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Monday, February 14, 2000

Sonny put two and two together and deduced that he is the father of Carly's baby. He went to Bobbie with his deduction, and she confirmed it. Sonny asked if he were not supposed to know, and vowed to take care of the situation as it is his responsibility. Bobbie scolded him, asking what happened to his sense of responsibility on the night he slept with Carly, and, citing Sonny's concern for respect and honor, asked what happened to respect for Carly and Jason? Sonny replied that he and Carly would be the ones to pay for their mistake, no one else, but Bobbie labeled that "a crock" and said that what was best for the baby may well break Sonny's heart. She cautioned him not to go off and do something without thinking it through first, and Sonny left.

At the diner, Tammy and Liz were just finishing up and Liz was ready to leave. Tammy asked her to stay, to help serve the crowd expected when the Valentine Dance ended, but Liz wanted to be alone. Tammy, remembering what Liz had told her about last Valentine's Day with Lucky, agreed. Mike met Liz at the door and asked her what a pretty girl like her was doing on Valentine's Day without a date, then, after Liz left, kicked himself for forgetting about Lucky. Tammy comforted him, and he proposed she close up and come out for a lobster dinner with him. She told him about the expected crowd, and he agreed to cook her a dinner to share at the diner. He served it by candlelight, and all was very cozy until Juan and Emily arrived, carrying balloons and wanting milkshakes. Mike pointed out that Tammy was eating her dinner, and suggested that they get their own shakes, then suggested to Tammy that she leave the diner in the care of Juan and Emily and go dancing with him. Tammy was hesitant at first, but then agreed and went to change her clothes. She came back down dressed in a Valentine red dress that wowed Mike and Juan. Tammy reminded Juan and Emily to lock up after everyone leaves, and then she and Mike left. Juan immediately went to the window and flipped the sign to "closed", then when Emily wondered what Taggert would think if he showed up, turned off the lights also. Emily asked if Taggert had had "the talk" with Juan, he said that he had and they chuckled about it and kissed. Emily asked about her Valentine present, and Juan mumbled around a bit, then began to sing for her and they kissed some more.

At the hospital, Jax and Chloe snuggled on the bed as she slept. Alexis and Ned arrived with flowers, and Jax proposed that they spend Valentine's Day with the person they love, consequences be damned. Ned gave Chloe her Valentine present (cashmere sweater), Alexis gave Jax his (electric socks), and Jax gave one to Alexis and Ned together (deed to an acre of rainforest). Jax repeatedly hinted that he and Chloe wanted to be alone, and eventually Ned and Alexis left. Jax and Chloe were kissing when there was a knock at the door. Jax had arranged for dinner to be flown from Milan, since Chloe had always wanted to take him there, and after she felt her way to the table and identified the foods by scent, he fed her. After dinner, Chloe stated that she felt they'd been given another chance at happiness, and she wanted to make the most of it. Jax agreed and they kissed. He produced marshmallows, and after a little protest from Chloe about setting the place on fire, made s'mores by toasting the marshmallows over the dinner candles. Chloe said she wished she could see Jax, and he assured her that she would be able to see him long before next Valentine's Day.

Alexis, in bed with Ned, made a show of looking for her Valentine gift, and Ned presented her with a ring. She agreed to wear it on her right hand for now, and they began to make love as she extended her hand over Ned's shoulder to see her ring.

Liz went to the chapel, lit candles, and talked to Lucky. She told him that she misses him all the time, and promised him that all of her, body and soul, mind and spirit is in love with him now and will never change. She vowed he would always be in her heart, then turned to leave.

At Luke's club, Bobbie arrived and wistfully watched the couples dancing. Roy came up to her, and she asked if Luke had returned, but Roy said that he had not. He got Bobbie some wine and joined her at a table, where she admitted that she'd told Sonny the truth. Roy said that since Sonny had asked her point blank, she had no choice but to tell him. Bobbie said she'd given him a lecture on responsibility, and Roy chuckled that he bet Sonny'd loved that. Bobbie wondered if she'd done the right thing, and worried that maybe she'd just lost her daughter, and Roy tried to reassure her. Bobbie said that Carly doesn't know what lies cost, and regretted that she hadn't known the truth twenty years before, that secrets shouldn't be kept. Roy was stating that one shouldn't let that get in the way of love, when the power went out, leaving the club lit only by candles. Roy and Bobbie quickly concluded that Luke had failed to pay the utility company, and Roy apologized to the crowd, announcing that he would now have to close up for the evening. The crowd exited, and Bobbie remained to help Roy clean up. Roy asked if she recalled Valentine's Day at the Campus Disco, and she said that she did. Roy said that all he really remembers is her red dress, and they reminisced about how she kept trying to get his attention by dancing with her brother, and he admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes. After they finished cleaning up, Roy produced a portable stereo, commented that it may take him a while but he catches on eventually, and asked Bobbie if she'd like to dance. She replied that she thought he'd never ask, and they began to dance.

All the Quartermaines were gathered in the living room following dinner. Edward gave Lila her present (candy and music they'd danced to years before), Monica showed off her roses and the necklace Alan had given her. Edward asked if he couldn't have given her a full string of pearls instead of only five, but when Alan explained the significance - five years of being cancer-free - all agreed it was a lovely gift. AJ gave Carly her gift of a charm bracelet, and she commented that they'd have years together to add charms. The doorbell rang, and Edward instructed "no guests!" and proposed a toast, to "all the Quartermaines here and all the Quartermaines to come." Sonny appeared in the room just then, having let himself in, and everyone was horrified and jumped all over him, but he insisted he just wanted to speak to Carly. AJ demanded to know why Sonny would want to speak to his wife, and he replied "Why? Because she's pregnant with my child." At first there was shocked silence, then the Quartermaines all began to speak at once, largely defending Carly who said that there must be a misunderstanding. Sonny apologized to Lila, then turned to Carly and said "Tell me it's not my kid." She replied "The baby's got nothing to do with you." Sonny began to explain that she didn't sleep with her husband (AJ jumped in here) and Jason wouldn't have her (Carly screamed at him to get out) and Edward suggested that Jason had put him up to this. Sonny, angry, said he'd demand a blood test, and Edward instructed AJ to call the attorney, but Sonny turned to Carly and said that they don't need a blood test, they all know what the result will prove. After a moment of silence, Carly agreed that there was no need for a blood test, and quietly admitted that the baby is Sonny's. Alan and Monica immediately began to trash Carly, and AJ demanded to know how many times she'd slept with Sonny. Sonny told him once, but AJ didn't believe him. Monica guessed that that was why Jason had left, and Sonny said that all he cares about is the child, he just wants to be part of the child's life. Edward suggested that perhaps it was a lie, and when Sonny questioned why he'd do that, explained that it would prove that AJ wasn't the father of the baby. AJ said that he'd "never thought the baby was mine, and neither did any of you - not really." He said that he'd been looking forward to raising Jason's child, but that there was no way he'd raise Sonny's, then turned on Carly, called her a tramp who wasn't good enough for him, and told her to get out. Carly said that there was no way she'd leave without Michael, but AJ replied "No way." Alan then suggested that maybe tossing Carly out wasn't the best idea, and when Monica retorted "Are you on drugs again?" calmly replied "Well, what would have happened if I'd thrown you out the first time you slept with somebody? Or the second? Or the third?" As Edward insisted that they had to consider Michael's needs, all the Quartermaines began to argue amongst themselves, Sonny commented that his child would not be brought up like this, and neither should Michael. All resumed arguing again until Lila spoke up. She said that Mr. Corinthos and Carly needed a moment, then instructed Sonny to leave afterward. Sonny apologized again to Lila, and all the Quartermaines exited, arguing once more. Alone, Carly told Sonny that he didn't have to do that, and he told her just to "take care of that baby." She began to protest that she'd never hurt the baby, but Sonny told her not to say anything, promised her that he'd be back, and left.