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 Recaps for GH Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on General Hospital
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Monica and Ned showed up at the Outback, looking for Emily and Alan. When they saw Emily was upset, they rushed over, demanding to know what was going on. At that moment, AJ walked over and Emily ran to him. Monica told Alan she wanted to know what Emily had said to him, and all he told her was that Emily was just upset about what had been going on. Alan left for the hospital but before he did, he reassured Emily that her secret was safe with him and told her not to worry. Monica did not believe Alan.

Bobbie was called away from her table by a waitress to go and help a sick person in the bathroom. She asked if everything was okay and the girl said yes, she was just pregnant. And it was Carly. Bobbie was completely taken aback and hurled her usual insults at Carly. Carly took them for only a few seconds until she threw a few of her own. Before walking out, Bobbie told Carly to walk away or Bobbie wouldn't be responsible for what happened. With tears in her eyes, Carly asked what else was new, Bobbie never was. That left Bobbie a bit puzzled. Bobbie let Tony have it and even went as far as to suggest it might not be his child. She left looking very hurt.

Sonny and Brenda saw the Tin Man at the bar in Tiger Key, Florida. They realized it was him when they saw him making another one of his origami animals out of a gum wrapper. The bartender slipped them a note, which requested the honor of their presence at a mansion. Sonny told Brenda it could be dangerous, and he was not sure if they would make it, but she told him she would not let him do it alone.

The Tin Man called his "boss" and said that he expected them to show. Although the boss's face was still not shown, he was lighting candles and placing long, white gloves in front of them.

Robin let out all her frustrations to Jason. She wanted him to quit his job, but he told her he couldn't; he knew too much and had done things even she didn't know about. He told her he didn't want to get out; he was good at what he did. She was afraid of him dying and was not sure if that was how she wanted to live. Mac interrupted to speak with Jason. He gave Jason a little news about Sonny and then said he'd like to make peace. Mac thanked Jason for loving Robin. Jason later told Robin that he'd do anything for her, but he wouldn't give up his job. Robin left upset.

At home, Carly explained to Tony why she had showed up at the Outback, and he understood. He also says he knew she would never deceive him. Tony then went to get ready for bed, and at that moment, AJ knocked at their door. Carly didn't answer.