GH Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on General Hospital
Sarah's sister, Elizabeth, arrived in town. Emily assured Alan and Monica that she hadn't killed Dorman. Lily's father vowed to avenge his daughter's death by killing Sonny and Brenda. Robin left for Paris without Jason..
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Monday, August 4, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Stefan & Nikolas run into each other at the docks. Stefan tries to make conversation and questions him on who he's expecting. The two seem to be getting along and Stefan suggests Nikolas come to Wyndemere for a visit.

Sarah's sister Liz shows up at Audrey's and she's here to stay. The two don't seem to be the best of friends; Liz is a bit sarcastic, especially when it comes to dealing with her sister.

Alan tells Monica & Ned that Emily said Monica killed Dorman. Monica tells Alan it is the other way around and fills him in on the details. Emily walks in and hears them accuse her of the murder and she tells them it wasn't her. She recalls that night in her mind and tells them that she did indeed confront Dorman but when she went back to the morgue he was already dead. All are happy that it wasn't Emily. Monica tells Alan they can get on with their lives and tries to explain to him why she kept him in the dark. He doesn't look to happy with her. His addiction to his pain medication continues.

Jax gives the cops a story and V. does not inform the authorities that he is a fugitive - but there's one condition, he take her with him to Tiger Key. He agrees and the are off.

Brenda & Sonny are shocked when they see that the man setting them up is Rivera. They assumed he was dead. The Tin Man tells them that Rivera did not kill himself because he felt that the two of them should be in the ground where his daughter is since it was really Sonny who killed her. They also learn that Harry was supposed to kill them but failed and so now Rivera says they will not die simple, but slowly, in the worst way while watching each other. Sonny tries to knock the gun away from the Tin Man and but they grab Brenda and then they knock Sonny out cold. Brenda is forced to drink something that knocks her out as well.

Sarah and Nikolas both think back to their dance at the docks.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Carly has a nightmare that AJ remembers they made love and knows the baby is his. Tony then walks out on her realizing that she cheated and lied. Carly wakes up hysterical and Tony rushes to her side, promising everything is going to be OK. Carly realizes she must do everything she can to stop AJ from remembering and so when Tony leaves the apartment she starts thinking up another plan. She remembers how AJ said if he ever fell off the wagon again he would leave PC for good. Carly phones and leaves AJ a message to call her.

AJ goes by to visit Jason and winds up giving him a bit of a pep talk - Jason is upset over the situation with Robin.

Robin bumps into Karen at the hospital and the two spend some time talking. Robin tells her a bit about things with Jason and Karen talks briefly about her and Jagger.

Nikolas and Katherine run into Alexis and Stefan at the hospital. All are civil with each other and later on when Katherine and Stefan leave to attend to some PR matters, Alexis goes through Katherine's coat. Nikolas sees her but she talks her way out of it. She's successful in getting Katherine's keys. Later on she sneaks into Katherine's apartment and it's apparent she is looking for something. Just as she locks up the apartment Katherine appears and asks her what she is doing there.

Liz continues to put down Sarah, and Audrey tells her that she will have to earn her trust and get a job to pay back all the money she spent on a first class plane ticket to PC. This doesn't sit to well with Liz and so Audrey tells her to stay home and relax for the day. The minute the two are gone, she acts up; loud music, smoking, and charging pizzas to Audrey's credit card. Audrey gets a call at the hospital from a neighbor who wants to call the police. Audrey goes home to deal with her granddaughter but things don't go so well. Liz tells her she hates everyone and knows that Audrey really doesn't want her there.

At the hospital Sarah runs into Nikolas and he asks her how the rest of her evening was; she tells him her sister showed up. He then asks her to help him wrap the present he bought for LuLu.

Robin runs into Mac at the hospital and he gives her some information on Jax and she tells him she spoke to Brenda & Sonny. Robin also tells him what she asked Sonny to do. Robin goes in to see Jason.

Wednesday, August 6, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Carly searches through Tony's medical bag looking for pills; when she finds some she looks them up in a particular book. In the middle of all of this AJ shows up. Carly invites him to dinner with her and Tony and he agrees. He then gives her a small gift for the baby, a rattle. When he leaves Carly wonders how she can be so cruel to her friend but this is not going to stop her from going ahead with her plan. Later on she shows up at a bar and seeks out help from the bartender.

Katherine asks why Alexis is at her apartment and she tells Katherine she's there to talk to her. Alexis apologizes for being rude to her earlier at the hospital and for also being guarded when she's around. Katherine does not believe her and asks Alexis what she really wants. She believes Stefan sent her to check up on her and look around. Alexis tells her she has no ulterior motive. Katherine finally accepts her apology but tells her she does not trust her.

Robin tells Jason about the study program in Paris and that she is leaving tomorrow. She asks him to say goodbye which he finds hard to do. Robin talks about Paris and when he asks her if she's ever been there she says no, she learned it all from him when he was there a few years ago. She then pulls out of her bag a mini statue of the Eiffel Tower which he had brought home for her; he asks her if he can keep it and she leaves it for him. Robin also tells him all the things he could do if he was in Paris with her but he tells her he can't change his lifestyle and can't escape it. He even tells her she doesn't have to go and asks if he'll ever see her again - she finds it hard to say goodbye. Robin kisses Jason goodbye and leaves the room - both are crying.

Brenda and Sonny awake from being knocked out and there hands are tied. Rivera comes in and tells them to give him one good reason he should let either one of them live an hour longer. Sonny, Brenda, Rivera, and The Tin Man wind up in a screaming match and the two of them remind Rivera how it was he who killed Lily & the baby, not Sonny. Sonny then goes on to tell Rivera how he was not leaving Lily and that he did love her but it was not him who killed her and that he will not beg for his life. He tells him he already experienced two wonderful loves in his life, more than most people have, and so he will not beg to Rivera. Later on Sonny unties them both and they walk out of the mansion and try to leave the grounds. Sonny thinks this is all to easy and there must be a trick somewhere; he's right; as they are making there way the meet up with a mountain animal.

Stefan approaches Sarah and expresses his concern for Audrey and her recovery. He also asks her some indirect questions about herself.

Audrey tells Sarah what happened with her sister and Sarah lets her grandmother know about Stefan's concern. Audrey confronts him and has a cool attitude towards him. He senses it and tries to talk to her about it - she doesn't seem to want to talk to him.

Alexis tells Stefan about her meeting with Katherine and then drops Katherine's keys off at the nurses station. Later on she meets a man named Leo in a diner asking him for his help. The two obviously know each other really well.

Robin visits Katherine to tell her about Paris and talk about what happened with Jason.

Amy compliments AJ on the turn around he's making with his life and warns him not to count on Carly.

Thursday, August 7, 1997

Robin is saying her good-bye's to Mac. He comes home to the news that she's taking an internship in Paris. He asks her when she is leaving, she says tonight. I know it's a short notice, no Robin, it's no notice. What about Jason? He took it well. That's good, now tell me the real reason you are leaving. She starts to cry, I have to leave uncle Mac, she looks over at the window, everything ended the night that the bullet went through that window. The doorbell rings, it's Tara. She is trying to pump information out of him as to the whereabouts of Sonny and Brenda.

Mike shows up at the hospital to visit Jason, he sees that there is something wrong. He says, have you heard from Sonny? Yes, I did. He sees the painful look on Jason's face. Sonny fired me! Mike can't believe it, maybe he is getting ready for you to do something else. No, he did it for Robin, but I will get my job back. He also tells Mike that Robin is leaving him. That she can't handle the fact that he could die at any minute, so she took a fellowship in Paris, and she leaves tonight. Mike tells him that he needs to tell her good-bye, that there is a difference for her in running away and just leaving. If you don't say good-bye to her, she will feel like she is just running away.

At the Quartermaines' Alan and Monica are still having a fight over her keeping her suspicions of Emily from him. She pleads with him to please let her explain, so he listens. After a little bickering, Robin shows up to say good-bye. She tells them why she is leaving, and to please watch out for Jason. Robin says her good-byes, and the Q's leave for the hospital to see if Jason is all right. When they arrive, he is dressed and getting ready to leave the hospital. They tell him they know that Robin is leaving and they will help him in any way that they can. He asks him to sign him out of the hospital, Alan refuses, but eventually agrees. Jason says thank you and leaves.

Meanwhile Sonny and Brenda are in real hot water. Lily's dad is out for revenge, slow revenge. Sonny and Brenda are trying to escape, but they don't know is that Rivera has camera's all over and can see exactly what they are both doing. They are on the grounds trying to escape, when a cougar shows up. They stop, Sonny lights some paper, throws it out to start a small brush fire, then they both run to get away. As they are running, Brenda falls into a hole. Sonny finally gets her out, when he looks over and sees the Tin Man. He tales them both back to the house. Rivera asks Sonny if he like their little excursion. Sonny yells at him, listen old man, do whatever it is you are going to do. all right I am going to kill you.

Not to far away, Jax and Officer V. are hot on Brenda's trail. They're at the bar where Sonny and Brenda found the Tin Man. They are trying to get information. The bartender knows that something is up, so Officer V. says yea, something is up, we are just trying to score some weed. Well, of course he didn't believe them, so then she makes up some story that she works for a rat farm, so she chats with the bartender for awhile, while Jax rummages through things. All of a sudden, the bartender starts to squeeze her arm so hard that she yells, Jax goes over to her, then the bartender decides to score some weed for them. He takes their money and goes into the back, awhile later he comes back and tell them that the day guy smoked it all, so Jax asks for his money back, the reply he gets is, what money? Officer V. nudges Jax to cool it, so they leave.

Friday, August 8, 1997

Robin is at the bridge remembering when Jason shows up, she turns around and looks at him. She says I didn't hear your motorcycle drive up. He tells her that Pete brought him. She says, I bet they don't even know that you have left the hospital, do they? Yes, Alan checked me out. Do you want me to leave? She runs over to him, puts her arms around him, tears in her eyes, says no, I don't want you to ever leave. He lets her know that he loves her, that he has only come to the bridge once since she left, and I tried to picture you here, but I couldn't and I didn't want to close my eyes and picture you because when I open them again it will still be dark with you not here. One thing I did learn is that I can live without you, it hurts but I can do it. I want more for you and I am glad that you do too. He holds her as they cry together. They passionately kiss remembering yesterday and their times together.

Sonny and Brenda are still being held by Rivera. He has given them 20 minutes to say their good-bye, because he is going to kill Brenda. Brenda goes over to Sonny, she tells him how much she loves him, then she breaks down crying saying I don't want to die. Sonny tries to convince her that Rivera might not kill them, he is trying to rid his conscience for killing Lily. He then looks at her and tells her he loves her, then says will you marry me? She looks at him, she says I had given up you ever asking me because to marry someone you have to trust them. He tell her, I couldn't even trust myself.. They tell each I love you, she agrees to marry him, when the Tin Man and his hoods walk into the room, grab Brenda and say it's almost time Sonny, he looks a the Tin Man and says, yea it's almost time.

Katherine takes Nikolas over to Spoon Island to visit Stefan and take a ride on his horse. They converse a little, then Nikolas takes off to the stables. Stefan walks over closely to Katherine, telling her how right she was for telling him not to push Nikolas into coming home. She gets him to smile, then tells him how lovely of a smile he has. He tells her that she could probably make him do it more often. Nikolas comes back from the ride and Stefan asks Katherine if she would stay the night, just as she is getting ready to answer, Alexis walks in and informs Stefan that she has some work for him to go over and that she is staying the night. Stefan's plans foiled again.

Later in the day Lucky shows up over at Sarah's and invites her to a concert in the park, she accepts, Sarah tells him that her sister is her to stay, she will introduce her to him tomorrow, she is out jogging. Lucky then leaves, not to long after Nikolas shows up and invites Sarah to go out to Spoon Island to go riding. She happily accepts, but Audrey is not to happy about it. At Ruby's Sarah's sister Liz is trying to order a beer, Ruby hands her a root beer. As Liz is leaving the diner, she lights up a cigarette and Lucky walks up to her and says something to her. He then introduces himself to her.

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