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Monday, November 3, 1997

Felicia is stunned by the photo Tess shows her, it is a photo of Mac. Felicia tells her this is a joke but Tess takes that as an insult and gets mad. She explains that her husband, James Meadows left her after 2 months of marriage.

Alexis pleads with Ned not to get loud. He wants her to explain her role in all of this and she tells him he has her all wrong.

Luke finds the papers that Alexis has hid and as he is looking at them behind the wall, he overhears a staff member tell Stefan that there is an intruder on the island. Stefan orders him to have the guards search the premises and he goes off as well. When he's left the room, Luke comes out from the secret hiding place.

Alexis informs Ned that all the time they spent together she never asked him about his business and she wasn't after ELQ. He asks her if she talked about him to her cousin and says that never happened. Ned continues to make acquisitions, which clearly upset her.

Felicia apologizes to Tess who says she is all right. She tells Felicia she thinks maybe her husband was hiding something and ran away from it. They only knew each other for 4 months before getting married. Felicia asks for some documented proof and Tess gives her some wedding photos, a marriage license, some cards and letters, and bank statements. She tells Felicia he cashed a large check the day before he left. She also knows that he was seen in PC two weeks ago. Felicia tells her she'll give her a call in the morning. When Tess is gone, Felicia studies the pictures more thoroughly.

Mac is with Georgie and Maxie at a Halloween party at GH. Maxie tells Bobbie she misses BJ and she wishes she were here with them. She says if it wasn't for BJ she wouldn't be able to celebrate any more birthdays (her birthday just passed). The gang leaves and Sarah cleans up. Nikolas walks in & the two briefly talk about the children. He asks her if they are having an argument; she tells him no. He's glad or else he wouldn't be able to give her the gift he bought. He gives her the box and she opens it up to find a necklace inside. Sarah's excited but thinks it might be a bit too much. He doesn't agree.

Ned can't understand how Alexis can sit there with a straight face and tell him she cares about him. She tries to rationalize the situation but he believes she used him. He gives her the opportunity to shift the blame onto Stefan but she says nothing. She basically gives up without a fight. She tells him she never did betray his trust; she never had it. Alexis then gracefully leaves.

Luke takes pictures of the documents and then leaves then astray for Stefan to find.

Mac comes home with the girls and Felicia can't stop looking at him which he takes notice of. The girls go and wash up for bed and Felicia begins paying Mac some compliments. He tells her that he has secrets from his past and that she doesn't know everything about him. He says this in a light tone and this prompts Felicia to tell him she has something for him to look at. She shows him the papers Tess gave her and just about as she is going to give him the pictures the phone rings. Mac answers and is quick to leave. Felicia *69's the call which came from the Outback.

Nikolas puts the necklace on Sarah. Amidst all the toys, Nikolas asks Sarah if she feels like they're at home when they are cleaning up the room. She agrees and he tells her that his Uncle plans on going back to Greece but he is staying. He tells her he'll probably stay at Wyndemere and maybe she can come and stay with him at times. This makes Sarah a bit nervous and she tells him they have different fantasies. She gets her stuff together to leave and when a little girl from the hospital comes on, Sarah goes back to her room with her. Nikolas takes his bag with his sweater and finds the box of condoms inside.

Luke gets back to his house practically freezing from escaping that island. Bobbie asks if he found the gun but he says no. She thinks it was a waste but Luke informs her he found some interesting papers.

Stefan comes back and finds the papers all over. He picks them up and begins to read them, prompting him to think back to Alexis and Leo's conversations. At this moment Alexis walks in and asks what's going on.

Edward meets Ned and he informs Grandfather of what the Cassadine's role was in taking over ELQ Ja.k.arta. The two plan their next step and Ned tells him he has a plan.

Stefan explains the commotion and puts the papers in his breast pocket. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him that Ned knows what happened in Indonesia. He asks if she confirmed his allegations and she tells him she can be trusted not to tell the truth. Alexis breaks down and cries and Stefan comforts her but has a look on his face.

Luke tells Bobbie about the papers and the two try to figure out what's going on with her.

Before Alexis goes upstairs she tells Stefan she didn't tell Ned what Stefan put in motion. He kisses her forehead and thanks her for her loyalty. She goes upstairs and he pages a staff member and asks him for his assistance.