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Monday, September 11, 2000

Carly glumly informs Sonny that she will marry him. Roy saves Luke's skin again by impersonating an FBI agent and persuading two Interpol operatives to call off an arrest. Mac, Felicia and the girls enjoy a day of family fun in Colorado. Hoping to witness one of Chloe's psychic dreams, Stefan hovers over his prisoner as she sleeps. Liz fills in a worried Jason about his kid sister's predicament. Meanwhile, at the rave, Emily nervously pretends not to remember Zander. As the police surround the parking lot, Lucky and Nikolas and their friends watch with bated breath while Marcus discovers the corpse of his missing undercover cop in the trunk of Zander's car. Felicia and Mac begin to hash out the problems which drove a wedge between them. Grabbing a gun from an officer's holster, Zander takes Emily hostage and threatens to kill her unless the police back off. Carly and Sonny slowly begin working their way back toward common ground. As Nikolas and Lucky hold back an anguished Juan, Marcus attempts to persuade Zander to release Emily unharmed but the gunman forces his prisoner into a car and makes a getaway. Later, Marcus arrests Jason to prevent him from trying to rescue his sister.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

AJ apologizes to Hannah, then produces two airline tickets and invites the exasperated FBI agent to join him in the Bahamas for some fun in the sun. Gia ducks out of sight as Marcus presses Lucky, Nikolas and Juan for answers about their "unidentified" female accomplice. At the station house, an anxious Jason explains to Sonny why he has to get on Zander's trail right away. Meanwhile, Zander and his hostage hole up in a deserted cabin after abandoning the stolen car. Outraged by Jason's arrest, Carly causes a ruckus in the squad room until Alexis arrives to work on obtaining her client's release through legal channels. Marcus angrily reminds Juan and his guiltridden pals that Emily wouldn't be in danger if they had simply gone to the authorities when Ted first died. Across town, Hannah breaks some frightening news to the Quartermaines. Marcus convinces Dara to keep Jason in custody for 48 hours on trumped-up charges. Insisting he had no idea that Sorel intended to kill a cop, Zander tells Emily how he prevented his boss' goons from shooting her up with drugs after they finished off Ted. Afterwards, Emily hesitantly admits to Zander how her friends framed him for murder.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Mac and Felicia were getting along quite well as they returned to her cabin. Mac was just about to shower when Felicia spilled juice on her blouse. She was looking for some water, when Mac decided to help her with use of a sport water bottle. This evolved into a flirty water fight, which lead Felicia and Mac into a passionate kiss. The girls entered to find the two kissing and started clapping. Maxie and Georgia said, don't stop continue kissing. You guys are getting back together aren't you? Mac, being the logical one, said that they are just enjoying their time together. Felicia added that they were not back together, but they did still love each other and them. Mac suggested they all go get breakfast. Felicia said she needed to change her blouse and to go along without her, she would catch up. As Mac and the girls left the house his cell phone rang. It was Garcia from the station. He told the girls to keep going to the restaurant and he would be along momentarily. Garcia told Mac that Interpol had spotted Luke, but lost in Prague. Mac paused and he thought about what Garcia had just said and how it would affect his situation with Felicia. Felicia came out of the bedroom to find a preoccupied Mac. He told her what Garcia said. Felicia still proclaimed Luke's innocence. But she also told Mac that for her there is no man but him. During this time away she has learned that she loves Mac and only Mac. She and Luke can only be friends and she would not go away with him again ever. Mac said that he wished he could believe her. Felicia told him that she would wait for him as long as it would take, because she wants her family back.

Taggert has Jason brought into interrogation. Taggert was determined to get Jason to divulge some information about Zander and/or Sorel. Jason was silent (as normal, always the strong and silent one). Taggert banged on the table and shocked Jason, but still he remained silent. Monica arrived at the station and requested to see her son. Taggert allowed the visit. Jason wondered why Monica was there, at first he thought because of Emily, but actually Monica wanted to see Jason. She told him how much she has missed him and that she will always love him. Jason thanked her for coming. Jason also promised that once he was released, he would do everything in his power to get Emily back alive. Alan burst into the room shouting and accusing Jason of all types of wrong doings. Monica tried to calm him but he was on a rampage. Then AJ entered the room and actually said something valuable. AJ said that in this instance, they all should put aside their differences and work together on Emily's behalf. Yes, they were astonished too. Alan finally calmed down and pleaded with Jason to give the police anything to help retrieve Emily. After Alan left, Monica apologized to Jason for his father's behavior. AJ asked for a moment alone with his brother. Jason asked him what did he want. He asked Jason if he got him released would he get Emily back safely. Jason responded by saying he would try his best but he could not promise because he did not know what situation he would encounter. AJ went out into the police office and starts begging Taggert to release Jason. He pleaded with him about how Jason is Emily's only hope. Hannah overheard their conversation and also appealed to Taggert and asked him to let Jason go. After Hannah's plea, Taggert relinquished and allowed Jason's release. Taggert was not pleased with Hannah's consistent support given to AJ and seemed irritated. Jason left the station on a mission.

Chloe and Stefan were still on the island together. Chloe was determined to fight her captivity and find a way off the island. Stefan continued to support her, but warned her not to be too hopeful about Jax coming to rescue her. He reminded her that his mother probably had some scheme to make Chloe appear dead to all her friends and family. Chloe assured him that Jax would not let her down and would not just give up on her and assume that she had died. Chloe confided in Stefan about Jax and his quest to find Brenda or the look-alike Brenda. Stefan then shared his tale of woe about him still loving Laura and compared it to Jax and Brenda. Stefan stated that he had come to grips with his situation and accepted that he and Laura will probably never be together. They talked further and agreed to work together to get off the island. Chloe assured Stefan that her dreams will help them to know what Helena's next move will be.

Lucky was hanging around the docks trying to get information from Sorel to help him find Emily. He stumbled upon Sorel and hid behind some boxes, but unfortunately one of Sorel's men did a sweep and found Lucky. Lucky told Sorel everything about Zander and his kidnapping of Emily. But when Lucky accused Sorel he became angry. Lucky continued to push his buttons in hopes of getting information only to be beaten up by Sorel's men. After the beating, Lucky phoned Nikolas for help. Nikolas and Gia, (who just happened to be with Nikolas), came to Lucky's rescue. Nikolas wanted to call an ambulance, but Lucky said he was okay. Then as it became more evident that Lucky had been badly beaten, Nikolas insisted on taking him to the doctor. Of course Lucky stubbornly refused. But just then the three scurried out of sight as they heard voices. It was Sorel and his men. They were talking about their plans to kill Zander and Emily because they both had become liabilities to him and his plan.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Chloe tried to bribe one of the island workers to get a message to her family and was frustrated by his refusal. Luke and Roy checked into a London hotel disguised as a country squire and his manservant. Sonny tried to get information from Sorel about Zander even though Carly insisted that he leave it to the police and Emily's family. Ned demanded that Taggert do more to find Emily and couldn't believe that the cops were being stymied by a teenager. Zander was relieved not to find any headlines about Emily in the papers, but told Emily it didn't matter because he needed her and he wasn't letting her go. Roy thought Luke's plan to hide in the open was stupid and wanted to think of something better. Roy also hated the fact that he always had to be the sidekick and never the main man. Chloe marveled that Helena had never been caught and wondered how to fight her. Zander promised Emily that he would let her go once they were safely to the Canadian border where he had friends who would help him. Nikolas suggested that he start looking in clubs and talking to kids who might give him some clues on Zander. Bobbie visited Carly at the Penthouse and Carly filled her in on her upcoming marriage to Sonny. In the midst of giving orders to his officers, Taggert received a phone call and ran out of the station. Nikolas and Alexis went to see Helena who was triumphant over being named Nikolas's trustee. Nikolas was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with Helena and warned her to stay out of his way. Bobbie didn't think Carly should marry Sonny, she wanted Carly to marry for love. Bobbie boiled it down to a simple question of who Carly truly wanted, Jason or Sonny. Taggert and Hannah went to the hospital where he found out that his mother had suffered a heart attack. He was strangely reluctant to see her. Helena assured Nikolas that she wouldn't cut off his accounts, especially if he needed to help a friend. Alexis was pleased at Nikolas's show of strength and wasn't affected when Helena insulted her. Helena later rejoiced over Stefan's death and her growing control over everything. Carly believed that Jason was her soul mate, but she couldn't deny that she clicked with Sonny. Bobbie thought that Carly's future was with Sonny, but only if she let Jason go. Chloe dreamt of Stefan handing her the music box and woke up screaming. She told Stefan that the dreams weren't through Helena's eyes, but she was confident that the proper dreams would return. Emily tried to escape from the cabin by breaking a window and cutting the ropes on her hands. Zander returned from getting food to find her passed out on the floor. Alexis gave Sonny and Carly the news that the deposition had been moved up and they had to get married immediately.

Friday, September 15, 2000

Zander panicked when Emily was too weak to walk and determined that the best thing to do was to leave her behind. Nikolas took Lucky to the police station and Lucky demanded that they question Sorel because Sorel knew where Emily and Zander were. Roy told Luke that he couldn't travel with him after all because it would be too easy for Interpol to catch him. Alexis found a Justice of the Peace to marry Sonny and Carly and Sonny asked her to stay for the wedding. Sonny offered Carly one last chance to back out because he didn't want to force her into marriage. Nikolas and Lucky decided that they would try to find Emily on their own, but Nikolas admitted to Lucky that he couldn't get his money from Helena. Lucky insisted on talking to Helena, convinced that she would give him the money. Maxie and Georgie surprised Mac and Felicia by setting up a romantic date at the cabin. Monica gave Taggert the bad news that his mother needed heart surgery right away. Taggert cried by his mother's bedside and told her that he had always loved her.

Zander went back for Emily and told her he would drop her off at a clinic. Carly got as dressed up as she could for the wedding and when Jason came to the Penthouse, she asked him to give her away. Minutes later, Sonny asked Jason to be his best man, in spite of everything that had happened between them. Jason offered Sonny his forgiveness and let him know that he still respected and honored Sonny. Taggert revealed to Hannah that he and his mother had never been close because she never wanted him to be a cop. Zander took Emily to the clinic and she told the doctor her name was Paige Bowen so she wouldn't give Zander away. Mac and Felicia declared their love for each other, but they didn't make love. Luke went into the London bank to withdraw money from his Swiss account, but as he exited, agents were waiting to arrest him. Lucky asked Helena for Nikolas's money and asked if she knew what Faison had done to him because he didn't understand why he literally couldn't be honest with Liz. Alexis gave Carly a bouquet of roses and a blue scarf so that the wedding traditions would be covered. Gia showed up at the hospital and asked Taggert how their mother was doing. Zander and Emily were going to leave the clinic when a cop came into the other room. As Sonny said his vows, Carly stopped him and said she couldn't go through with it.

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