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Monday, June 26, 2017

Michael and Nelle were kissing when Michael pulled away and suggested that they stop. "No," they said in unison and continued kissing. As they moved off the couch, Nelle was hesitant about showing her room to him. "Is there a bed?" Michael asked, and the two went off to her bedroom. On her bed, they undressed each other and made love. Later, they lounged under the covers and agreed that they'd both had a good time. She suddenly kissed him again and crawled on top of him.

Liesl assured Ava that there was no lasting damage from when Ava had gone into cardiac arrest. She continued that Ava had made lots of progress. "Wonderful," Ava replied flatly. Noting Ava's sarcasm, Liesl suggested that Ava talk to a psychiatrist. Before Ava could answer, Kiki entered the room. Liesl acknowledged Ava's daughter as "the best medicine" and left the room, smiling. Kiki was delighted to hear that Ava was improving, but Ava told Kiki about getting a look at her injuries. She thought she was paying the price for what she'd done to Morgan and Kiki.

Ava added that it would be easier for Kiki to hate her mother. "For who?" Kiki asked. Ava answered that it would be better for them both if Kiki turned her back on Ava. Kiki admitted that a part of her thought about walking away. "Do it," Ava ordered Kiki. Kiki was appalled that Ava wanted her to leave and not return. Scott burst into the room, and Ava informed him that Kiki was leaving. "I guess I'm leaving. Bye, Mom," Kiki said tearfully, and she turned to leave. "Lauren Katherine," Ava called out, stopping Kiki from leaving. "I love you. I'm just not very good at it," Ava said softly, and Kiki left as Ava started to cry.

Scott questioned Ava about what had just happened, but Ava told him not to worry about it. Scott told her about all the gifts he'd gotten her that he wasn't allowed to take into the room, but she knew that he was there because he was afraid that she would "squeal" on him to the police. "I'm here because I care," he insisted. He wondered what she would say if anyone asked about his involvement in Ava's cover-up. She promised that she would never "rat" on him. She was tired, so he promised to return. "Don't bother," she said, but he protested and left.

At the hospital, Griffin asked Finn about Hayden and the baby and if Finn was ready to be a father. "No," Finn answered jokingly, clearly scared. Griffin thought that Finn would "rise to the challenge." Finn hoped that he wouldn't relapse, and Griffin commented that he was impressed with Finn's recovery. Finn confided his thoughts in Griffin about Liesl tampering with his drug tests. Just then, Liesl stepped off the elevator and asked if Finn was there for his drug treatment.

Finn answered that his treatment had been working so well that he hadn't used in months. "Your tests indicate otherwise," she reminded him. He mentioned that he was certain that someone had been doctoring his tests, and Griffin agreed. She reiterated that he'd failed multiple tests, so there was nothing he could do. When she was gone, Griffin was sure that Liesl was the culprit. Finn informed Griffin that Hayden was determined to prove it. He was glad to have Griffin on his side. Griffin left, and Finn approached Liesl. He told her that he might get his job back and that she had been wrong in saying that there was nothing he could do about it. When he was gone, she looked nervous.

Griffin bumped into Kiki crying outside Ava's room and asked what was wrong. She told him about her conversation with Ava. Griffin insisted that Ava needed Kiki, who didn't have to deal with things alone. He urged her to seek out someone to talk to. She wondered if he was going to order her to forgive Ava, but he didn't think forgiveness worked unless someone found their own way to it. He hoped for peace of mind for Kiki, and he left her alone. Kiki looked through the window to Ava's room and tearfully walked away.

After just having been sick, Hayden stumbled into the Quartermaine living room. She plopped down on a couch and heard a squeak. She angrily picked up the toy she'd just sat on and threw it across the room. Curtis entered, catching the toy. Glad to see him, she revealed that she'd called him to offer him a job, and she updated him about Finn's situation. She continued that she knew who the culprit was, but she needed Curtis to help prove it. He had ideas, but he wanted to talk payment first. She was shocked and talked about their friendship. However, he thought that if they were friends, she would have told him about her baby.

Hayden laughed and lied that she wasn't pregnant. Curtis reminded her that he'd been a cop, so he'd been trained to observe. Knowing that she was caught, Hayden admitted that she was pregnant. He assured her that she could talk to him. She confessed that, while Finn was great, she was terrified. She thought that she would be full of love and joy, but she was just "ambivalent." As Finn approached the living room, he overheard Hayden tell Curtis that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a mother.

Alexis sat outside Kelly's, eating an ice cream sundae. Julian appeared and joked that it was enough ice cream for two people. He wondered if she was eating the ice cream because she had craved a drink. He asked if something had happened. She answered that it was a nice night, and she had been alone with her memories and regrets. "It's not all about you," she added. He thought it had been "fate" to run into her.

Changing the subject, Alexis wondered what Julian had done with the information about Garvey's revenge on Sonny. He answered that he'd told Jason, and he assumed that Sonny was all right. Alexis asked if he was in danger for not helping Garvey, but he figured that he wouldn't be there if he was. Alexis questioned Julian about how Sam had seemed, because she thought that her daughter had seemed "agitated lately." The question worried Julian, and he asked Alexis to update him the next time she checked in with Sam.

Alexis wanted to go home, and Julian offered to drive her. She joked that she'd had too much sugar, but she was still capable of "operating heavy machinery." He tried to entice her with music and a drive around the lake with the windows down, but she refused. "Hear me, because I mean this. I'm not letting you in again," she told him firmly.

On the couch, Josslyn told a fascinated Oscar about her horseback riding. He praised her for caring about "real things" instead of "selfies and how many likes you get." He added that when she talked about horseback riding, it made her feel the same way that playing music made him feel. As they got closer, Josslyn suddenly grew terrified as she heard Bobbie's car pull up outside. Oscar tried to clean up all the bottles, but Josslyn knew his efforts were futile.

Bobbie entered the house with a pile of clothes that belonged to the "half-naked kids" in the hot tub, who'd run off without their clothes. She called Oscar lucky for getting to leave with all of his clothes on, and she kicked him out. Josslyn tried to explain that the party hadn't been her idea, but it had been nice to forget about Carly, Sonny, and Morgan for a while. She promised that it would never happen again, and she knew it had been stupid of her.

Bobbie was angry at Josslyn for lying, drinking, and having boys over with no adults around. Josslyn begged Bobbie not to tell Carly, but Bobbie didn't want Josslyn to think that she condoned what Josslyn had done. She directed Josslyn to clean up, and Josslyn finished a short while later, although she missed a bottle under the couch. She told Bobbie that Carly would never know unless Bobbie said something.

Sonny and Carly shared a kiss, but Carly pulled away. She cried that she was about to divorce Sonny, but she'd been so afraid to lose him earlier that she hadn't been able to breathe. He was thankful to Jason for showing up when he had. Carly continued that she had relived the last time Sonny had been shot and how scared she'd been. She yelled that she hated caring about him. He wondered if she hated him.

Sonny started that, when Garvey had had his gun pointed at Carly, Sonny had been terrified for her. He admitted that he couldn't live without her, and Carly agreed. The two shared a kiss. Later, they relaxed in bed together after making love. "I am done. I'm getting out of this business," he told a shocked Carly. He vowed to do everything he could to make a good life for his family. Carly replied, "Maybe you believe that you can do that, but I don't."

On the next General Hospital...

• Liesl attempts to enlist Kiki's help.

• "What kind of life am I offering this child?" Hayden asks Curtis as Finn overhears.

• Jason suggests that he and Sam see a doctor.

• Carly suggests that there would be an "all-out war" for Sonny's territory if he left the business.

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