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Monday, October 30, 2000

Stefan and Chloe take refuge in a cave following their "escape." Sonny agrees to finance Laura's new business venture but only on the condition that she find a place for Carly somewhere within the company. Holding a garrote to the throat of Helena's unconscious grandson, Luke orders his old nemesis to reveal what she's done to Lucky. Helena warns that any attempt to fully deprogram Lucky will trigger the boy's homicidal tendencies planted by post-hypnotic suggestion. As Luke begins to tighten the rope around Nikolas' neck, Lucky arrives with Liz and begs his father to stop. Hannah brings Marcus back to Kelly's late at night for a culinary surprise. Meanwhile, Tammy traps an intruder, only to discover AJ back on the prowl. Stefan uses close proximity and body heat to warm his shivering companion. After Luke disappears, Nikolas comes to and finds his brother and Liz anxiously peering down at him. As he and the others depart, Nikolas angrily warns Helena to leave him and his friends out of her stupid vendetta with Luke.

Tuesday, October 31

As Carly dresses Michael for his first Halloween party, Juan arrives at the penthouse and appeals to Sonny to stop Alexis from defending Emily's kidnapper. Meanwhile, at the jail, Zander explains to Alexis why it's so dangerous to allow Emily anywhere near him. Liz beams when Lucky fervently declares that he never wants to be anywhere without her again. Marcus is taken aback as Florence reveals her intention to relocate permanently to Port Charles. Tony blanches when Lucas dons a gangster costume and proudly announces that he's going as "Roy" for Halloween. Sonny advises an angry Juan to support Emily in whatever she feels she has to do. Lucky and Liz happily discuss picking up their dream of making a life together in New York City. Out of his son's earshot, an incensed Tony orders Roy to stay away from Lucas. Ned gripes to his fiancee after learning that Alexis plans to represent Zander. Helena gives Laura an earful about how Luke chloroformed her firstborn son and threatened to murder him. A lovestruck Maxie perks up when Lucky joins the party at the brownstone. Juan confronts Zander. Carly finds Mike loitering near the penthouse door.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Laura was seeing red with Luke as she confronted him about kidnapping Nikolas. Luke tried to explain, but Laura was getting on him for involving Nikolas. Finally Luke told Laura about Lucky's deep programming and she backed off a little. However, Laura made it quite clear that Luke was not to pull another stunt like this. She was not willing to loose one son for another and she was sick and tired of her children having to pay for their parents' mistakes.

Carly ran into Mike outside the penthouse. They were very nice to one another. Mike quizzed her about Sonny and Michael. Carly even commented on how well she and Sonny were getting along much better than expected. Mike congratulated her once again. She tried to convince him to come inside so that he could visit with Michael and catch up on things. But Mike did not believe that Sonny would appreciate his presence. Mike bid Carly farewell. Yet Carly had no intentions of letting this rest so she followed Mike and found out where he was staying. Later on when Sonny returned home, Carly started talking to him about family. She commented on how grateful she was to spend Halloween with Michael at her mom's party. Sonny was pleased that she enjoyed herself. Then Carly began to push him about Mike. It was impressive to see Sonny remain so calm about the subject of Mike. He did finally ask Carly to drop the topic and then he excused himself to bed.

Ned and Alexis were at Kelly's discussing their upcoming wedding. Alexis was all jittery and panicky. Ned was calm and sympathized with Alexis' plight. Yet through this they were able to decide that Ned wanted Alan to be his best man and Emily to be a bridesmaid. After further discussion it became apparent that the happy couple would need a lot of help to make this wedding go off without a hitch so they decided to hire a wedding planner.

At the hospital Ned came upon Monica and Alan and was dying to ask Alan the big question. Alan was thrilled with Ned's request, but turned him down. Alan asked Ned to consider asking AJ to be his best man. This would help promote positivity in the family, Alan said. AJ always feels like the last man on the pole, and by asking him to be your best man this may give AJ the help he needs to bring him back into the family again. Ned said for any other occasion he would not mind asking AJ, but his wedding to Alexis was too important of a day to take such a great risk with AJ. Alan asked Ned to reconsider and then Ned in return asked Alan to reconsider.

A very brave Nikolas visited Luke. Needless to say Luke was quite astonished. He asked if Lucky was going to run in and save him. Nikolas informed Luke that Lucky knew nothing about his visit. He told Luke that he was there to straightened out a few things. Nikolas said that he understood Luke's reasons for kidnapping him and that they are both upset with Helena for what she has done to Lucky. But he wanted to leave the threats and anger nonsense to Luke and Helena and not to pull Lucky and him in the fight. Nikolas went on to say that he does not care about the past because he and Lucky have over come the long-standing family feud. Just keep us out of you plans to retaliate against Helena. Luke vehemently denied that he had any thing to do with Helena's anger and revenge. Nikolas told him that he could keep the blinders on if he wanted too, but there is equal blame between him and Helena for this family feud.

Maxie had a birthday part at Bobbie's house. The party was a success especially when Lucky arrived. Maxie was on cloud 9 when she saw Lucky (she didn't even see Liz holding his hand). Felicia did not know at first, but soon she noticed the look in her daughter's eyes. Felicia confided in Bobbie about this crush, and Bobbie reassured her that Lucky was a good person for her daughter's first crush. Felicia commented like mother like daughter. Later after the party, Felicia gave in and told Maxie that she would allow her to wear a little bit of make-up. Maxie gave her mom a big thanks.

After Lucky and Liz left Maxie's party they headed over to Kelly's. Lucky could not hold it in any more he wanted to give Liz her birthday gift (seeing her birthday is tomorrow). Liz was surprised that he even remembered. Lucky gave her a card with the words free get out of Port Charles card. Liz asked what did the card mean. Then Lucky told her he wanted to take her to New York City. Liz was thrilled and told him that they deserved this trip and not just because of her birthday, but to celebrate being together.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Nikolas is surprised to learn about a sudden windfall coming his way from his "late" uncle's estate. Monica confides to Bobbie that she's afraid she might be entering menopause. Zander refuses to accept a plea bargain which would force him to testify against Sorel. Edward decides to meddle in Ned's plans after hearing how Alan turned down the chance to be best man. Determined to woo Hannah away from Marcus, AJ purchases a professional football team as a gift for the girl of his dreams. Ned meets with a professional wedding planner and instructs him to leak every tiny detail about the gala to the ravenous press. Zander reminds Alexis how Sorel will target Emily if he plays ball with the prosecution. Meanwhile, Juan lets it slip to an irked Monica that Alexis has agreed to defend Emily's kidnapper. Nikolas hides from Gia the truth about his improving finances. Later, Nikolas curtly informs Helena that he's acquired a housemate. Monica confronts Zander at the jail. Bobbie makes another mistake on a patient's chart. Chloe is disappointed when she and Stefan are "recaptured." Helena gleefully fills Florence in on her daughter's new living arrangements.

Friday, November 3, 2000

At the mansion, Monica and Alan launch into another direct attack on Alexis for daring to defend the man who kidnapped their daughter at gunpoint. Still seeking investors, Laura enthusiastically makes her pitch to a skeptical Amanda Barrington. Watching Sonny play with Michael, Carly wishes she could find a way to reunite her husband with his estranged father. Liz and Lucky check into a luxurious hotel suite in New York City. Amanda turns down Laura's business proposition and haughtily informs the would-be entrepreneur that her chances of succeeding with Deception are basically non-existent. Reminding the Quartermaines that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Alexis stubbornly refuses to step down as Zander's attorney of record. Gia goes job-hunting. After Laura admits that she's been striking out at finding private investors, Scott presses her to accept his original offer of help. Nikolas assures his aunt he'd be honored to give her away at her wedding. Following a jaunt into Greenwich Village, Lucky and Liz realize they may have to make some adjustments to their youthful dreams of the bohemian life. Ned rides to Alexis' rescue after she comes under fire from Helena. Carly puts her own life in jeopardy while trying to save Mike from another beating. Liz and Lucky begin to make love for the first time.

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