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Monday, April 9, 2001

Sonny's penthouse:
After Alexis had slapped Sonny, Carly ordered her out of there and out of their lives. Alexis said not until she was finished, and she was not finished. Alexis tore into Sonny verbally and he told her he kept Zander alive, he testified, Sorel is put away; end of story. They argued back and forth with Carly trying to come to Sonny's defence. Sonny just shut Carly up. Alexis told Sonny what he did was witness tampering and the case could be thrown out, would be a mistrial. Sonny said it was over; forget it. Alexis said she was finished and left. "She'll be back," Sonny said. Carly didn't like that. She went to check on Michael and when she came down told Sonny to go see him, he looked so cute. He said he would but took a drink and sat down. They had a huge fight and Carly left to go to the Deception party on her own. Sonny later arranged a flight and left, leaving Carly a note.

Bobbie was talking to Roy on the phone and he was asking if she was coming to the party at Luke's. She said she wouldn't miss it. Audrey invited Melissa to the party, telling her she was the grandmother of the new face of Deception. Felicia came to see Bobbie and cried on her shoulder about seeing Luke and Laura together. She had heard them say they had a bond that would never break. Bobbie told her if she loved Luke to fight for him, though he would probably break her heart.

Luke's Club:
Laura told Cameron there must be some mistake, referring to the magazine layout. He said he was the fashion editor of Belle Magazine, how could there be a mistake. She told him Gia was not the new face of Deception. He said she should be.
Gia told Nikolas she couldn't do the party after all. He understood and said they would say goodbye to his mom. She said she would go to the ladies room first. He said no, come with him. She was nervous about what Laura was going to say. Laura held up the magazine and asked Gia what she knew about it. Gia told her she didn't pose for the picture, it was one of her old test shots. Laura showed the picture to Lucky and he recognized it as one of the test shots he had done. Scott said there was no problem; they would sue Carly, take Sonny's 1% and do what they like with Deception. Nikolas agreed with Scott. Laura didn't want a lawsuit, she just wanted to sell perfume. "Yeah, with Liz as your signature model," Lucky said, drawing Liz to his side. "A lawsuit would generate the kind of press we don't want right now," Laura said. Gia asked what she was going to do. Laura said she was going to have her party, make her announcement and worry about all this later. Nikolas and Gia were going to leave and Gia apologized to Liz if she ruined her evening. Liz said it was a beautiful ad and Cameron Austin heard and said he would like to meet the stunner that posed for it. Nikolas and Gia went to talk to him, Nikolas knowing him from when he worked for Deception. Laura came over and apologized to Cameron for the mixup with the ad. She said Gia came really close but they had their new face and she wanted him to meet her. She introduced him to Liz, he complimented her, but didn't hang around. He went back to Gia. He told her she was a star -- she had real style.
Lucky was angry on Liz's behalf and couldn't understand why she was so calm. Laura asked to speak to Liz alone. Laura told Liz that she did seem pretty calm and Liz said it was just a picture in a magazine and it was a beautiful one. Laura said it should have been her in the ad, not Gia. She asked Liz if she should have let her resign when she wanted to.
Taggert came over and congratulated Gia but Gia told him she lost. He told her she was the face of the new millennium as far as he was concerned. Cameron came over and said he agreed. He told Gia she had serious potential; he had just talked to his agency and they would like to offer her a modeling contract. They could fax her the contract that night and she could get someone to look over it for her. There was only one problem, she would have to move to New York. Elton congratulated her, but she said she would have to refuse for now.
Luke came in and Scott told Laura it was her turn to punch him; he would probably have nothing good to say. Luke came over and told Laura it was a nice party.
Roy was outside when Bobbie arrived. He was feeling out of sorts, having lied to Alexis for Sonny. Melissa arrived, which didn't please Bobbie. She said Audrey had invited her. She went in and introduced herself to Laura.
Bobbie and Roy were trying to figure out what was in Luke's briefcase.
They speculated on how much cash but Luke wasn't talking. He saw Felicia come in and went to greet her. He told her she put all the other women to shame. She asked if it was all right for her to be there since she wasn't invited. He told her that looking like that she didn't need an invitation. She asked if they could go into his office. Mac saw her and they smiled at each other. Taggert asked Mac how the win back Felicia campaign was going. Mac said better than it looked.
Laura told Scott to look at the picture of Gia, then look at the girl herself. She wanted to know what he thought. He said Liz really was pretty. Laura said Liz really wanted to be anywhere but here.
Alexis showed up and dragged Roy off to Luke's office.
Laura went to make her announcement. She thanked everyone for coming and hoped they were all having a good time. Carly came in, water logged since she refused to stay in the limo that was stuck in traffic. Laura started the announcement, "the new face of Deception is....". Talk about cliffhangers. Tune in tomorrow.

Helena's yacht (earlier):
Luke was scrutinizing and counting the money in the briefcase. Helena asked him where her discs were and slammed the lid on the case, just missing Luke's fingers. "You made me lose my count," he protested. "That's not all you're going to lose; you're not entitled to one single penny," Helena told him. He told her she could keep the Ice Princess; he would keep the discs and money. He said if she was sweet and subservient he would give her a chance to buy it all back before he makes a deal with Count Vlad. She said he would never make a deal with Stefan. He took the briefcase and left. Frustrated, Helena threw her glass against the door. Luke peeked back in, "you missed me," he said.