GH Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on General Hospital
Nikolas suffered a concussion. Jason was shot at Robin's house and was rushed to the hospital for surgery. Jason survived the shooting, which he blamed on the Tin Man. Rebecca agreed to help with the investigation into Dorman's murder.
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Monday, July 14, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Stefan tries to wake Nikolas after his fall but is unable to do so. As he is calling for help, his computer program is about to abort. Stefan tries to enter the information but is too late. Nikolas is brought to GH where he regains consciousness, suffering only a concussion. He tells Stefan to get away from him and to leave him alone. Bobbie is around to see all of this take place. Alexis questions Stefan on what really happened.

Emily tells Alan she is afraid of loosing Monica. The two have a discussion which is interrupted by Monica. She claims she wants to tell him what's upsetting Emily; Ned then interrupts but Monica doesn't spill their secret.

As Robin and Jason are sharing an evening together at her house, Jason is shot. Robin calls 911 and he is rushed to the hospital. Robin calls the Quartermaine's and when Emily overhears she lets out a scream. When Robin and Jason arrive at the hospital she tells Mac what happened and that Jason believes is was "The Tin Man" who shot him. She tells Mac she tried to help Jason but couldn't get her blood on him. Alan tries to blame what happened on Sonny and him and Robin have a heated argument. Jason need to be operated on.

Lucky shows up at Sarah's house and she apologizes for not meeting him at Kelly's. The two hang out and she tells him about her episode with her car and Nikolas.

Bobbie calls Luke to find out what happened with Stefan's plan; she later goes to see him and is upset with the way he handled things; Luke was the one to set fire to the stables.

Meanwhile, Jax is still working on Rebecca, trying to get her to look at the sketch of The Tin Man. At first she won't; she's upset with Jax for telling everything to Mac. After Jason is brought in and Jax tells her who they think shot Jason, she looks at the picture and recognizes the man as the same one who was in the morgue the night Pierce was killed.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Sonny & Brenda are safely hidden on the yacht ( for now). Brenda expresses her concerns to Sonny regarding their escape and he tells her the real reason why he ran with her. At this point Sonny tells her they really don't have a plan but despite all their current problems they seem happy.

Lucky lets Luke know that he is upset with him for shutting him out of what went down with the Cassadines since it was him who helped Luke. He also tells Luke that he is not going to Switzerland for the summer; his reasoning, he needs to be on his own. Luke suspects it has something to do with Sarah Webber but Lucky denies it. Later on, Luke follows Lucky to GH only to see Lucky and Sarah together. It is here that Luke learns Jason was shot.

Nikolas is resting comfortably in his room but requests no visitors. However, Sarah slips into his room and he asks her to stay.

Katherine finds out about Nikolas from Amy. When she sees Stefan he tells her what happened and she comforts him.

AJ shows up at GH having just learned about Jason from the radio. Him and Ned have a confrontation once again with Ned threatening AJ to leave the family alone. Carly has also just found out and is right behind AJ.

Jason's doctor lets everyone know that he survived the operation and that he is going to make it. Robin is questioned by Garcia and Taggert. Later on the doctor lets her in to see Jason and he opens his eyes to see her there.

Jax asks Rebecca for her help and she agrees. Mac tells Jax he'll have the police come by and speak to her after they talk to Robin.

Sonny begins to wonder why Jason hasn't called yet. Brenda puts his mind to ease for the moment.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Stefan searches for Nikolas who has disappeared from the hospital. Katherine tries to calm Stefan down after he lashes out at Amy and tells him she will help him find Nikolas.

Audrey is rather in a clumsy mood; Sarah points out to her it must be because it is 1 year ago to the day that Steve passed away. They reminisce about him and later on Audrey thinks back to times with Steve.(During this time old clips are shown of the two of them).

Jason's awake and he asks Robin what happened. She pleads with him to let the doctors help him get better. Robin then starts to tell him that she can't take this anymore and that she is afraid for him. She also asks him not to do this anymore. Unfortunately Jason doesn't hear her because he is sleeping. When he does wake up he tells Robin he needs to talk to Sonny and keeps saying he needs his cell phone. Robin tells him she'll get it for him.

Robin goes home to get what Jason wants and when she sees where it all happened she breaks down into tears. Mac walks in and comforts her; she tells him she didn't know it was going to be like this.

Nikolas has gone off to be alone; he winds up at an old chapel. Sarah is also there and when he sees her crying her goes over to her. They talk about why they are both there and she tells him why she is upset. He asks her to tell him about her grandfather and comforts her in the process. He then leaves giving her time alone.

Bobbie learns about Jason and comforts the Quartermaine's. Luke offers his sympathy but does so with his foot in his mouth. As Bobbie offers her best wishes for Nikolas to Stefan, he is cold to her and Luke says so to him. As always Luke antagonizes Stefan and the two have a brief argument. Luke then goes into see Jason and reassures him Sonny & Brenda are OK.

Monica and Alan go in to see Jason and when Alan leaves Monica tells a sleeping Jason that this was all her fault. Little does she know that Jason looks like he is awake.

Nikolas shows up at Katherine's for help- he asks her if he can stay there.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

On the boat Sonny is really starting to get worried. It's going into the second day and he still hasn't heard from Jason. Sonny realizes that they are getting close to docking. He tells Brenda that it looks like that they are going to have to use one of Luke's disguises, Brenda says not to worry that she already has it covered. She comes out into the room, and she is wearing a blonde wig, Sonny stares at her and smiles. Brenda replies, I know what you are thinking. When you get tire of the old Brenda, you'll have me put on this wig.

Meanwhile, back at Mac's house, Robin is changing the bandage on her arm covering the cut that she received from the window that the bullet came through. Mac is concerned about Robin. She tells him that she has to get to the hospital and that she needs to give Jason the cell phone. Mac wants to know what's so special about the cell phone. Is the line scrambled so that it can't be traced. Mac brings Robin out breakfast, tells her to eat, that Jason can wait for thirty minutes. As they sit down, there's a knock on the door, it's Jax. They go outside to talk, Robin picks up the cell phone and calls Sonny.

All the Spencers are gathered together to wish Luke good luck and tell him bye ( he is going to Switzerland for the summer ). Lucy lets Luke know that she has everything taken care of with the club, and that she is going to miss him. Lucky also announces that he is staying in Port Charles and not going with his dad. Ruby says " You're staying alone." Lucky tells her that he has responsibilities at the hospital, as he is trying to convince everyone, Sarah walks in the door, and off Lucky darts to see her. Everyone starts to laugh. Mike wants to know from Luke if Sonny is all right. That since he is going to be gone so long, this might be his last chance for awhile. Luke tells Mike that if he didn't think that Sonny was all right he wouldn't be going to Switzerland.

At Katherine's house, she is trying to convince Nikolas that Stefan does love him, that he should call home to let him know that he is all right. Nikolas disagrees, he tells her that he can't talk to him until he knows what he is going to do, but he does know that he is not going home. He told her that he called in sick to the hospital, that he knows that if he goes there he will run into his Uncle. She tells him that if he doesn't call his uncle she will. As he is leaving, he reminds Katherine that she promise that she wouldn't call. Just after her leaves, she picks up the telephone, dials, and asks for Stefan.

As Mac and Jax are outside, Jason's phone rings and Robin answers it.. Sonny realizing that it's Robin he knows that there is something wrong. Robin tells him about the shooting, and that Jason is hurt bad. Sonny tells her to get over to the hospital and tell Jason that he orders him off of the Tin Man case. That she is to stick by Mac like glue. He tells her that he has to go, that he can't talk anymore. Robin goes over to the hospital and tells Jason what Sonny said. That he wasn't asking him, that he was ordering him.

On the boat Sonny and Brenda realize that they are docking, all of a sudden they hear someone coming, so they hide in the closet. Sonny has left the cell phone on the table, but it's to late to go get it. A man walks into the room, he see's the phone, picks it up, and walks out of the room with it. Sonny runs out of the closet to find the phone gone. They sneak of the boat and go to get something to eat, and try to figure out how they are going to get to Miami. Sonny looks over and sees a man loading a truck. The plan is to hide away in the back of the truck, now they have to figure out how to get on without the man seeing them. Brenda tells Sonny that they can sneak in when the man goes to the bathroom. Sonny wants to know how she knows that he is going to go to the bathroom, she smiles and says, " he is doing that man thing." Watch you'll see, she walks over to the man and starts to talk to him. She bumps into him and spills her ice cream all over him so that he has to leave. They both go to get into the truck, when the they are stopped by the police

Friday, July 18, 1997

The police that stopped Brenda and Sonny think that he is a armed robber. He fits the description of the man that they are looking for. Brenda is trying to explain to them, that Sonny is from Cuba and that he doesn't even know any English. Brenda tells the police that if they don' t believe her to look at his passport. Sonny pretends to look for it to stall for time. Sonny produces a passport, and they let him go. They sneak into the back of a truck that is headed for Miami, and they are on there way!

At the Quartermaines' Ned and Monica are talking about Jason and Emily. Ned tells the story about the night at the Outback, the first night he came home from the hospital, that when he got mad that night, he thought to himself, to stop and go after Jason, but I didn't and Sonny did. If I would have gone instead, maybe he wouldn't be a criminal and laying in the hospital shot. They leave to go to the hospital to visit Jason. At the hospital Grandmother and Ned are visiting Jason. He's sleeping, but grandmother tells Ned that he looks so pale, when he opens his eyes. Ned tells Jason that Monica says that he is on the mend. Jason says, why don't you tell her that, I hate hospitals, Ned says why don't you tell her yourself, Emily and Monica are waiting outside to see you.

Outside of Jason's room, Monica and Emily are having a few words. Emily seems to be so angry all of the time. Alexis's walks up and interrupts the conversation. Grandmother and Ned walk out of the room, Ned see's Alexis's and as usual he begins to flirt with her. Emily leaves and goes into Jason's room. Jason is very weak, but he asks her for help leaving the hospital. He wants he to bring him over his clothes to the bed for him. Emily walks away and Jason falls to the ground, she starts to have a flash back when she sees the blood on Jason's bandage.

Stefan at the hospital, is telling Bobbie that if she doesn't sign the papers giving up all the money that he gave her, that he has an interview set up with the press. That he will drag everything out about her past in court and Lucas will be the one that looses. Bobbie tells him that she isn't going to sign anything without her lawyer present, when Monica Bolls walks up. Stefan announces to her that he is donating 7 million dollars to a new drug wing ( that's the amount that he gave Bobbie ). Bobbie agrees to sign the papers if Stefan writes a letter to Audrey dropping all charges about the drug theft.

Jax is packing his bags to leave town, his side kick the cop is trying to stop him. Jax thinks that he's gotten away, he is headed for Florida, when she sticks her head into the cockpit and tells him to take the plane down. He tells her that if she has a gun she is going to have to use it. Alexis runs into Sarah at the hospital. She mentions to Sarah that Nikolas left the hospital before he should have, she tells Alexis that she just had lunch with him and that he seemed fine. Nikolas has gone back to Katherine's house, there is a knock on the door, he answers, it's Stefan.

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