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Monday October 5, 1998

Jason was allowed to visit Carly at Ferncliff and she was very calm and controlled in front of the doctor. After the doctor left them alone, Carly went into Jason's arms and said that she had missed him. Jason updated Carly about Michael and also told her that he had left the organization. Jason, however, promised Carly that he could still get her released from the institution. The doctor returned and Jason and Carly went back to their innocent chatting. Maxie panicked when she found Lucas unconscious in the backyard. Tony heard Maxie's shouts and administered emergency, life saving treatment to Lucas. Later, Maxie told Bobbie, Felicia and Mac what had happened and Bobbie entered Lucas' hospital room and found Tony there. Tony blamed Bobbie for Lucas' condition and Lucas overheard their argument. Jax signed the deal the Feds had offered him and lost all his possessions in exchange for John and Jerry's freedom. Jax told Jerry that he wanted nothing to do with the family and Jerry was angry that Jax had accepted the deal. The Quartermaines set out to confront Alan and a bum pointed out where Alan had taken a hotel room. Meanwhile, Alan had invited Tammy over and they were beginning to make love when Monica, Edward, Ned, AJ and Reginald arrived outside his door. Tammy opened the door and said that she was alone as Alan hid on the fire escape. Alan's cover was then blown when Lila saw him on the fire escape from her limousine. After paying off Tammy, the Quartermaines told Alan that he was beyond their help and that he was on his own from now on.

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Liz and Lucky check out his new room over the bike shop. Liz thinks that it's really cool he's going to have his own place and Lucky has to agree. Jason comes along and opens the door for them and tells Lucky to call him or Mike if he has any problems. Liz and Lucky enter - and are less than impressed.

At the police station Taggert tries to convince Mac that there's something wrong with Jason's sudden change of lifestyle. Mac accuses him of just being angry that he wasn't able to put Jason away. Mac is satisfied that Jason is out of the Organization. They see Jerry being released and Mac asks how Jerry feels knowing Jax gave up everything for him. He tells Taggert to notice the difference between "reformed" (Jason)and "unreformed" (Jerry). Jerry counters by asking Taggert if he knows how Mac and Jerry met. Mac thinks that Jerry is just going to mess up again, but without Jax to save him. V hands over her letter of resignation.

In his hospital room, Bobbie asks Lucas why he lied about eating. Lucas tells her that he stopped being hungry when the police took Jerry away. He wants to know if Jerry will be back soon. Tony walks in saying that since his son spent last night in the hospital, he wanted to see him and brought him a present. Bobbie tries to rush him out. Lucas asks if they're going to fight again.

At the Q mansion Katherine continues to get on Reginald's nerves, along with everyone else's. She chatters on, ignoring the somber mood. She reads the headline about Jax giving up everything. Jax's stock is in government hands now. Ned and Edward explain that it may be complicated, but eventually they will have the first crack at buying the stock back. AJ leans over to Monica and assures her they're doing the right thing. Emily comes in and immediately notices the way everyone is acting. She asks what happened. When AJ starts to explain, she cuts him off and says that they can't make her stop modeling - she didn't do anything wrong. Before Edward can start to explain what's really wrong, Ned cuts him off and suggests that this meeting should really be family members only. Edward defends Katherine's right to be there as a member of the household and besides they aren't going to be able to keep it quiet anyway. AJ tells Emily that Alan is not in recovery. Edward interrupts and tells her that AJ began to suspect Alan and discovered that he was going to a bad part of town. They tell her that they caught him trying to sneak out of a window. Emily wants to know if he ever tried to get help. They explain that Alan was leading a double life and getting away to his "own private drug den" on a regular basis. Monica goes over to comfort her as Emily realizes what's been going on. She asks what they're going to do now. Alan comes pounding on the veranda doors. Edward tells Emily that she'll find out when Alan does and instructs Reggie to let him in.

Liz and Lucky decide that they have their work cut out for them. The first thing Lucky does is plug in the laptop to continue searching for the person whose body is attached to Emily's face in the blackmail photos. Liz tells him that she can't imagine the photos going out over the internet. Obviously Maggie didn't pay the blackmail money. She wonders if the blackmailer knows Emily's rich. They figure he does since he knows Emily's last name. Lucky says that he probably won't stop at $20,000 either. Emily uncovers the bed, which turns out to be pretty nice. They admire the brass frame, but Liz says that he'll have to replace the mattress. Lucky doesn't see why, but Liz tells him that until he gets a chair, they'll have to sit on it, but Lucky won't want to lay on it and he definitely shouldn't put his head on it. Lucky asks why not and starts to lay down. Liz grabs him and begs him not to. Lucky agrees to humor her. He asks her if he should sell the bed to buy a mattress. Liz thinks that he'll come up with something, he always does. She tells him that the room isn't that bad, they just have to clean it. She suggests that she could paint a mural on all the walls. Lucky tells her they'll have to strip the wallpaper and clean. They agree that it'll be a lot of work. Lucky tells Liz that he'll make her a key so that she can come and go when she wants.

Tony tells Lucas that he's sure Bobbie will agree to a moratorium on fighting for one day, especially since he's recuperating. Lucas asks what a moratorium is. Bobbie is trapped, but tries to get Tony to leave saying that he doesn't want to be late to the clinic. Tony leaves after giving Lucas a hug and kiss. Bobbie follows him outside and blasts Tony for taking advantage, on BJ's birthday no less. Tony tells her that he isn't going to lose another child. He tells Bobbie that no judge will rule against him after he saved Lucas while she was off doing God-knows-what. Bobbie defends herself by pointing out that Betty was there. Tony tells her that she should be thanking him and calls her a rigid, shrewish woman, same as she's always been. She counters that since Tony stole her grandson and threatened to take Lucas, she doesn't know what he's capable of. He tells her that at least he won't be sleeping with someone who's laundering money for the mob. Just then Jason comes by to tell Bobbie that he has some news. Jason asks what Tony's doing there. Bobbie tells Tony to leave. Jason asks if Bobbie wants him to call the cops. Tony scoffs, but ends up leaving anyway. Bobbie asks if Jason got to see Carly and asks if she can see her too. Jason explains that they'll only let him see her because he's Michael's father and that they want to control how much information Carly receives. Bobbie wants to know if he told her about the changes in his life. Jason lets her know that he's told Carly about his leaving the organization. Bobbie asks if he told her about him and Robin.

Mac tells V that he knows that she's upset, but isn't sure that she wants to resign. She tells him that all she can think about is what a sham law enforcement is. V tells them that Jax didn't know anything was wrong and didn't purposely ignore that his family was dirty. In addition, they kept her out of the loop so that she couldn't warn Jax and even the playing field. Taggert tries to convince her that quitting won't solve anything and that if there are problems with law enforcement that she should try to solve them from the inside. V wants to know if the fight against organized crime justifies his one man crusade. She tells them she's not naive, but she has to make a stand. V leaves to clean out her locker.

Lucky and Liz are making a list of cleaning supplies that they'll need. Liz wants to help so that she can start painting faster. She suggests painting different locations on the walls; a beach, a forest, maybe the boxcar. As they're about to kiss the computer starts beeping, signaling that the program is finished. Lucky goes ahead and kisses Liz.

Alan tells everyone that he stayed away last night to give everyone a chance to cool down. He tries to cover what's going on, but Emily tells him that she knows. Alan is shocked that they told her, but Edward defends the decision and accuses Alan of having made Lila physically ill. Emily is appalled that Lila saw the drug den. Alan tries to cover that he was really there to dry out and that the woman he was with was helping. When they point out that she was only wearing a sheet, a shocked Emily asks if he's been cheating on her mom. Monica asks for a few minutes alone and tells Edward that he'd better get Lila. Lucky ends his kiss with Liz and tells her that he'd better check on the computer. When she asks if it's good news or bad news, Lucky laments that he has to work with a Cassadine. He tells her that he'd better go call Nikolas. After telling him that the experience will build character, Liz offers to call Nikolas - just this once.

Jason tells Bobbie that he didn't really get a chance to tell Carly about him and Robin. He knows that she's going to lose it when she hears and thinks maybe it's for the best that he didn't tell her, since she needs to be a zombie to convince the doctors to let her go. He'll see her again on Friday and try to find out a release date. He promises to keep Bobbie posted. Jason leaves to go back to the bike shop. Jerry comes up and Bobbie hugs him, while a lurking Tony looks on.

Monica blasts Alan for his behavior. She tells him that he has no idea the lengths she's gone through to protect him. She tells him the whole story of protecting him from Taggert, all because she thought he was cleaning up. She stood by him through everything. Every time Alan tries to say something, a very angry Monica cuts him off. She tells him she's done with him.

Jerry tells Bobbie that he went straight to the brownstone and found out about Lucas. Bobbie explains that Lucas went in to a diabetic shock after not eating. Jerry asks if it was because of him and Bobbie lets him know that Lucas was worried that he'd never see Jerry again. Jerry asks about the prognosis. After staying overnight for observation Lucas should be released today. Jerry apologizes to Bobbie and tells her that every single person he never meant to hurt, he's hurt. It's been quite a week. Jerry asks if she hates him. She tells him she's glad he's there. Jerry asks to see Lucas and Bobbie takes him in. Tony comes from around the corner and then rushes off.

Nikolas asks Emily if the blackmailer has contacted her again, because she's so quiet. He assures her that the pictures will never go out on the internet. Emily tells him that's not it, there's a family problem and she was glad for the distraction when Liz called. Nikolas knocks on the door, knocking the 'A' off the door. A defensive Lucky says, "That's right, I live here." Liz rushes to tell them their plans for cleaning and painting the apartment, which even has it's own bathroom. Nikolas says there's allot to be said for having a place of your own. Lucky tells them that his search of the company's files didn't come up with Maggie's name, but the files weren't computerized until 1995. They'll have to check the files at the head office. Liz is excited about sneaking around, like in a John Grisham movie. Lucky tells them that first there's a bigger problem, the head office is in Manhattan. Nikolas wants to know what's the problem?

Lila has Reggie bring her to see Alan. She tells Alan to look at her. He tells her that he never set out to hurt or deceive anyone in the family. He tells her that he tried to quit. Lila tells him he's in denial and it's time to stop hurting the people who love him. The rest of the family enters.

V comes up to Mac with a box of her stuff. He tells her that he hates that this is happening. He asks her if she won't change her mind and tells her it's the department's loss. One of the officers offers to help carry her stuff out to the car, but a teary V leaves alone. There's a phone call for Taggert and he asks for the Marino report. Garcia shows Mac a report. Things return to normal at the police station as V looks on.

Lucas asks when they let Jerry out, if he has to go back and if he has to go on trial. Jerry tells him that he doesn't and asks Lucas about Thunder. Lucas says he missed Jerry and asks his mom if they can go see him this afternoon. Bobbie agrees. Lucas wants to know if Jerry knows what today is - his sister BJ's birthday. Bobbie has to cover her mouth and Jerry looks at her. She's surprised that Lucas remembers. Lucas tells her that he'll always remember and that Jerry would have liked BJ and BJ would have liked him. Lucas says he's glad Jerry's out. Jerry hugs Lucas and Tony takes a picture, grinning to himself.

Mike shows up at the bike shop and is thanked for watching him while Jason went to see Carly. Mike wants to make sure everything is okay. Jason tells him that the place Carly's at is bad and the letters never got to Carly, he can't believe what they're putting Carly through. Mike is surprised that Jason empathizes with Carly. Jason is determined to get Carly out as soon as possible.

Nikolas and Lucky clash over Lucky's reluctance to go to Manhattan. Nikolas says that money is no problem and that Lucky's Luke Spencer pride should stay out of the way since they're trying to help Emily. Nikolas tells him that Lucky has computer skills the rest of them lack and Nikolas has money. Lucky vows to pay him back and for Liz too. Nikolas tells him to add interest if it makes him feel better. Emily asks if Liz has ever been to Manhattan. When Liz responds, only in my dreams, Emily replies, one dream coming true tomorrow.

Edward tells Alan that he's officially and legally disinherited. His assets are frozen and he's not allowed on the property, or he'll be arrested. They've packed a bag for him and he's no longer a Quartermaine. They wish him well and goodbye. Alan says they can't do this, but it's already been done. Alan picks up the bag and leaves. AJ comforts Monica. A stunned Alan stands on the patio.

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Lucky, Liz, Emily and Nikolas arrive in New York to try to find Maggie Christian. As they ride the elevator to the Platinum Triangle agency, Emily comments that she loves New York. One more hour here and she could forget Port Charles forever. Port where? Liz jokingly replies. Liz then thanks Nikolas for paying for the trip. The ever practical Lucky reminds the girls that this isn't a pleasure trip, they have a job to do. They go over their plan as arrive at the Platinum Triangle agency. Lucky points out that the agency is denying any knowledge of Maggie Christian, which is of course a lie. If they want her address, they will have to take it. This will require a little ingenuity. Emily recaps the cover story which is that she is a model in New York for the day with friends, one of which is Nikolas who is also considering a modeling career. Emily has agreed to show him around. Emily and Nikolas will distract the receptionist while Liz and Lucky search for Maggie Christian's file. Emily and Nikolas go into the agency and introduce themselves. At first, the receptionist ignores them, but when Emily explains who she is the receptionist apologizes saying that so many hopefuls come in every day. Emily explains that Nikolas is a friend who is interested in a modeling career. When the receptionist takes a look at Nikolas, she is suddenly very interested.

V is at Jax's apartment offering to help. Jax tells her that there is nothing left in his life to administer, and besides, she already has a job. Had a job V explains. Jax is shocked because he knows that she loved police work. V says that she loved the work, but she didn't like the politics. Jax asks if his case had anything to do with her decision. V says that it was a matter of principle. She has made her decision, now what can she do. Jax says that there is nothing to do. The price for keeping his family out of jail was everything he had. V says giving up isn't the answer for either of them.

Justus is talking to Moreno on the phone about the DA position when Tony Jones walks in. Tony wants the records from when Justus represented him in the original custody battle for Lucas. Justus asks why. Tony replies that not everyone with close ties to organized crime is as elusive as Jason Morgan. He is referring, of course, to Jerry Jax. Justus asks what that has to do with Lucas. Tony explains that Bobbie and Jerry have been romantically involved and that Jerry was arrested at Bobbie's house with Lucas looking on. He also tells Justus about Lucas going into diabetic shock. Now that Jerry is free, he is back in Lucas' life and Tony has the pictures to prove it . He wants to declare war.

Monica is alone in the Q's living room reflecting on Alan's visit to Jason at and the scene in the love nest/drug den where they caught him with Tammy. She then reflects on when she told Alan what she did to protect him because she thought he was cleaning up his act. AJ walks in and interrupts her thoughts. He asks if she is OK. She says that she had a rough night and that she is stifling the urge to drag Alan back home. AJ tells her that she did the right thing, no matter how hard it seems. Alan won't be able to sustain his secret life now that he has been cut off from the family. In the meantime, she has to stay strong. Edward enters and comments that he understands that Monica is upset because Alan is her husband, but that AJ should be worrying about the business. He is looking for the stock information he requested. AJ says that he is working on it. Ned enters and says that Edward just has to ask the right person. Jax's ELQ stock is still in the government's hands, but that the feds are prepared to give them first priority. Meanwhile, Katherine is eavesdropping on the terrace.

Edward says before they start fighting over the stock, they should decide who will control it. He offers to take on the "burden" to which everyone quickly says NO! Monica suggests that Emily is part of the family so she would be a good choice. Ned suggests Brook Lyn, which prompts AJ to point out that Ned would then have control since Brook Lyn is a toddler. Edward says that Emily too is just a child and that this much power should be placed in more experience hands. This family has been thinking with it's heart and that business should be run on blood, sweat and tears. Edward puts Ned in charge of acquiring the ELQ stock. He says that he has to decide what to do with L&B now that Brenda is dead and that Edward is perfectly capable of handling the stock acquisition.

Liz and Lucky are anxiously listening at the door of the Platinum Triangle Agency waiting for a sign that they are clear to sneak in and look for Maggie Christian's file. Lucky says that he knew Nikolas couldn't cut it and he meant what he said about paying him back for the trip, right down to the sidewalk hotdog. Meanwhile, Nikolas is sweet talking the receptionist who agrees that he certainly has all of the required physical attributes. He asks for a tour so he can see how things work. The receptionist is reluctant, because she isn't supposed to leave her desk. Emily volunteers to stay in case anyone comes so the receptionist agrees. As soon as Nikolas and the receptionist walk away, Emily opens the door and tells Liz and Lucky that the coast is clear.

V and Jax discuss his current financial situation. V suggests that they start going through the mail. She sorts through several invitations, etc. when Jax tells her to stop because he can't pay her. He says that the only person he would accept help from is Brenda.

While Lucky and Liz are still in the file room, Nikolas and the receptionist return from their tour. Emily comments on how quick they were and that their friends probably didn't even have time to do what they wanted to. Taking her cue, Nikolas distracts the receptionist by thanking her profusely for her time while Liz and Lucky sneak out the door. Emily and Nikolas leave and join Liz and Lucky in the hall. Liz and Lucky tell Emily and Nikolas that they have the file and that Emily's agent used to represent Maggie Christian. Emily asks if they think that is her blackmailer. Lucky says he doesn't know but that he got Maggie's address so they can ask her. As they get in the elevator, Emily tells Liz and Lucky how brilliant Nikolas was and that the receptionist was falling all over him. Liz teasingly says, "oh, she thought Nikolas was hot did she" to which Emily replied, "well she has eyes". Emily and Liz laugh while Lucky looks unamused.

Jax thanks V for everything she has done, but that he never makes a move without thinking and he needs to think for a while. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Brenda's attorney has arrived unexpectedly to discuss her will. She left everything to Jax.

Justus is going over everything he has on Tony's custody file. He tells Tony that making Bobbie look bad doesn't make him look good or increase his chances of winning Lucas back. Justus says that he would be better off finding someone who is already reputable to support him.

Monica leaves for work while AJ and Edward discuss his performance at ELQ. AJ points out what an excellent job he is doing and that he deserves a little respect. Edward tells him to earn it as AJ leaves the room. After AJ's departure, Edward calls the federal government to arrange the purchase of Jax's ELQ stock. He is interrupted by Reggie dragging a screaming Katherine, who is still eavesdropping, in from the terrace. She admits that she was listening. She didn't mean to, but when she heard how AJ was treating him, she got so angry. She was appalled at the disrespect and outright nastiness. She thinks that Edward deserves better. Edward says that the family has lost its spine and that they need Katherine to bring them back.

Jax reads Brenda's will. V says that it is Brenda reaching out to help him. She reminds him that he said Brenda is the only one he would let help him and here it is. Ned arrives in response to Jax's message. V excuses herself to take care of some of Jax's mail. After she leaves, Jax thanks Ned for putting up his bail. Ned says that it is what Brenda would have wanted. Ned asks how Jax is. Jax says that it still seems a little unreal. Ned agrees. He tells Jax that he just came back from the bank . He had a meeting about L & B's future now that there is no L and no B. Jax asks what is going to happen. Ned says that he can't let it go, not yet. Jax says that Brenda would have wanted that too. Jax suggests that Ned hire V now that she is out of work. V returns and Ned offers her a job at L&B.

Tony visits Monica to try to gain her support in his custody battle. He asks for sympathy from an old friend and goes on to remind Monica of the trials he has suffered: the death of his daughter, the demise of his marriage, the loss of his son. He was once a good man and a fine doctor. Monica asks what he wants. Tony says that he didn't turn Alan in when he was hit by his own personal tidal wave, and he would like a little reciprocity. All he is asking is that Monica reinstate him on some level at GH so that he can get his life back. Monica says that she can't help him. Tony says that no one can stop him. He might get desperate and desperate people do desperate things. Monica says that the way things have been going with her family, he would have to do something desperate for her to even notice. Tony says that he hasn't even told her about the second time Alan was brought in to his clinic. Monica says that she doesn't want to know. Monica suggests that he leave and that on the way to the door he ask himself if a good man threatens his friend to get what he wants. Tony says that he wants her to help him get his son back. Monica tells him to find someone else because she is not interested. She also tells him that if he wants to turn Alan in, to be her guest.

Edward is on the phone telling the party on the other end to draw up the papers. He hangs up and tells Katherine that he has purchased the ELQ stock ceased by the government and that he wants her to buy it. Besides, he needs someone on her side. Katherine asks about the others. Edward says that he doesn't care what they think, he wants her to have the stock. If she won't do it for herself, then do it for him.

Liz, Lucky, Emily and Nikolas are having lunch at Café Matisse in New York, which they have discovered form a roommate, is where Maggie Christian is now employed. Emily comments that it is just like the one in Port Charles. Nikolas asks if they came all the way to New York to eat what they could have had at home. Lucky says that they aren't here for the dining experience, but for information. The waiter arrives to take their order. Emily goes first and stumbles over the French pronunciations. Nikolas offers to order for them both and proceeds to order in perfect French, while Lucky looks on in disgust. Liz orders quiche and Lucky orders a side salad and water. They ask the waiter if Miss Christian is there and he leaves to find her. Liz says she could get used to lunch in French in New York. Emily says that she could too and that she even had dreamed of lunch in Paris with friends, but now it could all go up in smoke if they don't find the blackmailer. Liz says that they won't let that happen. Maggie Christian arrives at the table and asks if she knows them. Lucky says no, but that they know her. Nikolas explains that they heard that she was the victim of a blackmailer. Maggie is clearly uncomfortable and replies that everyone in New York is a victim. She asks who they are. Lucky asks what she can tell them about the photos. She says that they are ancient history and starts to walk away. She stops when Liz tells here that the blackmailer is trying to do the same thing to Emily. Emily says that all she wanted to do was model and now her career is in jeopardy. She asks Maggie for help. Maggie says that she'd like to, but she can't. Nikolas asks why she won't help. Maggie says that she is sorry that the sleaze bag is at it again, but she never found out his identity. She wishes them luck and walks away. Emily is dejected and says so that's it. Liz says no that's not it, we'll just come up with another plan. She looks at Lucky and says right? Lucky agrees, they will find this guy. Emily asks how and Lucky says that this time they will start from the inside.

Ned tries to convince V to work for L&B. V says she will take it as long as Ned can use her and Jax isnt just trying to get rid of her. Ned assures her that she will work hard.

Monica tells Tony that he isn't in any shape to come back to GH. Tony says that he won't be responsible for what happens next. Monica says that he hasn't taken responsibility for his actions in a long time.

Edward finally "persuades" Katherine to buy the ELQ stock (like she wasn't going to agree!). Edward congratulates her and tells her that it is nice to see her excited about something again. As Edward leaves, Katherine has a very satisfied look on her face.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

The first 15 minutes of GH were preempted by the House vote on whether or not to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Clinton. For only the third time in the history of our country, the House has voted in favor of this type of resolution. This event is certainly newsworthy enough (for once) to justify preempting General Hospital!

Ned is furious with Edward when he finds out that the ELQ stock has been sold to Katherine. He says that he is the CEO and his first order of business is going to be to get rid of Katherine, even if he has to fit her with cement over shoes. Katherine says that she feels terrible about being the cause of so much dissention amongst the family. AJ says if she wasn't, something else would. Katherine turns to Edward and says slyly that she never should have let him talk her into buying the stock. Edward replies that while the cool cat is away the old fool will play. Ned is flabbergasted that Edward deliberately put 10% of the company in Katherine's hands. Edward says that it took some doing because Katherine can be very bull headed. Ned asks if Edward decided to pull the rug out from under the rest of the family to take a slap at him. Edward says excuse me, but Jason has the aptitude of cole slaw, Tracy, Ned's mother, is criminality personified and that Alan is a gelatinous mass of appetites. And Ned is nothing but a bohemian want to be with dreams of adoring fans and piercing his nose. Edward turns to AJ and asks him if he feels like he has had the rug pulled from under him. AJ says that he didn't expect it, but more diversity can't hurt the board. Edward says that blood and ideas are what are going to keep the company alive for Brook Lyn and Emily. Ned says that Katherine is not the one to save the day. She is a curse, the terminator, the thing from outer space who wouldn't die, and now she has a new best friend, Helena Cassadine. She will sell them out in a heartbeat. AJ tells Ned that he is overreacting. Ned tells him to cram it like a good little suckup. Ned tells Edward that if he doesn't like the family he has, he should ask himself why. The only member of the family Edward hasn't turned into some kind of monster is Emily. Edward replies that Ned should title his memoirs, "When Troubleshooters Go Bad". He is at the heart of every family disaster. Edward doesn't think that the stocks will be any worse off in Katherine's hands than they were in Jax's. Ned says that Jax is out of the way and if Edward wants, he can be out of the way as well.

Bobbie and Jerry are at the hospital talking about family. Bobbie tells Jerry how Luke knew that her daughter was alive, but lied to her. It was wrong, but he did it because he loves her. Bobbie says she was mad at him, but that one day she just remembered loving him for so long that it would be exhausting not to. She says that one of these days Jax will wake up and remember the same thing. Jerry says that he has the time to wait.

Jason it at the motorcycle shop telling Michael about his visit with Carly. He says that Carly was glad to see him, but was mad about every day she spends away from Michael. Robin arrives in the doorway as Jason is telling Michael that his Mommy is coming home. Robin walks in and says hello. Jason welcomes her home and asks her about her trip. Robin gives Jason a gift from Heather and than laughs when he figures out what it is right away. She says that Heather thinks he is a genius. Robin then tells Jason that she heard him telling Michael about Carly. She asks if Jason saw her. Jason says yes and tells Robin how bad the place is and that Carly has the doctor completely fooled. Robin says that she knows better than most people that Carly almost never gets caught in her lies, but that it surprises her that Jason admires her for it since he never lies. Jason says he admires Carly because she won't let anyone break her. Robin asks if Jason thinks Carly will be that strong about Michael living with them.

Edward tells Ned that he isn't going to fire him because he is his grandson. He then apologizes for being overly critical, but he thought Ned was man enough to take it. He tells Ned to take the rest of the day off. Ned tells Edward to get ready to kiss up to him big time. Ned also tells AJ that before he starts redecorating Ned's office he ought to be careful what he wishes for. After Ned leaves, Edward asks for AJ's opinion. AJ says that he doesn't idealize Katherine, but that as long as she is living in their house, it certainly can't hurt to align her self interests with the Q's. Edward talks more to himself than anyone about how his children turned out so badly. Edward said that he read an article that concluded that children are rotten because they are rotten. So, he asks himself, who is there left to step up to the plate. He tells AJ that he is the only Quartermaine male left with any focus or drive. Ned has lost his since Lois left. Michael is unspoiled, but Jason keeps him under lock and key. Edward says that if Ned had used his head, Michael would be living with the Q's by now.

Nikolas and Stefan are discussing Laura. Nikolas tells Stefan that he resented Laura for so long that it never occurred to him until the trial that he knows next to nothing about Laura and his father. If you take away the lies that were told to keep him from being curious about his mother, the only thing he has left is what Laura and Stefan have told him, that he was conceived in love. Stefan is surprised and asks if Laura said so. It's true, but it's not something he thinks she would want her family to hear. Nikolas says that no matter how his father treated everyone else, he loved Laura, right? Stefan said that he did from the moment he laid eyes on her. He tells Nikolas of the first time Nikolas' father (really Stefan) saw Laura. He didn't meet her until one night in the garden when she appeared out of the trees with her hair flying. She was running and she ran into his father's arms. His father's heart stopped, and in that moment, it seemed that without knowing it, he had been waiting for her for a long time. Nikolas asks if Stefan knows this from his father. Stefan says yes, with a very far away look in his eyes. Nikolas says that he is glad Stefan remembers.

Jerry goes to Jax's and demands that he let him in, it is about their Mother, or did Jax sell her out to the FBI too? This prompts Jax to angrily open the door and tell Jerry to get out, he doesn't want to hear anything Jerry has to say. Jerry tells Jax that his parents haven't left because they are hoping for a chance to see him before they go. Jax says that he will send them a postcard when he can afford the stamps. Jerry says that their parents gave him everything, they loved him into life. Jax says to spare him, he's heard it too many times. Jerry says he has had a pretty lousy two weeks himself. Jerry tells Jax to call his mother and leaves slamming the door behind him. As he goes, Jax tells Jerry that he will call a shrink for him instead.

Ned arrives at the gatehouse and finds V listening to an Eddie Maine CD while she waits for him. She tells Ned that he is very gifted. There are executives and there are singers, and seldom the twain shall meet, at least that has been her observation. Ned thanks her but says that he isn't an executive, and as for a singer, that was dear, departed Eddie Maine. He comments that she is getting right into the thick of things. V says that even though L&B hasn't shown any growth this year, all of their connections are still alive and well. Mr. Jax always used to say that a business is exactly as healthy as who you can get on the phone. Ned asks her why she has been calling booking agents. V says that they couldn't rely on Luther so she came up with a new plan...Ned.

AJ asks Edward if he is worried about Ned, his dedication, his follow through. Edward asks, shouldn't I be? AJ says that he would be more concerned with having Ned as an enemy. Edward should keep him in the fold. AJ says that he is on top of the biggest ELQ project, the docks. As far as the family, Monica is overloaded, Alan is out of the picture for the time being and Emily has her modeling. Even though Edward disapproves, AJ thinks that modeling is good for Emily, it gives her something to do besides do drugs with her loser friends. It throws her into a better crowd, like Nikolas Cassadine, and AJ sees no harm in that. AJ says that he has also been in touch with Jason. Edward is surprised. AJ says that he told Jason he was being paranoid and the only thing he was protecting Michael from being loved. AJ says that Jason doesn't change his mind as we all know, but Robin she was willing to listen.

Jason tells Robin that he didn't really get a chance to tell Carly of the current living arrangements because they could only speak freely for the few minutes that the doctor was out of the room. He promises that he will tomorrow. Robin asks if he has thought about how much he will tell her. Jason says that how he lives and who he loves is not up to Carly, but that she is Michael's mother and she has to be OK with what he plans for him. Robin says that Jason is picturing a calm, reasonable discussion, what if Carly freaks when she finds out that the three of them are living together like a family. Jason says he doesn't understand what Robin thinks is going to happen, Carly isn't really nuts. As Jason walks away, Robin says No?

Ned says that he didn't buy back L&B to make himself a headliner. V says that they need cash and Eddie Maine is all they have to peddle. Ned says that Eddie Maine sang his last note when Lois left and he isn't going that route again. V says then don't, be Ned Ashton, be famous as yourself. Ned laughs and says sorry, it's not going to happen.

Jason says that Carly has been faking, does Robin really think she isn't. Robin says certifiable is not what she is afraid of. Bobbie stops by and asks Jason to say hello to Carly and to tell her that she is thinking about her. Bobbie visits with Michael as a concerned Robin looks on.

Edward tells AJ that he feels like he has seen a whole new side of him today. AJ says that he had better get going or his new secretary, handpicked by Ned, will tell on him. Edward says he will fire her and take care of the problem. Edward tells AJ that Ned's office and family is his for the taking the day he brings Michael into the Quartermaine house to live.

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Friday, October 9, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Mac arrives home as Felicia is trying to figure out the next chapter in her book. Mac suggests that they try to get the kiss in the first chapter just right, but Felicia says that they've already covered that. She sets the stage of chapter two leading up to Mac being on the Orient Express with her and only having 30 minutes to find the emerald before they get to the border. Felicia says that this is where she needs Mac's help. How would a man go about looking for the emerald. Mac says (with a sly smile on his face) that he thinks he can handle that.

Alexis and Stefan are discussing Katherine's acquisition of 10% of the ELQ stock. Stefan comments that she may be positioning herself with the Q's and that they would be powerful allies if she chose to align herself against the Cassadines. Stefan thinks Helena may be behind it all. Stefan has an assignment for Alexis. He thinks Katherine deserves better than to fall into Helena's web. She survived the fall, now he wants her to survive the family. He wants her to find Luke Spencer because he thinks Luke knows more than he has revealed.

With Jax's consent, his parents arrive for a visit on their way to the airport. His Mother thanks him for agreeing to see them. His Father reprimands him for making the deal for his and Jerry's release. He told Jax to take care of himself, they raised him to be smarter. His Mother thanks him for giving up everything to save his brother and father. Jax replies that the only thing he wanted was to sever his relationship with the three of them and the deal accomplished that goal. He didn't want any of the money because if you traced it back far enough, you would eventually find a link to organized crime. Jax's mother is sure that he will be able to rebuild because he can do anything if he sets his mind to it. As they leave, Jax's Mother says that she can't go without his promise to keep in touch. Jax says that he can't make that promise. But they do owe him an answer before they go.

Robin arrives at the motorcycle shop with Michael in tow. Jason asks why she is there and Robin explains that Leticia's mother is still ill and she has classes. Bobbie and Monica are in surgery and Emily is at school so Jason is the only one left who can watch Michael. Jason says that he can't watch Michael because he has to visit Carly. Robin asks why he can't reschedule his visit. Jason says that he promised Carly that he would be there, she's counting on him. If he doesn't show, Carly will start thinking he doesn't care about her and that she will be stuck there forever. Robin him that he had better find a sitter because she isn't going to miss her class so he can go and see Carly. Jason tells Robin that she hasn't seen the place where Carly is being held, her doctor is a control freak. Jason can't understand how she has made it this long. Robin is surprised that Jason feels sorry for Carly.

Jax asks his parents if Jerry is going to Alaska with them. His father says they aren't concerned with what Jerry does next. Jax's mother says that the saddest part of all this is that they should be mourning for Brenda and instead they are caught up in all of this. As they leave, his mother stays behind and tries to explain that they kept him in the dark out of love. Jax disagrees. He says that love is honest, and sometimes it takes courage to be honest and on those occasions, love is both. We turn to lies to get what we want when we think the truth won't make us look like the person you want to be. His mother says that he may be right, but they also kept him from the knowledge because they didn't want him tainted., and that was for him not for them. She believes that what Jax did was sacrifice to protect his father and brother. As she goes she asks him to please stay in touch.

Alexis tell Stefan that she is willing to pursue whatever Luke is withholding, but if he doesn't want to be found, they won't find him. Stefan says that he isn't so sure that Luke is in hiding, but just wants to avoid Laura. He may not be so difficult to locate if he is confident Laura isn't looking. Alexis comments that it seems Katherine's rancor towards him has more to do with the fact that Katherine thinks Stefan never loved her. As the doorbell rings, Alexis asks Stefan how he thinks Laura will react if she knows that Stefan is trying to pin attempted murder on Luke. As Laura enters the room, Stefan says that if Luke is guilty, he doubts Larua's problem will be with him. Laura asks if she is interrupting and Alexis says no she was just leaving. After Alexis' departure, Laura tells Stefan that she got his message and asks if something is wrong. Stefan says no. He s Laura if it is true that she told Nikolas that he was conceived in love. Laura tells Stefan not to read anything into it. Stefan says thank you. It helped Nikolas, it was what he always wanted to believe and he needed to hear it from her. Stefan asks if she ever told Nikolas how she first met his father. Laura says she doesn't understand why it is important for Stefan to know that. Stefan asks her to go outside to avoid prying eyes and ears.

Mac has arranged a candlelit dinner scenario to help Felicia with her novel. Felicia has hidden an "emerald" somewhere and Mac has to try and find it. As they play out the scene, Mac makes several amorous advances which Felicia rebukes saying that they are supposed to be working on the novel. Felicia finally gives him and Mac carries her to the couch where they lay locked in a passionate embrace.

Robin says that she doesn't feel sorry for Carly. Carly is a crisis junkie. She is in Ferncliff because she put herself there. She is there because she pretended to be insane, another lie, why can't Jason get that? Jason says he gets it. Carly lies all the time. She always has some dumb plan to get someone and it always blows up in her face. Robin asks if he wants Michael raised like that. Jason says that Michael is ok. Robin says that they aren't going to be. Carly is going to use Michael to control Jason. Jason disagrees and says Carly knows there is a line she can't cross. Robin says that somehow Carly gets him to cross lines noone else can get him to cross. Letting everyone believe that Jason is Michael's father is a perfect example. Michael ties Jason to Carly. Carly is a user, completely selfish and incapable of thinking ahead. As Robin turns to leave for class, Jason tells her that he knows that Robin doesn't want him to see Carly but that he promised to stand by her and he is going to.

Felicia and Mac are on the couch looking very satisfied. Felicia says that they are going to have to do it again because she needs to work on her book. Mac asks why, because he did his part. He holds up the "emerald". Felicia is amazed that he found it without her knowing and begs him to tell her how he did it so she can write it down. Mac smiles and refuses to tell her and kisses her goodbye. As he leaves Felicia smiles and says she loves being married.

Nikolas is visiting Katherine at the Quartermaine mansion. He can't believe that Katherine thinks she needs someone to be excited for her when the Q's like her enough to let her buy 10% of the Company. Katherine says that only Edward was excited. Ned and AJ were very angry and she never would have done it if she thought it would make matters worse. Nikolas asks why she would want to live there if practically everyone, including the butler, is mean to her., and why go into the business with them. Katherine says that they are family and she lost hers.

Stefan and Laura are in the garden. Stefan wants to tell Laura what he told Nikolas about the night they met. Laura doesn't think they should go back there, but Stefan thinks its important that they get their stories straight in case Nikolas ever asks her. We flashback to the time when Laura was being held on the Cassadine's island. She is running away from the guards and runs right into the Stefan who protects her. When Laura realizes he is also a Cassadine, she asks why he didn't turn her in. Stefan replies that he knows what it is like to want to get away. Laura says she knows she can't get off the island, but sometimes it helps to just get away for a while. As she turns to go, Stefan tells her that he has always found the garden they are in very safe. Laura smiles and tells him that she will remember that. Back in the present Laura reminisces about how angry Stavros was when she returned and that it was a week before she saw Stefan again. Six days, corrects Stefan.

V arrives at Jax's to check the addresses on some of the RSVP cards she is handling for him. Jax comments that it will be interesting to see how long he stays on the invitation lists for all of the charities. V says only one event looked fun anyway, a Bacharach tournament. Jax says that he always loved that tournament. V says that he should go, they have $67,000 between them. Jax says that would barely get him into one hand. He would have to appear to have someone backing him. Jax tries to convince V to pose as a rich benefactor and accompany him to the tournament. She says no way, it ain't going to happen.

Mike is at the garage watching Michael as AJ arrives. Mike tells him that Jason isn't there, but will be back after his visit to Carly. AJ is surprised that Carly is being allowed visitors. Robin walks in relieves Mike of his babysitting duties. After Mike leaves, AJ comments on how big Michael is getting. He asks how Robin is doing and how things at the cottage are going. He then asks about Carly coming home. Robin says that it could be soon. AJ says that know one knows better than him that Carly complicates things. He asks if they are all going to live together. Robin laughs and says how long do you think the roof would stay on if that happened. AJ says that it would all go up in smoke before midnight. Robin asks who he thinks would be standing when the smoke clears. AJ says, nothing personal, but almost nothing will stop Carly.

Jason arrives at Fernwood for his visit with Carly. The doctor agrees to leave them alone and whispers to Jason, "nothing conjugal" as he goes. Jason gives the doctor a funny look, and then turns and says hello to Carly who is overjoyed to see him. Carly mentions that Jason was about to tell her something about Robin at their last visit when they were interrupted by the doctor. She suggests they discuss it now before the doctor interrupts again. Jason tells Carly about the new living arrangements and she reacts just about how Robin predicted she would. She angrily asks where in a "cottage" she is supposed to sleep, on the lawn?

Jax tells V to stop saying no, that this is exactly what he needs. Besides, what have they got to lose? V says your last $67,000 for one. Jax says you told me I could win. V replies that was before you wanted me to go with you! Jax tells V that she will be great. V is afraid that everyone will see through her and will know that she is a fraud. Jax says no, we will make you into someone else. You can be a South American heiress or someone self made. V says that she isn't self made, she isn't a jet setter, and she isn't someone that all eyes fix on when she walks into the room. Jax smiles and says, but you will be. He charmingly pleads her to say yes! V is clearly considering it.

AJ apologizes to Robin and says that he didn't think Carly could still push his buttons like that. It must have something to do with seeing how far Jason has come since Robin returned from France. He knows that it was her influence that got Jason to leave the life. It means a lot to AJ because he knows if it wasn't for him, Jason never would have gotten involved with organized crime in the first place. Anyway, he just came by to thank Jason for the heads up on Alan, he was right. It's weird that Jason can see the truth about Alan, but not about what Carly is doing. He just doesn't want to see Carly steal another person's happiness, especially hers or Jason's. Jason is still his brother even though he doesn't feel that way. As he leaves, he apologizes to Robin for what Carly has done to her and Jason.

Carly continues her tirade asking how Jason can just yank Michael out of a home that she created for him without consulting her first. Jason tells her to calm down. Carly says not to tell her to calm down. What is she supposed to do? Go live with Jason and Robin and tiptoe around little Miss Perfect's rules? Jason again tells Carly to calm down. She yells don't tell me calm down when someone else is out there trying to kidnap my baby. She asks if Michael is calling Robin Mama? Jason tells Carly to listen to him. Carly yells what else haven't you told me? Are you going to marry her, what else? As Jason grabs her hands and tries to get her to calm down, the doctor walks in the room and asks what is going on.

Katherine tells Nikolas that she is such a fool by thinking she could get a family by bulldozing her way into the Quartermaines. Nikolas says that she isn't a fool and that there are plenty of people who love her. Katherine says that when it comes to love, she is unlucky. Nikolas says that that just isn't true, and he is honored that Katherine considers him a close friend. Katherine says that if the room was full, he would always be the best of the lot for her. They hug as Katherine brushes what look like real tears from her eyes.

Stefan is pleased that Laura's memory of the night they met is the same as his. Stefan says that no matter what has happened between them since, he has always held firm to the belief that Nikolas was conceived in love. The memory of her face that night has never left him. Laura says that she remembers Stefan's face, his voice, that incredible feeling that she wasn't a prisoner any more. Overcome with memories, Laura and Stefan share a passionate kiss.

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