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Monday, November 6, 2000

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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Bobbie invites Felicia and her family to join her crew for Thanksgiving at the brownstone. Emily returns to the jail and is irked to learn that both her mother and Juan have already paid separate visits on Zander. Meanwhile, Alexis appeals to Roy for help convincing her young client to turn states' evidence against Sorel. Florence arrives at the cottage and demands some answers from her daughter. Though Gia explains that she and Nikolas are only roommates, Florence insists that the girl move into the brownstone with her. Felicia assures Bobbie that she and the girls would love to have Mac share their Thanksgiving dinner. On the island, Stefan gives an amused Chloe some playful instruction in the martial arts. Florence accuses Nikolas of using Gia to get back at his grandmother. Emily angrily confronts her parents after learning that Edward has enrolled her in a boarding school 3000 miles from home. Later, Emily snipes at Juan for interfering with her efforts to help a friend. Roy gives Zander the benefit of his own painful experience from being on the wrong side of the law. Afterwards, Zander tells Alexis he's decided to agree to the plea bargain.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Chloe prepared a special evening for Stefan. She cooked his favorite Greek food and dessert to thank him for taking care of her in the cave. As Stefan watched from outside the French doors of the villa, he was pleasantly surprised to see Chloe setting the table. The conversation started about Helena, but Stefan quickly changed the topic and told Chloe that they should enjoy her extraordinary supper and forget about Helena this evening. Then Chloe proposed a toast: May tonight bring back only Happy memories. Stefan complimented Chloe on her Greek cooking because it was very close to what he had as a child. After dinner Stefan asked Chloe to dance and she accepted. They began dancing and little by little the two became closer and closer. Chloe, however, began to reminisce about Jax and started to cry. She pulled away from Stefan and he asked if everything was all right. She replied that she was okay it was just hard. Stefan immediately realized it was Jax and tried to comfort her. Chloe kissed Stefan, thanked him, and retreated to her room.

At the hospital Tony ran into Bobbie. He immediately got into it about her forgetfulness. Bobbie told Tony she left a note on his desk about Lucas. Tony responded with he never got a note. The tone of the argument escalated a little before Bobbie extinguished it by saying do you want to spend the afternoon with Lucas or not. Tony said yes, and he would pick up Lucas.

Alexis asked Emily to come see her after school. Emily thought it was about Zander, but to her surprise Alexis asked her to be a brides woman. Emily happily agreed. As the two sit and wait for the wedding planner, Eldon, Carly arrives at the door. Emily leaves, but does congratulate Carly on her marriage to Sonny. Then Carly told Alexis that she came over to help with the wedding. Alexis was horrified at first, but later realized that she could use all the help she could get. Next the wedding planner showed arrived and he was on his cell phone talking to the press. He was very thrilled to meet Mrs. Sonny Corinthos and started going on and on about Carly's participation in the wedding. Shortly thereafter Carly had gone from helper to Bride's Maid. Alexis was trying to stop this media train from rolling but it just kept growing with Eldon's help. After the wedding planner left, Carly did apologize to Alexis for letting the whole help in the wedding plan get out of hand. Alexis conceded and agreed to let Carly remain the bride's maid in Chloe's absence. Carly was so pleased that Alexis kept her on that she ran home to tell Sonny. Alexis unable to fathom what just happened, laid on the love seat with an ice pack. Later, Ned arrived and gave Alexis the news about Alan finally agreeing to be the best man. He also mentioned that AJ was still on the groomsman list. Next Alexis sprung her own news about the wedding on him Carly being her maid of honor.

Roy and Luke were working on accounting matters in his office when Roy told him that the club was broke. Roy gave Luke an "I told you so" because he begged him not to stop the card table in the back. Right after Roy finished that statement officers from Interpol and the IRS busted into Luke's office and informed him that they had taken control of all his assets domestic and foreign, not to mention the ice princess. Luke was enraged. He told them repeatedly that the ice princess was his and that it was a gift. It did not belong to Helena Cassadine. The officers informed Luke that Helena had legal papers showing that she owned the stone, but Luke refused to give up. Meanwhile during this discussion, Felicia showed up at Luke's to give Roy his cell phone. Roy leads the officers to another location to look at the books while Felicia and Luke started talking. Felicia read Luke well because he was working on a plan for Cruella de Cassadine. He offered Felicia a position and then remembered that she was staying put for her two children. She worked so hard to turn Luke down and barely made it out the door because Felicia was ready to start on another adventure with Luke.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

Ned and Alexis went to the dress shop so Alexis could try on wedding dresses. She asked him if they could just elope. Ned asked her if the Wedding Planner could help her out. She didn't like that idea, especially since he was the one that got her to ask Carly to be her Matron of Honor. The clerk came out and sent Ned away when she found out he was the groom-to-be. It was bad luck. Ned asked Alexis if she was sure she didn't want him to stay. She said no, no use courting any more bad omens; besides, Emily was going to try to come and help.

Liz and Emily did show up and a hilarious trying on of dresses resumed. Alexis finally had a dress on that they all agreed was the one. Unfortunately, the media broke in then and proceeded to take pictures. Alexis sent the girls home. Ned showed up later and the clerk said the dress that was so perfect couldn't be used now as he saw it. She had taken the film from the cameramen.

Carly overheard Sonny talking on the phone to Benny. He mentioned Mike and Jason and was talking about the coffee warehouse. After he hung up, Carly tried to get him to go look for Mike. He said Mike would call him if he was in trouble and needed help. Later Benny came to tell Sonny that Sorel wanted to meet. Sonny told him to set it up at the Elm Street Pier in the open. He met later and Sorel told him he was concerned that Zander Smith was going to tell the police lies that he had the undercover cop killed. Sonny said it didn't concern him.

Laura came to see Luke and told him that she was having her mother and Lulu brought back to Port Charles after Thanksgiving. Lulu had a birthday party to go to after that and wondered if Luke could take her. He agreed. He apologized that he hadn't kept up with support payments. His European accounts were cleaned out. He told her he had the Ice Princess all this time. She asked him if Helena was behind it. He was told no, but there was no telling with these Civil Servants. She told him not to worry about the support payments because if things went the way she wanted he would be coming to her for money. Later, Mac came to question him about threats to Helena, the IRS and Interpol. Luke ranted and raved at him. Mac told him if he got caught this time, Felicia wouldn't be there to bail him out.

Mac talked to Emily about Zander. She stuck to her guns about defending Zander against the murder charges.

Helena was telling Edward to try to stop Ned and Alexis' wedding. He refused. Ned overheard and they both told her they were as powerful and rich as the Cassadines. She couldn't scare them off.

Lucky overheard Nikolas and Gia argue about her using up all the hot water to shower and then leaving a mess in the bathroom. He had a smile on his face. Later, when he ran into Nikolas, he told him he needed to find a new place to live and would move in with him since he had three bedrooms; unless there was a problem. Nikolas could tell he was ribbing him and asked him how he knew about Gia. He told him he had overheard them on the docks. Nikolas asked why he didn't take the room that was for rent above Kelly's. He wasn't sure how Liz would feel about him living across from her. He asked her later and she said she would love it.

Carly ran into Mike later and tried to talk him into going to see Sonny. He said he didn't want to see him till he was doing better financially. Carly asked when that would be; two day, two months, two years? He asked her if she could lend him some money. She gave him money for living expenses, not for gambling. He asked her if she could tell Tammy he was okay. She did go see Tammy and told her Mike was okay but promised not to say where he was.

Friday, November 10, 2000

After getting through the reporters and into the L&B studios, Ned asked Alexis if she would like to take a vacation from herself. He called Nikolas and asked if he and Emily could get over to L&B right away, it was an emergency. Nikolas, Emily and Gia were standing outside Kelly's; Nikolas and Emily watching Liz and Lucky through the window. Nikolas told Emily they were wanted at L&B and Gia went with them, because, she told them she wanted to apply for a job at L&B. When they arrived, Ned asked Nikolas and Emily if they would change places with him and Alexis so they could get away without the reporters on their tails. Gia made some comment about why wouldn't they like the publicity. Alexis asked who she was. Nikolas introduced her to Ned and Alexis. Gia said it was nice to finally meet you officially. Alexis asked Nikolas "so this is Gia?" Gia was surprised Nikolas mentioned her to Alexis, and did he also tell her she was looking for a job? Ned remembered her from one of his concerts. He told her she could put in an application but they weren't hiring right now, aside from the special project they had for Nikolas and Emily. They wanted Nikolas and Emily to be them and they would be Nikolas and Emily. After some discussion as to whether they could pull it off, they did finally agree and they exchanged clothes and Nikolas and Emily, as Ned and Alexis, went out the front door while Ned and Alexis, as Nikolas and Emily, went out the back.

Luke was talking to someone at Interpol, using an accent and calling himself Hans von Fleet. He asked about the diamond called the Ice Princess. He wanted to know when they were returning it to Helena Cassadine. They told him that was classified information and hung up on him. He hung up in disgust to find Roy looking at him anxiously. Roy asked who he was talking to, and upon finding out it was Interpol, told Luke he knew it would come to this; he had completely lost his mind. They would have his voice on tape. Luke told him not to worry. He said justice would be served when Helena, wearing a garbage bag, was tottering down the street pushing a shopping cart with all her worldly goods in it. Seeing her penniless and destitute would make it all worthwhile. He had to steal the Ice Princess back. Roy finally agreed he would help.

Liz assured Lucky that she wanted him to take the room at Kelly's; that she wanted him as close as possible. Lucky said he would look at the room, so Tammy gave Liz the key and asked her to show it to him. Carly, sitting at the counter, made a snide remark about Liz. He took the room and later, when he was by himself, decided to take a shower. He was standing outside his room with just the towel around his hips. He tried the door to his room to find it locked. He was jiggling the door knob and his towel dropped to the floor just as Liz showed up.

Sonny and Sorel were talking about Zander Smith. Sorel didn't like the fact that Sonny's lawyer was helping Zander and thought Sonny was using Zander to bring him down. He told Sonny he had honored their truce, gotten rid of the drug trafficking. Sonny told him he didn't deal in drugs, only Sorel did. He started to walk away when Sorel warned him the truce would not last if he didn't get Alexis pulled from the case. Sonny let him know in no uncertrain terms what he thought of his threats.

Tammy talked Carly into letting her see Mike. Carly was supposed to have Michael with her as Leticia had the afternoon off to meet Reginald. Carly asked if she could wait for a bit as she had something she had to do. She met Mike at the docks and Tammy showed up. He told Carly he didn't want to see Tammy. She asked if he wasn't glad to see her? Tammy told him she missed him and loved him. They shared some nice moments together.

Bobbie asked Audrey how her foot was. Audrey said it was better but expressed concern at how long she left them shorthanded at the desk. Bobbie agreed the work had piled up and she had made a few mistakes. She hoped that's all it was; just a few mistakes, not something else. Hannah showed up at Bobbie's request. Bobbie asked her if she could do her father, Roy, a favor; would Hannah come for Thanksgiving dinner? Hannah agreed, she'd do anything for Roy. Bobbie warned her that she would also be asking Sonny and Carly and hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Hannah said she could handle it. AJ showed up then and asked if Hannah would like to look at the playbook from the Cougars, the football team he had bought. She said no and started to walk away, but AJ managed to catch her interest and they were talking about the team with Audrey and Bobbie watching them.

Sonny came to talk to Roy at Luke's club and warn him about Sorel. Sorel was concerned that Roy had been to see Zander. He thought Roy was working for Sonny and using Zander to bring him down and was using Luke's as a front. Sonny warned Roy that the truce between Sorel and him wouldn't last much longer and to watch their backs. Laura came in then and seeing the looks on their faces, asked if Luke was in trouble. She told him she knew about the IRS and Interpol confiscating Luke's money and the Ice Princess; knew Luke would try and get the Ice Princess back; and asked Roy to make sure Luke didn't do anything too crazy. He assured her he wouldn't. She asked if either of them were going to be helping Luke. Roy just sort of shrugged. Roy got called away and Laura and Sonny discussed Deception again. They still didn't come to any agreement. She wanted an investor that wouldn't come with strings attached, like Carly. Laura left and Luke came in. He was cool towards Sonny and told him he didn't need his protection when Sonny warned him about Sorel.

Carly was at Kelly's talking to Tammy about Mike. She had her back to the rest of the room so didn't see little Michael wander out the door. She said she better go and turned around to get Michael only to find him gone. She went frantically searching for him.

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