GH Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on General Hospital
Monica and Dorman saved John Jack's life. Monica was given a good report on her breast cancer status. Lucky ended up in a life-threatening position thanks to the game Timoria. Luke played the game in the hopes of finding his son.
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Monday, November 18, 1996

Brenda shared her pain and anger over the recent events involving Jax with Ruby and Mike. Jax told Jane how deeply he had loved Miranda, but Jane told Jax that Brenda was the right woman for him. Brenda finally trusted her feelings, and then made love to Jax. John survived a new emergency thanks to the work of Monica. However, as Monica went to operate on John, she missed Alan's warnongs and was met in the operating room ny Dorman. Alan explained to Monica why he haf agreed to rehire Dorman, but Monica was too angry for words. Mac urged Miranda to stay in Port Charles. Mac told Felicia about Miranda and Felicia told Mac that it sounded like love. Meanwhile, Miramda and Sonny squared off at Luke's and Miranda blasted Sonny for bringing her to Port Charles. Sonny defended his actions and said that he had done the right thing because now the truth was out in the open. Miranda told Sonny that he was transparent and wondered if the real reason why he had broken up Jax and Brenda's wedding was to get his hands on Brenda. Sonny retorted and wondered if the real reason whyMiranda had come to PC was to restart her relationship with Jax.

Tuesday, November 19, 1996

After having told Lucas of their divorce, Tony and Bobbie argued as Tony was adamant about moving out. Tony made it clear to that he was in love with Carly, but expressed both his and Luke's concerns to Bobbie about her realtionship with Stefan. Bobbie then went to the club and blasted Luke for spreading his paranoia about Stefan to Tony. Bobbie told Luke that Carly never left PC as they continued to argue about her friendship with Stefan. Later, a lonely Bobbie returned to the Brownstone and remembered her night of passion with Stefan. Bobbie then called Stefan, but when he answered, she hung up. Stefan then smiled when he suspected that it was Bobbie on the phone. Tony told Carly that he had moved out and that it was time to go public with their relationship. Later, Carly had a nightmare about Luke's revenge. AJ blasted Alan about his decision to rehire Dorman. Alan then returned to the mansion and argues with Monica about Dorman. Monica was upset that she had not been consulted on the decision and was not convinced that Dorman would drop the suit. Emily was upset that Monica had cancelled her check-up and Nickolas helped her by alerting Monica. AJ pleaded with Jason to see Monica. Luke continued to impress upon Tom that the Cassadines were responsible for the downfall of GH. Tom then found a "Timoria Foundation" computer file in Steve's records and then told Luke that Steve had applied to them for a grant. Stefan told Kevin that the hospital would support him when he faced the review board, and tried to bond with him over the guilt they felt about their dead brothers. Both Tom and Lucy were wary about Kevin's growing friendship with Stefan.

Wednesday, November 20, 1996

Monica and Alan continued to argue about her affair with Dorman, and Alan was also upset that Monica had canceles her six month check up. Alan made it clear to Monica that no matter what the circumstances were in their lives, he was not going to let her give up on life. Monica told Alan that she had the affair to regain her sense of self as a woman. Monica told Alan that she could not bear the uncertanties of cancer and they agreed to visit the doctor together. Meanwhile, AJ haf managed to convince Jason to come to the mansion with him to see Monica, but Jason left when he overheard Alan and Monica arguing. Later, after feeling that he had failed, he was tempted to take a drink. Jason ran into Emily who told him that she feared that Monica would die. Tom learned that Stefan offered Steve a "Timoria" grant and then withdrew it so he could save GH. Luke told Tom that he felt that Stefan might be responsiblew for Steve's death and for the lawsuits that had plagued the hospital due to Kevin's problems. Tom and Luke then plotted their revenge against Stefan together. Carly arrived and made it clear to Luke that she was staying in PCand that she loved Tony very much. Carly wanted to find out if Luke was planning on killing her. Luke laughed off the question and told Carly that no harm would come to her. Carly told Luke thathe would also be in trouble if Bobbie ever learned that she was her daughter and pointed out that Luke had lied to Bobbie when he told her that her daughter was dead. Luke told Carly that Tony would tire of her and thatif Bobbie wanted to get Tony back, Carly would not be able to compete with her. After listening to Tom's ranting about Stefan, Bobbie feared that Stefan had used her., Bobbie tried to call Stefan, but a smiling face on the other end of the line refused to pick up the phone.

Thursday, November 21, 1996

Bobbie became upset when Stefan continued to ignore her. An unknowing Nickolas told Bobbie that Stefan had not been himself since he returned from the Dominican Republic. Bobbie then visited Stefan in his office, and Stefan told her that he could not stop thinking of her. After Bobbie left, Stefan than menacingly looked at a computer disk labeled "TimoriaII." John was up and walking after his surgery and made plans to return to Alaska. John told Brenda that Jax and Miranda were deeply in love, but thought that Jax's love for Brenda was much stronger. Brenda learned from Katherine that Miranda was staying with Mac and that the two of them shared a past. Meanwhile, Jax confronted Sonny and blasted him for bringing Miranda back . Sonny told Jax to wake up and that John was an evil and vicious man. Jax then headed for Mac's and met Miranda, who was thrown and ran off. Mac confirmed to Jax that John had many dirty business deals. Miranda returned and asked Jax about her leaving as Brenda secretly listened in the background. Sonny gave Luvy advice about Kevin. Lucy returned to Kevin's house where he was waiting for her with flowers. He told Lucy that he wanted to make a new start.

Friday, November 22, 1996

Jax and Miranda continued their talk outside Mac's as Brenda secretly listened in the background. Brenda heard Jax tell Miranda that he had loved her very much. Miranda told Jax that she saved his old love letters and explained how they got her through the hard times. Later at the hospital, Jax and Brenda made an emotional connection, but Brenda askesd Jax if he was still in love with Miranda. Alexis offered to defend Monica in her sexual harrassment suit with Dorman. Monica decided to think about it and then celebrated her positive cancer checkup with Alan. Felicia urged Tom to be patient and work with Luke to twart Stefan. Miranda told Mac about she and Jax had met and married and about how she had saved Jax's love letters. Miranda agreed to stay in PC for the time being. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura suspected that there was more to Lucky's computer game "Timoria" than met the eye. Luke played "Timoria" in order to locate Lucky's whereabouts while Laura left to visit the landmarks that were shown in the game. Meanwhile, Lucky got himself caught in quicksand as he was checking out the clues in the game..

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