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Thursday, March 23, 2017

At the penthouse, Jason closed the door as Sam cooed to her newborn daughter who wiggled with contentment in the bassinette. Jason joined his wife to gaze at Scout. Sam realized that it was the first time she'd ever taken a baby home from the hospital, and that they would get to experience all of their daughter's firsts that they had missed with Danny. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Sonny.

Sam was touched that Sonny had picked up a teddy bear for Scout because it proved that he was a softy at heart. Sonny smiled then shifted gears to ask if Jason had heard the latest news about Olivia Jerome. Jason admitted that he'd been busy with Sam and the baby, so Sonny explained that the judge had sent Olivia to D'Archam Asylum. Sam questioned why Sonny seemed pleased because she knew that he'd wanted Olivia to pay for Morgan's death. Sonny pointed out that Olivia would suffer in D'Archam, and she would get what she deserved, but more importantly Jason and Sam would never have to worry about Olivia again.

Sam dashed over to the bassinette when she heard Scout wake up. She invited Sonny to hold the baby, so he happily took the baby from her arms. Sonny smiled at the infant and assured her that she had wonderful parents and cool brothers. He also told Scout to call her Uncle Sonny if she ever needed help. Jason and Sam smiled as they watched Sonny with their daughter. When Scout became fussy, Sam decided to change the baby's diaper and took her from Sonny.

After Sam disappeared into a back room, Jason and Sonny sat on the sofa. They chatted about Michael when Michael was a baby and the importance of treasuring each moment before the conversation shifted to Carly. Sonny admitted that Carly was still unable to forgive him for sleeping with Nelle, but he acknowledged there was nothing he could do about it. Sam returned to the living room with the baby to ask if the men wanted something to drink, but Sonny decided it was time to leave because he suspected that Jason and Sam were eager to spend time alone with the baby. Sonny gave Scout a kiss on the forehead and reminded the infant that he would always be there for her.

After Sonny left, Sam was curious what she'd walked in on. Jason filled her in about Sonny's one-night-stand with Nelle shortly after Morgan's death. Sam felt bad for both Sonny and Carly because it was a difficult time for their family and Sonny and Carly needed each other. Jason agreed, but he admitted that Carly was very angry and hurt. Sam glanced at the bassinette and smiled with joy as she reminded Jason how blessed they were to be able to watch their daughter grow from the beginning. Jason smiled and kissed his wife.

Later, Jason and Sam were snuggled on the sofa as they talked about taking turns with Scout through the night. Sam admitted that it felt surreal having an infant daughter and a son asleep upstairs in the bedroom because they truly were a family. Seconds later, Danny ran down the steps to greet his parents and meet his sister. Sam happily hugged her son and sat him on the sofa as she introduced him to the baby. Jason told Danny that they had named the baby Emily Scout Morgan, but they intended to call her Scout. Danny beamed with pride and gently kissed Scout on the top of her head.

Later, Sam and Danny were cuddled on the sofa sound asleep, while Jason sat next to them with Scout in his arms. Jason told his daughter not to let Sam's peaceful nature fool her because Sam was a tough -- like Scout. Jason recalled delivering his newborn daughter and watching her take her first breath. He vowed to protect her always. Sam opened her eyes and smiled as Jason kissed Scout on the top of her head.

Across town, Elizabeth arrived home to an eerie silence until Franco entered the living room and greeted her. She was curious where her boys were, so he joked that he'd dosed the three children with cough syrup. Elizabeth smiled because she knew it wasn't true. He admitted that he'd fed the boys dinner and they were currently engrossed in an age-appropriate movie. Elizabeth perked up when Franco mentioned that he'd ordered from the Noodle Buddha and assured her that he'd saved some leftovers. His expression turned serious as he ordered her to "take them off."

"Excuse me?" Elizabeth asked. Franco leaned down and lifted a towel from the foot spa he'd set up for her. He told her to take off her shoes and socks as he turned up the water jets. After Elizabeth settled on the sofa and put her feet in the foot spa, she sighed and admitted that she felt relaxed. Franco handed her a glass of wine, prompting her to ask him about the therapy session with Jake. Franco admitted that he'd made some progress, but it would take time to get Jake to open up about everything. Elizabeth was curious if Jake had revealed anything about Helena.

Franco fetched the timeline that he'd encouraged Jake to draw. Franco rolled it out and explained that he'd asked Jake to draw his favorite things for each year. Elizabeth noticed that a line had been drawn through several years and asked about it. Franco admitted that Jake had done it when he'd talked to Jake about his time with Helena. Elizabeth was concerned about what Helena had done to her little boy, but Franco quickly reminded her that Jake had settled in and was doing well. Franco promised that they would deal with whatever happened.

Elizabeth immediately relaxed because she didn't know what she would have done without Franco. Franco noticed the time and decided to head home, but Elizabeth asked him to stay. He quickly agreed and started to take off his socks and shoes because the foot spa had his name on it. Elizabeth smiled seductively and told him that something else did too. Franco didn't hesitate to follow Elizabeth to the bedroom. After they made loved, Franco and Elizabeth snuggled under the covers and talked about living together. Elizabeth was delighted when Franco agreed to move in and admitted that she couldn't wait to tell Jake.

At Metro Court, Hayden saw Roxy in the hallway and the door of Finn's hotel suite cracked open. She picked up the bearded dragon and carried Roxy inside, but she stopped short in the living room when she noticed Finn huddled in the corner of the sofa. Hayden returned Roxy to the aquarium then ran over to check on Finn. She realized that he was in bad shape when he began to ramble about an argument with Roxy and how she had never appreciated the things he'd done for her. However, Finn hadn't expected Roxy to leave. Hayden worried because Finn was clammy and shaking, so she dragged him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Hayden turned on the shower then started to unbutton Finn's shirt, but he wanted to know why she was helping him. She reminded him that he had called her and admitted that she cared about him. Finn didn't think he deserved to be helped, but Hayden argued that he'd taken care of her when she'd needed it. Finn insisted that it hadn't been the same, but Hayden ignored his protests and decided to drag him into the shower fully clothed. Finn held her tightly as the hot water drenched them.

Later, Finn and Hayden sported matching bathrobes as she draped a thick blanket over his shoulders and asked how he was feeling. He admitted that he was warmer and thanked her for being there. Hayden assured him that she could call a number of clinics to get him into rehab, but Finn explained that he wanted to do it on his own. Hayden thought it was a bad idea, but Finn was confident that he could beat his addiction with her help. Hayden insisted that he needed professional help, but Finn worried that word of his addiction would get out, which might hurt his career and the research he'd done. Hayden tried to persuade Finn to go to rehab, but he made it clear that it was not an option.

Reluctantly, Hayden agreed to help Finn. He warned her that it would get ugly, but she'd made up her mind and asked what he needed her to do. Finn explained that he wanted her to tie him up. Finn quickly changed into some comfortable pants and a sweatshirt then returned to the living room with a chair and duct tape. Hayden didn't want to tie him up, but he insisted that it was the only way to keep both of them safe. Resigned, Hayden approached the chair as Finn sat down.

At Metro Court Restaurant, a waiter asked if he could get Tracy anything. "Vodka tonic. Heavy on the vodka," Tracy replied in a sullen tone. The waiter offered to tell her about the specials, but Tracy resented the waiter making it obvious that she was alone. Seconds later, Ned appeared and asked if he could join his mother. Surprised, Tracy watched as Ned took a seat and told the waiter they would need some time before they ordered. Tracy was curious if Ned was meeting his fiancée, Olivia Falconeri. Ned explained that Olivia was working and clarified that she was not his fiancée.

Tracy smiled with relief because Ned had had a change of heart about marrying Olivia, but Ned revealed that Olivia had turned down his wedding proposal. Shocked, Tracy questioned why a "fishwife from Bensonhurst" would reject an opportunity to be a Quartermaine. Ned reminded his mother that his last name was Ashton and asked why Tracy seemed upset. Tracy wondered if Olivia had a problem with Ned's family because it was an honor and a privilege to join their ranks. Tracy and Ned were startled when Lord Larry Ashton appeared and heartily agreed with Tracy.

Larry complimented his ex-wife for looking radiant then asked how his son had been doing. Ned admitted that he was surprised to see his father. Both Ned and Tracy demanded to know what Larry was doing in Port Charles, so Larry reminded Tracy of the letter he'd written to her. Ned had no idea what Larry was talking about. Larry was curious why Tracy hadn't mentioned the letter to Ned, but she hadn't seen any need to tell Ned that his father had been trolling for money again. Larry denied the accusation and invited Tracy to show Ned the letter, but she admitted that she'd tossed it out.

Larry was stunned because the letter had been important. Larry revealed that an unexpected windfall had landed in his lap, but Tracy was curious what it had to do with her. "Everything," Larry replied. Ned and Tracy were certain that it was another one of Larry's schemes, so Tracy made it clear that she wasn't interested in hearing anything Larry had to say. Larry was disappointed, but let Tracy know where he was staying in case she changed his mind. However, he told her that it wasn't about what he wanted or even what she wanted -- "It's about what your father wanted," Larry said.

After Larry left, Ned warned his mother that Larry had invoked Edward's name because her father was her weakness. He implored his mother not to take Larry's bait.

In the interrogation room, Olivia Jerome's handcuffs were secured to the table as Jordan entered. Jordan was pleased to see that Olivia was ready to go to D'Archam Asylum and admitted that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Olivia frowned and asked what that meant. Jordan explained that she had wanted Olivia stand trial, be convicted, and sentenced to consecutive life sentences, but D'Archam was a much better punishment because it was a super-max facility for the criminally insane. "It's a sort of dark cinderblock slice of hell," Jordan added with a smile of satisfaction.

Olivia argued that Jordan underestimated the power of therapy, but Jordan countered that all the witnesses against Olivia would be ready to testify -- including Winston Rudge -- if Olivia got out. Olivia assured Jordan that Rudge was too sweet to say an unkind word about Olivia, but Jordan grinned and informed Olivia that Rudge had provided names, dates, and bank accounts. Olivia's smile faded as she asked what Jordan wanted. Jordan pointed out that Olivia had been gone a lot of years, and for a time she'd been severely incapacitated, which meant that someone had helped Olivia flee to China. Jordan vowed to track down Olivia's accomplice, but Olivia laughed.

Jordan stormed out of the interrogation room and immediately bumped into Curtis. He realized that she was mad and hoped it wasn't because of him. Jordan made a quick phone call, while Curtis waited. After she ended the call, she filled Curtis in about the judge's decision to remand Olivia to D'Archam Asylum. Curtis admitted that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Jordan chuckled because she'd said the same exact thing.

"Great minds, eh?" Curtis suggested. Jordan relished the idea of Olivia being stuck in a "hellhole" like D'Archam until the end of time, but Curtis felt bad for Olivia's victims because they hadn't had their day in court. Curtis started to leave, but Jordan asked him to wait because she wanted to thank him for all the work he'd done on the case. She admitted that she'd been certain that Sonny had planted the bomb, so she was grateful that Curtis had uncovered the truth. Jordan admitted that she wanted to talk to Curtis about something else, but Sonny walked up.

Sonny exchanged greetings with Anna and Curtis then revealed that he'd heard that Olivia was headed to D'Archam. Jordan assured Sonny that Olivia would be transferred soon, but Sonny asked if he could talk to Olivia. Jordan didn't think it was a good idea, but he assured her that he was unarmed and promised that he wouldn't hurt Olivia. Jordan relented and pointedly invited Curtis for a cup of coffee -- far away from the interrogation room.

After Jordan and Curtis rounded the corner, Sonny slipped into the interrogation room. Olivia smiled, prompting Sonny to ask if she was happy to see him. She admitted that it depended on whether or not he was there to make more threats. Sonny sat down and assured her that he was done with that -- he intended to make some promises. Olivia's smile faded as Sonny told her that it had occurred to him that she might have believed everything he'd said to Carly in the cemetery when he'd persuaded his wife not to shoot Olivia. Sonny's friendly veneer vanished when he informed Olivia that she'd made a grave mistake by murdering his son.

Sonny reminded Olivia that he wasn't bound by the legal system and was in a position to make her pay for Morgan's death. Olivia argued that being sentenced to a mental facility was sufficient payment and tried to manipulate Sonny by suggesting that he should have empathy for someone with suffered from a mental illness. Olivia made the mistake of mentioning Morgan's name, so he warned her never say Morgan's name again. Sonny vowed that she would never leave D'Archam alive, but he invited her to get comfortable and make some friends because it would make the surprise better when his assassin struck.

Olivia was shaken when Sonny added that the last word Olivia would hear before she died was his son's name because Sonny wanted her to know who had sent the killer.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis enjoyed a cup of coffee and some doughnuts. Curtis wondered what Jordan had wanted to discuss earlier. Jordan revealed that she was willing to consider hiring him if he was still interested in joining the force. Curtis was stunned. Jordan suggested that they discuss it over the dinner the following evening. He agreed but warned her that it better be somewhere expensive. Jordan and Curtis returned to the squad room as two armed guards from D'Archam arrived to pick up Olivia.

In the interrogation room, Olivia's eyes rounded with shock when she saw two burly guards arrive to collect her. Olivia feared that the men had been sent by Sonny to kill her and tried to wiggle out of their grasp, but their grips remained firm as they unlocked her handcuffs and marched her out of the squad room. Panicked, Olivia begged for help and insisted that Sonny had sent the two men to kill her. Jordan and Curtis watched as Olivia was dragged away. Moments later, Sonny rounded the corner.

Curtis approached Sonny and admitted that he was impressed. He admired the fear Sonny had instilled in Olivia. Sonny remained as he left the police station.

On the next General Hospital...

• Molly tries to help Alexis

• Elizabeth thinks it’s time to talk to Jason about Jake

• Jason refuses to work with Curtis if Curtis has a badge

• Carly resents Sonny expecting her to deal with things on his timetable

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