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Monday April 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nora

Jason releases Carly from their passionate embrace and demands to know what she is doing. She repeatedly tries to kiss him, but he departs. AJ comes outside and almost catches them in the act. Carly covers well, saying that she had been out for a walk, and AJ seems to buy the act. The young Quartermaine then begins to make his plans for his activities as CEO of ELQ as Carly barrages him with questions as to why he is not yet supervising officer of the prestigious business. Jason then returns and he and his brother share charming insults. AJ maintains that Michael no longer cries at night, which is an apparent indication that Jason's presence is no longer needed. Just as he asks Leticia to show Mr. Morgan to the door, she informs AJ that Michael is awake and asking for Jason.

At home, Liz hears the wail of sirens in the distance and becomes worried. She dials Lucky's phone number, but she receives a message that says his number is temporarily out of service. She quickly dresses and heads out to ensure that he is well.

Stefan reveals that he would like to take Laura to Paris for the weekend and she is very surprised, but she agrees nonetheless. The two agree to focus on the future, but Stefan is baffled when Laura talks of bringing Lulu and Foster to Paris with them. He finally realizes that Ms. Spencer is only teasing him and smiles as he hears Laura tells him that she would love to go to Paris alone with him. Laura and Stefan fear that Luke and Lucky will not be pleased with the trip, but Laura makes it clear that she is tired of apologizing for what makes her happy.

At Laura's, Luke talks to Lesley Lu on the couch, having taken Lucky's advice to spend more time with his children. He is reading her a story about a princess when the telephone rings. Nikolas, who was in the other room, answers the phone and hears the news about Lucky. The young Cassadine interrupts the bonding Spencers and asks Lulu to go upstairs and get ready for bed. He tells Luke that the police called and that they said that there was a fire in the garage and that the body is believed to be Lucky's. Luke is in a state of disbelief and shock and leaves the Spencer home with instructions not to tell Laura the news until he is able to confirm Lucky's death and tell her himself. Lulu comes downstairs and Nikolas reads to her until she falls asleep.

In his limo, Sonny talks to Hannah. He tells the attractive young woman that he would like to see her again and refuses to let her out on a street corner in an unsafe part of town; he wants to deliver her directly to her door. The two banter back and forth concerning who keeps more secrets until Hannah asks exactly what it is that Sonny does for a living. His response is ambiguous and then the young woman asks if he is married. Sonny reveals that his wife died in a horrible accident, killed by a bomb intended for him. Hannah inquires, innocently enough, if it is safe to be in a car with Sonny and he assures her that if she were going to die, the bomb would have gone off long ago. He pursues her rather vigorously, but she does not seem to mind. Their flirtation is more than mild and the two finally agree to meet for dinner at Sonny's penthouse. When the couple arrives at Hannah's apartment, Hannah inquires as to where she might find more appropriate lodging. As they say goodnight, Sonny receives a phone call about Lucky's death. Hannah exits the limo as Sonny gets the details from the police. He leaves instructions for the police to contact Jason and says that he is on his way.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason goes upstairs to comfort Michael, leaving Carly and Jason alone. The two discuss the custody situation and how poorly Michael is adapting to his new situation. AJ feels that he will never be able to be Michael's true parent as long as Jason keeps returning to the mansion every night. Jason then enters the den with Michael in his arms. As he talks softly to the little boy, Carly attempts to play with them as AJ leaves. Carly follows AJ from the room after kissing her boy goodnight. Jason explains the strange situation to Michael when his phone rings.

Above the garage, a body is seen burning in the midst of a multitude of flames. Firefighters arrive on the scene and try to put out the fire as Taggert closes the neighboring streets. Mac realizes that this is Lucky's apartment and urges Taggert to try to find a body. Taggert tells Mac to start making the appropriate phone calls. Just then, Liz arrives on the scene and screams for Lucky as Taggert restrains her. The firemen bring a body out of the burning building and place it on an ambulance as Liz looks on in horror. Taggert attempts to comfort her and inquires as to how she knew to come to the garage. She ignores the dectective's questions as insists that Lucky's reflexes are too quick to die in the fire. Bobbie arrives on the scene and asks Mac what is going on. She screams in terror when she hears that Lucky is dead and that neither Luke nor Laura knows. Bobbie turns to Liz and the two cling to each other for support.

Taggert explains to Mac that Liz will not give up hope and fears that this will scar her permanently. Just then, Sonny arrives and Taggert makes accusatory remarks that implicate that Sonny is behind the fire. Luke walks up behind Sonny and asks his friend if this is the way that he handles things. He expresses extreme disappointment in Sonny because he had confidence that the situation with Moreno was under control. When Sonny apologizes, Luke asks what difference that makes when his son is dead. When Mac tells Luke that there are no words, Luke agrees. He claims to be able to confront this situation and leaves, saying that he has one stop to make before he goes to the morgue. Bobbie sees her brother and offers him a hug, but he says that he must go tell Laura the news. As he leaves, he spots Jason and tells him to put Lucky on his list of business losses. Sonny asks Jason whether AJ or Moreno was behind the fire, but Jason does not know. Taggert then brings Liz the pendant of the subway charm that she gave to Lucky and tells her that it was found on the body. She collapses to the ground and Sonny reaches down to comfort her.

On the docks, Luke sits and thinks about things. Just as he begins to leave, Laura walks by. She can tell that something is amiss and Luke tells her about Lucky. She is initially shocked and then terrified. She screams in panic and beats the ground in disbelief. Luke holds her and tries to console her.