GH Recaps: The week of November 4, 1996 on General Hospital
Sonny managed to stop Brenda and Jax's wedding by showing up with Jax's first wife, Miranda. Bobbie took steps to end her marriage to Tony. Monica told Alan about her affair.
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Monday, November 4, 1996

Jason picked Robin up from Yale en route to Brenda and Jax's wedding. After a tire on Jason's motorcycle blew out, the two ended up taking a ride with one of Robin's acquaintances, who dropped them off at an Irish Inn, the Wild Swan.

Meanwhile, Brenda prepared for the big day at the Quartermaine mansion, where Katherine and all the Quartermaines bustled around to prepare the house for the wedding. Sonny was in the air, flying back to Port Charles with a surprise for all.

Ned and Brenda collided over Jax and who he really was. Ned reminded Brenda of what had happened to him and Lois. He wanted Brenda to walk down the aisle with open eyes. He gave her a package from Lois -- something borrowed. It was the handkerchief that Lois had carried at her wedding. Lois told Brenda to never take love for granted.

Robin contacted Brenda and let her know that somehow she and Jason would make it to the wedding in time. Brenda told Robin to make the most of her time with Jason. Because she knew the two would never make it to the wedding in time, Brenda told them that the best wedding gift they could give her would be to spend the time together. They agreed that was best. Jason and Robin bonded near the fireplace at the Wild Swan, and professed their love for each other.

Jax's father and his brother, Jerry, were well aware of Sonny's flight back to Port Charles and were expecting the worst. Monica shared some advice about marriage. In classic Quartermaine fashion, she told Brenda the key was loving one another despite all the imperfections.

Bobbie told Tony she had hope. He let her know he was sick of pretending to be happy and, though he loved her very much at one point, that was lost. Bobbie paid a visit to Tony and Carly's love nest, where she found the fire burning and a disturbing picture of Carly, Tony, and Lucas from the Nurses Ball. She listened to Tony's tape of him playing guitar and singing to Carly. As Bobbie wept, Carly entered.

Back at the Quartermaines', Brenda ran to Jax's door with something important on her mind.

Sonny phoned Ned from the plane and said he'd be there soon -- and that he was bringing what he'd found in Australia with him.

Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Dressed in her wedding gown and veil, Brenda knocked on the bedroom door upstairs at the Quartermaine mansion where Jax was getting ready. She had something very important to tell him before the wedding. It was a simple and sincere, "I love you."

Deliriously happy, Brenda said she was banging on his door to tell him she was "crazy head-over-heels in old fashioned love" with him and wanted to marry him again, right away. Loving him was the most perfect thing she'd ever done. Jax admitted he felt the same way about her. They took off their wedding rings so they could put them on again in front of their family and friends.

Downstairs at the mansion, Edward and Ned discussed what a fine job Katherine Bell had done in planning the wedding. Edward approached Sir John Jacks, who assured him it was not a night for business. For the night, he was focused on his son's happiness. Lady Jane Jacks thanked Alan and Monica for opening their home for the wedding. Alan explained that the mansion had seen quite a few weddings. An amused Monica added that the family specialized in repeats. Alan concurred. They just kept doing it until they got it right.

Sir John looked disturbed and Lady Jane was convinced something was wrong. Sir John claimed he was just anxious to see his son happily married, but Lady Jane wasn't buying it.

Katherine fished for a compliment from Mac on the wedding. Although Mac said the mansion looked beautiful, Katherine sensed a negative vibe. Lucy Coe thought that vibe might be coming from her, since Katherine had sabotaged Brenda's tour out of malice towards Lucy and thought she could make up for it by planning the wedding. But Lucy said not to worry; Lucy had re-booked the tour, and Brenda would be making all her appearances for Jacks Cosmetics.

At Tony Jones's place that Carly had redecorated, Bobbie sadly admitted that she knew Tony loved Carly. Carly was sorry Bobbie had to hear that. She hated for Bobbie to be hurt like that. Bobbie wasn't interested in Carly's opinion about the husband Bobbie had been married to for eight years. Carly knew she hadn't respected what Tony and Bobbie had built. She selfishly wanted something for herself so much, she didn't care. But Bobbie had been a friend and a mentor, and the pain Carly had caused Bobbie made Carly sick.

Carly admitted that although she was sorry for hurting Bobbie, she wasn't sorry about loving Tony because he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Bobbie remembered feeling the same way. She and Tony had "the highest highs and the lowest lows." She thought the highs would carry them through, but it wasn't enough. Bobbie wondered if the highs Carly and Tony would experience would be enough and guessed that Carly wouldn't know until she tried. Bobbie assured Carly that she wouldn't try to stop Carly. She couldn't if she tried, she just hadn't thought she'd need to.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Edward was surprised to see Mike at the wedding. Mike thought that all the people who cared about Brenda should be there to wish her well. Edward wondered if that included Mike's son. Mike didn't think Sonny was invited. Edward reminded Mike that "that never stopped him before."

As a bridesmaid, Emily wondered if she should be helping the bride. Since Ned was in charge of the groom, they decided to go upstairs and see what they could do.

Up in the room Jax and Brenda hoped that their vows would express how deeply they felt about each other. Emily entered and was shocked to see them together. "Are you guys crazy? Don't you know this was bad luck?" Emily asked. Brenda and Jax were amused. After all, they were already married. Ned entered and wanted to know if Brenda was ready to walk down the aisle. To their surprise, Brenda said she wasn't.

Brenda explained to Ned that when she'd asked him to give her away, she didn't belong to anyone who could give her away. Because she and Jax were married, they decided to walk each other down the aisle. She hoped Ned wasn't hurt. Ned agreed it made sense. Brenda still wanted him to stand up for her. Ned assured her he'd be honored and left to alert the minister. A radiant Brenda was ready. "Let's do it!"

Downstairs, Emily announced that Brenda was with Jax in his room, and Monica and everyone else knew that was bad luck. Alan assured Emily that she'd done her bridesmaid duties very well and they should "let the chips fall where they may." Emily protested. The last thing she had heard Brenda say was that she wasn't ready to walk down the aisle. Ned assured the restless guests that everything was fine. He'd never seen a couple "so willing to tie, or should I say retie, the knot." Nothing could stop them.

As Brenda and Jax, looking lovingly at each other, reached the bottom of the staircase, Sonny opened the front door. A shocked Brenda wanted to know what "the hell" Sonny was trying to do. Sonny was with was a woman Jax obviously knew. Jax's wedding band dropped to floor and, as Sonny picked it up and handed it to Brenda, he smugly announced, "May I present Mrs. Jasper Jacks."

Brenda wanted to know why Sonny would do something so sickening. If he thought she would freak out and ask everyone to leave, he was wrong. As Jax stared at the woman, Brenda told Sonny that she and Jax were together and nothing Sonny did would tear them apart. The woman accused Sonny of lying and ran into the rose garden. Jax tore out after her, leaving Brenda and Sonny alone in the foyer, glaring at each other.

Sonny tried to convince Brenda that he did what he'd had to do, but Brenda didn't want to hear anything Sonny had to say then or ever. She couldn't fathom that he'd done that to her, on her wedding day of all days. She'd learn everything she had to from Jax. Sonny knew she didn't want to hear it but he was determined to tell her anyway. According to him, the Jacks family had wanted a acquire a mine. In order to get it, they resorted to violence and planted a bomb. Jax's wife was there when the bomb went off and, because she wasn't pretty anymore, they kept her in hiding. Brenda snapped that since Sonny had ruined her wedding, she guessed he'd accomplished what he went there for. He'd hurt her more than she'd ever imaged he could. He said he must be really happy, because he'd finally gotten her back for wearing a wire and betraying him.

The guests wondered where the groom and bride were. Emily thought they were probably kissing on the stairs. Thinking they'd be there any minute, Ned decided to start the proceedings. Katherine questioned Mac, who she said looked as if he'd seen a ghost. Mac admitted that it was exactly how he felt.

Miranda was sobbing, and Jax, still in shock, called out, "It's really you, isn't it?"

Miranda explained that when Sonny showed up for her, she didn't know anything about Brenda or Jax's marriage. She would never have tried to stand in his way. Jax could not take his eyes off hers. He told her if he'd had one wish in the world, "it would have been to see your eyes looking at me again as they are now."

Brenda was sure Sonny was pleased with himself, but as far as she was concerned, she was in love with Jax. He was her husband. They didn't have to prove anything because they knew they loved each other, and they'd planned a wedding so they could share their happiness with the people who were happy for them. She loved Jax with all her heart, and she was going to go to him.

Miranda had a lot to tell Jax, but all that mattered to him was that she was alive. As Jax took Miranda in his arms, Brenda entered the rose garden and was obviously surprised by what she saw. Sonny was close behind her.

Wednesday, November 6, 1996

Bobbie called the hospital to cover her next three days' worth of shifts. Stefan overheard and picked up the phone. Bobbie told him she just needed some "R and R" and not to worry. He said she'd been through too much alone and that he wanted to help her. She told him not to worry because she was doing all that she could do. Bobbie hung up and called Betty to take care of Lucas for a few days while she was gone.

Kevin and Gail discussed his prognosis and he told her he was hesitant to tell Lucy that he was faking his catatonic state when he went to the hospital. He was concerned of betraying her trust and support -- and afraid of losing her. He told Gail he didn't even know who he was anymore or what he was capable of, but he knew in his heart that he owed Lucy the truth.

Stefan announced to Tom that there would be a hearing of the board the next morning to discuss Kevin's situation. Tom rushed to let Kevin know but was tied up with Felicia and patients; Stefan got to him first. He told Kevin he was sorry about Kevin's recent state of affairs and that he was around if Kevin needed him. He also introduced himself and said that he and Alexis were cousins and that he was the one who had hired her to take care of Kevin's case. Kevin was confused by Stefan's generosity and help, but was appreciative. Stefan told Kevin about the hearing the next day, just as Lucy walked in.

Tony arrived at the Brownstone to talk with Bobbie, but was greeted by only a note telling him she was away for a few days and had contacted Betty to take care of Lucas.

Meanwhile, a curious crowd at the Quartermaines' sensed that something had gone wrong. John Jacks panicked. Brenda had followed Jax outside, where she saw him holding Miranda. Jax couldn't believe she was still alive. Miranda, feeling like an intruder, told Jax she wanted to leave and reminded him it was his wedding day. As he cradled her face, he responded that she was his wife. She told him she just wanted him to move on. She was there because Sonny had found her, and she wanted to be the one to let Jax know that she was alive. She told Jax they had become different people and that he needed to get back to his bride. He wanted some answers first.

Brenda went back inside with Sonny following. He tried to justify what he had done, but she wanted to hear none of it. She told him he was mean and wrong. She insited that despite everything that had happened, Miranda had nothing to do with her and Jax, and that when everything was said and done, she and Jax would still get married. She tried to kick Sonny out, but he refused to leave without his guest, Miranda.

Meanwhile, Jax learned from Miranda that she survived the loud explosion and fire that he believed had killed her. He didn't understand why she hadn't let him know she was alive. She said she wanted him to believe that she was dead and to move on with his life. He expressed his pain to her, while experiencing flashbacks of his father's words, as he realized that his father knew the whole time that Miranda was alive while he pretended she was dead too. Jax rushed back to the mansion and confronted his father in front of everyone. John Jacks, overwhelmed by the whole situation, saw Miranda, and collapsed. Ned called an ambulance and an end to the wedding by asking Katherine to escort all the guests out. Mac and Katherine clashed over Lucy, who had been taking stabs at Katherine all night.

The crowd at the Quartermaines' had cleared out, and John was rushed to GH. Miranda was furious with Sonny, since she realized that he had tricked her for his own selfish reasons. She warned him that if something happened to John, she would never forgive him. Miranda wanted to go to the hospital. Sonny offered her a ride, but she vehemently declined. Mac, still hanging around, walked into the foyer and caught a glimpse of Miranda. The two seem to recognize each other.

Thursday, Novemner 7, 1996

Miranda and Mac saw each other again after what had seemed like many years. They left the Quartermaines' together and caught up outside on the terrace. Mac was in disbelief that it was really her. They embraced and reveled in the happiness of their reunion.

Mac and Miranda continued to catch up outside. He couldn't believe she was really alive. She explained to Mac that she never let him or anyone know she was alive because she didn't want Jax to pity her and ruin his life by staying with her out of obligation. She told him that John Jacks took care of all of her needs and paid for everything -- including surgery for her face after the explosion -- and provided her with a good life. She told Mac she feared Jax hated her since he had learned the truth.

Justus escorted Keesha to the hospital to have her ankle checked out after Jax's father, John, collapsed on her.

While waiting to see a doctor, Keesha and Justus saw a twelve-year-old former Ward House boy wheeled into the ER for a severe drug overdose. Alan stepped out moments later to tell them that the boy had died. Justus and Keesha agreed that if Granny Mae were still around, something like that could never have happened. Keesha asked Justus how she and he had gotten so far away from their roots. Justus suggested that Keesha pick up where Granny Mae had left off.

Keesha was strongly affected and moved by the death of the former Ward House boy. She felt like she needed to start taking on responsibility to make a difference as Granny Mae had.

With business always on his mind, Edward phoned Justus at the hospital to check up on John's condition. He wanted to know whether or not John had suffered a heart attack, since once news had spread of such a tragedy, business plans would change and ELQ could move on an important real estate deal in Tampa. Justus, clearly annoyed with Edwards's lack of compassion, said Edward could do whatever he wanted, he just needed to leave Justus out of it. Justus promptly hung up on him.

Sonny, still at the Quartermaines' with Ned, revealed the background information he had dug up on John Jacks, however Ned was fuming at Sonny for the way he'd handled everything, ultimately hurting Brenda deeply and not really uncovering anything substantial on Jax that would help oust him from ELQ.

Sonny, still trying to convince Ned of his intentions, admitted that what he had done was personal between him and Jax, and though it was unfortunate that Brenda got caught in the crossfire, she had the right to know who Jax really was. Ned warned Sonny that Brenda would never forgive him for what he had done.

Mike waited for Sonny outside GH. When he finally showed up, Mike laid into him over the pain he had caused Brenda and told him he was not to go inside. Sonny explained to Mike the importance of his move in continuing to establish himself, and in turn his legitimacy, with ELQ, but also to make Jax pay.

Edward was pleased with the thought of John Jacks's financial misfortune in light of his condition. He questioned Sonny as to how the whole fiasco ultimately affected ELQ. Sonny told Edward and Ned to wait and see how what he'd done would benefit ELQ. Edward waited for Sonny to leave and then admitted to Ned that it was only a matter of time until ELQ was rid of Jax for good.

Dr. Dorman broke up a conversation between Monica and Alan to serve her with papers for a sexual harassment suit against her.

Meanwhile in the ER at General Hospital, John was in cardiac arrest and Monica was feverishly trying to revive him. She did so successfully then explained to Jax, his mother, and Brenda outside, that he had suffered a heart attack and, when his condition was stabilized, they would perform tests that would tell them where to go from there. Jax's mom told Jax not to be angry with his father because he was only trying to protect his son.

Jax, however, failed to see how his father could have kept the fact that Miranda never died in the explosion a secret all those years, when he knew how much Jax loved her. Jax's mother explained that John and Miranda had agreed that after the explosion, it would be best for Jax if he assumed she was dead rather than spending the rest of his life looking after her. Jax didn't believe Miranda would go along with such a scheme and suspected his father somehow tricked her. He remained angry with his parents' judgment not to tell him Miranda was alive for so many years.

Back at GH, Jax cried to Brenda about the lies and betrayal his parents had served him, and then told her that he was no better for never telling her that he had been married before. She told Jax that for her, nothing had changed; she still loved him with all her heart. He replied that not only did he love her, but she was his best friend. The two embraced.

Miranda told Mac she was glad that Jax had moved on with his life, even though she loved him deeply at one time. Mac questioned her as to what would happen next. She said she wanted to go to the hospital to check on John, and to try to explain everything to Jax so he wouldn't blame his father for all the damage that had ensued. Mac said he would support her.

Jax rushed in to be with his father upon his father's request. As his father tried to talk, Jax experienced flashbacks of him saying that Miranda was dead. Jax told his father not to strain himself by talking.

On her way out of the hospital to go home and change, Brenda ran into Miranda exiting the elevator. Miranda said she was truly sorry for what had happened. Brenda replied that she and Jax were already married before and that the ceremony was only for show. She questioned Miranda on why she was there and how long she had known Sonny.

Miranda swore she didn't know anything and that the only reason she arrived in Port Charles with Sonny was so she could be the one to tell Jax she was really alive. Brenda found Miranda's story believable. Miranda said she had no idea why Sonny did all of that until she saw the way he looked at Brenda. Brenda, seemingly unmoved by what she had heard, went home to change.

Friday, November 8, 1996

Pierce confronted Monica at the hospital and served up papers charging her with asexual harassment. She told him it was either a sick joke or simply his way of embarrassing her and squirming his way back into GH. Pierce assured her he was serious and that he would prove that she coaxed him into bed and then when he wanted to break it off, she, being his superior, threatened his job at the hospital. Pierce suggested to Monica that she secure an attorney for their court date. He indirectly admitted to her that his version of events was a lie, but that in order for a jury not to believe it, they would have to believe that he was willing to sleep with someone like her.

Alan took Monica home from the hospital. She told him that Pierce was suing her for sexual harassment. He laughed, telling her Pierce was nothing more than a joke and that it was just his sick way of getting himself back into GH and attaining his old position. Monica finally came clean and admitted to Alan that she had an affair with Pierce and had been sleeping with him off and on over the summer. Alan was devastated, since he thought things were going so well between them and finally getting back to normal.

Alan asked a lot of questions, and realized that Pierce was her secret admirer and that the affair started the day Alan left the house. Alan tried to make Monica feel his pain. He told her how sick it made him to think of her sleeping with a younger man when she couldn't even give herself to him. He asked her if she really thought it was over between them when that all happened. She replied that after all the years of love and hate between them, that no matter what happened, she would always think of him as her husband, and never truly imagined an end.

Alan told her the true betrayal for him lay in the fact that throughout his surgery, she simply stuck with him out of pity. Monica explained that she never loved Pierce, she was just vulnerable and was taken in with the thought that this stranger found her attractive. Alan told her he wouldn't let Pierce do that to her, that he knew her better than that, and despite everything, he knew this case was a crock.

Tony received a phone call at GH from Bobbie, who told him she was in Santo Domingo to process their divorce in the quickest, most logical, and painless way. Tony was stunned, and felt that he needed more time. He grew quiet. Bobbie told him that if he had the guts to cheat, then he should at least have the guts to admit to her that their marriage was over. He all but did, and she hung up.

Mike and Sonny were having it out in front of GH. Mike was angry with Sonny for all the chaos and pain he had created for Brenda. He accused his son of using the tragedy of Lily's death, and all the turmoil he was in, as reason to inflict pain on others, namely Brenda. He reminded Sonny that nothing had changed; Brenda and Jax were still married. Sonny thought maybe the lawyers should decide that for sure.

Mike said nothing else mattered other than that in Brenda's mind and heart, she and Jax were husband and wife. He went further and accused Sonny of organizing the whole charade because, deep inside, he still blamed Brenda for taking Lily and his unborn baby away from him. Sonny insisted it was nothing more than business and that he just wanted Jax out of ELQ. Sonny still thought Brenda deserved an explanation from Jax, and despite Mike's urging that it come from her husband, Sonny ran away.

Jax visited his father, still in the ER, where John said it was Miranda's idea to be sure Jax never knew she survived the explosion, and that he was willing to keep her secret because he knew it was what was best for Jax. He said he had known Jax was destined for greater and better things in life and did not want him to be burdened by an invalid. Jax, very upset, said he would have gladly forfeited the "better" with Miranda.

Luke burst into the hospital, where he found Laura and Nikolas chatting. He and Laura staged an argument over their tension with Stefan. Luke told Laura he was going to the house to visit with his daughter and didn't expect Laura to interrupt him. Laura agreed, the two exchanged nasty comments, and Luke was on his way. Seeing Tom on his way out, Luke strengthened his charade by telling Tom how evil the Cassadines were, and complaining of how they had ruined his marriage. Tom agreed Stefan was a force to be dealt with.

Nikolas gave Laura back the earring she dropped outside his house the other night. She thanked him and invited him to stop by her house to see Lesley Lu sometime. He agreed. Laura then invited him to dinner, and again, he agreed. Back at the Spencer household, Lucky continued to play his computer game, Timoria, unknowingly with Stefan.

Luke and Lucky acted up the Spencer household tension. Lucky got a phone call from Emily, who had overheard Monica tell Alan about the affair and needed to talk with her friend, but Lucky simply blew her off and told her he was in the middle of something and would call her the next day. Lucky made it to Realm 2 in Timoria and a picture printed out from his computer of a spooky-looking house that he seemed to recognize; he ran out of the house.

Brenda, at home in her wedding dress, reached into Jax's tux pocket and pulled out her band and a folded piece of paper with the vows he intended to say at their wedding. She imagined what it would have been like to hear him say those things. He told her that only she knew him, and that things people often said they held dear faded away quickly, yet in such a short period of time he was so sure that the love and happiness he felt would never fade Though he never made promises, he would make one with his vows that was solid and real and built for the future. Brenda cried, putting her wedding band on her finger, as Jax might have.

Back at the hospital, Mac told Jax that Miranda knew nothing about Mac's part in the explosion and that he would like to be the one to tell her. Jax agreed.

Tom, back at GH in Steve's old office, was on the computer digging through financials, when he found a disk labeled Timoria Grant. Emily, distraught and alone, sat on the waterfront to think about what she'd just heard. A kid from school approached her and told her she looked like she could use something. He offered her a bag of drugs.

Bobbie returned to her hotel room after a meeting with her lawyers to finalize her divorce. There, she found a note, her room covered with flowers, and Stefan.

Brenda got a knock on her door from none other than Sonny.

Jax confronted Miranda at the hospital about it being her idea to let him think she was dead. He asked her how she could do such a thing when she knew how much he loved her.

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