GH Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on General Hospital
Bobbie confided to Tony about her suspicions that Stefan and Katherine were having an affair. Bobbie rebuffed Stefan's advances. Ned and Emily had a talk about drugs and the family.
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Monday, May 5, 1997

Stefan breaks into the Spencer's house looking for the egg. He opens the safe behind a picture on the wall and finds nothing. When he is about to leave their house, he spies a letter on the table from Laura. Inside is a picture that shows Lesley Lu with the egg. The picture appeared to have been taken a few weeks ago. He also finds Laura's address in Switzerland. Stefan leaves the letter where he found it and leaves, but not without Luke seeing him. Luke realizes Stefan fell for the trap.

A majority of Port Charles gathered at Luke's for the All-4-One concert. Lucy is up to her old tricks and tries to get All-4-One to volunteer to perform at the Nurses Ball. Tom reveals he accepted a consulting job in Africa when Audrey inquires about a letter he received about it. He says to Felicia that he has to go now that he is "whole" again to finish what he started there. That is the one gift he can give to his father.

Tony finds a distraught Bobbie at the hospital. He tries to console her about the suspicions that Stefan and Katherine are having an affair. They have a heart-to-heart talk about their marriage and friendship. Tony is paged and has to leave.

Nikolas finds Katherine at her apartment. She is upset and he tries to find out why. He finds Bobbie's scarf and asks why she was there. Katherine will not reveal anything to him and he leaves.

Jax shows up at Miranda's after his business trip. He tells her to get out of town and stay out of his business. She tells him that Sonny and Brenda are involved with each other. Jax demands to know how she knows that. She informs him about the letter she read a few weeks ago from Brenda that revealed her true feelings. Jax was angry that Miranda would read a private letter of Brenda's and accuses her of blackmailing Brenda with it. She tries to tell him that she told Brenda to come out and tell him the truth. Miranda also tells him she loves him and everything she has done was because of that love. Jax says that she has changed and is not the innocent girl he found on the beach those years ago. He leaves and tells her again to leave town, do not call, and do not count on him for anything because he never wants to see her again.

While Jax was at Miranda's, Brenda becomes worried about where he could be. His plane was supposed to arrive a while ago. She calls the pilot of the company plane to see if the plane was late. He tells her they arrived early. Dr. Dorman comes to see Jax, to Brenda's surprise and disgust. He asks to stay and wait until Jax gets home, but she says that she does not want to make small talk with him. Dorman gives his business card and tells Brenda to have Jax call him. Jax finally arrives home.

After seeing Stefan leave his house, Luke goes back to Luke's and calls Laura. He tells her Stefan took the bait and to expect him to visit. He makes sure that she knows what to do. Meanwhile, Stefan tells Alexis he saw the picture of Lesley Lu and the egg. He decides he must go to Switzerland to get the egg since it has something of great value on the inside. Alexis wonders if this is all a plan by Luke and Laura. She does not think they would deliberately take a picture of Lesley Lu and the egg, since it was a gift from Nikolas, and send it to Luke. Stefan does not believe it could be a trick. He thinks he can easily sway Laura to go against her husband.

Jason is suspicious when Carly arrives at Luke's alone. He wonders about the stability of her and Tony's relationship and asks her about it. She explains to him that Tony was on call at the hospital that night. Jason leaves and she inquires about legal help from Justus.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997
by Connie Redditt

Felicia thinks Stefan is behind her mysterious computer problems (because of what Tom had discovered about him & GH)) and she feels he's getting even with Tom by harrassing Felicia. Lucy gave her permission to investigate Kevin's trip to England to see if it's anything to do with Stefan and his computer.

Lucy confided more to Felicia about Kevin's strange behavior and is determined to help him feel good about their future together & that nothing will come between them.

Luke and Lucky told Sonny about the Faberge' Egg and how they discovered the secret inside it. There is two slots at the base and Luke figured out it had to do with the Cassadine Medallions. He got Laura's and Leslie's medallions and inserted them and it unlocked the base. They found what was inside and believe it has something to do with computers . From what Felicia told him it must have something to do with breaking into mainframes of large computers. And he was testing it when he was harassing Felicia. It is a microchip and they think Stefan must have a copy of it. Stefan puts off going to Switzerland to confront Laura about the egg thinking Luke and Laura have no idea about the contents. He wants to arrange a business trip as a cover-up, so as not to cause suspicion.

Jax and Brenda came to an understanding. She started to tell him about Sonny and the cave-but he stopped her. He told her that whatever happened in the cave helped her get off the pills and helped them both eventually realize they needed to be apart for now. He didn't want to know what the details were about the happenings in the cave, just like she didn't need to know the details of what was said exactly with Miranda. He said they needed to let each other go for now, he missed her and was afraid he will lose her forever. They agreed it was for the best. He still wants a future with her and was interested to see what will happen.

Bobbie came home to Stefan after confronting Katherine and as the get into bed -Stefan tries to seduce Bobbie and she shuns his advances saying she needs sleep since she wasn't feeling good. Stefan is perplexed.

Miranda finds Katherine at the hospital excercising by herself in the therapy room. She tells Katherine its over between she & Jax and that she totally humiliated herself with him. Now he must hate her! She cries. She leaves the room to get herself together and when she comes back, finds Dorman with Katerine. Dorman scolds Katherine for being there alone and gets her back in her wheelchair. As he pushes her away -Miranda flashes to seeing him pushing a man at the airport in a wheelchair. That was what Sonny wanted to know previously if she remembered seeing anything about Dorman when they were at the airport together.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997
by Beth Cordes

Alan and Monica prepare for Emily's homecoming by bringing her therapist to their house. She sits down and talks to the whole family, but after hearing the problems their family has, she is overwhelmed.

Ned informs the family that Jax is blackmailing them with the information that Tracy is a mob princess. In return for his silence he wants his spot on the ELQ board.

Jason visits Emily at the hospital. They have a long talk about how she feels safe at the hospital and does not want to go home. Jason says that he is available for her anytime if she wants to get away from her family. Jason leaves, but AJ shows up soon after. AJ and Emily also have a long conversation. She opens up to him that Matt was the one who supplied her with the drugs and taught her how to use them. She also tells him about how Matt's mother blames her for his death.

Justus tells Tony that there should be a formal custody agreement for Lucas. Tony says that Bobbie and he have a mutual understanding which is just fine. Then he says that things are not totally resolved yet and there may be changes. Carly overhears the conversation and becomes upset. She walks away before Tony could see her. She finds Justus after he is done talking to Tony and asks when he will be available during the day because her "friend" might want to call him for some legal advice. He tells her that he will be busy with meetings all day long, but she could call his secretary. A little while later, Carly dons a wig and a southern accent and shows up at Justus's office. His secretary leaves and she goes snooping in his office.

Felicia visits Kevin and tells him about her suspicions about Stefan. He tells her that he works for the Cassadines and he is loyal to them because when no one else would give him a job, they did. Felicia begs Kevin for any information he might get in the future.

For the Nurses Ball, Lucy has a brainstorm to put in a song and dance number with Sonny and Mike. She runs this by Kevin, but he is apprehensive since she has not talked to them about it. Later on, she goes to the hospital and gets a message that Scotty might be coming back to town. She is very excited to say the least.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Stefan left Bobbie with a kiss and then asked Alexis for her precious family medallion so that he could verify that the virus was still in the egg. Alexis wanted Stefan to understand the gravity of his request, but Stefan said that this was an emergency situation. Alexis was about to give Stefan the medallion indicating that she was placing his loyalty over that of the family, but Stefan told her that it would not be necessary. Alexis then realized that Stefan had been testing her, and Stefan told her that he was now confident that she could manage things in his absence. Nikolas told Bobbie that he was concerned for her happiness and was upset over Stefan's attention to Katherine. Bobbie told Nikolas that he had nothing to worry about and mentioned Stefan's trip. Nikolas realized that Stefan was going after the egg. After hearing from Bobbie about Stefan's trip, Luke called Laura and told her to get ready. Meanwhile, AJ caught Carly in Justus's office, but she covered and asked AJ not to tell Justus about her visit. AJ then told an impressed Justus that he was resigning from the City Council and was willing to take any legal lumps from what had happened to Jason. AJ then saw Carly's earring and was determined to return it to her. Miranda told Sonny about her memory flashback regarding Dorman which lead Sonny to believe that he had enough evidence against him. Katherine lobbied Miranda not to leave town, but she was determined to put Port Charles behind her. Sonny visited Katherine to get Miranda's statement, but Katherine told him that Miranda was leaving town for good. Mike flirted with Mary Scanlon, Katherine's new nurse, and got her business card. Mike then placed a bet based on her phone number. Meanwhile, Lucy and Kevin made love and she told him about Serena's upcoming visit. Kevin and Lucy then discussed their feelings about children and continued their love making. Carly saw another bonding moment between Tony and Bobbie and mailed her revenge to Spoon Island.

Friday, May 9, 1997

Sonny goes looking for Miranda at her house to find out the information she knows about the drug ring. Brenda arrives there soon after because she also wanted to talk to Miranda. At that time Miranda was at the airport ready to leave town. She is pleasantly surprised when she sees Jax there too. To her dismay, Jax says that he is leaving for a business trip, not to beg her to come back. He says it wouldn't have mattered that he was involved with Brenda, their relationship ended when he thought she was dead. Miranda tries to plead with him and says that Brenda is in love with Sonny, but he does not want her back. She leaves town on a plane. Right after the plane leaves the gate, Sonny and Brenda arrive. Sonny tries to stop the plane, but the airline employee says she cannot do anything about it. Brenda tries to explain to Jax why she is there with Sonny. Jax stops her and says she is on her own and that she doesn't have to be accountable to him anymore. As Jax goes to leave on his trip the police stop him and show him a warrant to search his bags. They find drugs in his carry-on bag and arrest him.

Stefan goes to Switzerland to collect the egg. Not only is Laura there, but Luke is also. Stefan demands he gets what is rightfully his. Luke agrees to give him the egg if they can find out what is inside that is so valuable. Stefan declines, so Luke threatens to throw the egg off the cliff. Stefan pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot. Luke retaliates with his own gun. Laura tries to get them to stop, but a scuffle follows and Luke is knocked unconscious. Stefan leaves with the egg.

Lucy dreams about what it would be like if she and Kevin would have kids. Felicia interrupts her daydream and has some information about Kevin and his trip to England. She found out that the packages he sent were being sent to a convent in the Pyrenees Mountains. Felicia had bought airline tickets for the two of them, so they leave immediately for the convent.

Kevin has a meeting with his therapist. He explains why he is so happy and content with his life. It's because of Lucy, he says. She gives him confidence and self-worth. He tells her that he thinks it is time to tell her all about his father and his secret. The therapist has a nagging suspicion that these new feelings are leading somewhere unresolved. Although, she says, this is a big step and all things are possible. Kevin says that after this last dark secret is out he will not need to go back to the therapist.

Ned and Emily have a talk about drugs and the family. He apologizes for not being there for he when she needed him. She said that it was all her fault and if it was not for him she would be dead. She had lied, cheated, and tried to commit suicide, so why could it have been his fault. He tells her about when he was at boarding school and he smoked pot, but that was it. He had a friend who was really messed up with drugs, so she is not the only one who has had those problems. She tells Ned about how she cannot stand everyone hating Matt and how hard it will be to go back to school. Ned offers to get her a tutor for the last 2 months of school so she wouldn't have to go back. Emily says no because she has to face her fears and she can't hide forever. Ned is very proud of her and says he now knows that she will make it through just fine because she is a fighter.

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