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Monday, November 8, 1999
by Nora

At Luke's, Bobbie introduces Jerry to Roy and the three sit at a table together. Roy tells Jerry a little about his past and then leaves to find Luke. Bobbie and Jerry discuss honeymoon plans, but depart when Luke informs Jerry that the club is out of bourbon, Jerry's favorite drink. When Bobbie walks by the bar on the way out, Luke mentions to Roy how difficult it is to stay away from a beautiful woman.

In his penthouse, Sonny awakens Hannah from a nightmare. Hannah claims that the reason she was screaming "I didn't" is because she didn't stop loving Sonny. When Sonny asks his lover why she would dream about him not loving her, Hannah dismisses his concerns by telling him that she is afraid of doing something that will eventually hurt him. She then kisses Sonny, but he pulls back because he must go to a business meeting. Hannah convinces him to stay and make love to her before leaving. When Sonny gets out of bed to go to the meeting, Hannah presses him for details, which he provides.

On the docks, AJ confronts Carly about sneaking away to see Jason. When AJ asks Jason what he thinks of the situation, Jason does not understand why it is AJ's business what Carly does in her spare time. AJ swears that his brother has no place in his wife's life, but Jason refuses to allow AJ to dictate Carly's decisions. AJ then insists that Carly does not want to have Jason in her life, but Carly disagrees. AJ becomes very upset and issues an ultimatum: Either Carly comes home with him immediately and does not see Jason again or she never comes home again. Carly is afraid for Michael and leaves with her husband.

At Luke's, Felicia sits at the bar with Luke and Roy and tells Roy about how Luke is helping her to write Lila's memoirs. When Luke intentionally sends Roy away for a few minutes, Felicia admits that she is attracted to him, but also vows to keep her promises to her husband and children. She asks Luke if he is capable of remaining her friend even if they cannot go away on adventures together anymore. Luke agrees to be whatever it is that he can be to Felicia and they return to discussing Lila's memoirs. To get in the spirit of things, Luke pops a swing cd in the stereo and the two dance as Roy, who has returned, watches from the bar. After the dance is over, Felicia leaves and Luke joins Roy at the bar. The two realize that nothing has changed in the past twenty years - they both still want what they can't have. Luke then asks Roy to become his partner owner of the club and Roy agrees.

On the beach, Jax pulls away from a passionate kiss with Chloe. He reminds her that they agreed not to make love and the two move farther from either, but closer to the fire to keep warm. However, they are quickly swept away with one another and kiss again. After pulling apart a second time, they jokingly discuss the dangers of hypothermia and the risks of not being found. They come together in an embrace for a third time and finally agree to make love, but are interrupted by a man who thought that they might need to be rescued.

Jason meets Sonny on the docks, which is not where Sonny told Hannah that he was going. Jason tells Sonny that the FBI did not bust Moreno earlier in the evening, which surprises Sonny because he watched Hannah look through his files. Sonny asks Jason to trust him to handle Hannah and Jason agrees to do so. After Sonny leaves to return to his penthouse, Jason spies Jax and Chloe kissing further down the docks.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ orders Carly to go upstairs. She refuses to be ordered around and then demands that he never again use Michael against her. She contends that she is no more to him than a possession and asserts that their marriage is not based on love.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Carly arrived at the penthouse and seductively flattered Johnny about his tie. He reminded her that she bought it for him and she commented on what good takes she had. She asked him if Hannah or Jason were around and he told her no. She told him she wanted to see Sonny and he showed her in. Sonny was sitting on the couch having a drink and said, "How did you know I wasn't busy, Carly?" in a really smart alecky way. She retorted, "We're all busy, Sonny." God, I love this girl. She asked him when he was going to get rid of he FBI girlfriend. He told her his plan to feed bad information to the Feds and she told him he was headed for trouble and taking Jason with him. He told her it was none of her business and she let him know it was plenty her business if it meant Jason got hurt. She told him that he was more of an ingrate than she was, that it didn't matter how much a person had done for him, he'd still screw them over if they crossed him. He asked her what she thought she deserved and she said all she wanted was for Jason to be safe. She warned him that she wouldn't let him sell Jason down the river and said, "You get rid of her or I will." Sonny didn't take kindly to that and took her hand, grabbed her coat and led her to the door saying, "You need not be in this room right now." (These two are so great together...this is called acting and SOME FOLKS ON THE SHOW need to look into it). She blasted him saying, "You think Hannah really loves you? You think the two of you are going to somehow be together? That's a gamble and Jason is the wager. Is he worth less than your little Italian princess?" Sonny told her that she knew nothing about him or what was important to him. That he KNOWS who and what Hannah Scott is and also knows what will be left of her when he is finished with her. He fluffed up his feathers and said, "This is MY business and if you cross me, you will be one sorry little girl." Carly stared him down and said, "Big man. It's not as easy as it sounds to make a woman you hate think you love her. Trust me. If Jason goes down because of this, it's on your head."

Roy went to the blues club to see a hung over Luke and reminded him that he had offered to make him a partner. Luke hemmed and hawed around about it, but by the end of the conversation, they were partners. Roy joked that he was going to bring a disco ball into the club.

Bobbie did the books for Kelly's so they would be finished when she went on her honeymoon in two weeks. Liz told her she needed to work extra hours to pay for her half of an artist studio that her grandmother was helping her to rent. While Bobbie was changing a light bulb, Roy came in and he Liz and Bobbie had a laugh. They talked about Roy being partners with Luke and she encouraged him to hold his head high and admitted that she hadn't figure out yet where to put him in her life. Later, she ran into him on the docks and he took her to buy her favorite licorice.

Stefan showed Laura the report that showed that the hairs found in the passageway were synthetic. Laura asked him why he had not told Mac yet and he said that he couldn't prove from where he'd gotten the hairs and knew Mac would think it was a set up. He also told her that he had learned there were calls made from Wyndemere both to Helena's yacht and an unknown florist. He reiterated that they must prove that Helena can move. Laura confessed that she wasn't really good with that after he had used the lighter to burn Helena. He pointed out he hadn't actually hurt her and Laura was like, "yeah, anyway."

Jax intercepted Alexis on the docks and asked if she was going to Wyndemere. She said that since she was defending Stefan, face to face meetings with clients were kind of expected. He let her know he was not in favor of her attempting to gain control of the Cassadine fortune. She reminded him she was doing it for him and Jerry. Later, at Wyndemere, she was a hard sell when Stefan presented her with what little evidence he had that Helena is mobile. Alexis put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Stefan had caused Helena's condition. She surmised that Laura did not know this and suggested that it stay that way.

Chloe and Ned met with Emily and Juan to get him ready for his first day of work at L&B. Later, Juan told Emily he thought he would eventually be running the company. Chloe and Jax met later to plan a romantic day alone together.

Luke told Sonny he was taking on Roy as a partner and they officially ended their business relationship. Sonny gave Johnny a picture and told him to get rid of it.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Thursday, November 11, 1999

Jax took Chloe to a clinic when her allergic reaction to the bear skin rug caused her to break out in hives. The nurse told Jax and Chloe that the doctor was out delivering a cow, but that she would give him a call. Chloe finally got an antihistamine shot for the itching, which made her drowsy. Ned and Alexis arrived and the confused nurse offered to sneak Jax out the back. Chloe asked what Ned and Alexis were doing there and Jax told her, "They panic easily." After their spouses left, Chloe asked Jax is perhaps fate wasn't trying to tell them something by always interrupting their lovemaking attempts. Jax told her that they were in charge of their own lives, not fate. Chloe asked him if he could still have romantic thoughts about her when she looked the way she did and he assured her he did.

After he started bad-mouthing her, Jason reminded Sonny that it was Hannah, not Carly who had betrayed him. Sonny told them that he was dealing with this situation the best he could. He said that what they weren't seeing is that Carly is just as bad as Hannah. Carly took immediate offense and said that she had never seduced someone to send them to prison. He threw in her face that she had sent Jason and Michael off, then called Jason a kidnapper. After more of this went on, Carly finally said, "You hate me because I'm the one who found out about Hannah." Sonny shot back (check this out), "I guess lying tramps recognize each other." Ow! Jason defended Carly saying that she had always stood by him and Sonny no matter what when they needed her. He reminded Sonny that he owes Carly. Sonny said, "Then God bless you if you believe that." Jason and Carly left.

Larkin followed Hanna from the meeting where she told her superiors about Sonny's shipment. She cut him off and sent him home once they were on the docks saying she didn't want Carly to see them together. He told her she did good, that she was acting more like an FBI agent, but that Sonny had better be at the bust the next night. Later, Jason and Carly found her talking to a bum guy. Carly gave the guy a wad of hundreds and sent him away. They suggested that they walk Hannah to the penthouse. She declined saying she didn't need babysitters. Jason said she needed to be security conscious, so they walked her anyway. At the penthouse, she begged Sonny to take her away to his island. He said he couldn't because of business obligations. She begged him to take her anywhere, becoming more insistent.

Back on the docks, Carly told Jason that no one had ever defended her the way he had to Sonny. Jason said he was only telling the truth. She said he was the best thing that had ever happened to her and they walked away arm in arm.

Stefan wondered at Helena's lack of "relapse" after being discovered. She said, "Why bother?" and congratulated them on their ruse about Ari. They then accused her of killing Katherine and she said that just because they had proved she could walk did not mean they could prove she committed murder. Stefan told her that she was no longer welcome in the house and accompanied her to her room. Helena asked him why she had hurried her out of the room and questioned whether he might be concerned that she would tell Laura that he poisoned her. He asked her who gave her the antidote and she said that she just had a strong will. He insisted that she must have an ally.

Tony found Laura and told her that he needed to speak with her privately. He told her that the toxicology reports revealed some changes that indicate that she was poisoned and that he was certain Stefan had done it. He warned her that despite how Stefan might be around her, he could be every bit as ruthless as his mother. When Stefan returned, he informed Laura that Helena was gathering her things to leave. Tony told him he was speaking to Laura about family business and that he had to get going because it would be uncomfortable being on the same launch as Helena. After he left, Stefan told Laura that she seemed shaken and asked if there was a problem. She told Stefan what Tony had suggested. Stefan not only managed to punt the question by getting her to admit that no actual poison was found, just evidence that suggested it might have been there, but also worked in that Helena would probably blame him for her condition as well. Laura continued to prod, saying that she wanted to believe he would never lie to her. She bluntly asked him, whereupon he promptly lied right in her face and said he didn't do it. (I hear the death bell tolling on THIS relationship).

Felicia burst into Luke's office looking for him and started yammering to the back of his chair. The chair turned and Faison was in it SMOKING!! (For all those who don't know, ABC created some new rules awhile back and ordered Faison and Luke to never smoke on the show again) He said that he was really the one she needed to see. He started terrorizing her, saying that he would teach her to love him and that the incident with Anna had been a big mistake. Luke came in and Faison took Felicia hostage at knife point. After he terrorized her and Luke for a while, he kissed her right on the mouth, then threw her down (it was most menacing). He said, "This is just to show you that I can get to you any time I want and there is nothing Spencer can do about it." He left and Luke and Felicia took advantage of the trauma to have another hug that went on for way too long. Luke said he should have killed Faison when he had the chance. Felicia told him that he had all but admitted to killing Anna. Luke said they had to call Mac and get some protection for Felicia. She refused, saying that was exactly what Faison wanted, that he was playing head games. Luke pointed out that the knife was no longer head games. She begged Luke to help her.

Emily and Liz talked about Lucky and how much they missed him. Em asked Liz if it bothered her to see her and Juan being affectionate and offered to stop if she wanted. She declined the offer, saying they couldn't stop if they wanted to. Emily talked about how she felt after her mother died and they both discussed how great it feels to be in love.

Faison visited Helena as she was packing. He told her he had come to end their partnership. She said it had never been a partnership, that he was an employee. He said that this employee was giving notice and would be retaining their hostage, that he had taken on a unique value. He told her he had moved Lucky to a place where she would not find him. She reached up and choked him a good one and told him to make no mistake, he would see her again.

Friday, November 12, 1999

At Jax's, Alexis is packing for a trip as Jax arrives. He asks what she is doing and she tells Jax that they are going to Greece. She found her father's will, the original, and the attorney insisted that she read it in person. Jax readily agrees to go with her. Stefan arrives as Jax and Alexis are discussing the trip and asks to speak to his attorney. He wants to speak to Alexis in private, but Jax says that there is nothing Stefan can say to Alexis that he can't say in front of her husband. Stefan does not look pleased.

On the docks, Helena runs into Mac who comments, somewhat sarcastically, on how well she is looking. He says that they might be seeing a lot of each other now since she has become the number one suspect in the murder of Katherine Bell.

At Kelly's, Liz gives Roy his order and than leaves to clean another table. Bobbie comes from the kitchen just as Roy is about to leave. She asks him if Ruby's chili is as good as he remembers. Roy says it is one of many things that are as good as he remembers.

Outside of Kelly's, Jason and Sonny are at a table discussing Hannah. Sonny tells Jason that he woke up in the middle of the night thinking that maybe Hannah is really trying to protect him.

Hannah is on the phone trying to track Sonny down. She hangs up the phone just as her cell phone starts to ring. Hannah is furious when she hears Larkin's voice. She tells him that he is going to blow her cover. Larkin reminds Hannah that her assignment is to make sure that Jason and Sonny are at the warehouse when the bust takes place. Hannah tells Larkin to go to hell and hangs up the phone. Hannah starts to leave, but is stopped by Johnny who asks if she is going somewhere.

At Jax's, Stefan informs Alexis that Helena has recovered. He has sent her away from Wyndemere and informed Mac. Alexis correctly assumes that Stefan wants to recant his confession and says that she will take care of it right away. Jax comments that it is nothing short of miraculous that Helena has recovered so completely. Stefan tells Alexis to tell her husband to mind his own business.

Helena feigns confusion at Mac's announcement that she is a suspect. She thought that Stefan had already confessed. Mac tells her that Stefan is planning to recant his confession. Helena asks if giving a false confession is a crime. Mac says that with any luck she and Stefan will both be in prison. Helena is not amused by Mac's comment, but takes it in stride. She reminds Mac that she was incapacitated at the time of Katherine's death. Mac says that he intends to make sure that that is true. Mac tells Helena that he has alerted the harbor patrol. She shouldn't plan on leaving town any time soon. As Mac walks away, Helena calls after him to keep up the good work.

At Kelly's, Bobbie asks Roy what it was like, his whole life for the last twenty years. She is just trying to make sense out of everything. She doesn't know how it happened, but she grew up and she has a fairly good life. Roy agrees that she has made her life matter. Bobbie says that she just can't imagine the Roy she knew in prison. Roy says that that Roy wasn't in prison. He was anyone but that Roy. They moved him around a lot which at first seemed like a good thing. In the end though, every new prison was finally a prison. It wasn't so bad considering the alternative. He asks Bobbie if she really wants to know about this and Bobbie says yes. Roy says that when he was in prison, the thing he missed the dark and the quiet. Because inside, it is never completely dark. Even when you are sleeping you can feel the light inside your eyelids. And you can't get up and turn the light off because someone else controls the switch. And there is always noise. You just want to make it stop, but you can't so you just deal. Bobbie asks how. Roy says that he would put himself back on the docks at night looking out over the water at a single light coming off of Spoon Island. Sometimes he could hear an oar slapping the surface of the lake. In his mind he would pop open a beer from a six pack. He would imagine the water on his skin at night. Everything he lost.(Ok, there is no way I can convey with words the intensity of this scene. There is LOADS of chemistry between these two! WOW!)

On the docks, Sorrel tells Jerry that there is a big shipment coming in tonight. He will need to move a lot of cash. He hands the account number to Jerry and says that he will be in touch.

Alexis asks Jax why he was bating Stefan. Cassadines don't like to be off balance. Jax says that if they can distract Stefan with Helena, maybe he won't notice that she is going after the Cassadine fortune. Jax tells Alexis that she doesn't have to put herself in danger to help his brother. Alexis tells Jax that, other than Ned who she loves with all her heart, marrying him was the best thing she ever did and that is why she is determined to help him whether he likes it or not. Jax reluctantly agrees.

At Kelly's, Liz is clearing a table when Nikolas arrives and asks if it is quitting time. Liz says almost and Nik says that he will wait. Liz asks why and he asks her to check out a new coffee house by the university with him. Liz tries to politely decline, but Nik is insistent (anyone else thinking Nik is headed for stalker status? He cannot take a hint!) They are interrupted by a customer asking Liz for coffee.

Bobbie tells Roy that she used to live on Spoon Island. Roy laughs and says that that is hard to imagine. Bobbie tells him that the problem isn't who they were when they were sneaking off to Spoon Island, the problem is who they are now. Jerry arrives as Bobbie and Roy are talking and Roy immediately pretends he was talking to Bobbie about Luke. Bobbie tells Jerry that he is late. She asks Liz if everything is under control. When Liz says that it is, Bobbie tells her that Tammy is going to lock up and that she can leave any time. With that, Bobbie leaves with Jerry. Roy follows them out, politely declining Liz's offer to reheat his chili.

Liz notices Nikolas and returns to his table. Nikolas tells Liz that tonight would not be a date. He already crossed the line once and he knows not to do it again. He just wants to hang out. He misses that. Liz says that she does to and finally agrees to go have a cup of coffee.

On the docks with Sonny and Jason discuss the bust tonight. When they see Hannah and Johnny, they start talking coffee business. Hannah asks Sonny to call Johnny off, but Sonny tells her that she needs protection. Hannah asks Sonny to come home with her where it is safe and she doesn't need a body guard. Sonny tells her sorry, but not tonight.

Hannah is still trying to convince Sonny to some home and join her for dinner, but he says that he is going to be working most of the night. Hannah invites Jason to join her for a glass of wine, but he also declines. Hannah starts to get upset saying that she wants them all to be friends again. Sonny finally agrees to go with her, but Jason stays on the docks. Hannah keeps trying to get Jason to join them, but finally gives up. After Sonny and Hannah leave, Carly shows up and asks Jason if something big is going down. Knowing there is no sense in trying to talk Carly out of it, Jason motions for her to follow him.

Bobbie is talking to Lucas on the phone when Jerry joins her on the bed. She says goodbye to Lucas and thanks Jerry for finding Lucas' missing turtle. Jerry says that "husbands to be" are supposed to be useful. He tells Bobbie that he can't even remember where he was two years ago, but wherever it was, he was alone. He didn't have her. He didn't know that what he wanted most was living in a brownstone in upstate New York and being with the woman he loves. He tells Bobbie that he missed her his whole life and he never even knew. Bobbie tells Jerry that she loves him and they start to kiss passionately.

Alexis tells Jax that he is overreacting, but Jax insists that he isn't. Ned and Chloe arrive as Jax and Alexis continue to argue about Helena. For once, Ned agrees with Jax that Helena being at large changes everything. Alexis says that noone has to remind her how dangerous Helena is, but that isn't going to stop her from going after the Cassadine fortune. Chloe agrees that Alexis is entitled to her piece of the Cassadine pie. Ned and Jax can't believe that Chloe is siding with Alexis. Ned reminds Alexis of her promise to let go of all things Cassadine, but Alexis is insistent. She says that the Cassadine money has never been used for anything good. She doesn't really want the money, but it's the principle of the matter. Realizing that Alexis is not going to be talked out of her plan, Ned, Jax and Chloe agree to help her.

Alexis suddenly realizes that she has to stay in town to clear up the problem with Stefans' confession. Jax says that he will go in Alexis' place. Ned agrees to watch over Alexis while Jax is gone. Chloe suddenly remembers that she has a conference call and rushes off with a kiss for Jax and a warning to be careful.

Sonny has escorted Hannah back to the penthouse and is searching for his date book. Hannah asks why he needs and Sonny says that he has business tonight. Hannah is surprised since she thought they were going out to dinner. Sonny explains that he still has some business that he needs to take care of after dinner. Hannah begs Sonny not to leave her.

Jason and Carly arrive in a cheap hotel room. Carly teases Jason saying that this must be his real apartment. It's bare, functional and doesn't have any knick knacks. Carly asks why they are there. Jason says that he has a clear view of pier 17. Moreno is landing a shipment tonight. He and Sonny set Hannah up to think that it was their shipment instead of Moreno's. Once Moreno is busted, this will be over. Carly doesn't think so and is worried that Jason will still end up getting caught. She is frustrated because Jason won't let her help. Jason tells Carly that he brought her along because he knew that she would just follow him if he didn't. Carly laughs and says that he is right. She tells Jason that noone ever tried to really see her for who she was until she met him. She thinks she knew even then that Jason would be the only person who ever really knew her.

Alexis asks Ned if he wants to sleep over since her husband's out of town and Ned readily agrees. She thanks Ned for being understanding. She knows how difficult this is for him. Ned asks why she wants to give Jax the Cassadine money to help Jerry. Alexis says that she want to know that just once, a Cassadine has done something good. Ned tells Alexis that he loves her.

On the docks, Stefan comes across Helena who is staring at Wyndemere. Helena tells Stefan that he must have gone running straight to Mac. Stefan says that he had a duty to give Mac the new evidence. Stefan tells Helena to enjoy the night air while she can. Helena tells Stefan to be careful going home. Once Stefan is gone, Helena pulls out her cell phone. She tells the person on the other end of the line that she will be unable to travel to Greece as planned. She also tells the person to destroy the documents and anyone who knows about them.

Jax is on the plane en route to Greece. The flight attendant walks up and offers Jax champagne, but he politely declines. She asks if he is sure. Jax looks up when he hears the voice and is surprised to see Chloe holding a tray with a glass of champagne on it.

Jerry and Bobbie have finished making love and Jerry is asleep in the bed. Bobbie is sitting by the window cuddled up in a chair. She is crying. Jerry awakens and notices Bobbie crying. He asks if she is all right and Bobbie says that she is just happy.

Hannah begs Sonny to stay with her. Sonny asks what is wrong. Hannah insists that nothing is wrong, she just really needs him to stay with her tonight. Sonny finally agrees to stay, but he tells Hannah that she needs to tell him the truth.

At the hotel, Carly asks Jason if she was the first. She knows that his accident happened in January and they met in May. She asks if he remembers that night. Jason says that he does. Carly tells him that she couldn't figure him out. He was just this guy who said what he meant. Carly asks if he ever misses those days. Jason says that kind of liked that she didn't know about the accident. She always thought that he was a little strange, but she didn't feel the need to teach him things. But he still learned. He learned that you have to be careful who you pick up in bars because it might change your life. Carly smiles at that comment and asks if ever wishes that he was at the bar the night Michael was conceived instead of AJ. Before Jason can answer, sirens are heard in the distance. Jason says it's starting and he and Carly go to the window to watch.

FBI men swarm the area and start arresting people. Unfortunately, Roy is caught in the fray.

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