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Monday March 29, 1999

AJ is flabbergasted when Alexis announces that Jason has been granted unlimited visitation rights. She assures AJ that it is all legal. The visits must occur at the Q mansion, but AJ and Carly cannot limit the length or number. AJ tells Jason that there is no way he is letting him near his son.

Jax asks Stefan if it is true that Helena has been appointed as trustee to the estate. He is interested in a few of the Cassadine holdings and he wants to know if he should deal with Helena or Stefan. Stefan says that from what he hears, Jax is already dealing with his sister.

Luke is alone at his club drinking a toast to Robert. It clearly isn't his first. He is interrupted by a knock on the door. He tell the person to go away, but changes his mind when he sees that it is Lucky. Lucky asks if he is interrupting and Luke says that he was just having a drink with an old friend.

Faison's "companion" asks him to tell her about Robert Scorpio. Faison says that there is nothing to tell. Robert is dead along with his wife. Swimming with the fishes. There was a magnificent explosion which the world thinks also killed him.

Sonny has saved an unknown woman from a purse snatcher. He suggests that next time a man grabs her purse, she let go. The unknown woman thanks him for his help and rushes off before Sonny can find out who she is.

Stefan says that he is well aware of Jax's alliance with Alexis. Jax says that Stefan is mistaken. He has made no commitment. Alexis has a nasty habit of wavering. Stefan says that as far as he is concerned, Jax is Alexis' ally and he thinks he is there to plead Alexis' case for a united front. He tells Jax to tell Alexis that his answer remains the same. Jax apologizes for taking up Stefan's time and leaves saying that Stefan told him exactly what he needed to know.

Luke tells Lucky that it was seven years ago that Robert died. He tells Lucky that he almost named him Robert, but at the time, Laura thought it would be a good idea to have two Lucas Lorenzos on the earth. Lucky says that he always loved the fact that Robert and Luke hated each other at first. He asks Luke how he and Robert met. Luke laughs and says that he came home one night to his seedy little apartment, not unlike the one that Lucky is hanging out in, and found an Australian in his face with a firearm the size of a Buick. Luke jumped him, but it didn't work because Robert had a trained guerilla with him. The next thing Luke knew, he came to with a bump on his head and the two goons were gone. Lucky asks if that was the first time Robert asked him about the Ice Princess. Luke said that it was and then goes on to tell how he retaliated for the assault by sneaking into Robert's room and pistol whipping him. Luke laughs at the memory and pours himself another shot while Lucky asks him if it took a while for him to figure out that Robert was from the WSB. Luke says yes and explains that Robert had this partner named O' Reily, a woman, who was killed. She underestimated a Cassadine. After that he and Robert got on board this Cassadine yacht to search for the Ice Princess. While they were at sea, Luke found out that Laura, who had promised him to stay at home, had stowed away. Luke gets a far away look in his eyes and says that he misses those days.

Alexis tells AJ that his attorney's can challenge the visitation order in court, but she is sure that even his own attorney's would tell him that it is a waste of time. The order is a result of the report from the court psychiatrist. Carly sarcastically asks if she bribed a judge. Alexis strongly cautions Carly against making any accusations towards Jason because it would reflect poorly on her own legal status (she mouths the work Ferncliff). AJ tells Jason that all he is doing is confusing Michael. As Jason goes up to see Michael, AJ storms off to call his attorney. Carly moves to follow Jason up the stairs, but Alexis stops her saying that they need to have a little chat. She tells Carly that it is women like her that give women in general a bad name. She tells Carly to listen very closely and she will hear the part about how she winds up back at Ferncliff. She reminds Carly that she perjured herself and defrauded the Q's when she put Jason's name on Michael's birth certificate. Carly points out that the Q's managed to get past it. Alexis tells her that the Q's don't manage to get past anything, they just tuck them away until they are ready to use them. She tells Carly that she is way out of her league. First she named Jason as Michael's father on a legally binding document, then she left town abandoning her own son who is still recovering from life threatening surgery in the neonatal ICU. Carly says that she left because or post partem depression. Alexis says that Carly left because that is what she always does. She tells Carly that she has a lot of nerve trying to capitalize on real PPD sufferers. If Carly lets Edward and AJ rush the custody battle into court, Alexis promises her that she will watch her reputation go from gutter to sewer. She will put two dozen real PPD mothers on the stand. Like a dead beat father, she drops into town just in time for her son's christening. It took Jason two weeks to trust her to take Michael out alone. And when she did, she left him alone where he could have been snatched by Tony. Carly asks if Alexis has something personal against her. Alexis says that Carly is an insult to women, a mother devoid of any giving instincts and a gold digging psychotic. The only decent thing she ever did for Michael she is now trying to undo with the reckless abandon of the gang that couldn't shoot straight and all because she found a richer cash cow. She tells Carly that she chose this path. Should she choose to stay on it, her son will never have to worry about depending on her or ever seeing her again. Alexis says that this is definitely personal. Personally, she wants Carly put back where she belongs. In the mental ward at Ferncliff.

Ned arrives at the Q's and finds Alexis alone in the hall. As Alexis explains that she managed to procure visitation rights for Jason, Edward comes down the stairs screaming that someone call the authorities. That thug is back with Michael. AJ walks in saying that there is no point in calling the police. He explains that Jason has a court order, and he'll never guess who is responsible (as he glares at Alexis)

As he steps off of the launch from Wyndemere, Jax runs into Sonny on the docks. Sonny asks how Jax's business partner would feel if she knew that Jax was in enemy territory. Jax challenges Sonny to ask Alexis and find out. As Jax starts to leave, Sonny accuses him of using Alexis the way he used Tracy Quartermaine and Lois. Jax says that it is very noble of Sonny to worry, but he is sure that Alexis can take care of herself. Sonny says that Jax would know since he was so sure that Brenda could take care of herself.

Lucky asks Luke if he ended meeting Laura after they got to the island and Robert let himself get captured. Luke says that that was Laura's version. Luke wishes Lucky could have met Robert. Lucky would have found him incredibly annoying and interesting. Robert was unique. Lucky remembers when Luke found out about Robert's death while they were living in Canada. He knows it was an explosion. He asks what happened. Luke explains that an old enemy of Robert's, Cesar Faison, caught up with him. Luke doesn't know Faison (at least he thinks he doesn't), but he heard that Faison took Robert's wife Anna, who was also with the WSB. Robert chased them and rather than give Anna up, Faison blew up the boat with all three of them on it. Luke changes the subject and asks why Lucky isn't with Liz. Lucky explains that Liz is at home working on a project and that he promised to bring her cheese fries. Lucky asks Luke if he wants to get some air and walk him back, but Luke assures him that he is fine. After Lucky leaves, Luke takes another drink and tells Robert that Lucky is a real good boy. Robert would have liked him.

Laura arrives at Wyndemere to apologize for seemingly excluding him from her little talk with Nikolas. She wanted to tell Nikolas about her and Luke discussing a divorce. Stefan is surprised and asks if that is what Laura wants. Laura says that she wants to bury what is dead. She wants to go on with her own life. So she told Lucky and Nikolas and she is even trying to start to prepare Lesley Lu. He sees before him a woman trying to claim her own life. He can mark it down in his calendar as the day Laura moved on, finally. Stefan tells Laura that he knows she is sad. Unable to hold it in any longer, Laura starts to cry.

Laura apologizes to Stefan for her mini breakdown, but Stefan tells her that it is not necessary to apologizing for grieving. She has just lost a marriage with all the dreams attached. She spent two decades with Luke. It would unrealistic to expect that she could be instantly over that. Grief comes when something has ended. Tears of sadness are the last part of that. Once she has shed them, she can move on. Laura says that she remembers saying once that their problem was timing. Maybe their timing is getting better. Stefan assures Laura that there is no rush. It is important that she know that. He will give her all the time she needs. Laura kisses Stefan gently and tells him that all she needs right now is him.

Jax asks Sonny if he is going to make up for destroying Brenda's life by rescuing Alexis. He thinks maybe he should warn Alexis. Sonny is surprised that he hasn't already. Jax says that he hasn't yet taken alexis to the mental ward where Brenda ended up. Sonny says that Brenda was fine when she was with him. Jax disagrees. Sonny came on as a savior and protector. He didn't ask for anything except obedience. He brougth Brenda down until she had almost no identity left, but he was still her rescuer. Of course, the only thing she needed rescuing from was from the violence that came along with Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny says that the one thing he didn't rescue Brenda from was Jax. Jax says that Sonny did enough. He got his hooks into Brenda when she was just a girl. Alexis is a woman and she doesn't need rescuing. He will let Sonny find that out for himself.

AJ points out all the "coincidences" that have occurred lately. Like Sonny selling Jason exactly enough stock to be able to attend the ELQ board meeting. Like Sonny finding out about the board meeting. Like Jason showing up when the court psychiatrist just happened to be making a surprise visit to the Q's. He thinks maybe Ned is feeding Alexis inside information. Alexis assures AJ that Ned had nothing to do with her taking Jason's case. She was told that the Q's like to shoot one another. Jason was looking for an attorney who was willing to shoot back. She likes that. Ned finds AJ's diatribe a little insulting to Alexis, implying that she needs Ned for anything. AJ should have anticipated that in the course of normal conversation, Alexis might have learned a thing or two. Jason comes down the stairs demanding that the Qs' take it outside if they are going to fight. He is trying to get Michael to sleep.

Jason comes down stairs saying that Michael is asleep. He tells the Q's that he will be back tomorrow to take Michael for a walk. AJ wants to put a stop to Jason's visits immediately, but Carly disagrees. AJ tells Edward that Alexis spooked Carly with a bunch of threats because she doesn't want the case to go to trial. Carly says that she simply thinks that the longer Michael is with them, the better their chances of having him adjust to his surroundings. If they try to do too much too soon, they run the risk of losing everything. Edward agrees with Carly thinking that the Q's need to present a united front. AJ doesn't think that that will ever happen. Edward thinks that time is on their side now that Sonny is back in town. Jason, as Sonny's partner, will eventually show his true colors. AJ is still adamant that the trial happen ASAP. If Alexis wants to postpone the trial, than he wants the exact opposite.

In the gatehouse, Ned tells Alexis, that one of the reasons he is drawn to her is the similarity in their dysfunctional families. It's no wonder that Emily turned to drugs after only two years of living with the Q's. He doesn't understand why AJ can't see that. Ned says that he doesn't like Carly. Alexis says that she was pretty hard on Carly today. She really let her have it. She played out the worst case scenario. In her version, Carly ended up at Ferncliff. Ned asks Alexis what she thinks of Jason's chances. Alexis says that when she first took the case, she didn't think that Jason had a prayer. But thanks to the Q's for just being who they are, she really thinks that she could rewrite the law books and win. She just needs something, one small thing to fall out of the sky for their side and she actually thinks Jason could be appointed legal guardian. Jason is an exemplary father while Carly is the mother from hell. Ned is amazed at how Carly can manipulate Jason and AJ. He knows that Carly will land on her feet no matter what. He can't wait to watch Alexis win this one. Alexis says that she really wants to win. It will be her gift to Ned for the way his family treats him. Her way of striking back on his behalf. Ned says that he really likes her as they fall into a passionate kiss.

Sonny is alone on the docks contemplating life.

Carly is looking at a Q family portrait when AJ comes into the room. He tells Carly that he is sure he is right. They have to push the custody battle through as fast as possible. Edward will just have to agree.

Meanwhile, Edward is on the phone in the hall talking to a judge friend. He needs a favor. He wants to postpone the custody trial as long as possible.

Jason finds Sonny on the docks. Sonny asks how it went at the Q's. Jason says that AJ and Edward were angry but that they didn't have any ammunition to do anything about it. They sit in silence for a moment until Sonny asks if Jason is going to watch him all night. Jason says he will leave, but he doesn't feel comfortable with Sonny not having a guard. Sonny leaves with Jason saying that he doesn't know why he spends so much time there anyway.

Laura thanks Stefan for being so understanding. It means so much just to have him there. Stefan tells Laura that what they have is real. Laura says that she isn't ready for everything yet, but she is ready to make a start. Stefan says that that is good. He would never ask her to give up where she came from because every moment of her life has made her the woman she is today. The woman he loves. Laura says that she wants to stop looking backwards. She wants a new life. She wants to start over and let the past be the past so she can focus on what is in front of her. Stefan leans in and kisses Laura.

Luke is alone in his office drunkenly talking to an invisible Robert, when the phone rings. Mr. Krieg (a.k.a. Faison), is trying to coax Luke into selling another piece of the ice princess. Luke declines saying that he will contact Mr. Krieg when he is ready to do business again.

Faison hangs up the phone and explains to his companion that he was talking to a man who is mourning the death of an old friend. Grief can be a heavy load. It makes a man vulnerable.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Emily promised Jason that she would ease up on Carly for Michael's sake. Jason reiterated to Carly that he didn't think her plan would work the way she hoped. AJ and Edward continued to conspire about how to gain Carly's favor and hook her into the Quartermaine lifestyle. Later, Carly had dinner with AJ and pledged her loyalty to him for the duration of the custody trial. AJ approached Tony about testifying at the trial and painting Jason as a brain damaged, unfit father. Felicia was intrigued by Lila's stories about the past. Ned performed at Jakes to an audience full of familiar faces and wowed the crowd.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Katrina Rasbold

Luke arrived at his club and found that vandals had attacked the outside, spray painting the outside and damaging one of the greeter monkeys. He immediately called Sonny to tell him that Moreno had stuck exactly as Sonny said he would. Luke warned Sonny that Moreno would only escalate the violence from here and wondered why Sonny was being so calm about Moreno's recent moves. Sonny explained to him that he had to carefully watch his moves to protect Jason's reputation in the upcoming custody hearing. Luke was largely unsympathetic and told Sonny that it might be beyond his control. Emily and Liz delivered an ottoman from the Quartermaine attic to Nikolas as a housewarming gift. Upon discovering an engraved silver bowl from Katherine, Emily realized that Nikolas' affair was Katherine was still going on. She confided to Liz that her feelings for Nikolas had been a crush and that she understood that he did not feel the same way toward her. Liz speculated that she did not feel the relationship with Katherine would last very long because it was based on sex alone without love or friendship. Alexis questioned Jax regarding his conversation with Stefan and he told her he had not met with success. Alexis later explained to Jax and Jerry that proving that Stefan and Helena both knew that Nikolas was not Stavros' son would disqualify them both from being trustees of the Cassadine estate. She also remembered that it was possible that a duplicate copy of Nikolas' medical records probably existed in Geneva from his evaluation for candidacy as a bone marrow donor for Lesley Lu. Monica shared with Bobbie how much she enjoyed her "date" with Alan at Jake's the night before. Alan later thanked Bobbie for forcing him and Monica to work out their problems. Laura applied for a job at GH and was offered assistance from Stefan. She told him she would prefer to get a position on her own merits rather than favoritism. Audrey told her about a position as outreach working for teens and said that she would be happy to recommend her for the position based on her work at the Ward house. V badgers Ned to leave big business and pursue his musical career. He balked at leaving ELQ in the unchecked hands of Edward and AJ.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Laura arrives at GH and is very pleased when Audrey tells her that she doubts that Laura will be looking for a job any longer.

Also at GH, Bobbie asks Tony if she can speak to him for a moment and Tony cautiously agrees. Bobbie politely informs Tony that Lucas started baseball and did very well. Tony is surprised that Bobbie has bothered to tell him, but Bobbie says that she thought that Tony would want to know. As Tony walks away, Carly arrives. Carly explains that she is waiting for AJ who is waiting for Tony. AJ thinks that Tony can help with the custody trial. Carly assures Bobbie that it wasn't her idea. Bobbie asks why Carly isn't doing something instead of standing around and letting AJ go up against Jason in court.

Felicia arrives at Luke's Club and greets Luke with a smile. She asks what happened to the monkeys out front. Luke says that he freed them back into the wild and then asks what the commissioner's wife is doing in his lowly jungle. Felicia says that she is meeting Mac for dinner, and is ex-shoe wanted to pay Luke a visit. Luke walks around the bar to see the shoe for himself. He takes Felicia's foot in his hand and says that the shoe looks a lot better on her foot than it did hanging over his bar. Then he touches her calf and asks if she has always had those legs. Felicia smiles and teasingly tells Luke put her leg down.

At Lucky's apartment, Liz has everything set up for a romantic dinner. As she lights the last few candles, Lucky comes down the hall yelling that he can smell Ely's ribs from a mile a away. He opens the door and is pleasantly surprised. He asks what the occasion is. Liz smiles and says happy April Fools day.

Jax is on the phone hiring a jet for himself and one passenger. He tells the person on the other end of the line that he and his passenger will be using aliases. It is imperative that noone be able to trace the trip. He and his partner's lives may depend on it.

Alexis arrives unannounced at Nikolas' cottage. She apologizes for not calling first, but she was afraid he wouldn't agree to see her. Nikolas is reluctant to let her in, but Alexis assures him that it is important. She reminds Nikolas that he thinks that the best resolution is for he and Alexis and Stefan to work together against Helena. She hands him an envelope and asks him to prove it.

Alexis explains to Nikolas that she has handed him a request for medical information from the clinic that handled the bone marrow samples when he donated bone marrow to Lesley Lu. The clinic would have his entire medical history including, possibly, his paternity test. If they can show that Helena knew all along that Stavros wasn't his father then she would be disqualified as trustee for the Cassadine estate. Nikolas quickly puts two and two together and realizes that Stefan would also be disqualified leaving only Alexis to serve as trustee. Alexis says that she will push for a neutral third party as trustee. Nikolas angrily asks why he should trust anything she says.

Audrey tells Laura that the board thinks she is exactly what the outreach program needs. Laura is surprised, but delighted with the news. She agrees to meet with the board as soon as possible. Audrey says that she thinks it is safe to say congratulations.

Carly tells Bobbie that since she is the one lecturing her about lying she is surprised that Bobbie isn't more supportive of Carly's efforts to make it up to AJ. Bobbie points out that that isn't what Carly is doing. Carly says that AJ is one of the nicest people she knows and the least he deserves is her support. Bobbie tells Carly that she knows exactly what she is doing because there was a time when she did the almost same thing with Stefan Cassadine. She thought that Stefan would make her life comfortable and safe and that it didn't matter that she didn't love him. But the whole thing was a total disaster and Lucas ended up getting hurt the most because he was the child. A child doesn't know how not to love and rely on his new family. Carly asks if it so inconceivable that she might actually know what is the best for Michael. Michael belongs with his mother and father and that is how he is going to be raised.

Liz tells Lucky that this is their first April Fools day as a couple. She puts her arms around his neck and says that they are making their own traditions. As Lucky puts his arms around her waist, she asks him who needs a tradition of making a fool of someone or making a joke at the other's expense. Lucky smiles and asks if there is a story behind this. Liz explains that she was always that most gullible when it came to April Fool's day jokes so people used to single her out mercilessly every year. They would keep it up for weeks until she was jumping at her own shadow. Lucky laughs and asks how come he never knew this about her. He asks her to arrange to tell him things he doesn't know about her even when they are eighty-five and in a nursing home. Liz smiles and says that she will try to pace herself. She says that she was thinking that if she was going to be a fool, she would rather be a fool for love. Lucky likes their new April Fool's day tradition, especially since it includes ribs from Ely's!

Felicia gets Luke to admit that Moreno was really responsible for the disappearance of the monkeys out front. She asks him if a new partner might be safer, not to mention cheaper. Luke says it's like picking up strays. You feed them and take care of them and sooner or later you get attached. Felicia laughs and asks if it is really just the rush of knowing that at any minute his club could be riddled with bullets. Luke asks if she is saying that being a memoirist to the rich and famous is safer. Felicia says that Lila Quartermaine is a very strong woman but she has never had to use brass knuckles. Luke asks about Edward. He doubts he is hanging around when Felicia interviews Lila because of his concern for her health. He wonders what Edward is trying to hide.

Luke says that Edward has been notoriously unfaithful to Lila. There is no doubt that Edward lies, cheats and steals. Felicia says that she thinks that Lila would tell her things even if it embarrassed Edward. Luke asks what about things that would embarrass Lila. Like if Edward blackmailed Lila into marrying him with nude pictures. Felicia laughs at the thought. She says that she thinks the 40's would be a great time to be twenty and single like Lila was. Call her shallow, but she likes the clothes, the music, swing. Felicia asks Luke how much he knows about 40's music. Luke excitedly tells her that she has come to the right place and walks over to the stereo and starts sifting through a stack of CD's.

Bobbie insists that she is not attacking Carly, she just wonders where Jason is in all of this. Where is the man who took care of her and Michael for the past year. She understands what Carly was trying to do when she named Jason Michael's father and she applauds the instinct. AJ may be Michael's father, but Carly doesn't have any kind of relationship with him. And Bobbie would never want a child of hers raised in the Q mansion. Carly says that when Bobbie was in her position, she didn't give a damn where her child was raised. Bobbie says that Carly has every right to say that even though it isn't true, but Bobbie expects more from Carly since she has a lot more going for her than Bobbie did. Carly says that she is doing what is best for Michael. Bobbie says that Carly is doing what is best for herself and she won't be any kind of parent until she can tell the difference.

AJ is annoyed when Tony finally arrives in his office after keeping him waiting. Tony tells AJ that he will not testify for him at Michael's custody trial.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she understands why he doesn't trust her. It must seem like overnight she has changed into someone he doesn't even know. The irony is that she feels the same way. Natasha Cassadine is a stranger's name. She has gotten used to living without it. Stefan didn't take away her identity, but he took away everything that went with it. Nikolas insists that Stefan was only trying to protect him. Alexis asks how it feels to be everyone's excuse for every lie and deception (hmmm... didn't Jax say that about his family yesterday?). Nikolas angrily agrees that what Stefan did was wrong. Alexis is as much a Cassadine as he is and she shouldn't have to fight for a share. If signing the medical release will help her than he will sign it. After Nikolas hands the release back to Alexis she tells him that what she regrets most of all is that he should have been their prince. She may never be able to think of him as anything else. As she leaves, she asks Nikolas not to hate her. After Alexis leaves, Katherine comes down the stairs. Nikolas asks how much she heard. Katherine says that she heard enough to think that he just walked into a trap.

Carly nervously wonders where AJ is. When Bobbie makes a sarcastic comment about AJ and Tony bonding, Carly angrily asks if she doesn't have work to do. She tells Bobbie that she knows what she is doing. She just realized a long time ago that it is pointless to try to explain it to Bobbie. Bobbie dodged a bullet by handing her off to the adoption agency when she was born. Bobbie asks why, if she doesn't care, she keeps trying with Carly. Carly suggests that she stop trying. Bobbie says that she loves Carly and that is why she is going to keep trying. She doesn't want Carly to wonder years from now if what she has done has been bad for Michael. She asks Carly is she honestly thinks that Michael is better off with the Q's. Carly says that she doesn't blame Bobbie for anything about her. She just says that because Bobbie makes her so mad. She understands that you don't get things the way you want them in life, you just have to play the cards you are dealt.

AJ is not happy that Tony won't testify. He points out that Tony was Jason's neurologist. Tony points out that he is also the man who kidnapped Michael. Alexis Davis will undoubtedly bring it up and he has his own custody battle to worry about. Any competent neurologist could testify to the same thing he would without being accused of having an axe to grind. The facts speak for themselves on this case. AJ says that Tony treated Jason. He saw first hand. Tony says that he would love to help, but he really can't get involved.

Katherine asks why Nikolas won't tell her what Alexis said. Nikolas says that a better question is why Katherine was trying to eavesdrop. Katherine insists that she was not eavesdropping. She was just looking for Nikolas since he never came back to bed. Nikolas tells her to let it go. Katherine asks Nikolas to drop by her Deception office tomorrow so they can discuss him taking over PR. Nikolas is surprised that she would consider him for the job, but she says that he is a quick learner and she just likes being around him. They start to kiss, but then Katherine notices that he moved her house warming gift. A little uncomfortable, Nikolas explains that he found a better place for it upstairs. As they start to go upstairs so that Nikolas can show Katherine the new spot, Laura arrives and lets herself in. She is not happy to see Katherine.

Wearing sunglasses, Alexis arrives at Luke's to meet Jax. She pretends that Nikolas was rude and uncooperative. She says that he even sicced the guard dogs on her. Jax doesn't believe her, but Alexis hands him something and asks if he can restore it before it's too late. Jax unwraps a fake eyeball. Alexis takes off her sunglasses and says April Fool. Jax can only laugh.

At the bar, Luke is telling Felicia all about people from the forty's. Felicia thinks it is fascinating, but she can't picture Lila and Edward sitting around a blues bar. Luke agrees and changes the music to swing saying it is more Lila and Edwards' style. He leads Felicia out on the dance floor telling her that she has to give those sparkling shoes a whirl. They start to dance and I must say the totally ROCK. The best dancing couple on GH award definitely goes to Luke and Felicia.

Upset that Laura has showed up unexpectedly, Katherine rudely accuses Laura of having no respect for people's privacy. Laura tells Katherine that she has no respect for her. Always the mediator, Nikolas tells Laura that she is welcome to drop in any time, but she is not welcome to be rude to his guests. Katherine leaves saying that if it is Nikolas' family's night to drop in unannounced, she thinks it is her night to go home and watch old movies. After she goes Nikolas tells Laura that he understands that she doesn't like Katherine, but it isn't the first time she has been here and it won't be the last. Laura says that she can't keep quiet about this. Katherine is using him to get back at Stefan. This relationship is not what Nikolas thinks it is. Before it is over, Katherine will hurt him and betray him. Nikolas doesn't think he is being unrealistic. He doesn't know how Laura can just know that Katherine will hurt him. He suggests that Laura change the subject or leave.

Felicia and Luke continue dancing. As they go for the big finish, Luke spins Felicia away from him and she lands in Mac's arms as he walks in the door. Mac good-naturedly asks if Luke is trying to get his wife drunk and make a public spectacle of her again. Luke laughs and says not drunk, just the public spectacle part. Felicia starts to explain that she was just pretending to be a young Lila Quartermaine, but Mac tells her there is no need to explain. There was nothing in their wedding vows about not dancing with other men. Felicia laughs and tells him that he is so evolved. Mac says that if other guys didn't want to have a grab at her now and then, he wouldn't have had to marry her. Felicia laughs and says that that sounds more like the caveman she married.

Alexis tells Jax that what he said to her about being everyone's justification for the wrongs they do is really true for Nikolas. Jax pretends to be offended that Alexis used his pain for personal gain. When Alexis asks how she can make it up to him, Jax tells her that she can fly to Geneva with him tomorrow.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky and Liz have just finished eating. Liz is trying to get the BBQ sauce off of her face until she realizes that Lucky is only teasing her. Lucky swears that he wasn't teasing her, he just wanted her to know how it felt to sit still and have someone stare real hard at her face. Liz laughs and says that that reminds her...she has an announcement to make. All three of her art school submissions are finally and totally completed. Lucky asks when the grand unveiling is. Liz says right now and then walks over to the bed and ceremoniously pulls a sheet away from her three paintings. She shows Lucky her landscape of Wyndemere, the still life of his guitar and her portrait of him. Lucky is very impressed. He says that he would say that he is proud of her, but what he really is awed by her. Liz cautiously says that she thinks she did ok. She tells Lucky that she thinks it is going to happen: their life in Manhattan. She even got a sign.

Lucky is sitting on the bed and Liz hands him a small box. Lucky opens the box and pulls out a chain with a subway token hanging from it. Liz explains that she found the token in a box that she got at an estate sale when shopping for Nikolas. She took it as a sign that everything they are hoping for is going to happen. She has Lucky read the inscription on the token which says "Lucky and Liz today, forever." Lucky says that he didn't need a sign to tell him that and he leans in to give Liz a gentle kiss.

Bobbie tells Carly that she isn't helpless and if she really thinks that Michael deserves better she should get him out of the Q mansion. Carly points out that the Q's probably wouldn't let her leave even if she wanted to. She knows that Michael is going to have a great life. AJ arrives and greets Bobbie. He tells Bobbie that she should come to visit Michael at the house. As Carly and AJ walk away, AJ tells Carly that Tony wouldn't help them. Carly isn't surprised and says that they will just have to find another way.

Laura asks if Nikolas is throwing her out. Nikolas says of course he isn't. Laura asks if she should apologize. She isn't sorry, but she wonders if she should be. She doesn't always know where she stands with him or how to be his mother. She was just a name and a face in his life for so many years, but she would like to be more than that now. Nikolas says that he will always want to know what she thinks. Sometimes he will want to ignore it, just like the rest of her kids. Laura laughs and agrees to drop the subject of Katherine for now. Besides, she really came over looking for someone to celebrate with since she is pretty close to getting a job at GH. Nikolas agrees to go with her if she agrees that the subject of Katherine is off limits. Laura says at least for tonight and they leave together.

At Luke's, Luke asks Alexis if she and Jax are hatching plots or eggs. Alexis says that they are hatching plots of course, and very intriguing ones at that, but she isn't going to tell him anything about it. She tries to shoo Luke away saying he is an exhibitionist and plotters like her like to keep a low profile. Luke agrees that he is an exhibitionist, but says that without exhibitionists, voyeurs wouldn't have a mirror to look into. He asks Alexis to dance, but she says that she would rather die. Luke tells her that she is cold and that one day when she is old and grey, she is going to look back on this moment and lament the fact that she didn't lighten up.

Felicia tells Mac that Luke didn't exactly say what happened to the monkeys outside, but Moreno's name might have been mentioned.

Jax returns to the table and tells Alexis that their trip is set. The jet is hired, the fake ID's will be provided. If she is having second thoughts, now would be the time to say so. Alexis asks why she would be having second thoughts. Jax says that this isn't a pleasure trip and he has a feeling that Ned won't understand. Alexis says that life was simpler before she knew she was a Cassadine, but this is the life she was born to. She started off on a ledge all by herself. Now it is like she is at the top of the mountain and she can almost see what is on the other side. It's everything. It's her.

Friday, April 2

Ned is on the docks reading a paper when Alexis shows up and tells him she has been looking for him. Alexis explains to a disapproving Ned why she and Jax are flying off to Geneva within the hour to obtain her nephew's medical records. He tells her he doesn't want her to go. She tells him that the doctor in Geneva might have some information they need. A worried Ned warns Alexis that tangling with Helena could prove fatal, reminding her that the woman already killed her mother and Dr. Lastiris when all they wanted to do was stay out of her way. He then tells her now she is blatantly defying Helena and planning to do battle with her and he doesn't like it one bit. Alexis tells him that she has lived in fear of Helena all of her life and won't do it anymore. Ned tells Alexis that if she is going to be tracing around the world with somebody, why can't it be him. She tells him right now he can't do for her what Jax can do for her and tells him if she is going to do this, she would rather do it with someone her life doesn't depend on. She then tells him that she will be careful and will be back before he can miss her. Ned tells her that he misses her already. The two of them hug each other and kiss passionately and then Alexis leaves to go meet Jax and Ned heads home.

Jax is waiting in his airplane and has a flashback of Brenda's first flight. After coming out of his flashback, he smiles at the memories of Brenda's first flight and of the excitement she relished in being in the air. Alexis shows up and climbs into Jax's plane. She is very uneasy about sitting in the front, and asks if there is a co-pilot. Jax says that Jerry couldn't make it. She is extremely nervous and wonders if Helena has sabotaged the plane. Jax tells her about the precautions he has taken, and reassures a jittery Alexis that traveling under assumed names and filing a phony flight plan should protect them from Helena's prying eyes. He then tells her that they will be back before Helena ever finds out they were gone. As they take off, Alexis has her eyes shut tightly and is praying that nothing goes wrong. Jax tells her to open her eyes, and offers to let her take the controls of the plane. She asks if he has taught anyone to fly. He tells her yes, and she then asks if the person is still alive. He says nothing, remembering Brenda and Alexis catches a clue and apologizes to Jax for being insensitive. He tells her it's okay and then talks to her about the first time he fell in love with Brenda. He tells Alexis that Brenda was completely fearless, and once she got the hang up it, the sadness behind her eyes disappeared and she was so happy flying. Alexis tells Jax that Brenda must have been an extraordinary women. He tells her that having Brenda here gave him a different benchmark for happiness and he loved giving Brenda things, just to make her happy. Alexis admires that and listens to him go on about Brenda. Jax tells her that today would have been her birthday. Alexis apologizes again for his lose and tries to lighten up the conversation by telling Jax that she took her shoes off, expecting to crash. He just laughs at her nervousness as they fly to Switzerland.

AJ is on the phone, making arrangements for a meeting on the docks. As he is talking, he is warning the person on the phone that tonight is the last meeting they are going to have. Carly overhears AJ whispering on the phone about meeting someone on the Elm Street pier late at night as she toggles in the doorway. AJ hangs up and Carly comes in and acts like she is sorry for interrupting him. AJ tells her that's okay he was only scheduling a business meeting for later. She talks to him about going out to dinner again. He welcomes the idea and makes a comment on how far their relationship has come, and how they are trying to get together as parents. Carly agrees and then apologizes for asking him out, but then not having the money to pay for it. He tells her not to worry about talking about having money in this house. Carly then tells AJ that she has to go to her interior decorating class and will meet up with him later. After she left, AJ began to believe that he and Carly were genuinely growing closer. He then left himself for his meeting.

Shortly afterwards, Ned comes home and finds Felicia waiting on him. He is happy to know that Lila is enjoying the work on her memoirs, and gives Felicia the first installment of her writing fee. Felicia thanks him and he says that just seeing Lila having a good time is worth any price. He then asks her how far they have gotten. Felicia tells him how Lila has been talking about her teenage years and about her first husband, Crane Toliver. They talk for a moment about what else has been going on, and then Ned goes to find Lila for her. While she waits in the family room, Felicia sits on the floor by the side of the sofa and starts taking down notes for her talk with Lila. Soon after, Alan and Monica come in, totally engaged in their kiss. They close the door to the family room and are unaware that Felicia is sitting behind the side of the sofa and get ready to make love. Before they get too far, Felicia stands up and makes her presence known interrupting an intimate moment between Alan and Monica. They are startled and she apologizes. They say it's okay and she explains that she is waiting for Lila. They excuse themselves and go upstairs to finish what they were about to do downstairs. Felicia stares after them glad that they have found their way back to one another. Lila comes downstairs and she and Felicia talk. Felicia is hoping to get some details of the background as they talk about Lila's house growing up and how she modeled the room they are in after her father's living room. As Lila and Felicia talk, Felicia gets lost in her memoirs and tells Lila about her learning to swing dance, and how much she is getting into living Lila's life. Lila talks about how easy it is to fall in love on the dance floor, and how she used to practice, just hoping someone would ask her. Lila's stories about an early romance give a tickled Felicia material for her book and fodder for her daydreams. The subject then jumps to Lila's brother Hal and Felicia tells Lila that every time Lila describes Hal, she can't help but think about Ned. Lila confessed to Felicia that Ned reminded her of her late brother Hal and Felicia comments on how weird it is that she sensed that early on. Ned comes back in as they are finishing up and tells them from the laughter, it looks as if they are having a good time. Felicia tells Lila she'll see her at their next session. As Ned wheels Lila back up to her room, she tells him how much he reminds her of her brother Hal. Alone in the family room, Felicia imagined herself as a young Lila dancing around in the living room.

AT SONNY'S PENTHOUSE Jason learns from his source on the docks that Moreno is expecting another shipment that night. Concerned about Sonny drawing fire, Jason urges his friend to avoid all open areas and to keep at least one bodyguard with him at all times. Sonny tells Jason not to worry about him and to check his own back side concerning Moreno. Jason tells Sonny, he is sure that Moreno knows that it's them screwing with his drug shipments and reminds him that he only takes chances to hang onto Michael. He then asks Sonny what's Sonny's chances of getting shot or ending up dead. Sonny tells Jason if Moreno tries something, he'll be ready for him. Jason tells Sonny that planning things, and having someone else doing the dirty work is the hardest part. Sonny agrees, but tells Jason that he isn't worried about Moreno. Jason convinces Sonny to agree to meet him at Jake's after he tips off the police about Moreno's next shipment, because it'll be good to be somewhere where a lot of people can see them, as to provide an alibi. Sonny tells Jason he'll meet him there and then leaves.

Shortly afterwards, A predictable Carly shows up at the penthouse. Jason who is working at the desk, barely looks at her and asks if Michael is okay. She tells him he's find and asks where Sonny is. Jason tells her Sonny's out and Carly sarcastically says thank God for small favors. He asks if she needs money and she laughs and tells him no, AJ gave her some money. As she babbles on about the Quartermaine's, Jason continues to ignore her and tend to his work. Carly picks up on it and asks him if he is done ignoring her. He comes over to the sofa where she is sitting and asks her point blank if she wants something. She tells him they have a problem and asks him if psychiatrists can be bribed to say what you want them to say. Jason tells her they can. She is relieved and tells him that the custody trial is going to be uglier than they thought. Jason looks at her and asks if it is going to be uglier than her calling him a kidnapper and a violent threatening person. Carly has a stunned, embarrassed look on her face and tells Jason to just say she was a psycho and make her admit that he never touched her. Jason says whatever and Carly warns Jason that AJ is going to use Jason's irreversible brain damage to damage his credibility as a parent. She then tells him that AJ has enlisted Tony to testify to Jason's mental condition, and say that he is emotionally detached and not capable of being a father. Jason tells her AJ is taking a big risk, because his brain is what it is because of AJ. Carly agrees, but tells Jason that AJ told her if any neurologist looks at his scan, they are going to have to agree with AJ and that is why she thinks they should buy a psychologist. Jason tells her if she wants to says that he is an animal, and they want to say he is as dumb as a rock; then there is nothing he can do about it. Carly asks if Jason is just giving up on her. Jason says that if Alexis says that there is a doctor testifying against him, he will find someone to testify for him, but it doesn't help him to know ahead of time what AJ is planning on doing. He then tells her that she is taking great risks coming there so often and the most important thing is to get AJ to trust her and he's not going to do that if she keeps taking chances by coming over here. She tells him they all hate her there at the Quartermaines and the ones that don't, she hates. She then tells him that even Bobbie called her a gold digging tramp. Jason gives her one of those, (well you are looks) and says well and she angrily says well what. She is close to tears and wonders why she puts up with all this and then continues to babble on again about her life at the Quartermaines. He tells her that he has no choice but to go along with her plan, so she might as well toughen up and see it through. She asks if he believes her that they are a family. He says that families don't always stay together. She says that she is trying her best, the only way she knows how. He then tells her he has to go. She asks which way he is going and he tells her it is none of her business. He then says that she has her way to work on their future and he has his. With that he shows her the door and follows her out.

Sonny is on the docks and is thinking of Brenda. He remembers meeting Brenda there, and then we go through other flashbacks of Brenda. Mike shows up finding Sonny brooding alone on what would have been Brenda's birthday. Mike sits down next to him on the bench and says nice day. Sonny tells him to go away. Mike asks why he can't sit and remember Brenda too and Sonny tells him to go to hell. As they silently sit there, Sonny tells Mike if there was a better place to pay his respects to Brenda he would, but where she ended up he can't go. Mike understands and tells Sonny that he is afraid for him, not knowing how to grieve. Sonny is silent and Mike talks about how others cry and comfort each other, then go on with their lives, but Sonny never learned how to do that. He then entreats his depressed offspring to make peace with his loss and move on. Sonny is still silent half listening to his father. Mike then asks Sonny how long is he going to grieve with his bottle of scotch? Sonny breaks his silence and complains about Mike leaving when he was young and then gets ready to walk away. Mike stands up and tells Sonny to cut the crap because Sonny is the one who is good at leaving. Sonny stops in his tracks and Mike reads him the riot act by telling him that he left Brenda, he left him and he left his life, and when that got to much for him to bare, he even tried to leave his mind. He then tells Sonny that somehow, someone dragged him back to his sanity and pleads with him to do what Brenda would have wanted; let her go and start living his life. After listening to what Mike had to say, Sonny left and Mike hoped he heard him.

Meanwhile shortly afterwards, AJ shows up to meet up with his man. The man is there and AJ hands him money, and tells him not to think of blackmail. The man says that he is not going to risk having Sonny and Jason as enemies. Carly wonders along the docks after looking for AJ at Kelly's and witnesses the payoff. She hides behind a trash dump so she isn't seen and overhears as AJ tells the man if anyone finds out that he hired the man to torch the warehouse, there will be hell to pay.

Sonny made it to Jake's and waited for Jason. As he waited, he and Brenda's song "Crazy Love" played on the jukebox. While he was facing the jukebox, a waitress came up to him and asks him if she could take his order. He tuned around to find out the waitress was Hannah. They both looked shocked to see one another.

Jason is at the warehouse. He silently walks in, looking around, but suddenly hears a crash, then hides. As he is hiding, three men come in and go into another part of the warehouse. Jason takes this opportunity to call Benny, and tell him to make the call to the Police Department. After tipping the police to the whereabouts of Moreno's latest drug shipment, a hidden Jason found himself trapped in Moreno's warehouse when the police raided the building...............

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