GH Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on General Hospital
Matt died of a drug overdose. Luke mentioned the Fabergé egg to Stefan, so Stefan broke into the Spencer home to look for it. Lucy and Felicia teamed up to find out Kevin's secret.
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Monday, April 28, 1997

Taggert tried to tell Sonny that he was wrong in suspecting that he had been involved with the drug trade in Port Charles. Before Taggert could explain himself to Sonny, Mac arrived and informed them that Matt had died of a drug overdose. Taggert was shocked by the news and he blasted Sonny and Mac and told Mac that he was too close to Sonny. Mac defended his treatment of Sonny and threatened to fire Taggert if he continued his personal vendetta against Sonny. Taggert assured Mac that he was being objective and they began working on a strategy. Brenda arrived at Jax's penthouse only to see that Miranda was also there. Miranda tried to lure Brenda into confessing about her night with Sonny, but an unaware Jax defended Brenda and asked Miranda to leave. Brenda, however, was unable to tell Jax that she had slept with Sonny. Later, Miranda confronted Brenda and told her to come clean. Meanwhile, Luke goaded Stefan about Katherine and his ability as head of the Cassadine family. Luke mentioned the Faberge egg that Nikolas had given to Lesley Lu, and Stefan later saw that the mysterious egg had been replaced by another in his safe. An enraged Stefan then threw the phony egg against the wall which alarmed Bobbie. Nikolas tried to put the damper on any potential Katherine and Stefan romance by reminding Katherine that Stefan was happily married to Bobbie. Nikolas covered his feelings for Katherine by insisting that she contact him for help instead of Stefan. Luke called Laura and told her that the game was about to begin again.

Tuesday, April 29, 1997

Luke told Laura that Stefan now knew that they had the egg and would be making a move soon. Bobbie was unable to fathom why Stefan was so mad at Nikolas for giving the egg to Lesley Lu. Nikolas suspected that Stefan was upset over more than just the egg and thought that Stefan wanted to give the egg to someone else. Meanwhile, Brenda learned that Miranda knew that she had slept with Sonny in the catacombs. Miranda said that if Brenda did not tell Jax the truth, she would. Jax saw Miranda threatening Brenda and blasted Miranda for her behavior. Both Brenda and Miranda learned that Jax was going out of town and Miranda was irate that Brenda had weaseled out again. Mac mistakenly accused Kevin of stalking Felicia again. Luke told Felicia about Stefan's computer prowess. Felicia told Kevin that she would not accuse him of stalking her without definite proof.

Wednesday, April 30, 1997

Alexis told Stefan that Nikolas suspected that he was having an affair with Katherine, and that Bobbie had been asking questions about the egg. Seeing that Bobbie had returned from Arizona, Katherine ended her affair with Stefan. Stefan controlled his emotions and assured Alexis that he was focused on the plan and was determined to get the egg back. Carly thanked AJ again for "helping" her during their night together at Jake's. AJ remembered that Carly's perfume was the same one that she had been wearing on the night they had meet at Jake's. Sonny told Jason that Dorman was responsible for the drug trade in Port Charles. Sonny saw that Jason wanted to retaliate immediately and had to order him to stay cool for now. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines wanted to shield Emily from the news of Matt's death, but the counselor disagreed. Emily was vague about her drug experiences while talking to Jason and later shut down in front of the counselor. Emily then tried to call Matt and learned from his mother that he was dead. Emily was rocked by the news as Matt's mother blamed her for his death. Lucy made preparations for Luke's show and the Nurses Ball, but was unsettled when Kevin made a fugue-like call.

Thursday, May 1, 1997

Luke passed out flyers at the hospital for the big event at the club and saw that Bobbie had received a "welcome back" gift from Stefan. Luke asked Bobbie if Stefan had been feeling guilty over his affair with Katherine. Bobbie refused to believe Luke's accusations, but later started to have second thoughts. Sonny bumped into Brenda and bolstered her sprits. Brenda then went to face Miranda about her ugly ultimatum. Alan and Monica met with Emily's counselor and Alan was in denial about the Quartermaine family problems. Dorman visited Emily and learned that she knew about Matt's death. AJ interrupted Dorman and tried to cheer up Emily. AJ told Emily that he was serious about beating his alcoholism and that it was her plight that had made him see the light. Alan overheard the warm moment between Emily and AJ and told Monica that he was to blame for the family problems. Meanwhile, Felicia told Lucy that she did not think that Kevin was stalking her again, but agreed to help Lucy find out what was going on. Kevin told Gail a secret that he feared would drive Lucy away from him.

Friday, May 2, 1997

Nikolas asked Stefan about his relationship with Katherine, and if Stefan was going to break his promise to him by hurting Bobbie. Stefan told Nikolas that he would not hurt Bobbie, but refused to answer his questions about Katherine. Bobbie visited Katherine and asked about her relationship with Stefan. A sad Katherine told Bobbie that there was nothing going on between her and Stefan, but a devastated Bobbie left unconvinced. Bobbie later vented her marital woes to Tony and broke down in his arms. Nikolas arrived to a sobbing Katherine, but she tried to cover. Nikolas then saw Bobbie's scarf and asked Katherine if Bobbie had visited her. Luke talked to Laura about their battle with Stefan and Laura was concerned about what a provoked Stefan might do. Stefan broke into the Spencer home in search of the Faberge egg. AJ shared a cordial conversation with Keesha and told her that he needed to handle his problems on his own. Carly ran into AJ who was still enamored by the scent of her perfume. Carly went to see Tony at the hospital, but was rocked when she saw him comforting Bobbie. Felicia surprised both Tom and Mac with her ease around Kevin. Meanwhile, Brenda told Miranda that she would not be blackmailed into telling Jax that she had slept with Sonny. Brenda made it clear that she would tell Jax the truth when she was ready. Later, Jax visited Miranda and tried to break things off with her. A hurt Miranda blurted out to Jax that Brenda had been unfaithful to him.

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