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Friday, March 23, 2018

At Kelly's, Alexis told Julian that things were getting "quite serious" with Finn because he was a decent, dependable, and sensitive man who made her very happy. Alexis hoped that Julian could accept that, but he refused to believe that Finn "does it" for her any more than the previous guy she had dated, "Dr. Belch." "Bensch," Alexis corrected. She assured Julian that he was wrong. Finn did it for her -- quite well. According to Alexis, Finn even liked going on daily walks in the woods with her, which Julian hadn't. Alexis assured Julian that she had moved on, so she advised him to do the same.

After Alexis walked out, Julian turned and saw Kim seated at the counter. She had overheard the exchange. Julian and Kim sat down at a corner table with a slice of apple pie and two cups of coffee. Kim reminded Julian that he had promised to help her eat the pie, but he admitted that he wasn't the type to eat his feelings. At Kim's insistence, Julian picked up a fork then took a bite, but he wasn't impressed. Kim was disappointed, but she continued to enjoy the pie as Julian began to talk about Alexis' latest rejection.

Julian admitted that he'd been holding out hope that Alexis would forgive him, but no more. He shared that it was liberating because he no longer had to measure his words, always wondering if he'd said too much or too little. Kim smiled as she pointed out that he was also free from working on being friends with someone he wanted more than friendship with. Julian smiled, which pleased Kim because he seemed to be taking things well. She warned him there might be a few more ups and downs before he was completely over Alexis, but Julian didn't seem worried.

As Julian and Kim left together, Kim tripped. Julian caught her as Kim laughed, but the laughter died as Julian leaned down and kissed her passionately.

On pier 54, Anna confessed that she hadn't thought she could love anyone after Duke, so Finn had been a bit of a surprise. Andre saw Finn approach and let Anna know. After Andre left, Finn smiled at Anna then asked about her trip to Brussels. Anna admitted that the trip had been eye-opening, but she quickly realized that Finn assumed the trip had been a romantic getaway. She clarified that the trip had been business, not pleasure, and that she and Andre were just friends.

Finn seemed relieved, prompting Anna to admit that she hadn't backed away from him because of his relationship with Alexis. She conceded that it had stung when she'd seen Finn and Alexis in his suite, but she'd been guarded around Finn for another reason. Anna tried to explain that she'd been afraid of her feelings for him, but she couldn't find the right words and ended up babbling about various types of courage. Eventually, Anna blurted out that Finn made her laugh -- a lot. Finn smiled when she rushed to assure him that it was a good thing.

Bolstered by Finn's positive reaction, Anna admitted that he made her want to dive into a relationship, but something had been holding her back. Anna realized that she was starting to make a mess of things again, and she acknowledged that she knew he was with Alexis, but Finn cut her off to clarify his relationship with Alexis. However, Alexis chose that moment to run up and tell him that she desperately needed to talk to him. Alexis was embarrassed when she realized that Finn had been talking to Anna, so she apologized and started to leave, but Anna assured Alexis that it was fine because Anna sensed that it was important. Finn watched helplessly as Anna explained that she had to get to the hospital then left.

Alexis felt bad. Finn conceded that her timing could have been better, but she warned him that his mood wouldn't improve when she shared her news. Alexis confessed that she had told Julian that she and Finn were serious, but she offered to return to Kelly's to tell Julian the truth. Finn told her not to because the lie would help her stay away from Julian. Alexis warned him that Julian wouldn't be the only one who would think they were in a relationship, but Finn's mind was made up.

In Carly's Metro Court office, Nelle placed a bloody and torn gray scarf on Carly's desk then slipped out of the office.

In the hotel's restaurant, Carly smiled with satisfaction because the suite she had picked out for Michael would be big enough for him and the baby. Michael reminded her that his stay at the hotel was temporary, but Carly didn't care, as long as he was far away from Nelle. Moments later, Jason walked up. Michael greeted his uncle then excused himself because Michael had to get to a meeting. After Michael left, Carly told Jason that Michael had moved out of the Quartermaine mansion and away from Nelle.

"Now, Sam just needs to admit that she belongs with you, and all will be right in my world," Carly declared. Jason sighed with exasperation, but Carly reminded him that Sam had recently admitted that she had feelings for him. Jason asked Carly to drop it because Sam needed space to figure things out. Carly saw Spinelli enter the restaurant and warmly greeted him. Spinelli explained that he was in town because he and Ellie had hoped that Maxie might benefit from some time with Georgie. Carly smiled at the thoughtful gesture then dashed off to get back to work.

Jason and Spinelli sat at the bar. Spinelli set his briefcase down then revealed that he had devised a more effective way to get into Faison's safe deposit box that didn't involve breaking into a bank -- Spinelli would pose as Henrik Faison. Stunned, Jason asked how Spinelli intended to pull off the daring deception, prompting Spinelli to adopt a Swiss accent as he retrieved a copy of Faison's death certificate, a forged birth certificate for Henrik, and a signed copy of Faison's will from his briefcase. Jason insisted on accompanying Spinelli to Europe, but Spinelli was adamant that Jason stay behind to provide a strong shoulder should "the fair Samantha" need one.

"And, I suspect she will," Spinelli quietly admitted. Jason confided that Sam had been so busy taking care of everyone that she had forgotten to take care of herself. Spinelli nodded in understanding because it was a common thing for mothers to do. Jason agreed, but he explained that Sam needed time and space to sort things out for herself.

In Carly's office, Carly was puzzled when she saw a gray scarf on her desk. Her confusion mounted when she picked it up and realized that it was torn and smudged with dirt and blood. Carly looked around the outer office, but she didn't see anyone, so she returned to her office then stopped short when she saw Morgan's photograph. She realized that the scarf she was holding looked like the scarf that Morgan was wearing in the photograph.

Meanwhile, Nelle approached a fire alarm, looked around, then pulled it.

Carly heard the alarm, set the scarf on her desk, and ran out the door just as a security guard arrived to let her know that the hotel was being evacuated. Carly closed the door and followed her security guard.

Later, Carly entered the restaurant as the alarm stopped blaring. She explained to Jason and Spinelli that it appeared to have been false alarm. After her security guard reported that they'd been given the all-clear, Carly admitted that it had been a "weird" day. Concerned, Jason asked if something else had happened. Carly told Jason and Spinelli about the scarf she had found in her office then took them to her office to show them the unsettling item. She was stunned when she discovered that the scarf had vanished.

Rattled, Carly assured Jason that the scarf had been in her office when she had left, and that the door automatically locked when it closed. "First the phone calls, and now this," Carly muttered as she paced around her office. Spinelli was curious what Carly was talking about, so Jason filled him in about the strange phone calls that Carly had received from a phone booth located at the bottom of the cliff where Morgan had died. Carly was certain that someone was trying to freak her out, but Jason cautioned her not to jump to conclusions.

At the hospital, Brad explained to Sonny that Mike's lab results had been sent to Griffin, and Griffin would decide which prescriptions were necessary. He added that Deanna would be along shortly to fetch Mike for some tests. After Brad left, Sonny returned to the waiting area and Mike. Mike insisted that he needed to get back to Luke's Place to take in a shipment, but Sonny gently reminded Mike that they were waiting for Mike's favorite nurse. Restless, Mike began reminiscing about the past and how he had watched Sonny play kick-the-can at a corner lot in the old neighborhood. Sonny frowned because he didn't recall Mike ever being there, but Mike resented being called a liar and asked how he could remember something if he hadn't been there.

Just then, Michael arrived. Mike was thrilled to see his grandson and thanked Michael for meeting them. Sonny realized that Mike had invited Michael. Michael sat down as Mike asked about the baby. Sonny smiled as he listened to his father offer Michael advice on parenting until Deanna arrived to collect Mike. After Mike and Deanna left, Sonny thanked Michael for taking care of Mike.

Michael acknowledged that it was easier for him than for Sonny because Michael had a different relationship with Mike than Sonny did. Michael recalled growing up and always feeling like he was the most important person in the world to Sonny. Sonny assured Michael that it was true -- for both Sonny and Carly. Michael promised to never forget it, and to pay it forward with his own child. Sonny thought about all the special moments he had enjoyed with his children and admitted that he couldn't imagine losing those memories. Michael felt bad for Sonny, but Sonny reminded him that Mike was the one suffering from Alzheimer's. Michael agreed but also pointed out that eventually Sonny, not Mike, would be the only one who knew what was going on.

Sonny told Michael about Mike remembering something that Sonny didn't recall happening. Sonny wondered how that was possible, but Michael suggested that perhaps the truth was somewhere in the middle. After Michael stepped away, Sonny saw Andre pass the nurses' station. He approached the doctor and asked how it was possible that Andre was a free man. Andre explained that his freedom was a matter of perception because he'd been released from jail on the condition that he continue his research on memory mapping. Sonny hoped that Andre got things right the second time around, so Andre assured him that if he could restore what he'd taken from Jason and Drew, he would do it in a heartbeat.

After Andre walked away, Mike returned and asked where Michael was. Sonny promised that Michael would be back in a moment, but he took the opportunity to tell Mike that Mike had been present when Sonny had played kick-the-can as a child. Mike smiled. Michael returned, but Sonny declined to join Michael and Mike for lunch because Sonny had some business to take care of.

Meanwhile, Anna tracked down Andre and told him about her disastrous attempt to tell Finn how she felt. She blamed Andre for giving her bad advice. A short time later, Andre bumped into Sonny again. Sonny informed Andre that there might be a way for Andre to make amends.

At Kelly's, Nelle saw Brad at the counter. She warmly greeted him then asked about his and Lucas' efforts to adopt a baby. Brad happily reported that they were "cautiously excited" because they were in the review process. Nelle congratulated him and admitted that it would be nice when the cousins could play together. Brad smiled because he realized their children would be cousins. Nelle chatted about her pregnancy and assured him that she was doing everything possible to take care of her child.

At Drew and Sam's penthouse, Sam tearfully told Drew that they needed to talk. Concerned, Drew asked her what was wrong. Sam admitted that her first impulse had been to wait, but she'd done too much of that lately, which had made things worse. Drew realized that Sam was genuinely distraught and assured her that she could tell him anything. "I have feelings for Jason," Sam quietly confessed. She began to cry as Drew asked her to explain.

"I still love him," Sam admitted. Stunned, Drew pulled back from Sam, but she rushed to assure him that she loved Drew, too. Sam promised that the love she and Drew shared was real, and it was painful for her to tell him that she loved both Drew and Jason, but Drew was left reeling. He wanted to know why they had gotten married if she was still in love with his brother. Sam promised that she had married Drew because she was in love with him -- and that hadn't changed. Drew disagreed, but Sam insisted that they had built an amazing life with the children, and she desperately wanted to hold onto that.

Sam realized that she should have acknowledged her feelings from the start, but she promised Drew that she had meant their vows. However, Sam could no longer commit herself to Drew until she figured out who she was. Drew was devastated because he'd thought what they'd had had been real. Sam realized that she had handled things in the worst possible way, but she promised Drew that it was real. Sam wished that she could make things okay for everyone, but she couldn't until she figured out who she was and learned to trust herself again.

Drew demanded to know how far things had gone between Sam and Jason. Sam was hurt by the question, but she admitted that she and Jason had kissed on New Year's Eve. Drew wasn't surprised because he had sensed that he had walked in on something when he had arrived on the boat. Sam was filled with remorse and assured Drew that she had known as soon as it had started that the kiss had been a mistake. Drew was crushed because he'd thought what he and Sam had shared had been enough for her, but he had been wrong. Sam wept when she realized that Drew planned to leave her.

Sam begged Drew to stay, but Drew admitted that it would be too painful to stay while she figured things out, knowing that she loved his brother. Drew told her that she might be able to love two people at the same time, but he only loved her. Sam cried as she grabbed his hand and reminded him that he had promised that he would always be there for her if she needed him. Drew looked at his wedding band and told her how frantic he'd been when he'd lost his ring. It had been all that had mattered to him, but he realized that, like everything else, it hadn't been real.

Sam insisted that it had been real and reminded him that they shared a beautiful daughter. Drew assured Sam that Scout would always be his daughter, but he couldn't stay. Sam was heartbroken as she watched Drew slide the ring off, set it on the desk, and walk out.

On the next General Hospital...

• Kim and Julian spend time at Charlie’s Pub with a bottle of wine

• Alexis is curious what Sam will say when Jason shows up on her doorstep

• Carly begs Jason not to say anything about the incident in her office

• Sonny offers Andre the chance to do something good

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