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Monday, April 9, 2001

Sonny's penthouse:
After Alexis had slapped Sonny, Carly ordered her out of there and out of their lives. Alexis said not until she was finished, and she was not finished. Alexis tore into Sonny verbally and he told her he kept Zander alive, he testified, Sorel is put away; end of story. They argued back and forth with Carly trying to come to Sonny's defence. Sonny just shut Carly up. Alexis told Sonny what he did was witness tampering and the case could be thrown out, would be a mistrial. Sonny said it was over; forget it. Alexis said she was finished and left. "She'll be back," Sonny said. Carly didn't like that. She went to check on Michael and when she came down told Sonny to go see him, he looked so cute. He said he would but took a drink and sat down. They had a huge fight and Carly left to go to the Deception party on her own. Sonny later arranged a flight and left, leaving Carly a note.

Bobbie was talking to Roy on the phone and he was asking if she was coming to the party at Luke's. She said she wouldn't miss it. Audrey invited Melissa to the party, telling her she was the grandmother of the new face of Deception. Felicia came to see Bobbie and cried on her shoulder about seeing Luke and Laura together. She had heard them say they had a bond that would never break. Bobbie told her if she loved Luke to fight for him, though he would probably break her heart.

Luke's Club:
Laura told Cameron there must be some mistake, referring to the magazine layout. He said he was the fashion editor of Belle Magazine, how could there be a mistake. She told him Gia was not the new face of Deception. He said she should be.
Gia told Nikolas she couldn't do the party after all. He understood and said they would say goodbye to his mom. She said she would go to the ladies room first. He said no, come with him. She was nervous about what Laura was going to say. Laura held up the magazine and asked Gia what she knew about it. Gia told her she didn't pose for the picture, it was one of her old test shots. Laura showed the picture to Lucky and he recognized it as one of the test shots he had done. Scott said there was no problem; they would sue Carly, take Sonny's 1% and do what they like with Deception. Nikolas agreed with Scott. Laura didn't want a lawsuit, she just wanted to sell perfume. "Yeah, with Liz as your signature model," Lucky said, drawing Liz to his side. "A lawsuit would generate the kind of press we don't want right now," Laura said. Gia asked what she was going to do. Laura said she was going to have her party, make her announcement and worry about all this later. Nikolas and Gia were going to leave and Gia apologized to Liz if she ruined her evening. Liz said it was a beautiful ad and Cameron Austin heard and said he would like to meet the stunner that posed for it. Nikolas and Gia went to talk to him, Nikolas knowing him from when he worked for Deception. Laura came over and apologized to Cameron for the mixup with the ad. She said Gia came really close but they had their new face and she wanted him to meet her. She introduced him to Liz, he complimented her, but didn't hang around. He went back to Gia. He told her she was a star -- she had real style.
Lucky was angry on Liz's behalf and couldn't understand why she was so calm. Laura asked to speak to Liz alone. Laura told Liz that she did seem pretty calm and Liz said it was just a picture in a magazine and it was a beautiful one. Laura said it should have been her in the ad, not Gia. She asked Liz if she should have let her resign when she wanted to.
Taggert came over and congratulated Gia but Gia told him she lost. He told her she was the face of the new millennium as far as he was concerned. Cameron came over and said he agreed. He told Gia she had serious potential; he had just talked to his agency and they would like to offer her a modeling contract. They could fax her the contract that night and she could get someone to look over it for her. There was only one problem, she would have to move to New York. Elton congratulated her, but she said she would have to refuse for now.
Luke came in and Scott told Laura it was her turn to punch him; he would probably have nothing good to say. Luke came over and told Laura it was a nice party.
Roy was outside when Bobbie arrived. He was feeling out of sorts, having lied to Alexis for Sonny. Melissa arrived, which didn't please Bobbie. She said Audrey had invited her. She went in and introduced herself to Laura.
Bobbie and Roy were trying to figure out what was in Luke's briefcase.
They speculated on how much cash but Luke wasn't talking. He saw Felicia come in and went to greet her. He told her she put all the other women to shame. She asked if it was all right for her to be there since she wasn't invited. He told her that looking like that she didn't need an invitation. She asked if they could go into his office. Mac saw her and they smiled at each other. Taggert asked Mac how the win back Felicia campaign was going. Mac said better than it looked.
Laura told Scott to look at the picture of Gia, then look at the girl herself. She wanted to know what he thought. He said Liz really was pretty. Laura said Liz really wanted to be anywhere but here.
Alexis showed up and dragged Roy off to Luke's office.
Laura went to make her announcement. She thanked everyone for coming and hoped they were all having a good time. Carly came in, water logged since she refused to stay in the limo that was stuck in traffic. Laura started the announcement, "the new face of Deception is....". Talk about cliffhangers. Tune in tomorrow.

Helena's yacht (earlier):
Luke was scrutinizing and counting the money in the briefcase. Helena asked him where her discs were and slammed the lid on the case, just missing Luke's fingers. "You made me lose my count," he protested. "That's not all you're going to lose; you're not entitled to one single penny," Helena told him. He told her she could keep the Ice Princess; he would keep the discs and money. He said if she was sweet and subservient he would give her a chance to buy it all back before he makes a deal with Count Vlad. She said he would never make a deal with Stefan. He took the briefcase and left. Frustrated, Helena threw her glass against the door. Luke peeked back in, "you missed me," he said.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Carly made it to Luke's just in time to hear the great news. Laura finally announced the Face of Deception; and the model is Gia Campbell! Everyone, except for Lucky, was thrilled about the news. Nikolas and Gia hugged and even Laura herself finally recognized that Carly was right. Laura acknowledged that Carly was correct and told her that is why she chose Gia; her decision was based on all the right reasons. Unfortunately for Carly no one paid her any attention. She had worked and schemed very hard for a good cause, but still she came up short. All were focused on Gia and Laura. Lucky was steaming from the news. Liz was quite relieved. Laura went over to Lucky and Liz to apologize. She told Liz that she had finally heard her and realized that she really did not want to be the Face of Deception. Lucky was still angry, but Laura stuck to her decision and told them both that she loved them.

Everyone gathered at the Quartermaines' to lead Monica support. She was having a ruff time waiting for the call. The whole family was behaving nicely and they were not arguing which distressed Monica more. After a while they reverted back to normal and started to fight which helped Monica feel more relaxed. She thanked everyone for their support and then the phone rang.

Mac has started his attack on Felicia. He was determined to derail her from having time alone with Luke. First it was Maxie and her homework. Next, he invited her out to close down another club. Felicia still would not budge from Luke's even though he was not paying her much attention. Felicia told Mac she knew what he was doing and it wasn't working. Mac suggested that it was. Luke was making friendly with Laura until Scott interrupted. Once they left, then Felicia moved quickly out the door. Luke yelled her name and tried to get her attention, but he was unsuccessful.

Alexis was hot and on a rampage against any liar in sight, but tonight it was Roy DiLucca. Alexis commented on how she trusted Sonny and Roy to be straight with her. She sacrificed her personal life for them and was disappointed in how they were repaying her. Roy dished back some strong words too. He was tired of people telling him everyday that he was doing the wrong thing when he was trying so hard to make things right. I don't want to be defending my defrauded character and especially not in a no win situation. It is not my fault that the truth is out. Alexis you are not angry with me you are angry with yourself. What am I just an idiot, Roy. That is how you and Sonny treat me. You are so superior that you can't even apologize to me. Roy told Alexis that he would not apologize. Alexis returned with, the level of superiority emanating from a couple of thugs is amazing. Roy was insulted. Alexis did step up to the plate and apologize for calling him a thug. She said I was mistaken you are not a thug; you are a liar. I just hope that the next person that trusts you doesn't have to learn the hard way too. She left. Bobbie entered from the other entrance. Roy was steaming by this time. Bobbie questioned Roy and asked if anything was wrong. Roy almost was unable to speak. He paused and took a deep breath. He told her that he had lied to Alexis and she was angry. Bobbie said that she did not blame Alexis for being angry. Roy said that he had to make a call and he did. Bobbie then referenced her trust in Roy. He interrupted and said that this had nothing to do with them. This situation has freed me. I gained perspective that I desperately needed. Bobbie this does not change the way I feel about you. I love you. She replied I love you too, but I don't understand. Bobbie's cell phone rang. It was Kelly's and they needed her to close. Roy just plainly said, I guess you had better go. He let her leave without a kiss or hug and without another word. Once she left Roy realized that he did not close that conversation well. Wait because it gets better from here. Roy goes out into the club and runs into (whom)? Yes, Melissa was waiting patiently for him to come out of the office. Melissa asked if everything was all right. Roy told her he had to make a hard choice and some people were unhappy about it. Melissa then said, even though I do not know what the hard choice was, sometimes no matter what decision you make you lose either way. Roy smiled because he felt that she was the only woman to understand him tonight. Melissa confessed that she met his partner Luke. Roy asked did he hit on her, she smiled and said good-bye and see you later.

Scott returned Laura home safely. She told him that she had him to thank for how great she felt tonight. You have been incredibly supportive and you let me sink or swim on my own. I don't' know why you are surprised when you do well. Well looks good on you Laura, Scott stated. Then Scott went in for the kiss and scored. He backed up for a moment and told Laura that he wanted her back and he knew that it was the right thing. Scott told her good night and left. Laura smiled as he walked away from her home.

As Carly was leaving Luke's she ran into Sonny. Carly began to pour out her heart to him. Sonny told her that Johnny would take her home. She yelled she was not going home. She asked him to just listen to her for one time. I just wanted you to be proud of me. I only wanted the company to succeed so that you would be proud of me. Sonny mentioned that he was already proud of her. He just was not good with expressing himself at times. Carly told him that she was dead right on her instincts with Gia and tonight Laura finally realized she was right.

Carly admitted that if she had listen to him and Laura in the beginning she would have saved them a lot of time and money. If I knew how to compromise better, my life would be different. But I don't - and it would not be me. If there's one thing I know about myself, it is that I just cannot, not be me. I can't be something that I am not. And I am not; I am not the woman for you. I am not the woman you want to be married to. I do things in my own way. I need to make the kind of mistakes that only I can make. I can't be afraid that you won't love me anymore because I do that. All I wanted to do is get inside. You are like a brick wall Sonny. I just want to love you, but you don't. You don't want me to and you want to be alone. Okay I want you to be happy so I will let you be alone. Carly goes running off into the park and it is pouring down rain. Sonny followed after her. When he grabbed her to stop. He told he that he wanted her back. Sonny pulled Carly into him and they embraced in a passionate kiss.

Carly stopped kissing and pulled back. She said, I can't do this. Sonny said, its over. What's over she asked? He told her that she was his whole life and that's all that matters. Carly mentioned that he said it didn't work and that they didn't belong together. Tell me, what can we do? Sonny suggested that they get out of the rain. They both laughed and left the park together. At home in their bathroom they teased each other about being more than a handful. Sonny stated that a handful doesn't even begin to describe you. Carly replied that he wasn't exactly a piece of cake either. Sonny then stated that is why they belong together. Carly started to talk, but Sonny stopped her and said won't you be quiet and let me take care of you. The bathroom was beautifully lit with candles and a bath drawn. Sonny began to undress Carly. Later after they made love Sonny handed Carly an envelope. She looked puzzled as to what could this be at this moment. She opened it and to her joy it was the share that Sonny had signed over to her. Carly was a full partner now. Carly immediately commented that this was what she spoke about earlier. This is what she wanted from him to believe and trust in her. She also said that she wanted to give him something too, but it was not about business. I want to give you a baby. The two started to kiss

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

At the end of a bad day, Roy unburdens himself to Mac over a couple of beers at the local tavern. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Alexis gloomily informs Bobbie she's fed up with men. A tearful Monica celebrates with her overjoyed family after Dr. Meadows phones the mansion with the news that the tumor is benign. Nikolas brings an exuberant Gia home to the cottage following her triumphant debut as the face of Deception. Across town, Liz finally manages to convince Lucky that she's happy with the way things turned out. Helena gleefully hints to Stefan that a major storm is on the horizon. Questioned by Nikolas, Gia again swears she didn't know that Carly was plotting behind Laura's back. Irked to realize that Stefan had her tailed, Chloe orders him to stay away from her. Later, Chloe joins the chorus of women airing their grievances as she, Bobbie, Felicia and Alexis enthusiastically enumerate the failings of the opposite sex. Alan and AJ share a rare and tender father-son moment. Jason encounters Liz and a wary Lucky in the park.

Thursday, April 12, 2001
by M.A.

Laura returned to her office after the big party and found it filled with flowers, compliments of Scott. As she was admiring his gift, he came in and continued to lavish her with praise. Leslie interrupted by stopping by to wish her daughter well.

Gia's mother paid a surprise visit to the cottage and expressed skepticism of Gia's new career as the fact of Deception. Nikolas defended Gia, telling Mrs. Campbell she should be supporting her daughter, not belittling her. Overcome with emotion, Gia and her Mother hugged and expressed love for each other. Later on Gia thanked Nikolas for defending her and they kissed.

Carly came to the office and told Laura that Sonny had given her his one percent of the company, making her an equal partner. Laura made it clear that as far as she was concerned, nothing had changed and she was there to stay. Realizing what distrust her past actions had caused, Carly told Laura she didn't blame her for being angry and that she would be angry too! Both ladies agreed that Gia was the right choice and that it was time to move forward as equal partners.

Scott returned to find Laura optimistic about a new beginning with Carly. He expressed skepticism, but agreed to leave Laura to the decision-making.

Monica's celebration is cut short when Edward causes still another family brawl by claiming an inside source at the courthouse has informed him that the jury will find Zander Smith guilty. Emily storms off to the courthouse. Alan and Monica continue to argue with Edward, each one blaming the other for Emily moving out. Edward storms out of the room, claiming he's going upstairs to be with Lila, but he leaves the mansion instead, heading over to the courthouse. Alan and Monica calm down and agree to take a softer stance on Zander for Emily's sake.

Sorel is brought into the courthouse where he spots Zanders and makes one last threat. "Enjoy today, Pigeon. Tomorrow you're a ghost!" Dara. the District Attorney is approached by a man who tells her powers that be would like to make sure Zander Smith is punished. Dara blows the man off with disdain. When the jury announces the verdict, it's guilty! Sorel is sentenced to death and remanded to the prison to await sentencing. While waiting for prison transport Sorel is confronted one last time by Sonny who tells him that he wants this moment to be the last one Sorel remembers before he dies. Sonny tells Sorel, "I used to say it was all right - that there was enough for everybody. But then you made it personal." Dara tells Alexis and Zander that in return for his testimony, all charges against him will be dropped.

Edward appeared outside the courtroom and spoiled still another celebration, calling Zander a common criminal who would never be welcomed in his home. As Alexis and Dara try to diffuse the situation, Zander fires back insults and threats at Edward. Emily and Alexis encourage Zander to talk a walk so he can cool off. After Zander leaves, AJ questions that decision, calling Zander a loose cannon capable of anything.

Zander appears a few minutes later, seemingly relieved. When Emily asks him how he injured his hand, he replies that he punched a wall to vent his anger.

At the close of the show, Edward is seen face-down in an alley, obviously hurt... the victim of a beating.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Zander and Emily
Zander and Emily go to the barn they hid out in while they were on the run for a little time alone. Zander questions Emily, "How much more are we suppose to take from your family?" Zander worries out loud about Edward trying to keep them apart " I can't lose you," he tells Emily. Emily and Zander discuss the past. Zander lets her know that his past is just that the past and no one needs to know about his. That this is a new beginning for them and for him. They share a kiss.

Luke's Place
Roy gets the foreclosure papers from the bank man that tells him "The only thing that can save this club is a shower of money from the heavens." Luke enters and says, "Will a suitcase full do?" He opens a suitcase and shows its contents to Roy and the man from the bank, telling them this is going to be a simple transaction. "Lady luck smiles on the pure of heart," he tells them. Helena shows up at the club and questions Luke about double-crossing her after she supposedly paid for his silence to Stefan.

General Hospital
Monica calls both Bobbie and Melissa in to cover a busy shift in OR. Bobbie tells Melissa, "I can handle this if you want to head home." Much to Bobbie's surprise Melissa tells her that she just reported for work and is able to help out. Monica tells them "I called you both in. Besides, this will give you two a chance to work together." Neither one are happy about working with each other. Alan walks up on Melissa and Bobbie and sees the animosity between them.

Taggert finds Edward face down in the alley behind the courthouse and calls and ambulance that takes him to GH. Melissa handles the case, but Bobbie walks in and offers to relieve her. Monica shakes her head and tells Bobbie to let Melissa continue because she (Bobbie) is needed in another ER case. Bobbie is hurt by Monica's decision to not let her stay. Edward tells Melissa, "You have the touch of an angel." Alan and Monica thank Melissa for being so kind to Edward. Roy tells Bobbie he needs to change their dinner plans. She has no problem with the change when he tells her it is because of work. But later, she overhears Roy and Melissa talking about being nervous about tonight. Melissa is talking about a night class she is taking. Melissa leaves Bobbie and Roy to talk. As she leaves, she is grabbed by a patient that Bobbie has been telling to wait his turn to see the doctor. The man holds Melissa by gunpoint and announces that he needs his drugs now!

The Cassadines
Stefan learns that Helena has transferred 1 million dollars into her personal account. He phones her and tells her "We need to talk immediately regarding $1 million transferred out of the Estate to pay Luke for certain favors. Get here immediately or I will have you arrested for embezzlement." Nikolas goes to see Stefan and hides when he hears Helena and Stefan coming. Helena and Stefan discuss Nikolas in great length not knowing he is hiding behind the door. Helena tells Stefan " Nikolas is becoming more of a problem everyday, surrounding himself with nobodies, such as Laura and her other offspring and that social climbing Gia." Stefan also lets Helena know that he has moved to stop Alexis "Natasha" from becoming named Trustee of the Cassadine Estate. Helena tells Stefan, " You have never been able to keep me from getting what I want." Nikolas steps out from where he is hiding and says, "Maybe not but I can!!" Both are shocked to see him. Nikolas lets them both know he is not a pawn that they can fight over.

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