GH Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on General Hospital
Tony told Bobbie that Carly had been responsible for the lawsuit papers that had been sent to Wyndemere. Monica confessed to Alan that she had kidnapped Dorman. Dorman was stabbed.
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Monday, June 2, 1997

Alexis reports to Ned on the horrific aftermath of the hostage situation at GH. Explaining how one of the interns broke hospital rules in an effort to save Audrey's life, Alexis frets over the fact that the young man will probably end up losing his license once the Review Board meets. Jason begins to fill Sonny and Brenda in on the bizarre way in which Pierce landed in police custody. Tony tells a stunned Bobbie that Carly was the one who sent the lawsuit documents to Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Carly cries on AJ's shoulder as she waits in vain for her lover to return. Upon learning of the crisis which gripped GH during the overnight hours, Carly rushes to the hospital to check on Tony. Unwilling to disclose all the gory details of the previous evening in front of Brenda, Jason tells Sonny he'll catch him up on the story at another time. Later, Monica entreats her son not to reveal how she took Pierce prisoner and was on the verge of executing him. Delighted to witness another quarrel between Tony and his ex-wife, Carly assumes she's back in the doctor's good graces. Stefan phones Laura and demands answers about her last conversation with her elder son. Nikolas suddenly reappears on Spoon Island but bitterly informs his uncle he only came back to collect his passport and to say goodbye to Bobbie.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997
by Connie

Jax is once again bothered by the lady cop, when he goes to get his newspaper, at the penhouse front door. She has his dry cleaning flung over her shoulder, saying she was checking it for contraband. After a few words with her, he tells her he's getting this situation taken care of today and slams the door in her face.

Pierce Dorman is in jail ranting and raving to his attorney about getting him out of jail. The Q's are out to get him-he wants a restraining order against all of them, especially the brain dead one. The attorney needs a witness to say they saw what happened to him in the hotel room or any other time the Q's have harrassed him. In walks Rebecca (his partner in crime) to his cell door. The attorney leaves to work on getting him out and Dorman proceeds to get Rebecca's help. Rebecca is fretting about him being in jail and Dorman looks at her with doe eyes and tells her he's worried about her. The Q's may be out to get her next. He tells her he always worries about the people he loves. Rebecca swoons and says he's never said that to her before! Once he gets out and that should be soon he wants to leave GH and PC and wants her to go with him. She says she'll go anywhere and do anything for him. Dorman smiles!!!

Sonny and Brenda take a picnic by a lake out in the country. Sonny proceeds to tell Brenda the significance of the place. He came to Kids camp when he was 8 years old at that very spot. He was driving by the other day, saw a for sale sign and bought it. He said the place was a place of peace for him, it shows how he feels about her, wants her to see it and offer it to her. Brenda is thrilled; they declare their love and embrace.

Meanwhile, Alan and Tony talk outside of Audrey's hospital room about Joe Scanlon being put on suspension. They proceed to talk about AJ living next door to Tony and why didn't Tony tell Alan. Tony felt it wasn't his place to tell Alan and was respecting AJ's privacy. Alan feels AJ is needed at home right now. Tony says AJ needs to be on his own. Tony gets around to telling Alan about the situation between him and Bobbie and Lucas. He's left Carly-he doesn't know if its for good though. Alan feels Bobbie will come around and things will be worked out. Tony hopes so. Amy tells Alan as she walks out of Audrey's room that Dorman hasn't called or came in. Alan is excited and tells Tony he may be able to finally fire Dorman if he doesn't show!!!
Monica walks up to Alan and Tony. Tony leaves to check on the new tests he ordered for Audrey. Monica tells Alan Dorman is in jail and why. She also tells him what she did to him and Jasons part in it. Alan is shocked. He tells her if she had told him earlier, he definitely would have killed Dorman!! She only did what he was dreaming about doing to Dorman himself-but he's worried if Mac can keep him in jail.

Later Mac calls Monica at home and asks if shes got the records on Dorman he needs. She asks if Emily's diary is enough to keep him in jail. No, says Mac. Emily comes down the stairs and overhears as Monica tells Mac that Matt stole the diary but Dorman used it to make trouble for all the Q's. Plus the PD that Matt told Emily was Pierce Dorman and he had sold the drugs to Matt. Still wasn't enough, says Mac. After Monica hung up and left the room, Emily calls AJ -he isn't there -she leaves a message for him to call her or come to the house. When AJ shows up later, Ned was talking to her in the foyer. As soon as AJ says hi, she breaks down and tells him it was all her fault- everything against you, Jason and Lois. She sits down and sobs.

Jax storms into Mac's office and demands he be cleared, since Dorman has been arrested! He wants Jax to wait a little longer. No, Jax says, he has done everything he was supposed to. The Mayor and Dorman's attorney walk in just as Jax says he played the decoy so Mac could trap him. Just what the attorney wanted the Mayor to hear! Jax leaves when the Mayor says he wants to talk to Mac. Jax demands action today or he will bring trouble. The Mayor can't believe Mac arrested Dorman without cause! Mac says he believes Dorman is the person whose bringing herion in to PC. No proof. The Mayor is tired of the Scorpio's always using the commissioner's office like this and is tired of his arrogance. He then fires him. Mac hands over his badge with pleasure.

AJ goes to Carly at her apartment and tells her he remembers hugging her that night he was drunk. She tries to deny it, but AJ persists. Did he do anything else to her that night? She finally admits he did, but he was drunk. He humbly apologizes and asks her not to tell Tony. She says don't worry about it, its in the past. Tony may not be around any longer anyway, to say anyting to. AJ believes Tony will be back, because she's such a nice person.

The Q's keep trying to get ahold of Tom Hardy in Africa. Edward says, the village that Tom is in has be overrun by rebels and the phone lines are down. No one knows if Tom is alright. Lila sighs and asks how Audrey is...In a coma, but hanging on.

Tony goes to the apartment to pick up a few things. Carly looks hopeful when he walks in. He tells her he wished she hadn't been there, because he doesn't want to hurt her. She tears up and says to him, I've got no where else to go.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997
by Connie

Sonny and Brenda make love on the blanket on his property in the country by the lake.

Meanwhile, Dorman and Rebecca sit in the police offices waiting for his release . Taggert comes out and asks what's going on. Dorman tells him he's out of this rat hole and once he is, he's suing the police for false arrest. Taggert laughs at him. Dorman carries on, "The Mayor didn't think it was so funny, why do you think Mac Scorpio was fired?" Taggert sneers at him saying,"You shouldn't be so cocky, just because your mouthpiece smoothed some judge. The police department won't forget about you. With All the good work this department can do, pretty soon it'll be hello rathole again!" Jason walks in,(he'd just left Monica and Alan at the hospital, where he found out Mac was fired.) Dorman taunts Jason about the restraining order that just came through against Jason (Dorman's attorney got the restraining order, because Rebecca signed it as a witness, that Jason was harassing Dorman). Rebecca and Dorman leave; Dorman looking like the cat that ate the canary. Jason calls Sonny and tells him what has happened. Sonny and Brenda have to break up their romantic interlude and go immediately to GH.

Amy is very aggravateddue to computer problems at the hospital. Can't get the repair people to come. It keeps up all day.

Emily gets out of controlcarrying on about how the family's problems were her fault, because Dorman read her diary. AJ and Ned try to reason with her, but she continues to cry and she says shes out of here! Ned grabs her and asks her what she's on and when did she take it? AJ grabs Ned and tells him not to make it worse. Emily sinks to the floor, puts her hands over her ears and starts to repeat "Go Away!" She finally ends up in a trance and AJ picks her up and carries her to the car and Ned and AJ take her to GH.

Jason goes back to the hospitaland informs Alan and Monica that Dorman was released. They are outraged and Alan says,"the police may not have enough on him, but I do and he will be fired!" The elavator opens and in walk AJ and Ned with Emily. Ned explains what happens. Alan goes for the doctor and frantic Monica goes to Emily with Ned and Jason. Monica tries to sooth Emily while waiting for Alan to return. Emily is admitted and the Dr. says she had nothing toxic in her system. No pecise diagnosis-people in extreme grief sometimes have emotional outpouring and then shutdown in order to protect themselves. Ned feels guilty because she didn't snap until he accused her of using again. The doctor feels she'll probably come out of it in 24 hours-if not they may medicate her. Everyone in the family visit her and tell her they love her.

Sonny and Brenda arrive at GHand find out about Emily. Sonny speaks to Jason. Jason wants Dorman taken care of now! Sonny agrees. He thinks Dorman is going to leave town with the heroin and when he does, they will be waiting for him. Sonny leaves for awhile to take care of something. Brenda visits Emily and gives her a locket that has Ned's daughter Brook's picture in it. Emily is still in a trance.

Rebecca comes to work at GHafter leaving Dorman at his apartment. He insisted she go and let him rest. When Brenda sees her, she verbally lashes out at her. They go into a yelling match. Brenda tells her Dorman sells drugs to kids, why do you lie for him, he's only making a fool of you. Rebecca is mad, says Brenda believes anything the Lordly Quartermaines tell her and how dare she question the integrity of a fine dr. like Dorman. "That fine dr. sells drugs to kids"yells Brenda. Rebecca yells back, "That thug (Jason)you were just talking to beat Pierce up and almost killed him!" Brenda snears at Rebecca and says,"Too Bad he didn't, because somebody should! Better come up with a new plan, honey, whatever you think you have with Dorman is about to end. He's about to get what he deserves, I can guarantee that!" Amy breaks it up and calms Brenda down. Brenda says to Amy, "Somebody needs to stop Dorman!"

Jason goes to Emily's room to talk to her. Monica gets emotional seeing Jason talk to Emily. She runs from the room crying. She tells Alan, "I should have killed Dorman when I had the chance!!"

Thursday, June 5, 1997

The day started off with Luke speaking to Laura on the telephone , letting her know that he is ready to begin with the final phase of his plan. Laura tells Luke that he should follow his instincts when it comes to Bobbie. Meanwhile, Bobbie is at the hospital having another discussion with Tony about Lucas. Everything was going fine until Bobbie got upset with Tony for insinuating that she can't admit to her mistakes and walk off angry. She then receives a call from Ruby telling her to come over to the diner now and then mysteriously hangs up. Confused Bobbie rushes over to the diner thinking something is wrong only to find Luke there.

Luke begins to explain to Bobbie about the Faberge egg and the contents that lay inside it. He tells her that there is a computer virus chip inside, that Stefan plans to use on the main frame computers at GH, maybe on the entire world, Bobbie doesn't believe him. Luke tells her that one day he was pissed off and was tossing the egg when he noticed that it had three notches on it just like the medalions that the Cassadines wear. One of his friends at the WSB helped him to open the egg, he made a copy of the chip and put the copy back in to the egg. Bobbie thinks that Luke is crazy and ask him how does he know that she just won't go tell Stefan everything that he has just told her. Luke tells her to do what she thinks is right as she leaves.

Meanwhile at the hospital Tony is telling Carly that she is getting behind in her work and that she needs to start paying more attention to her patients, just to make her feel bad. Carly tells Tony that he left a few things behind that she gave him when he moved out , he proceeds to tell her that it wasn't by accident and walks off. AJ sees that Carly is real upset and says to her that it looks like she needs a friend. She tells him what happened with Tony. She tells AJ that he looks bad and he tells her how bad he wants a drink. They walk around awhile until she feels better and he no longer needs a drink. Justus shows up and tells Carly that he knows what she has done and that it is 3rd degree burglary and that he could bring charges against her. AJ asks Justus to please back off of Carly. Carly and AJ walk around for while until they both feel better.

Katherine and Stefan are discussing the hospital because of the hostage situation that had happened a couple of days ago, when Nikolas walks in and takes her down to physical therapy where she proceeds to tell him that he is acting like an ungratefull adolescent. He can't believe that she is defending his uncle. She tells him that she believes that Stefan is truly sorry and that if he really wanted to hurt her he could have done so already. Nikolas tells her that he has seen the true Stefan and that he only stayed in Port Charles to help her.

Monica is real upset that Dorman is out of jail and tells Alan that she wishes that she had killed him that day. Jason walks up to Alan and tells him that Mac has been fired and that they let Dorman go because they couldn't find where the heroin was at. Jason leaves to call Sonny, who is at Dormans apartment explaining to him in great details what a mistake it was for him to have tried to kill him , and that he can't be responsible for what happens to him if he tries to leave his apartment . Dorman had planned to leave.

At the hospital AJ had gone to visit Emily and tells her that he will never let anyone hurt her again, she wakes up for a moment, then goes back into her coma state. Ned comes to visit her and tells her that growing up is a process and that sometimes you can get lost in the woods and that she might need an experienced hand to help her out. He tells her that everyone needs her and he leaves. Monica, Alan and AJ are discussing maybe having to put her somewhere for help when the hospital room door opens and Emily calls out for AJ and runs into his arms. The family gathers around her.

In his office Stefan and Alexis are discussing the computer chip that he is going to plant into the main frame computer at GH. She is concerned because of the conflict between Nikolas and him that Nikolas might tell. Stefan tells her not to worry that he is loyal and that even though they are fighting , Nikolas will stick with the plan. They decide to plant the chip as soon as possible, that now is the time. Luke calls Laura back and tells her what happened with his meeting with Bobbie. He tells her that Stefan will plant the chip whether Bobbie tells him that Luke knows about the chip or not.

Friday, June 6, 1997

Today at the hospital Tony had to operate on Audrey again , she started bleeding in her head and Tony asked Bobbie if she would assist him in with the operation. Justus tells Carly that he has decided not to press charges against her and she thanks him. Justus proceeds to tell Carly not to thank him but to thank AJ for he came to her defense. As Emily is waiting for her Dr. appointment with Dr. Rodgers she runs into Dorman and he threatens her that if she tells anyone that she has seen him that he will take care of her and her mom. Emily tells him that she wishes that he was dead.

In the mean time Alexis and Stefan are planing to put the virus into the computer. She is explaining to Stefan that it is not to late to stop and Stefan says yes it is and proceeds to load the virus. Katherine and Nikolas are in the physical therapy room, Katherine is trying to convince him that his uncle isn't that bad guy that he is making him out to be, but Nikolas isn't paying to much attention to what she is saying. All of a sudden AJ enters the room and wants to know if anyone knows anything about computers, he says that his has gone dead. Nikolas tries to fix it but can not.

Sonny is outside the hospital telling his goons to watch all the doors and windows so that Dorman can't leave. Sonny had followed him to the hospital, he thinks that he has planted the heroin in the hospital. Detective Taggert shows up and starts his same old stuff with Sonny, but Sonny stands firm and says that you need me because his people can do things to Dorman that he can't. Taggert lets Sonny know that he is walking a fine line.. Brenda shows up and Sonny asks her to go into the hospital and tell the Quartermaines to back off of Dorman. They didn't listen, they all took off to look for him.

In the operating room Tony is operating on Audrey when all of the computers go down. Bobbie is standing there when she remembers what Luke had said about the virus. Nobody knows what to do. He can't see a thing that he is doing and yells for everyone to go get some light, find out what is going on! Later on one of the nurses comes back as Tony is guessing as to whether or not he has fixed Audrey, the nurse comes in with a plug to link them to a satellite and Tony finishes up.

Ned is looking for Emily who is not in her room, she has followed Dorman down to the Morgue where he has hidden the heroin in a dead patient of his. He basically has told her that he killed her boyfriend Matt and that she better watch out. She runs out crying after she has scratched him on the face and he has knocked her down. Dorman waits in the morgue for the orderlies to return so that he can leave with the patient and the heroin.

On her way back to the room Emily runs into another room where there is operating tools and quite a bit of blood. She sees a scalpel and takes it and leaves the room. Meanwhile Monica finds out that Dorman is at the morgue and that Emily is not in her room. While Dorman is waiting he is singing , and talking to himself about all the dirty deeds he has done, when some one enters the room, he looks up , with shock and he is stabbed in the chest with a scalpel.

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