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Valentin signs a pledge
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Friday, August 18, 2017

At General Hospital, Kiki was surprised to learn that Griffin had spent the evening with Ava. She was pleased that Griffin had gotten Ava out of the house, and she urged the doctor to "keep it up." She was, however, not pleased that her mother had not shown up on time for her appointment.

Ava and Griffin were making out at Ava's place, and they slowly began to remove their clothing. Waking with a start, Ava realized that it had only been a dream. Someone was banging on her front door. She was surprised to see Kiki, who stormed in angrily. Ava had canceled her appointment and had not answered her phone. Ava explained that she had had difficulty sleeping and had turned her phone off. She felt ill. Kiki felt Ava's head and agreed that Ava felt warm. She suggested that Ava go to the hospital because it would be dangerous for her to have an infection.

Ava nixed Kiki's idea to call Griffin, as she didn't want him involved. She wasn't even his patient, Ava pointed out. Kiki mentioned that Griffin had told her that he'd had a good time with Ava the previous evening, and Ava told Kiki about her cure for Griffin's bee sting. Kiki finally managed to get Ava to agree to go to the hospital.

Emma and Anna sat in Kelly's and looked at the clay heart with the possibly real diamond that Spencer had made for Emma. The little girl declared that she needed to return it, but Anna asked if she could borrow it instead. Emma wondered if her grandmother was suspicious, but Anna deemed suspicious as too strong a word. Emma was certain that the diamond wasn't real. She wondered if Anna thought that espionage was involved.

Anna whispered that they shouldn't discuss anything in public. She took the diamond out of the heart and promised that she would return it to Spencer if it was rightfully his. She was sure the boy wasn't a thief. Emma was concerned but assumed that Anna would figure it out. Emma had to straighten out her relationship problems.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at his art studio. Noting that neither of them had been there in some time, Elizabeth suggested that they make new memories. She wanted to help him go through all of his artwork, but Franco insisted that he would work better alone. "Are you trying to get rid of me?" Elizabeth asked. Franco insisted that he had lots of hard work ahead, and he'd get finished quickly if he worked alone. Elizabeth left.

Franco picked up a blank canvas and spray painted his old tag, CO77X. He then began to slash it. He grabbed several canvases with the same code and began to slosh paint of various colors all over them. He berated himself and his "dark and depraved" work. He wasn't a genius, like everyone thought, but a psycho, he mumbled.

Valentin ran into Nina at the Metro Court and sat down. He showed her photos of horses and updated her on the foundation. He wanted Nina back home because he was sure they'd be happy again. Nina wrote up a list of demands starting with the simplest one of making sure the stables were clean. She assured him the rest weren't physical. Valentin was up to the challenge and grabbed the pad of paper.

Valentin read the first demand out loud. His obsession with Anna was over, he stated. Nina reminded him that he had said that in the past, but Valentin assured her that she'd be able to see for herself. His priorities had changed, and he wanted his family back. Next on the list was for him to make peace with Spencer. Valentin declared that he'd tried, and he was hopeful that the suit would be tossed out of court. Nina wanted him to work on Charlotte's custody. While she understood Valentin's side of things, Charlotte didn't need her parents to be fighting constantly.

Valentin announced that he'd realized that Lulu was good for Charlotte, and he was ready to work things out. Nina didn't know if Valentin was being sincere or manipulating her, but Valentin insisted that he loved her and was not going to give up. He signed a pledge that he would have nothing to do with Anna, that Charlotte would always be first, and that he would accept Nina as his equal. It was his "solemn vow." Nina wondered if he would be able to promise not to disrupt their life. Regretfully, Valentin admitted he couldn't do that.

Valentin would offer his life, love, heart, and daughter, but his past life was still there to complicate and resonate, he said. Nina insisted that she couldn't be hurt again, and Valentin promised that he would never hurt her or Charlotte.

Elizabeth arrived at the hospital. Griffin confirmed that he'd been covering for her. Elizabeth noticed his discomfort, and he told her about the bee sting. Just then, Anna arrived for her own appointment, and she took Elizabeth aside to show her the diamond. Ava and Kiki showed up, though Ava was still reluctant to be there or near Griffin. Ava went off with a doctor, and Kiki asked Griffin to look after Ava, as Kiki had to leave. She had received a "cryptic" text message.

Anna finished up her appointment with Elizabeth, and they discussed the diamond. Anna wondered how Spencer had possession of it and if the diamond had been one of Hayden's. Elizabeth recalled that Nikolas had spilled them and picked them up, but perhaps he had missed one.

After her examination, Ava learned that she had mild influenza. The doctor would send her home with a prescription. Griffin offered to get her home to bed, but Ava gruffly told him that she would be able to take care of herself. She urged him to "find some other soul to save." She headed to the elevator. Elizabeth overheard, and Griffin admitted that he was confused with Ava's attitude. Elizabeth advised him not to take it personally because Ava was struggling. Griffin only wanted Ava to see that life wasn't over for her. He liked her. Elizabeth told him to hang in because he had helped her immensely with advice about Franco.

Kiki arrived at the art studio in time to stop Franco from destroying more of his art. She reprimanded him and reminded him that he was supposed to make art, not destroy it. Franco explained that he hated the man he'd once been, and he didn't want Elizabeth to see any of it. Kiki suggested that he give the art to Ava to sell because it was still art, even if it was dark. He'd make lots of money and maybe even give some of it to Kiki, since she could no longer afford the rent with him gone. She could even use the money for medical school if she decided to go. Franco was impressed.

Kiki thought Franco could make millions of dollars and help Elizabeth and her boys too. Franco admitted that he didn't even like to look at his old paintings. Kiki thought that one day he'd find beauty in them again, and it was good for people to look at themselves out of their comfort zones. She reminded him that he'd once told her that artists didn't own their work. She told him she'd missed him then she left.

As Valentin and Nina chatted, Anna walked in. "Watch me ignore her," Valentin said. Nina thought that she and Charlotte deserved better. Valentin replied that the only thing he could give her was the truth, and she knew that his love was real. He announced that he would no longer beg, and he left.

Anna walked over to a jewel expert and showed him the diamond. "Is it a Berlin diamond?" she asked. The man demanded to know where Anna had gotten it.

Ava returned home with Kiki. Ava was annoyed that Kiki had deserted her. Kiki wanted to know why Ava was pushing them all away. Ava was adamant; she could take care of herself. She didn't want Kiki to get the flu and told her to leave. Ava pulled the sheet away from the mirror. She didn't think that anyone would have any feelings towards her except for pity. A loud knocking on the door disturbed her thoughts. It was Franco, and he had a proposition for her.

On the next General Hospital...

• "How bad is this gonna be?" Scott asks Julian.

• Carly wants to know what's going on.

• Jordan wonders why Jason is protecting the person who shot Sonny.

• Curtis thinks his aunt is up to something.


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