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Monday August 30, 1999

In the gatehouse, a stunned Alexis is watching the video of a very passionate Ned and Chloe when Jax enters. He can sense that she is upset and inquires as to the source of her distress. Alexis hints at a romantic interlude between their respective spouses, but Jax declares that Ned's heart belongs only to Alexis. Before leaving the Quartermaine property to join the Jacks' for dinner, Alexis places the videotape on the table in the gatehouse foyer.

At Jake's, Liz confesses to Jason that she does not believe that she will ever get over Lucky. She tells Jason that she is tired of pretending that she doesn't miss Lucky and Jason responds by urging her to be herself. Jason tells Liz that it isn't selfish to miss Lucky, but that she shouldn't consider that reason to destruct the lives of others. Jason then takes Liz home on his motorcycle and offers to assist her whenever she is in need.

Above Kelly's, Emily sneaks into Juan's room for a visit. Juan explains to his girlfriend how he felt when he first met Sonny and Lily in Puerto Rico. He then recounts the details of his adoption and how he planned an elaborate escape to Port Charles after his adoptive mother died. In an effort to ease Juan's insecurities about his childhood, Emily explains her own troubled youth and how she coped with Paige's death.

In bed, Hannah tells Sonny that she loves him and Sonny again requests that she move in with him. Hannah is surprised at his sudden desire to have her in his life and worries that the arrangement will not be suitable to his business dealings. In response, Sonny claims that he needs Hannah with him. When Sonny senses fear in his lover's eyes, Hannah admits that she is afraid of expecting too much from their relationship. Sonny reiterates his trust in her before making love to her.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Emily & Juan
Emily wakes up beside Juan in the morning. They come up with a plan to get Liz to cover but when they open the door to go talk to her, Monica is there. Emily and Juan are trying to explain to Monica that she just fell asleep but Monica will hear none of it. Monica tells Emily to say good bye to Juan forever. Emily tells Juan that they cannot keep them apart forever. Back at the house Alan gives Emily a hug and then tells her how worried he was.
She tries to explain again that she just fell asleep but they don't believe her. She tries to get them to trust her again, saying she is not the same person as she was when she was on drugs and that Alan of all people should understand that. Monica talks to her about sex, Emily tells her that they are not having sex and if they were it would be protected sex. Monica tells her that they are sending her away to camp til the end of the summer, she will be leaving in the morning. Emily tells her she hates them both and runs to her room. Moncia tells Alan that she believes that Emily and Juan are not having sex and she told her that she hates them when she was told about camp. They argue what is best...Alan tells her that she is so afraid of losing Emily like she lost Jason that she is letting her walk all over her. Juan interrupts and tells them how wonderful and smart Emily is and how he would never hurt her and how they care about each other and there is nothing they can do about that. Emily catches up with him while he is leaving and he says he will be here when she gets back and he will not forget her.

Ned, Alexis, Chloe & Jax
Reginald is giving Edward a hard time, Ned watches getting a big kick out of it. He gives Edward a video tape and tries to get him to tell him what is on it. After Ned leaves Edward puts the tape into the VCR and sees the tape of Ned and Chloe together, he is upset, cannot understand how that happened.
Alexis is in the park remembering the video of Ned and Chloe that she saw.
Jax's mother comes by. They talk and we learn that Jax's mom does not think much of Chloe and thinks that Jax and Alexis are perfect for each other. She gives her some advice...saying to always go to the one you love and trust them with everything. She leaves and Alexis goes to see Ned. Ned has a golf club and knocks the camera into pieces. He explain that he saw the camera so him and Chloe put on a show. He was thinking of her that is why he had the same look on his face. She is worried that soon it will be him thinking of Chloe when he is holding her. Ned says that will never happen and wants to get away. He says Jax and Chloe can cover for them, they owe it after the horseback stunt.
Chloe goes to Jax's looking for a design she did on the back on one of his papers. He looks at her ankle to see if it was better and says they should test it out dancing. They start to kiss when the doorbell rings...Chloe hides as Jax lets his father in. John is telling Jax how wonderful Alexis is and what he thinks of Chloe, Jax tries to defend her but is not doing a really good job at it. Finally he tells his dad that he has an appointment and his dad leaves. Chloe comes out and Jax tells her that his dad was just telling him how much they approve of Alexis in his way, not really bad mouthing her.

Felicia, Mac, the girls and Faison
Felicia and the girls are getting take out at Kelly's for a picnic. Bobbie & Felicia talk about Luke and the fact that they have not been in contact with him. Faison comes up behind the girls outside. Felicia is remembering the last time she saw Luke when Bobbie brings her the lunch. She goes out and the girls are nowhere in sight. After calling they come running saying they just say a friend and went to say hello. They get to the park and are spreading out their lunch when the girls hear the ice cream truck. They get money for ice cream and head off for it. Georgie comes back alone and says Maxi is talking to that man. Felicia looks and it is Faison. She runs over and gets Maxi to go to the blanket with Georgie and tears into Faison. Faison tells her that her daughter is lovely but how could she be anything but. She yells to leave her family alone or she will kill him herself. She goes back to the girls and Maxi says she didn't really think Faison was a stranger...she has seen him at Kelly's and outside their house and he found and returned her doll awhile ago. Mac comes and Felicia tells him what happened but used stranger instead of the name, but Mac understood who she meant. Mac suggested a trip for the girls to go see great grandmother and they are all excited about it...they will leave in the morning.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

AJ, Carly & the Quartermaines
Reginald is playing the perfect butler, he had cook make Alan and Monica their favorite breakfast and made Edward's himself. Lila fills us in as to why...AJ and Carly have called from the airport, they are on their way home. Just then in they come, without Latressa. Her mother was sick and she had to go to Florida to be with her, but she left a letter. Lila opens in and tells Reginald that she misses him very much...but he better read the rest himself. Edward wants her mom airlifted to General Hospital so Reginald would be normal again.
AJ and Carly had prints of all the pictures for everyone. They hand out the pictures and then AJ goes to the office and Carly takes Michael to the park.
AJ meets up with Carly in the park, takes Michael and heads back home, Carly goes to see Bobbie at Kelly's. She gives Bobbie the set of pictures and they have a heart to heart mother daughter talk.
Alan and AJ have a talk, Alan tells AJ it looks like he is really happy with his family. AJ says that he loves Carly and Michael more than anything, right now him, the black sheep has it all and no one is going to take it away from him.

Stefan tells Helena that he will see Nikolas today, that even though Nikolas is not the prince he will inherit the family fortune...he will see to it.
Stefan leaves and Faison comes in and asks her what the hell did she do to Stefan as a child to make him poison his mother and taunt her about never recovering. The nurse leaves Helena and Faison comes back out of hiding saying poor Helena she has no privacy at all. He tells her she reminds him of his dog, the dog was never happy unless he had a treat in his coat pocket for him...just like her now. He shows her the antidote he has but taunts her, saying he is not sure if it will kill her or cure her. He is not sure how to give it to her or if it was mixed up properly.
Stefan goes to Kelly's and talks to Liz about Nikolas, all she will tell him that Nikolas loves and respects his father and if he wanted to talk to him he would. Nikolas comes in and they sit down and talk, he tells his father that there is some things going on but he wants to keep it personal for now.
Mac comes by and asks Stefan if he ever heard of Faison, all Stefan knows of him is that he owned the house before him. Mac asks him to contact him if he runs into Faison. After Mac leaves Stefan is puzzled as to why Mac would think Faison would be in contact with him. Nikolas tells him that Faison has already been in contact with Laura. Stefan is upset that she told Nikolas but not him that Faison was in contacted with her, Nikolas said she told him because she had to.

Katherine & the doctor

Katherine goes to the doctor and tells him she thinks she is pregnant because she is starting to want to eat more. The doctor does a test and tells her she is not pregnant. Katherine flips and says she needs to get pregnant right away how soon can she try again.


Jason is talking to Bobbie and is told that Carly, AJ and Michael are back.
He is looking for Juan and him and Juan sit down together. Juan says he does not want any message Jason might have from his boss, Jason says the message is from his sister. Emily wanted Juan to know that she misses him, but cannot call him, will write him if she can get a letter mail outside of camp and that she is thinking of him. Juan is thankful to Jason for giving him the message and tells him what happened and asks Jason to talk to Monica for him and Emily. Jason tells Juan he will get nowhere by giving Monica a hard time, Juan says he would never do that.
Jason is in the park with Mike, they see Carly, Michael and AJ. Mike is surprised that he is not going to go see Michael, he tries to talk some sense into Jason's head but does not succeed.
Jason and Liz have a talk. Jason gives her the background on what happened with Michael and him, how he could do anything when they were together. Liz asks if that is what love is...when she was with Lucky she felt that way.
She says she hates to do this because everyone is always trying to say stuff to make her feel better, but at least Michael is still here, he can hear stories about him and go see him if he changes his mind.

After talking to Jason, Mike goes and finds Juan. Juan says he knows he is Sonny's father. Mike tells him that he thinks that Juan should know everything and he has picked himself to tell him. He fills the missing pieces of the puzzle for Juan, on how Sonny blames himself for people getting hurt around him and pushes them away for their own safety.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Alexis tells Jax she is having a crisis, she needs to spend a few nights with Ned. They are leaving tonight and need him to cover for them. Jax is talking to Jerry, canceling their dinner plans so Alexis can go with Ned.

Alexis teases him about him and Jerry calling each other so much, Jax says sometimes they call each other from the next room, makes it easier to not hit each other. Alexis says "You hit each other? That is barbaric... My family is much more civilized; we poison each other." They talk and Alexis tells him that he is lucky she is not in love with another man.

Alexis and Jax are waiting in the cottage for Ned and Chloe, they cannot figure out where they are. Jax is complaining that Ned is making her wait and he doesn't even leave her decent snacks. Alexis says no phones this trip and leaves her cell phone on the coffee table. Jerry and Bobbie come by and say they are going to dinner and not taking no for an answer. Jax tries to get out of it, but when Alexis says it is her and not Jax, Bobbie jumps to the conclusion that this is because of the past history between her and Alexis. They end up going to dinner. Ned is at the cottage making the plans, he has a private cottage, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Alexis is working today so he will go with Chloe to her meeting. They talk about if their marriage even comes between him and Alexis that they would call the whole thing off.

Ned and Chloe come back to an empty cottage. He calls Alexis cell number and hears it ring on his coffee table. They cannot figure out why she didn't wait.

Benny comes to see Jason and Sonny but only Jason is there. Benny tells him that he sees Sonny is distracted like he was after his wife died and that Jason is taking charge, just like he did then. Jason tells him that he is going to believe that he is the only person Benny would ever say what he just said to, and if he hears he has been talking to anyone else he will pay him a visit and he will not be reasonable.

Sonny comes back and gets a bit upset that Jason did the meeting without him. Jason said Benny had another meeting and he told him what to do.

Sonny is a bit put out. Jason tells him that he ask him a long time ago, when he was with Brenda, that if he ever saw him making bad decisions to tell him. Sonny says well it looks like he did his duty as a friend. Sonny tells him he loves Jason and thinks of him as a brother, but that does not give Jason the right to run his business or his life. Carly catches up with Sonny outside of Kelly's and asks him if he was ever going to call her, he asks why would he call her, didn't you get my messages she asks. He said yes but he was away and besides that where would she get the idea he was going to report back to her about his best friend. She says maybe the same place I got the idea that you are more than a good wardrobe.

She asks him if she is doing the right thing by staying away from Jason, he says yes, Jason is ok of course he misses Michael. She asks if that was so hard, just 3 or 4 lines, she needs help to stay away from Jason. Then she starts in on Hannah, thought he had wised up to her, Sonny tells her she is going to get into trouble with him like she allways does if she doesn't mind her own business. Carly goes inside and talks to Bobbie, who cannot figure out what difference it makes to Carly weather Hannah went away with Sonny or not. Bobbie tells her that someone may need to reach out a hand and help Jason but that person cannot be Carly. Jerry comes to get Bobbie for their date and him and Carly exchange a few barbs.....doesn't he even know how to say hello how are you she asks.....he says only when the answer matters to him.

Hannah gets a note in the mail that says she has to keep in touch. We see her remembering Sonny throwing her "ex" through Kelly's window and all the talks that the two of them have had concerning that. She and the "ex" are talking in an alley, he says she cannot disappear without a trace, she tells him he is going to ruin everything for her. Carly just happens to be walking by and hears this. She tells Hannah that if he doesn't she would be happy to. Carly and Hannah has words. Carly tells her that the free ride with Sonny ends today. Carly goes to find Sonny and gets Jason instead. She tells him she is just looking for Sonny to tell him something, he lets her in and says she better tell him and starts naming names as to who it is about. Carly said it is not one of the guys but Hannah, and then tells him what she saw and heard.

Sonny comes to see Hannah and is told she got another visit from her "ex." She gives him the story and then says that Carly saw them and it is a wonder she did not run right over and tell him. He asks her if she would be telling him this if Carly didn't see them, she answers him yes....they kiss.

Friday, September 3, 1999

Carly is at Jason's trying to convince him that she has "caught" Hannah in the act. She saw the little tramp in the alley whispering into her ex-boyfriend's ear that he was going to spoil everything. Carly tells Jason that she is sure it was the same guy that Sonny threw through the window at Kelly's. She gleefully tells Jason that she is right and he knows it. She wants to know what he is going to do about it.

Sonny and Hannah are in bed (what a shock ). Sonny asks Hannah when she is moving in. Hannah apologizes and says that she just can't.

At Wyndemere, Katherine tells Helena how she is going to go back to the clinic for her second in vitro since the first one didn't work. She thinks it sounds kind of magical. She will be pregnant. Carrying Nikolas' child is her destiny. Helena taught her all about destiny after she fell from the parapet. Helena saved her and inspired her. Everyone abandoned her but Helena. Helena told her that it was her destiny to survive. Katherine tells Helena that she won't let her down. She is finally going to be a Cassadine. She knows now that that was her destiny all along. Stefan interrupts Katherine's one-sided conversation announcing that it is comforting that some things never change. Katherine is as delusional as ever.

Ned and Chloe arrive at the Port Charles Grill discussing Alexis who is MIA. Ned is concerned because Alexis didn't leave a note or anything. He is sure that Jax has something to do with it. Ned flags down a waiter and asks if he has seen Mr. and Mrs. Jacks. The waiter informs Ned that the Jacks' are having dinner in the main dining room. Ned and Chloe are both slightly stunned when they see Alexis and Jax looking very cozy at a table in the dining room.

Ned is quick to rush over to see what is going on. As he nears the table, he notices that Jax and Alexis are not alone. He realizes that the happy couple act is for Jerry and Bobbie who are dining with Jax and Alexis. Jax tells Ned that he was late for the meeting and they couldn't wait. He explains that Bobbie and Jerry tracked them down at the gatehouse and practically forced them to have dinner. Ned says that he would have appreciated a little notice. Alexis says that she left a note. Chloe smiles and says that they must have missed it. She grabs Neds arms and starts to excuse them, but Jerry and Bobbie insist that they join the group for dinner.

Still in bed, Hannah tries to explain to Sonny why she doesn't want to live with him. She isn't afraid of Sonny's work. She is afraid that she will hurt him. He can't always protect her and she doesn't want to be another reason he can't forgive himself. Sonny says that she worries too much. Why worry about what hasn't happened yet? Hannah says that she is happier than she has ever been and for now, that is enough. Sonny understands and says that the invitation still stands. He seals his promise with a kiss. Hannah breaks away and says that she is starving. Sonny says that he has an appointment with a coffee distributor at the Port Charles Grill. He asks her to join him and Hannah happily agrees.

Katherine informs Stefan that she is having a private conversation with Helena. Stefan asks Katherine what Helena thinks of her plans for Nikolas. Katherine says that Helena knows that she makes Nikolas happy. Stefan says that Nikolas is as troubled as he has ever seen him and he blames Katherine. He also blames himself for setting a poor example. He accuses Katherine of holding on to Nikolas to get back at him, but Katherine laughs and tells Stefan not to flatter himself. Stefan says that he believes that she genuinely cares about Nikolas, but Nikolas deserves more respect than having her follow him all over town. Nikolas is doing everything he can to extricate her from his life, but she won't let go. She is putting his son through hell and now she is spinning fairy tales destiny and being a Cassadine. Stefan strongly suggests that she reconsider. She should prove to Nikolas that she loves him by letting him go.

Katherine tells Stefan that he is right. She does love Nikolas. Is she so wrong to want to protect him from his friends who are only using him? She can help Nikolas realize that making himself happy is a worthy goal, even for a Cassadine. Stefan asks if she is truly that deluded. Katherine ignores him and says that she fell in love. She tells Stefan that he should have the grace to wish them well. Stefan asks Katherine if she really thinks that Nikolas loves her. Katherine says that Stefan would really hate to see Nikolas happy. She asks Stefan if he really wants his son to turn out like him and Laura, searching for something his whole life that is lost. Nikolas deserves better than that. He could have a full life with her. Stefan says that there is no point in continuing this conversation. He asks Katherine to stop inflicting her fantasies on his mother and offers to escort her out. Katherine says goodbye to Helena and follows Stefan out of the room.

Once Stefan and Katherine are gone, Faison appears. (Am I the only one that thinks this guy is too creepy for words?) He makes a comment about Stefan and Katherine being a tiresome pair. If he were Nikolas, he would run like the wind. He then pulls out the vial holding the antidote and holds it in front of Helena's face. He tells Helena that her son believes that he has great power. As he holds the antidote in front of Helena's face, he says that maybe she can make Stefan sorry for what he has done Very sorry indeed.

Jason tells Carly that she heard a conversation between two people in an alley. Carly asks if Hannah puts a drug in the pasta to keep Jason and Sonny from hearing the lies. Carly laughs and says that if Jason won't tell Sonny that his girlfriend is a cheating slut, than she will just do it herself. As she starts to walk away, Jason gently grabs her arm and pulls her back. He asks Carly why she is so suddenly interested in Sonny and Hannah. Carly says that she knows Sonny better now and way deep down he is a decent guy. He deserves better than Hannah. Jason says that she cannot throw herself between Sonny and anyone, especially a woman. He tells Carly to leave it alone.

At the Port Charles Grill, the dinner is getting more and more uncomfortable for the uncouples as Jerry and Bobbie ask for details of Jax And Alexis' wedding. Ned and Chloe explain that the were going to Las Vegas for L&B business and that they invited Jax and Alexis to come along. Jax picks up the tale saying that being on a plane reminded him and Alexis of their time stranded in the Sahara together. One thing led to another and he proposed on the plane. As Chloe excuses herself to answer her cell phone, Jerry asks for more details about what really happened in the Sahara. Jax explains that they were stranded in a cave when they just looked at each other and knew. He abruptly stops speaking when he sees Sonny walk in with Hannah on his arm.

As Sonny and Hannah sit down, Hannah asks why Jax is giving Sonny that look. Sonny says that it is just a study in mutual hatred and that it's nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, Jerry tells Jax not to let Sonny ruin his evening. Jax should channel all that energy into loving his new wife. Bobbie suggests that they all call it a night since she and Jerry still have to drive up to the cabin. Jax refuses to let Sonny's presence spoil a perfectly good evening. He tells Bobbie and Jerry to go ahead to the cabin and to have a great time. As Jerry and Bobbie finally excuse themselves, Alexis tells Jax to listen to his brother and not let Sonny get to him. Jax is still outraged that Sonny is there, enjoying himself.

Sonny and Hannah make small talk while perusing the menus. They are interrupted by Chloe who stops by the table to say hello. Sonny politely introduces Hannah to Chloe. Jax is quick to rush over and pull Chloe away from Sonny's table. As Jax and Chloe walk away, Sonny sarcastically comments that he thought that Chloe was married to Ned. Jax turns and tells Sonny that that is his problem. He can't tell one woman from another. Woman are all the same to him. They are interchangeable. Jax turns to Chloe and apologizes for being rude, but tells her that she has no business with Sonny. Chloe points out that they are all on the same board. Sonny says that he didn't mean to interfere. As Jax and Chloe walk away, Sonny warns Chloe to be careful around Jax. When he tries to protect someone, they could end up driving off a cliff. Jax can't let the comment go and walks back to where Sonny is standing. He tells Sonny that at least he realizes Brenda is dead and isn't trying to resurrect her with a look a like. Jax turns to Hannah and tells her that every time Sonny takes her to bed he is thinking of Brenda. Sonny starts to protest, but Hannah angrily asks Jax who the hell he thinks he is.

Carly is sure that Hannah has a hidden agenda. She thinks that something is way off. Jason says that he isn't in charge of Sonny's love life, but he admits that he does have some concerns. What he thinks doesn't matter though. Carly can't believe that Jason isn't suspicious. Jason tells Carly that what he does and what he thinks isn't her concern. She should be thinking about her life with AJ and Michael and not worrying about Hannah. Appearing to accept that nothing can be done about Hannah, Carly leaves saying that at least she tried. Once outside of the apartment, Carly stops and says to herself that if she wants something done right, she has to do it herself.

Ned and Alexis toy with the idea of interfering in the Jax/Sonny scuffle, but decide against it. They watch as the scene continues to unfold.

Jax explains to Hannah that he has nothing against her. He hates what she represents to Sonny. Hannah tells Jax that she is sorry for his loss, but it has nothing to do with her or Sonny. She would appreciate it if Jax would just leave her alone. Chloe quietly suggests to Jax that it is time to return to their table and Jax reluctantly agrees.

After Jax is gone, Hannah asks Sonny how he could stand there and listen to all those lies. Hannah tells Sonny that she doesn't want to be like Jax. She doesn't want to be afraid. She wants to move in with him tonight. Sonny is delighted.

Carly goes to Hannah's and "breaks in" when she confirms that Hannah is not there.

At the clinic, Katherine is devastated when the doctor informs her that she is clinically barren. She will never be able to carry a child.

Katherine refuses to believe that she is barren. She insists that the tests are wrong. The doctor assures her that the tests are correct. They can run as many tests as they want, but the results won't change. The doctor asks Katherine about the experimental drug she was administered last year. He tells Katherine that the drug can have major side effects, which is why it is not approved for use in the US. He is afraid that it altered her body chemistry permanently. The drug saved her life, but it took away her ability to bear a child. (anyone else loving the irony in this one?)

In the car on their way to the cabin, Jerry and Bobbie discuss Jax and Alexis. They are glad that Jax found her. They change the subject and start to get romantic. Distracted by Bobbie, Jerry takes his eyes off the road. Bad idea Jerry! Bobbie screams as the car hits something with a loud crash.

As Carly snoops around Hannah's room, Hannah arrives at Kelly's to pack her things.

At the Port Charles Grill, Chloe is shocked at the side of Jax that she saw that evening. She wants to know what Sonny did to invoke so much hostility in Jax. As Jax explains about Brenda's history with Sonny, some official looking men arrive and walk up to Sonny's table. They introduce themselves as FBI agents and inform Sonny that he in under arrest for violation of federal law. The foursome watches in shock as Sonny is handcuffed and read his rights.

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