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Monday, June 19, 2000

Sonny was disinterested in attending the Nurses Ball, but Carly convinced him that she really wanted to go and that he owed an appearance to the cause since he had made such an incredible donation. He finally agreed that they would attend and she hurried off to buy a new dress to wear. When she returned, she showed him the purse she had purchased to wear with the dress and told him it would "hold all of her stuff." After he went upstairs, she murmured to herself that it would be plenty big enough.

Hannah turned down AJ's invitation to be his date for the Nurses Ball, saying she thought she already had a date. AJ moved on to Bobbie, trying to win her sympathy for wanting to see his son. Bobbie was having nothing of it and after smacking him down a couple of times, she told him he'd better be gone when she got back from the kitchen.

Taggert met Hannah at Kelly's and she let him know that she wanted to dance with him, so he invited her to the Nurses Ball and she accepted.

In Paris, Stefan gleefully read of Luke's arrest, while Nikolas intervened between Helena and Lucky, demanding that his grandmother leave his brother alone. Helena professed her innocence and feigned grief for Stefan's death. After she left, Lucky asked if Nikolas now thought Luke was innocent and Nikolas confessed that he hoped Luke was not guilty. He also warned Lucky that he should not be hanging around Helena.

Roy took Laura to the safe house to see Luke, but found he had already left and Felicia was there, weeping to her memories of Luke. Laura got smart with her, saying she was surprised Felicia hadn't dumped her kids and followed Luke again. Felicia got back in her face, telling her that she didn't know Luke at all. Laura called her a bitch rather vehemently and Roy had to separate the two women. After Felicia stormed away, Laura collapsed into tears as Roy comforted her, reassuring her that Luke had not killed Stefan.

After Helena's repair on the brainwashing, telling Lucky that Nikolas and Liz must be together, Lucky went to Liz and told her they could only ever be friends. This confused her greatly.

Wyndemere was buzzing as Chloe and Ned arrived so that Chloe could look around the premises and see if she recognized anything from her dream. Mr. Landsbury was reluctant to let them look around, but Alexis arrived and gave them permission. She began going through the business papers for the estate and Nikolas arrived. He talked with her about Stefan's death and his fear that it would come between him and Lucky. Later, Laura also arrived and Alexis laid into her for being what provoked Luke to kill Stefan with her affairs with the man. She told Laura that she had only used Stefan when she needed him and that she had cruelly dumped him when she had no longer required his services.

Mac encountered Felicia and asked that she let him know if Luke contacts her. He also sought out her reassurance that she would not be going after him or leaving the girls again and she promised she wouldn't.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Sonny and Carly are at the penthouse and she is in the midst of shoe issues. She doesn't like either of the pairs she had picked out for her dress. She needs to run out and get some new ones. Sonny reminds her the Nurses Ball is in a few hours and she doesn't have time. She reminds Sonny what an excellent shopper she is. She will be right back she tells him. After Carly leaves, Mike arrives to borrow some cufflinks from his classy son for the ball. He is surprised that Carly and Sonny are going to the ball. He wonders if it is too soon, but Sonny assures his pop he is doing it for Carly. He tells Mike it is the first thing she has seemed interested in since they lost the baby. Sonny goes upstairs to get the cufflinks for his pop. When he comes back down and gives them to Mike, Mike admits that it was really just an excuse to check up on him. He wonders if Sonny shouldn't be thinking more of himself. Carly comes home and overhears them talking outside the door. She hears Sonny tell Mike that he is only going for her and really has no desire to get dressed up and go through the motions. Carly walks in and says she is sorry for the interruption. Mike apologizes to Carly for their last exchange and genuinely tells her he did not mean to cause her more pain. He tells them he hopes he sees them at the ball. After Mike leaves, Carly tells Sonny they don't have to go. Sonny wants to know what is up and was she eavesdropping. She tries to say no, but you can see it all over her face. Why didn't Sonny just come clean with her if he didn't want to go? Sonny says hey if she can rally so can he. Besides, he will do it for Stone. She tells Sonny she is going to spend a little bit of time with Michael before they have to go and goes upstairs. Carly brings Michael downstairs and tells him that they have to go out and it is for a good cause. She is trying to peel an orange for a hungry Michael. Sonny comes down and tells her she better step on it or they will be late. She hands Michael to Sonny and goes upstairs. Sonny continues to peel the orange for Michael as Carly looks on lovingly.

Bobbie is at the brownstone with Roy and wants to know if there is any info that he can tell her about Luke. Roy says not really and Bobbie goes on about how unfair Mac is being especially since there is no body! She tells Roy that she has gotten something for him and presents him with a tux she rented for the Nurses Ball. He apologizes for having to cancel Maui and she assures him he can make it up to her by going to the Nurses Ball. Bobbie fills Roy in on the importance of the ball. He tells her he will be happy to write a check but he doesn't exactly do the ball thing. He says he is concerned about her reputation too. Should she show up with a brother on the lam and an ex-con for a boyfriend? Bobbie says that after last year it has to be an improvement. He wants to know what happened last year and she won't tell him about her televised romp with Jerry on video for all to see. Bobbie tells Roy that Lucas is at Betty's all night (she is some babysitter). They are smooching and this is obviously going some where. After they have made love Bobbie reminds Roy the value of the ball. Is this blackmail? Bobbie reminds Roy that Hannah is going and she would probably love to dance with her handsome dad in a tux. Roy tells Bobbie that is so lame of an excuse. Bobbie comes down later dressed to kill for the ball. She tells Roy that she had to ask another doctor at the hospital who is handsome and Irish. Roy grabs the tux and makes a dash to get dressed. Bobbie is thrilled with her shenanigans.

AJ is dining al fresco at Kelly's when Hannah arrives with quite a few packages. He asks her if she will change her mind about the ball. No, she has already told him she will be going with Taggert. AJ wonders why Taggert and Hannah are going at all when they should be looking for Luke. AJ wants one dance and tells Hannah to save one for him. He grabs her hand and gives her a flower from the table. Hannah says she has to go or she won't be able to dance with anyone. After she leaves, AJ makes a call on his cell phone and says he needs to change his table arrangements for the ball.

Later at the Q manse, AJ and Ed are about to get dressed for the ball and Ed wants a word with his grandson. He better not be his usual drunken self. AJ says he will do what is natural. Ed tells AJ he wants no scenes with Carly and Sonny as Alan comes down the stairs. AJ wants to make a toast. Exactly a year ago he was appointed CEO of ELQ. He wants to toast to freedom. He is free from Carly, ELQ and Ed. He is now going to find out what makes him happy. Ed is disgusted and threatens that AJ better not do anything to disappoint Lila and storms out. Alan reminds his boy that he needs to live for himself and not the shock factor of the Q's. AJ tells his dad that is what he is doing.

Emily comes down the stairs at Kelly's to find Juan at the counter. What is he doing and why is he not getting ready for the ball? Juan says he thinks there is something wrong with his throat. He tells Em he was messing up in rehearsal and he doesn't think he can go on. Em tells Juan it is probably just stage fright. Juan reminds Emily that when he performed the last time it was in front of strangers. This time it is front of people he knows. What if he screws up? Emily offers her support.

Amy is already at the ball minding Lucy when Tony arrives with his gear and is trying to avoid Lucy. Amy says she is trying to do the same thing just as Lucy shouts for Amy's immediate attention. Liz and Nik arrive and Amy wants to know if there has been any recent news on Stefan's whereabouts. Nik replies no and that being there keeps his mind off of it. Liz and Nik continue to mill around the behind the scenes ball festivities and he talks about how much Stefan meant to him and that Stefan would want him there. Liz reminds him if it is too much they should blow it off. No, Nik wants to stay and represent his uncle.

Lucy is freaking in her pre-ball mode when Mac stops by. He hasn't heard anything about Kristina, but he did put Scott in touch with the police in South America. She is thrilled and thanks Mac as Kevin walks up. He wants to know if there has been any news. No, but Lucy fills him in. Kevin stopped by to bring Lucy's jewels from Charlene. They all hug as Lucy tells them everything will be great and normal. She shifts back into mode and begins freaking about her hair and shouts for Amy and runs off. Mac tells Kevin he is trying to abide by the whole make Felicia a more competent mom thing for the sake of the girls. He tells him he has to go get Robin because she has flown in for the event. Mac hasn't filled Robin in on what is going on because he didn't want any pressure on either side. He says by to Kev and that they will be sitting at the same table. Back to the freaking Lucy and thank God for Kevin. Lucy wonders if she can give it her all. Kevin reminds her she will do what she has done every year before and it will be great. She wants to know why Kev is always around when she needs him.

Laura answers the door at home to Lucky. He wants to see Lulu. Laura informs her estranged son that Lulu is at a friend's house. Lucky then starts to give his mom the third degree about what she is telling Lulu about where their father is. Laura answers that she is telling Lulu the truth. Lucky reminds his mom that he heard Luke's threats to Stefan. Laura tells her son that Luke didn't do it and that he only ran because he doesn't trust law enforcement. She tells Lucky that after the fire they tried to trust law enforcement and look what happened then. She apologizes again for Lucky not knowing where they were. Lucky asks his mom if she ever walks outside of her delusions or if she is just too scared. (He is a brat) Laura tells Lucky that if Stefan is dead it was Helena who did it. She tells Lucky that Helena will have an alibi too. Lucky is frustrated and tells his mom that she and Luke always try to suck him in. Do they know how screwed up they are? He is only back because Lulu needs one person who is honest. (What a brat) Lucky reminds his mom that in all her defense of Luke, she shouldn't forget about Nik and leaves.

Later at his room, Lucky answers the door to his brother. Nik wants to know what is up and Lucky asks if he thinks Luke killed Stefan. Nik says he doesn't know but if he did he wants him to spend the rest of his life locked up. He starts to cry as he tells Nik that Stefan loved him and would never not say goodbye to him and that is how he knows he is gone. He reminds Lucky how much his parents love him, even Luke. Nik tells his brother that this year he isn't going to think about what he has lost, but that he has his brother back. Lucky tells him anytime big brother. Nik likes the sound of this and tells Lucky thanks little brother and touches him on the cheek.

The ball is in the final stages and Let's Groove tonight is playing as we see everyone on their way out the door. It is great. The first couple is Bobbie and Roy out the brownstone door. Next an awesome looking Taggert is thrilled with Hannah's ensemble as they head out of Kelly's. At the Q's, AJ takes a quick swig with no one the wiser. They watch Monica descend down the stairs and are out the door. Chloe, Ned and Alexis are at the Jax penthouse, sans Jax. They all head out the door and are looking great. At the ball, the guests begin arriving and taking their seats. Lucy is ready and heads for the stage. The curtain goes up and she welcomes her guests. She promises an entertaining evening and reminds everyone that the Nurses Ball doesn't disappoint.

Carly is putting a gun in her purse from the desk drawer. Sonny comes down and tells her she looks gorgeous and is she still sure she wants to go? She says thanks and she is sure. She tells Sonny that she is actually looking forward to it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

The day started off with Lucy's speech about continuing the important fight against AIDS. The Nurses Ball is so important because it raises money and awareness for General Hospital's AIDS' programs. The Ball was underwritten by Stefan Cassadine. Lucy thanked him and Nikolas made quite a moving speech on Stefan's behalf.

Robin returned today to accompany Mac to the Ball. She was welcomed by all except Carly. As you know they have this love/hate relationship going on, and on and on and on . . . . . Robin went over to Sonny to say hello. Sonny was pleased to see her and began asking questions about how she was doing. Robin informed him that her health is good and she had decided to complete school and go for her medical degree. Sonny congratulated her. Next Robin proceeded to ask about Jason. Sonny told Robin to ask Emily instead because he and Jason were no longer in contact. Robin looked astonished. As they were speaking, Carly walked over to Sonny and said, Honey don't you think we should get back to our table? (Yes, Carly said this in front of Robin.) And to put the frosting on the cake, Carly kissed Sonny affectionately too during her inquiry. Of course Sonny said good bye to Robin and returned the table with Carly. Robin stood in awe.

A little while later the girls, Carly and Robin had another encounter this time alone. Carly informed Robin that she and Sonny were getting married. Carly continued to berate Robin, as usual and with the pet names St. Robin and Princess. Sonny intervened, in a calm fashion, to stop these two prior to them making a scene. Robin then asked Sonny how can he be with Carly. Robin told Sonny she had lost all respect for him. Sonny replied and said there are many things that she does not know. Robin walked away. Carly told Sonny to go ahead and yell at her for taunting Robin because she knows he will, but she will not apologize because she was not sorry. Sonny looked at Carly and said, I was not going to yell at you, I just wanted to know how you were doing.

Lucky Spencer did change his mind and attended the Ball. He seemed happy, but these days it is so very hard to determine if he is ever really happy or just under Helena's spell. After her performance, Liz found Lucky on the terrace and invited him to sit with their common friends. Lucky actually agreed (I was shocked!) Before he was seated, however, he immediately went to Helena to say hello. Nikolas seeing him immediately got up and rescued him for the second time. With all his brotherly love, he told Lucky to stay away from Helena because she was dangerous.

AJ was in rare form today. He just was so annoyed to see Carly content on any level; he just has to be miserable. AJ invited Taggert and Hannah to the Quartermaine's table just to irritate his grandfather. Then, Lucy called Carly up on stage to thank her for her kindness and donation to the Children's AIDS Charity (it was money that Sonny donated in her name). Needless to say Carly was shocked when she heard her name spoken. Sonny then tells her he did this wonderful thing on her behalf. As Carly walked to the stage, AJ antagonizes her by taunting her. Carly almost did not make it up on stage, but she re-gathered herself and kept walking. She was very shy but did indicate that it is our job as adults to protect all the children. It really and truly looked that Carly was going to loose it, but she held it together long enough to leave stage gracefully and without incident.

During Robin's speech about AIDS and our responsibility, AJ leaves the Ball and shortly thereafter Carly does too. Is this going from bad to worse or what? Carly finds him on the terrace and told AJ to say good-bye, I am about to do to you what you did to my son. Carly is holding a gun and pointing it at AJ's chest.

The Performances at the Ball:

1st number was performed by Juan Santiago, Emily Quartermaine, and Liz Webber. They performed a very cute and playful Footloose with dancing and singing.

2nd number was performed by Eddie Mane (a.k.a. Ned Ashton). Of course he was in those tight black leather pants and singing Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible. Yes, he had the girls too with short dresses and fishnet stockings.

3rd number was performed by Lucy Coe, Alan Quartermaine, and Tony Jones. They did a real blues jazzy rendition of Hey Good Lookin.' They were being a little fictitious, but their performance was very entertaining.

4th number was an audience participation piece. Emily and Juan led the singing of Lean on Me with help from Robin, Lucy, and the audience (at times). It was moving.

Also, Robin did give a speech about AIDS, responsibility. Also, know that Education is the greatest weapon against AIDS.


--Lucy's first outfit was the best on her. She really looked good in the shiny blue pants suit with a long flowered covered sheer jacket attached at the waist. This outfit was very attractive and it looked good on Lucy.

--Lucy's second outfit was alike a lot of scarves wrapped around her body. This was not really attractive on her.

--Lucy's third outfit -- was a lime crush velvet dress with chains as the sleeves. This outfit was not very appealing on her either.

--Lucy's fourth outfit was a bronze shiny spaghetti strapped dress with length about to the knee. She also wore this dress during her Hey Good Lookin' performance. It was a classic type of dress and it did look good.

--Lucy's fifth outfit was shiny, sparkly, and beautiful. It was a full-length dress that was sexy and beautiful on her.

--Sonny and Carly looked good together. Sonny looked very debonair (just gorgeous). Carly looked good in her black bodice and white bottom with black spotted gown. But the hairdo was definitely not her best. It was straight with a flip curl up and it was not attractive on her particularly.

-- Chloe and Ned looked very elegant. I really like those two together. Chloe had on this wonderful gold lame gown with halter-top front and very low back. Ned was classic in his nicely cut suit.

-- Amy was there too. Her dress was full length and black. For her, she did well for it was simple yet elegant.

-- Robin was in a strapless gown that was navy blue (another simple dress)

--Hannah and Taggert looked happy together. Hannah was in a very shiny silvery dress with spaghetti straps. Taggert looked cool and mellow himself in a black tux.

--Bobbie and Roy as always complemented each other nicely. Roy was in an all black suit from the pants, shirt, tie, and jacket. Bobbie wore a black slip dress covered with a lace.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Carly, with a gun pointed at AJ, told him that her baby would be alive right now if it wasn't for him. She said she would not let him wreck Michael's life the way he has wrecked the lives of others. A drunk AJ taunted Carly trying to bait her into shooting him. He said that he was all for it if it meant that Michael will grow up without her as a mother. Carly informed AJ that he had to die and Sonny walked out in time to see her. He urged her not to do it, saying that AJ was not worth it and that the damage it would do to Michael was not worth it. Not only would she be throwing away her life, but also she would be hurting Michael and their future kids in the process. Sonny quickly stepped in front of AJ to prevent Carly from shooting AJ. He continued to plead with Carly to give him the gun and she finally relented. Sonny warned AJ to forget what just occurred and act like it never happened. Then he whisked Carly home and made preparations to take her on a vacation.

Chloe went to see Felicia after the Nurses Ball and questioned her about what was going on. Felicia filled Chloe in on everything that transpired between her, Mac and Luke during the past weeks. Chloe asked her if she wanted a divorce and she said no, but she admitted that she cares a lot for Luke. Chloe advised her to fight for her marriage and try to work through her problems with Mac. Felicia explained to Chloe that in her heart that she has put another man before her own husband and that in some ways, that was worse than adultery.

Nikolas took Liz home to her studio and she told him that she was proud of the way he filled in for his Uncle Stefan. She also told him if he needs anything, that he knows where to find her. Right now, she would like to be alone so she can say goodbye to Lucky. Nikolas tried to dissuade her, but she replied that watching him at the Nurses Ball only confirmed that he was basically the same old Lucky. He was enjoying himself and did not seem distressed in the least. She has finally realized that she has been holding on to the past and it is now time to let go. He has been telling her that his feelings have changed and she loves him too much to hold him back from moving on.

On of Juan's fans, Allison, followed him to the L&B studio. She continued flirting with Juan, even after Emily arrived. A jealous Emily threw her out and then confronted Juan. Juan tried to explain that Allison followed him and that he has no interest in her whatsoever, but an irate Emily wouldn't listen. Finally Juan played her his new song, which was a poem Emily gave him and he put to music as a surprise. An apologetic Emily asked for his forgiveness and he told her that he understood because he would react the same way if he had been in her place. He assured her that he only had eyes or him and that he loves only her. They kissed and made up at the studio.

Liz heard someone trying to break into her studio and she got scared. She hit the intruder and tried to run, but quickly realized that she had knocked Lucky out. When Lucky regained consciousness, Liz asked him why he was sneaking into her studio and he replied that he did not know she was there. He confessed that he visits the studio often when she is not there because it reminds him of how things used to be. He missed just hanging out with her and watching her paint. It was the other stuff, like her constant declaration of her undying love that he cannot deal with. She invited him to watch her paint and he seemed to soften up Afterwards he left, but they both looked wistfully as if they were hungering for the way things used to be between them.

AJ explained to a horrified Hannah what just transpired on the terrace. He bragged that he was invincible and indestructible. He claims that he has proven it by facing a gun totting Carly. He told her that she was hot and he kissed her. She informed him that they are just friends and that she was taking him home.

After Chloe left, Mac tried to convince Maxie that Felicia loves her and she should try to forgive. Maxie said she would try to later told Felicia that she looked beautiful in her Chloe Morgan gown.

In the penthouse as Carly got ready for their trip, Sonny ordered Johnny to get rid of all the guns in the house because it was not safe with Carly and Michael there. Sonny then asked Carly to let him helped her through the pain because it would also help him. Sonny, Carly, Michael and Leticia took off for a secret getaway.

Friday, June 23, 2000

Sonny attempted to soothe an emotionally bruised Carly, who continued to question what is really between the two of them. Sonny admitted to Carly that he needed her because of what they had shared together. Later, Carly became upset while thinking about AJ and slapped Sonny when he tried to calm her. Laura received a letter written by Stefan that put the blame for his death on Luke. Laura later encountered Helena, who claimed Stefan never loved Laura and was using her as a substitute for Helena. Meanwhile, Stefan indulged himself at his hideaway until he received a message concerning his mother. Lucky's warm reunion with Bobbie was interrupted by Helena. Lucky defended Helena when a protective Bobbie lashed out at her. Hannah started to find it difficult to resist AJ's charm, while a grief-stricken Alexis began to pull away from Ned.

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