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Monday, June 11, 2001

Luke's club:
Luke finally got Lucky to agree to therapy with Kevin. He knows now, thanks to Liz, that he is being programmed by Helena again. Nikolas and Gia showed up, relieved to see Lucky. Kevin came, per Luke's request, to start deprogramming Lucky. Scott showed up and said Lucky had to turn himself in to the police; he was facing a bunch of charges. Luke was his usual hostile self to Scott. Laura asked Scott to give them till the next day and he agreed. Kevin and Lucky went to Luke's office and Kevin put him under hypnosis. Lucky talked about being in a place he had never been before, it was dark and creepy. Luke came in and Kevin said he had to leave. Luke said there were questions he had to ask Lucky and Kevin let him stay. Luke asked Lucky about Lucas and did he hurt Lucas. Lucky said Lucas was his cousin, he wouldn't hurt him. As Lucky was talking he was shown in the maze, with Kevin following him. Luke told Lucky to open his eyes and showed him the ring he had given Liz. He asked if Helena had given it to him. He met up with Helena in the maze, her holding up the Ice Princess. The last thing he said was Stavros.
Meanwhile, Laura and Liz were talking and Laura was warning Liz about becoming a Spencer, how it involved being part of the Spencer/Cassadine war. Liz promised she wouldn't underestimate Helena.

Roy's apartment:
Bobbie had come in at an inopportune moment and of course thought the worst. Melissa tried to explain that nothing happened but Bobbie said it didn't matter. Roy came in and Bobbie told him that Carly had explained everything that happened, how she had begged Roy to help her. She didn't agree with what Roy did, but she understood it better. He asked if that was all she came to say and she said yes. Melissa tried again to explain her presence there and Roy told her to forget it, Bobbie wasn't interested. After Bobbie left, Roy and Melissa talked a bit about their past; she told him she forgave him long ago and he was completely trustworthy, despite Bobbie's opinion.

Chloe told Stefan off, after flinging the newspaper at him, which had an article about the Lucky arrest.
Later, when Bobbie got to work, she overheard Amy telling a couple of other nurses about Bobbie, Roy and Melissa. Bobbie interrupted them, saying it was all over between Roy and her. She told them to all get back to work. Melissa showed up for work and tried to tell Bobbie again that nothing went on between Roy and her. Bobbie said she could have Roy. Melissa said a lot of women will be very happy that Roy was
available. Bobbie said that she would be one of them, and Melissa said "damn straight".

Underneath the Hospital:
Stavros had awoken and Tony told Helena that he was finished with her now. Helena said if she needed him again, he would help her. They got Stavros out of the chamber and he was on his feet. Amazing how after 20 years he had a perfect haircut and beard. She told Stavros how disgusted she was with his brother, Stefan. Despite all her attempts, he was still alive. She wasn't too happy when Stavros' first words were "where's Laura?" When she came back later to see him, he had left, perhaps off to find Laura?

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas and Gia got back from Luke's club. They were talking and who should show up but Uncle Stefan. Stefan told Nikolas that he had dropped the charges against Lucky. He wasn't trying to get Nikolas back in the family but he was all Stefan had left and he wanted to be friends, at least. They finally hugged.