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Monday, April 16, 2001
by M.A.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Emily and Zander finally start to get physically closer to each other. Things heated up between them, as they got lost in each other's arms, unaware of the fact that Edward had been attacked.

General Hospital
Edward continued to recover as Taggert pressed for answers. AJ promised to find the person who attacked Edward and make that person pay. A. J. asked Edward if he thought it might be Zander who attacked him behind the courthouse. Before he could answer, the sedative Monica had given him kicked in, and Edward drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile out at the nurses'station, an armed junkie took Melissa hostage and held a gun to her head, demanding drugs. The situation quickly escalated to the point where Taggert brought in sharp shooters and a negotiator. While Taggert attempted to use police strategy, Roy took matters into his own hands and found a back way into the room where the junkie was holding Melissa hostage. Roy tried negotiating with the man while Bobbie persuaded Alan to get the drugs. Bobbie did get the drugs into the room for Roy to give the man, but things went wrong when Roy tried to give the man the bottle. The junkie dropped the pills as Roy was handing them to him. The two men struggled for the gun, a scuffle ensued, and shots were fired.

Spoon Island
Nikolas went to the Island to see his uncle, and overheard Stefan and Helena discussing strategy for controlling the Cassadine fortune. Nikolas flew into a rage and told them he wouldn't be their pawn anymore. He tore the family bible apart and ripped pages out while he shouted that he would no longer be a Cassadine. Nikolas said, "I'm renouncing my heritage and joining my mother's family, the Spencers." After watching his nephew storm out, Stefan goaded his mother, questioning her judgment and telling her she needs his help to solve her problem. "Soon, the Spencers will mean nothing to him," Helena claimed. The Spencer House Luke asked for Lucky's help in deciphering the discs, but Lucky refused, saying that he and Nikolas have agreed to not get involved in the Spencer/Cassadine war. Laura came home during this conversation and accused Luke of trying to draft Lucky into his never-ending vendetta. "It's going to get violent and ugly, and God help you if you involve Lucky in that," Laura snapped. "Laura, Lucky is involved. I'm just trying to get answers!" Luke replied.

Laura reiterated that it was time for her and her family to move on. After leaving Laura's house, he realized that he would not be able to convince her that Lucky was still in danger.

The Wharf
Lucky stormed out of the house filled with rage and went down to the wharf where he ran into Nikolas. The two brothers vented mutual anger over their family situations, not realizing that Helena was just out of sight, listening in. When Lucky told Nikolas that his father was planning a move on Helena, Nikolas expressed his approval. After Nikolas left, Helena came out of the shadows and triggered Lucky's programmed response by showing him the ice princess.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Helena happened to run into Lucky at the pier. She immediately pulled out the ice princess and started to reel. Lucky tried to resist, but he was in so much pain that he relinquished and submitted to Helena. She being so smug, just boasted about how much she would enjoy taking Luke down with his own son. After she left, Lucky fell off his feet onto the bench and sat in a trance until Liz arrived. Liz startled Lucky, but he did not come out of the lock until a few minutes more. Liz tried to question him about it, but he became defensive and she backed off. She wanted him to come with her to Kelly's so they could snuggle and past time. Lucky said no because he has something to do, but he could not tell her what. Liz pondered as Lucky walked away. Later on Helena returned to the pier to gloat over Liz's lack of knowledge of Lucky's whereabouts.

Emily and Zander were getting pretty hot and heavy in the barn when her cell phone started to ring. At first they ignored it, but AJ would not stop calling. Finally she answered the phone. AJ informed her about Edward being mugged. Emily was so stunned that she said she would immediately come over to see her grandfather. Upon their arrival, Zander told Emily that he would remain outside in order not to upset Edward. Unfortunately AJ went out side to harass Zander. AJ was sure that Zander was the culprit who mugged his grandfather. As they were arguing loudly, Emily came out and asked what AJ was doing. Taggert came up as well to find out what was going on so loud. AJ told Zander he better had confessed to his crime. Zander denied everything. Taggert took everyone into Edward's room. He told him that the case was closed because they had found Edward's wallet on the junkie that they had in custody.

Bobbie gave Roy the Demerol for the junkie holding Melissa. Unfortunately the junkie could not get the pills into his mouth. So he accused Roy of being the problem and told him that Melissa would die. Roy could not stand there idling so he went for the gun and the two took to fight. Roy threw Melissa to the side and then the gun went off into the air. Roy and the junkie continued to struggle and then the gun went off a second time. This was not airborne, but wounded Roy. Bobbie screamed and so did Melissa. The police arrived and took the junkie into custody. Roy was carted off to ER for emergency surgery. Bobbie blasted Melissa for her involvement with Roy and for moving to Port Charles. Bobbie told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from Roy. Luke walked off the elevator at this moment and over heard Bobbie. He went over to Melissa who apologized to him for her part in this. He asked if she had shot Roy. She replied no. Then Luke provided her with the best two lines of wisdom. Melissa asked what if Roy dies? Luke said then the people that love him will never get over him. He continues and said let me share something with you. Just because you mean well, doesn't mean that things will go well. Luke proceeded to go find Bobbie and comfort her.

Nikolas caught up to Stefan at Alexis' home. Nikolas was furious that his Uncle had even gone to Alexis. Stefan did and said everything possible to change his mind. Nothing was working. Finally he left and Alexis and Nikolas began to talk. Alexis told Nikolas she would always love him, but informed him that she would not help him leave his family. She told him not to be like her. Be positive and dream a little bit. You will have so much money on your hands shortly and you will be able to do everything you want with it. Build or sponsor hospitals, schools, etc. Don't throw your heritage away. Nikolas, you need your family. You can say that you are a Spencer or Davis, but by blood you will always be a Cassadine. Nikolas told Alexis that he knows what he wants and the inheritance is not for him. It is blood money, which seems cursed. Alexis told him that no it is not and I don't want you to give up any part of yourself. Use your inheritance in a positive way and for the things that you want to do. It would be a shame to let Helena or Stefan take that away from you

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

General Hospital
Roy wakes and finds Bobbie at his side she tells him that he was shot. Roy asks, "Is Melissa okay?" She asks why he wouldn't let the police handle the situation. All he can tell her was that he had to help Melissa. Melissa goes to see Roy when she gets to work and Bobbie pulls her out of the room and tells her, "You have done enough for him." Melissa comes clean with Bobbie and admits that Bobbie has been right about her intentions. Melissa, however, admitted that she now knows that Roy is in love with Bobbie and tells her that she is no threat to them anymore. In parting, she asked Bobbie to please tell Roy that she is sorry he got hurt because of her.

The Park
Melissa relives the previous night's events, when she sees Jason grab Liz's arm she runs over and rescues her. Liz explains they are friends. After Jason leaves, Melissa asks Liz how she feels about Jason. Liz tells her she doesn't want to feel anything. Jason returns to the park and Liz asks if he wants more than friendship. He admits he does and she tells him she feels more than friendship for him too, as they move closer to share a kiss -- Lucky appears!!

Scotty blindfolds Laura and takes her to Jake'. He rented the whole place and is going to teach her to play pool, something she has wanted to do when they were married. Laura ends up beating - she knew how to play all along - and gives Scott a kiss.

Sonny overhears Carly telling Michael that she and Uncle Sonny are trying to have a brother or sister for him. Sonny tells Carly, " I like things the way they are." She argues with him until she asks him, "Do you want to have a baby with me?" Sonny shakes his head and reveals that having a baby is not something he wants.

Luke has a repeat of his dream he has been having where he is trapped in a maze. Lucky shows up and tells him " I have decided to help decode your discs?" Luke is surprised and opens the safe to get the discs, but finds that they're gone.

Helena goes to a place that looks just like the place in Luke's dream.

Thursday, April 19, 2001
by M.A.

Emily and Zander went to the hospital to check up on Edward, but they decided to leave for a while rather than run into AJ and Taggert, who were there too. Taggert came back to interview Edward about the mugging. Edward recalled seeing a man in front of the courthouse wearing an orange jacket. He claimed the man that he saw was a waiter at the coffee house where he had been earlier in the day. Taggert told Edward and AJ that the junkie who had the wallet had an alibi that checked out. Taggert left when Melissa came to check on her patient. While he was arguing that he didn't want any more tests done, Lila showed up, and expressed relief that here husband had apparently made a full recovery. Melissa tried to evaluate Edwards' condition and was perplexed by the fact that Edward had no pain. When he continued to insist that he was ready to go home and was fine, Melissa and AJ became suspicious. The Q's were relieved when Edward was discharged, and thanked Melissa for her tender care. As they were leaving, Emily and Zander returned. At first Alan was confrontational but later softened up after Zander apologized to the family for kidnapping Emily. Just as Alan finished inviting Zander to come back to the house with them to celebrate Edwards' homecoming, Taggert came back and claimed that there was an eyewitness who could identify Zander as the man who assaulted Edward! The Quartermaines were stunned as Taggert arrested Zander and took him away.

Sonny & Carly continued to argue about wanting a baby now. Sonny agreed to a small birthday celebration for him with the three of them. Carly stormed out and went for a walk. Mike went to wish Sonny a happy birthday and found his son despondent. After getting him to open up, Mike realized that Sonny's problem is not fear. Mike told Sonny, "You don't think you deserve to be a father!" As usual, Sonny became defensive and denied that Mike was on the right track. Mike tried his best to convince his son that he could protect Carly and the children. Sonny continued to express doubt.

Jason and Liz almost kissed, but Lucky showed up. After Lucky told her she didn't have to explain herself, Liz told him it was time for her to be honest with everyone, including herself. They left Jason there, where he then saw Carly, who needed to be consoled. She told him about the night of the Deception party and how her and Sonny connected. She expressed her frustration over him changing his mind about another baby. "He doesn't want me to be the mother of his child," Carly lamented. Jason told her that she needed to be patient and reminded her of her ability to change Sonny's mind on important matters. Carly realized that she would have to believe enough for the both of them.

Back at the loft Liz told Lucky the truth about her friendship with Jason. She explained that when everyone thought he was dead, she had an empty place in her heart that no one could fill. Jason was there for her at that time and helped her get through her loss. "I never stopped loving you, Lucky. But now I realize that I never stopped caring for Jason either." As their argument escalated Lucky said, "I can't shake this feeling that something's wrong and something bad is going to happen." He then stormed out of the loft while Liz begged him to stay. Liz then left the loft, hoping she would find lucky. Lucky went back to the wharf in tears.

We catch a glimpse of Skye Chandler and Rae Cummings on a plane. The flight attendant tells Skye she should prepare for landing by buckling her seat belt, Skye comments, "I'm not the only one!"

Friday, April 20, 2001
by M.A.

Luke went to the hospital, and let Roy know that the disks had been stolen. Luke told Roy that he had made copies, and was thinking about Stefan's offer to buy them.
Bobbie encountered Luke while he was there, and reiterated that Roy's shooting was Melissa's fault. Bobbie lamented over her decision to co-exist with Roy's ex. "Next time don't be so noble," warned Luke.
Melissa answered Roy's call for nursing assistance. She seized that opportunity to apologize for what happened. Roy told her that he knew from personal experience that blaming herself would help no one. As Roy and Melissa talked, Bobbie came to his room, but didn't go in.

Alexis delivered notice to Stefan of Nikolas's intention to renounce the Cassadine name and fortune.
She reminded him of the protective and loving brother and uncle that he was in the past, and advised him to let Nikolas make his own decisions.
Although he was clearly moved by her, he was still furious, maintained that Alexis and Nikolas would not succeed.

When Nikolas told Gia about his plans to renounce his title, she surprised him by being completely supportive. "You are a true prince my eyes. A true prince is kind and fair," Gia told him lovingly. When the messenger brought the papers came from Alexis for him to sign, Gia convinced him to give it 24-hours to make sure he still wanted to do it. Later, as the papers blew off the table and a shadowy figure loomed over them.

Edward continued to play the victim while Emily called Sonny and asked for his help. Sonny came to the station and chastised him for getting into trouble again. After agreeing to help Zander, he called Alexis. When she got there, she agreed to represent Zander, she but reminded Sonny she wanted nothing to do with him. Edward told Emily that Zander's fate was in her hands, and that he would not press charges if she agreed to give her boyfriend up.

Carly confided to Jason that she was planning to take matters into her own hands regarding having a baby. Jason warned her of the consequences if she lied to Sonny or tricked him into having a child. Lucky suddenly appeared and began hurling insults at both Jason and Carly, accusing them of having an affair. Although Jason tried to calm both Lucky and Carly down, the situation escalated to the point where Lucky launched another physical attack. When Liz came along she again assumed that Jason had been the attacker, not Lucky. Carly ripped into Liz, calling her a spoiled little girl who can't make up her mind. When Liz asked Lucky to tell her the truth he walked away. At that point Jason asked Liz to come away with him.

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