Sarah was off chasing her dream of becoming a doctor in Prague. Returning to Liz's room, Sarah informs Lucky that she has told Liz that the best place for her recovery would be at her grandmother's house.

Meanwhile, at AJ's hotel suite, AJ admits that he knows his candor about their relationship has come out of the blue - and for him as well. Courtney asks when all of AJ's feelings started to happen. AJ admits that, at first he just wanted Sonny to realize that he did NOT control the universe, even if it was only one little girl in his galaxy that he could NOT control. A. J. tells Courtney that it felt good to help her with Sonny. Then it felt good to see her unaffected delight as her eyes lit up with each gift that he gave her. A. J. admits again that 'I've Fallen In Love With You,' and that is not something that has ever happened to AJ before. Now that AJ HAS admitted to the depth of his feelings for Courtney, he says: "I want to see where it goes. Will you give me the chance?'

At Sonny's, Janine continues to insist to Sonny that Courtney IS safe and with a friend - and that ONE of the reasons she is staying away is because she is not ready to deal with Sonny-the-gangster just yet.

Alexis produces a box of things that Courtney left behind and suggests that Janine send them on to her daughter and that Sonny include in the box a note about how he feels. But Janine insists that she 'didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday!' And points out that if she DID try to mail Courtney's things to her, the next morning, she would read in the newspaper that the Post Office had mysteriously burned down and Sonny would turn up on Courtney's doorstep, demanding that Courtney come home with him.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nikolas finds Dr. Caldwell and tells the doctor that it was a tough break that he did NOT get the Chief Resident position (Dr. Eve Lambert from Port Charles is the current Chief Resident of General Hospital). But, Nikolas points out, there would be many other opportunities for a doctor of Caldwell's caliber at General Hospital and mentions that he has some good things planned for Dr. Caldwell's career. Then Nikolas suggests that it would show great initiative on Dr. Caldwell's part if he took time to do a few little EXTRA things, such as: be a mentor for promising new interns, for example, like Dr. Webber. When Nikolas turns away from his discussion with Dr. Caldwell, he is surprised to see Grandmother Helena there, in her orange jump suit. When Nikolas asks why his grandmother is NOT in jail, Helena responds that it is because she may need some surgery, since her health has been failing while she has been in prison. But, Helena observes, she applauds the fact that Nikolas is finally becoming a TRUE Cassadine and 'compliments' Nikolas by telling him that his father would be 'very proud.'

Back at AJ's hotel suite, Courtney admits to AJ that he is a lot of fun and he DOES have something that most guys do NOT have and that is that AJ DOES seem to know HOW to listen! AJ tells Courtney that if she does NOT feel the same way that HE feels, that is OK. Courtney maintains that it is only because she has not known AJ long enough to be sure about how she feels about anything.

Then Courtney suddenly asks AJ if he gave her all the gifts to get her to fall in love with him. However, AJ counters that 'If there is one thing I've learned, it is that love has to be earned - at least, the kind that's worthwhile.'

Courtney points out that what SHE has learned is that most guys only want one thing - 'What do YOU want?' she asks.

At Sonny's, Janine continues to refuse to tell Sonny where Courtney is: 'She trusted me with her whereabouts and I am NOT going to break that trust. For anybody. You know she's OK. So just relax!'

As Janine storms out, she runs into Mike at the door.

JANINE: There's news of Courtney. They can fill you in.
MIKE: Is she OK? Where is she?
JANINE: If I didn't tell Mr. Sonny Corinthos, WHY would I tell you?
MIKE: I'm her father.
JANINE: Courtney's going to be someone despite you. Maybe despite all of us. Courtney was right to run - maybe even from me. I'm going to make everything up to her.
MIKE: I want to know where my daughter is.
JANINE: You're NOT going to hear it from me.

As the elevator opens, Jax steps out. 'Courtney OK?' he asks.

Alexis tries to convince Mike to leave it alone as Sonny stalks away to his penthouse. However, Mike tells Sonny 'Don't walk away,' and follows him while Alexis advises Mike not to push it.

As J

ax approaches, Alexis says 'Not now. This is a really bad time.'
JAX: 'It's going to get worse.'

At AJ's place, Courtney continues to insist that guys WANT something and AJ replies that all he wants is to give her everything she needs.

Then AJ hands Courtney an envelope with $10,000 in it. 'If you want to leave, you have the money to do it. If you want to stay, feel free to use the key, keep the poker handy until I have earned all of your trust. This is NOT a pitch to get you in bed. I will respect your decision. I'm sorry for the confusion, because I'm kind of confused myself. But I kind of like it.'

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, as Lucky and Sarah argue about where Liz will go when she leaves the hospital, Nikolas suggests that they all move to Wyndemere. Nikolas says that he hopes his aunts Kristina and Alexis will be moving there and there would be plenty of room there for Sarah, Audrey, Lucky and Liz.

LUCKY: Why settle for re-decorating when I can really tick my Dad off!? Dr. Caldwell comes to the door and asks for Sarah. Caldwell then tells Sarah that he wants to clarify some of the things he said earlier about the lecture that Sarah missed. He apologizes and says he had had a bad day and was over-tired and took it out on Sarah. But, he suggests strongly, do NOT miss any more lectures! Sarah secretly suspects that Nikolas may have had something to do with Dr. Caldwell's sudden change of attitude.

At Sonny's place, Mike tells Sonny that either Courtney never left Port Charles or Janine knows for sure that Courtney is coming back. For once, Sonny suggests, it appears that Janine is telling the truth.

MIKE: I just don't want it to be too late for me and Courtney. I want it to be different this time.

As Jax chats with Alexis and tells her that Skye has admitted that she HAS fabricated some of her stories about being harassed by Sonny's goons, Jax recognizes some of Courtney's clothes in the box Alexis had out.

After Jax leaves, Alexis informs Sonny that she plans to STAY in her Penthouse apartment rather than to move to Wyndemere with her sister and nephew.

As AJ leaves for a meeting, Courtney has a 'Pretty Woman' fantasy and decides to stay.

However, Skye, Janine and AJ are meeting in Skye's room. Janine tells AJ that she told Sonny what AJ wanted her to tell him. BUT adds - 'I did NOT do it for free!' AJ hands Janine an envelope of money. Then AJ repeats to Janine that he truly loves Courtney and just wants to be the man of her dreams. Janine promises: 'See that you ARE. Or I will be YOUR worst nightmare!'

After Janine leaves, AJ tells Skye that he will soon have Courtney eating out of the palm of his hand.

Meanwhile, back at AJ's, Jax tries to get in while Courtney looks at the lock and realizes that someone is trying to get in.

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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Ned and Kristina tried to have a romantic interlude at the cabin but were interrupted by Edward. He wanted Ned to return to town immediately to help him stop Skye. Ned tried to get rid of him but Edward was persistent. Then he noticed Kristina and became embarrassed. He started telling them where the candles were etc. When Ned tried pushing him out the door, the maid, Alice, showed up at the door with the car engine. It's broke. She put it on the table and tried working on it while Kristina and Ned complained at what a failure their evening turned out to be.

Jax broke into AJ's apartment. The lights were out and he sat down on the couch and found girlie magazines and nail polish on the coffee table. He also found a warm up jacket on the couch belonging to Courtney. Just then, Courtney hit him on the head and neck with a book not realizing who he was. Once the realized who each other was, Courtney wanted to know why he broke into AJ's apartment. Jax told her he was looking for her but she didn't believe it. After Jax told her all about big bad AJ, AJ showed up at the door. Courtney chose to believe AJ and asked why he didn't kick Jax out then left the room. AJ started taunting Jax by saying that everyone Jax loves dies and he didn't want the same to happen to his sister, Skye. He told Jax that he hates Sonny as much as he does so why help him out. Jax got upset and left. AJ thinks he's won. Later it showed Jax in his apartment holding the phone and remembering what AJ said about helping Jax. He's contemplating on whether he should call him or not.

Luke and Laura are still trapped in the mine. They decide to discuss planning their wedding while passing time. They are worried that something might have happened to Roy and Felicia so Luke finds a lantern, conveniently, and they have matches, conveniently, and he sets out down one of the tunnels. He tells Laura to stay there and relax. After he leaves, Laura decides it's a waste of time to "relax" and sets out on her own down another tunnel.

Meanwhile, Roy and Felicia get put in jail and the deputy won't let them make their one phone call until the Sheriff says so. He tells them that the Sheriff is having dinner with a friend and he doesn't know when he'll be back. The two try to come up with another plan and Felicia starts pretending like she's turning on Roy. The deputy lets her out to give her statement and she gives fake names and says that their squabble is over a horse Roy stole. The Sheriff comes back and figures out what's going on and puts Felicia back into the cell. They again complain because they haven't been able to make their one phone call and the Sheriff tells them he will give them permission when he's good and ready. Suddenly, in walks Jennifer Smith holding leftover peach cobbler for the Sheriff. Roy and Felicia figure out he had dinner with her and get mad that he wasn't interrogating her. Jennifer talks about how she'll miss everyone in town since she's leaving for Mexico.

Skye and Alan meet up at the house when Skye was waiting for the ELQ meeting to begin. Alan tells her it's been postponed and he apologizes for not letting her know. He asks her if they can have dinner sometime and she lies and tells him that she's very busy and will have to check her calendar and get back to him. He agrees and she starts to leave the room when her conscious gets to her and she fesses up that she lied.

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Friday, March 1, 2002

Felicia works her wiles on Sheriff Lovejoy, leaving the lawman completely vulnerable to Roy's sucker punch. Trapped in the mineshaft with little else to do, Laura reminds Luke how they agreed not to make love until their wedding night. Jax asks Carly for her take on her first husband. Meanwhile, AJ appeals to Skye to help him convince Jax to keep a secret from Sonny. Reciting her long litany of complaints about AJ's notoriously bad behavior, Carly tells Jax how her ex seems to have grown even more cold-blooded in recent weeks. Janine encourages her daughter to believe that her fabulously rich Prince Charming is sincere and can be trusted totally. Later, AJ ups the ante with a starry-eyed Courtney. Across town, Jax spills the beans to Sonny about his sister's new suitor.

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