GH Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on General Hospital
Carly left A.J. unconscious in an alley, doused him in alcohol, and arranged for his parents to find him. A.J. was devastated because it appeared that he had started drinking again. V lost her job. Sonny proposed marriage to Brenda.
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Monday, August 18, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Brenda, Sonny, Jax, and V. show up at the police station. Taggert tells them he's not so sure if he believes their story but Dara tells them all charges have been dropped. This doesn't sit too well with Taggert. The charges against Jax are also dropped and he threatens to have their badges should this ever happen again.

Alan and Monica celebrate their anniversary. The family comes home and Edward assumes they're getting a divorce and that maybe something is going on with her and Ned. They tell Edward they are not getting a divorce and the whole family celebrates. Emily comes home and joins in.

-Jason shows up knocking at AJ's door while Carly is inside with AJ in the laundry cart. Jason's phone rings and so he leaves. Carly wheels the laundry cart out of the apartment and locks up; a little boy from across the hall sees her and questions what she's doing. She bribes him so he'll keep his mouth shut.

Mike shows up at the police station to see Sonny & Brenda. He thanks Jax for saving his son's life and Jax gives V. most of the credit. Sonny & Brenda invite Mike to the penthouse for dinner.

As Brenda and Sonny leave the station, she lingers behind just a minute to say goodbye to Jax. Meanwhile he's still waiting for his paperwork to be completed and V. waits with him. The two apologize for the way they acted towards one another and Jax tells her he's glad they met; she feels the same.

When Sonny arrives home, Jason is already in the penthouse waiting for him. Sonny tries to tell him he should not be involved in his business and to be with Robin. Jason tells them Robin's in Paris. Sonny tries to explain the life to Jason and how things will always be for him if he doesn't get out now. Jason tells him that this is what he wants and explains how things are with Robin. Sonny then puts Jason back to work. Later he explains to Brenda that Jason is still working for him.

-Mike and Brenda leave to go and get food. Mike tries to explain to Brenda why Robin left and Brenda believes Sonny will make things all better. She also tells him Sonny asked her to marry him.

V. is approached by her superior who wants to talk about her job over lunch the next day; she doesn't think the situation looks good but Jax reassures her it will be. Later when she leaves, Jax approaches her superior for a little chat.

Carly dumps AJ in the alley in back of their building. She is crying and explains why she's doing all this. Unfortunately he can't hear her. She then pours alcohol on and around him and places the bottle in his hand to make it look like he was drinking. Back in her apartment she makes an anonymous call to Alan and tells him that AJ Quartermaine is passed out behind the alley . Alan and Monica go to him.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Liz starts her first day at Kelly's and things seem to be running OK. Lucky shows up for breakfast and gives her some tips on how to handle Ruby. Sarah comes in a few minutes later to meet Lucky for breakfast. Liz doesn't look to happy to see her sister. Sarah tells Lucky that she values their friendship and appreciates all he's done for her since she arrived in PC. She hopes he hasn't gotten the wrong idea because she wouldn't want to hurt him. He tells her he's cool with things the way they are but he looks a little disappointed when she leaves.

Nikolas asks Audrey if Sarah is coming to work today. Audrey tells him she'll be there. After Audrey walks away Bobbie walks over and tries to talk to Nikolas but he blows her off. Later on she catches up with him in the pediatric ward and tells him that she misses him and he wants to know why she did what she did to his Uncle. Stefan interrupts and asks Nikolas if she is harassing him. Nikolas tells his Uncle things are OK and tells Bobbie he'd like to see Lucas some time.

Alexis questions Stefan on what he was thinking when he saw the picture of Katherine's mother and he admits to seeing a resemblance to his father's mistress.

-AJ wakes up in his old bedroom at the Quartermaine mansion. Meanwhile the whole family awaits for him in the living room.

Carly receives a call from Mick, the bartender who is helping her with her plan. Tony comes home and Carly tells him something's really wrong. She then explains how she was supposed to meet AJ for dinner but when she got there he had left and she hasn't heard from him since. He reassures her not to worry.

AJ asks is family what happened and how he got there. Ned explains the family received a call from a neighbor who told them he was passed out in the alley, clutching an empty bottle of vodka. AJ can't believe this is all true and calls Carly, believing she will have some answers. He asks her to come over right away.

Alexis contact Leo in regards to her plan to get rid of Katherine from their lives. She tells him she doesn't trust Katherine and that she is a gold digger.

Carly and Tony go to the Q's and AJ asks Carly to help him remember. Edward calls Neptune's Net and has Mick come over. AJ tells Carly she is the only one who believes in him and this causes her to get even more upset. Mick shows up and the tells AJ he recognizes him from the bar. He then proceeds to tell them the story Carly made up. Carly & Tony walk out of the living room and Tony gets paged. Mick tells Carly that he didn't know AJ was a Quartermaine and it's going to cost her more money. The family all look at AJ in shame and he walks right out.

-AJ goes to his apartment and breaks down in tears.

Alexis tells Stefan that she'd like to fly George in to PC- he's working on their Villa. She tells him George might be able to remember some information about his father and the mistress. It appears as if he might also be part of her plan.

Liz shows up at the hospital looking to volunteer in the pediatrics department. Nikolas tells her that there are no more spots available and she tries to talk her way into the program by dropping Audrey's name. He is a bit surprised that she is Sarah's sister. Liz also threatens to have him fired and tells him he'll be sorry he ever crossed her. She then goes to tell Audrey what happened and Audrey tells her that Nikolas' uncle is the CEO of GH.

Sarah runs into Nikolas at the hospital and he just says hello and heads for the door. Sarah asks him what's wrong and why he can't be in the same room with her.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Sarah gives Nikolas a piece of her mind in regards to the way he's been acting. She thinks he's letting his personal feelings get in the way of their work. She also tells him that her and Lucky are only friends and that the two of them are very alike. She wants to find out more about their relationship. Nikolas realizes he's been a bit out of line and apologizes. He tells Sarah he'd like to spend more time with her and they make plans to go to dinner and then for a walk in the park.

Liz is introduced to Stefan and acts very nice to him, trying to get herself into the volunteer program. Unfortunately for her he does not recommend anyone he does not know.

Stefan asks Audrey how she feels about the growing relationship between Nikolas and Sarah. She tells him she's glad that Sarah is making friends but later on she tells Bobbie the truth; their relationship scares her to death. Audrey thinks Tom's theory that Stefan was responsible for Steve's death could be true.

Carly goes over to AJ's and he asks her why whenever something awful happens it always comes back to her. He also tells her that she is the only one who stands by him and really cares. Carly tries to talk him into getting the help he needs. She suggests he make a fresh start in a new town by checking himself into a rehab clinic. She even offers to help him.

Later on Carly runs into little Jimmy, the boy who saw her wheeling the laundry cart out of AJ's apartment, and he wants to know where the gum she promised him is or he's going to tell everyone what she did. Carly promises she'll get it later but he wants it now; so she gives him $5 and tells him that if he opens his mouth she will tell his mommy that he went out of the house while the babysitter was there and he will probably get punished. He takes the money and goes inside.

Brenda goes over to the Quartermaine's with some good news; she tells them she's getting married. Lila assumes it's to Jax, but she tells them no, she's finally marrying Sonny. They all congratulate her but don't seem as happy about the news as she is.

Mike stops by Sonny's and gives him his mother's engagement ring. Mike explains the story of how he bought the ring and why he's had it all these years. He tells Sonny the ring is his and he can do what he wants with it.

Jax is at the Outback having a drink, while V. is having lunch with her superior, discussing her job. He compliments her on a job well done but tells her they can not give her the job back due to budget cuts. When he gets up, V. goes through her file and sees Jax's letter of recommendation to the sheriff's department. She confronts him on what he did and tells him thank you, but she didn't get her job back. After she goes upstairs to her apartment it appears Jax has something in mind for her. He makes a phone call.

Keesha starts her new job at the hospital as an assistant social worker. She sees Alan walk away from AJ and is curious as to what is going on. She approaches AJ on what's wrong and he tells her he did it again, he got drunk and blacked out. She seems surprised since he was doing so well. AJ rehashes what happened to Keesha.

AJ's words ring in Carly's head and she continues to have flashbacks of what she did. But she can't stop now and so she's off to GH where she meets up with Tony.

Liz walks in on Sarah and Nikolas' conversation and apologizes for the way she acted towards him. She practically begs him to let her into the volunteer program & he tells her he'll see what he can do and will let Sarah know. After he leaves the room Sarah asks her sister the real reason she wants to join the program. Liz asks Sarah to tell her about Nikolas and she tells Liz that if this is really what she wants to do she'll support her. -Monica tells Ned she feels guilty about what Brenda went through because of their secrets. Ned does not feel the bit remorseful.

Lila is very upset over the situation with AJ and Edward tells Ned to go find him and do something. When the family tries reaching AJ at his apartment they receive no answer; everyone assumes he's out drinking and Emily walks into the living room to hear their accusations. She can't believe it.

Nikolas tells Stefan he's considering coming back to Wyndemere and that in the fall he'd like to go to PC High.

Sonny tells Brenda all his life he's waited for things but the worst was waiting to be with her. He asks her to hold his hand and then Sonny gets down on one knee and asks Brenda to be his wife. She is crying hysterically.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

At General Hospital AJ and Keesha are trying to figure out what happened. He keeps insisting that this time it just doesn't feel the same. I can't even remember driving to the bar, so how am I suppose to remember getting drunk? Keesha tells him to hang in there and starts to head out of the hospital when she bumps into Carly. Carly expresses her concern for AJ then changes the subject by telling her that her and Tony are going to get married, and of course who would overhear, but Bobbie. When the two of them are done, Bobbie walks up to Carly, how do you keep up with all of your lies without getting them confused ,she asks? After a short argument, AJ walks up and starts to defend Carly, which makes her feel even worse about what she has done. As AJ is leaving Carly still is trying to convince him to please check himself into a rehab, preferably out of the state of course. Bobbie still doesn't believe her about getting married, when Tony walks up to her and confirms her fears, It's true, they plan to marry.

At Sonny's house he is romantically on his knees proposing marriage to his one love Brenda. She accepts, with a blink of an eye. Sonny explains the story behind the engagement ring, and she accepts it with tears in her eyes. Then the planning for the big event begins. They pick a date and they are on their way. The doorbell rings and it's Jason. As he walks in, Sonny replies, your the first to know, Brenda and I are getting married. Congratulations he screams, but you can see the sadness in his eyes for the loss of Robin. Brenda heads over to the Q's to tell everyone the wonderful news of her engagement.

Over at the Q's grandmother is so upset about AJ Keesha is there, she is begging them to please not to give up on him, but Ned keeps putting him down, when Emily overhears. She tells Ned to leave him alone, that she has told him that he is no different than she is. She doesn't know that he was found drunk again. She wants to know if anyone even cares about AJ but nobody replies her. Then Monica tells her about the phone call and how they found him in the alley behind his apartment. Emily is real upset, grandmother asks her what they can do for her. She yells back, quit treating me like I will break.

Now at the hospital trouble is brewing for Carly. Who but to get off the elevator, but the neighbor kid and his mother just as AJ is getting on the elevator. The mother angrily replies she is there to see Carly. Carly makes up another lie to AJ to explain why the mother is there. She says she is helping her with some personal problems. The mother wants to know why she is paying her son off to lie to her. Of course Carly says, that's not what she was doing.

Friday, August 22, 1997

At the hospital Mrs. Perez (Jimmy's mom) is still yelling at Carly. Bobbie over hears, then walks over to ask if there is anything wrong. Carly tells her that it's not her concern and to but out. Carly apologizes again to her, telling her that Jimmy misunderstood. Mrs. Perez tells her that it better never happen again, then leaves. Bobbie says to Carly, what did you do now. If you must know she replies, Mrs. Perez is a neighbor and we are just having a misunderstanding. Bobbie laughs, then proceeds to basically tell Carly that she has a way with kids, they all seem to hate her and she feels bad for the child she is caring. Carly looks at her, then says as she is walking away, you should be the last person to call me a bad mother.

The Q's drop Emily off over at AJ's apartment, she wants to know what happened? There must of been something terribly wrong for you to drink again. That's it Emily, there was nothing. I don't even remember going to the bar. Emily hugs him, she tells him that he is a good person, and no matter how bad everyone else says he is, they are wrong, and don't you forget it. He asks her how she got so insightful, she says that her mother always told her it was because she was an only child. She hugs him, then says good-bye. Not to much later, Carly shows up over at AJ.'s. He tells her that he is going to go out and get drunk, nobody cares anyway, I'm already a failure. She tells him, that's not true, you can't do this to yourself, she replies.

Over at Sarah's house she is getting ready to go out on a date with Nikolas. As she comes down the stairs the phone rings. Liz runs over to answer it, it's Lucky. She talks to him for awhile, then Lucky asks if he could speak with Sarah. Of course you do, Sarah, it looks like you will be staying home tonight. Sarah says hello, and Lucky asks her if they could hang out together tonight. She tells him that she has other plans tonight. He sadly tells her he understands, and to call some time. Sarah turns around and says to Liz, why did you think I was staying home tonight. Sarah assumed that the date was with Lucky when the door bell rings. Audrey answers the door, it's Nikolas and he hands her a large bundle of flowers. She tells him that Sarah has a curfew, and he says don't worry I'll have her home on time, and they say good-night.

At the gate house Ned is settling in for a night alone, when Monica shows up at his door. He asks her what is wrong. She replies, gee there is something wrong when you think that the only time I come over is when I have a problem. I saw you speed up the drive and thought I would come over and see if you are O.K. Ned says yes, I'm fine. They chat for awhile about AJ and then Monica leaves. Not to much later the door bell rings, Ned answers it thinking that it's Monica again, he opens the door and it's Alexis. She asks Ned, exactly what it is he wants from her. They embrace, then kiss and she walks to the door and leaves.

Not being able to find any booze at the apartment, AJ takes off to the bars. He gets there, orders a drink, then tells the bartender to bring a bottle of Vodka. He pours himself a drink, as he puts it up to his lips, a hand comes out of no where knocking it out of his hand. He turns around and Carly says I won't let you do this to yourself.

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