GH Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on General Hospital
Tony started to grow suspicious of Carly. Alan's drug addiction remained unnoticed. Stefan tossed Alexis out of Wyndemere.
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Monday, November 17, 1997

Emily walks in on Alan as he is swallowing a bunch of pills. Before she can notice all the pills on his desk, Alan sweeps them into his drawer. She tells him she's worried about him but he tells her he is just fine. Alan asks about school and in the middle of their conversation Monica walks in and wants to know what happened to Alan in the operating room.

Jax asks Jason what upset Brenda more, the fact of a bodyguard or because he offered. Jason thinks if he's so worried he should go speak to Brenda himself. After Jason tells him Brenda got as upset as she did the day she thought he was on the phone with Sonny, Jax runs out.

Felicia plans for a stakeout and Mac wants in on it, like it or not.

Luke talks to Virginia on the phone and lets her know she shouldn't involve Bobbie in the search for Caroline. He wishes her luck in her search. Next he calls Laura and wishes her Happy Anniversary.

Brenda replays the tape for Angel, her hairdresser, and is pissed off that she was planning on selling the tape for $10,000. Angel tries to leave but Brenda is not through with her.

The justice of the peace tells Carly and Tony that they need to take care of a few minor details that will only take a few minutes. Carly excuses herself, saying she needs to go and freshen up. She sits down on the couch and when she realizes she left her compact at home she walks over to the window to reapply her lipstick. As she's looking out the window guess who's looking in, AJ.

Monica is surprised to see Emily and Alan asks her if she'll give them a moment alone. He tells Monica that he couldn't take it anymore, he had to face some realities. As Emily waits outside the office, Bobbie walks by and asks her where AJ is. Emily has no idea and Bobbie tells her that she just saw him a few minutes ago, he was waiting to talk to Alan and it seemed important.

Tony comes out and tells Carly they are waiting. She says to him that she saw a big, ugly bat outside and she believes it's some bad luck sign. Tony's out there to ask her if she'd like to say a prayer during the ceremony and she definitely would. She lets him know she needs a few more minutes alone and when he walks into the other room she goes and opens the front door. AJ tells her it's over, he's not letting her marry Tony.

Luke talks to Laura and apologizes for not being there on their 16th wedding anniversary. He lets her know they will be together soon. After hanging up with Laura, Luke goes and sits down with Jason. He lets him know he needs to go over some things with him at the club and the two make plans to meet their the next day.

Felicia doesn't want to give Mac control and tells him the fee will be split 70/30 and she's the boss. He tells her he'll do it for free.

Brenda grabs hold of Angel by the arm, twisting it, so she'll also feel some pain. She lets her know she can not forget about this and she's made her feel really stupid and defenseless. Angel tells Brenda to let her go, she's hurting her. At that moment there's a knock on the door and Angel tells her she is sick. She lets Angel know that if she spills any information about their conversation, she'll show her what sick is. Brenda answers it, it's Jax, and when he asks what's going on she says Angel was just leaving.

Alan tells Monica he's been jealous of her and he's been in a rage about loosing his skill. He believes he's a loser but Monica protests this comment. She now thinks it's her fault because she didn't give him the support he needed. When she goes to hug him she sees a pill on the desk, picks it up, and asks what is it.

Emily is worried about where AJ is and Bobbie says she was surprised he didn't know about Tony and Carly's wedding; she figured he'd be invited.

Carly tells AJ if he's there to stop the wedding then go ahead, if not stop torturing her. She's so stressed out she can't take this anymore. He doesn't want her going ahead with the wedding until after the baby is born and they can find out who the real father is. She tells him she he's already made up her mind.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Stefan thinks back to what George told him about Alexis. Just at this point she walks in and asks Stefan what he wanted to see her about.

Jax discusses business on the phone, outside the Outback, with an unknown source.

Ned shows up at Brenda's to plan a strategy for acquiring Dara to their record label. Brenda feels she can convince Dara to overcome her stage fright and sign with them.

Jason goes to see Luke, who wants to show him a letter he received from Sonny.

AJ runs into Bobbie at the nurses station. He tries to sneak a peak at Carly's file and when Bobbie asks what's up he apologizes for being edgy with her but he's been at GH all night. She asks why and he tells her they brought Carly in late last night. Bobbie asks if something's wrong with the baby and he asks if she could check her chart. Bobbie does just that and lets him know both are doing fine.

Tony and Carly's doctor discuss what happened; the pain was contractions most likely brought on by stress. She asks him if he knows what could have brought this on, even questioning him on if he and Carly really want this baby. Inside the room Carly wakes up looking frightened. Tony walks in and she asks how the baby is, he says fine. She doesn't believe him at first but he reassures things will be OK. Tony tells her the dr. said this was brought on by stress and he believes it might have been from the wedding. He tells Carly they should hold off on getting married until after the baby is born and concentrate on the birth.

Luke tells Jason Sonny knew the insurance on the club was due and the letter basically states what Jason had already told him. Luke tells him he's not sure if he wants him as a partner. Jason says he wants to hold onto the shares for Sonny because he really loved the club and plus it is a place for him to escape from the organization, a bridge to a legitimate world. Luke explains the connection he once had to the organization but explains that he's buried his connection to them.

Brenda and Ned show up at the Outback and Jax is there. He asks Brenda if everything's OK and Ned asks what happened. She gives him a brief run down of what happened with Angel but then tells him everything is fine and she goes to look for a table. Ned & Jax discuss the current business situation in Ja.k.arta and Ned wants to know who Jax's source is.

Dara shows up and tells them both she doesn't want to sign. She's flattered but just can't do this right now because she already has a career. Ned tells Dara she doesn't have to quit her day job, they'll arrange for her not to have to travel during the week. Dara says she doesn't want to give up the career she's worked so hard for. Ned and Brenda praise her voice but she still says no. Brenda asks Ned to give them some time alone and Brenda wants to hear her concerns and thinks she can satisfy them.

Ned thinks Jax has a hidden agenda. Jax tells him he has a mole inside the company who will only talk to him. Ned wants to know who it is or the deal is off.

Alexis questions Stefan on why he's saying goodbye to everyone at the hospital. He snaps at her for asking but apologizes. He praises her loyalty to the family once again. A staff member comes in and tells Stefan he must speak to him. Stefan says it's OK to speak in front of Alexis. He tells Stefan that they have found George. Alexis' face looks a little nervous.

AJ asks Tony is Carly is fine. He says yes and explains what happened. Tony tells AJ that he doesn't want him around her until the baby is born.

Carly talks to her baby and Bobbie walks in. She asks how Carly is feeling and she says fine, thanks. Carly is a bit defensive in speaking with Bobbie. Bobbie tells her she knows she must have been feeling scared last night. She is concerned for the baby because she does still care for Tony. Carly tells Bobbie if it wasn't for her coming to PC, Bobbie would still be happy with Tony, but after she says this she apologizes for even saying anything. Bobbie tells Carly she sees herself when she looks at her but at least she has Luke, Carly has no family to help her.

AJ agrees but asks if he's done something. Tony says no, he feels he's to blame. Tony thinks he put Carly though an emotional roller coaster with the whole wedding situation. Plus he knows Carly is still only a kid, she's never been a mother or a wife before.

Stefan asks Alexis if something's wrong; she says she didn't know they were looking for George. Stefan says he did when she voiced some concern. The staff member tells them that George is OK, he is staying with his daughter. Stefan tells Alexis she must be off to the hospital for their meeting and when she leaves he is informed that the body is being flown back to Greece and will be buried under a false name. He then tells the staff member to accompany Alexis to the mainland and make sure his guest arrives safely.

Jason tells Luke people are getting suspicious and that he'll get the support he needs as long as he does things right. Jason's not afraid if there's a hit on him because he's not afraid of killing someone who comes after him. But he says he agrees with Sonny when he said it's stupid and sloppy. Jason tells Luke he'll sign over the shares but Luke says no, he needs the cover and they'll talk again in 6 months. Jason tells him he appreciates this.

Dara wants to know what they'll do when she's in the middle of a trial. Brenda says they will work around her schedule. When she mentions she's afraid of singing in front of an audience, Brenda tells her they can concentrate on her recording in the studio. She promises to be with her every step of the way.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

Luke talks to Laura again briefly. Lucky walks in to his father's office to drop off the petty cash. Luke tells Lucky he's not going to have to go back to Switzerland and he is staying since he has some business to take care of. Lucky thinks it's him but Luke reassures him its not. Lucky and his dad talk about his job at Kelly's and he tells him how one of his friend's is making a really bad choice and he wishes he could say something. Bobbie walks in and Lucky leaves. She tells Luke she was just thinking of Carly.

Carly wakes up to find Lorraine in her room. She hints to Carly that she'd like to be on the staff at GH.

Katherine runs into Nikolas at GH. He asks her if she wants to tell him what happened with his uncle and she feels it's too late and lets him know she is leaving town.

Stefan follows up on the immigration information for Natasha with Mr. Somas, the immigration officer. He tries leave but Stefan lets him know their business hasn't even begun. Stefan asks him to look over the papers he gave him and wants to know if they are in order. Mr. Somas says yes and Stefan tells him that he's been led to believe that his sister is dead.

Alexis tells Tony that the board meeting is important and he really should be there. He tells her to call his office and let him know when it is and he'll try to make it. Alexis then sees Edward and asks if he'll be there and of course he will because he can't wait to see her cousin leave town. He will also propose that the board apologize to Katherine for the embarrassment they caused her.

Luke wants to know why Tony & Carly didn't get married. Bobbie explains all that happened and he asks if she could have been faking the pain. Bobbie doesn't think so and says that she saw something in Carly earlier that made her see her in a different light. She explains how she saw Carly talking to her baby and she felt compassion for her; it reminded her of herself when she was pregnant. She says that Carly asked how she was able to give up her child and Bobbie says that Carly wasn't judging her and she wasn't angry at her for asking.

Carly wants Lorraine to leave, she needs to be calm for her baby. Lorraine wants her to ask Tony to get her a job at GH. Carly tells her it won't work because Tony already is suspicious of her. Lorraine says she'll ask him for a job herself in return for the truth. She tells Carly to just wait until Dr. Jones hears what she knows. At this moment Tony starts to walk in the room and he overhears Lorraine saying this. He takes a step out and then proceeds in. He asks if Carly is up for visitors and Lorraine insists she can stay a few more minutes. Tony tells the girls he hopes he's not interrupting and Carly tries to play it off as if they weren't talking about anything important. Lorraine tells Tony she remembers what they were saying.

Katherine runs into Edward and he thinks she's looking better. She tells him it's her attitude and he hopes she's changed her mind about leaving. Alexis walks over and tells Edward they'll need to speak after the meeting. She walks away and calls Leo, informing him that George is missing and that Stefan says he is on the island with his daughter. She thinks something's fishy about the story and wants him to check things out.

Edward thinks Katherine has no plans and is running from her past--- she says she's running towards her future. Edward and her part and she walks over and interrupts Alexis' phone conversation. She lets Alexis know that her troubles will follow her wherever she goes.

The immigration officer doesn't give Stefan what he wants and so he suggests going to his supervisors and informing them of what he knows about Mr. Somas. He gets nervous and tells Stefan he can't do that because this was a private matter. Stefan lets him know he's been spying on him and knows what he's been doing.

Luke thinks Bobbie is wasting her time with thoughts of Carly. She tells Luke that adopting BJ and Lucas helped her ease the pain of not having her daughter but when BJ died those painful feelings resurfaced. Luke changes the subject & asks about the Cassadines. Bobbie tells him she heard they were flying back to Athens. Luke thinks the whole clan is going to blow because of what Alexis pulled on Stefan, he only wishes he knew what it was.

Lorraine tells Tony her job is like a calling, she just loves what she does. She tells Carly she'll see her around GH. Tony notices Carly is different around Lorraine and says so. He asks Carly if the two had some good quality time together. Carly tells him Lorraine is not happy at Mercy and she was wondering if something at GH might open up for her. He tells her he might be able to do something for her career.

Lucky tells Liz he can't do anything about the situation with Sarah & Nikolas. She claims that they're going to sleep together and she can't believe Lucky won't do anything to try to stop it.

Sarah sits outside Kelly's preparing for what she's going to say to Nikolas. He walks up behind her and he tells her that his friend Katherine is leaving. He's upset over this and tells Sarah about the advice she gave him. He tells her they need to get something out in the open. He asks her if she's gotten his message and she says it's hard to miss. She invites him to Thanksgiving at Grams and he says yes as long as she will come spend some time with him over the holiday at Wyndemere.

Bobbie thanks Luke for not showing her the photos and she hopes to never see them. When she leaves he takes them from his desk drawer and puts them in the safe.

Tony tells Carly she'll be home soon, she just needs to rest a little more. She apologizes for making things complicated when they should have been so easy. Tony says he'll see her later and outside her room he runs into Audrey. He asks that no visitors go into Carly's room until he returns. He tells her he has to take care of some business at Mercy.

Alexis tells Katherine she thought she would be happy they're leaving PC. Katherine lets her know she is leaving town as well.

Stefan says he not satisfied with he's heard and Mr. Somas says he'll do whatever he wants. Stefan asks if the papers are real and he tells him no, they're all lies. He says Ms. Davis came to him and he made them look real.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Today's recap was provided by Kim Moody.

Edward shows up at Brenda's house to bring her a housewarming present, an electric pepper mill. He tells Brenda he is happy she is doing well. She asks him if he likes her place. He replies that it is too remote and warns her she shouldn't rush into too much work. Brenda tells him she is running L&B now. As they are talking he sees dress sketches and she reveals to him she is going to do a Christmas shoot for Lucy. Edward tells her she doesn't need to be doing both jobs. She says she needs to work and that she is okay. She asks Edward if Jax and Ned are in "business" together. He says he can't comment on it right now.

At the Outback, Jax and Ned are looking at papers from Jax's "mole" in Ja.k.arta. The papers show that Stefan was behind the trouble in Ja.k.arta. Ned picks up one document and asks Jax if all the documents are from his "mole." Jax says yes and asks why. Ned tells him he found a document about Alexis.

Stefan grills Soames and asks him how much Alexis paid him for the documents on Natasha and her mother. Soames tells him he was paid $75,000 and that the documents were done to Miss Davis' specifications. He also tells Stefan that Miss Davis told him the documents would prevent someone from getting hurt. While Stefan is grilling Soames, Alexis calls him from the hospital. She wants to know if Stefan is going to the staff meeting at GH. He tells her to cancel the meeting and instead to go look for Nikolas to convince him to return to Greece with them.

Alan tries to discourage Monica from wanting to go on their vacation. He is unsuccessful and Monica leaves to go home and pack. Alan takes his pills out of his pocket and is staring at them when Amy walks up. She talks to him about his vacation and how great it will be for him and Monica.

Felicia and Mac are in the car on a stakeout at a strip joint waiting for James Meadows, Mac's double. They exchange their usual banter. Felicia tells Mac he is a male chauvinist. He says he isn't and will prove it. He turns off the heat in the car and tells her if he was a male chauvinist, he would care if she froze, but because he isn't one he doesn't.

Back at the Outback, Ned reads a paper to Jax, which shows that Alexis didn't know anything about the problems in Ja.k.arta. Jax leaves as Alexis walks in looking for Nikolas. Ned sees her and walks up to her and tells her he has something to say to her.

Jax arrives at Brenda's house and Brenda asks him how he likes her house remodeling. She also tells him she has an interior decorator coming in the morning. He asks her what happened to her making decisions for herself. She says she just wants some help. As they are talking, the doorbell rings and a delivery guy from Wyndems shows up with a box for Brenda. Brenda opens the box, looks at the card inside, then looks at Jax.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica and Lila are talking while Monica is packing. Monica tells Lila about Alan's bolting in the OR. Monica tells her she thinks it is just a matter of Alan needing a vacation.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Alan is with one of his patients. Alan tells the patient he is cutting his pain medication in half. When the patient complains, Alan tells him he has been taking the medication too long and doesn't want him to become dependent on pills. Once the patient leaves, Alan goes to a water fountain and downs some more pills.

At the Outback, Ned asks Alexis if she is still leaving for Greece. She tells him yes. He tells her he hopes she will be okay and she replies that she was under the impression she was no concern of his and asks if anything has changed. As they are talking, Catherine comes in the door looking for Mac. The bartender tells her Mac isn't there so Catherine decides to wait for him and tells the bartender she is leaving town.

Stefan yells at Soames to get out and then calls Catherine on her cell phone. Unfortunately, Catherine leaves her phone in her coat as she walks off. When she comes back, the bartender tells her that her coat was ringing. She doesn't really care and says whoever it was they will call back and orders a martini while she waits for Mac.

Ned tells Alexis he understands her looking out for her family and he is glad she was a part of his life even for a short time. He asks her to email him, but she says no.

At the stakeout, Felicia is freezing so Mac turns the heat back on. They think they spot James so Felicia tries to get a pair of binoculars from the backseat. As she does, she hurts her back. Using an old Aborigine relaxation technique, Mac tries to get her to relax while he rubs her lower back. Just as Felicia is starting to relax, they hear sirens and the police come to bust the strip joint.

Brenda tells Jax the card is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. It is from a photographer friend of hers in California and she wonders why he would sent it knowing that she and Sonny didn't get married. Jax comes up with the explanation that the photographer probably ordered an item on back order and the store messed up and didn't get his cancellation. Brenda starts to stare into space. Jax offers to start a fire for her if she is cold. Brenda quickly snaps out of it, turns to Jax with a smile on her face like nothing is wrong and thanks him for the fire. Jax leaves and Brenda goes back to the box. She opens the present and it is a sheet with her and Sonny's monogram. She touches the sheet and looks out into space.

Wondering whether Meadows was arrested in the sting, Felicia and Mac decide to call it a night and go home.

As Monica and Lila are talking, Edward walks in. Monica tells him about the vacation she and Alan are taking. She also tells him about a present she bought for AJ's birthday. Once Edward hears AJ's name, he starts to "dump" on him. Monica tells him all the problems AJ has had this past year have been her fault because she didn't see the warning signs that he was abusing alcohol. She says she will not make that mistake again.

Amy comes up to Alan and asks him about his patient. Alan tells her he cut back on the patients medication. Amy praises him for being so judicious about meds. He tells her he learned his lesson with Brenda and won't prescribe wrong again.

Brenda looks into the fire as if in another place. She takes the monogrammed sheet and lays it in the fire.

Monica, tired from packing decides to take some aspirin. She pours some of the aspirin into her hand and looks at it oddly as Alan walks in the room.

Ned walks up to Catherine while she is waiting for Mac at the Outback. He asks her why she is leaving PC. She doesn't tell him it is because of Stefan and he wishes her luck and kisses her on the cheek.

Stefan tries to call Catherine at home and gets her answering machine. He leaves the message that there has been a terrible mistake and he needs to sees her. As he is hanging up, Alexis walks in and tells him she can't find Nikolas. Stefan tells her he will talk to Nikolas himself. When she says she is tired and going to bed, he sternly tells her to sit down and pulls a chair out for her.

Friday, November 21, 1997

Today's recap was provided by Kim Moody.

Alan admits to Monica the medication in the aspirin bottle isn't really aspirin, but instead is his hydrocordone. He tells her he replaced the aspirin because he didn't want the housekeepers on their vacation to see vials of medicine labeled "narcotic" laying around. He then tells her they need to leave if they are going on vacation and Monica tells him they can't leave and he knows why.

At Mercy Hospital, Sister Margaret gives Lorraine her last warning concerning her job. As the Sister is leaving Tony walks up and wants to know what's up with Lorraine and Carly. She tells him she was just trying to get Carly to put in a good word for her for a job at GH. Satisfied with her answer, Tony walks off. In the meantime, Carly is still at GH awaiting discharge when Luke comes to visit. He tells her he knows about she and Bobbie's talk the other day. He tells Carly she had better stop having discussions with Bobbie because Bobbie was actually beginning to think Carly was human.

Stefan starts confront Alexis about the whole affair with Natasha. He asks her if he really knows her at all and reminds Alexis of everything he has ever done for her. When confronted with the truth, Alexis tries to weasel her way out of everything.

Catherine returns to her apartment, starts to replay her answering machine messages and upon hearing Stefan's voice, stops the machine and rewinds it, not hearing Stefan's message. Mac shows up and asks her about a note she left him about leaving town. He tries to convince her not to leave.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Monica tells Alan they can't leave because they still need to give AJ his birthday present. Once AJ is brought up, they start to argue about AJ's substance abuse. AJ in the meantime, is at GH asking Amy about Carly's condition. Keesha shows up to give AJ his birthday present. She gives him a calendar with all the days marked off like the one AJ was keeping to show his length of sobriety. She tells him this is what his calendar would have looked like if he had not thought he had been drinking the night Carly framed him. Keesha leaves and Monica arrives at the hospital and gives AJ a watch for his birthday from she and Alan. Alan walks up and apologizes to AJ for not remembering his birthday and tells him he does remember how special it was to be there when AJ was born.

When Alexis realizes Stefan knows the truth and she can't weasel her way out of this predicament, she tells Stefan she was only trying to protect him and that Catherine was only after his money. Stefan accuses Alexis of being like Helena. She reminds Stefan he did practically the same thing to her and Ned and he then apologizes for comparing her to Helena. He then throws her out of the house and out of his life.

Lorraine decides to call Carly to warn her of Tony's suspicious behavior. As they are saying good-bye, AJ walks into Carly's room. He tells her she is basically off the hook until the baby is born. He will not tell Tony because it is more important for the baby to have people who love he or she there at the birth. Once the baby is born, then they will have the paternity test done. At Mercy, as Lorraine is hanging up, Tony overhears her telling Carly she will take care of someone. Tony asks her if he is the someone she is to take care of and demands to know what is going on with her and Carly.

Bobbie appears at Luke's and tells Luke she has a problem with her ATM card and doesn't have the ability to pay contractors she has hired. He offers to get some cash out of Luke's safe for her. He lets her in the safe, then leaves. As Bobbie is getting the money, she spots a picture of Carly. As she takes the picture out of the safe, Luke walks in.

Catherine takes on last look around her apartment and leaves.

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