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Monday, June 7, 1999

At Luke's, Simon sits at a table with V and Chloe while AJ and Carly dance. Bobbie spies Jason at the bar and decides to have a friendly chat with him. She asks Jason if he minds that Carly married AJ and then thanks him for being such a good parent to Michael and friend to Carly. Meanwhile, AJ urges Carly to return home for a quiet evening alone. They leave a reluctant V with Simon, Chloe, and Jerry. V tries to persuade Simon that she is not the enchantress that he thinks she is. She then storms out of Luke's, much to Simon's dismay.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Hannah are beginning to make love when Taggert bursts through the bedroom door, telling Sonny to put his hands in the air. The detective arrests Sonny for conspiracy to commit murder and tells Ms. Scott that she is due at the Port Charles Police Department in under an hour for questioning.

At the hospital, Laura asks Luke to stay and visit with her. Luke tenderly holds Laura's hands as the couple discusses Lucky's death. Laura reveals to her husband that she dreams of Lucky's future only to hear Luke admit that he has the very same thoughts. The two cry in each other's arms as they try to comfort one another. Luke wipes the tears from Laura's eyes and urges her not to be so hard on herself. Laura claims that she let her family down, but Luke assures her that she did everything correctly. He then suggests that Laura leave Port Charles to escape the haunting memories, but when he discovers that she has already made plans with Stefan, he is obviously hurt. However, he does tell Laura to do whatever will help her feel better. Before he departs, Luke kisses his wife lovingly, which causes Laura to cling to him in tears.

Back at Luke's, Hannah enters to find Jason amidst a mess of paperwork. She informs him of Sonny's situation and the two leave for the PCPD. Meanwhile, Chloe presses Simon for details concerning his interest in the Countess.

At the police department, Mac leads Sonny into a room for questioning. Mac tries to convince Sonny that he needs to speak with Ms. Scott in order to verify Mr. Corinthos' whereabouts at the time of the alleged murder. When Mac sees Hannah through the window, he tells Taggert to take her statement. Alexis then arrives at the PCPD and tells Hannah not to say anything to the detective. She then enters the questioning room and spouts off a list of potential procedural violations. When she is alone in the room with Sonny, she demands to know whether or not he is really innocent of the accused crime. Not receiving a plausible response, Alexis tells Sonny to find another attorney. When Jason enters the room to talk to Sonny about new legal counsel, Sonny tells him to leave and to take Hannah home on the way.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ and Carly have the house to themselves with the exception of Michael, Reginald, and Laticia. As they sit on the sofa, AJ pulls his wife to him in an embrace. Just then, Ned interrupts with an important ELQ phone call. Carly uses the opportunity to confiscate the baby monitor from Laticia. When AJ returns, he attempts to resume his previous activities, but once again, Carly is saved in the nick of time. Michael's cries cause the parents to go upstairs and check on him.

At his club, Luke cries. Across town, Laura does the same in her hospital bed.

At the police department, Hannah enters Sonny's room and offers to wait with him.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jeri

Chloe is amused by her first encounter with the venerable force of nature known as Lucy Coe. Pooh-poohing Lucy's efforts as infantile, Katherine submits her own budget for the Nurses Ball to Jerry. Liz completes her sketch for the official Nurses Ball t-shirt and shyly shows the finished result to Bobbie. As Luke easily cracks the code on the security system for the Quartermaines' home at Oyster Bay, Felicia falls into another romantic reverie featuring herself and her partner in crime. Katherine actively campaigns for the job of mistress of ceremonies at the Ball but provokes little enthusiasm from Jerry. Emily continues to gather video sound bites for her school project. Upset to read about Sonny's arrest in the morning headlines, Mike demands some answers from Jason. When a caretaker catches them snooping, Luke and Felicia attempt to bluff their way out of trouble. Edward warns Chloe that Jax is only sniffing around her because he wants the ELQ proxy Lila placed in her trust.

Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by LittleLeLe

General Hospital
Emily interviews Bobbie about the nurses roles in AIDS patients treatment. Tony interrupts and asks Emily if he may see a copy of his interview before the ball. Bobbie asks if he is intending to pull out of the Nurses ball? Tony understandably sees where Bobbie is going with this questioning and says that he does not have any intent on making a spectacle of himself at the ball this year. Tony leaves and Emily tells Bobbie about all of the difficulty she has been having with the video recorder. Bobbie assures her that everyone will be watching for the content not the quality of production. Emily asks if she can leave some of her things in the boardroom while she visits a friend upstairs. Bobbie says no problem and leaves. Emily re-watches Tony's interview and takes down some notes. She fumbles with the recorder and struggles in turning it off. She places it on the desk as she leaves to visit her friend.

Ned speaks with Lucy on the phone and says that it would be a disaster if AJ were to sing as part of the entertainment. V shows up in disguise and brings Ned a booking in Central Michigan. Ned laughs and says that this is not a tour but the witness protection program from Simon Prentice. V asks for Ned's help in keeping away from Simon and Ned refuses saying that he likes Simon's taste. She protests that Simon does not even know her - how can he be in love with her? She is well aware of her good traits. She is honest and dependable and loyal. But, these are not trits that a man comes across the world for. She is not the type of woman that men fawn after. Ned asks if it is not possible that Simon has fallen for her? V refuses this chance. Why would a man like Simon want her? Ned points out that she is very attractive, charming and intelligent. That is why Jax chose her to go to Monte Carlo. V persists that Ned can only say those things because he knows her. And Simon cheated at Baccarat. He is not the type of person that she wants. Ned tells V that leaving Port Charles is not going to work in evading Simon. She can't escape. She will never get over her inability to see herself as an attractive woman.

Felicia sits in the office, having just broken in. Like comes in to find her and asks if he needs to find a new locksmith. She tells him that she has to keep in practice. The letters are still in Oyster Bay and they are going to have to go back for them. Luke thanks Felicia for the invitation but says that he typically does not return to the scene of the crime especially when he was caught. (Something happened here - but due to a special report I missed it). Felicia tells Luke that the last thing she wants is to hurt someone. Maybe she will interview some of the people who worked for Lila and Edward back then and see where she and Lila had left off. Luke excuses himself and Felicia daydreams. She as Lila and Luke as Edward - dancing around to the sounds of a band playing in the background.

Mac and Justus discuss how they can get Sonny. He has an alibi for the evening and they don't have any evidence to connect him to the disappearance of Moreno or the taking of his territory. Justus tells Mac that he knows first hand how Sonny operates and that he will not be easily shaken, not to mention that his plan is bordering on illegal. Mac says that is why he wants Justus to stay and make sure everything is above board. Taggert brings in Hannah. Mac begins to question her if she feels as if Sonny is involved in anything illegal? She says again that she does not and that they have already been through this. She was advised to have an attorney present when she was questioned and she was not sure why she was being questioned again. Taggert warns her that an honest citizen would have nothing to hide and that a few questions shouldn't be a problem. Hannah reluctantly agrees to talk. Sony and his attorney come in. Sonny demand that the interrogation of Hannah be stopped. Mac says that Sonny is not in charge here. Sonny's attorney intervenes and says that this is bordering on harassment. No new evidence has been found and there was no previous evidence. Sonny asks to speak with Mac privately. He tells Mac that he has made a serious mistake.

General Hospital
As Bobbie works at the nurses station, Jerry arrives with a bouquet of roses. He tells her how much he missed her and begins to kiss her passionately. Bobbie reminds him where they are and tries to calm his excitement. Jerry just proceeds and has Bobbie follow him through the hospital - to look for a place to re-aquaint themselves to each other. They go into the now empty boardroom and begin to kiss. Bobbie locks the door. They begin undressing each other and make love - all the while, Emily's recorder is accidentally taping the entire affair.

Alexis comes to see Ned and runs into V leaving. V tells her that Ned is sitting at the traitor's table. Ned tells Alexis about the Simon flirtation. Ned explains that he doesn't think V feels worthy of having someone love her. Alexis feels that maybe V is just afraid - like she was. Ned admits that he too had been afraid. But he thinks that everything had happened right when it should have. Alexis agrees - it couldn't have been more perfect. But, she understands why V may seem overwhelmed. Simon is trying to take control of the situation and V is not willing to submit her control. She recommends that Ned give Simon some advise. He did such wonderful job courting her. Ned refuses and says that maybe enstead, Alexis should talk to V. Alexis laughs and says that she is not the right kind of woman for that and that the best solution may to be just staying out of it and enjoying each others company.

Mac tells Sonny that when he first came back to Port Charles he had promised to be legitimate. What happened to that? Now he goes and takes back his territory. Is he going to let Hannah be shot up in the shower like Brenda? How many more people are going to die? General Hospital
Bobbie and Jerry get dressed and laugh how no one will know what had just happened. Right after they leave, Emily comes into to retrieve her belongings. She sees that the tape had been recording while she was gone. She grumbles about the waste of a half hour of empty walls.

Luke asks Felicia what she is going to tell Lila if she asks about their encounters on Long Island? Felicia says that she will tell the truth. Luke tells her not to tell Lila the truth - that the truth is small segments brings the truth as a whole.

Alan and Monica talk about AJ and Carly's relationship and how their relationship is doomed like theirs was. They begin arguing and end up kissing.

General Hospital
Bobbie shares some nice words with Tony about his interview. She says that if anyone can educate people about AIDS, he can. Emily gives Tony his tape to preview (including the Bobbie and Jerry lovemaking session).

Outside of Kelly's
Hannah is obviously upset. She asks if this is how Sonny's life always is? Sonny says he understands if all of this is too much for her. The cops have always harassed him and now it barely registers. Hannah realizes that the police are not through with her yet. She is on their list now - she is Sonny's girlfriend. Hannah says she was ready to make love to Sonny when large men with guns burst in on them. She has been to the police station twice in three days and all he can say is it's ok. The more she gets to know him, the more she sees how dangerous he is. She is not going to get herself killed over him no matter how much she likes him. She wishes him good luck and says goodbye.

Felicia comes to visit Mac and to pick him up for a parent teacher conference. Mac says that he is having a rough day. Felicia asks if the choice is between Sonny and Moreno - isn't Sonny better? Mac explains that if it were that easy - yes. But it won't stop there. Moreno and Sonny will keep taking over each other's territories until the streets of Port Charles are overtaken with fear. Mac swears that getting rid of Sonny and Moreno are his top priority. He realizes that he has not been paying enough attention to Felicia lately and recommends a nice dinner in bed for some quality time.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

Hannah admits to Tammy that she already regrets breaking things off with Sonny. Meanwhile, a worried Mike asks his son why he gave up his new life as a legitimate coffee merchant to go back to the dangerous world of organized crime. Stefan urges Nikolas to come join his parents and Lesley Lu at the Cassadines' country house. "Herr Krieg" pressures Luke to participate in another business transaction. As they scheme to throw V and Simon together, Chloe and Jax begin to grow closer themselves. Tammy advises Hannah to consider giving Sonny a second chance. Anxious to prevent her daughter from throwing herself into Stefan's arms, Lesley pleads with Luke to fight for Laura but he reminds his mother-in-law that the party is over. Carly begs Jason to help her find new ways to stall AJ as she continues to put off the long delayed but ultimately inevitable "wedding night." Monica warns Alan that their new daughter-in-law can't be trusted. At Kelly's, Liz happily models for Nikolas the very first Nurses Ball t-shirt of her own design. Hannah returns to Sonny's penthouse.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Jax tries to explain to V that it really isn't a setup, but V asks what else it could be. V is understandably angry at being lied to and tells Simon that she doesn't know him and she doesn't want to. On that note, V storms out the door. Jax and Chloe tell Simon that if he is serious about wanting to win V, he is going to have to come up with something better than calling V and enchantress all the time. Jax then leaves and convinces V to at least give him a chance to explain.

Hannah tells Sonny that she came over because she thought she might have left her hair clip there the other night. When Sonny reminds her that her hair was down, she says that she guesses that she didn't leave anything behind. She then confesses that she has wanted to come back to him ever since she told him she didn't. Sonny tells Hannah that she is a beautiful woman who is running away from someone who hurt her. He knows how she feels. Hannah says that she is back, but Sonny says that he can't do it. He can't take the responsibility for keeping her safe. His life is not safe and he is finished trying to protect people because it doesn't work. His life is depressing. He tells her to walk.

In Oyster Bay, Felicia is trying to pick the lock to the Q's home. She is concerned that they are going to be caught, but Luke taunts her into continuing. Besides, he thinks the caretaker will be busy swilling booze for at least another couple of hours. Felicia is delighted and Luke is impressed when she successfully picks the lock. They start to search for the missing letters and for some clue as to the identity of the mysterious care taker.

At Stefan's country home, Laura tells Stefan that it is frightening how well he knows her. And his home is beautiful. It is just what she needed. Stefan explains that they bought the home the first year they were in Port Charles, but they hardly ever use it. It has never really belonged to anyone. He hopes that she will consider it hers. Laura thanks him for the kind gesture and says that she loves it already. Lulu walks up as Laura and Stefan share a tender kiss.

Laura greets Lulu and asks her if she likes her room. Lulu loves the room of course and Laura tells her that Stefan had it fixed up just for her. Laura tells Lulu that after Lucky went to heaven she was so sad that it made her sick. She had to go to the hospital so that special doctors could make her better. And now, Stefan brought them all to this special place so that they can spend time together. She tells Lulu that she forgot for a while how important it is to have fun and Stefan is helping her to remember. Lulu turns to Stefan and thanks him. Stefan is touched by the gesture.

At the Q's home, Luke and Felicia have not been successful in their search for the letters or the name of the care taker. They search the bookcase for some clue and come across a book with the name Reginald Jennins Sr.

In the hallway, Jax asks V what exactly is so terrible about Simon. V says that he cheats at cards. When Jax points out that he also cheats at cards, V says that Simon flew all the way across the continent for her. She isn't the kind of woman that men do that for and he will only be disappointed. Jax says that if the only reason V doesn't want to talk to Simon is because she is afraid he will be disappointed, there is no way he is letting her leave. V tells Jax that Simon is looking for an heiress. Jax says that Simon has been tripping over heiresses his whole life. Maybe something about V touched him. Jax knows how that feels. When you meet someone like that you want to do everything you can to get to know them better. A connection like that comes along once in a lifetime and V is foolish not to pursue it. She will never know if she leaves.

In Jax's apartment, Simon is frantic because he thinks V has gone, but Chloe is trying to calm him down. She tells him that he is coming on to strong with V. He has only seen her twice. It's too early to be proclaiming undying love. She believes in love at first sight. She even believes that it happened to him. But it hasn't happened to V yet. She needs time to catch up. The way Simon is pursuing her, she is going to think that he only wants to sleep with her. Simon is wonderful. He needs to give V a chance to get to know the real him. Simon says that he is in love for the first time in his life. He asks if that doesn't count for something.

At Sonny's, Hannah tells Sonny that she is a runner. It helps her think clearly. Today when she was running, she thought about what would be worse; never seeing him again or to see him every day and have him treat her like a stranger. She would hate it if he treated her like a stranger. He made her feel like he cared for her and the only way she will leave is if he tells her that she is wrong. Being with him is worth everything to her. Sonny says that it may not be worth it to him. Hannah says if that is true, than he should tell her to leave and this time she will go. Sonny walks over and takes Hannah into his arms with a resigned sigh. Then they start to kiss passionately. Sonny asks Hannah if she is sure and she says that she is. They turn together and head for the bedroom.

Jax explains to V that when he met the woman he loved, he was in a position to be useful to her. He went along with this woman's plan to make her boyfriend jealous just to be near her. V says that she knows that Jax had the best of intentions. He always does. Jax tells V that she might be missing out on something great just because she is so stubborn. He asks if she isn't a little curious. V just laughs.

Simon tells Chloe that he has tried to forget V and he can't. He went out with different women every night, but every face he saw was V's. he loves her and he has every intention of making her his wife. Chloe chastises Simon saying that he hasn't listened to a word she has said. As she continues her mini lecture, Jax returns with a somewhat reluctant V in tow and asks if everyone is ready for dinner. Simon is delighted, but V still looks skeptical.

Felicia points out that the care taker is too old to be Reggie's father so there must be another one. Lila's Reginald is probably the third. Luke says that that would explain why the current Reginald puts up with so much. Luke says that this mystery is too good to abandon. Felicia agrees, and they decide to keep looking for the letters. As she continues to search, she looks up and is horrified when she sees the care taker returning. She jumps onto a very surprised Luke's back and orders him to hide in the closet.

Sonny and Hannah stumble into the bedroom locked in a passionate embrace. They start to undress each other and finally fall back onto the bed together. Wow, this is pretty steamy. I don't think I can give you the details without an NC-17 rating. Let's just say that there is a lot of black lingerie and bare skin...and no interruptions this time.

Luke and Felicia continue to huddle together in the closet while waiting for the care taker to go to bed. As he finally makes his way up the stairs, Luke and Felicia wait until the house is quiet and then sneak out of the closet. Felicia wants to leave, but Luke thinks they should keep looking. Felicia agrees and they continue the search.

Silence reigns over the uncomfortable dinner party at Jax's apartment. Jax and Chloe try to keep the conversation going, but Simon and V are not helping. Chloe tells a story about seeing Lucy and Katherine arguing about the Nurses Ball which prompts Simon to ask about the event. Jax explains what the night is about and invites Chloe to join his table. Chloe happily agrees to sit with him.

Sonny and Hannah are cuddled together enjoying the aftermath of their lovemaking. Sonny says that he has been waiting a long time to feel this way. It reminds him that he is alive. With that he leans down and kisses Hannah. She returns the kiss and things start to heat up again.

At Jax's, the party is starting to wind down and V has yet to even give Simon a chance. Jax asks Chloe about life at the Q's. Chloe tells a story about how the cook won't let anyone in the kitchen. Jax laughs saying that he wouldn't want to do his job with the Q's hovering around. Chloe goes on to tell how much Lila is enjoying working with Felicia on her memoirs. The mention of Felicia prompts Jax to tell how V helped Felicia with her first novel. V insists that all she did was help with the punctuation and grammar. She explains that Felicia has a tendency to confuse the contraction it's with the possessives its. V looks astonished when Simon says that he also hates the misapplication of a basic rule. Apostrophes don't necessarily indicate the possessive. You'd think that anyone could remember that. Yet the misuse is pervasive. Even worse, the most gregious errors, in his opinion, are the misplacement of commas. V thinks that semicolon misuse is just as bad. As the grammar discussion continues, V and Simon realize that they have found some common ground. Jax and Chloe are surprised, but pleased that the pair are finally speaking.

In the country, Laura leaves with Lulu to prepare for bed. Once she is gone, Stefan makes a mysterious phone call to someone named John. After he hangs up, a man appears. Stefan asks if the preliminary arrangements have been made. When the man says that they have, Stefan tells him that they must proceed with extreme caution. Helena must not be alerted in any way. The man understands and says that he has no desire to upset Mrs. Cassadine. Stefan says that his mother will not be a consideration much longer. Her reign of terror is almost at an end. Laura returns as the man leaves.

At the Q's home, Felicia and Luke stop for a moment to ponder the fire in the fireplace Felicia comments that the care taker was staring at it. And it seems strange that he would light a fire in the middle of summer. Luke discovers fragments of the letters in the fire. He puts out the fire and tries to recover what is left of the letters. There isn't much. Felicia is extremely disappointed.

Simon and V continue their heated discussion about grammar while Chloe tells Jax that it might be a little early for a celebration, but things are looking good. Jax laughs saying who ever thought punctuation would bring two people together. He then tells Chloe that he knows that she only agreed to join him at the Nurses Ball to set a good example. He says that she can change her mind if she wants to. Chloe asks if Jax has changed his mind. Jax confesses that he is looking forward to it. Chloe smiles and says that she is too. Her smile disappears when she looks over at V and Simon and notices that Simon has taken V's hand in his own. V is disgusted when Simon asks her to marry him.

Laura explains that she returned to retrieve Lulu's special toy. Stefan smiles in understanding saying that Nikolas had a toy he couldn't sleep without when he was small also. Laura thanks Stefan for everything he has done. Stefan says that he will do anything for her. Anything.

As Hannah gets dressed, Sonny tells her that she is welcome to stay. Hannah smiles and says that they have taken a big enough step for one night. After she is dressed, Sonny kisses her and asks her if she really wants to leave or go back to bed. He understands, but is disappointed when Hannah says that she is going to leave.

Luke opens the letter and reads the only part that isn't burned. He and Felicia thinks it's odd that in the letter, Edward is apparently telling Lila not to spend so much time at the cemetery.

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