GH Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on General Hospital
Brenda moved out. Tony declared his love for Carly. Kevin lied to Lucy about where he was headed. Carly's adoptive mother, Virginia, had a stroke. Taggert revealed his connection with Deke to Sonny.
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Monday, March 31, 1997

Jason and Sonny talk about the heroin being back on the streets again. They speculate that Harry's partner must have found someone else to help him distribute it. Sonny tells Jason he feels responsible. He let Harry live, so in a round about way he thinks it's his fault. The person Jason was waiting for has arrived, and Sonny tells him he'll meet him back in the car. While he's alone, Sonny thinks back to when he and Brenda made love. Then he hears Robins words warning him to let Brenda go for now.

Emily is in the park with Matt. He gives her a joint laced with heroin. Although she is momentarily reluctant, she tries it anyway. She's completely wasted and starts hallucinating. Some other kids show up to buy some dope from Matt. He tells them he has some great new stuff. It's from some new guy who told him it's almost pure. The kids are thrilled and proceed to get high also. After awhile, their lookout warns the kids that someone is coming. They all run away, and in the process, Emily loses her charm bracelet. Sonny and Jason appear. Jason doesn't think it's a good idea for Sonny to be out in the open. He's worried that Harry's partner may come after him. Sonny agree's to be more careful. He tells Jason to look around the park and see what he can find and they'll go home. Jason discovers Emily's charm bracelet lying by the bench.

Brenda confides to Kevin that she loves both Jax and Sonny. He advises her that her number one priority right now is to get over her addiction. Then she can work on everything else. Right now, he warns her, is not the time to make any major decisions. She ponders out loud how to tell someone she loves, who loves her, that she made love to someone else. Kevin asks her "Are you sorry you made love to Sonny?" No, she admits, "she could never be sorry about that." He asks her, "Is he who you want to be with?" Tearfully she admits she doesn't know. All she knows is she wants to take a pill and not feel anything for awhile. Kevin refers her to a woman who he feels will be able to help her. She thanks Kevin and tells him she's glad she came here. He's really helped her alot.

Jax invites Justus over to talk about ELQ. He tells Justus he knows Ned has something over him. Justus gets angry and tells Jax he can't be blackmailed. Jax assures him he was not trying to do that, instead he was thinking of something that would bring big money for them both, as well as a side plate of revenge for Justus. Justus informs him he's assuming alot here. "First of all what makes you think I want revenge against Ned, and why would I side with you?" Jax says to think about it, because he could really help Justus. Justus just stares at him for a minute and leaves saying he'll think about it.

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine mansion, Monica is furious with Ned and Alan for keeping AJ's drinking from her. Everyone is angry at everyone, and AJ eggs Monica into a fight. She asks him, "Why didn't you come to one of us when you started falling off the wagon?" Jason asks "Who was I supposed to turn to? Dad, Ned, you...Why not just tell the truth and admit you're sorry I was ever born?" Monica calmly tells AJ to gather a few of his things and to find someplace else to stay. She is grateful Emily isn't here to see this. AJ informs her that Emily already knows, and that "she was the only member of this family who cared about him." Ned comments that it's just because she's young. She doesn't know any better.

AJ goes to find Keesha. "Thank God I've found you" he cries to her. He tells her he and his mother have had it out. "Help me" he begs her. Keesha tells him that as much as she loves him she won't be a substitute for alcohol." She tells him she went to an Al-Anon meeting and learned so much there. He pleads with her to help him. The only thing he needs is for her to believe in him. She's very emotional and tells him, "I'll take you to rehab, or to the Doctor, but you can't come home right now." With that she walks away, leaving a stunned AJ behind.

Brenda goes home to the penthouse after her meeting with Kevin. Jax has tulips, champagne and a cake he's flown in from Vienna for her birthday. Brenda is touched by all of his kindness. He asks how her session with Kevin went. Very well, she says. Jax promises to be by her side every step of the way, no matter how long it takes. Brenda thanks him, but reminds him she needs to do this herself. She informs him she needs to move out and be by herself for awhile. Jax objects, but she insists. Jax is afraid of the answer, but asks anyway. "Are you leaving me for Sonny?" She looks deeply in his eyes and tells him no. "I wouldn't lie to you about that." Jax agree's to let her go, but tells her he hates this. He can't bear to wake up without her by his side. Tearfully she kisses him and tells him she loves him. "Come home soon", he begs her.

Monica blasts Ned that "someone should have told her about AJ's drinking. Good or bad, she's still his mother. She could have been there for him." Ned defends Alan saying she had enough to handle with the trial. Just then Emily walks in. When they ask her where she's been, she lies about doing homework with Matt. Monica tells her she asked AJ to leave, because she found out he was drinking again. Emily doesn't understand and Monica walks her upstairs hoping she can explain it to her. On the way out of the room, Emily notices her charm bracelet is missing. Justus walks into an emotionally charged room and asks "What's going on?." Ned informs him AJ is drinking again. He then asks Justus if he's had time to look over the proposals he sent him. Justus tells him that's why he's there. Would Ned like to go over it now or later? Ned tells him he'll go along with whatever Justus thinks. Justus is taken aback. Ned says he trusts his opinion. As far as he's concerned, Justus is the only sane one in the family. Justus thanks him and says, "I'm feeling more like a Quartermaine every day."

Tuesday, April 1, 1997
by Marie Forte

ABC announced that due to its higher ratings, General Hospital will now be shown two times a day. The move is expected to draw even more viewers to the soap opera as it is shown in primetime.
The announcement, made Monday, had no official date when the move would go into effect. Expect to see the double episodes of GH by the end of the month.

April Fools!

Lucas and Tony have breakfast at the brownstone. He again questions Tony why Bobbie can't come home with them. Tony patiently explains to him why they must live apart. He asks him if he likes living at Wyndemere. Lucas says he enjoys being with Uncle and Nikolas, but why can't he and Bobbie and Tony be a family again. Tony's mind wanders and he finds himself thinking of Bobbie. Felicia and Tom stop by with the kids and ask how Bobbie is. Felicia can't help herself and brings ups Bobbie. She hints around that it might be fate that brought them back together. Tony insists his life is with Carly now. Apparently, Felicia and Tom don't exactly care for her.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas happily welcomes Bobbie home. He says it just isn't the same without her there. He offers her a welcome home present, a necklace with a good luck charm to help keep the evil spirits away. Nikolas leaves to take Katherine a present. Stefan also has a welcome home present for Bobbie. A print out from the computers at General Hospital of Leslie's death certificate. Stefan tries unsuccessfully to start a fight with Bobbie. She surprises him by suggesting they pack up and leave Port Charles to start their live all over.

During a therapy session, Carly wonders why Katherine's attitude has changed. Katherine informs her she has no intention of staying in the wheelchair forever. Miranda stops by and Carly leaves them to have a heart to heart about Stefan. She tells Miranda that Stefan kissed her. In the middle of their conversation, Nikolas stops by to bring Katherine a present. It's a photo album full of pictures he took in the park the day before. To remind her of spring when she's stuck in the apartment. Katherine is very touched. But her spirits deflate a little when Nikolas innocently remarks that Stefan is determined to protect Bobbie from all harm. Miranda thinks back to the mistakes she made with Jax. She encourages Katherine not to sacrifice her own happiness in an attempt to save another person's marriage. Katherine worries about Nikolas too. Bobbie is the only mother he has ever known. But her feelings for Stefan have only grown stronger.

Tony leaves Lucas with Tom and Felicia while he goes back to the apartment to see Carly. She is thrilled when he walks in the door. Throwing herself into his arms she tells him how much she has missed him. She asks how Lucas is and tries to act concerned about Bobbie. Tony sees through it and reassures her that he loves her. "You have me Carly, all of me. And I love you." Happily Carly pulls Tony onto the couch and kisses him. "Make love to me she says..."

Felicia is surprised to find an extra ten thousand dollars in her bank account. This has become more and more perplexing to her. She fears someonone may be stalking her again. After some investigating, Felicia determines that a company named the Good Hearts Endowments deposited the money into her account electronically.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997
by Marie Forte

Alexis is at the Quartermaine mansion to discuss Monica's case with her and Ned. Alexis assures Monica they have nothing to worry about. It's just a matter of time until Dorman or Nurse Rebecca slip up. Monica is definitely distracted, but it's not about the case. She's worried about AJ. She calls Alan and asks if he's heard from him. She makes him promise to call her, and she doesn't need him to protect her anymore. Without warning AJ shows up. Monica is so relieved to see him, but not so Ned. He tries to steer AJ away from Alexis, but AJ loudly tells Ned he doesn't care who knows he slept under the stars on the dock. Alexis gracefully exits. Ned growls to AJ that he should have stayed away and walks Alexis out. Monica tells AJ she's sorry for what she said last night. She was just angry for being left out in the dark and took it out on him. She was too wrapped up in her own problems and wants to help him any way she can. Ned walks back in and says "The only way to help him is to kick him out of the house for good and really mean it this time." Monica orders him to knock it off and warns him to "never to come between her and her son again." AJ says he'll be back after he cleans up. Monica wants to know why Ned hates AJ so much. "Because he's a drunk, a liar and a menace to society behind the wheel. Do you ever think of your other son?" He recounts the night he found Jason the night of the accident and says he blames AJ. And he will "not make excuses for him anymore." An angry Monica tells him that's enough. She won't listen to him berate her son anymore. She defends AJ to him and declares Ned's "cruelty is worse than AJ's drinking." From now on she warns Ned to keep his opinions to himself.

Tony drops Lucas off at Wyndemere. Lucas and Bobbie wish Tony a Happy Birthday. Tony has forgot what day it is. Lucas has been planning for weeks, and already sent him something in the mail that is a big surprise. Lucas wants to celebrate his birthday, so he, Bobbie and Tony go out for a special dinner. When they return, Bobbie coaxes Tony to tell her what's wrong. He covers by telling her he's just worried about her health. She guesses it's something else and asks "if he still thinks Stefan had something to do with the fire?." She shows him the printouts Stefan had given her this morning regarding Lesley Webber. The toxicology reports confirm what Stefan has been saying all along. Tony sighs and agrees everything *seems* to be in order, but the doctor who signed the death certificate is dead. Coincidence....?

Katherine shows up at Stefan's office to inform him she's changed her mind about the job he offered. He wants to know what changed her mind. His kiss, she tells him. To her it meant that Stefan was confused, and was trying to figure out where she fit into his life. Also she believes he doesn't want her to give up until he's figured it all out. Stefan hides his surprise at how accurate she is. He tells her he's never met anyone like her before. She tells him she knows what she wants. Him. She swears she's going to walk again because of him. He makes her want to. He gets on his knees and looks her in the eyes then swears to her "for once in his life he has no ulterior motives. There's no place he'd rather be than right here with her."

Carly is back at her apartment signing for a delivery for Tony. It's from Lucas. Her curiosity piqued, she sneaks a peak at what's in the package. When she see's the wrapping paper a panicked Carly realizes she has forgotten Tony's birthday. In her frenzy to get out of the apartment to buy Tony a present she accidentally knocks over Lucas' present. It's broken into too many pieces to fix. It is all too much for Carly to handle, and she places a call to her "mother", Virginia Benson. A nurse informs her that Virginia has suffered a stroke. Carly asks how bad it is and the nurse encourages her to make the trip home. She leaves a note for Tony saying an "old friend" from high school is ill and possibly dying. She needed to leave right away. She fibs in the letter and tells Tony that Lucas' present was broken when the post office gave it to her. She wishes him Happy Birthday and tells him she loves him. She is in tears as she gets ready to leave and who should appear at her door? Yes, Luke. He starts interrogating her about Katherine, but Carly is really distraught and tells him her mother is dying and she really needs to leave. She wants to tell her thank you for everything she's done for her, and that she loves her. Luke is sincerely sorry - he really liked Virginia.

When AJ comes back to the library he and Monica talk. She tells AJ how much she loves him and wants to help. AJ loosens up and wants to start being a family again. She offers to go to an AA meeting with him, but he makes an excuse. She offers to have the cook make them something to eat. AJ gets up to get a club soda from the bar. Monica panics and asks him what he's doing. He shows her his club soda and she apologizes. Almost as if he's testing her he grabs a bottle of Vodka and she looses it. AJ questions her, "you only love me if I'm not drinking? Unconditional love with strings... forget it Mom", and he storms out with Monica pleading with him to please come back.

Thursday, April 3, 1997
by Marie Forte

Felicia meets Mac in the bank. He's there to transfer some money into Robin's account. She explains she's there regarding a deposit made into her account for $10,000. The bank manager comes back to his desk and confirms that the money was indeed correctly and legally deposited into her account. The money, he tells her, is hers. Felicia wants assurance from the bank that they won't take the money back. She wants a letter from the bank that states it will never under any circumstances want the money back. Under protest the manager agrees. Felicia is thrilled. She's already making plans on how she will spend it. Back at her apartment Lucy calls her about her investigation into the Cassadines. She promises to call her in a few days. Since Mac didn't know she was doing the investigation, she fills him in on the details. He doesn't like the sound of Kevin's behaviour, and wants to go talk to him. Felicia tells him Lucy said he was on his way to catch a plane to Arizona.

Tony examines Katherine. He comments that her attitude is excellent. She boasts it's not a question of whether she will walk again, but rather when...After checking her out, he says there is no evidence that shows there is any change in her condition. She swears she moved her leg. She wasn't imagining it. He doesn't argue with her, but says it's important she keep the right frame of mind. She wants to know if he really believes your state of mind makes a difference. Does the mind really affect the body. Yes, but there is also that "spirit" that some people have. "For lack of a scientific term, I'll call it the power of love." Catherine dwells on this for a moment and thinks of Stefans kiss. She questions Tony as he's leaving about how he and Carly are doing. Tony politely avoids answering and tells her he really needs to go.

Lucy finds the box of letters from the University where Kevins dad used to work. She can't stand it anymore and phones the University to see if she can find any thing out. The gentleman who answers the phone manages to evade answering any of her questions. He offers to take her number and have someone return her call. No, Lucy will call back at another time. When she hangs up, the mysterious gentleman calls Kevin and tells him "they have a problem." Later that day, Kevin shows up early at home. Lucy is surprised, and then very upset when he tells her he's only home to pack. He needs to go out of town on a business trip to Arizona for Stefan. Lucy wants to go with him, but unfortunately has a meeting she can't miss. Maybe next time, Kevin says. Meanwhile at the airport, Kevin asks the agent to exchange his American dollars into pounds. Hmmmm.

Stefan shows up at home with dozens of roses for Bobbie. Bobbie playfully asks him what has he done? He says "nothing, but I do have a favor to ask you." He needs her help. He was supposed to go to Arizona for a computer conference, but Alexis says he needs to stay. The hospital is losing sponsers and money and he shouldn't be away. He wants her to go in his place and pick out some software. She is thrilled that he came to her for help. "You're the only one I trust", he tells her. How could she refuse? Then he notices Leslie's folder on the desk. He asks her if she has any more questions. Actually, she does. "Did he know, when he gave her the folder, that the doctor who signed Leslie's death certificate, was dead"? No. He doesn't even know his name. Stefan becomes enraged that she's so suspicious. "In one breath you say you trust me, in the other you're interogating me. Bobbie calms him down and promises him she won't question him anymore. When he does calm down, he tells Bobbie "he doesn't blame her for doubting him. Everyone in Port Charles does." She says that "she is his wife. Her only worry is that she can't be the wife he deserves." He tells her that she is a revelation. She's beautiful, caring and so much more than he deserves. She hugs him and comforts him by saying they both deserve each other. No more questions, she promises. From now on she will put all her energy into the here and now. She will forget the past. All she needs is him. "Nothing has the power to change that now", she declares.

Carly is distraught over her mother. Luke is kind to her and comforts her. Tearfully she looks up at him and asks, "Does this mean you'll let me go?." He smiles and assures her he would never keep her from Virginia at a time like this. She leaves and Luke stays to wait for Tony. When Tony does come home, he's surprised to find Luke there. He reads Carly's note and opens Lucas' broken birthday present. He tells Luke not to take it personally, but this is the most depressing birthday he's ever had. He wishes Carly were home. Luke offers to take him out on the town, but Tony has to get back to the hospital. Speaking of hospitals, Tony saw Katherine today and says she is great. They discuss her new job at the hospital and Luke is very interested. He tells Tony that he believes Katherine and Stefan are involved. Tony tells Luke that Bobbie appears to be suspicious about something because she was looking for Leslie's file when she was trapped by the fire. Luke is incredulous. He's thrilled that she's starting to think about things. They both agree they miss Bobbie.

Friday, April 4, 1997
by Marie Forte

Justus and Jax meet again at Jax' apartment. Jax enlightens Justus about Tracy's marital involvement. Seems she up and married a mob boss. With this little bit of information, Jax could go to the feds. What exactly does this have to do with Justus? Jax tells him Sonny has acquired a new business. He's possibly using it to launder money, he speculates. "You're an insider and have valuable accessibility." Justus points out that Sonny is not a fool. Jax wants to know if Justus is interested, but Justus is very cautious. "ELQ means more to me than Ned or Sonny or whoever else you may be after. No matter what you may think, the Quartermaines are still family. I don't know how I feel about doing something that may harm them." Jax gives him an envelope with documents for Justus to read. Justus regards the envelope and warns Jax this could be a fatal mistake. Jax says, "Let's just call it a calculated risk." After Justus leaves, Jax smiles.

Robin stops by to see Brenda. Brenda confides she needs to be on her own, without a man, just to hear herself think. She admits to Robin she is confused and is sorting through many different emotions and feelings. Robin advises her not to be too hard on herself. "Does Sonny know you're here", Robin wants to know. Brenda is afraid if Sonny finds out she's left Jax he may just break down the door and she'd be right back where she was. Robin thinks she is very strong, but Brenda tells her she's just trying to make the right choice for the first time. She does admit however, that she misses Sonny, but is afraid that he may be just another addiction. She needs time to think and to face everything that is hurting her.

Bobbie stops by Tony's apartment to work out an arrangement for Lucas while she is in Arizona. Luke jumps up and tells Bobbie to come on in. Bobbie hesitates and says she really can't, she's double parked. Tony offers to go move her car after Luke promises not to bite, at least not anywhere that shows.:-) She warns Luke not one word about Stefan. Humbly, Luke admits that sometimes he does go too far. Bobbie says "If you're referring to the insinuation about Stefan and Katherine being romantically involved, I agree. Do you want to apologize?" Luke smirks, takes a deep breath, and apologizes....for all the fighting, NOT for speaking the truth. Bobbie denies that her husband is involved with Katherine and before a fight can break out, Tony comes back into the room. Tony and Bobbie agree to arrangements for Lucas. As she leaves, Justus appears at the door. Bobbie is a little concerned, but Tony assures her everything is okay. Justus apologizes for the bad timing. Once she's gone, Tony tells Justus he wants to drop the custody suit. He feels he and Bobbie are handling the joint custody just fine. Luke thinks he's crazy for allowing Lucas to be exposed to the Cassadines, but Tony basically tells him to mind his own business.

Brenda calls Jax just to say hi. He tells her he misses her and when this is all over, he'll take her to one of his houses and Fiji. She tells him she'll hold him to it.

Mike and Sonny are at the penthouse signing papers for the club. Jason drops by to tell Sonny he may have missed something on Taggert. Mike thinks he may be in the way, and tries to leave, but Sonny tells Jason "anything you have to say, you can say it in front of Mike." Jason asks Sonny if his stepfather's last name was Woods. When Sonny nods his head, Jason proceeds to tell him that when Taggert was 14, he was arrested by an officer named Deacon Woods. It meant nothing to Jason, until Taggert brought up Deke's name the last time he was here. When he looked into it further, he found out that Taggert was working at the same precinct as Deke when he died. Sonny is visibly shaken, but tells Jason to set up a meeting with Taggert in 15 minutes down at the dock. Both Mike and Jason think it's a bad idea for him to go alone, but Sonny is adamant.

Sonny and Taggert meet at the dock. They get down to the nitty gritty when Sonny tells him he understands what this is all about now. It's about Deke. Taggert relates his story about how he knows Deke. Apparently, when Taggert was arrested as a teen, Deke convinced the judge to let him go home with his mom rather than be locked up. Deke became a role model to Taggert. He made sure he stayed in school and they became close. Deke "confided" in him that his wife and son ran away and broke his heart. Taggert tells Sonny it was 2 years before Deke even said Sonny's name, and that was only when Sonny dirtied his name by becoming involved in the mob. Sonny tells Taggert that Deke was just an animal, who used the badge to his advantage, and bullied people who couldn't fight back. "Just like you do Taggert." Taggert responds by saying he didn't see Sonny at the funeral. "He was buried with honors, but that's not the way he died. A bullet to the head, and one through the heart." Alot of his fellow officers thought he was a dirty cop, but none of them knew that his stepson was involved with the mob. The discussion escalates to the point of Taggert trying to provoke Sonny into a fight. He tells Sonny that Deke taught him "a good cop saves lives." He worked with Deke and knows he was good cop. "Just like I know you are a lying, drug dealing pimp. You murdered him, and you're going to pay." Sonny counters by telling Taggert "Deke was found shot in an alley by bullets from his own gun, no prints, but that was years ago. Who cares how a bad cop dies." Sonny says he has an alibi, and Taggert has nothing on him. Taggert says he's been studying him and Sonny has a bad temper. He pushes Sonny around a bit and asks him "How close are you to the edge right now? How bad do you want to kill me?" Sonny reiterates that he has nothing on him, and now that he knows what's behind all this he will bring Taggert down. Taggert points his finger at Sonny and tells him "I know the truth, Deke told me what you did to him and your mother." Sonny reacts very strongly. Taggert implies that he has met Sonny's mother. "She kind of looks like your dead wife" Taggert tells Sonny. He has a couple of questions. "Did you smack your wife around before you had her killed? Off the record, did you do to her like you did to your Mom?" Even though Sonny is livid, he just stares into space...

Mike explains to Jason about Deke. He left Sonny and his mother for selfish reasons. Sonny's mother was a good sweet person, who turned to Deke when Mike left. He never knew until later that Deke beat both of them. Sonny is afraid of closed in places because Deke used to lock him in a closet. He has a bad temper because Deke used to beat him. He can't stand to see a woman suffer because it reminds him of his mother's pain. And he hates cops because Deke was one. Jason comforts Mike by saying you can't go back or change anything. Sonny is a good man just the way he is, and he has forgiven you. Otherwise he wouldn't let you hang around as much as he does. Mike tells Jason he is very wise. Robin comes by to meet Jason and take him on a special date. It's a surprise, and she won't tell him where she's taking him. After they leave, Brenda rings the doorbell. A happy Mike welcomes her by saying, "hello stranger."

Bobbie and Stefan share an intimate moment when she says goodbye to him. Katherine finds out accidentally from Tony that Bobbie is going on a business trip, because Tony has to reschedule their appointment.

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