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Monday, November 15, 1999
by Nora

Outside her house, Liz thanks Nikolas for taking her out. Nikolas responds by telling Liz that she is the only good part of his life. Liz changes the subject, but Nikolas again asserts that Liz is the only person who understands him. Liz shivers and tells Nikolas that she had better go indoors before Audrey gets worried and comes to look for her.

From a motel room, Jason and Carly watch as the FBI bust Moreno. Across the street, Roy is apprehended and taken in. In the room, Carly apologizes to Jason for the terrible things that she has done to him in the past and regrets her decision not to follow Jason, causing her to be separated from him. Jason comforts her and assures her that she could never betray him and claims that she and Hannah have nothing in common. Jason then thanks Carly for saving him and keeping him out of jail. He cautions her not to mention the evening's events to anyone.

At Sonny's penthouse, Hannah tells her lover that she is afraid for him and that she needs him to stay with her tonight. Sonny pretends not to understand why Hannah is frightened and probes her for details. The phone rings and Jason is on the other end. He tells Sonny that the bust went as expected. After Sonny hangs up the phone, he goes downstairs to get something to eat, leaving Hannah to receive the anticipated calls from her superiors. However, Sonny returns too quickly and Hannah's cell phone rings while he is in the room. Hannah answers and is instructed by her commanding officer to come down to their building as soon as possible. Hannah tells Sonny the same story that she told Mike the other day, that she applied for a new job and that the cell phone somehow relates to her prospective employment. Sonny asks her what she would do if she ever had to choose between a job and their relationship and Hannah promises that Sonny is more important to her than a job ever could be.

In the FBI building, Roy is chastised for having been at the warehouse when the bust went down. Roy apologizes and says that he is still learning Moreno's business, but mentions that he has an account number of the local with whom Moreno has been laundering money. The FBI tells Roy not to get too involved with Moreno's organization because they need him to bust Sonny Corinthos, given Hannah's apparent ineptitude. Roy is not pleased with his new assignment, but is told that he has no choice unless he desires to return to prison.

Chloe surprises Jax with a glass of champagne on his private jet. Jax attempts to dissuade Chloe from accompanying him to Greece, claiming that it is unsafe. Chloe is persistant and informs her friend that she plans to pose as Alexis in front of Mikkos' lawyer.

In bed, Jerry worries about Bobbie's "tears of happiness." He asks Bobbie if she is having doubts about the wedding and she assures him that her problem lies within herself. She determines that she is crying because despite her past failures in marriage, she is confident that marrying Jerry is the best thing that she could ever do.

Once inside, Liz calls Jason and he quickly arrives to take her for a ride on his motorcycle. Liz asks to drive and Jason obliges. When they return from their ride, Jason promises to let Liz drive his bike anytime she pleases, even though she does not have a license. Liz recounts her evening to Jason and explains that her time with Nikolas caused her to miss Lucky terribly. She says that the only time that she can forget her anger and sorrow is when she is on Jason's motorcycle.

Carly returns to her room in the Quartermaine mansion to find AJ waiting for her. He confronts his wife and demands that she behave as if she were really married to him. AJ is upset that Carly turns her romantic life on and off whenever it pleases her. Carly replies that she will continue to pose as his wife publicly, but she refuses to sleep with him on command. AJ agrees to her rules, but insists that if she should ever try to leave him, he will ensure that she never sees Michael again.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

In his office, Luke told Felicia that Faison had disappeared. She expressed concerned that he had gone to Faison's office. Luke told her that the office was cleaned out and Faison was, " the radar, Baby." He also said that he liked it better when Faison was in their faces. Felicia was upset about Faison knowing their secrets and said that secrets were how he had driven a wedge between Anna and Robert. She fretted over whether or not to tell Mac everything. Luke hurriedly asked her how much she would tell and said that he was all in favor of having guards around her, but coming completely clean was not a good idea. She reminded him that Faison would be coming after him for the $5 million in diamonds and this time he wouldn't see him coming. Luke responded, "The hell I won't." Felicia arrived and Roy showed up, asking Luke how worried he was about Bobbie marrying Jerry. Luke replied, "Don't get me started." This led them into a discussion about his marriage to Laura. Roy asked him what he ever did with Scotty Baldwin and Luke told him that he didn't do anything and added that perhaps Scott didn't feel that way. Roy asked if maybe Scott thought Luke had stolen his wife and Luke agreed, "Maybe." Later, Luke left and Roy was in his office working at the books. He picked up the invitation to Bobbie's wedding from Luke's desk, held it and remembered the dance they had shared at the club to "How Deep Is Your Love." Holy Cow, what a dance.

A person who looked like a real estate agent showed Faison a steel and glass building and described its security features. He agreed that it was fine, but said it needed to be elegant, luxurious, a place you'd never want to leave.

Felicia met up with Mac outside Kelly's and he also informed her that Faison was missing. He said he had contacted Interpol, but since he was not on any wanted lists, they couldn't keep track of him. Felicia asked Mac to go for a walk by the river like they used to and he apologized for not being more attentive. He told her he had never forgotten how much she means to him, just hadn't shown it enough. They went for their walk and when they returned, Felicia reminded him that he must not let Faison get to him. He said he had to go back to work, but promised they'd have dinner together. They kissed warmly as Luke looked on.

Roy went to Kelly's to deliver some coffee and got a receipt signature from Bobbie. He saw her looking at the newspaper headlines "FBI Carries Out Organized Crime Bust" and she told him it made her sad, thinking of those headlines a long time ago. She talked about how she felt after Luke pulled her away and they left him on the sidewalk that night. She said she had hoped she'd read in the paper the next morning about him being in critical condition somewhere, but instead read that he'd been slain. He said he was sorry for all she'd gone through. She aloud wondered why she even kept bringing it up. She asked him if he'd give her a wedding present, and he said, "You name it." Then she asked him not to go back to 'the life'. She said she knew that in working for Sonny at the warehouse, it must be tempting. He agreed that delivering coffee to diners wasn't really his style. She encouraged him to work full time with Luke. He said he would never return to prison, no matter what. Jerry arrived and invited Roy to the wedding.

Ned and Alexis were also at Kelly's, discussing the danger factor of Chloe and Jax going to Greece together. Alexis was taking the side that they would be OK, that Jax would take care of things. Ned was taking the side that Chloe always gets into trouble when she's with Jax.

After Jerry left, Laura came in and looked at the paper. Seeing the date made her remember that was the anniversary of her wedding to Luke. She wondered how she didn't see the date coming and Bobbie wondered if maybe she hadn't wanted to see it coming. Laura flashed back on her wedding to Luke and made me cry. She told Bobbie that she couldn't believe she and Luke hadn't been able to work things out. They talked about once-in-a-lifetime loves and wondered if they always burned out. She left and ran into Luke outside Kelly's. He said, "Happy Anniversary, Angel" and they hugged and I cried some more. He pulled a toy out of his pocket and said Lulu and left it. Laura said Lulu had been looking for it and then left. *sigh*

Chloe (posing as Alexis) and Jax met with the attorney about Mikkos' will. He opened the strongbox it was stored in with other legal documents. Just as he was preparing to read the will, an armed henchman pointed a gun at him and told him that Helena Cassadine wanted the contents of the box. They all prepared to comply, then the thug told the lawyer that his services were no longer required and shot him. Jax and Chloe pretended they would give him the box, then Chloe beaned him with a vase, they beat him up, grabbed the box and ran. They paused for a moment to catch their breath, then another henchman attacked them. Chloe smashed this one with a nearby bottle of wine, they beat him up, grabbed the box and ran again. When they paused on the bridge, Jax said he knew she was good at swimming, but wondered how she was at jumping. They prepared to jump and Chloe said, 'Just in case this is really it..." and planted a big kiss on him. He told her if her face was the last thing he saw in life, he'd die a happy man...then they jumped and we heard a big splash. Later, we saw that they of course did not die. They paused in a doorway to open a box. Chloe expressed dismay that the papers she grabbed only reflected what they knew and that it wasn't worth dying over. Jax said, "This is", indicating the papers he held. Lights flashed over them and he kissed her to look inconspicuous or something. Then they closed the box and ran again.

Stefan sat in his office remembering Helena asking why he had hurried her away from Laura. Then he remembered Laura asking him to tell her the truth about poisoning Helena and him assuring her he had not. He called Nikolas and left a message that he needed to see him. Later, Nikolas arrived and reprimanded Stefan for doing things, 'for his own good'. Stefan assured him that he only wanted to inform him that Helena was cured and that the police would be wanting to question him about Katherine again. Stefan asked him if he understood how much he loved him and his mother and that he would do anything to keep them from harm. Alexis arrived and insisted that they get their stories straight. Nikolas agreed to testify that Katherine had seduced him under Helena's orders and that when Helena heard Katherine's plan to trick him into marrying her, acted on her protectiveness of him and killed her. Before he left, Nikolas told Stefan that the answer to his question was yes, he did know. Alexis questioned Stefan on this and he told her it was between father and son. She asked if he knew Stefan had poisoned Helena. Stefan scoffed and said Nikolas knew nothing of Alexis' 'ridiculous speculations'. Alexis said this was good and that she wouldn't breathe a word, being a Cassadine, after all.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Sonny and Jason faked a conversation about the FBI bust to throw off Hannah. They implied that it was their shipment that had been intercepted by Moreno's men, then by the feds. As they were talking, Hannah came down the stairs and Jason asked how much she'd heard. Sonny asked Jason if he was accusing Hannah of something, then asked Hannah if she was going out on another job interview. She said she was and asked them to wish her luck. Sonny told Jason that in ten minutes, Hannah would be feeding their bogus information to the FBI. Jason asked him why he didn't just kick her out before she did more damage and Sonny said that he wasn't ready yet, that he needed to see her in action and hate her more.

Emily asked Liz what she thought about the two of them going to Zipper Park with Juan and Nikolas before it closed for the year. She said she wanted to ride the roller coast that always broke down so that she and Juan could look at the stars. Liz said she didn't want to go at night because it would seem too much like a double date. She then told Emily about the kiss and how uncomfortable she feels around Nikolas now. Emily asked her if maybe she was uncomfortable because she liked it and Liz denied that was the case. Emily told her she thought she was making too big of a deal of it.

Jerry met Bobbie at Kelly's and told her he was going to unravel any plans she had for the afternoon. When she asked what it was about, he asked her if she could at least wait until they were married to lose faith in him.

Roy met with Sorel who reprimanded him for the bust. He said that things had gotten difficult and Roy was the only thing new, so it must be him. Roy told him that he had been taken into custody himself and that if he was involved in the bust, he sure wouldn't have been on the scene. Sorel wasn't having anything to do with it, so he had two thugs beat the bejeebers out of Roy/

Jax returned home from Greece and warmly greeted Alexis before noticing Helena on the couch. She said that she knew had possession of some 'souvenirs' from Greece that belonged to her and she'd hold them for him. They bantered back and forth about the events of the trip to Greece, but Jax told her that the strong box containing the documents had been lost in the river when he and Chloe jumped in. He said he'd managed to save the will, which he produced. Alexis read it and started to cry when she saw her father's own words saying that he loved her in death, even if he could not acknowledge her in life. Helena told Jax to call her when he got bored with their 'weepy little friend'. Alexis hugged Jax and thanked him for retrieving the will. He showed her the other papers that explained how Stefan had been fooled into believing Nikolas was his son by Helena and Dr. Lastiris. Ned and Chloe showed up and got the scoop. Ned fussed more about Jax putting Chloe in danger, then encouraged Alexis not to tell anyone about Nikolas. "He doesn't want to be a prince, Stefan will be devastated, Helena will know you have the paper and you won't get an inheritance. " Alexis said that she of all people knew what it was like to look in the mirror and not know whose eyes were looking back and that Nikolas deserved to know who his father was.

Nikolas came to see Stefan and asked why he wasn't out greeting the morning. Stefan confessed that since Nikolas had moved out, his Tai Chi had lapsed shamefully (it's a shame, really). He was working on a speech to give to the National Alliance of Hospital Accounting Systems and Nikolas said that he had a speech of his own to give. He apologized to Stefan for how obnoxious he'd been since Katherine's death and said he just hadn't wanted to admit how relieved he was that he had his life back. He asked if Helena would be going to prison and Stefan replied, "I hope so." Nikolas then commented on how free their life would then be. After breakfast, Nikolas told Stefan how much he enjoyed a life where he did not have to give speeches and be a prince. (oh well!)

Bobbie ran into a beaten up Roy on the docks and asked him to take a new coffee order and check to the warehouse. She noticed that he was hurt. He told her to leave it alone and she commented that there were no visible bruises and it was a professional job. She expressed anger and dismay that he had just promised her he would not go back to jail but that he was obviously back in 'the life'. Roy cautioned her that what she thought she was seeing was from twenty years ago, not today. She retorted that if he didn't care about himself, why should she stay up nights worrying about him and left.

Later, Roy met with an FBI agent and told them that Sorel and Moreno wanted nothing to do with them. The agent tried to convince him to try again in a week or so, but Roy was adamant that they would not work with him and told the agent his best bet was to run the account numbers he gave them and find the person who is laundering money for Moreno.

Taggert (looking particularly dapper and sporting a longer goatee) intercepted Jason on the docks and gave him a hard time about the previous night's bust. He mentioned that it reminded him of a string of anonymous tips the PCPD had gotten some time back that had resulted in several busts on Moreno and wondered if maybe Sonny and Jason were using the government to do their dirty work. Liz interrupted them and told Taggert off for hassling Jason. Taggert then fought dirty by telling Liz that Jason and Sonny were responsible for Lucky's death, that Jason "rented Lucky Spencer a room and then burned it down with him in it." He went on to say that Jason was as responsible for Lucky's death as if he had struck the match himself, because his lifestyle had caused the fire. Liz looked on in tears, saying, "No" and he kept ranting about Lucky's death being Jason's fault. Then he said that he wasn't sorry for saying this if it would keep her away from Jason. He stormed away and Jason told Liz, "Sorry." She was outraged and said, "Sorry? How can you stand it? Is this what your life is like? People feel free to stomp you and abuse you and accuse you of horrible things that couldn't possibly be your fault?" Jason told her it was OK.

Jerry surprised Bobbie at Kelly's with Mervin, Drexler, CPA, who did her books for her while Jerry whisked her away for a day of shopping. (What I wouldn't give to be presented with Mervin Drexler, dishwasher/floor mopper and then be swept away for a day of shopping)

Chloe came to Jax's apartment before her meeting and they briefly discussed the trip. She told him that Ned was not as mad as he seemed and he told her she didn't deserve to be jumping into rivers and dodging bullets. They went off on this stupid tangent about her being a super hero (you're lucky you missed it) Warrior Princess. She told him she'd call him after her meeting. He warned her to be very careful of Helena.

Hannah returned to the penthouse with cherry ices and told Sonny she didn't get the job. She also said she was thinking on the way home how lucky she was that the man she loved, loved her back. Sonny told her there'd be other jobs and mysteriously asked her if her career would ever interfere with their relationship and she assured him it would not, that no career was more important than their love.

Alexis came to Wyndemere looking solemn. Stefan greeted her by asking if Helena had been arrested. She showed him the enveloped and told him that she had found Mikkos' will and that she was acknowledged as a Cassadine. He asked if she would be making a bid for her inheritance. She told him that she loved him, that they had been best friends, enemies and brother and sister and that no matter what, she loved him. She gave him the envelope, told him she was sorry and he read the contents.

Helena confronted Chloe and asked if she should call her Ms Morgan, Ms Ashton or just Alexis. She told Chloe how lovely she was, saying that Alexis was 'a toad' next to Chloe. She commented that she and Jax made quite a find in Athens. Chloe bluffed by saying they had found a chic little restaurant. She asked Chloe how she and Jax planned to use the information she had worked so hard to keep hidden and Jax stepped out of the shadows and said, "If you have something to ask me, Helena, I'm right here."

Thursday, November 18, 1999

Stefan blasted Alexis, saying that the papers she had shown him regarding Nikolas' paternity were a fake, a forgery. He insisted that she take them and leave. She told him that she could not do that because the papers were the real thing. He continued to claim that they must be forged until she laid out her idea of how Helena must have bribed Dr. Lastirus to tell Stefan he was Nikolas' father so that he would love and take care of Nikolas rather than resent him. Alexis cautioned Stefan that Helena would use this information to hurt him and he should be prepared for that. Stefan challenged her, asking if she knew how easily the information could be disproved and if she wanted to recant anything she had said. She said no, that it was the truth. He asked her who else knew about the document and she told him 'no one'. He asked her to swear it would stay that way and she asked if that included Nikolas. He said, "Especially Nikolas." He told her that when Nikolas had learned he was no longer a prince it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders and he would not take that freedom away from him. She insisted that he needed to know and encouraged him to "tell him." He told her this need not be discussed further and she left. Stefan absorbed the full impact of what he had learned, hobbled to his desk and wept bitterly. Looking at his hand, he took the family ring that I thought he had given to Nikolas the day he was to marry Katherine (maybe he has a whole drawer of these) and hurled it into the fireplace, then continued to sob.

Liz vented to Jason her anger over Taggert's abuse of him. She said he was goading Jason and lying. Jason said he was used to Taggert and knew that staying quiet only irritated Taggert more. He told her not to be upset about it. She told him she didn't want him to become one more person from whom she had to hide her feelings. He said she didn't have to hide her feelings, just don't be angry for him. He got a call on his cell phone saying that his gift for Bobbie was ready at Wyndhams and he went to get it. Meanwhile, Nikolas the stalker was watching. After she sat down to draw, Nikolas went up to Liz and said it must be hard to draw on the docks with so many distractions. She asked what he meant and he said, "People walking up to you and interrupting." She said, "Oh, like you just did?" She said that the biggest problem with working outside was the weather. He offered to give her a ride home and she suggested that they get hot chocolate on the way.

While Carly was playing with Michael, AJ came in and kissed them each on the cheek. Carly winced at his touch. She mentioned to Michael that it was daddy's birthday and he said he wasn't sure she'd remember. She mentioned that they were having dinner with the Whitneys to close a big deal. He said, "What no disappearances?" She said that she'd promised to be there and she would, that she'd be a good wife and smile the whole night. She then told him she was going out to her mother's to help with the wedding preparations. He told her to not even think of it. That he knew she was going to be with Jason. She told him she was sick of this and wasn't even going to deal with it, then left.

At the brownstone, Bobbie and Felicia were decorating for the wedding. Bobbie was going on and on to Felicia about how Jerry was everything she had ever wanted, trying to convince Felicia, us and herself. Jerry showed up and tried to pressure her to eloping to Las Vegas. She showed him he just had cold feet and refused. He said he needed extra incentive and they shared a big sloppy kiss. Luke came in, walked past them and over to Felicia and asked, "Do they have to do that in public?" He then told her he had fifty bucks that said the blissful union would never take place. Bobbie reminded Jerry that she didn't yet know where they were honeymooning. He was mysterious and said that she should leave that to him then left. Felicia left as well, telling Bobbie and Luke to be nice. Luke asked what she meant by that, did she think he'd say negative things? Bobbie said simply, "I love him." Luke replied glibly, "I know you do, but what about Jerry." They shared a laugh over this. Bobbie told Luke that Roy had been beaten up, which to her meant he had returned to his old lifestyle. She wanted no part of that. She told Luke that she was marrying Jerry and he's better get used to it. He hugged her and told her he only wanted her to be happy. He said he's do whatever he could to help. The phone rang and she told him she needed him to go to Kelly's and help out.

Carly arrived as Bobbie was hanging a decorative swag. Bobbie hurt her finger and Carly looked at it and said, "It's not bad, there goes you excuse for calling off the wedding." Bobbie FREAKED and went off on her, ranting about her lack of support. She told her that if she felt that way to not even bother showing up for the wedding and stormed out of the room. Carly started to cry just as Jason showed up and gave her a big leathery hug. They talked about what happened and soon Bobbie came back in. Jason gave her the gift and wished her well. He left and Carly started to go as well. Bobbie asked her to stay and apologized. Carly pledged her support and said she'd be there cheering her on. Big hugs.

Roy entered Kelly's to be greeted by a huge crash. Luke said he was cooking, Roy said he was smoking, which I think was another nose thumb at ABC for their no smoking policy. Luke encouraged Roy to go after Bobbie and he said he didn't even know if they were speaking. He told Luke about the beating and about Bobbie chewing him out for it. Luke asked if he'd done kitchen duty while in prison and Roy said he'd done about eight years worth. Luke tried to draft him into helping, but Roy slipped out while he wasn't looking.

Later, AJ and Carly returned from dinner. He told her how amazing she had been at helping to close the deal and how beautiful she'd looked. He stroked her arm and she told him not to touch her, that he knew the rules. He told her that her life couldn't be that bad, that she's happy playing with Michael and happy with friends. She told him he was asking for more than she could give. He said she had plenty to give, but to someone else and stormed off.

Felicia returned to Bobbie's and asked if she could help. Bobbie sent her to Kelly's to help Luke and she was out of there like a flash. Bobbie turned to look at the decorated house, picked up a small bouquet and practiced her walk down the aisle. She stopped and *felt* Roy enter the room. You could actually see the hairs on the back of her neck go up. Roy said, "I always knew you'd make a beautiful bride." He told her he had come to ask if she really wanted him there for the wedding. She said she wanted him to share in her happiness. He said that Jerry was a lucky man, then left. She looked at the house again, looking very sad.

At Kelly's there was an explosion from the kitchen as Felicia entered. The diners ran off and Felicia reminded Luke that they hadn't paid.

Chloe informed Helena that they would not be returning Mikkos' will. Helena told her that she reminded her of Alexis' mother and asked if she'd heard how she'd died. Jax said that she could take her threats elsewhere, but Chloe said that Helena was just filling her in on family history and said she had a meeting, then left. Helena commented that Chloe had a strong spirit and that this would be even more enjoyable than she thought. Jax told her that is she harmed Chloe, he's destroy her. Helena commented on how protective he was of Chloe and asked if he was taken with her. He told her Chloe was a friend. She asked if his wife knew and he assured her he had nothing to hide. He told her that the strong box was in a river in Athens and suggested she get a diver to find it. Mac arrived and Jax left. He told Helena that unless she had an alibi and a better suspect that he was charging her with Katherine's murder. She said she'd been unable to move and that a nurse had been with her the whole time. He told her that the nurse claimed she had not been in the room at the time of the murder. Helena said that she'd speak with the nurse and jog her memory and Mac said, "Like you jogged Ari's with an ice pick?" He then told her to get a lawyer.

Nikolas arrived at Wyndemere and asked Stefan to go riding with him. Barely able to control his grief, Stefan told him he had work to do. Nikolas told him to not let whatever was troubling him to take him over. They hugged and Stefan told him to have fun. After he left, Stefan again broke down and wept.

Faison returned to the room he had previously checked out, except it was now lavishly decorated in flimsy, white, girly decor. He put a strand of flowers on the bed.

Friday, November 19, 1999

Bobbie is getting ready for her wedding while Jerry makes clandestine plans with. Bobbie overhears Jerry and Lucas talking and teasingly warns Jerry that he had better not be trying to find a way to see her before the wedding. Jerry sends Lucas in to see Bobbie and to give her earrings as a wedding gift. Bobbie tells Jerry through the door that she loves the earrings, but that he will have to wait for the wedding to see them. Bobbie tells Jerry that there will be no glitches for this wedding. (Can you say foreshadowing?)

On the docks, Hannah bids Sonny farewell as she goes off to another "job interview." Hannah apologizes to Sonny for leaving him alone for the afternoon, but she promises to make it up to him. Sonny says that she can make it up to him when she is CEO of, what... Hannah says that she will never be CEO of anything. She just didn't tell Sonny the details of the job interview because she really wants to get the job on her own. Sonny pretends to understand. Hannah asks him to wish her luck. Sonny says that she doesn't' need luck. She is one very capable lady. Hannah thanks him and leaves.

Roy brings another bank statement to the FBI. They thank him for his help, but tell him that his work is not yet finished. The FBI agent instructs Roy to return to Port Charles. He promises that they will be in touch with him soon.

Jax comes across Alexis on the docks. He can tell that she is still torn about what she should do about Nikolas. He gives her a comforting hug which she thanks him for. He says that he is sorry that his honesty ruined her sleep. Alexis says that she knows that Jax was right. Nikolas has the right to know the truth, but she is worried about Stefan's reaction.

Luke arrives at the Brownstone, but can't bring himself to go in. As he paces outside Laura comes along and asks Luke if he has a minute to talk to her. Laura explains that she has gradually come to accept the way things are. She knows that they have talked about it before, but they never got around to the logistics of it. She guesses it's time now. She wants a divorce. (ok, I thought I was prepared for this since I knew it was coming, but I still got a little teary-eyed when I heard the word divorce come out of Laura's mouth. I mean come on! This is Luke and Laura! They can't get divorced! Waaah!)

Luke sarcastically says that there is just something about a wedding that just brings the word divorce to mind. Laura says that if anyone had told her on her wedding day that she would some day be getting a divorce, she would not have believed them. Luke points out that there were many people who thought that their marriage would never last. And for almost two decades, all of those people were wrong. They had a strong marriage. Laura tearfully agrees that they had a wonderful marriage. She asks Luke to please continue to spend time with Lulu. She will do everything she can to make sure that Lulu is available. Luke says that will always make time for his daughter. They agree that Laura will take care of the paperwork and Luke tells Laura that she can have anything she wants. Laura thanks Luke for making this easy. Luke sadly tells her that this was not easy. Laura smiles through her tears and says that she was just talking about today. Laura tells Luke to give Bobbie her best and then blows Luke a kiss before she turns and walks away. After she goes, Luke is clearly trying to hold back his tears. (he is doing a much better job than I am because I'm still all choked up!)

Jax asks Alexis if she has considered the possibility that Stefan may tell Nikolas the truth on his own. Alexis says that she considered it and rejected it. Stefan was very firm and his edicts are always issued in stone. She confesses to Jax that she was trying to catch Nikolas but just missed him. Jax reassures her saying that Nikolas needs to know the truth. As Alexis and Jax discuss the Nikolas predicament, Jerry arrives in search of his best man. Jax leaves with Jerry and Alexis remains on the docks to think about what she should do.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas arrives to visit Stefan, but comes upon Helena instead. Helena is delighted to see Nikolas, but Nikolas does not return the sentiment. Helena tells Nikolas that he is the hope of the family and her pride and joy. She has so much to tell him. Stefan arrives and says that Helena has nothing to say that Nikolas wants to hear. Stefan suggests that Nikolas come back another time. As Nikolas goes, Helena wishes him well. Once he is gone, Helena tells Stefan to enjoy his relationship with Nikolas now because everything will change once Nikolas learns that Stefan is not his father.

Stefan tells Helena that her convalescence has taken it's toll She has obviously lost her gift for inventing even marginally credible lies. Helena asks Stefan if he really thought that she would allow Stefan to raise his own son as the Cassadine heir. He was so foolish to trust Dr. Lastiris. Nikolas' conception was a triumph of the great over the weak. She had to secure her grandson's future and she had to protect him from Stefan. So she ordered Dr. Lasitiris to falsify the paternity test proving that Stefan was Nikolas' father. Stefan accuses Helena of lying, but Helena dares him to prove it. When she tells Nikolas the truth, he won't believe her, but he will want proof. Helena asks Stefan what he will say when Stavros' son asks him to take a paternity test. Helena offers to keep quiet if Stefan agrees to pay her off and take the rap for Katherine's murder, and make it very clear that she was not involved. Before Stefan can respond, Laura arrives.

Nikolas comes across Alexis on the docks. He tells her not to bother going to Wyndemere since Helena is there. Alexis tells Nikolas that she has to talk to him. Nikolas is reluctant because, as he reminds Alexis, whenever they have something to discuss, it is usually bad news. It's noone's fault, it is just the Cassadine curse. Alexis tells him that unfortunately, that hasn't changed. Nikolas asks if they can do this another time. He really isn't up to it right now. Nikolas starts to say that one of the best things about not being the Prince... Alexis interrupts him by blurting out to Nikolas that he IS the Prince. Nikolas is stunned into silence by Alexis' revelation. She apologizes for being so blunt, then hands him the documents she is holding and explains that they are the real paternity test which proves that Stavros is Nikolas' father.

Luke is sitting on the steps of the Brownstone when Felicia comes outside looking for him. She notices that he looks upset and asks if the wedding is really bothering him that much. Luke suggests that he and Felicia go somewhere far away, but Felicia just laughs, thinking he is kidding. She tells him that when he sees Bobbie, he will feel better. Felicia convinces Luke to come inside and help her set up chairs. It is just what he needs to take his mind off of his troubles. Luke can't so no to Felicia and he follows her inside teasing that she owes him a big favor after this. Meanwhile, Faison is lurking in the bushes watching everything they do.

Inside, Carly is helping Bobbie put the finishing touches on her hair. They share a tender moment as Bobbie tells Carly how happy she is to have her daughter by her side she marries the man she loves. They laugh about the rocky path they took to get to where they are today. Bobbie tells Carly that she is living proof that miracles happen. When two people are meant to be together, they eventually find their way to each other. (hmmm... more foreshadowing?) Carly goes to check on things, leaving Bobbie to finish getting ready. Bobbie hears a knock on the door and tells the person to come in. The door opens and Roy steps into the room. He stops in his tracks when he sees Bobbie all dressed up for her wedding. A quick description of Bobbie's appearance seems appropriate...A mauve colored, off the shoulder, ball type gown with flowers around the neckline and a very full skirt. Her hair is curly and pulled away from her face.

Roy tells Bobbie that she looks...he asks if she is as happy as she looks. When Bobbie says that she is, Roy tells her that he is glad. Carly arrives, interrupting the moment, to bring Bobbie some gifts. Roy excuses himself saying that he is looking for Luke and leaves Carly and Bobbie alone. Carly hands Bobbie a package explaining that they kind of missed out on all of the proud mother moments so...Bobbie opens the box to reveal a handkerchief that Carly explains she made when she was eleven. It covers the "something blue" since she stitched her name in blue. Bobbie is thrilled by the gift, but even more stunned when she opens the second gift and finds a beautiful locket. Bobbie is moved to tears, but laughs when Carly confesses that she originally had a picture of herself on one side and Michael on the other. She changed her mind and left one side empty for Bobbie to fill.

Nikolas asks Alexis if he is supposed to be grateful. He accuses her of lying saying that if she really thought that the document was authentic, she would have taken it straight to Stefan. Alexis tells Nikolas that she did take it to Stefan yesterday. She apologizes for not doing this very well, but says that Stefan was adamant that Nikolas not know the truth. Nikolas tells Alexis that he will deal with it and asks her to please leave him alone.

Stefan dismisses Helena's presence telling Laura that Helena was just being her usual unpleasant self. Helena leaves telling Stefan to call her. It would not be wise to wait too long. Once she is gone, Stefan tells Laura that Helena will do anything to avoid a murder trial. She is under the deluded impression that Stefan will help her to protect the family name. Laura asks Stefan why he would do that. Instead of answering, Stefan angrily sweeps everything off his desk. Laura is shocked and asks what Helena said to him. She begs Stefan to please tell her what happened. She can't help him if he doesn't tell her. Stefan stands up and walks over to Laura. He cups her face in his hands and tells her that he was only half alive until the moment that he saw her in the garden. Until she came into his life. He has dreamt only of her and their son. He can' t lose her. He can't let her slip away. Laura assures Stefan that she isn't going to slip away. She asks Stefan if he knows how much she loves him. Stefan tells Laura that that is the first time she has said that. Laura asks him to forgive her. She should have said it sooner. She loves him and nothing is going to change that.

On the docks, Jason tells Sonny that Bobbie is getting married in less than an hour. Jery Jax is a disaster waiting to happen to Bobbie. He wants to know when the Feds are going to move in. Sonny says that he can't do anything because he gave Alexis his word. Jason is upset because he knows that Bobbie is making a huge mistake and he can't do anything. He asks Sonny what is to stop him from taking Jerry down.

Luke arrives to talk to Bobbie. He tells her that she is the most beautiful bride he has ever seen. She is simply glowing. Bobbie laughs and gives Luke a hug. She tells Luke that she loves him. Luke responds by saying that the Governor didn't call. He asks if she is ready to face the music. Bobbie thanks Luke for always knowing what she needs.

Meanwhile, the wedding guests are starting to arrive at the Brownstone. Jerry parents are very happy that Jerry is finally getting married. Alexis also arrives and is complimented by Jax on her appearance. She smiles, but whispers that she has had better days and promises to tell him about it later. Mac and Felicia arrive followed by the Q's, sans Monica who was held up at a medical conference. Carly announces that it is time for the wedding to start and asks everyone to take their seats. She leaves to go let Bobbie know that the it is time. Carly starts to say something, but stops herself saying that she has already said it all. She takes her bouquet from Bobbie and they walk out the door.

Laura and Stefan are in a candelit bedroom. They kneel facing each other on the bed and start to kiss. Stefan pulls back and looks at Laura lovingly. He tells her that he has dreamed of this for years. Laura smiles and tells him that it isn't a dream anymore. She lays back on the bed, pulling Stefan with her. They make love. Meanwhile, a distraught Nikolas arrives at Wyndemere looking for his father. He tells Mrs. Lansbury that he needs to see Stefan NOW.

Jason tells Sonny that Bobbie was the one who put Michael into his arms for the first time. He couldn't tell Bobbie then that she was Michael's grandmother because he had to keep Carly's secret. But why should he have to keep Jerry's secret? He hates this for Bobbie He hates that Bobbie thinks Jerry is a great guy when he isn't. Sonny says that he hates it too. It's rotten to love somebody and then find out who they are.

Hannah tells her superiors that she is close to nailing Sonny. She is informed that her time is up. They are sending in another agent to take over her case. Hannah begs for more time, but her request is denied. She also receives a warning about what will happen if she warns Sonny of the FBI investigation.

Carly walks down the stairs and up the aisle. Bobbie follows, looking so happy. She makes her way down the aisle, stopping to smile at Luke and Lucas, and joins Jerry at the altar. As the minister is about to begin the ceremony, FBI agents storm into the Brownstone and inform Jerry that he is under arrest.

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