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Monday October 20, 1997

Brenda is not happy to see Julia. She tells Jax to handle the situation and he apologizes. Jax steps outside and Julia tells him she understands why Brenda slammed the door in her face. She says she's going to go back to London and as she is just about to get in the elevator, Brenda opens the door and tells her to wait.

Sarah tells Liz she is caught but Liz says she has no proof. Sarah threatens to tell Audrey and whoever else will listen. Liz doesn't care who she tells but lets Sarah know she only wishes she thought of this sooner.

Stefan tells Katherine she is powerless ever since that gun disappeared. She tells him she will go tell Nikolas everything but he doesn't believe she would hurt Nikolas like that. Katherine tries to make it clear to him that she is an important part of Nikolas' life but Stefan downplays her whole relationship with his nephew. She is so upset that she knocks over a vase and yells at Stefan to leave. At this moment Nikolas walks in on crutches and wants to know what it going on.

Alexis and Luke have a confrontation down at the pier. He tells her he's watching her family and the two hurl insults back and forth. Luke does call her on trying to get rid of "Blondie" and asks her what she will do to get rid of her. Alexis is not shaken by his inquisitive guessing and says that although she admits she doesn't like her, neither do many other people. Luke tells her Stefan shot Katherine and tried to pin it on him. Alexis' phone rings and she steps away to answer it. This doesn't stop Luke from trying to listen in.

Brenda, Julia, and Jax have tea and Jax and Julia talk about business. Brenda seems less than thrilled. Julia reminisces about the Quartermaine's, stating that not all of them are bad, like Lila and Jason. Brenda comments on how Jason is just a real gem and she asks her sister if she's trying to be cruel on purpose or if she's just totally oblivious. She starts yelling about how Jason played a role in her breakup with Sonny and tells Julia she wouldn't know this because she didn't even bother to show up at the wedding. Julia tries to play it off that she was busy with business but then admits Brenda was marrying a criminal and she didn't feel comfortable attending. Brenda assumes her sister will now tell her how much of a screw-up she is and questions Julia on why she didn't come to her first wedding to Jax, he is a respectable guy. Brenda believes her sister is ashamed of her but she tells her she is only concerned. Julia does admit thought that she isn't sorry the wedding didn't happen.

Sarah follows Liz home because they are not finished. Liz thinks they are and Sarah wants to know when she started to hate her. Liz tells her to quit the dramatics and thinks maybe she should go cry on Nikolas' shoulder. Sarah wants to know why and Liz tells her she was born bad and just plain hates her.

Katherine asks Nikolas if he is all right and he tells the two it's nothing serious. Stefan wants him to go home with him but he says he will stay if Katherine wants him to; she sees no harm in him staying and so Stefan leaves. Nikolas questions her on what happened with his Uncle and when she lies, he tells her he thought she was different than his mother who always lied to him. Katherine says that she's left her job at GH but he wants to know if she left on her own will or if his Uncle had something to do with it. When she won't answer he gets up to leave.

-Sarah wants to know why she'll arrange bad things to happen to her and just wants to know why she did this to her. Liz tells her that she gets all the attention and there is none left for her. She hates her because everyone spends so much time loving her that it makes her sick. Sarah tries to explain that that is everyone else, not her. Liz doesn't want to hear this because she doesn't plan on sticking around. She walks inside leaving Sarah standing alone.

Julia tries role reversal on Brenda. She also admits she was wrong about certain things, like her career for instance. She tries to get Brenda to see that she never takes credit for things she's done right and Brenda asks her how she would know, she was never around. Julia says she's here now and wants to help. Brenda asks her if Jax didn't call would she have come and she admits she wouldn't have. They both admit this is too much right now and Julia prepares to go to her suite. On her way out she notices the Nancy Drew book & Brenda tells her Jax bought the set for her. Julia tells Brenda she knew when Brenda would take her books but never said anything so not to get her in trouble. She says goodnight.

Stefan tells Alexis he went to see Katherine because Spencer could hurt her but Alexis reminds him that Helena could kill her. Stefan wonders if Nikolas is ready to know the truth and Nikolas hears him and says Katherine wouldn't tell him either. He goes upstairs and Alexis tells her cousin that she found Luke at the pier earlier.

Sarah goes inside and questions Liz on what she meant about not being around. Liz knows she will be kicked out once Grams finds out. Audrey hears the two arguing and asks what's going on. The phone rings and it's Nikolas. He asks Sarah how everything went and in not so many words lets him know he was right. She tells him she'll see him at school. Audrey tells the girls she has to get over to the hospital right away but wants to hear everything that's going on tomorrow.

Stefan wants to tell Nikolas but Alexis stops him. He also tells her they must keep Luke busy until he goes back to Switzerland.

Luke calls Laura and tells her he'll be in PC a bit longer because he's found a way to get Stefan.

Katherine thinks back to her discussion with Luke and appears ready to fight.

Jax asks Brenda for forgiveness and she says any day. Brenda says the two are different and Jax tells her that Julia made the mistake of letting her out of her life.

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Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Brenda wakes up to find breakfast already there. She asks Jax to stay but tells her he can't. Julia knocks on the door and he lets her in. She'll be having breakfast with Brenda instead.

Alan showers Monica with attention and lets her know that he's not trying to avoid sex.

Tony thinks back to his conversation with Carly regarding the sonogram and makes a call to Mercy hospital. He speaks to Sister Margaret and asks her if a young woman named Carly Roberts had a sonogram; she tells him she'll go and check.

Meanwhile Carly and Lorraine are sitting not even two feet away from Sister Margaret. Carly has comes to apologize for the name-calling and bring her a piece offering, more money. Lorraine wants to know what will happen when someone asks her to have blood tests done to determine paternity but Carly knows the baby is Tony's. She says she has to get out of town for the birth and needs some of Lorraine's medical expertise.

Mac asks Felicia why Maxie didn't take the doll to school and she informs him that Maxie is home and going out shopping. When Felicia double locks the back door (something she obviously must never do) Mac asks why and she tells him she has a feeling someone is watching her. Meanwhile, Lonnie goes to the Outback and asks the bartender if Felicia is in; he tells him she is working from home today.

Brenda tells Jax to stop force-feeding Julia on her. Jax tells her he will not talk about her while she's in the room and leaves for his business meeting. Everything Julia says to Brenda she takes as a sarcastic comment and Julia gets up to leaves, but then turns around and tells her she won't let Brenda do this to her. She sits down to eat.

Alan is in a rather good mood, which does not go unnoticed by his family. He is off to the hospital while Monica will attend a parent assembly at Emily's school. Alan goes out through the terrace, hoping to pop a few more pills but Emily appears and he is strange to her as well.

Jax meets V. at the Outback and they discuss business. She asks him how his surprise went and figures it didn't go so well.

Julia patronizes Brenda and she asks Julia what she thought she'd accomplish by coming here. Julia tells her she wishes she could trade in all their father gave her just to have her sister back and tells her she didn't like what their father did to them but Brenda thinks she didn't mind it either. She questions Julia on how she felt about her back then and wants to know why she never let any of the light shine on her. Julia lets Brenda know she was always the fire that her and their father had to put out. Brenda lets her know she's been hurt by the way she's treated her and Julia tells her she has always been envious of her. She also points out that in a way they've traded places, she has finally broken free from their father and he is now controlling her life.

Carly tells Lorraine she needs a good story to get out of town. She wants a dreadful disease, nothing contagious, that would require her to go visit her "friend" in Florida. -Sister Margaret tells Tony she has no such record and this makes him extremely happy.

The Quartermaine family is curious as to what has gotten into Alan; Monica doesn't see anything wrong with his good mood.

Felicia doesn't want to discuss her suspicions with Mac but he asks questions anyway.

Carly shows up at the hospital to see Tony. He informs her he's made romantic plans for the evening. Tony gets called away and Carly has words with Amy. She walks away and bumps into Monica. She stands close by though and overhears Monica tell Amy she will be taking Bobbie out to lunch.

V. teases Jax about being afraid to go home because of Brenda and Julia. He tells her that's not true, he's on his way home now.

Julia brings up Sonny's name, which is painful for Brenda. She tells Julia she has had bad luck but is still young, and doesn't see a ring on her finger either. Julia continues to talk about Sonny and compares him to their father. She sees a resemblance.

The bartender at the Outback tells Mac about the guy who came asking for Felicia. He also tells him he's been around lately and that he seemed to know where Felicia lived when he told him she was at home.

Carly waits for Tony at the nurses' station and as the two speak, she gets a call from a "friend" in need. It's Lorraine helping with her next step of the plan. She hangs up and tells Tony she needs to leave town right away.

Julia tells her sister she is not doomed and thinks Brenda should be with Jax. She goes on saying how great he is and how lucky Brenda is that he's not taken. At this moment he walks in and overhears the conversation.

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Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Carly told Tony that she had to leave town to see a friend who was ill, but Tony would not let her travel. Monica quizzed Bobbie about Carly over lunch, but did not reveal what Carly had done to AJ. AJ told Bobbie that Carly's due date was in December. Bobbie, however, then learned from Tony that Carly's due date was in October. A skeptical Bobbie then asked Carly about the baby's true due date. Following her blowup with Brenda, Julia prepared to leave Port Charles. Jax made Brenda realize that there was some credence to Julia's assertion that Brenda had always sought men that reminded her of her father. Brenda thanked Jax for giving her a way to face her problems. Brenda and Julia then began to forgive each other and patch things up. Lonnie told Mac and Felicia that Maxie's doll had been made by his late wife and was the only tie he had to her memory. Mac, Felicia and Maxie agreed to give the doll back, but Lonnie was touched when he saw how much the doll meant to Maxie. Lonnie told Felicia that his wife loved children and saw that Maxie looked at the doll in the same special way as his wife had done. Lonnie decided to honor his wife's memory by leaving the doll with Maxie.

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Thursday, October 23, 1997

Bobbie asks Carly when the baby is due. Her opinion is, that Tony will end up having to take care of her and the baby. That there is a difference between going to visit a sick friend for a couple of days and taking care of a baby for the long haul. You lack the qualities of being a good mother. They are having a large yelling match when AJ shows up and breaks up the argument. He asks Carly what the fight was about but she just blows off the question as usual.

Sarah is waiting in the living room for her grandmother to arrive when Liz comes down the stairs. She looks at Sarah and says, aren't you even going to say hi? What are you doing any ways? I am waiting here for grandmother. You aren't going to tell her are you? She will not be happy. What do you think she will say Liz when she finds out that you stole test papers and planted them on their own sister? As they are arguing Audrey enters the room and asks what is going on now girls? Sarah turns and looks at Liz. Well, go ahead Sarah, if you are going to tell her then tell her and get it over with. Sarah starts to tell, then stops and says, why don't you tell her Liz? Well, Liz tells her this lie, that she got a D on her test and that is the problem. Sarah tell Liz that she is going to tell the principle what she did and she will tell him the truth. I will not have people walking around thinking that Nikolas is a liar and a thief. Liz answers later, I am late for work.

At the hospital the pharmacist asks Alan if he finally got the prescription for the medication fixed. He says yes, that yesterday was a bad day. That finally the medicine was delivered to his house, then he left his briefcase at home with the meds in it and now the doctor who wrote the prescription is out of town. The pharmacist told him not to worry, that he would refill it again. He has a copy on record. Alan says thank you. Carly on the other hand is on the phone with Lorraine trying to come up with another plan. She didn't know that hiding over in the corner was AJ listening to her conversation. They plan to meet in the park.

Katherine is at her apartment trying to locate the restaurant that Stefan and the clan would be having dinner at. Call after call until finally she finds the one. She makes one more call and that's to Luke. She tells him that she is going to stop by and see him. Luke hangs up the phone and Lucky walks into the room and says hey, what's up? Well be staying a little longer than I thought we would. Great, dad, when is mom, LuLu, and grandma coming. No, Lucky I have some business to attend to and it doesn't concern you or your mother. You are not going to try to do something to make me happy? Believe me Lucky you haven't smiled once since I returned I wouldn't try anything. There is a knock at the door, it's Katherine. She is trying to convince him to have dinner with her, but Luke is still trying to get her to tell the truth about her shooting, He finally agrees to have dinner, he asks her what are you wearing? I don't know but you wont be disappointed.

At the park Carly and Lorraine are trying to figure out what she is going to do about the due date and the different month she has told both the possible daddy's. Lorraine is going into details not knowing that hiding behind the bush is AJ

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Friday, October 24, 1997

After the confession to Sarah from Liz Sarah decided what to do . She calls Liz up at Ruby's to let her know that Mr. Murty was heading over there to speak with her and she expects her to tell him the truth. Liz doesn't know what she is going to do. She suddenly sees Lucky and says what are you doing here? I'm filling in for the day he tells her. Liz is really depressed by this time and Lucky asks her what is wrong. It's Sarah, ever since she has been dating Nikolas she believes everything he tells her, he can do nothing wrong. As she turns around Sarah enters the dinner and walks up to Liz to tell her that Mr. Murty is on his way over here and I told him that you had something to tell him. You can't make me do this, not in front of Lucky. Then to her amazement Nikolas walks into Ruby's. She looks at him and says, I should have known you would bring him with you. The door opens and it's Mr. Murty. He sits down at the table and Liz walks up and sits down. He says to her, Sarah tells me there is something you want to tell me and I think I know what it is. It's about the test papers isn't it? No! She says she wanted to talk to him because she wants to become a foreign exchange student and if there was any programs available. Foreign exchange student? Then Lucky enters out of the back room and sees Mr. Murty, stops by and says hello and tells him he has a delivery to make. Mr. Murty tries to explain to Liz that it's best to come out with anything she has to say, that he will be fair. Liz feeling now she is in the clear she can tell Mr. Murty the truth. She starts off by telling him the parent situation, being in another country and how Sarah and her parents always did the right thing for everyone, always trying to help people out. And then there was me, I didn't feel that way. So when my parents left and Sarah came to grandmothers house and they sent her to live with one of there friends house, it was like prison. So that is why I am with my grandmother. She goes on to tell him the whole truth and that is why he can't tell her grandmother. He tells her he can't do that, but if the principal agrees maybe if you go to therapy we can keep it between us, he asks Sarah if she agrees and she says yes. After Mr. Murty leaves Nikolas is out front talking the situation over with Sarah, they hug. While they are hugging, who should walk up but Lucky. He walks by them and enters the diner really angry. At the restaurant Stefan, Alexis, and their Jacarta contact, when he sees Katherine and Luke at the opposite table. He can't help but stare at her. Luke is trying to get her to admit that Stefan shot her, but she just won't. Luke gets up to go the the mens room just so he can leave her alone. Stefan walks up to the table to let her know that he is going back to Greece. In her anger she tells Stefan that Alexis was in love with him. Luke returns to the table to find Katherine upset. She gets real upset because of the way Stefan is acting like she wasn't even there. She tells Luke she can't go through with this. You have to get me out of here before I lose it. Luke says, just get up and walk to the veranda and I will meet you out there. Over at Stefans table Alexis says, I thought we agreed to ignore her? He turns away and looks at her and then they start to discuss the Jacarta deal. He tells his contact not to let the Quartermaine's know who did it. Julia and Brenda are having a wonderful dinner together. They are talking men. Julia looks across the table to see a ghost. Brenda reminds her that it is Luke, Bill's cousin. Julia makes the remark how much they look alike, but that Luke was better looking. Luke comes over to the table to tell Brenda that he is happy to see her out. She then introduces her sister to Luke, he remembers her. Brenda decides to call it a night, but Julia decides to stay and hang out at the bar for awhile. Stefans dinner party breaks up and Alexis heads home only to find Ned waiting there for her. Brenda goes home to find Jax asleep on the couch. She sits down on the floor beside him, she thanks him for bring Julia to Port Charles and falls asleep.

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