GH Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on General Hospital
Audrey confronted Bobbie about the missing pills from the hospital. Bobbie caught Stefan and Katherine in a heated kiss. Jason figured out a clue to Dorman's murder.
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Monday, July 7, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Audrey confronts Bobbie about the missing pills from the hospital. Bobbie admits the truth that she was the one to take them but with good reason. She tells Audrey that she can't tell her exactly why she took them but asks for her to delay a day or two before reporting her.
Meanwhile, Luke goes to a Russian Orthodox Church to try to find out what the Russian message on Stefan's computer means. The priest helps him out and translates the message. It says "Final Activation on June 28 @ 20:00.
Katherine goes to see Stefan and tells him that she knows why him and Bobbie separated; she believes their attraction to one another is partly the reason. Katherine lets him know she is hopeful for their future together. They share a kiss and at that moment Bobbie appears. This confirms what Bobbie suspected and she begins to hurl insults at Katherine; Stefan defends her and yells at Bobbie. Katherine leaves and Bobbie threatens Stefan and vice versa. He tells Bobbie her career as a nurse at GH and at any hospital will be over if he decides it should be. He then orders her off his property and tells her he'll be in touch with his terms.
Back at the hospital Carly decides to play matchmaker for AJ; she wants to reunite him and Keesha. AJ is remembering bits and pieces of the night they hung out and plans on remembering everything. Carly is afraid he might remember they made love and think the baby is his. Carly phones Keesha who comes back down to the hospital and Carly proceeds to tell her that AJ is still in love with her and needs her to help him get through his battle with alcohol. Keesha then stops by the gym to talk to AJ and when she leaves Carly walks in to tell AJ she believes Keesha still loves him. She is pushing him to give it another try but he is adamant about not getting involved. Carly then invites AJ over for dinner on Tuesday and then she phones Keesha and extends the same invitation.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Mike goes to see Luke and he thanks him for all he's done in the last two years. Luke tells him that life as they know it is over and vaguely talks about Stefan and what is going on. Mike provides Luke with some valuable information on the Julian calendar; this enables Luke to figure out that June 28th (the date in the message) really means July 11th - the date everything is going down.

Brenda and Sonny are still on the run and she is convinced someone is watching them; Brenda's right and the mysterious man tips off Taggert to their whereabouts. The police show up and order the two to surrender. When they don't come out, tear gas is thrown into the house but the two escape and show up at Luke's.

Jax goes to see Mac to find out what information he's come up with. Mac informs him he had a look at all the evidence which included a black button and a folded piece of paper shaped like an animal which appears to be made out of a gum wrapper. Robin walks in and asks what's going on. She wants to know where Jason is and Mac hesitantly tells her; he's in jail. The two of them go down to Police Headquarters where Jason is later released.

Back at the hospital Sarah and Lucky are working when Nikolas and Lucky have a confrontation. Sarah steps in and informs Lucky that anger is not an attractive quality. They decide to meet later on at Kelly's for a bite to eat; on the way Sarah experiences car trouble and who appears, Nikolas.

Jax and his shadow V. Ardanowski are at the hospital, in conversation, when Rebecca Chase jumps in making accusations about Brenda. Ardanowski makes assumptions about Rebecca based on her appearance and dress, and she points out that she is missing a button on her sweater - this leads Jax to believe the button is the same one Dorman was holding when he died and that she murdered him.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Sarah and Nikolas banter back and forth, and he helps repair her car. For a brief minute the two seem to be getting along. Look likes there an attraction between them.

Jason makes a connection between the origami and Dorman's death. Jason gives a description of the man he saw in the hospital with Dorman to Kevin who sketches the picture. Since they don't know what to call this man they nickname him, "The Tin Man." AJ stops by Mac's and recognizes the guy in the picture from the "Zebra Bar", a place he used to drink in. We then see flashes of The Tin Man at the bar making another origami. Jason tells Robin he has to go out for a little while - she gets a bad feeling and asks him not to go. Jason reassures her and says he'll be right back.

Sonny and Brenda go to Luke for help - Luke tells Brenda she may have to wear a disguise. The two plan on leaving town and aren't sure when they'll be able to return. Luke sets something up for them.

Jax inquires about Rebecca Chase to Audrey ad Amy. Amy provides him with some useful information-she speculates that the two were having an affair. Later, Jax apologizes to Rebecca and tries to win her confidence. He appears to win her over and she tells him that her and Dorman were in love and she would have done anything for him. She talks about his drug dealings and how they were planning on leaving town. Jax asks her when she last saw Dorman and then proceeds to tell her about the button the police found which matches the ones on her sweater.

Keesha arrives at Carly's for dinner and questions her on who the fourth place setting is for - AJ shows up.

Thursday, July 10, 1997

Luke sneaks Sonny and Brenda out of Luke's place to where he feels that they will be safe. He brought them enough supplies to last for a while. Sonny tells Luke that he was wrong about who was setting them up and now he is flying blind. He doesn't know where to look now, so Luke tells him to just keep looking at Brenda, for if he starts to get paranoid that he won't be able to see anything but if he just keeps looking at Brenda he will be able to see what is over her shoulder.

At the hospital Stefan and Alexis are talking when Bobbie shows up and lays into Alexis. She wants to know if she ever had a life of her own, if not will she ever get one. Alexis tells Stefan that she will see him later and leaves. Stefan asks Bobbie what she wants. Bobbie says, I was just going to ask you the same question. He tells her that he wants his name back, money, and anything else he gave her. He doesn't want her shaming his name anymore.

Over at the hospital Jax is talking to Rebecca about what happened the night that Dorman was killed. He tells her about the button that the police found in his hand, like the one that is missing from her sweater. She breaks down, I didn't kill him, all I did was let him die. She tells him that the day the computers went down, she heard the Pierce was in the hospital, so I tried to find him, I went down to the morgue, and he was laying on the floor, I have never seen so much blood, I bent over him, he started talking about the drugs, I knew then that what everyone was saying was true, he grabbed my sweater, and pulled the button off. I ran out of the morgue. She did remember seeing some man with real long hair in the hall though.

Over at Tony and Carly's apartment Carly has invited AJ and Keesha for dinner. Keesha arrived first, then AJ showed up. The minute they both saw each other they wanted to leave, but Carly told them both that all she wanted to do was have dinner with two of her friends, that she doesn't expect anything from either one of them. Just as they finished dinner the phone rings for Tony, it's the hospital. Tony tells everyone that he has to leave, and that just seem to be the excuse that everyone need to go home. AJ stays behind to talk to Carly, telling her that he was having a good time until two hours ago ( before he showed up at Carly's ), and he slams the door and leaves.

Back at Mac's, Robin is worried about Jason, but she doesn't want Mac know. He tells Robin that Jason is Sonny's right arm man, he tells her that Jason thinks fast on his feet, but that it doesn't make him bullet proof. Then the door bell rings, Robin answers the door, its Katherine . She gives Robin a big hug, she can tell that there is something wrong, but Robin doesn't let on.

Over at the bar Jason is trying to find out if anyone knows about the guy that he is looking for. He strikes up a conversation will one of the bikers at the bar to try to friendly. He asks the bartender about the guy that he is looking for, he makes up a story that nobody believes. The bartender say, I know who you are and who you work for. He reaches into his pocket, when the guy behind the bar tell him that he better take his hand out, he thinks that Jason is going for a piece. He tells the guy that he doesn't have one and takes out the picture and shows it to him ( not knowing that he is at the table behind him. The bartender shakes his head no, but his eyes look over at the table where the tin man was sitting. As Jason leaves the bar, he sees one of the tin foil animals and a pack of matches, he picks up the matches and leaves. He heads outside and calls Sonny. He tells him everything that he knows, and Sonny tells him not to go back to that bar again.

At Spoon Island, Stefan turns on his laptop computer, loads the program, sees that it has loaded then he has a toast with Alexis, to the past, she says to the future, tonight is the night, but he doesn't know that Luke has something planned. At the hospital Bobbie had told Luke about the conversation that she had with Stefan, Luke tells her not to worry, that he thinks he knows how to foil Stefan's plan, but that he doesn't want Stefan to know that it was him, he doesn't want anymore harm to come to his family and friends.

Friday, July 11, 1997

We left off yesterday with Jason talking to Sonny on the phone and the Tin Man is hiding in the bushes waiting to shoot Jason. Just as he is getting ready to pull the trigger, a couple comes out of the bar and blocks his view. Jason is describing to Sonny the description of this guy, the Tin Man raises the gun, aims, then the bartender comes storming out yelling at Jason, telling him I thought I told you to leave, I meant the premises, Jason turns around, looks at him, and says if you know who my boss is, then you know he doesn't make threats, if you want to keep this bar in one piece, you'll get out of my face. Jason finishes his conversation with Sonny and leaves.

At Spoon Island Stefan and Alexis are preparing for the final execution of the virus into the computer system. Alexis seems uneasy, and Stefan calls her on it. She says that she didn't realize that world power came at such a price. She tells him though that she is completely loyal to him, and not to worry, he replies "I hope so." Over at Luke's house his plan is in motion. He has accessed the security grid at Spoon Island. Lucky walks in and wants to know what he is doing and offers to take over, but Luke says he is having to much fun. Lucky wants to know why he isn't trying to access the main frames at GH. Luke yells at him, listen you weren't around, I have got it handled, it's to late to access the GH's computers. With his program he has started a fire in the stables at Wyndemere.

At the Quartermaines' Emily overhears Ned talking about the murder and how Monica wanted to turn herself in for something she didn't do. She gets upset, when Alan walks into the room and asks her if she is all right, he tells her that she looks rather pale. Emily almost lets it out what she overheard. Grandfather enters the room, as usual he is complaining about how she is dressed, when the door bell rings, its Sarah. Edward asks her if she is related to Rick Webber, and she answers, yes he is my uncle, Jeff Webber is my father. Monica is worried that Emily will say something to Sarah about the murder.

Back at Wyndemere, the fire is starting to spread, Stefan doesn't know that Nikolas meeting has been canceled. The time is almost here, when Nikolas enters the room, yelling at Stefan, what is the matter with you, didn't you hear me, the stables are on fire! Stefan yells back, Alexis is taking care of it, but Nikolas gets angry and goes over to his uncle. Stefan pushes him, and he falls down and hits his head. Stefan runs over, picks up his head, and calls out his name. All of a sudden the 45 second count down begins.

At Robins house, there's a knock on the door, its Jason. She runs up and hugs him, he gives her a bundle of flowers that he picked for her. Robin asks him why he is late, that they better check to see if they still have a table for dinner. Jason makes the call, and finds that they have given it away, so they decide to stay home for dinner. They are laughing, dancing, kissing, not knowing that outside the Tin Man is lurking. He puts the gun together, aims, then fires! The bullet hits the flower vase, Robin screams and Jason runs over and knocks her down. He stands up, turns around to the window, then another shot is heard.

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