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Monday, April 2, 2001

Liz ran into Jason and said she thought he had left town because of her. He said he would be around for awhile. He left and Liz saw Tony and asked if he would tell her Grandmother something came up and they would have to get together later.
Nikolas went to see about the financial crisis and ran into Tony. He asked Tony if he knew anything about it and Tony said no, but he gestured to Stefan getting off the elevator saying he probably did.
Tony was standing at the desk writing on a chart and Stefan rudely told him this was a family affair. Tony said he could go to the lounge; he had work to do. Stefan asked if he knew who he had to thank for the hospital still running and Tony said yes, Nikolas. Nikolas said the lounge would be fine and took Stefan to task for being so rude. Stefan dismissed Tony and told Nikolas he had been in Greece for the last few weeks. Nikolas said he hadn't really noticed. Stefan said he had been reinstated as trustee. Nikolas said he had given that job to Alexis. Stefan said things changed and told him they had to work together to protect his inheritance. "No, we don't," Nikolas argued. He told Stefan he didn't want any part of the family, he wanted them out of his life.

Carly grabbed the mail off Laura's desk and said she shouldn't have to open the junk mail. Laura said she liked going through the mail and it wasn't junk mail. There was an envelope from Chong Rinehart. Carly said they could deal with that later. Elton came flying into the room with some urgent messages. He said since the launch party the phone hadn't stopped ringing. He said if they were smart they would hire an assistant for him. Laura took the urgent messages and Carly the not-so-important ones and agreed to meet for lunch and discuss Elton's to do list.
Later Carly managed to snatch the envelope off Elton's desk and take it into her office.
Gia went to see Laura and asked for one of the pictures from her test shoot. Laura asked if this meant she was pursuing a modeling career. Gia said she hadn't decided on that, she wanted to frame the picture and give it to Nikolas. Laura said she would have a complete set messengered to the cottage that afternoon. Gia thanked her and thanked her for everything she did for her, giving her the chance to test for the job. Laura said if she did pursue modeling she would do everything she could for her. After a pleasant conversation Gia headed for the elevator but Carly caught her and took her into her office. She showed her the picture naming Gia the face of Deception. Gia asked where she got it and Carly said all she needed to know was that in a couple of days she would be named the face of Deception. Gia thanked her for going to bat for her but she wasn't sure she even wanted the job anymore. This didn't sit well with Carly who threatened Gia if she didn't co-operate. She said she will destroy the relationship with Laura and Nikolas, telling them that Gia was the one who locked Laura on the roof at the launch party.

Sonny and Alexis were frantically searching and calling for Michael. Sonny assumed Sorel was behind his disappearance but Alexis didn't think so. "What would Sorel have to gain by taking Michael when he has Zander?" she asked. They split up and agreed to meet again in the same spot in ten minutes. They met again, neither having any success. Alexis wanted to call the police but Sonny wouldn't let her. He said it was his fault; he should have brought Sorel down when he had the chance.
Meanwhile Michael was with AJ who told him he was his daddy. He told him about being at the house and AJ spending time with him. He gave him a little teddy bear he said was Michael's favorite toy when he stayed at the house. AJ asked if Michael could call him daddy but Michael said he already had a daddy.
Sonny and Alexis were talking when Alexis noticed Michael and told Sonny. Sonny hugged Michael and told him not to go running off like that, he scared Sonny. He asked if he wanted ice cream and sent him off with Alexis so he could blast AJ AJ went to follow them but Sonny stopped him asking "you bastard, you took him, didn't you?" "Admit it, you snuck up like a punk thief and took him," Sonny demanded to know. "He's my son, I have a right to see him," AJ defended himself. He told Sonny he hadn't taken him, Michael came to him. He had been all alone in the sandbox, he was lucky it was AJ who took him, not Sorel. Sonny said he was only a few feet away. AJ said Sonny was a rotten father and he, AJ, was Michael's father and he couldn't do a thing about it.

Roy was skulking around and got into a building to look around. He didn't find anything and left, only to run into a cop outside. The cop asked what he was doing and Roy said looking for a teenage boy. The cop asked for I.D. and Roy asked why the shake down. He was told about the mugger terrorizing the neighborhood. Roy asked if he knew Sonny Corinthos and the cop asked what cop didn't know him. He wanted to know what Roy wanted with Sonny and he told him he had taken something belonging to a friend and she wanted it back.
Later he ran into Melissa, who had been jogging, and blasted her for being in that rotten neighborhood. She asked why he was there and he said he was looking for someone. He told her he would escort her to the park.

Nikolas' cottage:
Gia had a bad dream about being on trial for all her lies and blackmailing. Carly, Liz, Laura and Emily all called her liar and even Nikolas rejected her. She woke up yelling which woke Nikolas up. He kissed her and she told him she had a dream. He asked if it was about Deception. She nodded and he said he knew how much she wanted the job. She said it was hard losing to Liz and he told her how proud of how she handled herself the night before at Luke's. She said she was ready to pounce. She told Nikolas she didn't want to lose him. He told her she was the only one he wanted to be with. He said he knew how he felt the day in his mother's office when she got in Stefan's face, all furious on Nikolas' behalf; she was magnificent. She said she knew something was changing when she went out and fed his horse for him. Nikolas got a call to go the hospital, something about a financial crisis.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Liz is in denial. She will not even admit her feelings for Jason to herself. She wants to give Jason a chance to explain because she is trying so hard to make things right for herself. Liz valued Jason as a friend because she is always able to be herself with him. It was apparent that she just could not let Jason go. Jason told his story for a second time and tried to let Liz know that he did not start the altercation with Lucky. Liz could not believe the Lucky, she knew, would ever attack Jason. The air was tense and both Jason and Liz struggled to maintain their respective sides. Jason moved closer to her and they almost kissed when Jason pulled back . Thank goodness Jason kept his restraint because Lucky was in the park and headed their way. Lucky saw the two of them together and became agitated as always. He took Liz home and started his own romance with her. Unfortunately, Liz could not seem to get thoughts of Jason out of her mind. Later Jason confided to Emily that something is wrong with Lucky and he is not himself, but his main concern is that he believes that Liz could be unknowingly in danger with Lucky.

Felicia went to Luke's to offer her help with his financial woes. When she arrived Luke was no where to be found so, Felicia came up with her own plan. Felicia went to the bank to prevent Graham from foreclosing on Luke's club. She had Graham convinced she was Laura Spencer and to give Luke an extension when Mac showed up at the bank.

Luke was working on his own plan to make money fast. He went back the Helena's yacht to do some bargaining with the valuable diskettes. Helena returned and Luke began the negotiation process. All efforts came to a stop when Stefan appeared and wanted to know what was of such value that Helena wanted from Luke.

Taggert and Mac ran into each other at the courthouse. Taggert was glad to see Mac and was hoping that he would return to the Port Charles Police Department. Mac closed those thoughts for Taggert. Mac told him that he had decided to go into private practice again and was applying for his private investigator's license. Also, Mac mentioned that he was going into business with Felicia with plans of recuperating more than just a business relationship.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

AJ asks Scott to help him regain custody of his young son. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Sonny faces the unhappy task of filling Carly in on Michael's day. Roy begins to zero in on the truth about Zander's "abduction." Mac's arrival makes a skittish Graham think twice about bending the rules to help "Mrs. Spencer." Laura comes to the blues club for some straight talk with Luke about his financial woes, but her estranged husband stubbornly refuses to accept any assistance. Unwilling to burst his wife's bubble, Sonny elects not to reveal the truth to Carly. Later, however, Michael spills the beans to his startled mother about a certain man in the park. Salivating at the thought of exacting some revenge on Sonny, Scott agrees to represent AJ in a custody suit. Mac tells Felicia he'd like to partner with her again in the private investigation business. Eluding Johnny's watchful eye, Roy manages to plant a tracking device on Sonny's limo and discovers where Zander is being hidden. Felicia is caught off guard when Mac reveals that he's hoping they will reconcile. After cooling off, Carly apologizes to Sonny for accusing him of not being able to protect her and her son but admits that she's always going to be afraid of being hurt by AJ

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Jason icily reminds Zander not to let anyone know where he's been the last few days. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Dara accosts Alexis after hearing an ugly rumor from Sorel's attorney. Laura confides to Bobbie how she's going to go ahead with her plan to save the blues club despite Luke's total resistance to the very idea. Across town, Luke reminds Helena to cough up a million dollars by nightfall if she wishes to have her property returned. Flustered by Mac's attempt to derail their divorce, Felicia contemplates her next move. Roy accuses Sonny of stashing his star witness in a safe house and letting everyone believe that Sorel had abducted Zander. After Luke runs Elton off the premises, Laura marches into the club and informs her ex that come hell or high water he will be hosting Deception's next party. Emily beams and Alexis breathes a huge sigh of relief when Roy escorts Zander into court just as Sorel's trial begins. Felicia decides the time has come to declare her love to Luke. Later, however, Felicia is crushed to witness a tender moment between Laura and Luke.

Friday, April 6, 2001

Helena's yacht:
Helena had $1,000,000.00 in a case ready to give Luke in exchange for the discs. She told Andreas if only Luke knew what he had; the discs were the weapons to destroy him and his family. "To think of his agony when he realizes what he has sold me," she smiled wickedly. Stefan came in and commented on the familiar aroma of his mother moving in for the kill. "Where's Spencer, lashed to the bow?" he asked. "As usual, obsessing in the wrong direction," Helena mocked him. "If you must be haunted by Luke Spencer, please do it elsewhere." "Mother, your evasions become more transparent by the day; why don't you do yourself and me a favor and tell me all about your dealings with Luke Spencer," Stefan chided her.
Luke showed up later and asked Helena, who was at the computer, if she was in that romantic chat room with Charlie Manson again. "We are here to do business," Helena said, opening up the case with the money. She said she had to run a test on the discs to verify what was on them. "Why, don't you trust me?" Luke asked innocently. She just looked at him. He asked for the blues discs and she held them up for him to see. He said he didn't have the discs with him; he found they increased in value the longer he held onto them. He was there to offer her something even better.

Luke's club:
Luke and Laura argued round and round about how he'll deal with the club, he doesn't need her help. She said she's just as responsible for his debt since they're still husband and wife. She told him she had already announced the Deception party to be held there. He told her to un-announce it. She finally got him to agree to let her have her party there. She said Elton would look after everything; just let him come in and do his job. She gave him the envelope with the rent money in it. She invited him but he said he didn't like parties. "So stay away," she said. He said he might come for one drink if his sale goes well. "Okay, I'll bite, what are you selling?" she asked. He said he couldn't tell her, but he could say he had two buyers feverishly interested. Laura left, telling Luke she was going to let Elton and his crew in, so be nice.
Roy came in, kicked a stool, then proceeded to pour himself a drink. "What's up?" Luke asked. Roy went on about Sonny and told Luke he lied to Alexis to pay a debt to Sonny Corinthos.
Stefan went to see Luke and warned him to consider his deal, he would be getting twice the money that Helena was paying and it would only make her happy to get what she wanted. Laura came in and saw the two of them together. She asked Luke after if she wanted to know what that was about. He told her probably not. Roy came over and told Laura she looked wonderful. She thanked him and asked if he got stuck babysitting. "Now that really hurts my feelings; I was told you asked for me specifically," Roy said.
Lucky and Liz made their appearance and Laura told Liz how beautiful she looked. She asked Liz if she was nervous and Liz said she just wanted to get through the evening. Laura told her what was important was how much she wanted to be the face of Deception.
Nikolas and Gia arrived and Gia and Laura complimented each other on being beautiful. Laura said she was glad they came. Nikolas commented on the good turnout and Laura said the change in location gave them a little buzz. Nikolas and Gia went and joined Lucky and Liz. They all toasted Liz on her evening. Little did they know what was about to happen; at least three of them.
Cameron Austin, Belle magazine, introduced himself to Laura. She thanked him for coming. He said his magazine wanted to rush a fashion layout for Gia for the next month's issue. His editor ordered him to be first in line to book a couple of days with Gia. Laura said there must be some confusion because Gia wasn't on contract with Deception. "Then what's this?" he asks Laura as he shows her the layout in the magazine with Gia's picture.

Nikolas' cottage:
Liz went to see Nikolas and he asked if she was ready for her big night. She said no, but she didn't have much time before she went and had the makeup and hair people perform their Cinderella act on her. Nikolas asked Liz if she could try to be a little nicer to Gia. Gia really wanted to go to the party. Liz tried to tell him maybe it was best for Gia not to go and watch Liz be named the face of Deception. Nikolas just wanted Liz to try to get along with Gia. He knew Gia could be difficult, but someone else he knew used to be like that. "Oh, come on, I never blackmailed anybody," Liz protested. She agreed to try to get along with Gia, reminding herself what Gia meant to Nikolas.
Gia was coming in the door as Liz was leaving. Gia asked Liz to come in, she wanted to talk to her. She apologized to Liz, saying how she acted like her life depended on getting this job; Nikolas made her see it didn't. She was sorry she didn't see it sooner. "How sorry?" Liz asked. She said they both knew if the job was handed to her on a silver platter, she would grab it. They talked a little more and Liz told Gia to try being someone that Nikolas deserved.

Earlier, Carly was telling Gia about her plan to launch her as the face of Deception; they just had to keep Laura in the dark until tonight. She told Gia she would have everything she wanted. Her picture was already in the magazine and she had a great PR firm lined up. Gia said Laura would hate her, so would Nikolas. Carly said she would take all the blame; she would also take all the credit when sales go through the roof. AJ was lurking in the bushes watching them. Would he rat out Carly to Laura? Gia continued to protest that if anything went wrong she would lose Nikolas. Carly promised nothing would go wrong. She urged Gia to go home; make herself beautiful; and watch what she said around Laura.
After Gia left, AJ stepped out into the open and said he hoped that Gia survived her, Carly, because he knew their little boy wouldn't. They yelled at each other as usual, making threats.

Alexis asked Roy for details on how he got Zander away from Sorel. Roy asked if it really mattered, as Zander showed up and testified, and it went well. He said he played a hunch, looked through a window, and found Zander. "So you just knocked on the door and asked Sorel's men to hand over Zander?" Alexis asked, skeptically. She really wanted to know. "What if I tell you I broke through the window, surprising the guards, knocked them cold, then dragged Zander to safety?" Roy asked. "I would say you were lying," Alexis said. He said she would be right, it wasn't that spectacular. He said he made a deal. "Anything that's going to come back and haunt you?" Alexis asked. Roy said he settled a debt. After Alexis left with Emily and Zander, Roy told Sonny in no uncertain terms what he really thought of him, and said they were finished, he wanted nothing more to do with him.
Later, Alexis watched Zander and Sonny talking, her attention not quite on what Dara was saying. She saw Johnny hand Zander his watch. She questioned Zander about where he had been held. Zander said he didn't remember much. She told him not to say anymore, she knew he was sworn to secrecy. She said it was gratifying to see he was a little uncomfortable. She said she knew it was Sonny who had held him. Roy had rescued him but Sonny had let him go.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny came downstairs, dressed in his tuxedo. Carly saw him from the mirror and whistled. "Something you're trying to tell me?" he asked. "You're too handsome," she complained. She asked him to never let her go. He said he wouldn't. She said she would make him proud tonight. He said he was always proud of her.

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