GH Recaps: The week of December 2, 1996 on General Hospital
Stefan and Bobbie married at Wyndemere. Luke, Laura, and Lucky worked at cracking the hidden meanings of Timoria. Questions surfaced about Laura's mother's death.
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Monday, December 2, 1996

Miranda is furious when she catchesBrenda in her room reading a stack of old letters from Jax to her. She tells Brenda all she has left are those letters and now she can't bear to even look at them. She asks her if she feels better now that she's read them. Brenda mocks the letters telling Miranda they remind her of those a 16 year old boyfriend wrote her. Miranda suggests that Brenda is threatened by her and lets her know not to come to her for advice about how to hold onto Jax. Brenda diminishes Miranda's remarks and laughs at the prospect that Jax will run back to Miranda. She suggests that Miranda pack her bags and head back to the hospital to recoop from making such a fool out of herself in Port Charles. Miranda asks Brenda if she thinks she is scheming to get Jax back. She tells her that if she and Jax were really solid and happy, then she wouldn't be there. Brenda challenges Miranda to stick around and to be ready for a fight, as she reminds Miranda that she doesn't sleep with Jax's letters, she sleeps with him. Miranda questions how Brenda can belittle what she doesn't understand. Brenda lets her know that because of her she doesn't even know if she is married to her husband. She goes on to insult her telling her she must have been pretty insecure about her relationship with Jax since she had to stay in hiding until her face healed and she was pretty again. Mac enters the room, unaware of what has been going on and Brenda leaves in a hurry. Miranda tells Mac she needs to be alone.

Bobbie is shocked at Stefan's proposal and tells him he knows very little about the woman to which he has proposed. Stefan disagrees and promptly recites her past doings including: prostitution, adoption of her only child, her previous failed marriages and several of her past friendships. Bobbie is surprized at how much Stefan knows, but is relieved. She tells him there are two types of women out there; those who are princesses like Laura, and those who are not, like her. Stefan tells her that when they made love, she allowed him to escape back to himself and that he doesn't want to let her go, but will not allow her to be simply his mistress since it would reflect badly in the eyes of Nikolas as well as set a bad example for Lucas. Bobbie asks him point blank, why she would want to be anyone's wife again after three failed marriages? Stefan explains his philosophy on love, life and marriage and lets her know that he takes the committment very seriously and bases it on children, property, and security. He tells her there would be an account of $5-$6 million in her name as a wedding gift which he would contribute to every month for her to spend on herself and Lucas as she sees fit. He lets her know that in marrying her, she would become a very influential woman and if she chose after 6 months not to remain married to him, that her security as well as Lucas' would not be an issue. He lets her know however, that once she became his wife, he would do everything it possibly took to hold onto her and keep her happy. He tells her he will be steady, a source of comfort, and encouragement. He expects in return, loyalty, honestly and affection. Bobbie confronts Stefan with her concerns. She wonders whether he is simply tired of raising Nikolas alone and merely looking for a mother to raise him. He tells her that Nikolas already has a mother and that that is not an issue. Bobbie tells him that Luke thinks he is in Port Charles to seek family revenge against him. She asks Stefan how she knows that Luke isn't right and that marrying her isn't simply a tactic to fan the flame between the Cassadine's and the Spencer's. Stefan admitts that Luke is indeed his enemy but lets Bobbie know that marrying her is a very serious step for him and not one stemming from some sick sort of revenge against Luke. Bobbie tells Stefan that if she chooses to marry him, Luke will still accept her and that her answer will not hinder on Luke's feeling about the whole thing. When Nikolas returns home from a meeting with Katherine at Luke's club, Bobbie leaves, telling Stefan she needs time to think about her answer. Stefan tells him that he has asked Bobbie to marry him. Nikolas is concerned, and the next morning asks his uncle of his motives since he doesn't want to see Bobbie hurt or used. Stefan assures him that his proposal does not stem from revenge and gives Nikolas his word that he will not hurt her.

Meanwhile, Luke and Lucky discuss Stefan and why he pulled Lucky out of the mud and saved his life. Luke connects the game, Timoria, to what happened and lets Lucky know that Stefan was leading and he was simply following the clues. Luke tells Lucky that they can find out more if they get to the final level of Timoria. The two try to log on but there is no response. They then set up a macro which allows the computer to automatically try logging on every 10 minutes. It takes until morning but the two are finally successful and awake to the sound of Timoria welcoming them back. Bobbie shows up at the Spencer's and tells Luke she has something to discuss with him.

Back at Luke's club, Mike comes across a letter from Robin. He passes it to Sonny who seems to know what it is. The next day, Mike walks downstairs to Luke's club and finds Sonny at a table drinking after being there all night. He had opened the letter. As Sonny leaves, Mike reads the letter and realizes it is the one year anniversary of Stone's death. Sonny walks to the docks where he finds Brenda. She is walking around thinking about Jax's words to Miranda in the letters she read. He tells her that whatever it is, she can talk to him about it, especially today. She says nothing, as Jax peers on.

Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Katherine defends Brenda's actions to Miranda, but Miranda feels she has taken away the last thing that is truly hers by reading her letters from Jax. Katherine encourages Miranda to talk about her days with Jax, especially their wedding day. Miranda shares with Mac and Katherine, her fondest memories of their special day. She thanks the two for listening and insists that they run upstairs and spend some quality time together. Mac and Katherine retreat to the bedroom and Mac thanks her for helping Miranda. Katherine puts herself in Miranda's shoes and tells Mac that she must find comfort in the knowledge that she was once loved so deeply.

On the docks, Brenda accuses Sonny of blowing a big hole in the middle of her life. She goes on to tell him that she read some letters that Jax had sent to Miranda years ago. Overhearing their conversation, Jax interrupts hoping that he heard Brenda wrong. Jax tells Sonny to get lost. Sonny yells at Brenda for not knowing what day this is (the one year anniversary of Stone's death), and storms off. Jax asks Brenda if Miranda knows that she read the letters and whether she read them simply to hurt him. Brenda defends her actions saying she did so because he couldn't even tell her whether he was still in love with her. Jax goes on to accuse Brenda of invading Miranda's privacy and robbing her of her memories. Brenda is furious and complains that Jax is more concerned with Miranda's feelings than her own. She tells him she needs to know if she is the only one he loves and whether or not he wants Miranda back. Jax tells her he is in love with only her and that she can trust him. Brenda tells Jax she feels that she simply isn't enough for him and is merely a substitute for Miranda. Jax assures her that she is not second best and everything he has always wanted. He tells her he is trying to do what is right for everyone, including Miranda, but he won't hurt her in order to keep her. Brenda asks Jax to take her home and the two retreat.

Bobbie visits Luke at home where the two collide over Stefan. Luke accuses him of leading Lucky to the bog where he almost died and tells her that she needs to be very afraid of him. Bobbie stands by her man, telling Luke that Stefan hasn't done anything to him or his family and that everything that's happened he has brought on himself. She tells Luke that she is a big girl and one with good judgment. Luke points out that she has little common sense especially when it comes to men. Bobbie storms out, obviously insulted. As she is leaving, Luke gets a call from the WSB informing him that Helena has disappeared and has left Greece.

Back at Luke's club, Jasonenters looking for Sonny. Mike tells him it is the one year anniversary of Stone's death. Jason asks Mike what Stone was really like. Mike tells Jason that Stone was someone who could tell Sonny something for his own good, someone Sonny respected, someone who Robin loved very deeply and gave herself to completely, and that he lived with an unbelieveable courage. Sonny enters the club. Jason tells Sonny that Robin sent him to be with him today because she wanted to be alone today. Sonny tells Jason that it is difficult for him to miss Stone since he didn't know him. Sonny goes on to describe Stone's fight with AIDS and his last few days with him. He tells Jason that he made things right for Robin when no one else could and that he does what Stone used to do by watching his back all the this way, he tells Jason, Stone is somehow your friend too. Sonny decides they should all drink a toast to Stone, when Stone's sister Gina enters. Jason and Gina talk at the bar for a bit, and he learns of her money difficulties in meeting rent and tuition. Jason pulls Sonny aside and lets him know of the situation and Sonny offers Gina a hostess position at the club to help her out. She is thrilled and accepts. Sonny relfect on Stone and has a flashback of Stone telling him that he and Brenda will get back together someday somehow.

Bobbie goes to Stefan's after deciding it's time to have what she wants for a change and that she's the one who knows what's best for her. At Stefan's, she tells him her only last concern is whether or not he will be a good stepfather to Lucas. He assures her that he will always care for him. She then accepts his proposal, telling him she couldn't find a reason to refuse and that she appreciates the fact that he likes her simply for who she is. She tells him that he is a man who knows what he wants and usually gets it, which must mean that he wants her. They agree to marry and the two kiss while Stefan promises her the time of her life.

Back at home in bed, Brenda takes painkillers while calling Jax to bed. Suddenly she realizes what day it is and how selfish she has been. She immediately picks up the phone to call Robin but only hear Jax on the other end speaking to Miranda requesting a meeting with her tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 4, 1996

Ned calls a Quartermaine family meeting at the mansion. Monica announces her good news; she has checked out cancer free. Reginald enters with the morning paper to put a damper on things when the family sees the headline of the sexual harrassment charges pressed against Monica by Pierce. Ned calls Justus outside and asks him to verify some shady info on Jax. Justus expresses his dislike of the whole thing. Ned tells him it needs to be done for the good of ELQ and that they must do everything in their power to oust Jax and Sonny from ELQ as soon as possible.

Lucy pops in on Brenda and Jax and tells Brenda she needs her back on the Jax cosmetics tour as soon as possible. Brenda lets her know this is by no means a good time for her. Lucy expresses her disapproval and reminds Brenda of the tour's importance in relation to holiday sales. Jax echos Brenda's dislike of the idea by telling Lucy of the complexity of the whole situation with Miranda. Lucy questions Brenda privately on the legality of her marriage to Jax. Brenda tells Lucy she is very sorry but she will have to let her know about going on the tour. After Lucy leaves, Jax tells Brenda he heard her pick up the phone last night when he was talking with Miranda and that he intended to tell her of his call. She tells him she intended to tell him that she had picked up the phone. He tells her he hates all the pain the whole Miranda thing is causing her but that he can't let Miranda be hurt anymore by anyone.

At Luke's club, Sonny makes several phone calls to "associates" concerning the increasing drug problem on the streets of Port Charles. Mike offers Sonny some information he acquired which he accepts and then not so politely tells Mike to butt out. Luke and Lucky, also at the club, continue to piece together clues concerning Timoria and its connection to Stefan with Mike and Sonny's help. Luke wonders if all these clues are simply a wild goose chase and being used to get the Spencer's off track while Stefan tries to sneak Helena into Port Charles. Luke leaves the club to check out his suspicions.

Bobbie takes Lucas to Wyndemere. Stefan and Nikolas welcome them and Nikolas takes Lucas on a tour of his future home. Stefan questions Bobbie as to how long she will make him wait to make her his wife. Bobbie expresses concern over Lucas needing time to digest what is going on...Stefan insists that she and Lucas will lack for nothing. Stefan suspects that Bobbie wants a spectacular wedding with all the trimmings; gown, flowers, candles....he opens a chest and shows her a mirage of gorgeous wedding gowns to choose from and asks her to marry him tonight at Wyndemere. Bobbie loves the dresses and picks out one as her favorite. She tells Stefan she is dazzled and amazed and that she only wants to be the wife he deserves and good for Nikolas...she agrees to marry him tonight. After she and Lucas return from a trip back home to pack some things, Stefan presents her with an ivory lace wedding present for later. He also places a spectacular round diamond on her finger as he asks her whether or not she is sure about the wedding. She assures him she is and rushes upstairs to be fitted for her gown.

Brenda pays Ned a visit at the Quartermaines and tells him she's not in denial anymore but rather scared of the guilt that Jax has over Miranda. She tells him she read letters Jax had sent to Miranda years ago and that she learned things she never wanted to know. Ned tries to tell Brenda to focus on the here and now rather than the past. She tells Ned how much she truly loves Jax but that she feels they are moving farther apart.

Lucy waits for Kevin at the hospital. Kevin shows up late and misses an important meeting with Tom who was to evaluate his condition. He promptly tells Lucy that he is resigning from the hospital and leaving GH with dignity. Lucy questions him as to what his plans are. He tells her he will paint, read and maybe do some consulting work. He then runs into Alexis who is at the hospital for a meeting with Alan and Monica. She asks him if he would be willing to work for her on the Monica/Pierce sexual harrassment case as a consultant. He agrees to take the job. Alexis receives a phone call from Stefan inviting her to a wedding tonight at Wyndemere..she accepts.

Ned probes an Eddie Maine, starstruck nurse at GH for information regarding medical records of someone other than himself. He later meets up with Sonny at Luke's and asks him about Austrailia..more specifically a place called Cooper's Ridge.

Luke arrives at the Cassadine's and begins making his way up the stairs when he is hit over the head by a stranger and knocked unconscious.

Thursday, December 5, 1996

Robin shows up at Sonny's to surprise him. He is glad to see her. She tells him she knows what he did to Brenda and Jax. Sonny wonders if she is mad at him. Robin tells him she's not angry and that she understands what it's like to have to lose someone to allow room for someone else, but that he should not continue to hurt Brenda. Jason comes in to find Robin and is pleasantly surprised. Robin tells Sonny and Jason the bad news; she is not coming home for Christmas because she is touring with a group for HIV positive individuals to warn others of the dangers of AIDS. Sonny leaves Jason and Robin alone. Noticing that Jason seems distant, Robin tells him that yesterday was the one year anniversary of Stone's death and that she sent him away because she wanted to spend the day thinking about Stone, which was impossible with him there. Jason tells her when he left, he went to Luke's where Mike told him what he wanted to know about Stone. Robin tells Jason that when Stone died she told herself that she would never love again, at least not the way that she loved him, and that she would live her life as sort of a tribute to him. She continues and tells Jason that she woke up yesterday and found herself loving him so deeply and that regardless of the fact that Stone will always be a part of her, she is in love with him now. Jason tells her all that will ever matter si that she loves him and he loves her back. The two kiss. Sonny returns with a small x-mas tree for Robin to take on the road with her during the holiday. Jason tells her that he also has a gift for her that he picked up in Albany. She opens the box to find a beautiful strand of pearls which Jason puts around her neck. The three hug and celebrate their own Christmas 3 weeks early.

Carly shows Tony the apartment she has picked out for the two to live and asks if they can move in tonight. Tony agrees and asks Carly to go to GH with him first. Carly is reluctant to show her face there and feels that it may be too soon. Tony convinces her that the sooner everyone gets used to them being together, the better. When they arrive at GH the two receive less than a Welcome Wagon greeting from Ms. Amy who is very hostile and free with her insulting remarks. Tony asks her for a change of address form for the two of them. Audrey offers her regretts to Tony concerning his recent divorce. He tells her he and Carly are moving in together and intend to be very happy. Later, Carly overhears Amy and Audrey criticizing her and Tony and stating how much they hope that eventually he and Bobbie can work things out. This is too much for her to take so she takes off for home without Tony. When Tony returns home, he finds Carly waiting with candle light and wine. Carly tells him she doesn't feel she has the nursing instinct and no longer wants anything to do with GH. When he asks her what she intends to do for work she tells him she wants to stay at home and make him happy. Tony revels in his happiness and the two dance.

When Luke awakens from his blow to the head outside of Wyndemere, he finds Alexis questioning his reasons for trespassing. He tells her he is searching for Helena and wonders if she is visiting Stefan. Alexis reveals to Luke that she is Stefan's cousin and that if he is looking for Helena, she is on her sick bed in Greece. Luke pushes her further and she tells him what it was like to grow up as a female Cassadine under Helena's rule. She goes on to speak of Helena's belief that a female only gained power when a man allowed her to, and how Stefan broke this way of thinking for her. She speaks of her gratefulness to him for giving her her independence and the opportunity to become who she is today. She cuts her chat short when the judge who is to marry Stefan and Bobbie shows up and provides Luke with an escort off the island. Luke returns home to Laura and tells her where he was. He tries to continue his work on cracking the code of Timoria.

Bobbie tells Stefan the dress is nearly perfect and only needs a few alterations. He worries that he is rushing her but she assures him that she is having no second thoughts. After Bobbie retreats upstairs, Alexis comes in and tells Stefan she ran into Luke outside but managed to get rid of him. Along with Nikolas and Lucas, Alexis and Stefan take their places for the ceremony. When Bobbie enters, Stefan gives her "something old" in the form of a sapphire and diamond necklace that has been a part of the Cassadine family for years. Nikolas offers his handkerchief as "something borrowed" and the wedding begins. The two are married and later retreat to the bedroom. Bobbie tells Stefan that her day was like a wonderful dream. He tells her this is no dream and that she really is his wife now and he intends to make her very happy. She tells him she is and notices a necklace with a charm hanging from it around his neck and asks its significance. He tells her it is the family crest and places it around her neck, deeming her a Cassadine now.

Finally, Luke and Laura catch onto a possible clue while at the computer. Luke tells her the point of the game is to rescue the lady mangard. Laura suggests the strangeness of the word "mangard" and thinks it may be a code for something else. After fooling around with the letters, the two realize the spelling of the word "grandma" with the word. The two are convinced it must have something to do with Helena but are curious as to why saving her is so important. We then see a woman in a chair grasping onto the same Cassadine crest we saw Stefan give to Bobbie, only this woman is not Helena...could it be Laura's thought to be dead mother, Leslie Webber?

Friday, December 6, 1996

Miranda pays Sonny a visit at Luke's for information on Brenda. Sonny asks her about the letters Jacks had sent to her....when asked how he knew of them he tells her that he ran into Brenda who told him. Miranda is angry and the Brenda insults fly. Sonny tells her that she just doesn't know her and neither does Jacks for that matter. He goes on to ask her how long she plans on staying in Port Charles. Miranda lets him know that she'll be around until she knows Jacks won't get hurt. Sonny gets to the point and asks her exactly what it is she wants to know about Brenda. Miranda asks whether she's good for Jacks. Sonny tells her that's not his call to make, but that Brenda is a manipulative little brat, but one who knows what she wants and has the passion and fire to get it. What Sonny wants to know is if Jacks is good for Brenda. He tells Miranda that he's not the fairytale Brenda thinks she married. Miranda tells Sonny that unfortunate for him, but Jacks is not the rat he makes him out to be. Miranda leaves for a dinner date with Jacks.

Brenda comes home to find Jacks on the phone making dinner reservations for this evening. She tells him that Lucy took the news of her not making the Jacks Cosmetics tour relatively well. She suggests the two shower together and get ready for dinner. When she asks where they'll be dining, Jacks breaks the news to her that he is dining with Miranda this evening. Brenda asks why dinner is necessary and why he has to even see her at all. Jacks tells her that he doesn't want to put it off any longer and that she just doesn't know Miranda like he does. He tells Brenda that the letters she read represent the woman that Miranda used to be...the one she can never be again. Brenda tells Jacks that he has to stop feeling guilty and responsible for what happened to Miranda. She tells him she can't help but feel threatened by this whole thing. Jacks reminds her of the guilt she felt over Lily's death and how many times she needed to she Sonny...and how many times he let her do just that without any sort of a hard time.

Mac arrives home to find Robin on his couch. She tells him that she came home to let him, Jason and Sonny know that she will be spending Christmas on the road with a HIV positive tour group. Mac is disappointed but tells her that he is very proud of her. Just when they get comfortable, Jason shows up with a car service from Sonny to take Robin to the airport. Mac tells her to be careful and wishes her Merry Christmas with a kiss. At the airport, Jason and Robin reiterate their everlasting love for each other before she must board the plane.

Bobbie and Stefan return to Wyndemere after a stroll. He surprizes her with tons of new clothes for the honeymoon he has planned to the Greek Isles. Bobbie is very excited and surprized. She realizes she has to tell Tony and Luke about her marriage before she leaves. Stefan offers to come with her, but she refuses, saying she will make Luke and all the others she how wrong they are about him. As Bobbie goes upstairs to try on some of her new outfits, Stefan takes out the Timoria level V disk. Bobbie comes downstairs modeling one of her new treasures when Stefan receives an ominous phone call. He doesn't say much, but when he gets off the phone, he makes an urgent call to Laura begging her to meet with him immediately. When she agrees, Stefan tells Bobbie he must go out on business but cannot tell her why. She is slightly hurt but understands. He tells her he will return in a few hours and vows to make it up to her.

Meanwhile, Luke, Laura and Lucky are working feverishly on cracking the meaning of Timoria. Lucky tells them that the game begins in a cemetary at the sight of a grave. When he show Laura a picture of this grave sight she comments on how much the headstone looks like that of her mother's. She begins to think..what if? Luke promises Laura that if indeed Leslie is still alive, he will stop at nothing to locate her, but to please not get too excited about that prospect. Luke is working to connect letters and dots on a map of New York, when Tom comes for a visit. Luke and Tom retreat outside for a walk and talk about the Cassadines and Tom points out that Stefan must be taunting him by using the word Timoria again and again. While the two are outside, Laura receives the call from Stefan requesting that she meet him and telling her it has to do with Timoria and that it's a matter of life and death. Lucky runs outside and tells Luke and Tom that he has placed together another anogram on the map...the three rocks stand for Rochester, NY. When the three go inside they find Laura already gone.

Carly and Tony arrive back at their new apartment after spending the day shopping for furniture and other domestics. Tony questions Carly as to what really happened yesterday at GH that is prohibiting her from wanting to work there again. She tells him she overheard Amy and Audrey gossiping over their relationship and Audrey wishing that someday he and Bobbie would get back together. She tells him that she can't work with people watching over her shoulder waiting and hoping for their relationship to fail. Tony convinces her that they are certainly not the first piece of gossip to hit GH and that they won't be the last...he assures her that people can't hurt them. She agrees with him and says she will work at GH.

Jacks is ready to leave for his dinner with Miranda but on his way out runs into Justus at his door. He tells him that Brenda called him to discuss some issues. Brenda tells Jacks that she asked him to stop by to go over the legality of their marriage in detail. Jacks decides he can wait to leave after hearing what Justus has to say. Justus asks if Jacks saw a death certificate when Miranda was pronounced dead? Jacks said there may have well been but that he's really not sure. Justus tells him that if he can find this death certificate, even though it was phony, and if he can prove that he married Brenda in good faith assuming his wife was dead, it could make a huge difference for him and Brenda. When Justus leaves, Brenda asks Jacks whether or not he thinks he can get his hands on the certificate. He tells her he's just not sure since his father handled all of that. He leaves to meet Miranda.

While on the phone searching for her furniture delivery, there is a knock at the door of her apartment. Carly answers it only to find Bobbie on the other side. She tells her that Tony isn't there, but Bobbie invites herself in to wait. After a sarcastic comment or two, Carly tells Bobbie that she must hate her. Bobbie tells her she really hasn't had all that much time to think about her lately and that she's none of her business unless it affects her son, Lucas. Tony comes busting through the door with a new bed for him and Carly.

Jacks meets Miranda at The Grill for dinner.

Brenda goes to see Sonny looking for information on Miranda and the trail he followed to get to her. When he asks why, she tells him she needs to find the death certificate if one even existed.

Laura meets with Stefan secretly and tells her he will fill her in on everything she wants to know. He asks her if she has any idea of who the woman sitting alone in the old house really is in Timoria? She tells him she suspects it is her mother. Stefan tells her that that's exactly what Helena wants her to believe and that she never felt she paid enough for her sins and so feels that she can use her mother against her if she was believed still alive. Laura is frantic and begs Stefan to tell her if she really is still alive.

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