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Monday, April 17, 2000

Liz and Nikolas were aboard a plane bound for New York to continue their search for Lucky. They discussed accommodations (Nikolas assumed uptown at the Plaza, Liz insisted on downtown) and Liz was appointed "official tour guide." She decided the first stop would be at a thrift store where they could get different clothes in a more New York style and then reminisced about the life she and Lucky had planned.

Lucky and Lulu hugged, and he told her he missed her every day and promised to see her as often as he could, but cautioned her that she mustn't tell Mom or Dad that she'd seen him. Lesley called for Lulu and Lucky hid again after reminding Lulu of his love for her. Lesley collected Lulu and they went to bake a cake for dinner, but Lulu managed to turn and send a little secret wave to her brother before going inside. After that, Lucky returned to the bar where he is staying, and Sandy (who knows him as "Pete") greeted him and gave him his list of jobs. Mike entered and he and Sandy hugged in greeting, and he asked after Harry as Sandy got him a beer. Mike wanted some Aerosmith tickets for Tammy (?!) and they were talking about this as Lucky came in with a case of glasses. He saw Mike and turned away before Mike could see him. Mike left with his tickets, and Sandy confronted Lucky about ducking Mike, wondering if he thought Mike was a cop. Lucky admitted that Mike was a friend of his Dad's and didn't want him to get in the middle of the situation. Sandy accepted this, but urged Lucky to work out his family problems. Lucky vowed that he would never go back, and Sandy questioned him about his future plans.

Bobbie and Hannah talked at Kelly's. Bobbie told her that Roy was in prison, and Hannah jumped to the conclusion that Roy must be starting another case, adding that "Roy is the best agent the FBI has got." Bobbie quietly told her that Roy isn't an agent and never was, that he's an informant and a convicted felon. Hannah tried to insist that it wasn't the case, but Bobbie went through Roy's whole history and the FBI deal. Hannah still refused to believe it, and Bobbie explained that since Roy didn't bring Sonny in he has to serve out the last five years of his sentence. With understanding dawning, Hannah stated that she needed to be alone and left the diner. She was sitting outside on a bench considering all she'd heard when Taggert approached. He offered to buy her dinner, but she refused and asked if he'd seen a file on Roy. Taggert admitted that there was such a file, and cited bits of Roy's history including the apparent FBI deal. Hannah admitted that Roy was her father, and Taggert at first assumed that his file was part of Roy's cover since he knew Hannah's father was supposed to be an FBI agent, but Hannah set him straight - her father was an informant all along. She lamented growing up not knowing the truth, and Taggert tried to comfort her by suggesting that maybe Roy had brought her up to be what he would have been had he had the chance. Hannah began to cry and fell into Taggert's arms.

Sonny, at the penthouse, arranged to have Benny and Francis tail Carly to make sure she didn't get into trouble, but cautioned them not to let her see them. Meanwhile, Carly and Michael sat on a bench as she considered their next move. Reginald and Leticia came by and Carly tried to get them to watch Michael for her so she could make some phone calls, but they refused. They each tried to persuade her to move back to the Quartermaines' and the penthouse respectively, but she wouldn't consider it, insisting that no one was going to tell her what to do. Leticia was concerned that Michael was having pretzels for dinner, but Carly, after telling Reginald that she'd rather sleep under the pier than go back to the Q's, chased them away. She turned up next at Kelly's, where Tammy gave her a hard time about all Michael's gear. Carly tried to get Tammy to watch Michael for a minute (Tammy refused) and tried to get a room (none available). Carly and Tammy began to argue about where they might stay, and Carly started her rant about Sonny just as Emily and Juan came in. Emily made a nasty crack about Carly and then tried to talk to Michael about how nice it was back at the Quartermaine house. Emily, who wanted very much to take Michael home with her, began a heated argument with Carly as Juan distracted Michael. Carly insisted that she and Michael were perfectly happy at Sonny's despite Emily's insistence that she'd heard Carly trying to rent a room. Juan eventually hustled Emily out and tried to calm her down outside, and Carly gathered the stroller and Michael and left the diner. They arrived back at Sonny's as he was on the phone with Benny once again, getting the update on her whereabouts. Sonny welcomed them home with open arms, and inquired about their little adventure. Carly took Michael up for his nap, and came back downstairs as Sonny prepared to leave. She cautioned him that it was a cold, cruel world out there, but all Sonny did was ask if she'd had a bad day. Carly asked him if it didn't bother him that she wouldn't be there if there were anywhere else she could have gone, but he just answered "no" and chuckled a bit. Carly reminded him that she had no intention of marrying him or anyone else just for convenience, and much to her surprise and confusion, Sonny agreed: if she felt that strongly, the wedding was off. He then offered her a deal - no priests, no lawyers - he would stop pushing her to marry him if she would just consider the idea. He pointed out that Mrs. Corinthos would never have the kind of bad day that Miss Benson had had, that people would show her respect. Carly agreed to think about it, and they shook hands on the deal, then Sonny threw her the keys to the "castle" and left, joking that it "beats a single at Kelly's."

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Jax tried to get Chloe to drink a protein shake, but she managed to evade him. The bell rang and Stefan was at the door. Chloe excused herself for a walk. Stefan tried to get Jax to join his crusade against Helena, pointing out that Helena had almost killed Chloe and tried to kill him and Alexis when the helicopter crashed. He said he wanted Jax to get Helena to do business with him and then to set her up. Jax said he would consider it.

Ned and Edward met with Edward saying he hoped Ned had changed his mind about selling the ELQ stocks. Ned pointed out that battling Jax alone was going to be a challenge for Edward. Ned made it clear that he was not there to come back to ELQ but to make Edward aware of how serious the Jax situation is. Edward pretty much blew him off once he learned he wasn't going to return to the ELQ fold.

While Michael and Carly were playing in the park, AJ came up and demanded to see Michael. He pleaded with Carly to let him see Michael and she reminded him of all the times she tried to get him to give her a divorce and work out a custody arrangement. She told him he was a drunk and wasn't getting anywhere near her son. Johnny manhandled him out of the way and Carly and Michael left.

Bobbie went to see Sonny and told him Larkin was dirty. She (again) begged him to help Roy and he said he couldn't go see him or Larkin would know Sonny was onto him. Bobbie complimented Sonny for having thrown Larkin through a window. Sonny then alluded that he had indeed bribed Ford and told Bobbie to stay out of it. He told Bobbie to thank Roy for letting him know that Larkin was out to get him and promised he would help Roy from the outside all he could. He told Bobbie she was a fool to visit Roy in Pentonville because Larkin would see she was the connection between Sonny and Roy. Bobbie said she was seeing Roy as soon as she left Sonny. Carly and Michael came in just then and Bobbie left, saying a hurried good-bye. After she badgered him, Sonny filled Carly in on the details of his conversation with Bobbie.

Larkin came to see Roy in prison and blackmailed him by saying he would have Hannah ruined if he didn't keep his mouth shut.

Alexis and Chloe rested on a park bench after their power walk. Alexis had a hard time talking having lost her voice. They commiserated about Jax's protein shakes. Chloe confided in Alexis how hard it is having her medical condition between her and Jax.

Ned went to see Jax and conferred about Chloe's medical condition and the doctors Jax had consulted. Ned also spoke to Jax about the war with Edward. Jax shared his fears and pain over Chloe's illness with Ned while Chloe and Alexis spoke.

Hannah came to visit Roy in prison and he told her the truth about himself. She was angry and wanted to know why he had lied to her her whole life. He told her he had never been anything but a two-bit hood, but with her, he was a great FBI agent and he liked that. She asked if he would have lied to her forever and he admitted that he probably would have. She told him that she loved him and that he was the perfect man, whether he thought so or not. Larkin came in just then and mocked them, saying, "Isn't this touching?" A guard came and manhandled Roy away, saying visiting hours were over, despite Roy's observation that they had ten more minutes.

AJ burst into Kelly's and demanded that Bobbie intercede with Carly to allow him to see AJ. She sent him packing, saying he was a drunk who didn't need to be around Michael and that she had her own problems.

Sonny reminded Carly not to deal with AJ and Carly admonished Johnny for ratting her out, calling him a punk. He threatened to call the DA and send AJ to jail that night just to get rid of him. Carly said that if Sonny sent AJ down the river...they Sonny started laughing at her for saying, "Down the river" asking her "Where is the river, Carly?" and telling her she'd been watching too many movies. They laughed together and she asked if he was making fun of her and he said, yeah, he was a little. She reminded him that sending AJ up the river would hurt Lila and Sonny said he didn't want to do that. He reminded her that he would do anything, ANYTHING to keep her safe. She smiled and said she was finally starting to get that.

Back at home while Jax was out on business, Chloe dreamed of a music box playing the song, "Once Upon a Dream". The dream was so real, it was hard for her to tell that she'd been asleep.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Chloe and Lila were having a pleasant visit, talking about the ways their men deal with adversity, when Lucy Coe came in. She asked Chloe about three or four designs for the Nurses Ball, and Chloe agreed before leaving. Lucy then came to the real reason for her visit: to plead with Lila to intercede with Edward on her behalf in the matter of the vacant hospital Board seat. Edward came in, and after some excessive flattery and flirting, Lucy left. Edward asked Lila to advise him as to whom he should back for the seat, but Lila refused, explaining that Edward always does exactly as he wishes anyway.

Jax was on the phone with Tracy Quartermaine, trying to persuade her to sell her ELQ stock to him. Later, Chloe returned and found evidence suggesting that Jax was trying to take over all of ELQ, rather than the small subsidiary that he had first proposed, and he admitted that that was indeed his plan. Chloe felt that taking over ELQ is excessive retaliation for Edward's raiding Jax's subsidiary, but Jax explained that it's not retaliation at all - just business, and Edward would do the same to him if he had the chance. Chloe continued to be concerned about Edward, but Jax refused to pass up the opportunity just to spare Edward's feelings. Chloe asked if he would pass it by for her, but he explained that he has to do this, although he would not ask for her support. Jax asked Chloe to promise that she would not say anything about his plans to the Quartermaines, and Chloe promised, but reiterated that she was not happy with the situation.

Juan and Emily were at Kelly's, and she told him all about her scheme to finance his singing career with her trust fund. Juan was unsure about using her money, but reluctantly agreed, and Emily formulated a plan to get someone to sign her trust petition. She went to the Quartermaine house and found Edward alone in the living room. Emily manipulated him into signing the trust petition by pretending to be upset about her parents and her brothers and feeling oh, so neglected. She pretended that the trust document was a permission slip for school and got Edward so involved in her drama that he signed the document without reading it. Emily quickly left and, out of sight, celebrated, then returned to Juan at the diner, told him about her successful venture, and they made plans to go to the bank the next day to withdraw the money.

AJ went to Kelly's for coffee and ran into Lucy and baby Christine there. He told her his tale of woe about how Carly and Sonny stole Michael from him, and Lucy warned him about the personal cost of revenge. She advised him to focus on happiness rather than payback, but he doubted his story would have a happy ending.

At the hospital, Rae got off the elevator and encountered Monica, who immediately hurried off. Rae chatted with Audrey about her quest for the Bible as Alan entered. Rae and Alan greeted one another fondly, then Stefan came past talking on his cell phone, demanding that the caller find Lucky immediately. Alan made a crack about how Stefan was not available during the nurses' strike and other crises, and Stefan answered that he wasn't concerned the least bit about the hospital's problems. Alan was offended that Stefan treated GH as a simple investment, and Stefan promised to review his finances, in effect threatening to withdraw financial support from the hospital. Alan exited and Rae examined books on a volunteer's cart as Tony came by. They chatted about what a wonderful guy Alan is and Rae asked about the Quartermaines, Monica and AJ until Tony questioned her interest in Alan. She covered by explaining that the search for her daughter had caused her to be preoccupied with parents and children, then turned the conversation to Tony's need for surgery. Tony admitted that he had consulted a surgeon, but was having doubts about going through with the surgery. He admitted that he used his disability as an excuse, and was afraid that the surgery would correct his hand completely but he would still be unable to operate. Rae pointed out that he wouldn't know if he didn't try, and Tony, convinced, vowed to schedule the surgery. Tony left, Alan returned and Rae told him that Tony had decided to pursue surgical repair. Alan and Rae were beaming at one another when Monica came up, demanding Alan's attention. Rae left and Monica started in on Alan, assuming he and Rae were having an affair, and they began to argue as Amy and Audrey looked on, aghast.

Meanwhile, Tony went to check on Paul Ruskin, the thrift shop owner. Paul is recovering, and Tony told him about his plans to have the hand repaired. Paul promised to keep Tony in his prayers, and patted his Bible, which was lying on the nightstand.

Nikolas and Liz were having doubts about their ability to find Lucky in New York City, so she decided to set up shop as a street artist in hopes of seeing Lucky wander by, and Nikolas agreed to be her portrait subject. Later, Nikolas went for coffee and to check out a couple places, and Liz spied someone she thought was Lucky. She ran up to the person and turned him to face her, and was horrified to see it was a stranger after all. She was upset that she could mistake anyone for Lucky, wondering how, if she couldn't trust her heart, would they ever find Lucky? Liz shared her fear that Lucky might have changed over the last year, might have moved on and never looked back, and Nikolas reassured her that Lucky must love her still because of the way they had felt about one another, and they hugged.

Lucky, meanwhile, was on the docks remembering when he'd returned from Manitoba and given Liz the key chain. He heard someone approaching, and hid just in time to avoid being seen by Stefan. Stefan heard a sound, but before he could investigate his cell phone rang. Stefan demanded of the caller that "Lucky Spencer must be found!" and then left, and Lucky crept out of his hiding place.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Nikolas and Liz were still searching for Lucky in New York City. Liz complained of being tired from staying up late looking in coffeehouses where people were playing, and Nikolas expressed hope that one "no show" would turn out to be Lucky. He went off to check some other places while Liz waited, in case Lucky happened by, and returned with a young man named Kirk. Kirk professed to be a friend of Lucky's, and Liz was excited at the prospect of Kirk setting up a meeting for them, but when they questioned him about Lucky before giving him money, Kirk turned out to be a fraud - he didn't know that Lucky played guitar rather than piano. Nikolas ran Kirk off, and they vowed to keep searching. Nikolas went off to check some pawnshops, and Liz was selling sketches when a man approached her, assuming she was selling more than sketches. The man offered her money and suggested she could make more, and when Liz demanded that he leave her alone, he grabbed her by the wrist and insisted that she go with him.

Lucky sneaked aboard Helena's yacht and overheard Andreas arrange Madame's dinner, as she'd been released from custody. Andreas left, and Lucky came out of hiding to examine things, then hid again when he heard someone approaching. Andreas and Helena returned, and Helena ordered her dinner, a hot bath, and a massage. Stefan appeared, and Andreas offered to throw him out, but Helena considered that Stefan probably was "a master of some martial art or other" and dismissed Andreas. Helena proclaimed Stefan's vendetta tiresome, and asked that he run along and let Mummy recover in peace. Stefan replied that he'd would do so as soon as Mummy told him where he would find Lucky Spencer (Lucky overheard all this with great interest). Helena insisted that she has no idea where Lucky is, that he is free to go wherever he pleases, but Stefan suggested that perhaps Helena is simply not ready for Lucky yet, as she may have other pieces to get into place. He wondered if Lucky were a pawn, or a more useful piece...perhaps a bishop or knight. Helena replied that chess is Stefan's game, and said that it bored her (this bit seemed to puzzle Lucky). Stefan continued the analogy, suggesting that Lucky is a pivotal piece, then he walked over to the actual chessboard and moved a piece into checkmate. Stefan left, and Helena hurled the chessboard then left the room, demanding to know how Stefan got onto the yacht. Lucky climbed out of his hiding place and stood, considering what he'd heard.

At the hospital, Tony told Bobbie about his decision to have his hand repaired and mentioned Rae Cummings. He asked Bobbie if she would be willing to meet with Rae to discuss reconnecting with an adult child, and Bobbie agreed. While Bobbie was on the phone arranging to visit Roy in prison, Tony told Rae that Bobbie would speak to her. He introduced the two, and left. Rae told Bobbie the story of the search for her daughter, and Bobbie confided the tale of Carly, how Carly felt abandoned and is still testing the relationship with her mother every chance she gets. Rae admitted talking to Carly at Kelly's, and reassured Bobbie that Carly very much wants Bobbie to love her. Rae asked Bobbie if Carly's father ever knew about her, and Bobbie replied that the circumstances had made that impossible. Rae pursued the topic a little more: if Bobbie could tell the father, would she? Bobbie was emphatic that she would not, and left after Rae thanked her. There was a page for Alan, and Rae watched thoughtfully as he arrived to take his call at the nurses' desk.

At the prison, Larkin demanded that Roy stop calling Washington to make "unsubstantiated claims", threatened that someone close to Roy would get hurt if he kept it up, and also had Roy's telephone privileges revoked. A prisoner named Adams was washing floors, and Larkin pulled him aside to tell him that the FBI wouldn't have been able to send him to prison if they hadn't had testimony from a snitch - Roy, in cell block C. Larkin said that Roy was worthless and it would be a good thing if he were to simply disappear. Adams questioned whether he would get in trouble if Roy were to disappear, and Larkin assured him that no one would notice, and that it would prove that Adams could be useful.

Bobbie came to see Roy also, and Roy was less than thrilled to see her. She told him that she wanted to see him, but he didn't care - he didn't want her to see him in prison, in a cage. She made him admit that he'd made mistakes (shooting Mitch Williams, lying to her, etc.), then said that he owed her the chance to see his face, hear his voice and know that he was all right. Roy said that she'd be notified if he were not, then said that Bobbie or Hannah could get hurt if they keep coming around. He insisted that he could do his five remaining years as long as he knew they were all right. Bobbie protested that "our friend", meaning Sonny, would help him and get him out sooner, but Roy said that Larkin is trying to set up Sonny, and if he knew Roy was in contact with Sonny, he would be sure to "eliminate the link." Roy insisted that Bobbie promise not to tell Hannah anything about it, to avoid putting Hannah in further jeopardy, and said that he doesn't want to see either of them. He informed her that if she came to see him again he would refuse the visit, then hung up the phone on her and walked out. Adams watched him go, and Bobbie began to cry.

At the penthouse, Carly reminded Sonny about how helpful she was at his business dinner. She pointed out that the coffee business is half Michael's, and since he isn't of age, his half should be monitored by her, thus making Sonny and Carly equal partners. Carly offered to help Sonny with the business, but he refused, saying that maybe she should start her own business instead. Again she tried to get him to agree to let her help, but Sonny refused to discuss it. Carly was on her way out the door to go shopping when Mike dropped by. She thanked him for his gift of the rocker, then noticed he had another present with him. Mike told her it was for Sonny, for his birthday. Carly was surprised, and after a bit more chat, she left. Sonny came in and he and Mike made small talk about Carly, then Mike gave him his gift. Sonny stood silently, then took the gift, but Mike had to pressure him into opening it. It was a frame for a baby picture, and Mike was pleased to give it to Sonny, but Sonny was obviously unhappy. Mike guessed that it was because of al the birthdays he missed when Sonny was a child, and asked if Sonny was ever going to get past that. Mike said he planned to be a better grandfather than he was a father, and Sonny agreed that Mike would be allowed to love the children but that Sonny would never allow them to be hurt by him. They parted somewhat awkwardly, and Sonny picked up the frame and shoved it in the desk drawer.

When Carly returned, she said she had a surprise for Sonny, that she wanted to try to make up for the fight they'd had before about the business. They picked that argument up where they'd left off, but not seriously, and this time Carly asked if Sonny had been serious about setting her up in her own business. Sonny smiled and asked to see his surprise, and she showed him a tiny outfit for the baby to wear home from the hospital. Sonny couldn't believe that the baby would be so small, and they made friendly small talk about whether it would be a boy or a girl and the relative importance of dimples. Sonny suddenly turned serious, and admitted that while he regrets having hurt Jason, he thinks the baby is the best thing that ever happened to him. Carly added that it doesn't matter how the child was conceived, the only thing that matters is that they love it. Sonny got choked up and left quickly to go to the warehouse. Later, when he returned, Carly informed him that she wanted to be taken out to dinner, and when Sonny went to check on Michael, she made secret phone arrangements for a birthday surprise.

At the bank, the trust officer told Emily that she would need signed papers before she could get into her trust fund, and she handed them over to him. He left to start the paperwork, and Emily sat down, relieved. She was waiting anxiously when the officer returned, and asked him if there was a problem. Alan entered the room after the officer, and informed her that there was indeed a problem - a very large one. He demanded to know just what Emily had been up to, but she was speechless. They returned to General Hospital where Monica joined in. Emily told her parents about the plan to finance Juan's singing career, and they were horrified. They decided that Juan was a bad influence, and that the worst of it was that she'd lied to her family. All began to argue at once and Juan showed up, willing to take all the blame. Alan ended the discussion by declaring Emily grounded, with a 6:00 p.m. curfew, and threatened to call Juan's father and have him sent back to Puerto Rico if there is any more trouble. Emily tried to apologize, but Alan and Monica were already on their way. Juan declared that the only thing that matters is that Emily liked his singing, and they got into the elevator.

Lucky was walking on the dock when he heard someone call his name. Mike had spotted him, and hurried up to him, declaring in wonder "It is you."

Friday, April 21, 2000

Mike is shocked and elated to see Lucky in the flesh on the docks. Mike tells Lucky that everyone is looking for him and that he can't believe he is seeing him. It is wonderful. Lucky pleads with Mike not to tell anyone. He doesn't want to be found. Lucky explains he only wants to see his sister and brother. Mike asks him about Liz. Mike tells Lucky that Liz was destroyed when she thought Lucky died. Since she found out he is alive she probably hasn't slept. Lucky tells Mike that too much has happened. They have both grown and changed in the last year. They can't go back and start from where they left off. Mike asks Lucky if Liz has a choice in this matter. Lucky says he knows what he is doing and he must not tell anyone or he will bolt again. Mike says he doesn't like it but he will agree not to tell. Just then AJ arrives on the dock and shouts out to Mike. Mike covers and shakes hands with Lucky and calls him Tim. Lucky leaves. AJ tells Mike he needs his help to arrange for him to see Michael. AJ offers Mike a substantial amount of money if he can do this. Mike can supervise the visits. He knows how much Mike likes the ponies and he can bankroll his habit, especially since Jason is gone. Mike reminds AJ that Michael is his godson and he won't help. He tells AJ to go to court and walks away. AJ is pissed.

Back at the docks, Lucky sits on the bench and takes out a picture of Liz. He strokes it gently and sighs. He looks pained.

This pimp in the park is attacking Liz and telling her she will get in his car with him. He is grabbing her had by her wrists as she struggles. She is totally freaked and seems to be glazed over, as she is obviously thinking of the rape. She is screaming for someone to call 911 as he tells her to be quiet. Nik comes racing over and saves the day. He grabs the thug and tells him he can mess with him. He throws the thug off and runs to Liz. She is fine just extremely shaken up. Liz and Nik continue to share their mutual kudos on how they handled the tense situation. Liz tells Nik that being alone in that situation brought the memories of that night in the park flooding back. She remembered being alone and then Lucky finding her. Nik tells her he knows Lucky would be proud of the way she handled herself. Liz is getting discouraged about the search for Lucky. She tells Nik that every place they have gone, he isn't there. She knows that if he wanted her to find him he would frequent the places they did when they were there. Nik tells her they can go to PC if she wants. She says no that she will stay. He has another coffeehouse they can look at and she seems pleased. She tells Nik that she couldn't have done this alone and she really thanks him.

Rae and Tony are toasting at the grill. She is looking forward to continuing the search for her daughter. He is pleased that she finally got him to agree to go through with the surgery to repair his hand. He tells her he is terrified. He also tells her that had it not been for the desk they wouldn't have crossed paths again. Rae and Tony wrap it up and head back to GH. Once they arrive they run in to Bobbie. Rae excuses herself and leaves Tony with Bobbie. After filling out paperwork, Bobbie gives Tony a card that Lucas drew for him. Tony is touched and Bobbie tells Tony she will be there for him as well. He is glad. Rae returns and offers to take Tony to surgery. He reminds her he is a big boy. They hug again and Tony is off to go under the knife. After the elevator door closes the thrift shop guy comes up to Rae. He asks her to please give Tony a bible. She agrees and he tells her to tell him just to give it to some other patient, because he got it off the book cart. She says she will tell him. Rae opens the bible and realizes it is the bible she is looking for.

Alexis arrives at the nurses' station and Bobbie excuses herself to discuss Roy's situation with her. She fills her in on Roy's dangerous life inside the big house. She wants to know if there is some way Alexis can get an emergency transfer. She further explains that Larkin is corrupt. Alexis says she can try but it will be difficult without proof. Bobbie begins to cry and Alexis tells her she will do whatever she can and begin working on it right away. Bobbie says thanks and tries to compose herself.

Carly is all dressed up and making final phone arrangements with the Grill for Sonny's birthday. They both compliment each other about how good they look. Carly reminds Sonny that Carlybabes likes to go out and paint the town. Sonny wonders aloud where her knee high boots are. He likes those. She tells Sonny maybe she can wear them again sometime. As they are walking out the door, Sonny says he would like to go to the No-Name. Carly insists on the Grill. He agrees and they are out the door.

Ned and Alexis are at the Grill discussing the return of Eddie Maine. Ned assures her it is a one-time deal. Alexis tells Ned that she hopes not. She is looking forward to seeing her man in those leather pants. He explains to her that it has to be a one-time thing. He was a different person when he was performing. He was married to Lois and had Brenda as a manager. He isn't the same. Alexis says she is worried about the fans and is polishing up her groupie skills. Ned tells her he will still wear the pants for her. Alexis's cell phone rings and it is Bobbie. She asks Alexis to come to the hospital to talk to her about something important to do with Roy. Alexis says she is on her way. Ned and Alexis get up and start to leave the grill. Just then Alexis and Ned run in to Sonny and Carly. Alexis tells Sonny she needs to speak to him. Carly and Ned exchange looks. She wants to know what he is looking at. Ned replies, "A human wrecking ball." He thinks AJ deserves whatever he gets, but not his grandmother. Has Carly made arrangements for Lila to see Michael? Yes? Good, Ned replies. Ned excuses himself to get Alexis's car and Carly goes to the table. Alexis fills Sonny in on the call she received from Bobbie. Sonny says to give her time and he will pick up the bill. Alexis says she doesn't care about the bill she just wanted him to know what was going on. He thanks her.

Chloe arrives at the penthouse to find a gift and flowers. She calls out to Jax he comes down and tells her to open the gift. It is a book about St. Petersburg. He wants her to plan their itinerary and he wants to take her tonight if possible. Chloe is concerned that this trip could be Jax's way of distracting her from the ELQ takeover that Jax is planning. Jax tells Chloe they have phones in Russia. He knows that if she wants to tip off Edward he can't stop her. They decide not to talk about anything, any takeovers, illnesses, and just each other. They will meet back in four hours and hit the road. In the meantime, Jax goes to GH to see Tony. He wants to make sure that he doesn't get stuck in Russia with a very sick Chloe. Tony gives his blessing and tells Jax to take her and have as much fun as possible. When Jax returns to the penthouse he finds Chloe sleeping on the couch. He goes upstairs. Chloe is dreaming that she is at GH. That horrible music box music is playing in the background as she sees Tony. He is holding the music box in his hands.

Helena makes a phone call from the yacht. She wants to know where Lucky is. The person on the other end wants to know if she wants him picked up again. She angrily tells the person she just wants to know his whereabouts and that is what she is paying for.

After the scene with Ned and Alexis, Carly is whispering with the waiter about the surprise. Carly wants to know what Alexis wanted. Sonny tells her that it is his business and he isn't going to tell her. He also tells her that there is a likeable quality about her. Just then the waiters come out with a cake and begin singing Happy Birthday. Sonny looks like a ghost. He is in a different world. He is flashing back and seeing someone stomping on his birthday cake. He is not well. Carly looks scared. Sonny tries to collect himself. He says it is time to go and Carly agrees. Just as they are walking in Edward, Lila, Monica and Alan arrive. Edward comments that he wasn't aware that Carly was throwing birthday parties now. Alan asks Sonny how it feels to have stolen another man's child. Sonny tells Alan he isn't in the mood. Alan gets in Sonny's face and says he would love to give a piece of garbage like Sonny a piece of his mind and an all out argument ensues.

Roy is at Pentonville in his cell. He gets a visitor and it is the social worker assigned to his case. As the thug prisoner is mopping up outside the cell listening, the social worker offers his help. Roy tells him he doesn't need it. The social worker tells Roy that he knows he has worked numerous times as an informant. Roy tells the social worker that the information is not supposed to be in his file. It is confidential. Roy tells the guy he has to see what is in his file. The social worker hands it over and Roy tells him he is being set-up. He begs the guy to contact someone in the D.C. Office of the FBI on his behalf. The guy tells Roy he can't do anything without going through Larkin first. Roy shouts that Larkin wants him dead. The guy says he is sorry and leaves. Later when Roy is returning to his cell the thug that Larkin tipped off confronts him. He reminds Roy about how they met and that he got busted but Roy didn't. He throws a mean punch as several other guys join in. Roy falls to the ground.

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Ned Quartermaine, GH
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Nina Reeves, GH
Jake Webber, GH
Ava Jerome, GH
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